The doorknob is broken what now?

  1. I just killed the monster that comes out of the coffin once the masks are in place. I'm heading out of the door by the save room, the one with the busted knob. Its broken and I don't know where to go.

    User Info: DManSteelerFan

    DManSteelerFan - 11 years ago

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  1. After you complete the residence, if you're Chris, Wesker will fix the knob. But if your Jill, Barry fixes it.

    User Info: Big_Al_863

    Big_Al_863 - 11 years ago 3   2


  1. The doorknob gets fixed after you complete the Residence by either Barry or Wesker.

    User Info: TheStupidAltGuy

    TheStupidAltGuy - 11 years ago 3   3
  2. The doorknob is broke so you have to take the long way round if ure playin as jill it gets fixed after the residence as cris wesker fixes it

    User Info: nolan0wnz

    nolan0wnz - 11 years ago 2   2
  3. Did you unlock the door with the light and picture puzzle (when crows attack)? If so, you can enter through the cemetery.

    User Info: HomokHarcos

    HomokHarcos - 4 years ago 1   1
  4. Try going around it at this point. If your playing as chris then later you will find a new area with keep going and you will meet wesker. Then when you go back he will repair it and it won't break. Next time try to go through that door as little as possible. Now I don't know anything about Jill cause I suck.

    User Info: kegan278

    kegan278 - 11 years ago 1   3
  5. There is a little trick you can use when playing as Chris. All you gotta do is use an Old Key in the door that leads to the Cementery (It's where you pick up one of the Death Masks). That way, when you kill the Crimson Head, you don't have to turn around as much. It's the same as Jill, but she has a Lockpick, so you don't need the Old Keys. If you forgot the Old Key and the door is broken, you can always enter from the 1st floor (in the room where the 1st Floor Map is in). Just be careful with the zombies that bust out the windows outside of the Shotgun Room.

    User Info: DiamondGirl1092

    DiamondGirl1092 - 10 years ago 0   2
  6. I'm afraid that your going to have to go the long way as you can only go through that door a certain amount of times.

    Just go through the way the shotgun trap is and go through the double doors. Go straight ahead,turn to the right (watch the zombie if you haven't killed it!) go through that door and your in the garden area.

    Use the Stone and Metal object you got from the Crimson. You did pick that up right? Place it on it's proper slot. Beware of the dog that pops up! when you enter here in the first place. And voila! Go through the door.

    You now have to go down the steps to go to the cabin to meet Lisa, there's also a puzzle but it's pretty easy.

    After you come back from the Residence. (Check FAQ for more information) Barry or Wesker if your playing as Chris. Will leave you a note saying he's fixed the doorknob for you and it doesn't break this time.

    User Info: ruaridh2k7

    ruaridh2k7 - 10 years ago 0   4
  7. If you are playing as Jill, Barry will repair the knob after you return from the Residence, but if you are playing as Chris, you'll have to enter from the second floor (check you map to find the way).

    Oh, and after you defeat the Crimson Head, you need to go to the Residence (using the Stone and Metal Object).

    User Info: ---Nintendo---

    ---Nintendo--- - 11 years ago 1   6

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