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Guide and Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

Version: Final | Updated: 02/07/2012

           _____                          __    __            _
          / ____|                        |  \  /  |          (_)
         ( (____  _   _ ____   ___ _ __  | | \/ | | __ _ _ __ _  ___
          \____ \| | | |  _ \ / _ \ '__| | |\__/| |/ _` | '__| |/ _ \
          _____) | |_| | |_) |  __/ |    | |    | | (_| | |  | | (_) |
         |______/ \__,_|  __/ \___|_|    |_|    |_|\__,_|_|  |_|\___/
                    _____                  _     _
                   / ____|                | |   (_)
                  ( (____  _   _ _ __  ___| |__  _ _ __   ___
                   \____ \| | | | '_ \/ __| '_ \| | '_ \ / _ \
                   _____) | |_| | | | \__ \ | | | | | | |  __/
                  |______/ \__,_|_| |_|___/_| |_|_|_| |_|\___|

                  |          Super Mario Sunshine         |
                  |           An FAQ/Walkthrough          |
                  |             By KeyBlade999            |
                  |                                       |
                  |           Total Data: 135 KB          |
                  |         Current Version: Final        |
                  | Most Recent Update: 4:11 PM 9/27/2011 |

-1. Donations*******************************SMS-1****************************
While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and
effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your
appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the
donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping
me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated,
and are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do
decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the
e-mail address listed below. Thank you so very much for considering this!!


0. Contents*************************SMS0*************************************
                                     CTRL+F System Format: **SMS###**
-1. Donations                      | SMS-1
0. Contents                        | SMS0
1. Intro                           | SMS1
2. Version History                 | SMS2
3. Legalities                      | SMS3
4. Walkthrough                     | SMS4
  I- Layout Explanation            | SMS41
  II- Early-On Walkthrough         | SMS42
  III- Major Events                | SMS43
  IV- Shine Sprite Walkthrough     | SMS44
   1- Delfino Square               | SMS441
   2- Bianco Hills                 | SMS442
   3- Ricco Harbor                 | SMS443
   4- Gelato Beach                 | SMS444
   5- Pinna Park                   | SMS445
   6- Sirena Beach                 | SMS446
   7- Noki Bay                     | SMS447
   8- Pianta Village               | SMS448
   9- Delfino Airstrip             | SMS449
   10- The Secret Shine Sprites    | SMS4410
   11- The 100-Coin Shine Sprites  | SMS4411
  V- The Endgame: Corona Mountain  | SMS45
5. Blue Coin Locations             | SMS5
  I- Delfino Square                | SMS51
  II- Bianco Hills                 | SMS52
  III- Ricco Harbor                | SMS53
  IV- Gelato Beach                 | SMS54
  V- Pinna Park                    | SMS55
  VI- Sirena Beach                 | SMS56
  VII- Noki Bay                    | SMS57
  VIII- Pianta Village             | SMS58
  IX- Corona Mountain              | SMS59
  X- Delfino Airstrip              | SMS510

1. Intro*************************SMS1****************************************
Welcome to my thirtieth walkthrough. To make it special, I decided to make it
for one of my favorite games ever - Super Mario Sunshine. To make it even
better, I added everything you need to know about the game to the FAQ. I hope
you enjoy this, and good luck with the game!

2. Version History*************************SMS2******************************
v0.05 - Completed Table of Contents, Introduction, Legalities, the FAQ note,
        the early walkthrough, and the major events. Got the format for the
        Shine Sprite Walkthrough completed.  9:41 PM 10/20/2010
v0.10 - Completed Delfino Plaza's and Bianco Hills's parts of the Shine Sprite
        Walkthrough. Beginning Ricco Harbor.  12:02 AM 10/22/2010
v0.20 - Completed all Ricco Harbor Shine Sprites and one Gelato Beach Shine
        Sprite.  10:30 PM 10/24/2010
v0.30 - Completed all Gelato Beach and Pinna Park Shine Sprites. I've finished
        two Shine Sprites from Sirena Beach.  12:00 AM 10/26/2010
v0.40 - Completed all Sirena Beach, Noki Bay, and Pianta Village Shine Sprites.
        Completed all of Delfino Plaza's Secret Shine Sprites, too.
        12:02 AM 10/27/2010
v1.00 - Completed all Secret Shine Sprites, all 100 Coin Shine Sprites, and
        completed the Corona Mountain strategy. This may be technically the
        first submittable version, but I'll wait until the Blue Coins are done
        with.  10:28 PM 10/27/2010
v1.10 - "A Journey to the Center of the Earth" is a good book, eh? That is what
        delayed my updates for the past four or so days. Anyway, I did all of
        Delfino Square's, Bianco Hills's, Ricco Harbor's, and Gelato Beach's
        Blue Coins. This makes the total 109/240 (45.4%) - almost half of the
        Blue Coins are documented! I expect to finish by Friday or Saturday.
        10:23 PM 11/1/2010
Final - I have finished documenting all of Pinna Park's, Sirena's Beach's, Noki
        Bay's, Pianta Village's, Corona Mountain's, and Delfino Airstrip's
        Blue Coins. This means I documented 131 Blue Coins, finishing all 240
        Blue Coins and this FAQ earlier than expected. I shall submit this to
        GameFAQs before next week.  10:47 PM 11/2/2010
      - Added some title ASCII art and changed the Legal section.
        4:11 PM 9/27/2011

3. Legalities*************************SMS3***********************************
This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

© 2010-2012 Daniel Chaviers (AKA KeyBlade999).

If you would wish to contact me concerning this or my other FAQs, use this
e-mail: keyblade999.faqs@gmail.com, or PM me on the GameFAQs message boards.

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4. Walkthrough*************************SMS4**********************************

++                                                                         ++
++                 Section I: Layout Explanation  **SMS41**                ++
++                                                                         ++

There is a reason why I have laid out the walkthrough in a different way than
the traditional beginning-to-end format. The reason is because the game, after
the early-on bits, is very open-ended. You could get twenty Shine Sprites, or
all 120 if you wanted to. I have listed the strategies to getting all of the
Shine Sprites, but it is in the last section of the walkthrough. After covering
the early-on stuff and relating the major events of the storyline and such, I
shall then go into depth on the locations of the Shine Sprites that are in the
episodes. Afterwards, for the last section of this walkthrough, I shall cover
the final level of the game, Corona Mountain. Why? You need to beat Episode 7
of all areas to be able to get there and therefore beat the game.

There are Blue Coins in the game, which can be traded for Shine Sprites. They
are listed in section five.

Enjoy, and good luck.

++                                                                         ++
++               Section II: Early-On Walkthrough  **SMS42**               ++
++                                                                         ++

After the initial cutscenes, you begin to play as Mario at the Delfino
Airstrip. Later on, there are some things to get here, but that is after
beating the game. For now, focus on going across the lava-like puddle and near
the yellow machine, FLUDD.

After registering user information, FLUDD gives you a tutorial on how to use
him. Listen to him, then head back to the lava-like puddle. Press and hold R
to shoot directly and the bulging, pulsing mass in the center. After a bit, a
Piranha plant-like monster erupts from the muck. Spray water into its "mouth"
three times to beat it.

After beating it, two Pianta police come over and take Mario into custody. At
his trial, Mario is believed to be guilty and is not allowed to leave until
this mess is resolved.

In his jail cell, Mario and FLUDD have a chat. FLUDD gives some details about
Shine Sprites and their relations to the Piantas. Mario and FLUDD agree that,
despite the fact that they aren't guilty of the crime, they should fix the

The game then switches to Delfino Plaza, in front of the police station. The
two arresting officers order Mario to "clean up all that ugliness," referring
to the muck in the Plaza where the statue used to be. Here, you can grab a few
Shine Sprites and Blue Coins, each detailed in their relative sections. After
you do/don't grab them, head to the muck and, like at the airstrip, spray the
pulsing mass in the center. A Piranha Plant emerges; spray water into its mouth
when it is open. After doing this several times, the monster retreats into the
muck, and into the afterlife.

This activates a cutscene, showing Shadow Mario kidnapping Princess Peach. Go
after him and spray him several times until he lets go of Peach. He leaves her,
but still runs away. Follow him to the newly-risen statue. He'll put some
graffiti on its front, then escape inside.

Now, either finish up with the Blue Coins and Shine Sprites or head near the
graffiti. Spray it and jump while near it. And this is where the game becomes
your creation...

++                                                                         ++
++                   Section III: Major Events  **SMS43**                  ++
++                                                                         ++

MAJOR EVENT #1: Unlocking of Bianco Hills
Completion: Complete the Early-On Walkthrough (above section).

MAJOR EVENT #2: Unlocking of Ricco Harbor and Blue Coin Exchange
Completion: Obtain three Shine Sprites. Defeat the Piranha Plant near where the
            boathouse used to be.

MAJOR EVENT #3: Unlocking of Gelato Beach
Completion: Obtain five Shine Sprites. Defeat the Piranha Plant near where the
            lighthouse used to be.

MAJOR EVENT #4: Unlocking of Pinna Park
Completion: Obtain 10 Shine Sprites and chase down Shadow Mario in Delfino

MAJOR EVENT #5: Get Yoshi
Completion: Beat the fourth episode of Pinna Park, then chase down Shadow Mario
            in Delfino Square.

MAJOR EVENT #6: Unlocking of Sirena Beach
Completion: Take Yoshi to the blocked pipe on a roof in Delfino Square. Make
            him eat the fruit and enter the pipe.

MAJOR EVENT #7: Unlocking of Noki Bay
Completion: Obtain 20 Shine Sprites. Head to the rainbow light in the Delfino
            Square and go into first-person view and look up.

MAJOR EVENT #8: Obtain full use of the Turbo Nozzle
Completion: Get Yoshi and 25 Shine Sprites. Chase down Shadow Mario in Delfino

MAJOR EVENT #9: Obtain full use of the Rocket Nozzle
Completion: Get Yoshi, 30 Shine Sprites, and the Turbo Nozzle. Chase down
            Shadow Mario in Delfino Square.

MAJOR EVENT #10: Unlocking of Pianta Village
Completion: Get the Rocket Nozzle and go to the thing holding the massive
            Shine Sprite. Rocket up to the very top and use the pipe.

MAJOR EVENT #11: Delfino Plaza Flood AND Opening of Corona Mountain
Completion: Beat Episode 7 (the Shadow Mario chase) in every area. Enter
            Corona Mountain to begin the end of the game.

MAJOR EVENT #12: Defeat of Bowser and Bowser Jr. (beating the game)
Completion: Head to Corona Mountain and proceed through the area. At the end,
            defeat Bowser and Bowser Jr.

MAJOR EVENT #13: The ability to go to Delfino Airstrip and finish getting all
                 of the Shine Sprites
Completion: Beat the game, then go near the boathouse. Talk to one of the
            people near the boat to take you to Delfino Airstrip. This is where
            the last of the things you need to get the Shine Sprites lie.

++                                                                         ++
++             Section IV: Shine Sprite Walkthrough  **SMS44**             ++
++                                                                         ++

                          Delfino Square  **SMS441**

- There are no episodes in Delfino Square.
- These are in no certain order.
- Titles for Shines are made up.
- Some Shines, you may have noticed, aren't here. Check the Secret Shines

Box Smash Bros. (two Shine Sprites)

Sometime after beating Episode 1 of Bianco Hills, head to the building with the
open door beside the Shine Gate. Enter and talk to the Pianta. He will
challenge you to a box-breaking contest. Accept. Ground-pound on all of the
boxes, so you can break them. Do this within 30 seconds. If you succeed, the
Pianta will give a Shine Sprite.

Return after this to do it again, just a harder version. Success, again, earns
you a Shine Sprite.

Shining Graffiti

Spray around on the beach until you see some sparks where you spray. Spray that
area until a Shine Sprite marking appears. Complete it to make a Shine appear.

The Flying Plumber

Among the rooftops is a Pianta. Talk to him, and, for one Coin, he will toss
you. You may land in a building where a Shine Sprite is. If not, have him
throw you until you land in the building.

A Shining Bird

Go to the island you see from the beach. Climb up the tree. A yellow bird may
fly out (if not, get more Shines). Spray it continously until it gives a Shine

The Golden Gate

Use the Rocket Nozzle to get up to the Shine Sprite at the Shine Gate. Spray it
until it is cleaned. Grab your Shine.

Ring a Bell? (two Shines)

Use the Rocket Nozzle to get to the bell towers. Clean the bells. Each bell
gives one Shine Sprite each.

Not-as-Solid as a Rock

Rocket Nozzle to the top of the lighthouse. There is a rock-like thing there.
Rocket up HIGH and ground-pound. Collect your Shine Sprite.

That Door Is NOT Made of Oak

In the area with the Pianta statue, turn towards the boathouse. You'll see
another orange door. Use the Turbo Nozzle to go through it for another Shine,
the last for the walkthrough.

The Blue Coin Shine Sprites (24 total)

After obtaining 10 Blue Coins, go to the boathouse where Ricco Harbor is. Go
inside and talk to the manager. For 10 Blue Coins, you'll get a Shine Sprite.
There are 240 Blue Coins in the game, meaning you can get 24 Shine Sprites.

