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FAQ/Walkthrough by DistUrbeD991xx

Version: Final | Updated: 10/27/05


Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough
written by: DistUrbeD991xx
For Nintendo Gamecube Only
Rated E (Comic Mischief)
All rights reserved
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -
##___Table of Contents___##|
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -

Section I: Intro
   A. About me  
   B. Storyline
   C. Cast of Characters
   D. Items
   E. Controls, Moves, Maneuvers, Combos
   F. Controlling FLUDD
   G. Controlling Yoshi
   H. Tips, Guidelines, Etc.

Section II: Walkthrough
   A. Bianco Hills
   B. Ricco Harbor
   C. Gelato Beach 
   D. Noki Bay
   E. Pinna Park
   F. Sirena Beach
   G. Pianta Village
   H. Corona Mountain

Section III: Secrets Galore
   A. Secret Stars
   B. 100 coin stars
   C. Blue coins 240 stars {locations not listed}
   D. Glitches/Easter Eggs/etc. 

Section IV: Contact info/ Copyright info

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -
Section I. ##__Intro___ ##|
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -
A. ##__About Me...__##|
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -

My real name is Clayton Heslin.(which I really hate) I am 14 
years old and live in a small, crappy town called Vernon, 
New Jersey.  I am currently on summer vacation, but I will 
be a freshman at VTHS on September 2, 2006. What fun.  
Interests include drawing, talking to friends, 
computer/internet, listening to music, writing, and of 
course, video games.  This is the first walkthrough that I 
have ever made for a game, so I hope 'ya find my walkthrough 
helpful. Enjoy! =]  

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -

      Close your eyes and imagine...soothing sunshine 
accompanied by the sound of waves gently breaking on the 
shore. High above, seagulls turn lazy circles in a clear 
blue sky. This is Isle Delfino. 

From the hustle and bustle of the Mushroom Kingdom, this 
island resort glitters like a gem in the waters of a 
southern sea. 

Mario, Peach, and an entourage of Toads have come to Isle 
Delfino to relax and unwind. At least, that's their 
plan...but when they arrive, they find things have gone 
horribly wrong... 

According to the island inhabitants, the person responsible 
for the mess has a round nose, thick mustache, and a cap...

What? But...that sounds like Mario!?

 The Islanders are saying Mario's mess has polluted the 
island and caused their energy source, the Shine Sprites, to 

Now the falsely accused Mario has promised to clean up the 
island...but how? 

Never fear! FLUDD, the latest invention from Gadd Science 
Inc. can help Mario tidy up the island, take on baddies, and 
lend a nozzle in all kinds of sticky situations. 

Can Mario clean up the island, capture the villain, and 
clear his good name? Its time for another adventure to get 

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -
B. ## __Cast_of_Characters__##|
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -

Mario: You've got to know Mario.  He's the trademark of 
Nintendo! He's also the main character of the game. Hence, 
Super MARIO Sunshine.  Duh. But you probably already knew 
that. But just in case you've been living under a rock, 
Mario resides in the Mushroom Kingdom, and usually spends 
his time rescuing Princess Peach.  He is also known to ride 
go karts, play tennis and golf, and even duke it out in 
Super Smash Bros. Tournaments when he has free time. 

Princess Peach: Princess Peach, or just plain Peach, is 
Mario's girlfriend and basically always plays the damsel in 
distress.    She is also the main inactive character in the 
game.  Meaning she plays a big role, but you can't actually 
play as her. But she has been known to take a more active 
role, such as go karting, playing tennis and golf, and even 
fighting in Super Smash Bros. Melee.  

Toadsworth: Probably the most annoying character in the 
game.   When u talk to him he makes a gut wrenching noise, 
what sounds like "blah blah blah blah" but in a raspy lower 
voice.  He plays the role of the worthless butler, or 
guardian, whatever you want to call it.  He's also a new 
character, being that the only other game he was in was 
Paper Mario 2, also playing the worthless butler. 

Shadow Mario: A shady, mysterious figure that strikingly 
resembles Mario.  Will we ever find out his true identity? 
Dun dun dun! Sorry 'bout that.  I've just always wanted 2 do 

FLUDD: The latest invention from E. Gadd Inventions.  He's 
basically a pump that shoots out water.{Its probably more 
technical than that} He's the only tool/weapon you'll get in 
the game.  A very useful invention indeed.  

Yoshi: YAY!! Yoshi's awesome.  Yoshi, instead of the 
standard green, is either purple, pink, or orange, depending 
on what kind of fruit he eats.  Yoshi has powerful jumping 
abilities, and sprays enemies and goop with juice.  When 
Yoshi sprays enemies, he will turn them into platforms.  

Piantas: Piantas are the residents of Isle Delfino.  They 
are very friendly, and strong.  Some will even throw you to 
certain locations.  

Nokis: Nokis are also residents of Isle Delfino.  When 
scared or intimidated, they'll retreat into their shells, 
which are vibrantly colored.  

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -
C. ##__Items__## |
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -

-Shine Sprites- Shine sprites are the main power source of 
Isle Delfino.  But ever since Shadow Mario has a made a mess 
of the island, the shine sprites have dispersed, causing the 
island to become dark and dreary.  If you collect enough of 
the shine sprites, the sunshine will once again brighten up 
the island.

-Yellow coins- Yellow coins are the found in every Mario 
game.  They mainly replenish one point of your health, but 
you if you collect enough, you can get a 1up, or even a 
shine sprite.  The yellow coin can also be considered the 
currency of the island.

-Red coins- In every level, there will be a mission where 
you have to collect 8 very-rare, well hidden, red coins.  If 
you collect all 8 of them, you'll be rewarded with a shine 

-Blue coins- Blue coins are also very rare.  If you collect 
10 of them, go to the boat house (Ricco Harbor portal), and 
talk to the owner.  He'll give you a shine sprite.  But 
don't think that its easy to collect 10 blue coins.  They're 
often well hidden, or in some graffiti.  If you collect all 
of these, you're an awesome person.  

-1up- If you collect one of these, not only will you be 
given an extra life, but your health and FLUDD tank will 
replenish.  These are often in well hidden crates, or 
sometimes even in enemies.  

-Water bottle- If you happen to collect one of these, your 
FLUDD tank will fill up.  WOW.  Not really that useful, but 
doesn't mean you shouldn't pick one up if you find one.  

-Fruit- Give Yoshi the fruit that is in his thought bubble 
to make him hatch.  In rare cases, you can also use fruit to 
attack baddies.  (O_o)

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -
D.## ___Controls, Moves, Maneuvers/Combos___ ##|
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -

1. Controls
Control Stick-move
C Stick-zoom in/zoom out, rotate camera

Control Pad-nothing
Start button-pause game
A button-jump, confirm, swim faster in water, jump out of 
water when not moving
B button-dive, talk, cancel, throw, put down, dive under 
Y button-first person view(Mario Cam)
X button-switch nozzles
Z button-guidebook
R button-use FLUDD
L button-fix camera behind Mario, ground pound(in air)

2. Moves
Ground Pound- Press the A button, then press the L button.
Side somersault- run forward, then quickly tap the control 
stick backward and press A.  (To do this move so that your 
facing forward, run backward, then quickly tap the control 
stick forward and jump) 
**This is a key jump in the game, so practice it early on, 
because you'll need to know it.**  
Wall Kick- jump towards a wall and press A.  (Must have some 
momentum to do this and can be used several times) 
**This is another key jump in the game.  So master it early 
on, because you'll need to know it.**
Super Whirl Jump- hang onto to a tightrope, then press R 
until u start swinging wildly.  Then press A.  (This move 
isn't really useful, but its just cool to watch)
Triple Jump-Press A three times in a row with good timing.  
It results in a very high jump.
Double Jump-Press A two times in a row with good timing.  It 
results in a high jump.  Good for reaching ledges.
Spin Jump- Quickly move the control stick in a circle and 
press A.  Good for getting goop off of you and to slow your 

**If there are any moves that I haven't covered, its 
probably because I never did the move before.  That means 
that its probably useless and you won't really need to use 

**Combos are combinations of moves put together, which are 
pretty useful. (Duh)  You should know these, since they'll 
make your gaming experience a little easier.**

sshover(side somersault then hover)- Do a side somersault 
then press R. This one is useful if you want a little more 
height and momentum when you're hovering to a far off 
platform, or you need to get to a high place.  It's a lot 
easier to get onto ledges.  Make sure that you'll be facing 
the direction you want to hover in for it to work properly
Dive jump- Run in the direction you need to go in, then 
press B, then A right after.  This is good if you want to 
get around faster.  This is also really helpful in the 
Piantissimo races.  
sswallkick- do a side somersault, then perform a wall kick. 
 Good for getting more distance and height on your wall 

**There are other combos, but they're not really useful, so 
there's no point in listing them.  Just to name them is the 
side somersault dive and side somersault pound.  The only 
use for them is to make your moves look cooler** 

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -
D. ##__Controlling FLUDD__##|
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -

FLUDD is a robotic pump that shoots water to attack enemies. 
 He often can provide helpful hints on missions and bosses. 

FLUDD comes with a wide assortment of nozzles.  The two 
basic nozzles being the spray nozzle and the hover nozzle.  
Press X to switch between them.  Use the hover nozzle to 
hover to far off platforms.  The spray nozzle is your 
attacking weapon.  
The rocket nozzle is in the red and white box.  This is 
probably the second most useful nozzle.  Press and hold R 
until the gauge fills.  FLUDD will automatically blast off 
the ground and into the air, achieving great heights.  Use 
it to get onto high platforms or ledges.

