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Reviewed: 06/26/02 | Updated: 06/26/02

Almost nothing like the original

Under Nintendo and Capcom's deal to make the Resident Evil Series exclusive to the Gamecube until RE4, Resident Evil: Rebirth was the first wave of remakes. I was really surprised with the excellence of this game. I thought it would be a typical remake like on the SNES where the games were exactly the same except with bumped up graphics. How incredibly wrong I was.

Graphics: 10/10
There's no doubt about it: This is the prettiest game ever created! For one thing, the backgrounds have been kept pre-rendered, so as to keep the old clausterphobic feel of the original. The characters are damn beautiful. I mean, the characters are extremely smoothe from farback and up close, the characters' faces are prettier than FFX, the special effects are awesome, and the atmosphere is great. I mean, I seriously can't tell the difference between the characters in the FMVs and the ingame models!

Story: 7/10
The reason why the story isn't so hot is because the story in the original isn't that hot. However, they were able to redo it and add a bit more. Chris's story isn't that hot, but Jill's is quite interesting. In Chris's, you basically just go through the mansion trying to survive occasionally talking with Wesker. You play through the game wondering what the hell is going on, (although I was still awing at it's great graphics) then eventually having a big revelation. You find out Wesker works for UMBRELLA, the owners of this mansion, and then he releases the Tyrant. Meh, decent. But then again this was the original.
In Jill's version however, you get more into the conspieracy of Wesker, and find out more about Berry (mainly cause he's being blackmailed by Wesker). Other than that they're exactly the same. I hate to say it, but the better story comes from the whole load of notes and papers you find. They actually give more of an inside one what's going on. For those of you which read everything and have played the others, they add little teasers in there (such as finding a note from William Burken saying he finished the G virus, followed by a ''Take that, Alexia!'').

Gameplay: 9/10
The game that invented it all (well, actually that goes to Alone in the Dark but the first one in awhile!). It's your classic survival horror gameplay. You go through a mansion with a very haunted feel just trying to survive. Even though I've played the others this game is still extremely scary. The zombies are extremely freaky, and for the hardcore fans, there's a Crimson Zombie. If you haven’t played anything like this before, get out of the rock you've been under for 4 years and smell the coffee (it's fresh!). You run around, try to avoid anything you come across, come back later and kill it, and look for an aid spray. The gameplay is so over-done, yet it feels so new I can't seem to explain it. I guess I'll just explain it all in the atmosphere. Anyway, they've added a bunch of new stuff like entire new areas and puzzles, as well as put different bosses in different places, and adding new endings and allowing for more choices to be made.

Atmosphere: 10/10
It almost seems like it was a long lost horror movie which someone secretly turned into a game. It is so amazingly creepy even though I know what will happen and have done it before. For one thing, you feel like there is no relief from it. You are in a virtual hell that you can not escape no matter how hard you try. You are in a mansion infested with biological fiends. You are desperately trying to run away, or at least find out what is happening. There is hardly enough ammo to survive. You can only find relief in a dormitory room or a room with a box and a typewriter. Also, there is never a way where you can truly find tranquility. If you've taken the time to waste your ammo and clear out a room, in less than an hour it'll be re-infested. If you try to try to take out anything without running you are dead.
Anyway, let's go beyond the amazing difficulty. The entire game is always done in a very clausterphobic manner. It is always very dark. And I'm not going to get into it's camera angles and cut-scenes (ok fine I will). Whenever a new monster appears it will show a quick FMV through their eyes as they are about to sprawl on them. Also, as I said before, it teases old fans. When you go through the hall feeling tense because you know this is the hall where the dreaded wolves are, you hear a window crack. Feeling confident that Capcom took that out you go down only to find out they only burst through the second time. Along with that they've totally remodeled the maps. Awesome.....

Control: 9/10
You finally have good control. I'm amazed! They obviously got good feedback from the n64 port of RE2 because they've basically done it the same way. It feels kinda weird at first but you quickly grow to find that it is great. Uh...yeah. On to the Sound.

Sound/Music: 8/10
You know it's great. The sound is totally creepy and the music rocks. It is movie quality. Music-wise, it's great. It makes the game feel totally like a horror movie. Even the save rooms still have creepy music along with the gear sounds of the monsters. You can literally hear the crash of the windows as the wolves burst through. Voice acting is 10x better than the original, although that only means its decent. It's no MGS, but it's still good, and at least they took out some of the worse lines.

Replay Value: High
Replay Value usually counts as a category, but I'm tired of making categories so I'll just say it has a good amount. You have two characters with 6 endings each and entirely different game-paths you can take because of how you fight bosses or what you do in the game.

Difficulty: Extreme
This is one hard mofo to say the least. You always have to conserve your ammo, and you gotta remember to burn all the zombies, or they'll come back hard as hell.

Overall: 9/10
This was an excellent remake. I was totally surprised. Even if you own the original Resident Evil, this would still be worth it just because you can unlock so many endings and teasers. Besides being the most beautiful game on the Gamecube (or on any system period) for months to come, it's a great way to see how the series got started. I'm glad I got it.

Beautiful graphics
Great atmosphere
Teasers for the fellow RE fans

Insane difficulty
Nothing else, really

To Buy or Not To Buy:

Definitely Buy

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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