                           Bianco Hills  **SMS442**

Episode 1: Road to the Big Windmill

Seeing as it is your first episode, occuring immediately after the early FAQ
above, it should be easy - which it is! Begin by walking up the hill. Cross
the river and keep heading forward towards the large waterwheel. Get on top of
the ledge to its left and jump on one of the "teeth." Let it carry you to the
other side, which is covered with goop. Clean it up if you want to (it helps
some, as it maintains your health to a point) then go to the bulging, pulsing
mass on the incomplete hill (the thing shooting the goop balls). Again, spray
it to make a Piranha Plant appear. As before, spray water into its mouth while
its mouth is open. A few hits will kill it. After you kill it, a Shine Sprite
leaves the mass, the goop evaporates, and the hill rises. Touch the Shine
Sprite to collect it and finish this episode.

Episode 2: Down With Petey Piranha

Go back to the hill you completed in Episode 1. Head up the hill then to the
bridge. Uh-oh! The bridge is out! No problem for FLUDD; just switch to the
Hover Nozzle and use R to hover across the gap. Head up across the path until
you reach the part with the spiky red-and-green vines. Continue to go up. As
you'll see, it is too tough to cross the path with a mere jump. Use the Hover
Nozzle to float around the vines. You'll soon come to the part where you can
go no further. The windmill's blades are turning; just wait for a platform to
come nearby, then jump on it. Let the platform carry you to the top. You'll
see a large Piranha that isn't planted into the ground - Petey Piranha, as
you'll know him from other games. Go near him to initiate another cutscene.

In the cutscene, Petey lets out a loud cry. Unfortunately for him (and you),
it causes the roof of the windmill to crack. Under Petey's weight, the roof
collapses, sending you and Petey into the windmill.

Inside, you are to fight Petey. Clean up the small amount of goop, then focus
on Petey. Throughout the whole battle, stay a fair distance from him, within
easy spraying range, unless I otherwise say. He will continually rotate during
the battle. When he stops, he is opening his mouth to vomit up some goop (or
doing something else if you're too close). When his mouth is open, spray water
into his mouth continually. When he ingests too much water, his belly button
will pop out. This is your opprotunity to deal some damage. When he falls over,
get onto his belly or hover above it, then ground-pound onto his belly (press
L when in mid-air). If you did this correctly, Petey will spit out water and
get up, then slap his head several times. Repeat this process two more times.
After you defeat him, grab the Shine Sprite.

Episode 3: The Hillside Cave Secret

As before, head to the area with the lake and the windmill. You should see a
cave in the hillside as you cross over to this area. Get onto the tightrope
going there (method doesn't matter), then enter the cave.

WHOA! Shadow Mario just stole FLUDD! Yep, in episodes like these, FLUDD will
be removed for the first time through. This means you'll have to beat the level
classic Super Mario 64 style. However, you are permitted the use of FLUDD after
beating the level once, as well a chance to get a secret Shine Sprite (section
eleven of the walkthrough).

This area is very simple compared to the others. At the beginning, climb up
the horizontally-moving platforms, then onto the top of the vertically-moving
one. Get onto the next platform, then ground-pound on the nearby nails. One of
these has a 1-UP; the other has a Coin. These items will reproduce after every
lost life in this area, so take advantage of this. (The nails must be hit three

As for the many moving platforms ahead, you can any route across you want. I
typically take either the left or right side (the corners are stationary, I
think). Regardless of how you got there, you should come to a bridge.

The bridge has massive cubes moving across it. These cannot be jumped over in
the slightest, and they WILL push you off if you get in their way. The strategy
is to cross IMMEDIATELY after one gets out of your way, then wait on the next
cube, and repeat.

This final part has two star-shaped rotating platforms. Simply jump onto them,
grabbing the 1-UP if you wish, then get onto the other side and grab the Shine

Episode 4: Red Coins of the Windmill Village

There is always at least one Red Coin-based episode in every area. These make
you collect all eight in a specific part of the area, usually. In this case,
you are to find those in the village, which is the area with the buildings.

Luckily, this episode gave you a break - most of the Red Coins are along the
roofs of the houses or along the divider wall for the village and lake. The
harder to get Red Coins need the Hover Nozzle used in a certain manner.

Remember the house with the two tightropes near it? Get to the top of those.
You should see a taller house near where you get off. Get on to the top of it.
I believe a Red Coin is here, with the rest in plain sight. Collect them and
the Shine Sprite will appear.

Episode 5: Petey Piranha Strikes Back!

In the village, there is a ton of goop. It is to your advantage to clean it up.

Using any of the several methods available to you - depending on your in-game
progress - head up to the cliff on the north side. You can use tightropes or
the Rocket Nozzle, if you unlocked it. Either way, get up there and clean the
goop. You may see some bubble-like things nearby. Touch one while having the
Spray Nozzle set. It will attach to the nozzle. Let it stay; do nothing except
go to where the fence has slightly collapsed. You'll see Petey Piranha on a
pillar of land. Switch to first-person view (press Y) then hold R. Do not let
of it. The bubble-thing should blow up, but not let go. Adjust your aim - you
want to hit Petey with this thing. When you believe your aim is true, let go of
R. This will shoot the bubble-thing and wake Petey up.

Petey will begin flying around. Ignore him for the moment, as he is
invulnerable to all attacks right now. Instead, equip another bubble-thing and
wait for Petey to begin hovering. Aim again for Petey while he is hovering. If
you hit him, he will fall to the ground. Like the last time you fought him, you
will have to fill him with water and ground-pound him. However, it has gotten
tougher - regardless of distance, he will begin to summon mini-tornadoes. Avoid
these while waiting for him to open his mouth. When he does, spray water into
it and ground-pound on his filled belly. Repeat this process two more times,
including the hit-while-hovering thing, then collect your Shine Sprite.

Episode 6: The Secret of the Dirty Lake

Head to the windmill/lake area.

As you can see, the lake has become dirty - so dirty, just touching the water's
surface damages Mario. Even worse, the leaves that could be used as "boats"
are now rotting. Your goal right now is to get to the open cave on the opposite
side of the windmill. There are two methods.

LEAF BOAT METHOD (hard): Get onto one of the leaf boats. Stay switched to the
                         Spray Nozzle. Spray it to propel the leaf. Spray it
                         in the opposite direction of what way you wish to go.
                         When are you near another leaf, hover over there and
                         repeat until you reach the cave. Go in.

WINDMILL HOVER (very easy): Go to the windmill and on one side that faces the
                            cave, jump. Switch to the Hover Nozzle to hover
                            over the logs. You will have to drop down. You will
                            lose 1-3 points of health, depending on whether you
                            touched water or not.

Regardless of which method you used, enter the cave and see Shadow Mario steal
your FLUDD.

This area is much tougher than the one from Episode 3. The majority of the area
is composed of red and blue panels. All of one color will flip, then the other
color will flip about five seconds later. The first part is easy to cross. On
the platform after the panels, get on the spinning star and get the 1-UP, then
onto the cube.

The cube will rotate and flip in various directions. When it simply rotates,
ignore it. When it begins to flip, follow the movement - otherwise, you'll
fall and have to begin again.

Next, exit off the cube near an area with two moving triangles. Jump when one
comes toward you - if it hits you, you WILL fall off and lose a life. Then you
have to get onto another cube similar to the first one. Next is another set of
panels. It is similar to the first set, but much larger. Grab the Shine Sprite
and leave.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario on the Loose

The only episode number that has sarcasm. On Episode 7 of ALL AREAS, you will
chase Shadow Mario around. Like you did earlier in the game, spray him. When
he falls over, approach him, listen to his speech, and grab the Shine Sprite.

Episode 8: Red Coins of the Lake

Seeing as beat Episode 7, you don't have to do this to beat the game, but you
can; besides, this one isn't too hard.

Head to the lake. All over the tightropes are Red Coins - eight to be exact. A
few are near the windmill's tightropes, one or two on the lake, and rest on the
other tightropes. If you want to make this easier, grab the Rocket Nozzle. You
can get it from the red box that you see when looking at the cave that you
entered in Episode 3. After collecting all eight Red Coins, collect the
Shine Sprite that appears.

NOTE: Two Blue Coins are in plain sight on the tightropes near the windmill.
Be sure to grab them!

                           Ricco Harbor  **SMS443**

Episode 1: Glooper Blooper Breaks Out

See that boat with the arrow pointing to it? Ignore it, if you want speed over
whatever-is-over-there. You should see a sun icon enclosed by a blue circle,
similar to the sewer covers in Delfino Plaza. In fact, it IS a sewer cover.
Ground-pound on it (L in mid-air). Continue heading in the only direction that
you can until you can no more. Jump out of the sewer and look to the boxes.

You can see a tentacle sticking out of it. Jump on it and press B near it.
Mario should grab it. Move away from the boxes until the tentacles snaps off
and a cutscene begins, revealing a large Blooper as what the boxes contained.
This begins a boss battle.

To begin, jump onto a tentacle and pull it off, similarly to earlier. Pull off
ALL of the tentacles (you don't have to, but it is very helpful). Spray off any
goop on the Blooper's face then press B while near the cork. Pull it away. The
cork soon snaps off. The Blooper isn't dead, however - it spins around and
sprays goop everywhere and grows four more tentacles. Clean up the goop and
remove the tentacles as you did before. Spray the goop off of the Blooper's
face and pull on the mouth. You'll soon snap it off into the ocean, with it
leaving a Shine Sprite behind.

Episode 2: Blooper Surfing Safari

Begin by heading toward the logs. The man will let you pick a Blooper (the
squid-like things) to surf on. They all have different stats, though!
 / The Blooper    | Speed | Handling | Overall Opinion \
| Green Blooper   |  *    |   ***    |        **'       |
| Yellow Blooper  |  **   |   **     |        ***       |
| Red Blooper     |  ***  |   *      |        **        |

As you can see, the yellow Blooper is the overall best, being of a decent speed
while having decent handling. I recommend this for the rest of the episode.

After jumping on the Blooper, navigate through the string of coins, trying to
get the Blue Coin as you go. Enter the cave for the second part.

You'll see another Pianta, who is allowing you to enter a race. Get on the
yellow Blooper and navigate through the course. If you win in less than 45
seconds (0:45.00), you'll get a Shine Sprite.

Episode 3: The Caged Shine Sprite

(I may be slightly incorrect on directions, as the area is a mish-mash of
steel girders. If I am, I apologize for this inconvenience.)

Head into the sewers and head as far as you can. Get onto the rooftops here and
head towards the lighthouse until you see a steel girder attached to a rooftop.
Go across it. Once you are in the actual area, head to the right and onto the
gate. Go to the piece of it enclosed by a blue square and press B. Head to the
top of this side and press A to get to the other gate. Press B inside the blue
square. Press A and get onto the steel girder. Head forward and past the two
Bloopers. Jump onto the red box and grab the item in it - the Rocket Nozzle!
It can help back up here quickly, if you fall.

Ahead is a set of trampolines. Simply bounce up them until you get to the
bottle-neck thing. On the trampoline just before it, use the Rocket Nozzle
to shoot up above the thing. You should be able to drop into it and grab the
Shine Sprite.

Episode 4: The Secret of Ricco Tower

Begin by going into the sewers. Head to where I told in you in Episode 1 and
exit the sewers. Turn left and hover onto the platform. Grab the Rocket Nozzle
and head to the lighthouse. Use the Rocket Nozzle to head up the platforms and
get into the lighthouse.

Another secret level, another place without FLUDD. *sighs* Head onto the
rotating block in front of you. Go across all of the blocks like this one in
this area by slightly moving opposite the way they are rotating. Once you come
to a stationary platform, wall jump to get the 1-UP and then head onto the
gear as it comes by.

Like with the wood blocks, try to move opposite the driection that it is
turning. The main difference is that, until a gear comes by, this is all you
are able to do - and it is somewhat harder than before. Regardless, head across
all three gears to another stationary platform.

After this platform, you are to go across more rotating wood blocks, like you
did at the beginning, but with one difference - they are larger. This makes no
difference, though. Just head across them and to the Shine Sprite.

Episode 5: Glooper Blooper Returns

Like in Episode 4, head into the sewers. Exit at the far end and grab the
Rocket Nozzle. Head towards the edge of the area facing the helicopter pad,
trying use the Rocket Nozzle on the way. If you make it, skip to the next
paragraph. If not, head under the helicopter pad, beside the little platform.
Rocket up to hang onto the grate. Head to either side, under the place with
the red square, and press A.

To begin, jump onto a tentacle and pull it off, like in Episode 1. Pull off
ALL of the tentacles (you don't have to, but it is very helpful). Spray off any
goop on the Blooper's face then press B while near the cork. Pull it away. The
cork soon snaps off. The Blooper isn't dead, however - it spins around and
sprays goop everywhere and grows four more tentacles. Clean up the goop and
remove the tentacles as you did before. Spray the goop off of the Blooper's
face and pull on the mouth. You'll soon snap it off into the ocean, for good
this time. Pick up the Shine Sprite it leaves behind.

Episode 6: Red Coins Over the Water

Like in Episode 2, head to the platform near the logs. Ground-pound on the red
lump. This makes eight red coins appear - and you only have two minutes to get
them! Do not worry, though - the yellow Blooper's speed is sufficient for this
episode. Follow the trail of yellow coins. This will lead you to most of the
red coins as well. There are two you have to worry about, though:

- When you come across the submarine, you have to jump over the submarine to
  get it.
- There is one near the beginning, between two similar boats. Careful - hitting
  almost everything results in death.

After this, grab the Shine Sprite.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Revisited

Again, you have to chase him. Spray him until he falls over. You'll listen to
him talk a bit, then you can grab the Shine Sprite.

