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Reviewed: 05/09/02 | Updated: 05/10/02

This remake is more than it seems...

Introduction - Resident Evil is the first Survival Horror game to be released for the Nintendo GameCube. It is also the first game to be rated Mature for the GCN. The game is chock full of zombies, blood, gore, and weaponry.

The story line is like this: Weird disappearances have happened recently near the outskirts of Raccoon City. A special police force called S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) Bravo Team is dispatched to investigate, but communications are lost. The Alpha team is sent in to see what is going on. Upon arrival they see a downed helicopter from the bravo team. Inside it is the corpse of the pilot. Strange dogs attack the team and they escape to a nearby mansion. You play as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine as you try figure out what's going on, and eventually escape from the mansion alive.

Graphics - Resident Evil has some of the best graphics I've ever seen. It uses a combination of pre-rendered backdrops (think Final Fantasy VII-IX), and rendered-on-the-fly objects to make the characters and items blend nicely with the backgrounds. Character's shadows creep up the walls, lightning flashes and illuminates the rooms. Blood from the enemies splashes onto the walls, and soaks into the carpets. All in all it creates a spooky environment that works with this type of game. An excellent job by Capcom.

Music/Sound - The music in this game helps with the overall atmosphere of the game, and when it plays in some rooms it makes you tense and scared of what is to come. The sound effects are good and bad. The good part comes from the weapon noises, and the many different sounds that your footsteps make. They put in some for tile, wood, carpet, grass, gravel, etc...But, the bad part comes in the repetitive noises the zombies make. There is only like 10 different zombie sounds. It doesn't detract from the overall experience though. A good job by Capcom.

Gameplay - The gameplay in this game is truly great. It is a perfect balance of combat, puzzles, and exploration. You have a limited inventory so you have to try and carry only items that you will need in the immediate future. Ammo is scarce so you can't go all gung-ho on the enemies, and you will have to think about which enemies to kill, and which to spare. Also, if you don't burn or decapitate zombies they will return even stronger than they were a couple hours later as a ''Crimson Head''. Some of the puzzles may be tricky, but for the most part they shouldn't stump you too much. A new feature to the remake is the inclusion of ''Defense Items''. You can find knives, grenades, or taser batteries around the mansion that you use when a zombie grabs you. They are good for one use each, but they help out tremendously. One thing that I liked is that when you examine an item in the menu you can spin it around and look at it from different angles. If you look at the crank from the front you will notice that it has a square end, and the item name will change to ''Square Crank''. Around the mansion there are files that you can collect to help you out on where to go next, or to explain the story better. It is an awesome experience overall, and it is very different from the Playstation original. Most puzzles are different, items are located in different places, and whole new areas have been added. I recommend that you play this game.

Controls - The controls in this game may take a little getting used to for people that are new to the series...for all others it is like second nature. The analog stick or D-Pad is used to move your character, but unlike games like Mario 64 or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, up always moves your character forward. The left and right motions spin your character, and down makes them walk backwards. The B button is used to make your character run, and in menus it is cancel. The A button is used to investigate things, or to shoot your weapon while R is held down. The L button is used when you switch defense items to manual, but with default controls you won't need this button. Y is to open up the menu where you can use items, change your weapon, reload your weapons, examine items, and read the various files you've collected. The last button used in the game is the Z button. It opens up the map. Like I said, they take a bit of getting used to, but once you do they are great.

Other - There is quite a bit of replay value in this game with two different characters to play as, various difficulty settings and modes, and numerous endings. It should keep you busy for a while. I recommend that you buy this game because it is one of the best out there for the GCN. I really do love this game.

Overall - 9.125/10 (an average) rounded down to 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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