The Turbo nozzle is in the white and gray box.  Not the most 
useful nozzle, but its good to get around with.  Press and 
hold R until the gauge fills up.  FLUDD will squirt water in 
back of you, propelling you forward with great speed.  Let 
go of R to stop using the nozzle.

# ################ #
E. Controlling Yoshi|
## ############## ##
Yoshi returns in Super Mario Sunshine to offer his surfaces 
once again.  Yoshi isn't that much different from Mario, 
except the fact that Yoshi is a dinosaur.  He has the same 
moves from his past games, like flutter jump and ground 
pound.  He is also an amazing jumper.  His triple jump is 
much higher then Marios when timed correctly.  There is a 
couple of differences though.  In this game, Yoshi can't 
swim.  So if he lands in deep water, he'll go back into his 
egg.  Also, Yoshi can now spray juice at enemies, turning 
them into temporary platforms.  How the platforms move 
depends on Yoshi's color. 
Pink- the platforms will move up and down.
Purple- the platforms will move horizontally.
Orange- the platforms will be stationary. 
Some platforms are more helpful than others, depending on 
what situation your in.  Experiment with all of Yoshi's 
colors to see when and which platforms are more useful.    

# ####################### #
##F. __Tips/Guidelines___##

Tip- When entering levels, start off my zooming the camera 
out a little bit.(especially in obstacle courses and races) 
It makes it easier for you to see what's ahead of you. 
Tip-When low on health, find simple or weak enemies and kill 
them.  They'll often leave behind coins to replenish health. 
Tip-Use the combos often. Like I said earlier, they're often 
very helpful in getting things done a bit easier.  
Tip-The kind of fruit Yoshi eats determines his color.  
Durian, chili pepper=purple
Banana, coconut(its green for some reason)=pink

Pineapple, lemon=orange 
Tip- Yoshi basically has the of the same moves as Mario, 
except he cant wall jump, side somersault, or grab things.  
Instead of grabbing objects, he eats them. 
Tip- I may not always provide strategies for the obstacle 
courses.  This is usually because all they require is to 
figure out a pattern of movement.  (And patience with good 
timing wouldn't hurt either) 

IM DONE PREACHING. =P Lets get 2 the walkthrough itself.

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -
Section II. ##__Walkthrough__##|  
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- - 

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -
A. ##__Delfino Airstrip__##|
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -

When you arrive at the airstrip, Toadsworth tells you to 
basically swim all the way to Delfino Plaza to get help.  
First of all, either squirt him or jump on his head a couple 
of times until you get your revenge.(if you want, that is)  
Then go make your way past the goop and go straight until 
you reach FLUDD.  A short cutscene will happen, basically 
explaining how to use and control FLUDD.  When you get the 
hang of it, spray the source of the goop, or crap, as I call 
it, =p until a piranha plant comes out.  Don't worry, he's a 
pushover.  Just squirt his mouth when it opens a couple of 
times and he'll die.  Another cutscene happens, explaining 
what your goal is.  When you get out of jail, make your way 
to Bianco Square and spray the base of the crap, or what I 
will from now on refer to it as goop, until another piranha 
plant comes up.  Do the same thing to this one as you did to 
the piranha plant.  When the statue emerges, spray the multi 
colored M.  When you spray the multi colored M, the portal 
will open up to Bianco Hills.


Bianco Hills |

*Mission 1: Road to the Big Windmill:
Follow the arrow down the stone walkway until you reach the 
stream.  You could either use the tightrope to get across or 
jump on the log and climb up the ledge: your choice.  Either 
way, follow the arrows until you reach the goop.(to get past 
the water wheel jump on one of the spaces coming out of it 
and ride it until you're on the other side.)Pave a path 
using the hover nozzle up the hill until you reach the 
source of the goop.  Spray it until, surprise surprise, 
another piranha plant comes out.  I think you can figure it 
out by now.  When he dies, he'll cough up a shine sprite.  

*Mission 2: Down With Petey Piranha:
When you defeated the piranha plant in the previous mission, 
a pathway formed, giving you access to the windmill.  Make 
your way back to that area and use the hover nozzle to get 
across the bridge, since the bottom of it fell out.  Ascend 
the pathway until you reach the top.(on the way there will 
be gaps.  Just hover over them.  one of them has a weird 
vine in the middle of it.  Just hover your way around it.) 
Once your at the top, hop onto one of the platforms that 
comes around and ride onto the roof, where you'll encounter 
Petey.  He's another pushover.  Just dodge the little 
enemies that come out of the goop and when his mouth opens, 
spray into it until he collapses.  Then ground pound where 
the arrow points, making him force out water. Do this three 
times and he's dead.  He'll leave behind a shine sprite.

*Mission 3: The Hillside Cave Secret:

Now that Petey's dead, (or is he? Dun dun dun.) The bridge 
leading to the windmill has been gapped.  Under the bridge 
is a tightrope.  Jump off the bridge and land on the 
tightrope.  Carefully make your way across, dodging those 
little annoying spiky things. (God I wanna f!@#ng kill them, 
but you can't kill them to my knowledge.) Use the hover 
nozzle to get to the last platform, then do it again to get 
onto dry land. Follow the arrow onto a tightrope, then go in 
the cave.  As soon as you enter, Shadow Mario will steal 
FLUDD,.  But its not that much of a problem, since you'll 
get it back when you beat the obstacle course.  When you 
enter, you'll see weird, almost surreal surroundings, and 
most importantly, a shine sprite waaaaaaaaaaaay off in the 
distance.  But to get to it, you'll have to make your way 
past a bunch of obstacles. These will be in every single 
level, so start getting used to them, because this wont be 
the last one you'll see.  Fortunately enough for you, this 
one is pretty easy, and your reading MY guide! =D haha.  
ANYWAY, make your way across the yellow blocks which move 
from left to right and vice versa.  Once you land on the 
safe spot, you'll come across some small moving orange 
blocks.  Slowly and carefully make your way across them 
until you reach the next safe spot.  Then you'll come across 
a narrow green bridge with huge blocks rotating around it.  
Make your way across the bridge as fast as you can, stopping 
only if a block is in front of you. (Divejump combo) This is 
probably the hardest part of the obstacle course: a pair of 
rotating stars.  Jump on them while the point is facing you. 
 Make it to the platform to claim the shine sprite.

*Mission 4: Red Coins of Windmill Village
UGH!!I Hated red coin hunts in SM64, and I still hate them 
now.  I was never really good at finding anything.  I can 
barely find my h/w, let alone a bunch of red coins.  But 
since I'm such an oh so nice person, I'll show the location 
of the red coins to the people who can't find them 
themselves. >=p
1)Make your way down the stone pathway and get on the 
tightrope.  Bounce onto the tightrope above you. The red 
coin is on top of the hut.
2)Face the wall on top of the hut your on.  It's right in 
plain view.  Use the hover nozzle to get it.
3)From where you are now, face the other tightrope.  Make 
your way across it and get the coin.  Watch out for those 
whatever they are.(clouds?(O_o)) They can knock you off the 

4)From where you are right now, you should see two 
windmills: one on the left and one on the right.  Use the 
hover nozzle to get to the one on the left, then hover to it 
from there.  (You could also do the same thing with the 
windmill on the right)
5)Find an archway with bells in it.  There will be an 
elevated walkway next to it.  Use the sshover to get onto 
the walkway.  Walk through the smaller arch way to get the 
coin.  Also, spray one of the bells if you want.  A 1up will 
6)Continue walking on the pathway until you find another red 
coin.  Its in plain sight.  
7)Keep walking until you reach a tightrope.  Jump off onto 
the grass and walk around the building, where you'll see a 
red coin in-between two tightropes.  
8)Climb up the tightropes where seven was.  Go onto the top 
of the building to the left.  You should see eight on top of 
a building in the distance. Use the hover nozzle to get to 
the last red coin.  
To get the shine sprite, go onto the building in front of 
you, then cross the tightrope to the shine sprite.  

*Mission 5:Petey Piranha Strikes Back:
ICK.  IT'S back. >=p This form of Petey will be a bit 
harder, but not by a whole lot.  First off, make your way to 
the village.  Once you get there, clean it up.  It makes 
things a lot easier in the fight.  Once your done, go to the 
north end of the village(straight), where a pianta will be 
submerged in goop.  Spray him out and clean him off.  Then 
talk to him: as a "thank you" he'll throw you onto the 
cliff.  In this case it's a good thing, but what if he 
missed and threw you off the cliff?!?  Someone should teach 
him a lesson.  Anyway, climb up the cliff face where you'll 
find a field covered with goop.  Pave a way and get to the 
fence, where you'll see Petey sleeping in the distance.  If 
you stand still, a floating pig like thing will cover up 
your nozzle (O_o). Press and hold R so it fills with water, 
then aim and shoot at Petey.  If it hits, he'll wake up and 
start flying around the village.  The fight isn't much 
different than from your fight with him before.  Just spray 
him to knock Petey out of the sky.  Dodge his tornados and 
when his mouth opens, spray his mouth until he collapses.  
You know what to do.  Repeat this three times and the shine 
sprite will be yours.  

