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FAQ/Walkthrough by Planet GameCube

Version: 3.9 | Updated: 09/08/02

Super Mario Sunshine FAQ/Walkthrough (JPN Version)
Version 3.9 (Last updated 9/8/2002)
By Planet GameCube Staff (or just "PGC")
Send feedback to jonathan@planetgamecube.com

This entire document is copyright 2002 by Planet GameCube
(http://www.planetgamecube.com)  It is authorized to be posted ONLY at
PlanetGameCube.com and at GameFAQs.com.  It may not be reproduced in whole or
in part without the express written consent of Planet GameCube.

Super Mario Sunshine and all related characters and elements are copyrighted to


Version History
Controls and Moves
Story Title Translations
Dolphic Town (Hub) Walkthrough
Level-by-Level Walkthrough
Blue Coin Guide
Contact Info

3.9 (9/8/2002) Added the long-awaited Blue Coin Guide for Monte Village (and
Corona Mountain too).  So you can stop emailing me about it already!  ;-) 
Let’s all thank Daniel Bloodworth for his amazing work on the Blue Coin Guide. 
Also fixed the spelling of Noki Bay, added a note about the US name of Dolphic
Town (Delfino Plaza, yuck), and further clarified the nozzle unlocking stuff,
which we basically still don’t understand.  I’m hoping that the next update
will be the final one.
3.8 (8/31/2002) Tons of small additions and revisions this time.  Fixed the
method for unlocking Yoshi and the other nozzles, added US names of Mare Bay
and Monte Village, added a new Pachinko strategy, added info about saving after
the final boss, reworded some Secrets info, added new info about Sliding, and
fixed various formatting issues.
3.7 (8/29/2002) Added Blue Coin Guide for Mare Bay, along with some correcting
some formatting stuff that had been causing problems for our GameFAQs readers. 
Due to an overwhelming number of emails about it, I also added an explanation
of how to unlock Yoshi and the other two nozzles in three separate,
easy-to-find locations.  So please stop asking me about it.  :-)  Also added a
note about Mamma Beach’s new US name (Gelato Beach) in a few appropriate
locations.  By the way, this guide is NOT authorized to be posted on
CheatCC.com, so if you’re a fan of that site, you might want to tell them what
a great idea it would be to quit stealing our content.
3.5 (8/22/2002) Added Blue Coin Guide for Sirena Beach, plus translated Story
Titles!  Also made another (final?) clarification to one of the Secrets. 
Currently investigating a third secret to possibly include in that section.
3.3 (8/15/2002) Added Blue Coin Guide for Pinna Park.
3.2 (8/14/2002) Clarified the sunglasses requirements, fixed some formatting
problems, and added two more levels to the Blue Coin Guide.
3.0 (8/5/2002) Added first two sections of Daniel's Blue Coin Guide, deleted
the pointless Conclusion, tweaked one of the Secrets, and made a few other
minor edits.
2.6 (8/1/2002) Added strategy for the 100 Coins Shine in Monte Village.
2.5 (7/31/2002) Made numerous corrections to Controls and Moves, added three
Shines to Dolphic Town Guide, and added several alternate methods to the
Level-by-Level Walkthrough.
2.0 (7/30/2002) Added Dolphic Town (Hub) Walkthrough
1.2 (7/30/2002) Added info on Yoshi's juice colors and a tip for getting 100
coins in Bianco Hills.
1.1 (7/30/2002) Corrected a few typos and added the Back Flip to Controls and
1.0 (7/29/2002) First posting; basic walkthrough and controls and moves

This FAQ/Walkthrough is for the Japanese version of Nintendo's latest
masterpiece, Super Mario Sunshine.  Our basic goal here is to provide a
comprehensive guide to the game for when you get stuck.  We don't recommend you
print this guide out and use it constantly while you play...a very large part
of enjoying this game is discovering things and figuring out puzzles on your
own.  Also keep in mind that Super Mario Sunshine (SMS) is very much a
skill-based game, and although we can tell you how to accomplish something in
general, it's up to you to actually be able to execute the task.  Your best bet
is to spend some time mastering the controls and all of Mario's new (and old)
moves; otherwise you'll get nowhere in this game.


*Note: Things like Yoshi and the two extra pump nozzles will open up
automatically as you progress through the game. We are actually not sure
exactly what triggers the nozzles in Dolphic Town...it seems to be multiple
factors.  Just keep getting Shines, especially in the earlier levels, and they
will eventually open up.  Yoshi will become available after you beat Story Four
of Pinna Park.  Once you have the required Shine(s), a cut-scene will
automatically take place when you return to town.  Water Mario will take off
with whatever item you’re about to unlock, and you just have to chase and spray
him as usual.  Then you can save and the item he was carrying will be
permanently enabled.  This note will be repeated elsewhere in the guide to make
sure everyone sees it.

This section will cover all of Mario's moves, from the most basic jump to the
crazy hidden techniques we've picked up from experimentation.  Some of these
moves are probably undocumented, but we can't tell which ones since the manual
and in-game instructions are in Japanese.

Walk/Run - Just move the control stick.  The harder you press, the faster Mario
goes.  Note that some parts of the game are easier if you learn to tip-toe by
pressing the stick very softly.

Jump - Press A.  The longer you hold the button, the higher Mario jumps.

Double Jump - Press A just as Mario touches the ground from another jump.  The
Double Jump goes even higher and farther.

Triple Jump - Press A just as Mario touches the ground after a Double Jump. 
Mario will do flips in the air this time and go even higher and farther than
before.  If you try to do a fourth jump after a Triple Jump, it will just reset
back to the normal jump.  In other words, there is no Quadruple Jump.

Spin Jump - Quickly spin the control stick in a full circle (either direction)
and press A.  The Spin Jump is approximately as high as a Triple Jump, but it
comes down much more slowly and doesn't require a running start.  The downside
is that Mario is fairly hard to control during a Spin Jump, so you may not
always lift off in the direction you wanted to.  A couple of Spin Jumps  can
clean sludge off Mario if he's gotten messy.

U-Turn Jump - Press the control stick in one direction, then quickly press it
to the opposite direction and press A.  The U-Turn Jump has about the same
height as the Spin Jump, although Mario will descend normally.  Because it can
be done in a small space and is highly controlled, much moreso than the Spin
Jump, the U-Turn Jump is one of the most useful moves in the game.  You should
master it early on if you plan to ever reach the more advanced areas of Mario's
new world.

Wall Jump - Jump towards a wall until Mario starts sliding down it, then press
A.  The Wall Jump is usually required several times in a row, so practice
getting your rhythm and you can get to all kinds of places very quickly with
it.  Note that Mario will always Wall Jump in the opposite direction of the
wall he jumped from...unless you add some hover, it's practically impossible to
wall jump between two perpendicular walls.

Butt Stomp - Press L until it clicks while in the air.  The Butt Stomp can be
used as an attack or to break crates, activate switches, etc.  If you Butt
Stomp for several seconds (usually after a Super Jump), the effect color will
change to orange/pink and you can break even harder materials.  The Butt Stomp
also activates gates within horizontal fences; after the Butt Stomp is
complete, Mario will be hanging on the fence's underside.

Grab - Press B while next to an object Mario can grab.  If it's a large object,
like a monster's tail, keep holding B and use the control stick to pull on the
object; when you let off B, Mario will release.  If it's a small object, like
fruit or a bomb, Mario will keep holding it after only a tap.

Throw - Press B while holding a small object.  Throw distance depends on your
momentum; throwing from a running jump will get the best distance.  If you
press B while standing still, Mario will set the item down gently.

Map - Press Z.  The map contains some info about the island  You can move the
cursor with the control stick and press A to click on different parts of the
map for more info.  Clicking on the Shine on the right side will show you a
chart of how many Shines you have collected in each section of the game.  Press
Z again to exit the map.

Hang/Sidle - Grab onto a ledge, then press A to climb up, B to let go, or left
or right to sidle.  If you're standing on a platform and want to grab onto its
edge, walk over very slowly and Mario will automatically grab on when you fall.
 Sidling is useful for reaching areas with a gap too small for Mario to fit
through normally.

Dive - Run and then press B, or jump and press B.  The dive is a very fast move
that can be very useful for crossing a large distance if you're in a hurry.  It
can also be applied to the top of a big jump to cover a big lateral distance. 
Some enemies are susceptible to the Dive and some are not, so experiment a
little before you try using it as an attack.

Slide - Dive onto a slippery surface.  The slide is a fast way to get around,
but it's fairly hard to control and requires some slippery surface, such as
non-hazardous sludge or shallow water.  If you spray water in front of Mario,
you can dive onto it and slide anywhere, anytime you want.  Just keep holding
up while you steer.  If you have room to build up speed, this move can actually
be faster than the Belly Hop, and it is arguably easier to turn with.  Thanks
to ml580fl for the extra info on this move.

Belly Hop - Tap B rapidly while Sliding.  This is one of the fastest ways for
Mario to get around, and it doesn't require any special surface.  Just do a
Dive so that Mario is on his belly, and then keep tapping B.  Now you can slide
all over the place at a great speed!  Best used on straight courses, since the
turning radius is pretty bad.

Swim - Tap A or B while in deep water.  Pressing B will make Mario dive further
down with each stroke; pressing A will make him swim forward and upward.  Both
buttons seem to offer the same forward momentum.  If Mario is at the water's
surface, pressing A will just make him go forward.  To jump out of water, let
off the control stick completely and then press A.  The jump will bring Mario
out of the water and also forward just a little.  Note that Mario has an air
meter (looks just like the life meter but is blue) that will slowly decrease
while he is underwater; grabbing coins will refill the meter by one segment

Turbo Swim - Hold R in the hover mode and tap A while on the water's surface. 
Combining hover with swimming will let you travel over water about twice as
fast as normal swimming.  You may have to let off R and then re-press it
occasionally to keep it going, but the pump will automatically fill up as you

Change Pump Mode - Tap X.  You can only have two pump nozzles at a time.  Mario
starts with the spray nozzle and the hover nozzle.  When he gets either the
rocket nozzle or the propeller nozzle, it will replace hover until he picks up
the hover nozzle again from a blue box or until he exits the level.  Whenever
you ride Yoshi or enter one of the main levels, the nozzles will be reset to
spray and hover.  Sub-levels, such as the obstacle courses within main levels,
will allow you to retain whatever nozzles you had upon entering.

Refill Water Pump - Press R while in deep water.  Mario must be standing in at
least waist-high water in order to refill.  You can also refill by walking
under a stream of water, although they are pretty rare.  Water bottle powerups
are even rarer, sometimes found during long boss fights in which there is no
standing pool of water to replenish your supply.

Spray Water - Hold R while in spray mode.  The harder you press, the farther
the spray will go.  If you press R without the click, you can run and jump
while spraying.  If you press R down to the click, you can stand in one place
and aim the spray in any direction via the control stick.

Spin Spray - Spin the control stick in a full circle, then press R in spray
mode.  This is a nifty little move that can clear out large areas of sludge
quickly and with little water.  The timing is a bit tricky, but once the spin
starts you'll have about two seconds during which you can move around and cover
even more area with the spray.  This move can also be done in the air, after
you’ve already jumped.

Spin Jump Spray - Spin the control stick in a full circle, press A, then press
R in spray mode.  Covers more area than the Spin Spray, but is more difficult
to pull off and provides a more sporadic spray.  You can also do this move
while using the propeller nozzle for a very long, high jump and lots of water

Back Flip - Press R until it clicks while in spray mode, then press A. The back
flip sends Mario almost straight up in the air and a little backwards, with
approximately the same height as a U-turn or spin jump. You cannot use it while
running or switch to hover in mid-air, but you can jump and then use Back Flip
in mid-air for extra height. It also creates a brief, wide spray of water that
looks cool and takes out a nice chunk of sludge, especially if you Back Flip
from a jump.

Hover - Press R in hover mode.  Even with no control stick input, the hover
will carry Mario forward slowly while also increasing his altitude.  Best used
in conjuction with any of the jumps listed above.  Regardless of your water
supplies, Mario can only hover for about five seconds; the hover will become
available again as soon as he touches the ground.  Hover is best used to cover
very large gaps, but it can add a small amount of height to a jump if used
properly.  Note that hover use will use up water about twice as fast as the
spray mode.  Hover has no effect underwater, and it cannot be used if Mario is
on his back or stomach.  If hover is replaced by another nozzle, you can get it
back from a blue box.

