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Reviewed: 11/30/09

Resident Evil, a Horror masterpiece.

Today I will be reviewing Resident Evil for the Nintendo Gamecube. When I got into the resident evil series after playing Resident Evil 4, I thought I knew what the series was like, but no that game and Resident Evil 5 are just HD action adventure games that are completely different then the original Resident Evils. Once I started to play Resident Evil for the GCN I knew, instantly, this game would be in my top 5 games ever created.


In resident evil you play as either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield these characters are former stars members, following there boss, Albert Wesker. Each character's story and gameplay with make each experience feel fresh. Jill and Chris have been sent to an Abandoned Mansion in the arklay mountains cause they have heard reports of devastating events. As they start searching for clues outside of the mansion, suddenly, vicious canines attack them,not knowing what to do, Wesker tells them to rush into the mansion near by, and thats when all the horrors starts. As soon as they get inside, they split up to find more clues. And this is how the story unfolds, there is so many twists and turns in this horrifying game, so that means I cannot go into detail but, all you should know is that you will be on your toes until the last brutal sequence, its that good.


Now, for the gameplay department, the star of this game. The gameplay focuses around 2 things: surviving and completing puzzles. Your character can walk around in a full 3D space and at first, this type of control is deceiving, but later on when you master it, its a piece of cake and that was one of the biggest complaints about the original 3 resident evils. So for the surviving part of this game. Zombies and other monstrous creatures will be lurking almost anywhere, having a weapon always ready to fire, is an excellent idea. But you can only hold a certain amount at a time. And thats when the surviving starts,since you can only hold a few items at a time, you always have to think before leaving items behind or taking them with you. The combat is very fluent, your gun pretty much locks on to an enemy and tries its best to get a clean headshot, but when you succeed you will see a massive explosion of blood and gore, its great. So when an enemy jumps on you, you can toggle the controller, to shove them off, but if you have defense items like a counter Knife, you can perform a counter attack that will counter your enemies when they are on you. Overall the gameplay and the combat is presented near flawlessly. Now, I will talk about the other half of the game, the puzzling, this game revolves around the most brutal and complex puzzles and it is even an adventure in itself trying to figure out these puzzles. Some will make you take an item before the walls close on you or some will even make you activate different animal structures in the right order to unlock a door . A fantastic part of the puzzles in this game is the extremely brutal and non-forgiving difficulty. You will literally be staring at a puzzle for hours not knowing what to do. You will feel like you achieved something when you complete every puzzle in the entire game, they are that engaging. The puzzles are so varied that they never get old. All of this will eventually lead to a different area in this horrifying mansion or a giant boss battle, either way, you will be scared out of your mind.


The graphics for resident evil are amazing even for todays standards and it came out way back in 2002. The character and enemy models are great. The sound design is fantastic, the gun sounds are spot on, same goes for the voice acting as well. Even though the backgrounds just sit there and dont move, they still have every bit of detail that you would see in a Next-Gen game. There are so many small details in this game that make the graphics even better, like: the various sounds you will hear while you walk around different areas and the blood that will slowly sink into a carpet. These small things, make the presentation of this game top notch.


Overall, resident evil for the Gamecube, looks like a simple horror game, but the presentation and the story will suck you into this insane world of gore, zombies and blood. If you want a real survival horror don't go for the newer ones, (even though I have them) go for this title, its a true resident evil game, I will give Resident Evil a 9.6 / 10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Resident Evil (US, 04/30/02)

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