Episode 8: Yoshi's Fruit Adventure

NOTE: You will need to have unlocked Yoshi to complete this episode. Otherwise,
forget even doing this.

To begin, head into the sewers and the far side of the harbor. Exit the sewers.
You should see a Yoshi egg nearby, with one of the soccer-ball fruits, or
durians, in his thought bubble. Seeing as there are none around, we have to
"make" our own.

See those tower-like objects with the word "fruit" on them? Jump on top of
them. One of the top things should be lifted slightly higher than the other
one. Ground-pound on it to make a fruit come out. Do this to the other one,
and so on, until a durian comes out. Kick it over to the Yoshi egg.

Jump onto his back then go near where the fish are jumping out of the water.
Have Yoshi spray one. This makes the fish turn into a platform. Get on top of
it. The platform will begin to move; wait until it reaches the other platform.
Jump off onto the steel platform. There should be a fruit to the right; have
Yoshi eat it and spray another fish. This time, it becomes a vertically-moving
platform. Ride it to the cage with the yellow thing on it. Have Yoshi spray the
cage with his juice. Get off of Yoshi with X then get onto the cage.
Ground-pound on it, then get the Shine Sprite.

                           Gelato Beach  **SMS444**

Episode 1: The Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret

To begin, head towards the little islet to the left. Once there, look for some
weird plants that have purplish stems and green leaves. Spray it. A castle
should come up out of the ground; if not, you sprayed the wrong plant. Once
the castle appears, head to the "entrance" of it - where the red arrow is
pointing - before it collapses.

Again, Shadow Mario steals your FLUDD.

The area is very simple and easy. The first few parts are bits that look like
bridges made of sand - which they are! After stepping on/grabbing onto a block
of sand, it begins to fall apart - and disappear! Get off of it before it does
or you'll lose a life. Once you get to the part that looks like a sand castle,
you can pretty much take any path you want to. I typically head around to the
back, then head upstairs, but you can take any route you want to. Grab the
Shine Sprite at the top to end this episode.

Episode 2: Mirror Madness! Tilt, Bam, Slam!

If you look ahead of you from the start, towards the volcano, you'll see a
tower surrounded by three mirrors placed at regular intervals. Head to this
place and get onto one of the mirrors; it doesn't matter which you choose.

There are three mirrors here and, unlike the previous and future episodes, has
different versions of the duck-like enemy from the beach. In fact, they are
unique to only this episode. As you can see, the weight of the duck(s) is
displacing the balance of the mirror, preventing the egg of the Sand Bird from
getting the warmth it needs. But how to restore the balance?

Well, it begins by trying to herd all of the ducks onto one side of the mirror
by spraying them with FLUDD. As you spray, they should move some. When one gets
near the edge and is about to lose its balance, quickly head to the opposite
edge of the mirror and ground-pound. If the duck had lost its balance, it
should have flown away. There are two other mirrors. One had one duck, another
had two, and another had three. Simply use the herding technique and then
ground-pound them into oblivion. Collect your hard-earned Shine Sprite.

Episode 3: Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!

As you can see, a huge caterpillar (a Wiggler) is running around the area. Your
goal is to stop it.

Begin by standing near a Dune Bud. Most work fine. Wait for the Wiggler to come
near you and the Dune Bud. Spray the Dune Bud and, if the Wiggler is close
enough, the Wiggler should trip over it and flip. Once it does, get onto its
belly and go to the segment with the red arrow pointing above it. Ground-pound
there and get off the Wiggler. The Wiggler will get back on its feet and begin
its rampage once again - at a faster speed. Repeat the above process two more
times, with the Wiggler getting even faster the third time. After you defeat
it, get the Shine Sprite.

Episode 4: The Sand Bird is Born

Ahhh... yes, a challenge. Begin by heading near the tower that you were near
during Episode 2. There is a tunnel cut into the wall. Get up to the ledge
above and head along the path. Once you get to the mini-pavilion, head to the
trampoline. Bounce up into the tower to truly begin the episode's challenge.

THAT is quite a surprise! Not only are you on a massive bird, not only is it
made of sand (that doesn't crumble away), but you also have to collect eight
red coins with a few opprotunities for Blue Coins as well! The first seven red
coins are all on the bird. There are two on the right wing, two on the left
wing, one somewhat above you, one closer to the bird's head, and one on the
bird's tail. Get these and just wait.

Now, at one point, the bird will begin to flap its wings rapidly. Get your
Hover Nozzle ready, because it's about to flip! Well, not actually a flip,
but more of a 90-degree rotation. Regardless, as the bird begins to rotate,
hover onto its side. Stay there until it begins to rotate the other direction.
At that point, just wait out the ride. The final red coin will be at the top of
the tower you are circling, as is the Shine Sprite.

NOTE: If you end up falling, get onto a cloud and wait a while. The bird will
come down again. You could also stay on the bird, instead of getting the red
coin, if you missed a Blue Coin or two. Why? It'll come down a little bit after
getting to the top of the tower.

Episode 5: II Piantissimo's Sand Sprint

This episode is more of a race against a slow guy, so "get ready."

Head near the guy with Pianta costume on to speak with him. He will explain
the race and everything, then begin the race. The race heads to the
mini-pavilion I mentioned in the previous episode. Begin by heading towards
the mirrors. Head into the tunnel thing and backflip, wall jump, or whatever it
takes to get you onto the next ledge. Continue along the path and get to the
mini-pavilion. Touch the flag to finish. If you beat Piantissimo, you will
earn a Shine Sprite.

Episode 6: Red Coins in the Coral Reef

Well, this is one of the (slightly) harder episodes of Gelato Beach. To begin,
head to the hut-thing to your left. You should see a set of rocks out in that
direction. Head there now.

All throughout this set of rocks are eight red coins. They may be in the little
nooks, near the plants, or in the groups of fish (like a few Blue Coins are).
Remember to check the area thoroughly - there are a few that are nearly
invisible due to the nearby plants, and any ones you miss are likely to be
those or the ones in the groups of fish.

After collecting all eight red coins, the Shine Sprite will appear on a rock
that is just barely out of the water. Grab it to complete this episode.

Episode 7: It's Shadow Mario! After Him!

*yawns* If you played other Episode 7s or recall the Delfino Plaza chase, you
should know what to do - spray him and go near his eventually fallen body.

Episode 8: The Watermelon Festival

Finally, a true challenge! Begin by heading to the left, towards the hut that
I mentioned in Episode 6. Talk to the Pianta there to figure out that a contest
is being held - to find out who can get the largest watermelon. Let's begin!

Firstly, you'll some watermelons quite nearby. Ignore them - they aren't large
enough. You may have also noticed the ducks walking around the lower area (the
beach). These are quite a nuisance. Get some to follow you. Go to a Dune Bud
and spray it to make some sort of object appear. This will launch any nearby
ducks into the air and kill them. Finish off all of the ducks on the lower
level, then go to the next step.

Now, head to the mini-pavilion where you won the race in Episode 5. There is a
MASSIVE watermelon there - big enough to win the contest! Your main trouble is
actually getting it down there without breaking. After a few tries, you'll
eventually get it down there. Once you do, avoid the ducks that remain by
spraying them with water. Roll the watermelon near the bridge that leads to
the hut.

Now begins the real hard part - moving the watermelon without busting it or
getting it into the water. It's easy - first, roll it up above the slope, then
spray it with water to finish moving it. Once you to the Pianta, he'll throw
it up into the blender and give you the Shine Sprite.

                            Pinna Park  **SMS445**

Episode 1: Mecha-Bowser Appears

Begin by heading into the park.

You should see Shadow Mario. Follow him to a pool of water that is almost
directly in front of Mario, just to the left a bit. Once there, a cutscene
begins and Mecha-Bowser appears!

After the cutscene, an old Noki comes to you, offering you a "hero's vehicle."
It's better than nothing, I suppose - but a roller coaster was pretty low on
my list.

So, you are on a roller coaster. Mecha-Bowser is actually near the roller
coaster at some points. For now, focus on getting the rockets and shooting
them at Mecha-Bowser. Don't worry about early misses, you'll be closer soon.
Along the way, Bullet Bills will come up in front of you and behind you. FLUDD
will warn you about those that are behind you, but you have to keep an eye for
those in front. A simple spray of water - rockets work as well, but they are
less accurate - will get rid of them.

As for the strategy, aim for Mecha-Bowser when possible, but try to focus all
attention on it and hitting it. At one point, you come into its fire breath.
Either ignore it or stop the flames with water - it won't matter if you're a
good aim.

After defeating Mecha Bowser, a cutscene ensues, revealing important plot
points that I shall not reveal - play the episode yourself to see it. Grab the
Shine Sprite after the cutscene.

Episode 2: The Beach Cannon's Secret

This episode takes place in and near the cannon to the right of where you begin
the episode.

As you'll soon notice, the cannon is shooting out a lot of Bullet Bills. There
are three types: normal black ones, gray/silver ones that home in on you, and
gold ones that give eight coins when sprayed. Ignore these and head closer to
the cannon. Once you get near, the Monty Mole operating the cannon begins to
throw Bom-ombs instead of Bullet Bills. Spray a Bom-omb to make it become blue
and stop its timer. Pick it up with B and throw it at the Monty Mole. Hit the
mole three times to get rid of the nuisance. A rainbow-colored beam of light
will then radiate from the entrance of the cannon. Go there now and see Shadow
Mario steal your FLUDD once more!

The first part is an area full of blocks that randomly disappear - and they are
in various shapes! You can tell when one is about to disappear when it begins
to become black. If it does, get off of it. There are a few safe places - the
Yoshi blocks.

The second part is very simple. Just jump onto the orange platforms to bounce.
Bounce up to the ledge for the final part.

First, wait for the whole bridge to appear (it has the same properties as the
first part of this level). Then run forward and repeatedly press B. Once you
get to the always-solid gray block, stop pressing B and wait for this bridge
to reappear. Then use the same strategy for this bridge as you did for the
first bridge and grab your Shine Sprite.

Episode 3: Red Coins of the Pirate Ships

To begin, enter the park. Inside, head to the right, past the shell things,
and to the staircase. At the top, you'll find a red coin (that was easy). The
next two are on the pirate ship rides in front of you, one per ship. You'll
have to let the ride get some momentum until you can grab it.

Next, leave the pirate ships and go to the hole in the wall nearby. Follow the
path until you reach an area with a pineapple nearby. Hover across the gap to
the left. You should see some grates nearby. Firstly, head toward the lower set
of grates. There are two red coins nearby; enter the cage to get one. There are
also some version of electric Koopas nearby; ground-pound above them then use
the gate.

Go back to where you originally found the grates. Go into the "box" and flip
the gate for a red coin. Head through the nearby rising path for the final
red coin. Grab the Shine Sprite and you are done!

Episode 4: The Wilted Sunflowers

Go to the right rather than entering the park. You will see some Yoshi eggs
nearby and will notice that the sunflowers are wilting. Huh? Talking to the
sunflowers reveals that these are DEFINITELY not Yoshi eggs, but something

Spray one of the "eggs" for a bit until it comes out of the ground. Move over
into the sand if you aren't already. At one point, the thing will flip into the
air. It will land near where you are. If it hit the sand, it will sink into it
for a few seconds - ground-pound its bottom during this time. A set of
sunflowers will appear, as well as six coins. One of the larger sunflowers will
un-wilt, too. Get rid of all of the "eggs" to finish the episode.

Aside from getting a Shine Sprite, you will have to chase Shadow Mario upon
returning to Delfino Plaza. Defeat him to get a Yoshi egg! Yep, you have
unlocked Yoshi!

Episode 5: The Runaway Ferris Wheel

To begin, head into the park (how did you guess?).

There are several ways to do this. The somewhat less based-on-luck way is to go
around back. However, I will not list that method, as it is too simple and you
can figure it out yourself. Instead, we shall go through the Ferris Wheel!

To start, head up near the grates from Episode 3. Get onto the "box" then on
the upper part of the high part. At the top, face the Ferris Wheel, switch to
the Hover Nozzle, and jump off and hover! You should go through the arms of the
Ferris Wheel and onto one of the higher ledges. Get underneath the gate under
the grate, cling onto it, and press A. You should shoot the Electro-Koopa into
the sun. The Shine Sprite will also appear - but there's a problem: how to get
up there? Head onto one of the newly-slowed car's roof and wait until you get
to the top. Grab your Shine Sprite.

Episode 6: The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret

Again, enter the park. Head to the right and through the hole in the wall I
mentioned in the previous episode. Turn and go behind the tree to find a Yoshi
egg. Give it the fruit it wants.

- The pineapple is found further along the path
- The bananas are found on a ledge near said path
- The coconut (green object) is found in the trees while spraying them
- The melon (?) (yellow object) is found on the tree's "nose"

Pick up the fruit that is depicted in the egg's though bubble and bring it near
the egg. The fruit will be eaten up and Yoshi will pop out. Get on him and go
to the Yoshi-Go-Round. Find the place of the missing Yoshi and move Yoshi near
it. Then the secret level will begin.

The first part of the secret level is a bunch of spinning blocks. Simply jump
every time you touch the ground and you should get across.

The second part is harder. Wait for a block to get in front of you. Jump on
it, then wait for another block to get in front of you. Continue this until you
end up on a blue block. Grab the 1-UP, then go on the block that gets in front
of you (remember, opposite side of the start). Continue until you get across.