Super Jump - Hold R until the meter fills up in rocket mode.  The harder you
press the trigger, the faster the meter will fill up.  This move will send
Mario extremely high into the air.  Learning to make slight adjustments on the
way down is one of the game's most demanding and important skills.  You can go
even higher by timing the Super Jump so that the meter fills up at the top of a
regular jump, or if you're an overachiever, a special jump like Triple or
U-Turn.  The rocket nozzle is found in red boxes and consumes a large amount of
water for each use.  Mario cannot Super Jump underwater or from the water's
surface, but he can charge up the meter and jump just before it fills to
effectively Super Jump out of the water.

Jet - Hold R until the meter fills up in propeller mode.  The harder you press
the trigger, the faster the meter will fill up.  This move will propel Mario
forward at high speed.  It can be used over either land or water, but your
water supply will be used up very quickly while on land.  (It refills
constantly and automatically while over water.)  Can be used to break open
certain barriers.  The propeller nozzle is found in gray boxes, and it is the
only pump mode that can be used underwater; using it as such looks very cool
but doesn't seem to serve any practical purpose.  Keep an eye on your air meter
if you're going to try it.

Cable Techniques - Jump onto a cable.  From there you can press up or down to
move along the cable, left or right to turn to the side (you can't move until
you turn back in either cable direction).  Press A to jump, then repeat as
Mario lands to gain even more height on the second jump.  Press B to hang down
on the cable, and then press in either cable direction to sidle.  From the
hanging position, press A to climb back onto the cable or B to let go and fall.

Cable Swing - Hang onto a cable, then press R while in spray mode.  Use this
move briefly and repeatedly to rock back and forth on a cable until Mario
starts to go completely around; then hold R to start spinning around the cable
in a blur, and press B to let go and fly off over a great distance.  Very fun
but not particularly useful.

Punch - Press B while climbing on a vertical fence.  Activates gates within the
fencing and also serves as an attack against enemies on the other side of the
fence.  Also activates the moving fence walls in Monte Village (jump off
quickly after the wall stops moving, as it will fall!).

Kick - Press A while hanging from a horizontal fence.  Activates gates within
the fencing and also serves as an attack against enemies on top of the fence.

Dismount Fence - Press A to jump off or B to just drop.  Both can be useful
depending on the situation and fence structure.

First-Person View: Press Y.  Mario cannot move while in this view, but he will
continue moving if he already had momentum before you pressed Y.  While in
First-Person View, the control stick will move the view around in 360 degrees
and to a limited vertical range.  The only moves Mario can use while in this
view are the water pack functions with R.  First-Person View is mainly useful
for surveying an area and also for precision aiming with the spray nozzle. 
Press Y or B to return to normal third-person view.

Pause - Press Start.  From this menu you can Resume, Save, or Exit (if you're
inside one of the main levels).  You can return to the game by selecting Resume
with A, by canceling with B, or by simply pressing Start again.

Camera Controls - Move the C-stick while in normal third-person view.  Pressing
left or right will swivel the camera around Mario in 360 degrees unless there
is some obstruction.  Pressing down will zoom out and also raise the camera
above Mario.  Pressing up will zoom in on Mario and bring the camera down to
his level.  If you are hanging from a horizontal fence, pressing down will zoom
out and down, while pressing up will zoom in and up.  The camera requires
almost constant manipulation in Super Mario Sunshine, so you'd better master
its controls early on.  Often you'll need to swivel, zoom, or both, right in
the midst of a jump or a battle.  If you let off the C-stick, the camera will
slowly swivel around until it is behind Mario.

Re-Center Camera - Click the L trigger while Mario is on the ground.  Very
useful if the camera ever gets stuck, or if you want to re-center quickly
without moving your right thumb to the C-stick.


Moving and manipulating the camera are the same while riding Yoshi, except that
Yoshi has better traction than Mario and can turn more quickly.  Remember that
your pump nozzles will be reset to spray and hover whenever you ride Yoshi.

Tongue - Press B.  Yoshi's tongue can be used to eat enemies or fruit.  It
homes in somewhat as long as you're facing in more or less the right direction.
 To eat fruit right off a tree, jump up before using the tongue.  Eating
enemies doesn't serve any special purpose, although Yoshi can eat some enemies
that are otherwise invincible, and eating is an especially quick way to get
items from birds.  Using the tongue is also the only way to get items from
butterflies.  Eating enemies will not refill Yoshi's juice meter, but fruit
will.  You can use the tongue and spray juice at the same time.

Jumping - Same as with Mario, except Yoshi cannot perform the U-Turn jump
(you'll have to use the Spin Jump in tight spaces) and the Triple Jump does not
flip.  Holding A during any jump with Yoshi will make him struggle through the
air for a little extra height and distance.  Yoshi can also perform the Butt
Stomp just like normal.

Spray Juice - Press R.  This move works exactly like Mario's spray nozzle,
except that it will consume Yoshi's juice meter very slowly.  Yoshi's juice
spray will dissolve the squiggly yellow stuff that blocks certain pipes and
other entrances, and it will turn enemies into hovering platforms for several
seconds.  The platforms behave differently depending on what color Yoshi is;
see below for more details on that.  Yoshi can also use the Spin Spray, Spin
Jump Spray, and Back Flip Spray just like Mario, although he won’t actually
flip during the Back Flip. You can use the tongue and spray juice at the same

Dismount - Press X.  This move will shoot Mario off Yoshi, so it can be used at
the top of jumps for a little extra boost.  Yoshi will stick around until his
juice meter runs out, so you can hop right back on after dismounting.

Be careful around any body of water, because Yoshi will dissolve in any
non-shallow water.  He also dissolves when his juice meter runs out.  You can
always refill the juice meter by eating fruit.  Note that the juice meter
depletes constantly, not just when you are spraying juice.

The fruit Yoshi eats determines his color.  Yellow and Orange Yoshi juice turns
enemies into stationary platforms.  Pink juice makes platforms that slowly rise
straight up...WAY UP.  Purple juice makes platforms that move horizontally in
the direction the enemy was last facing.  No, you can't have a green Yoshi,
although he does turn green for a few seconds right before dissolving of


A reader named Toby Normoyle managed to translate all the story names, so if
you think this info might help you get a Shine without cheating with the
walkthrough, or if you’re just interested, here they are!

Bianco Hills

1. Open the way to the Giant Windmill!
2. Defeat the Boss Pakkun! (The big piranha plant.)
3. The Secret in the Cave Atop the Cliff
4. The Red Coins in Bianco Village
5. Boss Pakkun's Counterattack (Big piranha plant again.)
6. The Secret of the Polluted Lake
7. Chase Fake Mario!
8. The Red Coins of the Lake

Ricco Harbor

1. The Boss Gessouh in the Containers (The big squid.)
2. GO! GO! Squid Surfing
3. The Shine in the Giant Cage
4. The Secret of Ricco Tower
5. The Resurrection of Boss Gessouh (Big squid again.)
6. The Aquatic Red Coins
7. Fake Mario Again
8. Yoshi's Great Fruit Operation (“Operation” is used in the military sense.)

Mamma Beach (Oddly enough, the Japanese is “Ma-n-ma Beach”.)

*Note: This level is called Gelato Beach in the US version of Super Mario

1. The Mysterious Leaf Bud and the Castle of Sand
2. Stomp on the Wobbly Mirrors!!
3. Running Out of Control!! Boss Hana-tyan
4. The Birth of the Great Sand Bird
5. Monteman Race! To the Top of the Hill!
6. The Red Coins in the Sea of Coral
7. I've Found You! Fake Mario!
8. Watermelon Festival: Monster Watermelon Contest!

Pinna Park

1. The Entrance of Mecca Koopa
2. The Secret in the Cannon
3. The Red Coins on the Pirate Ships
4. Save the Withered Sunflowers!
5. Stop the Runaway Ferris Wheel!
6. The Secret of the Yoshi-Go-Round
7. The Park's Fake Mario
8. Popping Balloons on the Roller Coaster

Sirena Beach

1. The Attack of the Mysterious Creature, Manta!
2. The Secret of the Hotel Lobby
3. The Labyrinth Hotel Delfino
4. The Secret of Casino Delfino
5. The Boss Teresa in the Basement of the Casino (Boos and Big Boos are
“teresas” in Japan.)
6. Clean Up Sirena Beach!
7. The Exquisite Imitation! Fake Mario!
8. The Red Coins in the Hotel

Mare Bay

*Note: This level is called Noki Bay in the US version of Super Mario Sunshine.

1. Aim for the Cork Plugging the Waterfall!
2. The Boss of the Mechanical Ruins
3. The Red Coins in the Bottle
4. Brushing the Teeth of the Enormous Eel
5. Monteman Race! Swim!
6. The Secret in the Shell
7. Hold it!! Fake Mario!
8. The Coinfish and the Red Coins

Monte Village

*Note: This level is called Pianta Village in the US version of Super Mario

1. Do something! The Three Kyankyans (This word is the Japanese sound for yip
or yelp.
Onomatopoeia is often used for enemy names in Japanese games.)
2. Monteman Race! Climb!
3. Among the Flames, Where is the Mayor?
4. Take my Dog to the Bath!
5. The Secret Beneath the Village
6. Rescue the 10 Montes!
7. There's No Escape For You! Fake Mario!
8. Red Coins and the Floating Dandelion Fluff


*Note: Dolphic Town is called Delfino Plaza in the US version of Super Mario

*Note: Things like Yoshi and the two extra pump nozzles will open up
automatically as you progress through the game. We are actually not sure
exactly what triggers the nozzles in Dolphic Town...it seems to be multiple
factors.  Just keep getting Shines, especially in the earlier levels, and they
will eventually open up.  Yoshi will become available after you beat Story Four
of Pinna Park.  Once you have the required Shine(s), a cut-scene will
automatically take place when you return to town.  Water Mario will take off
with whatever item you’re about to unlock, and you just have to chase and spray
him as usual.  Then you can save and the item he was carrying will be
permanently enabled.  This note will be repeated elsewhere in the guide to make
sure everyone sees it.

The main town is easily the largest, most complex area in Super Mario Sunshine.
 Counting the ones you get for redeeming Blue Coins, there are a total of forty
Shines in Dolphic Town.  Many of them won’t become available until you unlock
certain items in the city, so I’ll classify each Shine according to what you
need to get it.

With Nothing (Available from the very beginning.)

Spray the sand on the far side of the beach until you start hitting something. 
Keep spraying there until you wash off a Shine symbol.  This one may not be
available until after you’ve made the Lighthouse appear, but you still won’t
need any special nozzles unlocked.

Offshore from the beach is a set of pillars rising out of the water.  Use high
jumps and your hover to climb each one, until you get the last pillar, which
has a green warp pipe.  Enter to find a pretty easy obstacle course; it’s just
a giant slide and you have to get to the end.  Jump as little as possible, and
if you do jump, be prepared to steer quite a bit so you can land back on the
track.  There’s a Shine at the end.

Go into the open door of a building to the left of the Shine Gate.  The man
there will ask if you want to compete in his contest to break all the crates in
a certain time limit.  When you do, he’ll give you a Shine.

Go back into the crate building and talk to him again.  This time you’ll have
to be faster, but once you win you’ll get a second Shine from the guy.

Jump on the boat that goes in and out of the center of the city.  Get up on the
boat’s roof/awning, and when it passes beneath the arch on the edge of town, do
a high jump into the opening above.  (There’s a coin in the opening to help you
time the jump.)  You’ll be warped to a giant Pachinko machine, which is a very
popular gambling game in Japan.  It’s a red coin hunt: three are in the launch
chute, the over five are in the slots.  If you fall down even once, you’re
dead.  Getting all the coins is one of the most frustrating Shine objectives in
the game, but there are a few tips that might help.  First, try both launching
up the chute with the springboard and also using Wall Jumps to get up to the
top.  Both are good for getting certain coins.  Second, notice that if you
bounce up and don’t touch the controls at all, Mario will land on a nail right
above the center slot.  From here it’s fairly easy (although nerve-racking) to
jump down to either the bottom-left or bottom-right slots.  Use your hover
skills and a lot of patience to get the other coins.  Reader Chris Lucas
suggests this alternate strategy: “I discovered that, if you're standing in the
center area where the Shine will appear, it is possible to wall jump [between
the back of the machine and the transparent front] up and out of it. Once
you're out of it, you can direct where you wall jump to little by little and
eventually get to one of the slots you haven't gotten yet. However, if you
touch, basically, anything while doing this, you will immediately stop wall
jumping and fall to your doom. ‘Anything’ includes the sides of the Pachinko
machine, a nail, the side/bottom/top/inside of any slot, etc. Also, I had an
odd thing happen to me while doing this. When going for the upper left slot, it
would keep pushing me back. I think Nintendo originally placed some kind of
failsafe to stop people from doing this, but I only encountered it in that one
spot. I then found it was possible to go down and around to the other side in
order to get that particular red coin. I hope this helps others and saves them
the frustration of attempting to complete this difficult task.”  When the Shine
appears in the center slot, do a hands-free spring onto one of the nails, then
jump over the slot opening and Butt Stomp to get down there.  The stomp ensures
that you won’t hit one of the slopes and somehow get thrown out...yes, this
happened to me once and I almost punched my TV.  Despite it being available
from the start, you probably don’t want to attempt the Pachinko game until
you’ve become very proficient with hover and Wall Jumps.

