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Reviewed: 05/02/02 | Updated: 05/02/02

Return to where it all started..

Resident Evil, a game that came out in 1996 for Playstation helped bring survival horror into the mainstream gaming world. This is a total remake of the original and it does do it justice. Everything is improved, graphics, music, voice acting, and lots of extras.

Story: 9
A bunch of bodies turn up mutilated in a town called Raccoon City. The police send in S.T.A.R.S, Special Tactics And Rescue Squad. The first team sent in, Bravo team, has disappeared. To find out what happened to Bravo team and discover the mystery of the mutilated bodies the Alpha team is sent in. As you get stranded and your team disappears you as Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine run into a mansion for their lives. You now need to find any surviving team members and discover the mystery behind Bravo teams disappearance and the strange things in Raccoon City.

Graphics: 10
This game has the best graphics I have ever seen. For those who have played the original you'll be glad to know that the movies are now CG instead of done by actors. The in game graphics are just like the movies, there is little to no difference. Calling these graphics great is just an understatement. Lightning will strike every now and then creating realistic shadows that only add to the great lighting. From shadows and reflections on floors, to the rotting zombies, they all do seem to look different instead of being the same model over and over again.

Audio (Music and Voice acting, etc.): 9
The music is all mostly atmospheric, but in this game with the graphics they really do work well together. When you encounter an enemy the music will change and speed up but when the danger is gone it will return to it's normal speed.

The voice acting is actually descent. It may not be Metal Gear Solid great but it is a huge step up from the horrible voice acting in the original. It is on par with the rest of the series or even a bit higher. I'd say it's a bit above average.

Last for audio is wind, cracking thunder, muffled footsteps, and the soft moaning of zombies, and all that other good stuff is all great. Almost everything you need to watch out for has a distinct noise to give you warning that you will be fighting soon, from the scream of a Crimson Head, to the moan of a zombie, you can tell the difference.

Gameplay: 9
I have never been a fan of Resident Evil's control scheme. But for whatever reason I think it's actually pretty good on a Gamecube controller. The default setting is just fine, I can't really explain that.

New gameplay additions is the way to really kill a zombie. Unless you shoot off its head or light them on fire they will eventually come back to life and make you pay for it. This adds to the difficulty which already is pretty hard as there is little ammo early on and not enough oil to burn all the zombies.

Also there are now defensive weapons, a dagger, a grenade, and a taser. These are used for when a zombie grabs onto you, you can set it to automatic or do it manually, it is a great addition.

Difficulty: 8
The game itself is not hard, it's just the short supply of ammo. There is not enough to kill everything, and with zombies coming back to life and stronger that means you shouldn't kill all the zombies you see.

Replay value: 10
There are two scenarios to play, Chris Redfield's and Jill Valentine's stories are basically the same but each has other elements added to it. Such as Jill interacts with Barry, where as Chris interacts with Rebecca. Also there are extra modes to unlock, different costumes, and weapons.

Buy or rent?
Buy! This is a terrific remake of an already good game. Whether you played the original or not, you should get it. There is too much to do for just a rental.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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