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Reviewed: 03/21/02 | Updated: 03/21/02

A Capcom classic, reborn!

5 years ago, Shinji Mikami released BioHazard (overseas name: Resident Evil). It basically revolutionaized the survival horror genre, though it didn't actually start it (Alone in the Dark did). BioHazard had atmosphere, graphics
and puzzling gameplay. Now, in 2002, Shinji Mikami remakes his BioHazard game.

But is it just a graphical upgrade of an old game? No, definitely not.

The graphics are PERFECT. They are the best graphics seen in any game. Forget DOA3, and Final Fantasy X. BioHazard puts them all to shame. The worlds of the Spencer Mansion are realistic-looking, and the shadows and lighting are truely accurate. Unfortunately, the backgrounds are prerendered unlike CODE: Veronica X, which may seem like a downgrade to people who recently played CODE: Veronica
and CODE: Veronica X, but the downgrade doesn't lower the score one bit.

The gameplay is still as fun as ever. One thing that bothers me in the remake is the stiff-walking characters. Unfortunately, while the game looks good, the in game animations seem a bit rough compared to those seen on Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X. But the puzzles, and the action has been considerably changed, and seems a lot newer.

Oh yeah, the game is HARD. The zombies are hard to kill, and they are a lot faster and sturdier. The game comes with 2 characters to play with. They are Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, and they have varying quests. One is harder,
and the other is slightly easier.

The sounds of the GameCube come to life in the remake. Every foot step Chris makes sounds extremely authentic, and the lightning sounds true to real lightning. The moans of the zombies are clear, and really authentic.

Surprisingly, the controls in this game are perfect. The controls are easily managable. With the GameCube's C-Stick, in combination with the B Button, the characters move a lot easier. The C-Stick improves a lot in the 180* turn area,
and the Z-Button makes easy Map accessing. Its the controller for a Resident Evil game.

Only those with a deep understanding of the story will give it a 10. Basically, there have been attacks involving zombies outside Raccoon City, in the USA. The STARS Bravo Team is sent to investigate the scene of the murders, in the Raccoon Forest. The Bravo Team is sent to discover anything, and they immediately lose contact with Alpha Team. Alpha Team comes to the forest to look for them, and
rabid dogs chase them into a mansion full of zombies. With their pilot flying off due to fear, what will happen to Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers and Albert Wesker?

There are 2 adventures to choose from, increasing the replay value. There are also a lot of secrets you can unlock, so the replay value of this game is high.
And the scare factor puts Silent Hill's scare factor to immediate shame.

BioHazard is simply the best BioHazard there is. It puts my favorite, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, to shame. Folks, buy a GameCube just for this game, because you'll know it is really worth it once you open the package and start seeing
those zombies.

A Capcom classic, reborn!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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