Swim out to the island with a clogged-up pipe and shoot down the yellow bird
for a Shine.  It will appear over on those big pillars in the water; rocket
jump is the easiest way up there, but if you’re really good with Spin Jumps and
the like, you may be able to grab the Shine without any special nozzle.

Look on the left side of town for a man on top of a building.  Get up there and
talk to him...he’ll throw you in whatever direction you were facing.  Now
position yourself so that he throws you through the window of the tall nearby
building, the one that the boat passes underneath.  There’s a Shine waiting

With Rocket Nozzle

Shoot up to the top of the Lighthouse.  See that weird looking pad under your
feet?  You need to break it.  Do another rocket jump straight up, and start a
huge Butt Stomp at the top of your jump.  You’ll come crashing down extra-hard
and the pad will break to release a Shine.  Rocket up one more time to collect

Find a good flat place to aim from near the cave at the back of Dolphic Town. 
Now look up and spray water at the big Shine statue until it is totally clean. 
Then move to the side of the Shine Gate next to that lady and her basket, jump
and rocket up to the top of the gate, then rocket again in the middle to claim
your Shine.

Rocket up to one of the bell towers and spray the giant bell off until it’s
totally clean (it takes a while) to make a Shine appear.  There are two such
towers, with a Shine at each one.  For the tower on your left as you come into
town, jump down into the sewer and pop up under the tower to collect the Shine.
 For the right bell tower, just rocket up on top and then again into the air to
get the second Shine.

Swim past the big red cannon on the left side of town, keeping along the wall
until you see palm trees growing out of the cliff above.  Charge up the rocket
nozzle, then jump out of the water right before it discharges to land on one of
the trees.  Make it over to the pipe warp and enter.  This red coin hunt is
actually fairly easy as long as you don’t run out of water.  Just zoom the
camera all the way out and you can see through the tall grass easily.  Kill
every enemy, shoot down the red bird, and find the one underground cave to get
all eight red coins.  The Shine will appear on top of one of the brown

With Propeller Nozzle

Break through the shutter door of a building on the way to the Ricco Harbor
entrance (and the Blue Coin shop).  A Shine is just waiting in there for you to

Break through the shutter door to the right of the Shine Gate.  Two townspeople
are “guarding” the door, so you have to line up really well in order to break
through.  The resulting obstacle course is pretty easy, just learn to jump
right at the end of each platform and you’ll be fine.  A Shine waits at the

Late in the game, when a new boat appears to take you back to the Airport, talk
to the man next to it for a ride.  Hit the red switch at the Airport and use
the propeller to collect eight red coins within the time limit.  If you’ve been
practicing with the propeller, it shouldn’t be too hard.  You’ll get a Shine
for your efforts, of course.

100 Coins - Run around town and pick up some of the easier coins if you feel
like it (you won't really need them, but it'll keep you from having to find all
the hard ones later).  Now go back to the Airport once again and use the
propeller to cruise all over the place, collecting coins.  There are about 150
out there, so you shouldn't have any problem finding enough.  Your coin total
from Dolphic Town carries over to the Airport, and consequently, the 100 Coins
Shine you get at the Airport will count for Dolphic Town.

With Yoshi

Are you ready for a challenge?  Go down into the isolated sewer opening between
the Ricco Harbor and Pinna Park entrances.  Follow the passage out to the
island with a lady and a basket.  Eat some fruit off the tree if Yoshi is
getting low on juice.  When the boat comes around (NOT the one that goes into
town...the one that goes to the tower out in the water), carefully jump on the
roof and ride it out to the tower.  Then carefully jump up onto the tower and
wait for the other boat.  Eat the banana if Yoshi’s hungry; it’ll regenerate
after a few seconds.  Now carefully jump onto the second boat and ride it out
towards the far island.  Here you can spray the yellow crap from the boat if
you’re nervous about the final jump to the island.  Now suck up your gut and
make sure you have plenty of lives for one of the toughest sub-levels in the
game.  Go down the pipe to find a wavy river filled with red coins.  Hop on the
lily pad and prepare to steer it with your water spray.  If you touch the
water, you die.  Do your best to get as many red coins as possible, and when
you see one floating high above the water, switch to hover, do a high jump into
the coin, then hover over to the side of the river.  The wall is narrow but
safe to walk on.  Carefully walk back to the starting point for a fresh lily
pad, and try to get the coins you missed.  An alternate method is to hover low
from one side to the other, picking up coins along the way, but you’ll need to
be an expert at hovering to pull this off.  When you finally get all the coins
(one is above the platform at the end), grab the Shine and be thankful it’s
over.  Note: if you enter the pipe at the end at any time, you’ll be dumped
back in Dolphic Town and will have to start the whole process over again.  Not

Other Things to Do:

Walk around the middle section of the town’s beach.  See that red circle
flickering in the sand?  Do a butt stomp there to find a hidden sewer room with
eight gold coins and a 1-up mushroom.

Swim deep in the little harbor towards the back-left corner of town to find a
1-up hidden in the wall at the bottom of the sea.

See our Blue Coin Guide section on how to get all twenty coins in Dolphic Town.


*Note: Stories are called “Episodes” in the US version of Super Mario Sunshine.

*Note: Things like Yoshi and the two extra pump nozzles will open up
automatically as you progress through the game. We are actually not sure
exactly what triggers the nozzles in Dolphic Town...it seems to be multiple
factors.  Just keep getting Shines, especially in the earlier levels, and they
will eventually open up.  Yoshi will become available after you beat Story Four
of Pinna Park.  Once you have the required Shine(s), a cut-scene will
automatically take place when you return to town.  Water Mario will take off
with whatever item you’re about to unlock, and you just have to chase and spray
him as usual.  Then you can save and the item he was carrying will be
permanently enabled.  This note will be repeated elsewhere in the guide to make
sure everyone sees it.

Level 1, Bianco Hills

When you first arrive at the island, you'll have to pick up your water pack and
take out your first piranha plant. After this, you'll see an interesting cinema
where Mario is tried and sentenced for defacing the island. At this point the
game actually begins. The first thing you must do is take out a plant in the
front center of town which will raise a statue. After this, a being of water
that looks a lot like Mario grabs the princess. Don't worry, this isn't another
"rescue the princess game". You're going to get her back in just a second. Look
around to the left and right until you locate the Water Mario with the
princess. Chase him down and spray him with your water cannon. Continue this
until he drops the princess (takes a few laps). At this point the Water Mario
will make a portal in the newly raised statue in the front center of town. Go
spray it down and use the A button to follow him into the first world of Super
Mario Sunshine.

Story #1 - Notice that the cut scene shows you an area covered in paint. You'll
have to find your way over the wall that bisects the area. There are a number
of ways to do this, but the easiest is to climb the water wheel at the end of
town. Once on the other side, do battle with the plant as you've done
previously for a shine.

Story #2 - Your second quest will require you to take the newly formed ramp to
get to a giant windmill with a piranha plant on top. Use your jet pack to hover
your way around and around the tower until you reach the top. Ride the windmill
blades to the top and get ready to do battle. This plant won't die quite as
easy as the previous ones. To beat the boss, you must run around following the
plants mouth. When he opens it, fill him up with water and watch him topple
over. Now it's time to smash his stomach by jumping and hitting the L button.
Rinse and repeat three times for the kill. If you let him cough up a lot of
baby plants and paint, you're going to have a really hard time beating him.

Story #3 - Make your way to the cave shown in the opening cut-scene to find
your first obstacle course. This isn't really very difficult. Just make sure
you rotate the camera to the side for the giant cubes at the end (this will
make it much easier to stand in between them).

Story #4 - Time to find some red coins. The area shown in the cut-scene has
eight red coins. Find them all to unlock a Shine. Note that all eight coins are
in the general area shown in the cut-scene. You won't have to go scouring the
entire level. To help find the coins, keep an eye out for circular shadows on
the ground. Red Coins are (apparently) special and always cast a shadow
directly below them regardless of where the Sun is. Also use the first person
look to help spot some of the more obscure coins.

Story #5 - This one can be a little tricky to get started. First of all, you
need to get over to the sleeping Piranha Plant shown in the cut-scene. To do
this, either grab a rocket pack and blast your way up (you'll need this to get
the blue coin), or you can find the building with two towers that has a power
line attached to the cliffs. You can only scale one side of this building
(using your water pack and spin jump), but it can be done. Follow the wire to
the plant. Once you're there, notice that those little annoying blow fish keep
getting stuck on your nozzle. Use these guys as a weapon and attack the plant.
He'll start flying around on bat wings!. Just beautiful. You can either use the
blow fish or water to take him to the ground. Once you do that, you fight him
like the other plants, but he'll take off again between rounds. You'll have to
chase him all over the level.

Story#6 - Make your way to the back of the giant windmill building and then
make a flying leap to reach the logs in front of a second cave. Once inside,
you'll have to navigate another obstacle course. Just take your time and when
the block you're on tries to flip jump to a different colored block. For the
rotating cube, you can actually stay on by simply walking from one side to
another as it turns. You'll need to wall jump to get on and off of the first
cube. The end is just like the beginning. Just make sure you switch between red
and blue blocks as they flip.

Story #7 - Chase the Water Mario around and spray him with ... water. You can
spray and run at the same time if you don't click the R button. Use this to
your advantage. This shouldn't take very long to beat. Once the imposter is on
the ground, approach him for a Shine.

Story #8 - Another red coin hunt. Just traverse the series of wires to get most
of the coins. The tricky part is getting the last few coins. You can either to
a spinning jump from one wire to the next (hang on with your hands and spray
water to start spinning around), or you can jump and hover from the top of the
windmill (that's what I did). There are also a few coins right above the water,
so don't miss those. Most are on the high wires though and you can reach them
by simply walking the wires and jumping up in the air.

100 Coins - Collect 100 coins. This can be rather difficult, but also a lot of
fun because you'll have to explore every inch of the level to come up with 100
coins. The story number you choose can help a lot though. I found the 100 coins
using the eight and final story. It may not be the best one, but it worked for
me. You'll definitely have to kill enemies to find a lot of the coins. Check
the tree tops. Check all the high wires. Check underwater for blue coins as you
make your way around the lake getting the gold coins on top. There are coins
everywhere, but you usually have to hunt for them. Spray water at the small
gear to shake some coins from the bells for example. Spray water at EVERYTHING.
Lots of little things spit out a coin or two when you spray them with water.
One useful trick to pick up some extra coins involves the little yellow guys
that pop out of red flower circles(not Pokey, the short dudes).  Spray them all
the way into a wall and they'll spit out three coins instead of the one you get
for just jumping on them.  When you get the 100 coins, look for the Shine on
top of a windmill pole in the very center of town (use first person look to
spot the Shine if you can't find it).

Secret 1 - After clearing 1-3, go back to the cave and jump on the red button.
This will initiate a red coin challenge. You'll have one minute to make your
way through the course finding all the red coins. One coin is on the first
series of blocks. Four of them are at the corners of the rising/moving squares.
Three of them are on the rotating stars next to the cube area. Use your water
pack to hover. Once you get all eight, move to the end to get that extra Shine.

Secret 2 - After clearing 1-6, select the 1-6 story again and make your way to
the cave again. Do NOT pick up the propeller attachment. You'll want your jet
pack attachment. When you get inside, you'll have to pound the red button to
start the red coin challenge. This time you have a minute and a half. You
should find three coins before you get onto the giant block that goes upwards
to the second half of the level. You'll get two coins and an extra life while
riding up to the second half (stay under the shadows to make things easier).
The last three coins are in the flipping red/blue block section. One is at the
right corner (towards the front of the level), one's at the back left corner
and one is in the very middle. If you get both extra lives before you get here
(not too difficult) you'll be gaining lives, which will make this much easier.

Level 2, Ricco Harbor

Once the piranha plant takes over the dock (you'll see a cut-scene), then you
can attack it to open the portal to level 2. You should also note that this
little hut you uncovered will also trade one Shine for every ten blue coins you
bring in. One of the prime places to find blue coins is by spraying down the
little "M"s that are all over each level. The coins are hidden in many other
places as well.

