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Reviewed: 05/11/02 | Updated: 05/11/02

No doubt about it: This is a great game.

Some people may have regarded the GameCube as a kiddy system that only appeals to younger kids, but Resident Evil helps get rid of this image. Known as BioHazard in Japan, Resident Evil has had quite a few games over the past 7 years. This Resident Evil is a remake from the original PlayStation version, but mind you, this is very, very different from the original, and it is also a very fun and entertaining game, and you'll see why.

Visuals: Resident Evil is easily the best looking GameCube game up to this point and time. It's hard to find a good place to start, but I'll manage.
Your backgrounds and surroundings in this game are excellent. Most backdrops are pre-rendered, but they look marvelous, as every little detail is exquisite, and the effects taking place in the backdrops are just incredible.
All characters, monsters, guns, items, etc., are made up of many polygons, and attention to detail is present in every single thing in this game. You may notice the clothing of the characters of the game look like actual clothing and not textures, and any beast or monster looks like a bloody mess of flesh and organs.
The animations are great for the most part. Zombies move with life-like steps, killer dogs slowly slink until they see you, and even Jill or Chris look good in motion. Every just looks incredibly real.
The special effects in this game are a sight to be seen. Blood is a thing you'll see quite often in this game, and the blood looks so real, and it splatters on the floor in great ways. Fire also look real, as it flows and moves in fireplaces, on candles, and even from weapons in a marvelous way. These are just a couple of examples, of course.
In short, this game looks very real, and it also looks very creepy due to the excellent surroundings. However, words can't do justice to this piece of art.

Audio: This game just sounds great! Every piece of music in this game helps fit Resident Evil's creepy atmosphere. All of the music in this game sounds great, and it will make you feel like you are almost right in the mansion.
As for the sound, it's great too. Every thing sounds real, and many things have great effects. For example, when you walk or run, you are either moving away or towards the camera. Depending on where you are going, you can either hear your footsteps getting louder or softer. You can also hear zombies coming from a ways away, and when they get closer to you, their moaning get much louder.
Once again, words just can't do justice to the audio in this game. You just have to hear it to believe it. By the way, the game is in Dolby Surround (unfortunately, it doesn't support Dolby Pro Logic II), and if you have a decent sound system hooked up to your TV, you'll love the audio in this game even more.

Story: Think Raccoon City, around 1998. A special investigation helicopter of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) has gone missing near the Arclay Mountains. Bravo Team, the team sent out with the helicopter, was sent to investigate mysterious disappearances of several people near the outskirts of Raccoon City, but the helicopter has probably crashed in the woods. Alpha Team has been sent out to see what happened to Bravo Team.
In the woods, the team starts looking for Bravo Team. However, out of nowhere, some mutant dogs come and attack the Alpha Team. To save themselves, the remaining members of Alpha Team run into a dreary and abandoned mansion. However, the mansion isn't safer than the woods outside, so the team has to get out alive.

Gameplay: First off, let me begin with the controls. There are three different control schemes in this game, but Type A isn't all that easy to use, even to experience Resident Evil players. Two other options for controls are available if you like. I will be referring to Type A throughout this review.
To start off the game, you have a choice of between two different characters. Generally, the first choice, Chris Redfield, is harder to play with than the second choice, Jill Valentine, due to differences in how they use items and how they go through the mansion, among other things.
The game is mostly linear, but there are many things to do in the mansion. You will have to solve many puzzles in Resident Evil to progress through the mansion, and you will have to defeat many monsters as well (though not as many as other action games). Most puzzles are clever and somewhat thought provoking, but most aren't all that tricky, as long as you know what you are doing. Often, they enable to to get more items.
The way items are used are varied, and you will use many of them throughout the course of the game. Some are used as weapons, others to recover health, some like keys to open doors, and the rest are mainly for events and sequences. You only have a limited amount of space in your inventory to keep items, but you can store extra things in an item box.
Many items or things you do trigger sequences, and many of them reveal monsters. The monsters in this game are extremely varied, and you'll find many different varieties in the mansion. Zombies, mutant dogs, snakes, hunters: you name it, it's there. Many of them are tricky to beat, and often you'll want to avoid them, as they can drain your health to a significant degree, and if you do kill them, you'll have often wasted much of your ammo, and you only have a limited supply of it in the mansion, so you'll want to conserve it.
Of course, it may be tricky at times to avoid the baddies, but defense items can help you with this. Defense items can be used to ward off an enemy and avoid attacks, but you only have so many defense items, like ammo. Knifes, flash grenades, and stun guns all serve the purpose of being defense items in this game.

Replayability: Despite being a ''go through it once'' type of game, the game is so entertaining that you'll want to play through it over and over again to get any secrets or do anything you miss.
You may want to know that even on easy, this game is still very hard. You often mess up with things in this game, and you have to use a certain item to save, and that item comes in short supply. Still, the fun factor of this game helps you keep trying to beat it.

This is a game you will not want to miss if you own a GameCube. The visuals and audio are amazing, and gameplay never disappoints. It is a very fun and very entertaining game, along with being interesting, creepy (after all, it IS like a horror movie in a sense), magical, interest-keeping...well, you'll just have to play it yourself to see what this game is really like. I'm sure you'll like it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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