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Reviewed: 04/01/02 | Updated: 04/01/02

A-reborn game that is a masterpiece

After 6 years the original resident evil/biohazard came out, finally there is a perfect remake by the person that started it. That man is Shinji Mikami and I tell you people that you won't be disappointed

Graphics: WOW!!!!!!! These are the best graphics ever created in a video game. When I saw the pics and videos for this game I was amazed and astonished. All you people that thought DOA3 were good now there something even better. Everything in this game is re-done the zombies in the game look awesome when you shoot them you can see the blood come out . All the players and creatures look great with thousands of polygons, everything is very detailed, the detail is just staggering never have I seen so much detail in a game. The intro to the game is just unbelievable, we can now see the dogs mutated and all decomposed the attention to detail in this intro is like never reached in a game before. Now the lightning effects in this game are unreal from the candles, to the shadow effects and especially the fog and the lighting from outside. The graphics in this game are a next level, Capcom went great length to get here, but you won't be disappointed at all!!!


Gamplay: The gameplay in this game is better then ever. Let me say that it is different then the rest the resident evil/Biohazard. First now we can use defensive weapons, which allow us to use weapons such as: knifes, grenades, teaser and oil to burn zombies. What this does is when a zombie or another creature grabs you then automatically you stab it with a knife or stick a grenade in it's mouth, this is very cool!!! Also you can aim at what you want like say you want to aim at hit leg so that he can't walk any more. Now the zombies in this game are hard, they follow you everywhere, they follow you though stairs, hallways and even brake down doors to get you. Even though the gameplay is the same is just feels better .


Controls: Well we all now that we either like or hate the controls in resident evil/Biohazard. The controls in the game are fairly the same to the rest of the seris, but now you can choose between two other configurations.
The default scheme is A shoot,B run,X menu,Y Cancel,R-trigger aim,L-trigger defensive weapon(if its enabled to manual in the options) and change target.Analog stick and the d-pad to turn. Also you can do 180* turn with the c stick.

Rating: 10

Sound: Fantastic, The sounds and music are great and even creepier and scarier then the original. Now you can hear the zombies and dogs and other creatures walking and moans all though the whole mansion. You can hear fire burning, and outside you can also hear the trees sway and leaves move and see bushes move too. Everthing in this remake as became better and sounds great.


Story: Basically, there have been attacks involving zombies outside Raccoon City, in the USA. The STARS Bravo Team is sent to investigate the scene of the murders, in the Raccoon Forest. The Bravo Team is sent to discover anything, and they immediately lose contact with Alpha Team. Alpha Team comes to the forest to look for them, and
rabid dogs chase them into a mansion full of zombies. With their pilot flying off due to fear, what will happen to Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers and Albert Wesker.


Overall: This is a must Buy game for all resident evil/Biohazard fans. One of the best games out there now, so just go pick it up and you won't be disappointed on bit.

Rating: 10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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