What is the code for Chris (Normal - Once Again) to get inside the pharmaceutical/Chemical lab in the Gallery Room?

  1. The answer 536 (I put this up in-case I forget again in future).

    However, it doesn't allow Chris to mix chemicals, so I used action replay to get the V-Jolt and burn the tentacles in the Aqua Ring myself.

    Billiard Balls:-
    2. Blue
    3. Red
    4. Purple
    5. Orange
    6. Green

    Eyes in order
    Orange (has 4 lashes) = 5
    Red (Has 2 lashes) = 3
    Green (No lashes) = 6

    User Info: Jonny_Tanna

    Jonny_Tanna - 5 years ago

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  1. I normally go with how many days in a year, 365; but if that doesn't work out there are a max of 9 combinations between the three numbers just try em all, or go back to the lounge room (the one with double doors in the residence) and make sure you light all three oil candles (one per floor) and record the picture with its associated color on a piece of paper, youll get it.

    User Info: amnesty217

    amnesty217 - 3 years ago 1 0

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