Story #1 - Work your way to the top of the town using the cranes. When you get
to the boxes (nice looking eh?) hold the B button to grab the tentacle and pull
like crazy. Now you get to fight a big squid. To beat the squid, spray water at
it and step on its tentacles after they try to attack you. Once you've
flattened one, grab it as you did before and pull. Repeat until it has no more.
Then go pull the cork out of its mouth. Repeat the tentacle/cork thing again
and you'll beat it.

Story #2 - Find the wooden platform shown in the opening cinema and ride one of
the three creatures into the oil tunnel (just follow the coins). When you get
inside you'll have to complete a race for a Shine. Remember that you can jump
by pressing A while racing.

Story #3 - You need to get to the very top of that yellow structure and jump in
for you Shine. The easiest way to get up there is by find a certain boat that
is far away from the island directly under the blue catwalks and near a fence.
You can jump off the boat’s smokestack (do a U-turn or spin jump) and then
hover over to the fence. Punch through to the other side of the fence and jump
and hover onto the blue catwalk. Take a left and jump/hover around the
obstruction that is in your way. Jump/hover to the next level. From here just
follow the catwalks and use the trampolines to climb higher and higher until
you can jump into the giant yellow thing.

Story #4 - Work your way towards the tower that the cut-scene showed you. Find
a manhole cover and ground pound it. Walk down the underground passageway and
take the first junction to the side to get on top of a large building (if by
some chance there are boxes on top of the exit cover, you'll have to go up
using the cranes as you did for the first Shine). Once here, do a spin jump or
back flip and hover to get on the platform with the blue coin. Now you're just
one more jump away from the top of the tower. Before you go inside, get the
blue coin hovering on top of the tower (but you'll need a rocket jump to get
it). Inside you'll find yet another one of those rather difficult platforming
levels. At least the background is really cool in this one. Also, look at the
grain on the wooden blocks; it all four sides properly match the grain on the
end of the block. Now... make your way across the first platforms carefully.
There are a few ways to stay on the rotating blocks. Personally, I like to just
walk from one face to the next as it turns. If you try to jump in a certain
direction you often miscalculate and end up in the bottomless pit. When you
reach the middle, wall jump to the one up (or spin jump). The rotating gear
pieces are fairly easy if you jump from the teeth (high parts). After you
navigate them, you'll have to deal with the hard part. The best advice I can
give for this is to adjust the camera to find an angle that you like best (I
like to pull it back all the way until I have a top down view). Two more bits
of advice. If you're still jumping from one turning face of a single block to
another to stay on... you may want to stop now. It's much easier to do this by
walking. And when you get halfway through these last blocks, don't be tempted
by the second extra life since you've already gotten one here.

Story #5 - Another squid fight. Handle this one just like the first. To get on
top of the helicopter platform, use the sewers or crane to reach the second
level. Then use the awnings to get on top of the roofs so you can reach the
walkway to the heli-pad. You may want to try and get the squid to attack you
closer in than before so you have some room to pull on its tentacles. If you to
fall off the platform, be sure to use the B button to dive under the oil or
you'll die very quickly (and after you get under the water you need to swim to
fresh water ASAP or you'll drown. Fun stuff.

Story #6 - Yet another red coin collection spree. This time you'll have to do
it from the back of one of those frog-like creatures. If you hit a wall you
die, so try not to. This may require patience since it's rather difficult. Make
sure you hit the red button to get started. This isn't easy, but try and follow
the trail of coins. If you don't, chances are you'll never find all the red
coins in two minutes or you'll smash into a wall first. Once you jump and get
the sixth coin, get ready to deviate from the coin path for the last ones.
Follow the coins until you see a slender walkway held up by four posts. The
seventh is under there. If you follow the coins to the eighth red coin, you'll
run right into a small boat. Of course, you could jump over it and get the
coin, but it's much easier to go around. After you have all eight, ride back to
the dock and jump onto the dock with your creature and pick up the Shine (not
as easy as it sounds).

Story #7 - Chase Water Mario until he climbs onto the boat and gets up on top
of the blue catwalks. Now chase him around here spraying him water until he
gives up a Shine.

Story #8 - To get this Shine, you need Yoshi. You don't have Yoshi yet do you?
Come back later... you have Yoshi now? Good. Use the fruit machines (pound the
top) to get the right fruit for Yoshi. Once you've freed him from his egg, go
over to the very edge of town where the fish are jumping out of the water.
Spray them with Yoshi Juice to make platforms. I think you can figure out the
rest. Oh, and when you get to the last platform, spray that weird orange stuff
with Yoshi Juice.  If you’re having trouble getting Yoshi all the way to the
last platform, try spraying the yellow junk from afar.  Then you can ditch
Yoshi and get up to the Shine with the rocket jump.

100 Coins - Generally speaking, the best story to gain the 100 coins on is the
eighth one. Each level changes a lot between stories and the eighth one usually
has the most modifications (and thus the most coins). Don't forget to get the
coins in the underground and on top the tower. The catwalks have some (there is
a place where you can drop off the catwalks and pick up four coins and a blue).
Check on top of the new boat near the start. Also watch the cranes and get the
packs of coins underwater. There are a few that rest just above the water out
near ropes or border of the stage as well. Use your rocket jump to get them.
When you get all the coins, the Shine will be located where you fought the
first squid.

Secret 1 - Go back to the racing mini-game (2-2) and beat it in less than forty
seconds to get a second Shine.

Secret 2 - Get back to the obstacle course from 2-4. Yet another red button and
more red coins are here to collect. You'll have a minute thirty this time. The
first three rotating blocks have three coins. Rather than hover up to the
coins, try and do spin jumps to get them quickly. Two more coins are above the
1-UP mushroom. Wall jump to the top and use your hover jets to get these
quickly. One more is above the middle gear. The last three are on the crazy
spinning blocks at the end. Watch the shadows and use spin jumps to get the
necessary height. Shine get.

Level 3, Mamma Beach

*Note: This level is called Gelato Beach in the US version of Super Mario

This is similar to unlocking the second level. Just find the area of town where
the piranha plant has appeared and take it out to open the way to level 3.

Story #1 - See that plant? Yeah you see it. Go hose it down to open up the
entrance to another obstacle course. This one isn't very hard at all though.
Just move quickly over the sand blocks to stay alive.

Story #2 - Pretty mirrors eh? Well, maybe not with those creatures walking all
over them. So do something about it. Work your way onto the mirrors by wall
jumping and using your hover pack, or you can climb up the trails to get to
them. Either way, once you're up there you'll have to spray the creatures until
they are losing their balance. Then you jump up high and ground pound the other
end of the mirror to send them flying. Repeat for each mirror then go get your

Story #3 - If you hadn't noticed, in the previous quest you freed a giant
caterpillar. To destroy it, water the tiny saplings scattered around to make
giant sand mounds that can flip the beast over. Then pound the segment of its
body marked by an arrow. Simple.

Story #4 - Get on the hillside by watering the staircase plant. Now find the
trail of coins that leads down the hill right onto the bouncy cloth roof next
to the central building featured in the cut-scene. Bounce your way inside the
hole to enter the golden bird stage. You can try to get a bunch of blue coins
in this stage once you're comfortable, but you may want to start out with the
reds only. To get them, travel around the bird and get seven coins. Now you
simply have to ride the bird to the top of the pillar for the eighth coin and
the subsequent Shine. Make sure you're ready to switch sides when the bird
flips. You've done this before so this shouldn't be too difficult.

Story #5 - If you haven't figured out the fastest way to travel on land (and it
isn't running) you'll be first to learn for this race. It actually is possible
to win (just barely) by running and timing your jumps perfectly, but there is a
much easier way. Whenever you encounter a straightaway, try hitting the B
button repeatedly to dive. Since you can dive from the diving position, you can
keep up that level of speed indefinitely. Just be sure to jump with the A
button when you're ready to stop. Try and triple jump up the very first cliff.
You'll need to wall jump up the area where there used to be a plant staircase.
When you reach the top area, you should be ahead of your opponent. If not,
you'll probably lose because when you try the diving trick I just mentioned,
you'll run into him and be slowed down quite a bit. Once you reach the winner
pole ahead of him, wait for him to come and give you your Shine.

Story #6 - Go to the reef pictured in the cut-scene and search for red coins.
Six are hidden among the rocks and fixed sea life. The other two are swimming
around with schools of fish. Sometimes the fish swim through rocks, so when you
find a school, watch it carefully to make sure it doesn't have a red coin
before moving on.

Story #7 - Another Water Mario chase. These are getting harder every time, but
they were never very hard to begin with. Just follow the same pattern as Water
Mario and spray him down until he ups his Shine.

Story #8 - You have to the giant melon/balloon over to the fruit stand (there
is a Shine in a jar there). It's at the top of the hill (where the race ended).
You'll have to avoid enemies and such, which can be difficult. Try to knock out
the round enemies as you approach them with a melon. If they attack the melon
there is a very slim chance that it will survive. You could also run around the
beach killing the enemies by making the sand sculptures explode up beneath
them. The timing is tricky, of course, but it will save you a lot of headaches
when you try to roll down the melon. When you get the melon to the bridge from
the beach, go VERY slowly and don't make any sudden pushes. The Shine will pop
out of the roof once you get the melon all the way to the end of the bridge.

100 Coins - Choose Story 8. First thing to do is find a melon and run it into a
wall repeatedly. You get one coin each time you do this (it'll stop giving up
coins after ten) Now take this melon over to the fruit stand as you did in 3-8
to get ten more coins. Repeat until the stand won't take any more melons. Now
run across the beach and kill each of the round monsters once (they give you
one coin each but only the first time you kill them). By doing this and getting
the coins off the tree tops (use the rocket pack) you'll have almost enough.
One of the huts among the mirrors has a ton of coins above it (of course,
you'll have to avoid bees). Now head for the high wires and launch/hover to get
the remaining coins (if you need any more). The Shine will be on the beach when
you're done.

Secret 1 - Choose Story number 1 and head back to the obstacle course. Just as
before, advance until you find the red button (grab the extra by pounding a
nail in before you start the challenge). Once you're ready, get going. This
really isn't very difficult. Once you learn the layout of the coins, you'll
have plenty of time.

Secret 2 - Find the plant that creates a staircase into the ground when you
spray it. Watch the wall at the end of the staircase... looks kinda like a
Shine doesn't it? Spray that as well and go get your Shine (oh, and while we're
here, you might want to know that the Yoshi Egg for this quest is available in
Story 6).

Level 4, Pinna Park

Just walk over to the location shown in the cut-scene and watch another
cut-scene play out. Afterwards, use the red cannon to reach the new level.

Story #1 - Once the real fight gets started... use your water to take out the
Bullet Bills that are coming at you, and use your water to douse the flame
thrower whenever you're approaching it. When you get the chance, launch a
missile at the boss until it's dead (it takes three hits to any part of his
body). Piece o’ cake.

Story #2 - Run over to the Monty Mole and destroy his Bullet Bill machine. To
do this, get in close and when he starts throwing bombs, douse them with water.
Now you can pick them up and throw them back. Once you take him out, you can
jump in his cannon which hides...nope, not a Shine. An obstacle course! Who'd
have thought? Just watch the blocks so you can tell when they're about to
vanish. When you get to the long straight orange blocks, you'll need to use the
dive trick to get enough speed to live. Just hit the B button repeatedly to
dive over and over again. Jump when you need to stop your forward movement.
Shine gotten.

Story #3 - Another red coin hunt. Three can be gotten on the pirate ship ride
(one by the entrance, two on the ships). The rest are on the catwalks for the
roller coaster (which can be accessed from the pirate ship rides). Make sure
you check the tops and bottoms of the catwalk system.

Story #4 - Spray the giant eggs with water. When they attack, try and get them
to land in the sand--belly up. When you accomplish this, pound them with the L
button from the air. Repeat for each flower.

Story #5 - Work your way behind the Ferris Wheel and climb it. It's a very
difficult fence climb. To make things easier take your time, and take out those
enemies (punch from the opposite side of the fence). Once you dispose of the
giant electric turtle, you'll have to ride the Ferris Wheel up to the top to
get your Shine. Before you pick up the Shine, you might want to get a good look
at the rest of the park. It'll help keep the level in perspective for the
remaining Shines... and it looks really cool.

Story #6 Notice anything wrong with the Carousel? If you understand Japanese,
you'll probably realize the problem much more quickly. Yeah... an orange Yoshi
is missing. Look around the park for a Yoshi Egg. It should be by a giant tree
(under the Ferris Wheel). Take note of the fruit that Yoshi wants and start
looking. The yellow pear-shaped fruit is on that big tree I just mentioned, the
rest are just lying on the ground under smaller trees. Once you crack Yoshi's
Egg, make sure he's orange (eat the right fruit if he isn't already), and take
him to the Carousel to get... nope. Not a Shine. You get to enter another
obstacle course (getting tired of these yet? I'm not!). Cross the first part by
simply jumping quickly. Try not to land on the side with the messed up boards.
When you make it over, pound the second nail for a 1-UP. Notice that each Yoshi
Block goes through the wall of its own color and that some of the walls don't
have enough room for you to fit. Choose your blocks appropriately. For the last
part, ignore the stack of three weird blocks and just stick to the orange
blocks. You'll see what those are for later.