*Mission 6: The Secret of the Dirty Lake

In the opening scene, you'll see that the normally clear 
blue lake surrounding the windmill is now a grimy brown and 
green. >=p
This means the lake is now toxic, so try not to fall in.  If 
you do happen to fall in, either hover to a nearby shore or 
go under water where its not toxic and swim to a nearby 
shore.  If not, its game over for u. (x_x) Make your way up 
the path leading to the windmill.  About a quarter of the 
way up, you'll see a cave with some logs beneath it.  Use 
the hover nozzle to get onto the log, then jump into the 
cave.  Surprise! Its another obstacle course! What fun. 
(When you see the word "secret" in a mission title, it means 
an obstacle course) The more you know!  Anyway, you'll see 
blue and red blocks flipping over and over.  Figure out the 
pattern and get across to the safe spot.  Grab the floating 
1up above the star, so if you die(which you probably will) 
you'll have the same amount of lives as you did when you 
first entered.  So you technically don't lose a life.  The 
more you know! I should really stop doing that... Anyways, 
jump onto the block, which will rotate in all sorts of crazy 
directions.  Just run the opposite way its rotating.  Not 
that hard.  After you get across, simply run past the blocks 
that will knock you off.  Climb onto the next block for some 
more r+r(running and rotating) ha.  How clever of me.  When 
you reach the top, you'll find the hardest part in this 
obstacle course: more red and blue blocks.  Figure out the 
pattern and get across.  Have fun.  A shine sprite awaits 
you at the end.

*Mission 7:Shadow Mario on the Loose!
No real strategy here.  Just chase Shad. Mario through the 
village and spray him until he collapses.  He'll give up a 
shine sprite.  E-z.

*Mission 8: Red Coins of the Lake:

Ugh.  Another one of these.  Oh well.  This was an easy one 
anyway.  Which is why I wont be giving out their locations. 
 Theres  only one red coin actually on the lake, and you 
could get that with the hover nozzle no problem.  The rest 
are in the system of tightropes you'll have to navigate.  To 
get the shine sprite in the alcove of the lighthouse, drop 
into it from an above location.  

B. Ricco Harbor|
After you beat the next piranha plant in Delfino Plaza, the 
boat house will rise, along with the portal to Ricco 
Harbor.(to the side is a door where you can go in and 
exchange 10 blue coins for a star)

*Mission 1:Gooper Blooper Breaks Out
In my opinion, this is the MOST ANNOYING BOSS IN THE 
To get to him, jump in the water to the left of the boat, 
and climb onto the ledge, dodging the blooper and the ink.  
Pave away through the ink to get to the yellow pianta 
screaming.  Jump on his head until you won't go any higher, 
then use the hover nozzle to get on the ledge.  (This may 
take a couple of tries but you'll get it) Keep going 
straight until you reach a tentacle coming out of a bunch of 
boxes.  Grab and pull the tentacle until it snaps off. HA! 
The amazingly annoying boss will come out, ready to fight. 
Spray him until he tries to slam you with his tentacles.  
Dodge the tentacles and grab one of the tentacles in the 
middle.  Pull it until it snaps off.  Repeat this, and pull 
off the other one in the middle, so he only has two at his 
sides.  Then run up to him and pull of the cork in his 
mouth.  But of course, he has to come back to life, so 
repeat this strategy again until you send the amazingly 
annoying sea urchin back to hell.  The strategy I gave you 
was pretty simple, but the way I was doing it, I would pull 
them all off, but I would always miss the last one and he 
would hit me and I would die.  But you probably don't care 
about that do you? Yeah, thats I thought.

*Mission 2: Blooper Surfin Safari

This mission is one of my favorites.  Turn around and make a 
left onto a bridge made of a bunch of logs until you get to 
a pier with 3 bloopers on it.  Choose whatever one you want 
and follow the trail of coins into a sewer. (O_o)  Inside 
you'll find a racetrack of sorts with a bunch of obstacles. 
 Your goal is to make 1 lap around the racetrack within 45 
seconds.  Pretty easy, not to mention fun.  No need for my 
help. (If you do this again and beat it within 40 seconds, 
you'll get another shine sprite)

*Mission 3: The Caged Shine Sprite
Let me just start off by saying you should always have FLUDD 
on hover in this mission, because its gonna be very 
important in this level.  If you need to use the spray 
nozzle,(which you will occasionally) use it, then 
immediately switch back to hover.  Now that that's said, 
start off by ignoring the arrow sign pointing to the ship 
and jump in the water to the left of the ship.  Face 
northeast(forward but to the right, you should be diagonal) 
and you should see a tall gate.  Swim to it and climb up it 
until you reach the revolving square, which is outlined in 
blue.  Press B to switch to the other side.  When the crane 
is close to you, jump on and face it so that your back is 
facing forwards.  When it stops at the opposite end, jump 
(hover) to the next gate and do the same thing, avoiding the 
spider.  Once the crane has taken you to the platform, look 
for another platform that goes up and down.  Jump on it when 
its close to you and ride it onto the next system of 
scaffolding.  Carefully make your way across the catwalks, 
squirting off any bloopers in your way, to the four-way 
intersection.  Make a left and go almost all the way to then 
end.  When the crane comes to you, jump on it, then get off 
at the next gate.  Pound through both of them and follow the 
arrows. (Use the hover nozzle to get across the gaps) Then 
make your way up, using the trampolines, until you've 
reached the highest trampoline, which will allow you to jump 
high enough to fall into the cage, getting the shine sprite. 
 Not too hard, if I do say so myself.  

*Mission 4: The Secret of Ricco Tower

Since the waters around the tower are now toxic, use the 
ship to make your way to the area around the tower.  Once 
again bounce on the guys head and hover to the upper area.  
Get on the red valance, which is on the first building you 
see when you climb up.  Once your on it, use the sshover to 
get onto the roof.  From there you can hover onto the 
scaffolding around the tower.  Once your on the scaffolds, 
quickly hover into the tower, because those ghost/cloud 
things will knock you off if you stand around too long.  
This is one of the easier ones.  Everything in this level is 
rotating.  So if you became good at moving on revolving 
things, this should be a piece of cake. (Plus these blocks 
are a lot easier than the cubes) Make your way across to get 
the shine.  -Hint-
When you're on the blocks, just stay near the edge that will 
face up, so you can walk on them.  Same thing with the 

*Mission 5: Gooper Blooper Returns.  
This guy just doesn't know how to quit.  This time, Gooper 
Blooper is waiting on the helipad.  Make your way to where 
you fought him last time, but this time, hover to the 
platform beneath the hover pad.  Break the box to get the 
rocket nozzle.  Blast your way onto the gate, go left, and 
kick through the revolving square (Press A because if you 
press B, you'll fall into the toxic water.)  You know what 
to do.  Just don't accidentally fall off the helipad pulling 
off his tentacles.  I did that a lot.

*Mission 6: Red Coins on the Water
UGH! This was the second hardest coin hunt in the game for 
me, following the one in Sirena Beach.  I spent about an 
hour looking for these, so you better appreciate the work I 
put into this one. 
Make your way back to the pier where the bloopers are.  Pick 
the green one and start "surfing."
1,2,3)Follow the trail of coins in the beginning to get the 
red coins.
4)As soon as you get 3, make a left, the red coin is in the 
5)As soon as you get 4, turn right; its in-between 2 stone 
pillars in front of the helipad.  
6)From 5, go to the northern end of the level.  It's in 
plain sight on the water.

7)Make a U-turn from 6.  Go past the helipad and make a 
left.  There will be a trail of coins, taking you under a 
platform, and to the seventh red coin.
8)Don't follow the rest of the trail of coins.  Instead make 
a left.  The red coin is in-between two speedboats.  The 
shine sprite will be on the pier where the bloopers are.  
Jump into the shine sprite to get it.  (I kept dying at this 
f!@#$ng part, because I would always miss the shine, and hit 
a wall.)

*Mission 7: Shadow Mario Revisited
No real strategy here.(again) Just chase Shad. Mario onto 
the catwalks. Just don't jump on the elevated catwalks, 
because there's a chance you could fall.  When he dies, the 
shine sprite will be yours.

*Mission 8: Yoshi's Fruit Adventure
Unless you got Yoshi,(Pinna Park, "The Wilted Wildflowers") 
you can't do this mission yet.  If you did do the above 
mission, head over to where you first fought Gooper Blooper. 
 You'll see a Yoshi egg, and he'll want a durian.  Get the 
rocket nozzle then pound the switches on the towers that say 
"fruits" until you get the durian. Once Yoshi is hatched, 
Spray the fishes with Yoshi's juice so they become 
platforms.  Make your way to the 2nd platform, then squirt 
the whatever it is on the cage with Yoshi's juice until it 
all goes away.  Dismount Yoshi and go back to get the rocket 
nozzle.  Blast your way up to the platforms until you reach 
the cage.  Ground pound through to gain another shine 

C. Gelato Beach |
Defeat the Piranha plant in Delfino Plaza, revealing a 
lighthouse, giving you access to the portal to Gelato Beach. 
 Hop on in.

