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Reviewed: 05/31/02 | Updated: 06/01/02

Welcome. S.T.A.R.S training is about to begin.

Hello, my name is Mega. I’m am the head captain of S.T.A.R.S, one of the best global operative teams in the free world. We are military officials, we take care of the stuff the police and FBI can’t handle. You people here want to be part of S.T.A.R.S, but first, you must hear what we went through and what you will probably end up going through as well.

In 1998, Raccoon City was host to many strange murders. In all reports, a group of around ten people attacked the murder victims. Also, in all reports, it seemed that the victims were… eaten alive. Reports showed that these murders all took place on the outskirts of the biggest forest in Raccoon City. BRAVO Team, our sister team, was sent to the forest to survey the area and look for clues. BRAVO never returned.

S.T.A.R.S was sent to the forest to investigate, and as we passed through the forest we came across BRAVO’s downed helicopter. The only thing in the helicopter was the pilot, whose eyes were scratched out of his sockets. We continued searching the area, being extremely careful, of course, when something… happened.

Vicious, rotting Dobermans suddenly attacked a member of our team. These dogs were disgusting. Flesh was falling from their throats, and their ribs were clearly visible. The man attacked was helpless as the dogs savagely ate him.

One of our top members, Jill Valentine, saw this. When she went to shoot at the dogs, one of them saw her and lunged at her. Luckily enough, Chris Redfield, another one of our top members, was watching out for her. He quickly shot the dog down with his handgun, and they both began to run. While they were running, they found Captain Wesker, my predecessor, who was running from they same exact thing. Jill’s friend in S.T.A.R.S, Barry, soon followed.

They found themselves soon running to an amazingly large mansion that was secluded and hidden inside the woods. Ducking for cover, they dived into the mansion’s front door and locked themselves in to protect themselves from the dogs.

That terrifying ordeal was only the start. Curious to find what a mansion this large was doing in the middle of the woods, they split up to investigate. Things quickly became clear that this was no ordinary mansion. Rigged with hidden traps and horrifying creatures, the S.T.A.R.S team had to use their wits to survive. Sadly, we only have documents and reports of what happened to Chris and Jill, who both had very distinct scenarios and problems inside the mansion.

As Chris and Jill traveled through the mansion, they found that a giant company called Umbrella owned the mansion. Umbrella worked on deadly bio-organic weaponry and other shady things. The mansion was home to the company scientists, who were not allowed to leave. After a deadly virus outbreak in one of the labs, an airborne virus killed the scientists and they gave them new life as flesh eating, rotting zombies. These zombies took an amazing amount of damage before falling to the ground, unconscious. Downing a zombie with bullets wasn’t the end of the monster, though. When a zombie fell to the ground unconscious, its body would enter a state of metamorphosis as the virus inside mutated it, giving it claws and increased speed and strength. The only way to kill a zombie for good was decapitating a head or lighting it afire.

Zombies weren’t the only things Chris and Jill had to deal with. The vicious zombie dogs also run around the mansion, as does a giant, mutated snake. Umbrella, who also did dangerous tests on the scientist’s families, made giant killer sharks and hideous bug hybrids, among other things.

They were tested greatly by the hideous and dangerous creatures Umbrella created, but also their minds were tested. The entire mansion was hidden with booby traps and mind numbing puzzles that would test even Albert Einstein. Most of these traps were made to keep scientists from escaping, but some were put in there to hide special items and artifacts. Some of the puzzles were tiring to our two heroes, but it seemed that neither Chris nor Jill got extremely frustrated.

The mansion was incredibly beautiful, and it would’ve been perfect if not for the horrors that it held. The mansion was dimly lit, and the shadows of Chris and Jill moved perfectly across the mansion walls. Water and the crackling fires looked astounding. Chris and Jill could clearly make out little riffs and cuts in the floors and walls. The plants outside the mansion waved in the wind and looked superb. The creatures that Umbrella created moved fluidly and looked utterly terrifying. Zombie’s eyes rolled out of their sockets. The zombie dog’s drool flew from their mouths as they ran after Jill and Chris. The giant snake’s fangs were razor sharp and shined with blood. The mansion and its monsters were strangely gorgeous, and it is the best looking thing out there today. It was really beautiful, in a scary way.

The moans, growls, and roars of the monsters sent chills down Chris and Jill’s spine. They effectively used the noises of the monsters to help pinpoint where they were at, and it helped in using sneak attacks and hurting the creatures before they had a chance to defend themselves. The subtle noises in the mansion created an intense and terrifying atmosphere. The roar of lightning made our heroes jump more than once. Each surface that Chris and Jill walked on made an entirely different sound then the last. A musical score that rivaled that of Beethoven was played throughout the mansion, yet we do not know how yet.

Strangely enough, the mansion had an effect on Chris and Jill’s equilibrium. The second they walked through the mansion, they had problems controlling themselves. They made wide turns, ran into walls, and just moved oddly. After a few minutes in the mansion, they were able to control themselves and they moved around with the greatest of ease.

The thing that frustrated Chris and Jill the most was the backtracking. Umbrella made special chests and hid them around the mansion. Every chest was linked to another, and if you left an item in a chest on the top floor of the mansion, you could get the item from a chest on the bottom floor. With both of them carrying around heavy weaponry, they couldn’t carry many items, so they used these chests frequently. When they came to a spot where they needed a certain item that was left in a chest, they had to backtrack all the way to a chest, pick up the item, and walk all the way back to the spot where they needed the item. This frustrated them greatly.

Aside from the aforementioned backtracking, their night of horror was relatively frustration free. It was a night that tested their strengths and nerves, though. That night that was spent in the mansion was a true nightmare in every sense of the word. Even with these records of Chris and Jill’s night at the mansion, nobody is really sure of what happened that night except Jill and Chris. When we tried to get more information out of them, they kept their mouths shut. They did assure us this, though. Umbrella is not finished.

So, future S.T.A.R.S members, after hearing this tale of death and corporate evil, are you ready to join us help protect the world from people like Umbrella?

The people look around at each other, than quickly jump off of their seats and run for the door.


Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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