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Reviewed: 05/01/02 | Updated: 05/01/02

Pure awesome game!!

Well too me, im not really that of a resident Evil fan, and i really hated those resident evil games that came out for the playstation, because i never liked the graphics and the gameplay but when i heard about this game coming for GameCube i actually saw some screen shots and this game totally impressed me with the major graphics improvements over the playstation version and also 70% of that game was new and 30% was still from the original but when i got this game yesterday i was soo happy to play and yes, the graphics was totally awesome.

Man the graphics in this game are totally awesome, with soo much details on the main characters, zombies, monsters, and even the mansion itself. Even the animation is top best like some of characters hair will move because of the wind, fire tends too look more real etc. But the downside is well NOTHING!! Trust me this game has way better graphics than all those other game like DOA3, Halo, FFX, Medal Gear Solid 2 etc.

Well there is these two main characters that you get to choose from which both of them have their own main weapon to choose from and after that you get to control them in the mansion, the controls are easy to get use too and there is also different new features added into this game like the defensive weapon which work if your really close to the enemy and so the weapon get used automatically, but the downfall is one you use the weapon its gone and there is only a limited supply of these defensive weapon which means is best not too waste them or else your will need them for more harder enemies. There is also the the 180 degrees turn and also the ability to shoot while your backing up.

The music is great with lots of eerie mood music which make you really alert or scared but its not best to be scared since you can get surprise by some zombies.

Tons of different effects to hear from which you would hear in real life from water dripping to the burning fire it adds that effect or making you feel un-easy or maybe relaxed.

-Awesome graphics
-Eerie music and Sound
-Two characters to choose and play

Well this game is a totally must buy game either if your a Resident Evil fan or not its ass long as you have the GameCube, than you should get this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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