*Mission 1: The Dune Bud Sandcastle Secret:

First off, those blue and red things walking on the beach 
are called cataquacks, and they are REALLY annoying.  Try to 
stay away from them, because if you cross their path they'll 
toss you into the air.  Dune buds are those little tree 
things growing around the beach.  If you water them enough, 
they'll grow into big multi-shape things, but you only need 
to use one of them: that one would be in front of the little 
peninsula by the juice cabana.  Water it and a sandcastle 
will appear on that peninsula.  Dodge the two cataquacks and 
make your way into the sandcastle before it crumbles.  The 
obstacle course in this one is hands down, the easiest one 
in the game.  Just run across the sand blocks before they 
completely disintegrate. A shine sprite awaits you at the 

*Mission 2: Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!
Quite an energetic title isn't it? Anyway, this one is 
pretty easy.  In the opening scene you'll see a bunch of 
cataquacks on the mirrors that reflect the light onto the 
sand birds egg.  All you need to do is get on the mirror, 
spray the cataquack until it lifts one leg up in the air, 
and ground pound.  The cataquack will go flying off the 
mirror.  Do this on the other two mirrors and it's a shine 
sprite for ye


*Mission 3: Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!

Remember that Wiggler you knocked off the tower in the 
previous mission? Well now he's pretty pissed off.  This 
fight is pretty hard.  The Wiggler will run around beach in 
a pattern.  Figure out his pattern, then go to a dune bud 
that you know he will run past.  Squirt the dune bud until 
it grows.  Remember to keep your distance, or you'll go 
flying into the air.   The Wiggler will run into the dune 
bud, and fall, belly up. (You think he would just climb over 
it, or go around it (O_o)) Anyway, jump on his stomach and 
ground pound where the arrow is pointing.  The Wiggler will 
go faster and faster each time, and he'll also be changing 
his pattern and will get knocked farther every time.  It may 
take a few trys, but you'll eventually defeat the Wiggler 
and get the well earned shine sprite. 

*Mission 3: The Sand Bird is Born
Sorry 'bout that.  To start off, go to northernmost part of 
the level(the part with the stone stage or whatever it is) 
you'll see a little pianta standing next to his mom.  If you 
talk to him, he'll say that he thinks he could slide down 
the slope, bounce onto the trampoline, and go into the hole 
and land in the egg.  Pretty smart kid! Do just that, and 
you'll end up on a cloud, right above the "sand" bird.  The 
sand bird will, conveniently, be carrying seven red coins on 
the its back.  They're all easy to get, but when the bird 
flips vertically, climb on top of the block right by the 
tail. The 8th coin will be on a tower the sand bird circles. 
 Use the hover nozzle to get to it.  

*Mission 4: Pianttissimo's Sand Sprint:
This guy really think he's something special.  Well guess 
what Piantissimo? You're not!!!  Walk on over to him and 
you'll automatically engage in a conversation, and a race.  
This guy's pretty easy.  Just use the divejump combo to go 
faster.  The finish line is the flag by the stone stage.  
Use side somersaults and wall jumps to make your way up the 
terrain.  Easy.  Simply put.

*Mission 5: Red Coins of the Coral Reef:
It's kind of hard to explain where coins are underwater.  
Especially in a coral reef. If they were hard to get to, I 
would have attempted to list them.  But fortunately this was 
pretty easy.  And if I thought it was easy, it should be a 
breeze for you. 

*Mission 6: It's Shadow Mario! After Him!

Shad. Mario is basically just gonna run around the upper 
levels.  Just try to keep up with him and spray water at all 
times.  If you happen to lose him, get on top of one of the 
mirrors and look around to find him.  When he finally 
croaks, he'll give up a shine sprite.  

*Mission 7: The Watermelon Festival:
UGH!! This has GOT to be the one of the most annoying 
missions in the game.  The first time I did it, no problem, 
but when I did it again for this walkthrough, those f!@#$ng 
cataquacks kept getting in my way and breaking the 
watermelon.  Your goal is to go to the northernmost part of 
the level, where the biggest watermelon grows,(stone stage) 
and roll it all the way into the juice cabana.  Sorry. =( 
There's nothing I can really say to help you out with.  Just 
stun the cataquacks, and to have a TREMENDOUS amount of 
patience, because this one will probably take a while.  
Proudly take the shine from the top of the juice cabana. 

D. Noki Bay | 
A rainbow-colored light will appear in the town center.  
Look into the sun from the rainbow colored light to 
instantly teleport to the bay.

*Mission 1: Uncork the Waterfall

You'll probably notice that the water is purple in the bay. 
 My first thought when I saw it was, "ooh, pretty!" so me 
being stupid, I jump right in, not even thinking that it 
could be toxic.  But of course it was.  My point is, DON'T 
JUMP IN THE WATER.  If you jump in, there isn't a whole lot 
of safe spots nearby for you to land on.  Anyway, use the 
floating houses as stepping stones to get to the pillar with 
shells coming out of it.  When your at the top, Step on the 
platform hanging from a rope and use the sshover combo to 
get onto the ledge.  Follow the arrow, and spray any goop 
that you see on the walls: chances are they'll reveal 
platforms.  Make your way up the cliff, until you reach a 
small little pool with platforms on both sides.  Wall jump 
from the one on the left to get to the right.  Talk to the 
noki and shrink the trampoline with water so you can carry 
it and place it under the platform on the right. Jump on it 
and climb up the cliff until you reach the very top 
platform.  Some weasel dude (O_o) will start throwing bombs 
at you.  Spray the bombs he throws at you to temporarily 
deactivate them.  The pick them up and throw the bomb back 
at the weasel.  Do this two more times and the waterfall 
will become uncorked, revealing a shine sprite.

*Mission 2: Boss of Tricky Ruins
In the opening scene, you'll see the water is still 
polluted: Guess you were wrong Gramps! Follow the coins and 
bounce onto the shell.  Spray the wall plaque from on the 
shell, causing a maze to form.  Hover to the vertical 
passage all the way on the right.  Quickly wall jump up the 
passage, since you don't have much time before the maze 
recedes back into the wall.  When you reach the top, swivel 
the camera around to find another vertical passage way.  
Wall jump up it.  Kill the bloopers and spray the other wall 
plaque.  Wall jump up that vertical passageway.  Go all the 
way to the right, jump out of the maze, and hover around to 
the next vertical passage.  Hope that doesn't confuse you. 
=p Jump up this last vertical passageway.  Guess who's 
waiting for you?!?! GOOPER BLOOPER!!! yay.  You know what to 
do: send him back to hell for good and get the shine sprite 
he leaves behind.  

*Mission 3: Red Coins in a Bottle
This is an easy red coin hunt.  When Gramps shrinks 
you,(???) you'll automatically shrink and dive into the 
bottle, with nothing more than a helmet on your head.  The 
bottle will be filled with, among other things, red coins.  
All easy to get.  The hardest part is figuring out how to 
move, since you can't swim.  Use the hover nozzle to go up, 
and steer left and right to move horizontally.  When your 
life meter begins to blink, get some cash as fast as you 
can, or else your done. (x_x)  

*Mission 4:Eely-Mouth's Dentist

Use the tightrope as a shortcut to the top of the cliff.  
Talk to gramps and dive into the water, you'll end up at the 
ocean floor.  Even though it looks like its deserted, your 
really not alone.  Dun dun dun.  Sorry.  You're gonna have 
to play "dentist" with a giant, 4-eyed eel. Your going to 
actually go inside his mouth (x_x) and spray his teeth until 
they're a milky white.  You are definitely better off using 
the hover nozzle for this.  If you use the spray nozzle, 
you'll fall and he'll just spit you out.  Try to clean as 
many teeth as you can in one turn.  The sooner you get out 
of there and the less coins you use, the better.  It's very 
easy to drown here, so make sure you know where all the 
coins are.  When all his teeth are clean, he'll go away, 
leaving behind coins in the shape of a heart (awwwwwwww) and 
a shine sprite. 

*Mission 5: Piantissimo's Surf Swim
Looks like Piantissimo wants to give up another shine 
sprite.  Oh well.  His loss is our gain.  Scale the 
tightrope where you'll automatically engage in conversation 
and a race.  Start the race by diving off the platform into 
the water.  Now just hover all the way to the flag.  Can't 
get much easier than that.  You'll beat him by a mile.  

*Mission 6: The Shell's Secret
Climb up the first pillar of shells to reach a tightrope by 
the noki.  After jumping from tightrope to tightrope, you'll 
eventually reach the shell's entrance.  This is quite 
possibly the hardest obstacle course in the game.  This 
obstacle course mainly tests your jumping abilities.  Your 
going to make a lot of hard and awkward jumps in this 
course.  There's nothing I can say to help you.  You'll just 
have to practice this level until your able to beat it and 
get the shine.

*Mission 7: Shadow Mario on the Loose
This chase is a bit harder than other past ones, mainly 
because of the terrain of the level.  You're basically going 
to chase Shad. Mario up the cliff face, and down, and back 
up again.  It's pretty hard to lose him in this one.  Just 
stay on his trail and spray your nozzle at all times and the 
shine sprite is yours. 

*Mission 8: The Red Coin Fish
When you talk to the noki at the starting point, he'll tell 
you to wear the helmet and meet gramps at the top of the 
cliff.  Talk to him if you want, then dive down back into 
the sea floor.  You'll see that the inhabitants have 
returned to the sea, along with a fish made of yellow and 
red coins.  This is probably the easiest red coin hunt in 
the game, since their all bunched together.  You could 
easily get two or three coins in one try.  Occasionally, the 
fish will break apart for a short period of time.  Just wait 
until it joins together again and get the rest of the coins. 