Story #7 - Chase Water Mario. Nothing special here, just do what you did

Story #8 - Find the roller coaster platform and talk to the townsfolk standing
there. One of them will let you ride the coaster. You'll have 3 laps and
because of this a limited amount of time/missiles to use. You have to take out
all twenty balloons. Good luck.

100 Coins - Select story number 2 and simply spray the incoming Bullet Bills
with water for coins. The gold ones drop about ten coins instead of two. Repeat
this until you have your coins. Or you can go searching around the park like
mad if you want. ALTERNATE METHOD: Choose Story 6, and spray all over the
beach.  Spraying the sand uncovers coins, as well as some shine symbols for
blue coins.  Getting Yoshi here will let you eat the butterflies for more coins
and an additional blue coin.  Lastly, stomping on the flying bugs here give you
five coins apiece...but move quickly, as they will fade fast.  The middle coin
lasts the longest, so run in a circle to get the outer ones first.  The beach
itself seems to have almost infinite coins, certainly enough to get you up to

Secret 1 - Choose story 2 again and get back to the obstacle course. The first
six red coins are among the disappearing blocks. Once you've got them, get to
the upper level for the final two coins.

Secret 2 - Choose story 6 again and get back to the obstacle course.
Fortunately, the red button is right next to the 1-UP so you can get it every
time, no problem. Getting the red coins won't be quite as simple. First get on
the moving Yoshi Blocks. Get to a blue block as quickly as possible. Ride it
through to pick up a red coin. Immediately jump to the dark green/gray block to
go backwards and get the other red coin. The other six are at the end of the
level so hurry up get over there. Now you got to see what those weird blocks
are for. They are there to...distract you! That's right, melting the ice and
all will only slow you down. Instead follow the path around normally and wall
jump upwards to get two more coins. Just for to go. Jump towards the brick/ice
blocks to get one more coin on the top. Now if you look across you'll see three
more coins. One is in the corner way up high, the other two are beneath it. I
recommend going for the high one first then hovering down for the other two.

Level 5, Sirena Beach

Is that a Yoshi Egg? You bet your sweet ass it is! Chase down Water Mario and
get that egg! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need more Shines.
When you have enough, you'll see the cut-scene I'm talking about. Once you've
gotten Yoshi (and played around with him for a bit), use the awnings to bounce
up to the roof tops. From here, you need to find a pipe with a big pineapple
stuck in it. Have Yoshi eat the pineapple then dismount and enter the pipe to
reach level 6.

Story #1 - Clear out the paint in the center square. Don't worry about the
rest. Now find the islander that is standing at the front of the square and
talk to him. A giant ghostly stingray will approach the island now. To fight
it, spray it with water. Each time you spray it, it will split into two smaller
stingrays. As you continue fighting you're going to end up with hundreds of
tiny stingrays. They will eventually come to you if they scatter, so don't
worry about hunting them down. Instead, hold your ground and run in circles
spraying water (there's actually a spinning water move you can do on the ground
by spinning the stick quickly and hitting the R button (just like Link's spin
attack in Zelda games). When you beat the boss, get the Shine. Get.

Story #2 - Now that the Mansion is open, go inside. Mario + Mansion = ??? Yeah,
that's right, Boos. Spray the orange Boos with water to turn them into
platforms. Once you work your way to the third floor, jump in the glowing blue
mouth of the giant Boo statue. This will take you to another obstacle course!
Use the floating creatures to jump over the long gaps. When you get to the sand
area, go forward. Don't take the lower path unless you need coins for some
reason. When you get to the pile of blocks with Water Melon Blocks, move to the
last column and pound all three blocks for a 1-UP. Now get on the gear. Use
spin jumps to make sure you get up the pyramid safely, just don't fall in the
hole in the middle. The Shine is just on the other side.

Story #3 - Back to the mansion. Your first goal is to find Yoshi a pineapple.
To accomplish this, you need to get to the left bathroom on the first floor.
See the water on the ceiling? Get up there. Once you're on the second floor,
work your way from room to room by spraying things with water (first the
painting, then those boards on the wall). Scan the ceiling for holes or the
floor for odd colored tiles to pound. When you find the pineapples, just pick
one up and open a door to bring it to Yoshi. With Yoshi, go to the third floor
and through the open door. Bounce into the attic and use Yoshi to eat the big
Boos. The areas with coins in them usually have a weak floor tile you can pound
through. Find the right one to pound into the Shine room (I'm still trying to
figure out why the villagers are keeping Shine's from you when you're trying to
get them back for the village. They must be evil villagers.)

Story #4 - This Shine is a pain. First get inside the Mansion again (I thought
this level was a bit small, but with everything taking place inside the
Mansion, I can see why). Get inside and talk to the guy by the door on the
left. Once inside the Casino, play the slots on the left by spraying water at
them until the hit all 7's. Repeat for the other side and hope that you don't
get too many Boos (it's bad with one, you might want to keep redoing this until
you get no Boos... either way, it will try your patience). Once that's done,
the curtains will open allowing you to flip the panels with water. It's like
trying to perform neuro-surgery with a butter knife. If you run out of health,
try ground pounding the seats in front of the normal sized slots for coins.
Also, try spraying the water stronger rather than weaker to focus the spray in
one location. Once you complete the Shine picture, you'll get ... nope. Sorry,
no Shine for you. Now, after you just journeyed through hell itself, you get to
complete the next level in the obstacle course series. Unless you want to
complete that stupid picture again, it's imperative that you get the 1-UP every
time in case you die. Once you cross the first pit, the 1-UP is on the right
side guarded by giant blocks of doom. It's not too difficult to get. If you're
insane, you can really cheat death by getting the second 1-UP as well. The last
rotating cube before the Shine will make crazy spins, but it will never get
that close to the last platform. Once you've navigated two crazy spins (each
crazy spin consists of simultaneous rotation along two axes), you're going to
have to jump for the Shine because that's as far as it goes.

Story #5 - Go to the Casino again and stomp on the purple square of the
roulette wheel for a boss fight. Stomp on all three purple squares, then spray
the King Boo to make him spin the roulette wheel. When he rolls fruits, pick up
a red pepper and throw it at him, then follow up with a conventional fruit. It
should take only three red pepper + fruit shots to kill him.  If he spits out
bubbles, pop them to get water bottle refills.  If enemies come out, you’re
probably best off just running from them, as they will quickly gang up on you.

Story #6 - See all that goop? You have three minutes to clean it up.
Fortunately, it doesn't have to be perfect, you only need to get most of it.
The best strategy I've come up with is to do the spin attack (rotate the stick
180º and hit R). You can actually move while doing this trick which will cover
a huge amount of ground. You'll miss a few spots as you move forward, but the
backwards part of the circle will clean up what you miss (and it doesn't have
to be perfect either remember). Switch to your rockets and jump and fire them
to clear areas directly around you.

Story #7 - Go into the Mansion and chase Water Mario around as usual. Easy

Story #8 - Get in the Mansion and hit the red button. Grab the coin in front of
you. Now run for the right bathroom to get a coin from it. Now head to the left
bathroom and climb the wall as you did in 5-3. In this room, spray the painting
and jump through it. Walk out a door and pick up the coin in the second floor
foyer. Now move to the third floor and get the red coin from the foyer and the
Shine room. That's six. Now head for the attic. As soon as you bounce up, head
left (away from the floor sweeping guy) and pound through the cracked floor in
the coin room. If you didn't go down two floors, then spray the posters on the
wall and jump through for number seven. Now pound down again (on the odd
colored floor tile) to find a room with another red coin. The Shine is on the
first floor.

100 Coins - Choose 5-4 and start working the outside of the Mansion. There are
only ten coins out here, but the time spent getting them will be worth it. The
coins are mostly in the torches in front of the house (spray them). Now get all
the coins from the foyer (spray the torches again). You should be up around
thirty now. Climb to the second floor through the bathroom now. Go through the
ghost painting as you've done before and get the two coins in the next room.
Exit through a door and pick up the three coins lying in the open and the coin
hidden above one of the doors (spray the seals with water). Now go to the third
floor and get all the coins in the foyer and Shine room. See that open door?
Good. Spray the seal above the door to the left of that one, then go into the
attic and head to the left. Get the coins and pound through the floor. Move
around this level and get the coins (spray the poster on the wall) then go
through the hole in the floor for more coins (skip the room behind the flipping
dresser). Now head back to the attic and get the rest of the coins. Pound
through the ground in the front left portion of the Mansion to get to the lower
sealed rooms. Your coin count should now be in the 90's. Head to the Casino and
ground pound the slot machines by getting right in front of them. Each one
should give at least one coin (even the ones with people playing on them). If
you're still in need of more coins, you should be able to play the slot machine
indefinitely to get the rest, but watch out for those Boos. They can become
fairly lethal in large numbers. ALTERNATE METHOD: Story 1 has EXACTLY 100 coins
around the outside of the hotel.  Do not talk to the mayor in front of where
the hotel would be, or you will start the Manta Ray boss fight.  Spray all over
the ground to uncover coins, but be sure to pay attention, as if even one
disappears, you'll miss your chance (luckily, they wait a while to start
flickering).  Remember to get the coins on top of the trees, under the huts,
and the one in the box on the far left.  The rest are found in the ground by
just spraying everywhere.  With some patience, you'll find all 100!

Secret 1 - Repeat Story 2 to take the red coin challenge for that obstacle
course. The first 3 coins are on the first group of sand blocks. You won't have
to take the lower path this time either. The next two are in the next pile of
blocks. One is in the first column of blocks right under the first ice block
(you don't need to melt it). The last is on top of the pile above the Water
Melon blocks at the end. The final three are scattered in obvious places around
the pyramid. Flip jump from the second or third level and hover to get the
first coin. The last two are easy... just be prepared to engage your water jets
after the Shine cut-scene or you'll fall in the hole.

Secret 2 - Remember that stupid picture you had to complete in the Casino? Time
to do it again. Do everything you did in 5-4 until you get to the obstacle
course. Again, unless you want to do the picture multiple times, you should try
very hard to get the 1-UP even if it causes you to fail the red coin challenge.
At the very least you can get the 1-UP until you're confident enough to do the
red coins. Another possibility is to skip the red button, get the first 1-UP
then come back to try the red coins for free. Either way, when you're ready to
get the coins pound the button. I use the overhead camera perspective for this
course since it makes things much easier. The first coin is on the first
platform with you. The second is in the air between the first two platforms.
Number three is in the middle of this platform. Number four, five, six and
seven are in the air above the rotating cube and the horizontally moving
sticks. The last coin is right after the second 1-UP. Try saving up some 1-UP
by getting both at the same time because if you try go get one of them while
doing the red coins, you'll waste precious seconds that you very likely will

Level 6, Mare Bay

*Note: This level is called Noki Bay in the US version of Super Mario Sunshine.

See that column of light they keep showing you in the cut-scene? Walk over to
it and look up into the sun.

Story #1 - Climb to the top of the mountain and take out the Monty Mole just
like you did in level 4. This time you get the Shine immediately rather than
having to go through an obstacle course.

Story #2 - Talk to the fisherman in the cut-scene. He'll show you some things
you should see. Saw that brown button? Spray it. Work your way up through the
newly created tunnels (quickly) to the next area. Now do it again. At the top
is a squid, which you've fought before. After you take it out, jump in the hole
for a shine.

Story #3 - Get the red coins. Get the Shine. Oh, you might note that you can
use your jet pack from first person view in this mini game and it helps a lot.

Story #4 - Boss time. Get up on the mountain and dive into the waterfall. To
beat this boss, you basically have to clean his teeth off with your water jets.
Use coins to replenish your air and if you need to make a quick 180, try going
into first person mode, spinning then exiting.

Story #5 - Another race. You really have a lot of time if you just take the
most direct path through the water to the end. I beat this in less than thirty
seconds on my first try and you have forty seconds.