The final part is easy. To begin, get onto the lone orange block. It will move
across the gap, then stop. Get off of the block, as it is about to disappear.
Continue to go along the path until you come upon a moving block. Get on it and
ride it to the other side. Climb up the blocks, then wall jump up the wall. Get
on the vertically-moving orange block nearby, then head onto the path unused.
Grab your Shine.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario in the Park

Didn't we do this in Episode 1? Apparently not. As usual, chase him, spray
him, etc.

Episode 8: Roller Coaster Balloons

Before doing this, you may want to stock up on lives (unless you are a master
of aiming while moving).

Enter the park. Remember the "box" from the red coin episode? Head there now.
You'll find some Nokis. Talk to one to get an explanation of the competition.
In essence, there are twenty balloons spread throughout the roller coaster.
You are to pop all of them using the rockets you used in Episode 1 - and you
only have three laps of the track to do it! It is hard, and you will likely
lose at least once. Just try to not shoot while moving unless it is necessary,
and try to shoot all of balloons in the three-sets at once - it makes it a lot
easier. After (eventually) winning, get your truly hard-earned Shine Sprite!

                           Sirena Beach  **SMS446**

NOTE: You need to unlock Yoshi first to go to this area. Have him eat the fruit
blocking the pipe on a roof in Delfino Plaza.

Episode 1: The Manta Storm

*whistles* This may just be the hardest boss in the whole game. Hope you know
how to do the Spin Jump Spray well, because you are going to be completely
abusing it here.

When you arrive, you see the area coated in a lot of goop. There is something
different about this goop, though - it's electrified! A touch on everything but
the smallest parts will shock you cause you to take one point of damage. For
this episode, it is VERY MUCH to your advantage to clean it up.

Once that's over with, head up to where the Pianta is, near that big sqaure
surrounded by water. After he mentions that his hotel disappeared because of a
manta-like thing, speak of the devil, a manta pops up.

At the start, simply begin by dodging the manta and spraying it. You'll soon
notice that after taking a bit of damage, the manta splits apart. After there
are about 4 to 8 mantas, take this battle to the beach.

Begin using the Spin Jump Spray. This will hit most of the mantas at once and
cause them to split. Continue doing this until the mantas turn purple - they
just now noticed that you're here. Now, either use the Spin Jump Spray some
more, or move around spraying water in front of you. Either way, you should
look out for the electric goop - it is a massive pain! There are literally very
few coins in this episode. They are near the huts - go there if you need to be
healed. After eventually defeating the mantas, the hotel reappears and the
manager gives you a Shine Sprite.

Episode 2: The Hotel Lobby's Secret

Go to the front of the hotel and talk to the manager. You'll go in to deal with
a Boo problem (where's Ghostbusters?).

This part is simple. Spray the pink Boos. They will turn into platforms that
you can use as steps. Continue this until you get to the third floor. Up there,
look towards the totem pole. You should see a Boo with an open, dark blue
mouth. Hover into it. Oh no, Shadow Mario stole FLUDD! You know what that

This first part is easy. First, simply backflip/whatever onto the upper layer
of bricks and head forward. Jump on the flying bugs to help you get across.

The second part is easy, too. Break one of the bricks. Slip between the other
brick and the orange block and wall jump to break the next three blocks and
reach the top.

The third is harder. Head across the sand bridge. There are two paths to it,
either of which you can take. I prefer the top bridge. Regardless of your path,
DO NOT STOP WHILE ON THE BRIDGE. Even just having to grab onto a step can cause
you to lose a life - I'm not joking. Eventually, you'll get a set of bricks and

This fourth part is easy. Get to the first watermelon that you can and
ground-pound on it. Head down the steps and onto the gear. The gear is almost
exactly like those from Episode 4 of Ricco Harbor - except you don't have to
go from gear to gear now!

Once the gear gets to the sand pyramid, go up the "steps" until the gap at the
top. Jump over it and down the "steps" of the other side. Cross the gap and
grab your Shine Sprite.

Episode 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino

Talk to the manager of the hotel in front of the entrance. He insists that you
come in and you are, obviously, put into the hotel.

Get ready for a long - but weird and cool - episode. To avoid having to
repeatedly talk to the other temporal residents of the hotel, just follow the

From the main entrance, head into the room to the left of the staircase (the
men's restroom). Head to the stall farthest from the entrance. If you press Y
and enter first-person view, you'll see some water leaking through the ceiling
(so much for four-star). Wall jump up to try to hit the water. Instead of
merely bouncing back, you go through it into a room!

Get out of the bathroom and look at the painting. It may vaguely remind you of
something - spray the painting make the image of a Boo appear. Jump at - and
through - the painting.

In this room, eliminate the Boos then go to the large wall with the brown
paneling. It is actually divided into four separate panels. Give each a spray
to possibly make 1/4 of a Boo appear. Once all four panels are flipped and the
image of a Boo is made, the paneling will move aside.

In this room, spray the pink Boos like you did in Episode 2 and go through the
hole in the ceiling.

There should be a bookcase nearby. Spray it to rotate it ninety degrees, and
go through the "tunnel" it made.

In this room is a lighter colored panel. (If you can't see it, spray around
the room and find the panel that flips when sprayed.) Jump on the panel.

In this room are several boxes, three of which contain pineapples. Wait,
didn't the Yoshi egg in the lobby want a pineapple? Grab a pineapple and go
through the door. Go to the lobby.

Give the Yoshi egg the pineapple. Ride over to the third floor and go into the
open room. Bounce on the bed to go to the ventilation system. Eat the big Boos
then go into the "rooms." These have cracked tiles in there. Ground-pound on
them to go to the room underneath. One of these leads to the pool, where the
Shine Sprite is.

Episode 4: The Secret of Casino Delfino

Again, talk to the manager at the entrance to the hotel. He tells you about
the newly-opened casino. You then enter the hotel.

Talk to the Pianta near the door at the left. He'll let you into the casino.

To begin, head over to what looks like a large slot machine. Let's begin with
the one on the right. Spray it to make all of the reels spin. You want to get
three 7s. Whenever you match up three of something (coin x1, coins x3, or Boo),
that thing you matched up will pop out of the slot machine. If it is 7s, you
will have to wait and get 7s on the other slot machine. The left machine has
the same basic function - except you can only spin one reel at a time, instead
of all of them activating simultaneously. After getting 7s on both slot
machines, a curtain opens, revealing a 4x4 square with question marks on it.
Spray the question marks with water to try to reveal the image of a Shine
Sprite. Once all squares no longer have a question mark on them, the squares
and fence disappear, revealing a pipe. Enter the pipe and see Shadow Mario, yet
again, steal FLUDD.

The first part consists of two massive cubes moving around. Get past them to
reach a smaller cube. Ride on it to another set of cubes.

There are many more cubes here. Cross gaps and get to the cube. This, rather
than rotating, will continuously flip backwards. Walk forward until you reach
the wooden obelisks.

These obelisks simply move left to right, never going fully through the hole
they are near. Simply jump across to a final, massive cube. It does various
flips, so be wary. Once you're done, grab the Shine Sprite.

Episode 5: King Boo Down Below

Yet again, head to manager, talk to him, and enter the hotel. Talk to the
Pianta in front of the entrance to the casino to enter it.

Head onto the massive roulette wheel and ground-pound on the purple tile.
Watch as the roulette wheel sinks into the depths of the hotel.

Down here is King Boo, your main boss for the level. The battle takes place on
the roulette wheel, but with a twist - three sections are rotating. It is very
helpful if you ground-pound on the purple tile in each section - this stops
the whole section from rotating. Now, spray King Boo. He will begin to start
up the slot machine near him. He will shoot out some of the following, based on
the slots:

- Some bubbles: spray them to have them drop water bottles to replenish your
  water supply
- Some enemies: defeat them
- Some coins: collect them to restore Mario's health
- Some fruit: see below

What you want are the fruit. Find the pepper and throw it at King Boo's mouth.
He will apparently find it too spicy to his taste and begin spitting flames.
Throw another fruit to damage him. Damage him three times to get your Shine

Episode 6: Scrubbing Sirena Beach

Simple. From the very beginning, you have three minutes to wash off MOST (not
all) of the electric goop. Since you don't have to do it all, focus on the big
spots first. After that, look around and clean up anything that looks like it
may shock you. Also, rescue the Nokis from the goop - you can get a few Blue
Coins from them.

Seriously, it isn't as hard as it looks - I can do it in two minutes easily!

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Checks In

This episode is slightly different than the other episodes. Begin by entering
the hotel through the usual means.

You'll see Shadow Mario. Chase and spray him, but I doubt you'll manage to
keep your eye on him after the staircase. What's worse is that there are
Shadow Mario impersonators around. They don't activate the chase music when
you are near them, are whiter, and turn into Boos when you spray them or get
too close. Try to find the real one and spray him down good!

Episode 8: Red Coins in the Hotel

Hey, guess what? You're going into the hotel again!

When you enter the lobby, ground-pound the red switch to make eight red coins
appear throughout the hotel. You get a massive five minutes to find them, so
you may as well ignore the timer.

To begin, grab the red coin in front of you, then go into the room to the
right of the staircase (the women's restroom). Now, head to the men's restroom
and jump up through the leaking water. Spray the painting and, once the picture
of the Boo is fully revealed, jump through it. A red coin is in here. Spray
the paneling to reveal the image of the Boo, then look above the pool/bathtub
for your fourth coin. Exit the room and head to the third floor. The fifth coin
is in plain sight. Next, go to the open room and bounce on the bed, taking you
to the ventilation system. Break through the various cracked tiles to get you
to the final three coins:

- The room with the pineapples in crates (from Episode 3)
- The room beside it
- Spray the posters in the room above the pineapple room

                             Noki Bay  **SMS447**

Episode 1: Uncork the Waterfall

NOTE: Try not to touch the water, unless it's the shoreline, as the water is

To start, jump across the platforms and go up the path. Jump onto the basket-
like object. Spray some water into the broken pot to make you go up. Go onto
the platform.

Go up the path, spraying the goop, until you can go forward no more. Clean off
the walls to make a platform come out of the wall. Get onto it and jump across
the platforms.

On the hill, continue forward until you reach a wall. To the right of that wall
is another wall with goop on it. Spray it off to make a platform come out of
the wall. Wall jump to get onto the ledge (the one originally there).

From there, continue forward until you reach a dead end. Use a backflip or a
Spin Jump to get high in the air, then hover over to the ledge on the left (to
the left of the pool of water). Head up the steps to get onto a platform, with
a Monty Mole in a cannon opposite the ledge.

Like in Episode 2 of Pinna Park, the Monty Mole will throw Bom-ombs at you.
Spray them to stop their timers and make them blue. Pick them up with B, then
throw them back at Monty Mole. If you hit him, he'll make a squeal. Hit him
three times to beat him.

After beating him, the cork pops out (with Monty flying away, too), revealing
that the cork was indeed clogging the waterfall. Grab the Shine Sprite.

Episode 2: The Boss of Tricky Ruins

To begin, head to where the guy's grandfather is. Spray the symbol on the wall
to reveal a type of obstacle course. It comes in multiple parts.

The first part is simply a wall jump, then moving to the right some. Get to a
permanent spot (where the wall has a basket-like pattern). Wall jump to get to
a grassy area. Go to the right to find another symbol.

Spray the symbol to begin part two. Again, wall jump up the wall and go to the
right. Keep moving to the right until you get an area with grass and water.

Here is where you will fight the boss of the ruins - Glooper Blooper! Wait,
we fought him in Ricco Harbor, didn't we? Yes, we did. *sighs* To begin, jump
onto a tentacle and pull it off, like in the Ricco Harbor episodes. Pull off
ALL of the tentacles (you don't have to, but it is very helpful). Spray off any
goop on the Blooper's face then press B while near the cork. Pull it away. The
cork soon snaps off. The Blooper isn't dead, however - it spins around and
sprays goop everywhere and grows four more tentacles. Clean up the goop and
remove the tentacles as you did before. Spray the goop off of the Blooper's
face and pull on the mouth. You'll soon snap it off into the mountains, maybe
for good (seriously, how many lives does it have?).

After winning, the brick block breaks. Head into the hole and grab your Shine

Episode 3: Red Coins in a Bottle

From the beginning, the old Noki puts a helmet on you. It lets you hold your
breath longer while underwater - you'll need it in later episodes. He wants
you to get used to using it. He shrinks you and puts you in a bottle.

The controls in this area are slightly different. The A button only speeds up
your underwater walking speed. The R button, when equipped with the Hover
Nozzle, moves you up. Obviously, you will not run out of water, seeing as you
ARE underwater. The red coins are easy to get, most of which are above the
sand. A few are in the Tetris-like thing on bottom. Collect them all to get
what is possibly the easiest red coin Shine Sprite in the game.

Episode 4: Eely-Mouth's Dentist

The old Noki thinks he actually knows why the water is polluted - and he wants
you to find out why! Head the nearby tightrope and go through the path you made
in Episode 1 to get to the waterfall. Drop down into it and it should take you
through a hole... to Nintendo's version of Atlantis!

Deep down in the ocean - quite close to the bottom - are a set of what look
like lights. Actually, they are the eyes of Eely-Mouth. For some reason, there
are toxic materials being sent up at you (FLUDD alerts you to this). Continue
towards the bottom and Eely-Mouth will rise up out of his hole. You can then
see why there are toxic materials around you - his teeth are coated with

Time to become Dr. Mario! Switch to the Hover Nozzle and begin to hover
directly above a tooth. Hit the tooth with water to clean some of the plaque
off. Once all of the plaque is off a tooth, it will shine, signaling you to go
to the next one. Do this to all of his teeth.