E. Pinna Park | 

Hop into the red cannon when the pianta fixes it to blast to 
the park.
*Mission 1: Mecha Bowser Appears
This loser is one of the easiest bosses in the game.  Chase 
Shad. Mario to the water fountain, where Mecha Bowser will 
appear.  Right after he emerges, some crazy old noki dude 
will think that its some kind of show.  He'll then put you 
on the roller coaster, where you'll have to shoot rockets 
directly at Mecha Bowser's head three or four times until he 
dies.  The only thing you have to worry about is the bullet 
bills he'll shoot at you.  Spray them with water so they'll 
explode before they hit you.  Water will also extinguish the 
fire he'll breathe at you when you pass directly in front of 
him.  When he dies, the storyline will clear up, and a shine 
sprite will be revealed.

*Mission 2: The Beach Cannon Secret

Instead of going straight to the park, make a right onto the 
beach and dodge bullet bills until you get to the cannon.  
ICK.  It's back.  Stupid weasel dude.  You know what to do. 
 Hop in the cannon when he's dead to warp to the obstacle 
course.  This one is mainly about speed.  It's also pretty 
easy.  Just avoid the fading, or black blocks until you 
reach the next platform.  Bounce up on the trampolines until 
you reach the next platform.  As soon as you see all the red 
blocks appear at once, use the divejump to make it across to 
the safe spot.  Do the same with the next series of red 
blocks to claim the shine sprite. 

*Mission 3: Red Coins of the Pirate Ship
I actually liked doing this coin hunt.  WOW. FREAKIN' 
AMAZIN!!!  Sorry bout that.
1)On the orange platform where you get on the pirate ships 
is where the first red coin rests.  
2)Get on the first swinging pirate ship.  Get on it when it 
slows down.  It should swing you into a red coin.  
3)Get on the other pirate ship when it slows down.  It will 
also swing you into a red coin.
4)When one of the ships is high enough, hover onto one of 
the green support beams of the ride.  From there, hover onto 
a cage with #4 on top of it.
5)Pound through both of the revolving squares to end up on 
the underside of the cage.  The red coin is right in front 
of you.
6) Drop down onto another metal platform.  Kill both mecha 
koopas by ground pounding them when they're below you.  Go 
back and drop the revolving square and make your way to the 
sixth red coin.
7)Keep going straight and climb through both revolving 
squares.  Hang from under the metal platform and kill all 
mecha koopas.  You should pass a red coin while doing so.  
8)Where you killed all the mecha koopas and walk on the same 
catwalk from where you got seven.  The final red coin is at 
the top.
The shine sprite will appear right next to you.

*Mission 4: Runaway Ferris Wheel

When you enter the park, make your way to the gazebo: drop 
down from the side where the piantas are to end up in back 
of the ferris wheel.  If you switch to Mario cam, you'll see 
a bunch of mecha koopas climbing around on the gates.  In 
order to make your way to the top and kill the giant mecha 
koopa, your going to have to climb up the whole network of 
gates.  Spray the green gates to make a temporary platform. 
 To knock off the koopas, go onto the opposite side of the 
gate, and press B when it gets in front of you to knock them 
off.  When you get to the very top, knock off the giant 
koopa by pressing A, causing a shine sprite to appear at the 
very top of the ferris wheel.  I was stuck here for the 
longest time. =p Hop onto one of the gondolas and ride your 
way to the shine sprite.

*Mission 5: The Wilted Sunflowers
One of the easier missions in the game.  When you enter the 
level, the usually healthy and happy looking sunflowers on 
the beach have turned unhealthy, and not very happy.  You 
can try watering them, but that isn't going to do much.  
You'll have to spray the eggs, revealing sea turtle-like 
things (O_o).  They're apparently hogging all the good dirt, 
causing the sunflowers to slowly wither away.  Anyway, have 
them chase you onto the beach.  They'll do a ground pound: 
dodge it.  The force of their ground pound will have them 
temporarily stuck in the sand.  When they're belly up, do a 
ground pound to kill them.  Do this with all the turtles, 
and the sunflowers will return to their previous healthy 
state.  To thank you, they'll give you a shine.  
(When you complete this episode, you'll chase Shad. Mario ( 
carrying a Yoshi egg) around Delfino Plaza.  When he dies, 
Yoshi will be playable.  Feed him the fruit that is in his 
thought bubble to make him hatch) 

*Mission 6: The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret
When you enter the park, head over to the platform behind 
the tree in the shape of a piantas head (O_o), where you'll 
find a Yoshi egg.  Feed the Yoshi the fruit in his thought 
bubble to hatch him.
Banana-On a platform near the pirate ships.
Pineapple-Under the gazebo.
Coconut-Under the palm tree in front of the pirate ships.

Lemon-Hanging from the nose of the pianta shaped tree.  
Spray it to get it down.
(I's not even gonna bother listing the durian, because its 
nearly impossible to kick it all the way to Yoshi.  If he 
happens to want one, exit the park and re-enter.  Chances 
are, Yoshi's going to want something different.  If your 
Yoshi is any other color than orange, have him eat the lemon 
on the pianta shaped tree)
Head to the Yoshi-go-round, and approach the pole with the 
missing yoshi.  You'll be automatically transported to the 
obstacle course.  (Why isn't Yoshi there? He was with you 
when you teleported.)  Figure out the pattern of the 
platforms and carefully time your jumps to get the shine 

*Mission 7: Shadow Mario in the Park
AMAZINGLY EASY.  You know what to do.  

*Mission 8:Roller Coaster Balloons
Cross the bridge by the gazebo and talk to the big noki in 
front.  She'll automatically put you on the roller coaster, 
without your consent, if I might add, to challenge you to a 
target test.  Hit all the balloons with rockets in 3 laps or 
less to get the shine sprite.  If you don't get them all 
within 3 turns, its game over for you.  (X_X)  This is going 
to take a few tries, no doubt, so don't expect to beat this 
one in one try.  Practice your aiming and you'll eventually 
win the well deserved shine sprite. 

F. Sirena Beach|
 Use the rocket nozzle to blast onto the roof behind Bianco 
Square.  Have Yoshi eat the pineapple plugging up the pipe 
and jump on in.

*Mission 1: The Manta Storm

UGH! This guy is even worse than Gooper Blooper.  Follow the 
arrows and talk to the hotel manager.  When he finishes 
talking, some huge, yellowish, manta ray thing will appear 
on the beach.  This manta ray is conveniently comprised of 
electricity, and will leave a trail of electrified goop 
wherever he goes.  And you, just so happen to have a water-
shooting pump with you.  Howzabout that?  You know what that 
means.  Spray the manta with water to kill him.  The manta 
will divide into smaller parts each time you damage him, 
making him more and more dangerous and annoying as you fight 
him.  You can fight him two ways: the faster, harder, and 
tedious way, or the slower, easier, tedious way.  The harder 
way is to jump over the mantas, and shoot them with the 
hover nozzle from above.  You have to be careful while doing 
this, or else you'll land on a manta, who will either knock 
you into more mantas, or knock you into some goop.  The 
slower way is easier, but it requires good aim, and a 
tremendous amount of patience.  You have to hide under a 
cabana, (they won't come in for some weird reason) and shoot 
all the manta rays from afar.  Have fun.  I lost to this guy 
so many times its not even funny.

*Mission 2: The Hotel Lobby's Secret
Talk to the hotel manager in front of the newly arisen Hotel 
Delfino.  He'll complain that its full of boos, and then 
tell you to take care of it.  When you enter, jump on one of 
the orange boos until your able to reach the second floor.  
Then spray two orange boos that are next to each other.  
They'll become platforms that you can use to get onto the 
third floor.  Climb into the mouth of the boo statue to 
teleport to the obstacle course.  Beat the obstacle course 
and get the shine sprite.

*Mission 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino
This is my ABSOLUTE favorite mission in this game, hands 
down.  If you're like me and like to be sneaky and figure 
out puzzles, don't read the rest of this strategy.  If you 
don't like puzzles, then continue reading.  

When you enter the hotel, you'll see a Yoshi egg by the 
check in/out desk.  Of course, Yoshi wants a pineapple, and 
the clerk ran out of pineapples.  Squirt him or jump on his 
head a couple of times, if it makes you feel any better.  
Talk to the pianta outside the men's bathroom.(to the left) 
He'll say that there's  water damage in one of the stalls in 
the bathroom.  Find that stall and jump: you'll end up in a 
room with a pianta next to a painting: she'll say that she 
gets a really creepy vibe from the painting.  If you look at 
it long enough, you'll see why.  Squirt it and jump through. 
 By now you probably realized to look for anything a bit too 
obvious.  When the noki say, the boos came from the closet, 
it makes it even more glaringly obvious.  Spray the panels 
on the closet until they make the picture of a boo.  Squirt 
the orange boos in the next room to make platforms, leading 
to the ceiling.  Jump through the little square to end up in 
a room on the third floor.  The only thing in this room is a 
wooden book case and a bed.  Pretty under-furnished for a 
hotel room, don't ya think?  Spray the bookcase so it will 
flip over.  Run under it.  Pound the brightest tile in the 
room(pretty obvious) and you'll wind up in a room with a 
bunch of crates.  Pound one and take the pineapple inside 
the crate to Yoshi.  Once he's been hatched.  Head on up to 
the third floor.  You'll pass the poolroom, which has the 
shine in it.  Don't bother trying to get in the pool room.  
The piantas won't let you in.  Instead, head into the room 
with the two nokis on the bed.(it's the only door thats 
open) Jump onto the bed.  You'll find yourself in a maze-
like system of ventilation ducts.  Have Yoshi eat the ghost 
to the left, and continue along the outermost pathway.  
(Don't go into the first dead end) Go into the second one 
you see.  It may look like a dead end, but theres a crack in 
the floor you can ground pound through.  If you followed the 
path correctly, you'll be in the poolroom with the shine 
sprite.  Now wasn't that fun!?!?! You know it was.  Admit 

*Mission 4: Secret of Casino Delfino

Enter the hotel as usual.  Talk to the pianta standing in 
front of the door next to the mens room.  He'll take you to 
the casino.  Go by one of the slots.  Spray each one until 
all 3 of the slots have 7.  Do the same thing with the other 
slot and the curtain will draw, allowing you access to the 
stage.  Spray the "?" panels until it forms the picture of a 
shine.  Jump into the pipe to enter the obstacle course.  
Beat it to claim the shine.

