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Reviewed: 12/29/07

Remake is one of the greatest RE games ever created!!

Resident Evil on Nintendo GameCube, known as REremake, is one of the best remakes of an old pathetic game, ever! Well the original was not that pathetic,... ohh yes it was! A lot has changed in Resident Evil 1 since 1996, when the game was first released. Most noticable is the graphics. REremake is running on the GameCube(s) graphics now! In real time. Real time backgrounds, characters, fire effects and lightning effects, plus many, many more effects! Everything has been updated in the entire game. You play as Jill and/or Chris, tring to make your way out of a Zombie filled Mansion! But more than Zombies lurk the halls in this mansion! These are the most agressive zombies yet. You will go through so many other places outside of the mansion also. This is no doubt, one of the largest Resident Evil titles ever, (location wise anyway). The game is so enhanced over it's PS1 counter-part, that Zombies bodies don't disappear. Remember in other RE titles where a Zombies body disappear after you leave the room and return. Not anymore, if you kill a Zombie it's body will still be there. The game will scare you from time to time and make you use your brain to figure out puzzles. REremake is a good challenging game and not for the weak hearted. The controls for the game is original, just like any other RE title. GameCube controllers feels comfortable anyways. The status screen is basically like other RE games too, so it's simple to use, (USE,COMBINE, EXAMINE). The game offers a new feature also, which lets you use an extra weapon you obtain in the game. The new feature is called "Self Defense". With Jill you can use a Knife or a Battery Pack (can anyone say "fire crackers"). And with Chris, you can also use a Knife and a small Flash Granade (POW!). This new feature will save your life more than once throughout the game. This is no doubt, one of the best RE tiles ever released! You'll get to learn about the story in ways you never knew, or imagined. This game is long, scary and fun. And it has lots of replay value also. REremake isn't like other RE games, because you don't have to take the same path everytime you play. You can can choose what you want to do. Unlike Resident Evil 3, you actually decide what you want to do first, second, or whatever; In throughout this game. There are a TON of cut-scenes in the game. I don't even know the exact number of cut-scenes in the game. You won't see them all, until you've beat the game multiple times (literally!). This game does try new things, it actually can scare you! Most things in this game is shocking. Remake is dark, scary, gothic, fun, addictive, a is a very good game. It defiently desreves a purchanse for the Nintendo GameCube! Get this game if you see it.
Resident Evil 1 remake for the GameCube receives a 10/10.

Graphics: 10/10
Are you joking. REremake can stand up to most Xbox games, and ALL PS2 games. All real time graphics. An early title with jaw-jobbing graphics. Realistic graphics also. The games graphics are so beautiful, it reminds me of an classic painting. Everything cast a shadow also, as well as realistic shadows (enemies, objects, and the characters all have realistic shadows). Blood splaters in this game. Even YOUR OWN BLOOD splaters in this game. When bitten or when a zombie is shot, blood flies and hits the wall or the floors. Some of the best Damn graphics PERIOD......

Controls: 10/10
I'm sorry these controls are the best controls for a REtile so far (RE1 thru RE: CVX). The controls are very comfortable, and original. There are 3 different controls schemes for the game. Once you find the best control scheme for the game, your fingers will not get tired. The button layout is easy also. No clucky controls either. Each button is very responsive. You can also use the D-pad or Analoge to play, just to let you know.

Gameplay: 10/10
Smooth as silk! Everything moves smooth while playing the game. No slowdowns, unless your disk is badly scratched or something. Every candle burns smoothly, every zombie moves smoothly, ever light flickers as smoothly and as real as possible. No problems here. I can't say much here, but this is some of the best gameplay I've ever seen so far for an RE game.

Fun Factor: 10/10
The fun factor is very, very high because the game is so fun to play. Over and Over again. There are tons of wonderful cut-scenes to watch. There are plenty of secrets in the game. Well.. I mean that there is so much to unlock in this game. I think this game has the most unlockables in RE franchise (RE:0-CVX). This game will offer you plenty of scares, and plenty of challenges. Capcom kept everything from the "original" RE1, improved everthing, and added extra's. If you love any RE game you'll be sure to love this one. Spooky Mansion!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Resident Evil (Player's Choice) (US, 12/31/03)

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