Throughout the process, Eely-Mouth will periodically lower himself and begin to
shoot more toxic materials. Use this time to collect the coins on the sides to
replenish your life meter.

Once all of Eely-Mouth's teeth are cleaned, the gold one falls and becomes a
Shine Sprite, which you should collect as your fee.

Episode 5: II Piantissimo's Surf Swim

Remember where the shortcut from the previous episode lead to? Head there now
to find II Piantissimo. He challenges you to a race across water. His record
is 0:40.00 - beat that to win.

The race begins. Head off of the ledge and hover. Once you stop hovering,
press B to go forward and gain some more distance. In the water, rapidly press
A while using the Hover Nozzle - this boosts speed. Touch the flag to end the
race about twenty seconds better than his record.

Episode 6: The Shell's Secret

Simply go across the tightropes. They all (eventually) lead to the shell where
the main part of the level takes place.

Inside, Shadow Mario haves mercy on you - not! He, again, takes FLUDD.

In the level, Mario begins inside a box. Wall jump to get out of there. Head
across to a rotating platform. Get on it, then onto the yellow panel. Go
forward from the yellow panel to reach a ledge.

You should a block going in and out from a wall to your left. Use a wall jump
to get on it. Time your jump so you get on while the block is extending. Jump
across several more blocks.

To the right, after the blocks, is a pole. Climb up the pole, then jump off,
going towards the ledge. Head up the platform with the arrows, then turn to
the right. Here, you have to do some wall jumps to get onto platforms.

Once you're on the ledge with the flame, cross the rotating wood block. Get
onto the set of green and yellow blocks of wood on a gear.

Here, simply backflip to get onto the next platform. Once you're on the top,
go to the platform and grab the Shine Sprite.

Episode 7: Hold It, Shadow Mario!

Do I really have to explain these to you? Chase Shadow Mario and spray him
until he gives up his Shine Sprite.

Episode 8: The Red Coin Fish

You are given the helmet at the start. Instead of going to the old Noki, since
the water is now unpolluted, make your way to the waterfall without the path.
You know, go to where it hits the water. Jump into the waterfall to enter a
decently fun episode.

Obviously, you know you are dealing with red coins, but where are they? They
are actually in the form of a swimming fish, along with 20 ~ 40 regular coins.
The fish swims along a set path, so just "ambush" it. The fish periodically
separates and spreads all over the area, but it will come back soon. After
getting all eight red coins, grab your Shine Sprite.

                          Pianta Village  **SMS448**

Episode 1: Chain Chomplets Unchained

Cross the bridge to get to the village. You will notice that there are three
Chain Chomplets running around the village - and they are literally hot as
fire! While running around, they will a trail of goop similar to the goop of
Sirena Beach, but it burns, not electrocutes.

To start, go near the pool of water beside the massive tree (not the blocked
off hot spring). Wait for a Chain Chomplet to come by. Spray it until it
becomes black and whimpers. Grab its tail, turn towards the spring, go far
backm and let go of B. Do this to the other Chain Chomplets, and remember: if
they don't come to you, you come to them!

Grab your Shine Sprite when you're done.

Episode 2: II Piantissimo's Crazy Climb

Okay, head across the bridge and go near II Piantissimo. He'll explain the race
as he always does. Begin the race!

Jump over the fence and, until you reach the intersection near the spring,
repeatedly press B. Once you reach the intersection, turn to the hot spring and
go to the tree near it. Run up it and touch the flag to win.

Episode 3: The Goopy Inferno

Ohhh, crap! Before you even enter the level, Shadow Mario steals FLUDD, meaning
you are doing virtually the whole episode without him.

Head across the bridge and observe all the fiery goop you have to jump
across... Just kidding! Turn to the right and head past the first dip in the
ground and head to the one near the hot spring. Enter the dip and ground-pound
on the panel to flip to the underside of the village. This path is quite
straightforward - just avoid the enemies! Eventually, you'll come to a point
where you are near the mayor's. Avoid the goop and everything, grab FLUDD
(FLUDD is on the M emblem near the mayor's mushroom) and hover up to the mayor.
Spray the goop off of him to get your very hard-earned Shine Sprite.

Episode 4: Chain Chomp's Bath

This episode is almost identical to Episode 1. Head across the bridge and to
the right. You'll see a Chain Chomp (chained, for once). Quickly wash it off
and grab the end of its chain (the metal part). Drag it towards the hot spring.
Unfortunately, it'll turn red and fiery hot. Quickly wash it off and continue
your journey to the hot spring. Eventually, you'll get it to the hot spring.
Drag the chain around the spring to force the Chain Chomp into it. You'll get
a Shine Sprite as your reward, obviously.

Episode 5: The Secret of the Village Underside

Head across the bridge and you'll find a Yoshi egg. Note what fruit it wants
and head towards the hot spring. Nearby is a tiny tree on a raised platform
that should have the fruit Yoshi wants. Grab the fruit and give Yoshi the
fruit. Now, go back near the edge of bridge (on the side with the village).
Look from above by changing the camera angle and try to land on a mushroom.
Continue jumping from mushroom to mushroom until you a yellow balloon-like
object on a platform. Have Yoshi spray it and go into the hole the object was

Again, Shadow Mario steals your FLUDD (and that is the last time I say that!).

This level is filled with Piantas that like to throw things - these powerful
Piantas are called chucksters. In this level, if you talk to one, it will
throw you in the direction you talked to it from, shown in the below diagram.

     _       _
    |\  /|\  /|
      \  |  /
       \ | /
       B C D

Assume that P represents the chuckster, and A, B, C, and D represent various
positions you could talk to it from. The connecting arrows represent where
Mario would be thrown, you see?

Now, to complete the level. I will be using lame ASCII art throughout this, 
none of which is even likely to be to scale, so bear with me. Ignore the first
two chucksters. As for the pink one...

     |                 |
     |  *destination*  |
           |  P  |
           | /|\ |
           |  |  |
           | (M) |

Again, assume P is the chuckster, and (M) is Mario. The arrow shows which
direction to talk from - directly in front. On the next platform, talk to the
blue chuckster (the one on the right) when he is farthest from the edge.

|        |__________________|
|            *destination*  |

|           ____            |
|          |    |           |
|          |    |           |
|          |    |     P     |
|          |    |    /|\    |
|          |    |     |     |
|          |____|    (M)    |

Remember, far from the ledge, and towards the raised platform. Talk to the
chuckster there. I need no diagram, as you usually end up on the platform
above you, which you need to. The chuckster up there...

|                           |
|   _____________________   |
|  /                     \  |
| /     *destination*     \ |
|/                         \|

| _________________________ |
||                         ||
||                         ||
||           P             ||
||          /|\            ||
||           |             ||
||          (M)            ||

There are also enemies up there, but try to defeat a few so you can fine-tune
your shot (or should I say "chuck"?). The final throw...

_____________________                _________________________
                    /|              |          _____          |
                   / |              |         |     |         |
   *destination*  /  |              |         |     |         |
                 |   |              |P <--(M) |     |         |
                  \  |              |         |     |         |
                   \ |              |         |_____|         |
____________________\|              |_________________________|

Yes, use the line on the left side of the platform to line up your shot. Once
you get to the ledge, grab your hard-earned Shine Sprite!

Episode 6: Piantas in Need

So very simple! Go throughout the village and rescue the Piantas. Spray the
spot where they are located, then wash off the goop for it to count. There are
ten Piantas total to rescue. Remember, there are a few groups of two.

Once you've rescued them all, talk to the adult Piantas you rescued for eight
Blue Coins in all, then go to the mayor for your Shine Sprite.

Episode 7: Shadow Mario Runs Wild

If you've everything in the walkthrough as I displayed it, this may be your
final Episode 7, permitting the completion of the game.

And Nintendo made it special - while Shadow Mario is running, he leaves a trail
of fiery goop and can spray some around! Try to stay on his tail while spraying
so his fiery goop trail is virtually gone. Spray him enough and he'll give up
his Shine Sprite.

Episode 8: Fluff Festival Coin Hunt

The hardest episode of all, and it just had to be with red coins! Here are the
locations of the coins:

- Remember the pool from Episode 1? Go underwater to find a coin.
- Remember where you finished the race in Episode 2? Go behind that tree.
- Look around the fruit tree (where you found Yoshi's fruit in Episode 5).
- The grass on the right side of the level.
- Ground-pound the boxes on the right side of the level.
- Top of the beginning leaves.
- Go about halfway across the bridge, jump, and hover underneath a gate. At
  the end is (obviously) a red coin.
- Go to the massive tree at the center of town. Start climbing it and you'll
  soon get a Rocket Nozzle. Use it to get to the top of the tree. At the top is
  a stand, where the eighth red coin is.

Jump on a cloud and go to your hard-earned Shine Sprite!

                         Delfino Airstrip  **SMS449**

- There are no episodes here.
- You can come back here anytime after beating the game.

Initial Shine Sprite

You get this VERY early on - at the beginning!

Red Coin Shine Sprite

Come back here after beating the game. Head to the area with the two boxes and
the red switch. Ground-pound the switch and grab the Turbo Nozzle. Zoom into
the building (hit the doors while using the Turbo Nozzle) and grab the red
coin. Exit the building and onto the runway. A few more are here. Go onto the
water for the rest - you have to jump over the boats, and one is underneath the
runway with the switch.

                    The Secret Shine Sprites  **SMS4410**

Delfino Plaza

- Go near the lighthouse where you can enter Gelato Beach. There are some
  natural, grassy pedestals nearby, with a pipe on one of them. Enter it to go
  a level where you simply slide down a slope.

- Once the boat gets going, head to the center of town. Wait for it to come,
  and, once you pass under a coin, jump into a hole. This leads to a pinball
  kind of area. You are to get eight red coins here. There are no real tips
  here - good luck!

- Get Yoshi and take the same boat. It'll soon cross paths with a pedestal in
  the middle of the water. Get on it and eat the bananas while waiting for a
  DIFFERENT boat. Get on it and it should take you an island with a covered
  pipe. Spray the object covering it with Yoshi and enter the pipe. This is
  another red coin challenge that I have no idea how to correctly do - I got
  lucky. Remember, the water instantly kills you.

- With the Turbo Nozzle equipped, go to the police station. Hit the door while
  dashing with the Turbo Nozzle. Use the Turbo Nozzle from the start and always
  hold R. Time your jumps and you'll get to the Shine Sprite.

- With the Rocket Nozzle, head to the island near the cannon to Pinna Park. Go
  to the trees on the cliff. Rocket up to the trees and enter a pipe for a red
  coin challenge. The hardest ones are the red bird (spray it a few times), the
  one under the watermelon block (ground-pound said block), and the one gotten
  by saving the flaming Pianta (talk to him after putting out the fire).

Bianco Hills

- Return to Episode 3. Enter the cave you did before. This time, Shadow Mario
  will not steal FLUDD (yay!). Near the beginning is a red switch. Ground-pound
  on it to make eight red coins appear. One is right in front of you, four are
  on the orange platforms, and three on the star platforms.

- Return to Episode 6. Enter the cave as before. Again, you'll have FLUDD and a
  red switch nearby. Ground-pound on the red switch. Eight red coins appear.
  One is above the first set of panels, one near the first 1-UP, past the first
  cube is another, two on the vertical-moving cube, and the final three are on
  the large set of panels.

Ricco Harbor

- Return to Episode 4 and the lighthouse. You have the FLUDD and a red switch
  is nearby. Ground-pound it to make eight red coins appear. They are easy;
  just remember the ones near the 1-UP.

- Return to Episode 2. Do the second part of the race (in the tunnel) in less
  than 40 seconds (0:40.00). Cut corners and jump ledges for shortcuts.

Gelato Beach

- Return to Episode 1 and enter the sand castle as usual. You get to keep
  FLUDD, and a red switch is in front of you. Ground-pound it to make eight
  red coins appear. A couple are along the path to the castle, three or so are
  on the lower sides and center, and two are on the highest areas.

- Go to any episode (Episode 8 is NOT recommended). Go to the Dune Bud near the
  mirrors. Spray it to make a staircase appear. Spray the wall behind the four
  coins to begin to reveal a Shine Sprite. When the painting is filled, the
  Shine Sprite appears.

Pinna Park

- Return to Episode 2 and get into the cannon. You have FLUDD and there is a
  red switch in front of you. Ground-pound it to make eight red coins appear.
  Six are the first platforms, one near the trampoline-blocks, and one along
  the disappearing bridge.

- Return to Episode 6. Get to the area. You'll have FLUDD, and a red switch
  will be nearby. Ground-pound it to make eight red coins appear. Two are in
  the gaps of the blue and black blocks, and the rest are in the castle-like

Sirena Beach

- Go to Episode 2 and re-enter the Boo. You'll have FLUDD, and there is a red
  switch up above the block columns. Ground-pound it. There will be just one
  red coin on the sand bridge. Drop off the ledge after the bridge and slide
  underneath for a coin. Return to the top-far end for one more. The rest are
  at the pyramid.

- Go to Episode 4 and re-enter the pipe. You'll have FLUDD and a red switch
  will be nearby. Ground-pound it to make eight red coins appear. It is easy,
  but the cubes can block the first few.