Story #6 - Work your way up to a high point, then make a running hovering jump
for the seashell. It's (you guessed it) time for another obstacle course. By
now you shouldn't need much help on this, but you might note that there is a
1-UP in the 2nd nail on the first red block. The first multi-colored block that
juts in and out of the wall can be difficult to get on. The trick is to do a
flip jump or spin jump towards the wall then jump off the wall onto the block. 
A triple jump will also do the trick. Of course, you need to time it right or
you end up in the hole. Good thing you just got that 1-UP. As you progress,
remember that doing a spin jump gets you a little more height than a flip jump.
Just before you get to the towering mass of rotating gears, pound the nail on
your right for another 1-UP. If you've survived this long without learning how
to walk around those rotating wooden beams... now would be a really good time
to learn since they move very quickly this time. That Shine is almost in your

Story #7 - Water Mario. You know the drill.

Story #8 - Dive into the waterfall again (you don't have to do it from the
top). As with previous water exercises such as this, remember to use first
person view for easy turning (in this case you'll turn so frequently you may
want to stay in first person view). All eight coins are in the fish formation.
When it splits, just wait for it to come back together. You may want to avoid
getting gold coins from the fish if possible. It makes it easier to find it as
you claim the red coins.

100 Coins - Choose Story 8. First, search the cliffs on the left side of the
level (from the starting point) to find a series of caverns with tons of coins
(and blue coins). Spray the little stone blocks with water, and whenever you
find a wall with ribs (looks kind of like siding for a house except its made of
stone) spray these walls. By the time you're done milking this area, you should
have over 50 coins. Now repeat the procedure for reaching the 6-2 Shine and
collect the coins there. Jump out into the water and get the string of coins
going down into the depths. Just don't drown, and skip the 1-UP at the bottom.
Finally, enter the waterfall cave where the fish made of coins is. Get whatever
number of coins you still need from this area and pick up the Shine at the top
on a pillar.

Secret 1 - Repeat 6-6 but this time get all those pesky red coins in the
obstacle course. Remember your 1-UP locations are remember to get the first
1-UP before starting the timer. The coins are mostly in straightforward easy to
find positions. Just keep an eye out for the coins' shadows. Coin number 4 is
located off the beaten path a little. Once you bounce up off of the tight rope,
look around for coin four (those big white arrows are pointing right at it).
The rest are easy to find, just not so easy to obtain. However, judicious use
of your water pack should mitigate things a bit. Before you pick up that Shine,
you might as well get the 1-UP in the nail to the right of it.

Secret 2 - Get to the top of the left portion of the map and shoot down a gold
bird.  Simple but easily missed!

Level 7, Monte Village

*Note: This level is called Pianta Village in the US version of Super Mario

Secure the rocket pack from Water Mario and use it to get on top of the giant
Shine emblem tower. There's a pipe up there that leads to level 7.

Story #1 - Cool off the Chomps with water then grab their tails. Pull and then
let go to send them flying. You need to get all three into the lake in the
center of town.

Story #2 Another race. Standard racing procedure works here, but at the end try
and shave a split second off your time by jumping across a little blue sky if
it's neck-and-neck.  Another good idea is to stay left...there are generally
less obstacles that way, and plus you won’t be competing with the opponent for
space.  Nothing sucks more than running into him and losing all your momentum.
This time you'll almost have to use the Belly Flop, since that's what the other
guy uses and almost any other technique is slower.

Story #3 - Go left and hang on the edge to get past the first swath of lava.
Now jump into the first square hole and ground pound the grate. Move along this
catwalk Tarzan-style until you reach a vertical grate. Punch it and you will go
riding off towards the middle of the level. As soon as it stops, jump to catch
onto the ceiling. See that? Good thing you got off... now you should only have
one place to go. Press A to punch up through the grate. Wall jump out of the
hole and look for the Golden Mushroom. You have to reach that shroom. If you
fall in the lava, you're basically dead since you lose all control over Mario.
Now, notice a bridge next to you with no lava. Get on that and walk slowly off
of the edge to grab on with your hands. Now you can work your way along the
side until you reach a barren ledge. From here you can jump towards the Golden
Mushroom and land in a safe spot. Scale the platforms to get your pack back!
Now you can flip jump and hover up to the Golden Mushroom for the Shine.  If
you’re having trouble, keep in mind that hazardous substance can only hurt
Mario if he’s standing in them with both feet.  You can stick very close to the
edge of a sludge-filled platform and be perfectly safe, as long as you keep one
foot on dry ground.  Also note that there are many different ways to complete
this story, so feel free to experiment.  One interesting method, which you may
find easier, is to make it to the pool of water at the back of the city.  You
can jump in, then jump back out and drip water onto the sludge to create a
small indentation.  Then get wet again and try a spin jump to clear out even
more.  Eventually you can clear a path all the way to the Golden Mushroom,
although this method is certainly not the quickest.

Story #4 - Cool off the Chomp with water and let him move towards the end of
the level. When he's close to the end of the level, pound the nail of his chain
into the ground. Now he's stuck for a few seconds. Cool him off again. Now that
he's close to the back, use the B button to grab his chain and drag it towards
the round pool shown in the intro cut-scene. You can't go to far or he'll pull
away. You'll have to stop periodically to pound the nail into the ground so you
can cool him off again. When you drag him to the pool, you get a Shine.

Story #5 - Acquire a fruit for Yoshi from the small mushroom-like tree that is
forward and left of the start. Jump Yoshi along the mushrooms beneath the city
until you reach the orange squiggly thing. Spray it down and get Mario in the
opening. Another obstacle course. This time, use the people to throw you they
will throw you according to where you're standing when you talk to them. This
isn't too hard once you get the hang of the way they throw you. Little guys
throw shorter distances.

Story #6 - Just found the puddles of lava and wash them off. When each person
is revealed, wash them off until they sparkle They're all on the ground level
so this is very easy to do in the three minutes allotted.

Story #7 - Same basic Water Mario fight except now he trails fire. This makes
him easier to find but harder to follow. He's still easy to beat though.

Story #8 - Red coin hunt.  You should probably get the hardest coin first.  Run
across the bridge and as you approach the land, jump off to the side and
forward.  When you get under the land, hover until you reach the grate with the
red coin on it.  Now get back topside.  The rest of the coins aren't too bad. 
Number two is on the leftmost branch of the huge tree to the right of the
bridge's end.  Three is in the grass on the left side of the board.  Continue
past the grass and look for the fruit tree, which has the fourth coin.  Towards
the back (next to the statue of an islander) is a large tree.  Number five is
behind the tree trunk, guarded by a beehive.  Approach from the statue and go
through quickly for maximum safety.  The pool in front of the statue contains
number six.  Number seven is in a large stack of crates.  Finally, the last
coin is in the giant center tree.  Climb the tree using the rocket pack (which
is half way up the tree).  Do a spin jump and rocket boost from that position
to get to the top.  Now you simply have to get the Shine.  Watch the white
puffy things.  Follow their direction by travelling down one of the large
leaves of the center tree.  Catch hold of the one that is in the center of the
leaf near the tip.  When it brings you over the clouds, let go and get your

100 Coins - Choose Story 5, the one with Yoshi.  Start off by going all the way
back to the underground entrance next to the water temple.  Go down there and
follow the fencing until you come to a moving punch-wall.  Get exactly in the
middle of the moving wall and the punch it to pick up ten coins.  Now you want
to get over to those big mushrooms and all their coins.  You can try to finagle
your way there underground, or just go back topside and cross the starting
bridge.  Either way, you need to collect all of the coins down there.  By now
you should have 50 coins.  Then get topside again and feed Yoshi his fruit. 
Jump up and start eating bees from the beehive...there should be three
initially.  Each one drops a gold coin.  Then shoot down the hive, run away
from the edge of the level (you’ll see why when a bee hurts you), and start
eating them en masse with Yoshi.  You can get a total of 25 coins from the
hive, and the last bee will drop a Blue Coin.  Repeat this process with the
hive at the very back of the level, behind the giant palm tree trunk. If you
still don't have enough, have Yoshi eat the wind creatures at the beginning of
the level.  Look in the tall grass for orange cactus-like creatures, but don't
eat these guys--they'll only give you one coin each.  Instead, have Mario stomp
them while they're standing upright for three coins.  If you missed one or two
coins along the way, pound the temple statue’s nose to make seven more pop out.
 The Shine will appear above the statue’s raised hand.

Secret 1 - Get back to the obstacle course in 7-5. The main difference this
time is that you can get use your water pack to cross all the gaps (except the
one guy who throws you upwards). Get the red coins and get that Shine (not to
hard once you start using the water pack).

Secret 2 - Play 7-8 and use the rocket (on the center tree) to get to the very
top of the center tree. You may have to do a spin jump or U-turn jump just
before blasting to get to the top. Stand on the platform at the top and spray
water at the Sun.

Final Level, Corona Mountain

In order to access the final level, you must beat the seventh story in all
seven main levels.  In other words, beat Water Mario in each world.  This means
you can theoretically beat the game with 50 Shines (seven from each world and
one from the airport at the beginning), but most people will probably be at 70
or 80 before activating the final sequence.  Anyway, just use the rocket nozzle
to get to the cave at the back of the hub city, after you’ve chased Water Mario
up there the first time.

Corona Mountain is structured differently than other levels, in that it’s much
shorter and doesn’t contain any Shines or stories.  It’s mainly just a road to
the final boss.  To start off, put your pack in hover mode and land on the next
platform right after the spikes retract.  Obviously, you’ll want to jump off
again as soon as possible.  Repeat for the next spike platforms, until you get
to an area with fire platforms as well.  You could do this the hard way and use
the spray nozzle to put out one fire at a time, then get on a spike platform
and quickly put out another fire, then repeat until you’re through.  But you
want the easy way, right?  Just keep jumping high (use U-turn or spin jump if
you’re worried, although neither is necessary) and linger over each fire
platform with the hover jets to put out the fire.  It’ll stay out for about ten
seconds, plenty of time for you to move on.  Repeat this procedure, combined
with your spike platform timing, until you get to safe ground.  Break the crate
here for a one-up, refill your water in the stream, and jump onto the boat.

Here’s where the fun begins.  The boat works on the same principles as a lily
pad, except that it’s much harder to control.  Feather your sprays backwards so
it doesn’t move too quickly, because you’ll want plenty of time to make
steering adjustments.  To steer around objects, move Mario to the front of the
boat and spray hard to either side.  Don’t be afraid of using too much
spray...the boat is heavy and turns slowly.  When you’re satisfied with your
direction, carefully spray backwards again to keep moving forward.  There isn’t
much strategy to making it through this part; success is mainly a factor of
your boating skills.  If you want some free practice, there’s a boat in Mare
Bay that you don’t have to worry about sinking.  If the boat hits any
obstruction at all, it will quickly start to sink.  Switch to hover and get out
fast, if there’s any safe land nearby.  After steering through a few pillars
and cave structures, you’ll come to a large island.  Disembark here unless you
want to try for some of the blue coins in the surrounding moat of lava.

Fill up your water in the streams and grab the rocket nozzle from the red box. 
Move under the big shadow and let her rip.  It’s a cloud!  Ugh, it’s lots of
clouds.  Zoom your camera out and way up so you can see the next clouds above. 
Watch their movements and use the rocket nozzle to keep climbing up to each new
level.  Try for the 1-up if you like; since it’s in the middle, you don’t have
much danger of falling down into lava.  When you finally get to the top cloud,
rocket jump one more time to reach the final boss.

Final Boss: Bowser and Baby Bowser

For a final boss encounter, this isn’t really too difficult.  Keep moving at
all times so as to dodge Baby Bowser’s missiles, but otherwise ignore him.  He
can’t be hurt.  Run the opposite direction of Bowser’s fire breath until you
reach one of the platform’s outcroppings.  Follow it down to an unusual icon on
the floor.  Curious players may have already seen it on top of the hub city’s
lighthouse; it’s a super butt stomp pad.  To break it, do a rocket jump
straight up (you may want to jump before discharging the nozzle, if only to
avoid any oncoming missiles) and then press and hold L at the top of your
trajectory.  Mario will come down harder than normal, hard enough to break
those special pads.  The outcropping will crumble from the impact, so get back
to the main ring fast!  Getting back by regular methods may be tough, since the
floor is fragmenting and falling quickly.  One method you may find easier is to
charge up another rocket jump as soon as you land, and use that to land back on
the ring.  Just be careful; land short and you’re down the pit, land far and
you’re in the pool of green stuff, which will take away life and can be hard to
escape from.