*Mission 5: King Boo Down Below
Head to the casino and pound the purple mark on the roulette 
table.  It will slowly start to descend into the basement.  
This fight is pretty easy.  Spray boo with water, causing 
him to run his tongue along the slots.  If the slots stop 
and enemies come out, run around behind King Boo until they 
go away.  In this battle you're going to have to battle with 
fruit.(O_o) When the fruit appears, throw one of the peppers 
at Boo's tongue.  When it hits, his tongue will catch on 
fire.  HAHA!  While his tongue is burning, throw either a 
lemon, coconut, or pineapple at him.  Do this three times 
and the shine sprite will be yours. 

*Mission 6: Scrubbing Sirena Beach
Once again, all the electrified goop has appeared, but this 
time, it's everywhere.  And I mean, everywhere.  You'll only 
have about three minutes to clean it up.  It's best to use 
the spray nozzle in this mission.  Try to get the bulk of 
the goop, then work on as many small spots as possible.  
It's nearly impossible to clean all of it, so just get as 
much as you can.  Hopefully, you'll have cleaned enough 
before the timer runs out.  The timer will stop when you 
clean enough.  You're probably gonna have to do this a 
couple of times before you get the shine sprite. 

*Mission 7: Shadow Mario Checks In
This one, like most of them, is ridiculously easy.  He's 
mainly going to stay out of the hotel rooms, so it should be 
hard to lose him.  If you do happen to lose him, check in 
the lobby, because most times, he'll be waiting for you 
there.  When you catch him, he'll give up a shine sprite.  

*Mission 8: Red Coins in the Hotel:

UGH! This was the hardest coin hunt in the game for me.  I 
died so f!@#$ng many times, trying to find the last two 
coins.  You better be thankful that I wrote this 
walkthrough.  Otherwise, you would have died so many times 
trying to find all the coins.  Go into he hotel and pound 
the red switch.  You're only going to have 5 minutes to find 
all the coins.  It may seem like enough time, but believe 
me, if you don't know what your doing or where your going, 
it's definitely not enough time.
1)Right in front of where you pounded the switch lies the 
first red coin.
2)Go into the ladies room.  (Opposite of the mens room)
3)Go to the room with the pianta standing next to the 
painting.  Spray it and go through the painting: the coin is 
in front of the closet.  
4)Go through the closet, then exit the room.  The coin is by 
the lamp and the coffee table.
5)Go to the 3rd floor.  The red coin is right in plain 
6)The door to the poolroom will be unlocked, so enter 
it.(duh) The pianta will allow you to enter the poolroom, 
where the sixth red coin awaits.
7)Leave the poolroom and go into the room with the noki's on 
the bed.  Jump on the bed and get in the ventilation ducts. 
 Make a left and stay on the outermost path.  Go into the 
first dead end and ground pound through the floor.  You 
should end up in a room with a pianta walking around.  
Squirt the poster with a drawing of boo on it.  The coin is 
in that room.  
8)Go back to the room with the pianta walking around and 
pound through the bright tile.  You should be in the storage 
room where you got the pineapple. The red coin is in the 
little doorway.  
The shine sprite will be in the lobby.        

G. Pianta Village|

The pipe leading to the village is on top of the Shine Gate. 
 Use the rocket nozzle to blast up there.

*Mission 1: Chain Chomplets Unchained

Being that this is the last level, most of the missions are 
going to be pretty hard.  This one is no exception.  Three 
chain chomplets are running around the village like crazy, 
all of which are dangerously hot to the touch.  You have to 
cool them down using FLUDD.  Grab them by the tail,(chain, 
whatever) pull it back, and fling  them into to the spring 
in the center of the village.  When you fling them all 3 
into the spring, the villagers will reward you with a shine 

*Mission 2: Piantissimo's Crazy Climb
Jeez! This guy doesn't know when to quit does he!?!?! Like I 
said before, his loss is our gain.  Just follow the arrows, 
and use the dive jump all the way to the foot of the tree.  
 Here's an awesome little trick.  (I"m not sure if it's a 
glitch or not, but either way its helpful) Dive jump once 
when running up the tree.  When you get back up from the 
jump, you'll start running faster than usual.  This almost 
guarantees a shine sprite. 

*Mission 3: The Goopy Inferno
This was probably one of the hardest missions.  But when I 
came back to do this mission for this guide, I figured out a 
much easier way to do it.  You can do this two ways: the 
hard way, which I'm not even going to bother to list, or my 
way.  Guess that leaves you no choice, huh? Haha.  If you 
still want to do it the hard way, you'll have to figure it 
out yourself, because its way to long and complicated to 
explain.  (Why even bother if there's an easier way though?)
Make your way to the river on the eastern end of the level. 
 Jump into it and swim into the spring.  Run out of it and 
run into the lava.  You will take damage, but it cleared 
away some of goop though didn't it? Yeah, I know I'm a 
genius. =p Keep doing this, but instead of running into the 
lava, stop right before it.  When it looks like your close 
enough to jump onto the grass, side somerault, then dive.  
If looks weren't deceiving, you'll end up on the grass.  
That was pretty easy, now wasn't it?  Climb up the tower 
thing in front of you to recover FLUDD.  From here, sshover 
to the mushroom on the tower adjacent to you.  When you're 
on the mushroom, sshover back to the golden mushroom, where 
you'll find a very dirty mayor. Spray him clean to get a 
shine sprite. 

*Mission 4: The Chain Chomps Bath:
The time an even bigger, badder chain chomp is overheating, 
and its going to take more than FLUDD to cool him off.  
First, go over to the chain chomp.  Throw a barrel of water 
at it to cool him off.  Then pick up his tail to let him 
loose.  Yeah, thats what I said, let him loose.  Then take 
two or three barrels to the hot spring.  Believe it or not, 
the chain chomp is scared of you for some weird reason.  So 
its going to go in the path opposite you go.  Stand in front 
of any paths you don't want it to go in.  Your going to have 
to be quick to keep up with chain chomp, so use the dive 
jump to get in front of him.  When you chase him to the hot 
spring, throw a barrel of water on him.  Then pick up his 
tail, and drag him around the pool so he falls in.  The 
shine sprite will be yours.  

*Mission 5: Secret of the Village Underside
Whatever fruit Yoshi wants will be hanging from the tree by 
the hot spring.  Squirt the fruit and bring it to Yoshi.  
Jump off the bridge onto one of the mushrooms below.  Use 
Yoshi's flutter jump to make it from mushroom to mushroom 
until you reach a mushroom with orange goop on it.  Spray it 
to make it go away, then jump in the hole it was covering.  
This obstacle course is a bit different from the other ones. 
 You'll have to use the "chuckers" to make it from one 
platform to another.  Before you talk to the pink chucker, 
 If not, he may just chuck you to your doom.  Talk to the 
chucker and he'll throw you to the next platform.  Talk to 
the blue one when he's farthest away from the edge.  He'll 
toss you to a platform with a yellow chucker, who will throw 
you up and on a platform with a bunch of goombas and a blue 
chucker.  Have him chuck you to the next platform.  Talk to 
the next platform.  Talk to the brown chucker when you're 
exactly alligned with the platform with the shine.  If you 
talk to him at the right time, he'll throw you on the 
platform with the shine sprite.  

*Mission 6: Piantas in Need

Once again, the villagers are in need of your help.  Just 
look for any red goop you see and clean it off to reveal the 
pianta.  Then clean off the pianta.  Don't forget to talk to 
it when it's all clean.  It'll probably give you a blue 
coin.  Spray off 10 of them within 3 minutes to get a shine 

*Mission 7: Shadow Mario Runs Wild: 
Another ridiculously easy chase.  You know what to do.  
Knock him down to get the shine sprite.