Noki Bay

- Re-enter the shell from Episode 6. Ground-pound the nearby red switch. The
  first red coins are on the way to the pole. Some are on the ledge after. I
  think one is on ledge to the left of the arrows. A few more are in the wall
  jump area.

- Go to Episode 5 (any works, but this works for a landmark). Head to the flag
  and you'll see a sprayable symbol. Spray it and wall jump into the hole. Go
  through the tunnel. You'll see another nearby tunnel. Enter it. You'll shoot
  up to the top. Nearby is a golden bird. Spray it a few times.

Pianta Village

- Return to Episode 5. Re-enter the area. The switch, obviously, needs to be
  ground-pounded. Do so to make red coins appear. Most are obvious, except two.
  When near the guy with the enemies, turn back in the direction you came from
  and hover over to the ledge. Grab the red coin there and the one above the

- Return to any episode where you can get to the top of the huge tree in the
  center of town. Go to the top and onto the pedestal. Press Y and look at the
  sun. Start spraying water to make a Shine Sprite icon appear. Complete the
  picture to earn the Shine Sprite.

                   The 100-Coin Shine Sprites  **SMS4410**

Delfino Plaza/Delfino Airstrip

BEFORE TURBO NOZZLE STRATEGY: Go through the sewers, collecting coins. Go to
                              the chucking Pianta and collect the Shine Sprite
                              in the building he throws you to. You begin with
                              your previous coin amount. You have to have the
                              boat or Rocket Nozzle to get the Shine Sprite.

TURBO NOZZLE STRATEGY: Like before, go through the sewers, collecting coins.
                       Go into the building to the left of the statue by
                       busting the doors with the Turbo Nozzle to collect the
                       Shine Sprite. You'll begin with the previous coin total.
                       Rinse and repeat.

POST-BOSS STRATEGY: Go back and forth between the plaza and airstrip.

Bianco Hills

Episode 8 has the most coins, considering the tightropes near the lake have
coins on them, too. You should manage to collect 100+ coins if you beat some
of the Pokeys, too.

Ricco Harbor

Episode 3 has quite a few - possibly enough. There are quite a few in the
girder area and the sewers.

Gelato Beach

Collect coins during Episode 8 until you can't find any more. Destroy the
watermelons for the rest.

Pinna Park

Go to Episode 2 and repeatedly destroy the Bullet Bills coming from the cannon.

Sirena Beach

Go to Episode 3 and risk playing the slots in the casino. Find the coins in the
other areas first, then ground-pound the mini-slots for some more. It is less
risky to play on the left slots, as only one spins, and you choose which one.

Noki Bay

Go to Episode 8. Collect about 30 ~ 50 coins from around the area, then get the
rest in the underwater area where the level takes place. Remember - there are
coins in the fish AND along the walls.

Pianta Village

Go to Episode 1. Look all around the level, breaking crates and everything. I
think there are some on tree leaves, like in other episodes. 100 coins is no

++                                                                         ++
++            Section V: The Endgame: Corona Mountain  **SMS45**           ++
++                                                                         ++

Part One: Unlocking Corona Mountain

Beat Episode 7 in every single area. See the Shine Sprite Walkthrough for
details (like there are any).

Part Two: Barging In and Passing Through The Fire and Spikes

From the beginning, you'll see many sets of spikes and flames. Why mention
these? These will kill you 99% of the time upon a touch. Spikes touching you
can kill you in about 0.7 seconds (I timed it). Fire will deal three damage
and bounce you either into the flames (more damage and a bounce) or into the
lava (instant kill). Be careful. Approach the spikes about 2 seconds after they
fully pop up, and use the Hover Nozzle to put out flames while over them.

Head across the first set of spikes/flames to get a Blue Coin (or 1-UP, if
previously collected). Continue hovering until you get to the area with the
fountain and box.

Part Three: Sailing Away

Break the box and grab the 1-UP. Jump into the boat. You MUST be very delicate
with the boat - mere bumps will cause the boat to shake and fall into the lava,
creating a loss of life and going back to part two.

The boat doesn't obey the laws of physics. The controls:

- Spray to the front: go backwards
- Spray to the back: go forward
- Spray to the right: rotate clockwise (to the right)
- Spray to the left: rotate counter-clockwise (leftwards)

In the middle of the trip is a stand. Replenish your water and carefully make
your way past it. You should come to a little island. Collect as many Blue
Coins nearby as you can, then get onto the island.

Part Four: Up, Up, and Away!

Jump on the red box and grab the Rocket Nozzle. Find the shadow shaped like a
cloud and use the Rocket Nozzle underneath it. Continue upwards, getting the
1-UP as you go. Go above the red cloud to go to part five.

Part Five: What Goes Up Must Come Down - And You're Coming With Me!

This begins with a simple cutscene between Peach, Bowser, and Bowser Jr. Then
the final boss begins.

Head to one of the five outer areas (with the red mark on a circle). Rocket up
and ground-pound onto the spot. The nearby area will crack apart - race/rocket
up to stable ground. Repeat this with the other four, with the cracking
becoming faster and more dangerous.

Periodically, Bullet Bills will come along. Spray them with water or run away.
Why would I suggest running away? Bowser can breathe fire. You can Rocket Jump
over it - and any Bullet Bills that touch it will die. Remember, the Bullet
Bills will home in on you. You cannot get coins in this battle, so be wary at
all times.

After destroying five platforms, prepare to watch the ending!

5. Blue Coin Locations*******************************SMS5********************

++                                                                         ++
++             Section I: Delfino Plaza Blue Coins  **SMS451**             ++
++                                                                         ++
++                      ++
++ Total: 19 Blue Coins ++
++                      ++

~~ Head to the "prison" to the right of the Pianta Statue. Head into the water
   near its back and swim until you see a hole in the wall. Use the Hover
   Nozzle to get into the hole for a Blue Coin.

~~ After defeating Shadow Mario and unlocking the entrance to Bianco Hills,
   look on one side of the statue. There is an X there. Spray it off and press
   B while running to go to the pier. Turn left and grab the Blue Coin.

~~ There is an X here nearby where the previous Blue Coin appeared. Spray the
   X off here and race to the Pianta Statue, where the above X was.

~~ Head to the area where you can find the entrance to Noki Bay (with the
   large Shine Sprite drawing). On the nearby pier is a box. Ground-pound it,
   then spray the M marking.

~~ Near the pipe blocked with a large pineapple (the entrance to Sirena Beach)
   is a group of birds - one of which is blue. Spray the blue bird several
   times until it disappears and a Blue Coin appears.

~~ Head near the cannon in the northwest part of town. Jump onto the buildings
   nearby and look for a Blue Bird. Spray it several times until a Blue Coin

~~ From the Pianta Statue, head left and onto the buildings. Head across to the
   building with sewer cover on it, if you aren't already there. In front of
   you should be a box. Ground-pound it to reveal an M marking behind it. Spray
   it off.

~~ In the area near the dock/Noki Bay entrance are two female Piantas, one to
   the left of the dock and one to the right, near the Shine Gate. After
   obtaining five or so Shine Sprites, talk to them. They will want three of a
   certain type of fruit. Get one of this fruit and put it in their basket.
   Get another into the basket, etc. After the third fruit, the Pianta will
   jump around happily. Both Piantas will give one Blue Coin.

~~ Head out to the deserted island on the far west side of town. Talk to the
   female Pianta there. She will want three coconuts. Look up into the tree and
   spray some water. Hey! A green object - a coconut - fell! Grab it and put it
   in her basket. Repeat two more times and talk to her for a Blue Coin.

~~ Head to the cannon. Go through along the left path until you come upon a
   female Pianta. She wants three durians - the soccer ball-like fruits. Hover
   across to the other side. Find a durian and head near the pier. Before
   getting there, go right. You should see a gap across the water. Get close to
   the edge of the gap and dive at the fruit with B. It should get thrown
   across the water. Head to that side and kick the durian up the hill and
   into the basket. Repeat two more times and talk to the Pianta to get
   another Blue Coin.

~~ Go to the deserted island to the west and enter the sewers by
   ground-pounding on the sewer cover. Head down the path, taking each turn
   you come across (EACH turn) to end up at the Blue Coin.

~~ Go to the Pianta Statue and enter the nearby sewer cover. Head straight and
   you'll eventually end up in the sewers underneath the water. Keep going
   northward until the dead end.

~~ Head near the police station and enter the sewers. Go west then take a path
   going northward - the first one. Go down this path for another Blue Coin.

~~ Head to the cannon on the west side of town and climb up the tree. Hover to
   the building with the weathervane on it. On one side is an M marking - spray
   it off.

~~ After completing Bianco Hills, head to the market. There will a Pianta on
   the beach, on fire. Put out the fire and talk to the Pianta to get a Blue

~~ After getting Yoshi, head to the police station. Around back is a yellow
   thing. Spray it with Yoshi's juice to melt it. Inside the little hole that
   was covering is a Blue Coin.

~~ After getiing Yoshi, head to the very tall building on the west side. On the
   side that is facing east is another yellow object. Spray it with Yoshi's
   juice to melt it. Inside the hole is a Blue Coin.

~~ After getting the ability to use the Turbo Nozzle in Delfino Square, head to
   the beach. See those pillars in the distance, south of the lighthouse? One
   has an orange door on it. Use the Turbo Nozzle to ram into the door, break
   it, and grab a Blue Coin.

++                                                                         ++
++             Section II: Bianco Hills Blue Coins  **SMS452**             ++
++                                                                         ++
++                      ++
++ Total: 30 Blue Coins ++
++                      ++

~~ Go to the river on the west side of town. Go to the far western part of the
   river - where the game won't let you go any farther. Dive underwater to get
   a Blue Coin.

~~ From the beginning, go northwards, along the wall dividing the lake from the
   village. A little bit after passing the bell arches, you'll find an M mark.
   Wash it off.

~~ From the beginning, go to the far northern area of the western part of town.
   On the house back here is an M marking - wash it off.

~~ Go to the far northern house, and get on the roof. There are two towers
   here, one of which holds a Blue Coin.

~~ From the beginning, go across the river. The first building on the left
   should be seemingly two stories high, and have two alcoves in the second
   floor. Go to the alcoves and spray them.

~~ Head to the waterwheel on the northern side of town. Get on it and then go
   onto the wall. Nearby is an M mark - wash it off.

~~ Head to the waterwheel again, and onto the wall. On one side, there is a
   bit of a hole in the wall, descending to the ground. Go onto the path
   beside it. You'll see an X. Spray it off to make a Blue Coin appear from
   the X on the other side of the wall. Get to it.

~~ Head onto the wall near the waterwheel. Stay on the wall while trying to 
   get a look at the X on the wall on the side of the lake. Spray it off, then
   go into the "hole" on the other side.

~~ From the wall, near where the X marks are/were, head towards the trees and
   take the second left. Begin spraying windmills to get a Blue Coin.

~~ This is underwater on the lake side. It is underneath one of the sets of
   four coins you see above the lake.

~~ Another underwater coin is on the left side of the lake.

~~ Head to the windmill. After passing over the gaps, you should get to the
   part where you have to ride the windmill blades. Nearby is an M marking -
   spray it off.

~~ Along the path upwards on the windmill, you'll see a small pillar sticking
   out of the water nearby. This is before the gap-crossing. Hover onto the
   pillar and spray it to reveal a Blue Coin.

~~ During Episode 3, head to the windmill. Along the way, you'll find a Pianta
   that is covered in goop. Clean him off and talk to him for a Blue Coin.

~~ After Episode 2, go to the top of the windmill and defeat the Pokey there.

~~ One of the platforms above the lake has a Blue Coin on it. You can get it
   from the previous Blue Coin - it is the closest platform.

~~ After Episode 2 (?), go to the bridge near the windmill. Head underneath it
   and onto the rope. Jump up and grab onto the underside of the bridge. Climb
   over to the Blue Coin to get it.

~~ During Episode 4, go to the far southern area of the part of town with the
   lake (the "island" against the wall). On the brick platforms is a Pokey -
   kill it for a Blue Coin.

~~ Also during Episode 4, get the Rocket Nozzle and head to the far west side
   of the village. Rocket up into the air and try to land on the ledge with the
   Blue Coin.

~~ During Episode 5, go to the last tree on the beginning path. Hover to the
   wall, where you should see a goop-covered Pianta. Clean him off and talk to
   him to get a Blue Coin.

~~ During Episode 5, go to where you can see Petey Piranha sleeping. Before
   waking him, get onto the nearby platform for a Blue Coin.

~~ During Episode 6 or later, go to where Petey Piranha was sleeping in Epiosde
   5. Go onto the very ledge he was asleep on, then spray the ledge to make a
   Blue Coin appear.

~~ I believe this is during Episode 6 or so. Go to the large field near where
   you saw Petey Piranha in Episode 5. Get onto the nearest windmill. Look
   around town to find this Blue Coin.

~~ During Episode 7, head to the farthest north house. Spray the O marking on
   it to make a Blue Coin appear at a house closer to the river. Grab it!

~~ Again, in Episode 7, there is a O marking on a building (a Blue Coin came
   from this marking during the previous Coin). Spray it then head to the back
   of the far northern house.

~~ Go to the house with the Rocket Nozzle box. Get the Nozzle then onto the
   nearby house. On the house's roof is a pole. Use the Rocket Nozzle to get
   onto the windmill at the top of the pole. Flying nearby is a blue bird;
   spray it several times to get a Blue Coin.