I’m sure you can guess the method from here: just keep super-stomping the rest
of the pads.  As you get closer to destroying them all, Baby Bowser will start
shooting off even more missiles, and Bowser will sometimes cause the green
stuff to overflow out onto the ring you’re running on.  Do your best to avoid
these attacks, but if you do get hit, try not to panic and you’ll probably be
okay.  You’re much more likely to die from falling than from the life meter
running out.  When you smash the final pad, the whole structure will flip and
send Bowser and son flying away.  That’s it.  No second form or anything like
that.  Enjoy the ending.  After the credits roll, the game will ask you to
save.  For some reason, the default choice here is to NOT save, so make sure
you move over the choice on the left and press A.  Your Shine total will go up
by one for that big Shine that Bowser was hoarding the whole time.  Saving here
also enables the Hawaiian shirt, which you can read more about in the Secrets


We’re scouring night and day to hunt down all 240 Blue Coins. We’ll be updating
level-by-level as we clear each one out. You can get most of the coins in any
order, but we’ve numbered them in the order that we found them.
Here are some general tips:
- Spray everything: If it looks like it could use water, spray it. Spraying
water on buckets of fish, flowers, or even knocking down birds can get you a
blue coin.
- Talk to people: Even if you got the import and don’t have a clue what
anyone’s saying, talking to the right people will get you blue coins upon
- Leave no stone unturned: Blue coins can be far off the beaten path, high in
the sky, or deep in a sewer. Look at everything and explore every nook and

Dolphic Town Blue Coins:

1. The first one is in what looks like a jail cell under the eastern bell
tower. Swim around to the back side and you’ll find an entrance.

2-3. There is an X on the statue at the south end of town and another X on the
side of the western bell tower by the boardwalk. Spray each one and run to the
other to get the blue coins.

4. In the center of town, at the bottom of the Shine Gate, there is a crate on
the boardwalk. Stomp it and you’ll see an M painted on the wall. Spray the M
for a blue coin.

5. On the rooftops just west of the Shine Gate, there is a group of birds. Keep
spraying the blue bird until it drops the coin.

6. You’ll find another blue bird to spray over by the pineapple-stuffed pipe
that leads to Sirena Beach later in the game.

7. On the building that arches over the canal, there is another M hidden behind
a crate. Bust the crate and spray the M for the blue coin.

8. Go to the island that’s out west of town. Drop into the sewer entrance there
and you’ll find a blue coin hidden in the sewers just south of the island.

9-12. Each townsperson with a basket wants fruit. Talk to one (this step is
required), then put three of the correct fruit into their basket. Talk to them
once more to collect a blue coin. The lady by the Shine Gate with an elevated
basket wants pineapples. The lady near Mare Bay’s entrance wants bananas. The
lady out on the island wants limes. (You can get them from the island’s tree,
just spray and they’ll fall.) Now the last one is a doozie. The lady with a
turned-over basket wants the fruit that can’t be picked up...looks like a
pineapple with no leafage. Problem is, she’s surrounded by the city’s internal
river. You have to use all your soccer skills to get the ball-like fruit to
her. If you move Mario right up next to the fruit and press A, he’ll kick the
fruit up into the air. This is how you’ll get the fruit up to the platform
across the river from your destination, right near the base of the Shine Gate.
Then kick the fruit over so that it’s lined up well; you want it directly
across from those umbrellas. Get it near the edge, kick it up into the air,
then jump and press B to dive. If you time it correctly, Mario will punch the
fruit over the gap. Then follow it over with your hover and kick it into the
basket. If you don’t hear a “success” sound, you forgot to talk to the lady
first! D’oh! (Yes, this happened to me.) When you finally get three
soccer-fruit in her basket, talk to her again for your blue coin, one of the
hardest to get in the whole game.

13. In the sewer system, you’ll find another blue coin just under the canal
near the Shine Gate.

14. Again in the sewers, there is another blue coin north of the Shine Gate,
under the hills.

15. Get on the rooftops and head to the west side of town near the Pinna Park
cannon. On the side of one of the towers is another M you can spray for a blue

16. After you’ve gotten six shines, one of the villagers will have somehow
caught fire and be running around near the fruit stands. Put out the fire, and
he’ll give you a blue coin.

17. After you have Yoshi, go back to the tower by Pinna Park and spray the
paint on top of the building with Juice. It will dissolve, revealing a blue

18. You’ll need Yoshi again to vomit all over the paint, but there is another
blue coin similarly hidden on the rooftops near the lighthouse.

19. After you’ve acquired the propeller nozzle, head over to the pillars east
of the lighthouse. Just at the water line, there is a gate that you can bust
through. A blue coin is inside.

20. At the airport, there is a blue coin stuck in a block of ice. Spray away
the ice, and the coin will be yours.

Bianco Hills Blue Coins:

Story 1

1. Go to the river just before the town and follow to the end. There’s a blue
coin just under the water.

2. There is an M painted on the town-side of the wall between the bells and the
waterwheel. Wash it off for a blue coin.

3. There is another M painted on the house with two towers on the north end of
town. Spray it down for the blue coin.

4. Back on the southern end of town, there is a tall building with a balcony.
Get onto the balcony and you’ll see two holes. Spray the hole on the left for a
blue coin.

5. Head north across the rooftops, and look for the building with the two
towers. There is a blue coin in the eastern tower.

6. Between both of those buildings are two medium-sized windmills with rotating
platforms. There is a blue coin floating between the western windmill and the

7. Climb the waterwheel and get on top of the wall. You should be able to spot
another M painted on the wall. Clean it off for a blue coin.

8-9. Go south just a bit and rotate your camera around a little. You should be
able to see two X’s painted on the sides of the wall. One is on the town side,
hidden in a closed-in section of the wall. The other is on the eastern “forest”
side. Spray them both for blue coins.

10. Keep heading south along the wall until you get almost where the two walls
intersect. One of the smaller windmills is there on the eastern side of the
wall. Spray the windmill and it will spin faster and faster until the blue coin

11. Jump into the water east of the monster spewing out all that sludge. You
should be able to find a blue coin just sitting under there.

12. Head up the hill that leads to the large windmill. There is an M painted on
the side of the windmill just before you ride the blades to the top. Wash it
off for the blue coin.

Story 2

13. Just west of the large windmill is a tall pillar with a bit of grass at the
top. Spray the top of the pillar and a blue coin will pop out.

Story 3

14. Make your way back to the large windmill. On the path, you’ll find a
villager covered in sludge. Wash him off, and he’ll give you a blue coin.

15. Get back on top of the windmill where you encountered the second boss. Now
there is a cactus-like enemy waiting for you. Defeat it for the blue coin.
Note: You may not get the blue coin if you wait until it falls over to attack.
Try to bounce on its head while it’s vertical.

16. From the top of the windmill, look out over the level. You should now see a
series of tightropes and small windmills just in front of you. On top of one of
the platforms is a blue coin.

Story 4

17. Underneath the bridge that leads from the forest area to the large
windmill, you’ll spot a blue coin and a few other coins. Use the tightropes
below to bounce up and grab the fence.

18. Get on top of the wall just south of the forest and on the other side of
the river. Follow it east and you’ll see three brick platforms jutting out from
the side of the hill. On the third platform is another cactus enemy. Defeat it
for a blue coin.

19. Grab the rocket nozzle and head all the way to the western edge of the
town. There is a small ledge in the side of the hills. Rocket up there and
you’ll find a blue coin.

Story 5

20. There is a large concrete pillar that connects the two main walls in the
level. If you’re heading on the path from where the level starts, you should
see it on your right. Get on top of it and you’ll see another villager covered
in sludge. Hose him down, and he’ll give you a blue coin in return.

21. Before you go and wake up that boss, rocket up to the group of platforms on
top of the hills north of town. There is a blue coin on the center platform.

Story 6

22. Head back up those hills and look towards the platform where the last boss
was sleeping. You should notice two clouds floating there now. Spray one cloud
to make it expand and jump on it. Do the same with next cloud. Then jump to the
platform. Use your hover nozzle to spray the platform and a blue coin will pop

23. Get on top of the building with the two towers and look back toward the
hills you were just on. You should be able to see another blue coin floating
near the top of one of the smaller windmills. Jump and hover from the building
or make your way to the top of that windmill and jump down for it.

24. Head over to the ramp that leads from the forest to the large windmill.
Just to the west of it, you’ll notice an out-of-place coin on the shore. You’ll
need to brave the pollution and follow that coin into the water. Dive under the
sludge and you’ll see a whole line of coins, leading to a blue coin.

Story 7

25-26. On the northern sides of the tall building with the balcony and the
building with the two towers, you’ll find O’s painted. These work on the same
principles as the X’s, but you’ll need to be a bit faster to make in time. I
suggest using a trick WindyMan taught me. Spray the ground to make it wet and
dive into it before dries off. You’ll slide right across the level. I also
suggest spraying the O’s from a distance so that you’ll have less ground to
cover while the timer’s running.

27. On top of the building with the balcony is one of the small windmills. Find
your way to the top of it, and watch for a blue bird flying around. Shoot down
the bird, and it will drop a blue coin.
28. Bounce around on the treetops and make your way to the tree that’s farthest
north - close to the waterwheel. Use your hover nozzle to spray the center of
the tree and a blue coin will pop out.

Story 8 (with Yoshi)

29. Floating around the town is a blue butterfly. It’s constantly flying
around, so there’s no precise location. It tends to be near the hills though.
Find it with Yoshi and have him eat it. It will leave behind a blue coin.

30. Head over to the forest and look for the honeycombs. Knock down the eastern
honeycomb and have Yoshi eat all the bees. Once you’ve gotten them all, the
last one will leave behind the blue coin.

Ricco Harbor Blue Coins:

Story 1

1. Go to the side of the warehouses near the beginning.  Next to the guy
wearing sunglasses, an M is painted on the wall.  Wash it off for the coin.

2. Now, get on top of the warehouses and you should see another M painted on
the side of the cliff.  Hose it down for a blue coin.

3. Head east to where the lighthouse is and examine the ship.  You should see
another M painted on its side.

4. Just north of the lighthouse, a crate is sitting by the water.  Bust it
open, and a blue coin will pop out.

5. Clean the black sludge off the ground around the lighthouse to find another
M painted on the ground.

6. Now you should also see a guy standing on top of some bricks and near some
cement mixers.  Face him.  Then, turn to your left and start spraying down the
wall.  If you hit the right spot, you should see a blue outline of a shine
begin to appear.  Coins will pop out if you continue to spray it, and finally
you’ll get a blue coin for your effort.

7. Get onto the black ship inside the fences.  There is another M hidden
underneath the sludge on deck.

8. Get on top of the ship’s smokestack and look south.  You should see a crane
moving back and forth, and on top of it, there is a blue coin.

9. Get back to the smokestack and you should see another blue coin on the
scaffolding just above the crane.  Flip and hover up there to get it.

10. If you look northwest from their, you’ll see some red fences.  Jump over
and climb to the top of the nearest one.  Jump over to the next set of
scaffolding, and you’ll see another coin directly east.

11. Well, if you’re like me, you probably got knocked off by one of the
enemies, so head back to the smokestack.  Look north to the lighthouse, and you
should see another blue coin on the scaffolding surrounding it.

12. Swim south of that same ship and you’ll see a blue coin underwater beneath
the orange platform with an arrow pointing east.

13. Find your back up to the eastern part of the blue scaffolding and look for
the beam that juts farthest to the south.  At the end of that beam is a line of
coins leading down to a blue coin.  Hang off the end of the beam and slide down
to get it.

14. Make your way over to the platform next to the yellow submarine.  There is
a propeller that you can spray to raise it out of the water.  Raise the
submarine all the way to the top, and a blue coin will pop out of the

15. Head up to the town now and find the fountain on the western side of town. 
There is a blue coin floating just above it.

16. Just east of the fountain, there is another M painted on the wall.  One of
the villagers is staring right at it.

17. Get on the rooftops, and head east.  Near where the boss is hiding you’ll
find an M on the wall above one of the buildings.

18. Follow the stone path that leads from the rooftops and stretches out toward
the helipad.  Jump over to the helipad and look southeast.  You should see a
series of tall platforms out there.  Believe it or not, you can actually make
it over there by doing a triple jump or spin jump and hovering.  However, you
might find it easier to wait until you unlock the rocket nozzle.  Either way,
go to the lowest platform and head east to the ledges in the cliff side.  On
the eastern cliff there is another M painted on the wall.  Note: If you wait
until Story 8, there is a brown villager near the submarine who will toss you
straight out to the cliff.

19. Head back to the tall platforms and make your way up to the one farthest
west.  There is an M painted on it that you can spray for a blue coin.

Story 2

20. In story 2, you’ll find a series of sailboats in the harbor.  Find the one
that’s furthest to the east and look southwest.  You should see a blue coin
floating in the air that you can jump to from the boat.

21. Jump on one of the squid and head follow the coins to the sewer entrance
shown in the cut-scene.  On the way, you’ll see a blue coin that you’ll need to
jump for.

