Review by kingdodongo1

Reviewed: 01/30/08

The zombies are back and scarier than ever.

Back in, jeez what was it 1998 or 1999, I played the original Resident Evil for PS1. It honestly scared the living crap out of me at every turn. At the age of 5 I liked it, because it was an adult title I was actually allowed to play. As I aged, I began to like it for more than that. Unfortunately, I also noticed it's glaring flaws. Well, the GC version is a nice fix up for the old Survival Horror grand daddy.

The graphics in this game are, um, whats the best way to describe this? Oh, I got it. FREAKIN AMAZING!!! Every little detail in the game is great. It is refined to such a minuscule level, it really makes you wonder how much time was spent on this. The characters and enemies look extremely life like, adding to the realistic vibe the game gives off. Blood shoots from every bullet hole you create on an enemy. The graphics here are all about realism and detail, which is executed perfectly.

The sound is one of the best aspects of the game. It is also home to one of the major downfalls. That being, of course, the voice acting. It's still way overly cheesy. It is really bad. Luckily, it doesn't really detract from the game as a whole to much. That being said, most every other sound in the game is superb. Gunshots, the moan of Zombies, the snarl of an enemy that is actually threatening, leaves rustling in outside levels. The best part though: The Music. It's phenomenal, and one of the few times that music alone has scared me. I believe the last time that happened was, oh yeah, the original Resident Evil. A quality production in terms of sound, as long as it isn't coming from a characters mouth.

The story is really what ties the game together. So, some murders have befallen the town of Raccoon City and the surrounding areas. Bravo team is sent in to in investigate. However, they go missing. You go in with Alpha team. Some dogs attack you (and let me say they aren't normal dogs) and you get trapped in a Mansion. In your desperate attempt to get out you find out about a virus and a conspiracy. Oh, and this game houses one of my favorite plot twists ever. The story is presented well and is quite engrossing.

One other minor issue. The controls are a little frustrating. They are laid out in a rather awkward fashion, but they are easy to get used to. That way, it wont matter for long. Yes, it still uses the "tank" controls from the old days. I dont know why, but it feels noticeably better on the GC than it ever did on PS1. Little is unique in terms of game play, which isn't really a bad thing. At most there are 2 "different" story lines. Aside from some minor changes, they're pretty much the same. Once again, not really a bad thing.

Just really good top to bottom. If your looking to get into the series, this is a great game to start off with. Barring Resident Evil 4, this is absolutely the must have game in the series. Some replay value can be found here. That way, this and Resident Evil 4 can hold you over until Resident Evil 5 comes out. When's that supposed to be? 2008? 2009? 2013? Well, hopefully soon.

I give it 8 zombies...out of 10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Resident Evil (US, 04/30/02)

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