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Reviewed: 05/04/02 | Updated: 07/09/03

Enter the Survival Horror

Resident Evil, as quite a few know, was originally on the PlayStation. But now Capcom has Remade this game and now the game play and the graphics are VERY great! If Just the name of this game or the fact that it is an awesome game (as said by a whole lot of people) doesn't thrill you then read this Review and lets see if you mind will be changed...

Game play

If you are used to games that have plenty of ammo in them then get ready to conserve your ammo. This game you do not want to even waste ONE bullet! Ammo is pretty hard to find in this game. You get to start out with either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield. Jill Valentine is a member of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team. She is a highly intelligent agent who passes both quick reflexes and common sense. She has been decorated for her bravery in many dangerous situation where her cool judgment kept herself and others alive. Jill's Defense items are Dagger Knife and a Stun Gun. If a Zombie grabs you can use the Dagger knife and ram it into it's face, which makes it back off for a second or two so you can shoot it. The stun gun will, of course, stun the Zombie. But you must have a battery pack to make it work:) Jill can carry up to 8 items. You can store some of your Items in an item box throughout the game. Now for Chris Redfield. Chris Redfield is a member of the S.T.A.R.S. alpha team. He is a seasoned veteran who posses both intelligence and immense strength. He has completed numerous missions by overcoming critical situations and great danger. His defense items are a Flash Napalm and a Dagger Knife. Chris can carry 6 items. Now to get into the story of the game. A spokes person at the Racoon City Police Department reported that an investigation helicopter of the special S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team is missing. According to the announcement form the racoon city Police Department the team was sent to investigate the Arclay Mountain and Raccoon forest area, where a number of people have been reported missing. Contact with the team has been lost since the team has been lost since the last communication before dawn. Recently there have been a number of bizarre murders reported near Racoon City. This incident is likely to make Racoon City Residents feel even more uneasy. The cause of death appears to be that the victims had been eaten by someone or something... Killer dogs chase you into a zombie infested mansion where all you start with is a gun and a few bullets. Can you survive the Horror? Walk around killing zombies and investigating. Maybe the ultimate task here is just to get out alive...

Well all I can pretty much say is WOW! These graphics are so realistic that it feels like you not playing a videogame. The in game graphics are as good as MOST cut-scenes of other games! Great graphics and awesome game play. The people really look great the shadows and lightening and surrounding environment are outstanding!!

The sound is great. The voices are perfect. The sound of the zombies moaning and walking around are really great too. The music is awesome too. Is this game perfect or what!!!! Not much else to say about the sound.

Well the controls sometimes are tricky but after a while they get easy. The L button changes targets and uses defense item. Control stick and control pad move the character. Star will display the option screen. The C stick lets you do a 180 degree turn. The A button confirms selections, shoots weapon, and is also the action button (pick up or observe items). The R button is to get your weapon ready and aim it. The Y button will display the sub screen. the X button is not used. The Z button displays the map. the B button cancels selection, and you use it to run. The only thing that can get confusing about the controls is how the character moves about the Mansion.

Other Stuff
ESRB rating- M (mature)
Memory card- 8 blocks
To save you must find Ink ribbon and go to a type writer (remember there is a limited amount of ink ribbon!!!).

And to close this review, I can say this game is great. Graphics, fun factor, sound, control, everything is great! I love it all. I recommend you buy this game NOW!!!!!!!! I hope this review has helped you make your decision on weather or not to buy this game!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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