*Mission 8: Fluff Festival Coin Hunt
This was the third hardest coin hunt in the game.  I spent 
such a long time looking for just one coin.  
1)Climb up the tree to your right as soon as you cross the 
bridge.  The coin is on the leaf overhanging the bridge.  
2)From the bridge, go right, then north, until you reach a 
bunch of stacked up crates.  Ground pound them to find 
number two.
3)The third red coin is submerged in the hot spring.  
4)When you get out of the hot spring, face northwest.  You 
should see a tree, and right by the ledge, a red coin 
underneath a hornets nest.  Let a hornet damage you, so you 
won't get knocked off the ledge.  
5)Under the fruit tree by the hot spring lies the 5th red 
6)From the fruit tree, go right into the grassy area.  The 
coin is hidden within the grass.  
7)This was the hardest coin to get in the game, if you ask 
me.  Go in front of the bridge.  Make a right into a little 
fenced in square with a mushroom and a pit in it.  Ground 
pound through the pit to end up in the undercity.  Get on 
the hanging square and press B.  As soon as it stops, press 
A, or you'll fall into oblivion.  Make your way to the swing 
and drop onto it.  Hover onto the gate in front of you, but 
don't fo through the revolving square;  Climb up it instead. 
 From there, hover to the catwalk that has the swing hanging 
from it.  Walk to the very end to find the hardest red coin 
in the game.  

Before I tell the location of number 8, you have to get back 
to the village.  I was stuck here for such a long time, 
figuring out how to get back up.  When you get the coin, 
face right: you'll see an extension of the gate sticking 
out.  Hover onto it.  You have to be extremely careful at 
this part.  If you mistime the jump, you'll end up falling 
into the abyss.  Find the hanging square, jump off the gate, 
and hover onto the hanging square.   Press A and slam 
through the revolving square and wall kick up the pit.  
8)Find the biggest tree in the level, which is by the dried 
up spring.  Hover onto one of the shells jutting out of it 
from higher ground.  Keep hovering onto the shells until you 
reach the rocket nozzle.  Blast your way up the tree until 
your on the very top.  The coin is on the perch.  Blast up 
to get it.  OMG.  I hated getting this shine.  I would 
always overjump, and I would miss the cloud, causing me to 
plummet into oblivion, and I was forced to get the coins all 
over again.  Lets hope you guys get it easier than I did.  
The shine will appear on top of a cloud waaaaaaaaaay out in 
the middle of Nowheresville. (Black hole sun)  Ride the 
fluff that appears at the edge of the leaf facing the cloud. 
 Swivel the camera to the side, so you can see better.  
Carefully, but quickly jump onto the cloud before the fluff 

Corona Mountain|  

When you beat all the Shad. Mario chases, Delfino Plaza, 
will flood, opening the gate to Corona Mountain.
Before you go to Corona Mountain, go back to Noki Bay and 
practice using the mudboat with FLUDD. (Do it in a mission 
where the water isn't polluted)  BELIEVE ME, it will be 
extremely helpful later on.
Corona Mountain| 

!!!The LAST Mission.....!!!
It just so happens that Bowser has made his hideout in the 
interior of Corona Mountain, but you probably figured that 
out already.  Inside you'll find the interior is oozing with 
with molten lava, not to mention danger.  But we got to do 
what we got to do.  When you begin, you'll see two types of 
platforms: one that is on fire, and the other with spikes 
that periodically go in and out of the platform.  If you 
touch either platforms while hazardous, its night-night for 
Mario.  The fiery ones aren't as dangerous as they appear: 
just use the hover nozzle to spray them out.  The fire will 
eventually rekindle, so don't get too comfortable.  The 
spiky platforms are the real dangerous ones.  When they 
first come out, wait about a second or two.  By the time you 
hover to them, the spikes should have receded back into the 
platform.  Quickly find the next platform and hover to it, 
because the spikes will come back out in about 5 seconds.  
Carefully make your way to the island with the sprinkler and 
the crate.  Pound the crate to reveal a one up mushroom.  
Now, were you a cool person and listened to me when I said 
to go back to Noki Bay and practice using the boat? Huh?? 
Hope so, because your going to have to use FLUDDS spray 
nozzle to steer the boat.  Be extremely careful here.  If 
you touch any solid surface, the boat will sink into the 
lava, dragging you along with it.  Don't rush here: just be 
patient and slowly make your way to the next island.  Grab 
the rocket nozzle and blast through the clouds until you 
reach Bowser himself.  

This boss fight is really easy.  There will be 5 symbols on 
the end of the platforms that branch out from the central 
platform.  Stand on the symbols and blast into the air.  At 
the peak of your jump, perform a ground pound.  You'll slam 
down on the symbol with tremendous force, causing this 
"branch" to break off.  Use the rocket nozzle to blast back 
to the central platform before it completely crumbles away. 
 When Bowser breathes fire, you can squirt him to douse the 
fire, but it's a lot easier to just outrun him.  The bullet 
bills Baby Bowser will fire at you aren't much of a threat. 
 As a matter of fact.  If you jump on the blue ones, you'll 
get a water bottle, or a 1up.  Repeat this 4 more times, and 
the Bowsers will be defeated.  That was a bit too easy if 
you ask me.....

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -
Section III: Secrets Galore|
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -

This section is obviously dedicated to all of the secret 
shines in the game.

A. Secret Shines|
Delfino Plaza Secret Shines:
There are 15 secret shines in Delfino Plaza, and I have yet 
to get them all.  Most are easy, but there's a small portion 
of them that are hard to get.  Most of them are sublevels 
that you enter through a pipe.

Delfino Shine #1: Make sure you have at least one coin 
before getting this shine.  Get on one of the rooftops in 
the towncenter.  Look for a pianta sitting on top of a roof. 
 He'll offer to do something for you in exchange for one 
coin.  When you give him the coin, it turns out he's a 
chucker, and he'll chuck you into a tower, containing a 
shine sprite.  

Delfino Shine #2: Swim to the island with the pipe and the 
stranded pianta.  When you get on the island, look around; 
you'll see a yellow bird flying around.  Squirt him three 
times and it'll turn into a shine sprite.  

Delfino Shine #3: Locate a tower with a dirty bell on top of 
it.  Use the rocket nozzle to blast up to it.  You know what 
to do.  Find a manhole close by that tower to get the shine 
sprite inside of it.  

Delfino Shine #4: Head to the tower across from one you just 
cleaned off.  Blast up to the bell and clean it off.  
Another shine sprite will be added to your growing 

Delfino Shine #5: Go to the town center.  To the left of the 
shine gate is a building with no doors.  Walk through it.  
Play  a crate-stomping game to win the shine sprite.  (You 
could do this again for another shine sprite)   If by chance 
you find yourself losing this amazingly easy mini game, just 
exit then re-enter and play the game again.  

Delfino Shine #6: Remember where you first started out the 
game? You know, where the cops told you to clean up the mess 
in Bianco Square? Grab the turbo nozzle and head back to 
that area.  The policemen will still be there for some 
reason.  Use the turbo nozzle to blast through the doors.  
You'll find yourself in a sublevel.  Beat it to get the 

Delfino Shine #7: Grab the rocket nozzle and head to the 
lighthouse.  (Gelato Beach Portal) Blast on top of the 
lighthouse.  Underneath Marios feet will be a little stone 
cap thing.  Use the rocket nozzle again.  At the peak of 
your jump, ground pound.  You'll slam onto the stone cap, 
casing it to shatter and free shine sprite.

Delfino Shine #8: Go back to the lighthouse.  Spray the sand 
near the lighthouse until the symbol of a shine appears on 
the sand.  You guessed it.  You'll get a shine sprite for 
your efforts.  

Delfino Shine #9: Grab the rocket nozzle and go to the 
towncenter.  Jump into the canal, then swim until your under 
a stone bridge with a coin underneath it.  Get directly 
beneath the coin, and charge your rocket nozzle.  Right 
before FLUDD fills up, jump out of the water.  You'll be 
transported to a sublevel to do a coin hunt.  I haven't even 
beaten this one yet.  This coin hunt is really hard.  Have 
fun beating it.  

Delfino Shine #10: Get the turbo nozzle.  From where you are 
right now, blast through the doors of the belltower to get a 

Delfino Shine #11: This sublevel is a real pain in the ass 
to get to.  Hatch Yoshi and go into one of the manholes.  
From there, make your way through the pipes to the island 
with the pianta and a picnic basket.  When a boat comes 
around,(make sure its not going back to the canal!) Quickly 
eat a coconut and jump onto the boat.  Ride it all the way 
to the post with the banana on it.  Wait for another boat to 
come around and ride it to the island with the stranded 
pianta and I pipe with orange goo on it.  Beat the sublevel 
and get the shine.  

Delfino Shine #12: Go to the lighthouse.  You'll see a bunch 
of stone pillars in the water.  A pipe occupies one of the 
pillars.  Jump into it and beat the sublevel to get the 
shine sprite.

Delfino Shine #13: Grab the rocket nozzle and head towards 
the Shine Gate.  Spray the shine statue clean to get another 
shine sprite.  

Delfino Shine #14: This shine is in a nice easy sublevel.  
Thank God. =D.  Grab the rocket nozzle once again and head 
toward the red cannon that blasts you to Pinna Park.  Jump 
in the water and swim to the right against the cliff face.  
After swimming a couple of feet, rocket out of the water.  
You should see a pipe on a little platform jutting out of 
the cliff.(if you didn't already land on it.) Jump into the 
pipe.  This is a nice easy red coin hunt.  
1,2) These two are sitting around in plain sight.  
3) Shoot the red bird 3 times with water until it turns into 
a red coin.  
4)Put out the fire on the guys back, then talk to him.  
He'll give you a red coin as a thank you gift.  
5,6,7) Jump on top of three flower heads to get the red 
coins.  Listen for their trademark annoying singing.  
8) This one is one is kind of hard to find.  Zoom the camera 
all the way out to start.  Then go into all the little black 
squares in the ground.  Then move around.  You'll eventually 
find it.  
-Hint-When looking in the wholes, look for a blue "?". This 
will signify the presence of the red coin.
Delfino Shine #15: Another yellow bird will be on the island 
with the stranded pianta.  Approach the island from the 
left, and shoot the bird while in the water.  