~~ Go to the area of town with the windmill. Get onto the trees nearest the
   waterwheel. Get onto the tops and spray the leaves' stems - one tree will
   produce a Blue Coin.

~~ First, get Yoshi and give him the required fruit. Go to the windmill part of
   town. In the mini-forest are beehives. Have Yoshi spray one of the beehives
   down by hitting it repeatedly with juice. The beehive will fall and release
   some bees. Have Yoshi eat them all by pressing B - one set, after eaten,
   will produce a Blue Coin.

~~ Go get Yoshi and bring him to the far northern house. In this general area,
   a set of blue butterflies are flying around. Have Yoshi eat them by pressing
   B. After eating all of the blue butterflies, a Blue Coin shall appear.

++                                                                         ++
++             Section III: Ricco Harbor Blue Coins  **SMS453**            ++
++                                                                         ++
++                      ++
++ Total: 30 Blue Coins ++
++                      ++

~~ From the very start, look to the left. There should be a yellow Pianta
   there. Look at the wall beside him for an M marking - spray it off entirely
   to get your Blue Coin.

~~ On the top of the building near the beginning is an M marking (the marking
   is technically on the wall, but...). You can wait for the Rocket Nozzle, or
   use a creative mix of wall jumps and high jumps or whatever.

~~ Go to the ground near the lighthouse. Nearby should be a boat. On the port
   (left) side of the boat is an M marking - wash it off.

~~ Near the lighthouse are some crates. One of them is all by itself - break it
   to get a Blue Coin.

~~ Go to the Pianta on the boxes near the lighthouse. Face towards the upper
   area. Now, turn left about 30 ~ 45 degrees and look at the wall. Spray
   around that general area until you see some coins spurt out of the wall.
   Keep spraying until a Blue Coin appears.

~~ You can see a type of crane from the boat near the lighthouse. Get onto the
   crane using any means required and grab the Blue Coin on it.

~~ Near the lighthouse are some high platforms - one of these has a Blue Coin
   on it!

~~ Look in the general area of the submarine and you'll see some normal coins
   under the water. What you may not see is that is a Blue Coin is very close
   to that area, also underwater!

~~ Go to the fountain on the upper ledge close to the lighthouse. Above the
   fountain is a Blue Coin.

~~ Near the fountain on the ledge above the lighthouse, an M marking is on the
   wall. You know what to do...

~~ On the lighthouse is an X marking. Get on the high ledge nearby, spray the
   marking, and repeatedly press B while running to speed towards the other
   X marking, if it still exists.

~~ On the high ledge above the lighthouse is an X marking. Get a Turbo Nozzle
   (IT IS REQUIRED) and spray off the marking. Use the Turbo Nozzle and dash to
   the lighthouse and get hte Blue Coin.

~~ Get on the buildings on the high ledge while the crates are covering the
   manholes. A set of boxes is covering a manhole on the roof; drop down from
   the roof to see an M marking - wash it off.

~~ If you go to the helipad when it exists, you may see some cliffs (and
   possibly some platforms) nearby. Get onto the cliffs. One of the cliffs has
   an M marking nearby - spray it.

~~ During Episode 1, there is goop inside the ship to the left. Get onto and
   enter the ship (ground-pound the blue square). Clean up the goop and you'll
   see an M marking - wash it off.

~~ During Episode 1, there is black goop near the lighthouse. Spray it off and
   you'll eventually see an M marking - wash it off.

~~ I THINK this is during Episode 1, but I cannot be fully positive. Go to the
   area near the submarine. Jump onto the submarine, then onto the nearby red
   platform. Nearby is a propeller of a sort - spray it to lift the submarine
   and get a Blue Coin.

~~ Go near the final sailboat during the surfing thing of Episode 2. You should
   use the Hover Nozzle to get to the Blue Coin nearby the boat - in other
   words, don't grab the Blooper yet!

~~ If you remember, you follow a trail of coins (if you wish) during the surf
   to the tunnel in Episode 2. Above the trail, near the end, a Blue Coin will
   be in the air - jump to get it.

~~ During Episode 3, there are weird yellow spiders on the grate in the boat
   near the start. Get on the opposite side of the grate from one of them, then
   press B/ground-pound, depending on the situation. One yields a Blue Coin.

~~ Another Blue Coin can be gotten through the same method as directly above,
   also in Episode 3.

~~ From the previous coin, there is a Blue Coin on the beams nearby and above
   you. Get back to the boat, get onto the set of beams, and hover around until
   you get it. This can only be gotten after or during Episode 3.

~~ If you get onto the boat and see some red grates, during/after Episode 3,
   get onto them and the nearby beams. A Blue Coin is very near - just look

~~ During Episode 4, a Blooper appears in the "cage" that the Shine Sprite was
   in during Episode 3. Kill said Blooper to get a Blue Coin.

~~ On the massive set of steel girders, head towards the ocean, close to one
   of the Rocket Nozzle boxes. When you get near one of these boxes, switch
   the camera angle around a little. There should be a column of coins nearby
   one of the boxes, on the side of a vertical girder. At the bottom of this
   column is a Blue Coin - slide down to get it.

~~ In Episode 6, head to the "fish market." There are some baskets of fish
   nearby. Spraying one of them yields a Blue Coin.

~~ During Episode 7 and/or 8 (or earlier?), some platforms exist near the
   helipad. One of these has an M marking on it - remove it!

~~ During Episode 8, you obtain access to Yoshi - if he's unlocked. Get him his
   durian, then look nearby. There should be a set of blue butterflies nearby.
   Use Yoshi's B-button action to eat the butterflies. Once all of the blue
   butterflies are eaten, a Blue Coin will appear.

~~ During Episode 8, get Yoshi. Go to the lighthouse and you'll see a yellow
   spider climbing a wall. Have Yoshi eat him to make a Blue Coin appear.

~~ At some point, get a Rocket Nozzle. Head over to the lighthouse and get onto
   its roof. Above is a trail of coins. Use the Rocket Nozzle to shoot yourself
   high above the roof, straight into the coins and Blue Coin.

++                                                                         ++
++             Section IV: Gelato Beach Blue Coins  **SMS454**             ++
++                                                                         ++
++                      ++
++ Total: 30 Blue Coins ++
++                      ++

~~ From the beginning, turn around to see an island behind you. Head to the
   island and onto the swing. Face away from the nearby stream of coins and
   spray water. As the swing reaches the peak of its swing in the way Mario
   is facing, spray more water. After the second spray, Mario be able to get
   the Blue Coin.

~~ Go to the island described in the previous coin. The swing is attached to a
   tree. Carefully head up the trunk of the tree to get to the leaves, where a
   Blue Coin is near.

~~ Again, go to the island described previously. Go behind it and underwater.
   Swim somewhat towards Ricco Harbor and you should see the Blue Coin.

~~ If you look past the hut on the western (?) edge of the beach, you should
   see a coral reef. Between here and the island previously described - about
   1/3 of the way to the coral reef - is the next Blue Coin.

~~ Around the coral reef described with the previous Blue Coin is a school of
   red fish - along with a mobile Blue Coin!

~~ Around the coral described previously is a school of blue fish - as well as
   a mobile Blue Coin!

~~ Directly in front of you, from the start, is a hut. Get inside it and look
   at the roof. A Blue Coin is up there.

~~ From the hut, head to the right, going along the wall. Change the camera
   angle to a somewhat higher viewpoint until Mario is next to a high ledge.
   Spray the area around Mario to make a tree grow out of the ground. Get on
   it and onto the ledge - spray the nearby M marking.

~~ On the beach to the right of the beginning - near the Rocket Nozzle box - is
   a triangle marking. Spray it and run over to the other side of the beach,
   which is where the other triangle marking is. A Blue Coin appeared here;
   grab it.

~~ On the far left side of the beach is a triangle marking. Spray it off then
   race to the other triangle marking described along with the previous Blue
   Coin. A Blue Coin will appear here.

~~ Go the hut on the left side of the beach. Go to its back, where the
   umbrellas and tables are. Get into the nearby water and swim under this area
   to find a Blue Coin.

~~ Go to the mini-pavilion you race to when you race(d) II Piantissimo in
   Episode 5. Nearby is a blue bird - spray it with water several times until
   it becomes a Blue Coin.

~~ Almost the exact same as the previous Blue Coin. The bird is different, but
   location remains the same.

~~ From the mini-pavilion, get on the ropes and advance towards the tallest of
   the sets. Above the rope here is a Blue Coin.

~~ From the mini-pavilion, get onto the ropes and head to the right. Get onto
   the SECOND-highest set of ropes and head left, towards the mini-pavilion.
   On a pole is a Blue Coin.

~~ From the mini-pavilion, head along the brick path, not going on ANY ropes.
   When you reach the gap near the pole on a grassy pillar, look into the gap:
   you'll see a Blue Coin!

~~ Get a fruit and head to the hut on the left side of the beach. Get onto the
   roof of the hut and you'll find a blender-like object. Place the fruit in it
   to chop the fruit and recieve a Blue Coin.

~~ During Episode 1, there is a mere one red duck on the beach. Spray him, then
   jump on him to get a Blue Coin.

~~ In Episode 2, head to where the sand castle appeared in Episode 1 (on the
   islet). Spray around to begin making a Shine Sprite outline appear. Complete
   the outline to make a Blue Coin appear.

~~ From the previous coin, still in Episode 2, head towards the hut nearby.
   Spray water wide the entire way - once you see "sparks", continue to spray
   in that area. Like before, a Shine Sprite outline will appear and a Blue
   Coin will appear once the image is complete.

~~ From the set of boats, STILL in Episode 2, spray around the set closest to
   the start to make a Shine Sprite outline appear - and a Blue Coin once the
   outline is finished.

~~ Go near the set of surfboards, S-T-I-L-L in Episode 2, spray around until a
   set of "sparks" appear. Spray in that area until the Shine Sprite outline is
   finished and a Blue Coin appears.

~~ There are FOUR found in Episode 4. Remember the Sand Bird? Well, there are
   Blue Coins on some clouds in the episode.

~~ In Episode 6, head to the trees near the large tower. In one tree, a duck is
   taking his afternoon snooze. Spray him then jump on him to get a Blue Coin.

~~ Get Yoshi, give him his fruit, then go to the yellow balloon-thing. Spray it
   with Yoshi's juice to melt it. Spray the Dune Bud underneath to reveal a
   footprint you may have seen in early episodes. In the footprint is a Blue

~~ Get Yoshi, then go the wooden platform near the large tower. Continually
   have Yoshi spray the beehive with juice. The bees will come out of the hive
   and chase you. Have Yoshi eat them with the B button. Once the last bee is
   gone, you get a Blue Coin.

~~ First, get a Rocket Nozzle. Go to the wooden platform near the large tower.
   Above this platform is a chain of coins with a Blue Coin at its peak. Rocket
   up to get it.

++                                                                         ++
++               Section V: Pinna Park Blue Coins  **SMS455**              ++
++                                                                         ++
++                      ++
++ Total: 30 Blue Coins ++
++                      ++

~~ Go near the cannon and start spraying around in the nearby sand. Once you
   see sparks come up from an area, continually spray there until the full
   outline of a Shine Sprite is revealed, also releasing a Blue Coin.

~~ Spray between a lone upturned basket and a tree, waiting for sparks to
   appear. Once they do, continually spray that area until the complete outline
   of a Shine Sprite is revealed - as well as a Blue Coin!

~~ In the park, head near the shell cups and look for a blue bird. Spray it to
   make a Blue Coin appear.

~~ Go to the shell cups in the park (to the right of the entrance). Spray a
   shell to open it up - one shell contains a Blue Coin.

~~ Go to the staircase beside the pirate ship ride. Go into the nearby water
   and you'll see a hollow prism of rods holding up the staircase. In the
   middle of the prism is a Blue Coin. Go underneath it and hover in one place
   to get it.

~~ Past the shell cups and the pirate ships is an orange wall - on which an
   M marking has been placed. Wash it off.

~~ Go to the large Pianta-shaped tree. Nearby is an X mark. Wash it off to make
   a Blue Coin appear across the water.

~~ Go to the area where the Blue Coin from the previous one appeared. An X is
   there, too. Wash it off and go to the Pianta-shaped tree.

~~ Go to the right of the shell cups and up the path, until you reach an shade
   covering a pineapple. Nearby is a blue bird - spray it down!

~~ From the area with the previously-mentioned pineapple, look towards the left
   of the path and on a ledge.

~~ Again, go near the previous-mentioned area with the pineapple. Nearby, an
   enemy is holding about a dozen other, smaller enemies on its head. Kill the
   large one to get a Blue Coin.

~~ Go along the path and you'll see a triangle mark on a ledge to the left of
   the path. Spray off the mark and race up to the ferris wheel, where the
   other triangle mark - and a Blue Coin - is.

~~ Go to the ferris wheel by going along the path. You'll find a triangle mark
   at the end. Spray it off and go down the path to a ledge that I mentioned in
   the previous Blue Coin - a Blue Coin is now here.

~~ Go to the top of the ferris wheel (easiest done in Episode 5, as you'll end
   up there, anyhow). There are two circle markings on there. Spraying off one
   will make a Blue Coin appear at the other one - therefore, I just covered
   two Blue Coins!

~~ If you look into the air by the pirate ships, you'll see a set of grates.
   Go there and get onto the top of the taller set of grates (in front of the
   pirate ships). Get into the cage for a Blue Coin.

~~ Go back to the cage area mentioned previously. Wait for the nearest pirate
   ship to begin its upside-down movement. QUICKLY get on the ship's underside
   and jump and hover to the high wooden platform above the grates.

~~ If you look around on the grate, you'll see a Blue Coin on one metal beam
   beside the pirate ships.

~~ Go behind the area where you fought Mecha-Bowser (in other words, go
   straight from the entrance and past the pool). There is an M marking on
   the wall - wash it off.

~~ From the pool mentioned previously, turn to the right and go behind the
   ferris wheel. You'll see a bunch of grates nearby - ignore them. You'll also
   see two blocks extending out of the wall. Focus above them to find an M mark
   and wash it off.

~~ This can only be done during Episode 2, and six Blue Coins can be gotten as
   a result. Let the homing Bullet Bills (the gray/purple ones) follow you
   until you reach a basket. Jump onto the basket and the Bullet bill will hit
   the basket and blow up, destroying the basket. There are six baskets on the
   beach that contain Blue Coins, and all of them must be blown up in the way
   I've told you.

~~ Get Yoshi inside of the park. Continue forward from the entrance until you
   see a ledge to the left. There is a mini-beach near there. Have Yoshi eat
   the butterflies there, too. This will make a Blue Coin appear.

~~ This requires Yoshi. First, spray all over the beach to reveal fruit, one of
   which Yoshi wants. Give the fruit to him, then go around the beach searchin
   for blue butterflies. Have Yoshi eat them with the B button. Once all of a
   group are eaten, a Blue Coin will appear. There are two groups, and two
   Blue Coins as a result.

++                                                                         ++
++             Section VI: Sirena Beach Blue Coins  **SMS456**             ++
++                                                                         ++
++                      ++
++ Total: 30 Blue Coins ++
++                      ++

~~ From the beginning, head to the right and underwater - a Blue Coin is also

~~ Behind the hotel is a set of sunflowers. Spray to get a Blue Coin.

~~ Spray and extinguish the second-from-the-left torch in front of the hotel
   to get a Blue Coin.

~~ Get onto the outside balcony of the hotel and go around back to see a Blue
   Coin in plain sight.

~~ Out of in front of the hotel are two huts. The one on the right has a Blue
   Coin near the inside ceiling.

~~ Go to the attic and at the end of the path is a Blue Coin.

~~ If you remember from Episode 3 the room with the DOLPHIC poster, spray the
   nearby furniture.

~~ If you remember, in Episode 3, there was a poster with DOLPHIC on it. Spray
   it and go through to see a Blue Coin in plain sight.

~~ There are several cracked tiles in the "rooms" of the attic. When
   ground-pounded, the tile breaks and puts you in the room underneath. One
   leads to a Pianta's room with a mirror in it. Continually spray the mirror
   until the outline of the Shine Sprite is complete.

~~ From the lady Pianta's room mentioned in the previous Blue Coin,
   ground-pound on the glass-like structure in the room. This takes you to a
   different room with a Blue Coin in it.

~~ (I THINK this is Episode 1...) There are two people who have been absorbed
   by the goop and are now dirty. Clean them off and talk to each one to get
   two Blue Coins.

~~ In Episode 2, there is a square rock beside the chairs. Spray it to get a
   Blue Coin.

~~ In Episode 2, go to the third floor and into the pool around. Spray until
   you find a lamp-like object - spray it to get a Blue Coin.

~~ In Episode 3, go to the third floor and look above the totem pole. Spray
   the lamp-like object there to get a Blue Coin.

~~ (This is most easily (and possibly only) done in Episode 3) Once you get
   Yoshi, return to the room with the pineapples and the crates. Nearby is a
   large Boo - eat it and enter the room to see a Blue Coin in plain sight.

~~ In Episode 4, return to the attic and defeat the lone Boo.

~~ Remember the crate/pineapple room from Episode 3? Head back there during
   Episode 4 and break the crates.

~~ In Episode 4, go to the smaller slot machines and ground-pound on them. They
   will spew out 1 to 5 coins - or a Blue Coin. Only one will do this.

~~ In Episode 4, inside the casino, spray the fountain on the right side of the

~~ In Episode 5, inside the casino, turn around immediately after entering the
   casino to see an M marking - wash it off.

~~ During Episode 6, you have to clean up the goop outside the hotel. Two Nokis
   are trapped in the goop. After stopping the clock, return to the Nokis, wash
   them off, and talk to them to recieve one Blue Coin from each of them.

~~ In Episode 7, check near the right-hand hut for an M marking that you need
   to wash off.

~~ In Episode 7, head to the third floor and wash off the M marking.

~~ In Episode 7, go to the attic and into the middle section (the closest
   "room" to the light). There is an M marking there - wash it off.

~~ In Episode 7, there are two X marks in the hotel - one on the second floor
   and one on the third floor. Spray off one and quickly get to the other one
   to get the Blue Coin. Then spray THAT X off and head to the other floor to
   get a Blue Coin - meaning I covered two!

~~ In Episode 7, there are two triangle marks in the hotel - one on the first
   floor and one on the second floor. Spray off one and quickly get to the
   other one to get the Blue Coin. Then spray THAT triangle off and head to
   the other floor to get a Blue Coin - meaning I covered ANOTHER two!

++                                                                         ++
++               Section VII: Noki Bay Blue Coins  **SMS457**              ++
++                                                                         ++
++                      ++
++ Total: 30 Blue Coins ++
++                      ++

~~ From the beginning, turn around to see a Blue Coin hovering over the water.
   You can take a boat there, hover there, whatever.

~~ Like before, there is one above the water, near a rock maze (or the end of
   Episode 5).

~~ Depending on your progress, you may/may not have made the waterfall appear.
   Either way, I'd wait until the bubble helmet is available. Go near the
   waterfall and there will be a stream of coins, at the bottom of which a
   Blue Coin lies.

~~ Make your way towards the top of the mountain and spray that odd cut in the

~~ While in the general area of the previous Blue Coin, look around and spray
   at the rocks - two Blue Coins can be gotten this way.

~~ Spray at the "empty" spots in the cliff near the end of Episode 5's race.

~~ Below the previous Blue Coin, get on the ledge and spray the wall down

~~ Near the previous Blue Coin is a ledge and two rocks - spray these rocks.

~~ From the previous Blue Coin, look up and to the left - a hole in the wall
   contains a Blue Coin!

~~ There is a block formation on the cliff - spray it to make a maze appear.
   Follow the formation with wall jumps and look on the right side.

~~ From the previously-mentioned formation (at the start), get in the left side
   of the passage and get to the end.

~~ On the left side of the cliff area is an M marking to wash down.

~~ Along the path to the Monty Mole of Episode 1, you may see some wooden
   platforms. Regardless of episode number, go along these until you reach a
   Rocket Nozzle box; jump on it and equip the Nozzle. Look up to see a trail
   of coins; at the peak of it is the Blue Coin.

~~ Remember the Rocket Nozzle box I mentioned previously? Go to that area and
   look into the wall - there is a hole, in which a Blue Coin resides.

~~ Beat Monty Mole and look across from where he originally resided. Look for
   a blue hole nearby - it takes good timing to hover into it.

~~ In Episode 2, go up the cliff until you reach the second scale. Nearby is
   a narrow path - hug the wall and go along the path. Once you the dead end,
   spray to reveal a hole - and a Blue Coin!

~~ Like the previously mentioned Blue Coin, but along a different path. At the
   end of this path, there will be some wall jumping.

~~ Go near the wheel-thing for the second scale and along THAT path for another
   hidden area and Blue Coin.

~~ Make the Episode 2 maze near the purple Noki appear as usual. Wall jump up
   the walls and take a right near the Blue Coin.

~~ After defeating the Blooper of Episode 2, go into the pit he reveals. Spray
   the pots in the alcoves in the walls for two Blue Coins.

~~ In Episode 6, there are two X marks. You NEED a boat (or a hacked Turbo
   Nozzle) to get them. Take the boat as far as possible from the X, then
   QUICKLY go to the other one. Good luck, and yes, those are two total Blue

~~ In Episode 6, you can see a hole in the wall with a Blue Coin in it. You
   can see it from the shells above the bay. You'll have to hover to it from
   said shells, but it will take a few tries.

~~ In Episode 8, you will go into the Nintendo version of Atlantis - Noki Bay's
   underwater area. On four pillars are four Blue Coins. They are in the upper
   levels of the area, though.

++                                                                         ++
++            Section VIII: Pianta Village Blue Coins  **SMS48**           ++
++                                                                         ++
++                      ++
++ Total: 30 Blue Coins ++
++                      ++

~~ From the beginning, turn around and spray off the M marking.

~~ Go across the bridge and onto the tree to the left. Take the branch and a
   Blue Coin will be nearby.

~~ From the bridge, turn left into the tall grass. Just weave your way around
   until you reach a Blue Coin.

~~ One of the trees in the previously-mentioned area has a Blue Coin at its

~~ Near the hot spring is a triangle marking. Spray it off and race towards the
   (supposed) northeastern corner of the village. Along the path is a Blue Coin
   and a triangle mark.

~~ Go to the northeastern corner of the village to find a triangle mark. Spray
   it off and run to the hot spring's left side.

~~ There is a river in the town, at the end of which is a Blue Coin.

~~ The river also crosses under a bridge, under which a Blue Coin lies.

~~ There is a fruit tree near the hot spring. The platform that the tree is on
   has an M marking on it.

~~ Near the bridge is a wood building, on which an M marking resides, just
   begging for water.

~~ Near the wooden house is a pair of Piantas - pink and green. Near the Pianta
   pair is a hole - drop into it and ground-pound. Get onto the punching panel
   and then onto the "roof" of the grates. A M marking is on the ceiling.

~~ During ANY episode that takes place during the night (such as Episode 3),
   go to the top of the golden mushroom. Switch to first-person view and look
   at the moon and spray some water at it.

~~ In Episode 3, get FLUDD. Underneath where FLUDD was is an M marking - wash
   it away.

~~ Also in Episode 3, after getting FLUDD, clean up some goop. One spot in the
   general area between the bridge and golden mushroom is an M marking, hidden
   by the goop.

~~ In Episode 3, you likely noticed the Pianta on fire. Get FLUDD and put out
   that fire. Talk to the thankful Pianta to get a Blue Coin.

~~ You know where the hot spring is? Head there in Episode 3 and ground-pound
   on the Pianta figure's nose to get a Blue Coin (mucus-free, too!).

~~ Get Yoshi in Episode 5. Head to the bridge and you'll see a beehive. Knock
   it down with Yoshi's juice and bees will chase after you. Eat them all to
   make a Blue Coin appear.

~~ Get Yoshi in Episode 5 and head around behind the hot spring - where a
   beehive is. Knock it down with Yoshi's juice to make the bees chase you.
   Eat them all to get a Blue Coin.

~~ Get Yoshi in Episode 5 and head back near the fruit tree. Nearby is a red
   mushroom, which is near a group of blue butterflies. Have Yoshi eat them by
   pressing B. Once all of them have been eaten, a Blue Coin will appear.

~~ In Episode 5, a hole is in the tree in the middle of the level - spray into

~~ In Episode 6, spray the sign near the bridge.

~~ In Episode 6, you rescue ten Piantas, eight of which are adults. If you talk
   to these eight adult Piantas after rescuing and cleaning them, you will get
   one Blue Coin from each - totalling EIGHT Blue Coins!

~~ In Episode 8, head to the top of the large tree in the center of the
   village. Nearby is a blue bird - spray it down!

++                                                                         ++
++            Section IX: Corona Mountain Blue Coins  **SMS459**           ++
++                                                                         ++
++                      ++
++ Total: 10 Blue Coins ++
++                      ++

~~ You will see this on a platform as you go through the fire/spikes part.
   This after about three to five platforms.

~~ You may remember the circular platform that you get the Rocket Nozzle on
   after the boat ride. Around this platform are NINE Blue Coins. You could
   try hovering to them, but have to redo the whole thing, or sail around the
   platform with the boat.

++                                                                         ++
++            Section X: Delfino Airstrip Blue Coins  **SMS410**           ++
++                                                                         ++
++                    ++
++ Total: 1 Blue Coin ++
++                    ++

~~ This can only be gotten after returning to the airstrip after beating the
   game. There is a Turbo Nozzle in this area. Find it and look at the orange
   doors. Burst through them by using the Turbo Nozzle dash. In this building,
   look for an ice cube. Spray it with FLUDD to reveal a Blue Coin.

+++                                                                        +++
+++                    This is the end of KeyBlade999's                    +++
+++                 Super Mario Sunshine FAQ/Walkthrough.                  +++
+++                                                                        +++

          |  ____________  |
          | |            | |
          | |            | |
          | |____________| |________________________________________
          | |____________| |_________________________               |
          | |            | |                         | |\   /\   /| |
          | |            | |                         | | \ /  \ / | |
          | |____________| |                         | | (_)  (_) | |
          |________________|                         |_|          |_|
                          ___       ___       ___
                         /'__`\    /'__`\    /'__`\
                        /\ \_\ \  /\ \_\ \  /\ \_\ \
                        \ \___, \ \ \___, \ \ \___, \
                         \/__,/\ \ \/__,/\ \ \/__,/\ \
                              \ \_\     \ \_\     \ \_\
                               \/_/      \/_/      \/_/           KeyBlade999

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