Secret Delfino Shine #1: When you beat all the Shadow Mario 
chases, you'll be able to return to the airport.  Pay 10 
coins to ride the boat and get to the airport.  This is the 
easiest 100 coin hunt in the game.  Grab the turbo nozzle to 
make it even easier.
Secret Delfino Shine #2: Head back to the airport and do a 
red coin hunt.  First start off by grabbing the turbo 
nozzle.  All of the red coins are out in the open except for 
one.  Use the turbo nozzle and blast through the doors to 
find the coin.    

~~100 Coin Stars~~
There are 3 unnamed shine sprites in every level: one of 
those three are 100 coin stars.  All you have to do is 
collect 100 coins in a level without exiting it.  If you 
exit the level before you reach 100, you'll have to collect 
them all over again.  I'm not actually going to list the 
locations of the coins, 'cause that would be pretty stupid. 
 But I will though, give you some tips on where to find 

-Tip- Pound any crates that you see.  Chances are, a coin 
will be concealed within them.  
-Tip- Kill as many enemies as you can find.  They'll often 
give up at least one coin.
-Tip- When you see a manhole, ground pound it.  You'll be 
underground in a maze-like network of pipes.  Thoroughly 
explore the pipes.  You'll often find a bunch of coins 
within them.  
-Tip- Obviously, thoroughly explore the level.  Leave no 
stone unturned in your search for the coins.  
-Tip- Explore different missions while in a level: you may 
find that some missions are more abundant in their coins 
than in others.  

<<Blue Coins 240>>
If I wouldn't say where 100 yellow coins, the most common 
coins in the game are, what makes you think I'll be able to 
find all the locations of well hidden, less common, blue 
coins?!? I still haven't found all the blue coins, and I 
probably never will.  But that doesn't mean you can't look 
for them.  Just follow the same tips I listed above.  Here 
are some more tips, a bit more specific to blue coins.

-Tip- Look in isolated areas, such as the ocean, on top of 
trees, or places that are hard to get to.  You'll often find 
a blue coin hidden in a crate, or some graffiti.  
-Tip- Speaking of which, spray any graffiti you see. (Red 
'Ms', red circles, triangles, or x's, or just goop)  The 
graffiti is often in out-of-the-way areas.  
-Tip- Look in obvious places as well.  You often expect to 
find a hidden blue coin, when sometimes one can be sitting 
right under your nose.   
-Tip- Pay attention to your surroundings.  If you see 
anything out of place or just not quite right, spray it.  
Sometimes a blue coin will be revealed.  
-Tip- Clean off dirty piantas.  They'll often thank you with 
a blue coin for cleaning them off.  
-Tip- Squirt blue birds whenever and wherever you see them. 
 Although its mean, they'll turn into blue coins when you 
squirt them three times.
-Tip- In Delfino Plaza, give the piantas by the picnic 
baskets the fruit they want.  Although it can be a pain in 
the ass sometimes, the blue coin is worth it.   

Have fun looking for them. It's a lot harder than it sounds. 
 But you if you have enough dedication, you will eventually 
get them all.  

\\Level Secret Shines//
Most of the secret shines in the levels just require you to 
go back to obstacle courses and do a red coin hunt.  I won't 
list the locations of the coins, since their all in plain 
sight.  Just because you have FLUDD, doesn't make the coin 
hunt easy though.  You have to rely on your jumping 
abilities and brains to get all the red coins and the shine 
sprite within the time limit.  Remember to use combos, and 
to be patient.  Chances are, its going to take you more than 
one try to get the shine.  

Good luck!

It turns out that some of the levels, you only have one 
obstacle course.  Here are the real secret shine sprite 

Ricco Secret Shine:
Pick the "Blooper Surfing Safari" mission and head into the 
sewer.  This time, you have to beat the race with in 40 
seconds.(last time it was 45 seconds) Not much harder, just 
always hold forward and jump over obstacles.  Pretty easy if 
ya' ask me.

Gelato Secret Shine:
Pick the watermelon festival level and head up to the upper 
level.(the area where the Sand bird tower is) Spray one of 
the dune buds so they make a staircase leading down into the 
sand.  Spray the wall of the stairs until the picture of a 
shine sprite appears.  A cleverly hidden shine sprite will 
be yours for the taking. 

Noki Secret Shine:
Pick any episode you want.  Look around and you'll see a 
little indented area you can wall jump up.  Go over to it 
and wall jump into a cave.  Make your way through the cave 
until your out of it.  Jump into the next cave, where you'll 
be flung upwards into the air and land on a cliff.  You 
should see a yellow bird flying around.   You know what to 
do.  Spray the poor thing until it becomes a shine.  

Pianta Secret Shine:
Pick the Fluff festival level, and make your way to the top 
of the tree.  Blast onto the perch at the very top of the 
tree.  If you happened to talk to one of the piantas on the 
ground, she would have said that the mayors wife keeps a 
secret stash up on the top of the tree.  She also said 
somethin' about looking into the sun... If you look closely 
at the sun, it will start to resemble a certain item you 
collect in the game.  Hmm... wonder what it could be.  Wait 
a minute... doesn't it look an itty bitty bit like a shine 
sprite???  Oh yea! Who's good!?!  Yea, I know im a genius.  
Jk..... Squirt into the sun and the picture of a shine 
sprite will appear, making the most well hidden shine sprite 
in the game appear.      

**__Glitches/Easter eggs/cool stuff__** 

-Glitch- Go to Sirena Beach and select a mission where 
you're in the hotel.  Now go up to the third floor, jump on 
the bed with the nokis on it, and get in the vent maze.  Get 
close to one of the walls.  If you position the camera 
correctly, you'll see a black area with little flames.  I 
think the flames are coming from the torches in the lobby, 
but maybe not.  I guess we'll never know.  

-Easter Egg- Go to the Delfino Plaza beach by the lighthouse 
and talk to the pianta sitting under one of the umbrellas.  
If you got enough shine sprites, he'll give you sunglasses. 
 What exactly are they for???  They have to have some 
purpose...  I've been trying to think of what they're for, 
but I just can't figure out a use for them, other than 
blocking out harmful UV rays.  If anyone else out there in 
cyberland knows what they're for, feel free to send me an e-
mail before the date below.  

-Glitch- I'm not really sure if it's a glitch or not, but 
either way its pretty cool.  I also mentioned it before in 
one of the mission strategies.  Why I'm mentioning it again, 
you ask? Because it's fun....
Find any slanted slope in the game.  (Rooftops in Delfino 
Plaza, hills in Gelato Beach, anything slanted) Then do a 
dive jump: after Mario gets up from the jump, he'll start 
running faster than normal. 

-Glitch- This is one is pretty cool.  Go to Pianta Village. 
 When you're on the bridge, jump off onto one of the 
mushrooms below.  You should see a huge tree trunk; slide 
down it.  If you did this right, instead of plummeting into 
oblivion, you'll be on a "floor."  Once you do this, theres 
no way of getting out of it.  You have to exit the level. 

-Cool stuff- If you get all 120 shine sprites, (something 
which I intend to do) you'll have a new shirt to wear.

-Cool stuff- I also heard that if you get 120 shine sprites, 
there may be a different ending............. 

If you know of any more glitches, Easter eggs, or cool 
stuff, e-mail me at the address shown below

- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -
Section IV: Contact Info. and copyright info. |
- -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -

--Contact Info.--
Like I said before, I hope you found my guide helpful and 
enjoyable to read.  If you have any contributions, 
critiques, or questions about this guide, e-mail them to me 
at ClaJxx991@aim.com, or diSturBed1x91@aim.com. And by the 
way, those are one's, not l's.  If you think emailing is for 
squares, then you can i.m. me at diSturBed1xx91, or 
CLaJxx991.  (Preferably diSturbed1xx91, cuz thats the s/n im 
usually on)  Full credit will be posted by your 

--Copyright info.--
This walkthrough is copyright of me, Clayton Heslin.  All 
rights reserved.  This walkthrough is not allowed to be on 
any other site than Gamefaqs or any other of it's related 
sites.  Don't bother asking me, because I'm just going to 
say no.  This guide was written by me, myself and I, unless 
your name was listed in this guide.  This can only be 
copied/pasted and used for private use.  DON'T COPY MY WORK. 
 Bluntly put, you'll be in some deep s#%* if I happen to 
find out this was taken without my permission.  

The End.......

Well, this is it guys.  I haven't really gotten any emails 
or i.m.'s with questions about this guide, so I guess thats 
a good thing.  I won't be really updating this anymore.  I 
may do some minor editing from time to time, but if you had 
a question for me but didn't bother asking, its too late 
now.  I won't really be paying attention to this that much 
any longer.  This guide was really made to see what its like 
to make a walkthrough... and its pretty time consuming.  But 
I really do like it, so you can probably expect some more 
FAQs/Walkthroughs from me in the future..... 

Thanks for readin my guide guys!!!!! =D  

End walkthrough.  August 26, 2006.  All rights reserved.  

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