Story 3

22. Climb the fences on the black ship by the lighthouse.  You should see
several yellow spiders climbing the fences now.  It doesn’t seem that you can
defeat them at first, but you can if you attack them from the opposite of the
fence.  There is one on the side of one of the fences that you can punch for a
blue coin.

23. Another one of the spiders is hanging from the top of the fences.  If you
spray it with a bit of water, it will curl up.  Then you can jump and stomp the
fence above it to knock it down and score a blue coin.

24. On the scaffolding high above the harbor, you’ll find the rocket nozzle. 
Once you’ve acquired it, get on top of the lighthouse.  Charge up the rocket
and jump to get a blue coin.

Story 4

25. You’re going to hate someone for this one.  You know the last shine you got
where you had to climb all the way up and get into that yellow fence?  Well, do
it again.  Inside you’ll find a squid that has a blue coin.  Hint: There are a
couple easier ways.  If you look at the bottom of that yellow fence, you just
might find one.

Story 6

26. On the eastern end of town where the giant squid used to be, the villagers
have set up a fish market.  Spray the baskets in the middle for a blue coin.

Story 7

27. There are two green X’s.  One is painted on the side of the lighthouse. 
The other is on one of the buildings on the eastern side of town.  Starting at
the lighthouse, spray the X and jump into the sewer.  Then spray a bit of water
and slide to the eastern end of the pipe.  Jump out just in time to get the
blue coin before it disappears.

28. For the other coin, you’ll need the propeller nozzle.  Spray the X from a
distance and use the propeller nozzle to cut west through the town.  Jump off
the ledge to get to the coin in time.

Story 8

29. The last two are easy.  First make sure you go grab Yoshi.  Then look for a
group of blue butterflies.  Eat them all for a blue coin.

30. Now take Yoshi over by the lighthouse.  There is a yellow spider climbing
on one of the walls.  Eat it for the last blue coin.  Another way, although
much more difficult, is to rocket jump directly above the spider and then stomp
down onto it.

Mamma Beach Blue Coins:

*Note: this level is called Gelato Beach in the US version of Super Mario

Story 1

1. From the start, look right behind you and head for the island with the three
palm trees.  Hanging from one of them is a swing.  Get on the swing and push it
by spraying your pump.  After a few swings, you’ll be high enough to get the
blue coin.

2. Now, walk carefully up the trunk of that tree.  There is a blue coin at the

3. Southeast of the island, on the ocean floor is a blue coin.

4. Another coin is on the sea floor southwest of the island.

5. There is a blue coin swimming with a school of blue fish.

6. Another blue coin is swimming with a school of red fish.

7. On the eastern side of the beach is a small hut.  Get inside and bounce off
one of the seats to hang from the ceiling.  There is a blue coin in the center
of the ceiling.

8. In Story 1, only one of the round enemies on the beach is red.  Knock him
out and bounce on his belly or defeat him for a blue coin.

9. Get on the roof of the hut and look east.  There is a small ledge with a red
M painted on one of the walls.  Wash it off for a blue coin.

10-11. On the sides of the cliffs on the eastern and western sides of the
beach, there are two triangles painted.  Wash them off for blue coins.  It’s
best to clear out all the enemies first and then slide across the beach by
spraying a bit of water and then diving into it.

12. Head to the juice bar on the western side of the beach.  Go off the
backside of it and swim under the area with the tables and umbrellas.  There
are several coins and a blue coin hidden there.

13-14. Make your way into the hills.  At the top there is an area that looks
like a small circular stage.  There is a high wire with several birds on it. 
Some are hiding in the holes in the poles.  There are two blue birds in the
flock, and each will give you a blue coin.

15. Just east of the stage, there is a blue coin floating above one of the

16. If you follow the brick path west of the stage to the end there will be a
small trench cut between it and one of the last poles.  In that trench is a
blue coin.

17. Continue up and west to the last tightrope.  There is a line of coins and a
blue coin floating above the center of it.

Story 2

18. Go out to the area where the sand castle appeared in the last story.  Spray
the sand, and an outline of a shine will begin to appear.  Keep spraying for a
blue coin.

19. There’s a similar marking hidden on the west side of the beach beneath one
of the vertical lines of coins.

20. Another hidden marking lies just north of the boat near the center of the

Story 4

21. Yet another marking and blue coin is hidden near the surfboards.

22-25. When you’re riding on the sand bird for the 8 red coins, there are also
four blue coins that will float by on clouds.

Story 5

26. Get the rocket nozzle and head for the wooden platform just west of the
tower in the center of the stage.  Rocket straight up from the center of the
platform for a blue coin.

27.Next to the platform, there is a blue enemy sleeping in the tree.  Spray him
with a bit of water and jump on his belly for a blue coin.

Story 6

28. Get Yoshi and head over by the hut on the east side of the beach.  There is
some yellow gunk you’ll need Yoshi’s juice for.  Get rid of it and then spray
the plant to make it form a footprint in the sand.  There will be a blue coin
inside the footprint.

29. Take Yoshi under the wooden platform next to the tower.  Have him knock
down the honeycomb and eat the bees for a blue coin.

30. Find any fruit and take it over to the juice bar on the western side of the
beach.  Toss the fruit in the blender on the roof for a blue coin.

Pinna Park Blue Coins:

Story 1

1. On the beach near the cannon, there is a blue shine symbol hidden underneath
the sand.  Spray around until you uncover it.  You’ll get a blue coin in

2. Another symbol is hidden under the sand just west of the first, between the
tree and the basket.

3.-4. Once you’ve gotten Yoshi, there are two blue butterflies flying around
the beach.  Both of them will give you blue coins if Yoshi eats them.

5. Head into the park.  Between the carrousels there is a blue bird on an
awning.  Shoot it down for a blue coin.

6. Spray the shells on the seashell carrousel.  One of them holds a blue coin.

7. Follow the staircase that leads to the ship rides and drop off the end into
the water. Turn around and you’ll see a blue coin under the staircase.  Spin
jump and hover to get it.

8. East of the staircase, there is an M painted on an orange wall.  Wash it off
for a blue coin.

9.-10. There on X’s painted to the east and west of the ships.  The western one
is on the side of a white wall, and the eastern one is painted on a fat tree.
Spray them both for blue coins. It’s quicker, if you go around the north side
of the ship ride.

11. Continue on the path up the hill. You should run across a gazebo about
half-way up.  Get on top and look for a blue bird flying around.  Spray it for
a blue coin.

12. From the gazebo look southwest toward where the rollercoaster starts.  You
should see a blue coin on the ledge. (Later there is a bridge between the
rollercoaster and the gazebo.)

13. On the ground between the ledges there is a large enemy with a stack of
smaller enemies on its head.  Knock off the smaller enemies and kill the large
one for a blue coin.

14.-15. There are triangles on the ledge below the gazebo and on the wall at
the top of the path.  Spray both for blue coins.

16.-17. Jump from the brick ledge onto one of the Ferris wheel cars and ride it
half way to the top.  There are two O’s painted on the structure.  One is on a
western wall, and the other is painted on the ground on the eastern side. 
Spray both for blue coins.

18. Head back down to the two ships.  Jump from the second ship to a box of
fencing.  Inside the box is a blue coin.

19. Climb on top of the box and look back toward the ships.  You should see
another blue coin on the support beams above the first ship.

20. Get back on top of the fence box and wait for the second ship to flip
upside down.  When it does, quickly jump on top of it and U-turn jump up to the
ledge above you.  There is a blue coin there.

21. Follow the fencing around until you are in front of the Ferris wheel.  Just
to the south of the final platform there is a blue coin floating in the air.

22. Head to the northern side of the park and get on the small beach north of
the pool where the boss battle takes place.  Look back towards the wall and you
should see an M painted on it.  Spray it off for a blue coin.

23. Get back up on the wall and continue to follow the brick path to where the
waterfalls and fences are.  Look up at the walls from the path and you should
spot another M that you can spray.

Story 2

24.-29. There are six baskets on the beach with blue coins under them.  Lure
the Bullet Bills into the baskets to remove them.

Story 6

30. Get Yoshi and head for the beaches on the western side of the large pool
where you fought the boss.  There is a blue butterfly over there that Yoshi can
eat for the last blue coin.

Sirena Beach Blue Coins:

Story 1

1. Swim off the eastern end of the beach. There is a blue coin underwater near
the wall.

2-3. Near the four fountains on the eastern side of the resort, there are two
villagers buried in paint. Wash them off and they’ll give you blue coins.

Story 2

4. In the southern part of the resort, there is a small stone sign overlooking
the beach. Spray it for a blue coin.

5. In the northeast corner of the resort, there is a circular patch of yellow
flowers. Spray them for a blue coin.

6. In front of the hotel, there is a line of torches. Spray the second torch
from the left for a blue coin.

7. Get on the 2nd story balcony on the outside of the hotel and follow it
around to the back. There is a blue coin sitting on the ledge.

8. There are two huts in front of the hotel. Go to the eastern one and look up
at the ceiling to find a blue coin.

9. Get inside the hotel. On the third floor, near the large glass room, there
is a lamp in a corner. Spray the lamp for a blue coin.

Story 3

10. Go back inside the hotel. On the third floor there is a large light fixture
in the ceiling. Spray it for a blue coin.

11. In the attic, there is a blue coin at the end of a corridor on the western
side. Zoom the camera out to get a better view of the maze.

12. One of the rooms on the third floor has a couple posters on the wall and
some furniture shoved into a corner. Spray the furniture for a blue coin.

13. Now, spray the posters. One of them will rip, allowing you to pass into the
next room. There’s a blue coin sitting by the bed.

14. After you’ve gotten Yoshi, head back to the room where the pineapple crates
were. Have Yoshi eat the sleeping ghost to go the next room. There is a blue
coin in there.

15. Get Yoshi into the attic to clear out the ghosts and find your way to a
room in the northeastern part of the maze. Drop through the floor and you
should be in a lady’s room with a glass table, a mirror, and a pineapple. Spray
the mirror for a blue coin.

16. Now, butt-stomp through the glass table, and you’ll find another blue coin
in the room below.

Story 4

17. Head back up to the attic. There should be one ghost left, wandering
around. Defeat it for a blue coin.

18. Go back to the room where you found the pineapple crates in Story 3. One of
the crates now holds a blue coin.

19. Enter the casino on the first floor. From the casino entrance, head to the
slot machines on the left. Go two machines past the gray villager. Butt-stomp
above the stool, and you’ll win a blue coin.

20. Spray the fountain on the right side of the casino for a blue coin.

Story 5

21. Head back to the casino. After you enter, turn around to find a big M
painted on the wall. Clean it off for a blue coin.

Story 6

22-23. In the midst of all the paint there are several villagers buried. Two of
them will give you one-ups and the other two will give you blue coins.

Story 7

24. Outside the resort near the eastern hut, there is an M painted on one of
the walls. Wash it off for a blue coin.

25-26. Inside the hotel, there are two triangles. One is on the first floor by
the fruit bar. The other is almost directly above it on the second floor. To
get to the coin on the second floor before it disappears, spray the triangle
from the middle of the room, then wall jump off the pole and hover up to the
second floor.

27-28. There are X’s painted on the second and third floors. Spray both for
blue coins.

29. There is an M painted on the wall on the third floor near the staircase.
Wash it off for a blue coin.

30. One last M is painted on a wall in the center of the attic. Clean it off
for the blue coin.

Mare Bay Blue Coins:

*Note: This level is called Noki Bay in the US version of Super Mario Sunshine.

*For reference, you begin the stage facing south.

Story 1

1-2. East of the start point there’s a boat in the water. You can get in the
boat and use FLUDD to propel it through the water. There is a blue coin near
the boat and a second south of it.

3. Go west of the hut with the crates and the tanuki lifeguard and look into
the water. You should be able to find a line of coins leading to a blue coin
near the bottom.

4. Get to the top of the eastern cliff where the yellow bird is flying around
and drop off the northern side. You should land on a small ledge with a wall
cut into the cliff. Spray the wall to open two holes and a blue coin.

5-6. Get back to the top of the cliff and jump to the ledge with seven stones
in the wall. Spray the stones and you should find two blue coins in the holes.

7. Look back toward the eastern cliff for a wall with one hole and another hole
in the cliff next to it. Spray the empty sections in the cliff to reveal two
more holes and a blue coin.

8. Just below, there is another ledge, spray the wall there for another hidden
blue coin.

9. Right next to it is another ledge with two stones in the wall. Spray the
stones to find a blue coin.

10. Above and west of that ledge is a hole with a blue coin in plain sight.

11. In the center of the main cliff is a block that will reveal a long vertical
passage when you spray it. Wall jump to one of the holes that leads east to a
ledge with a couple stones. Behind one of the stones is a blue coin.

12. Get back over to the vertical passage and head to a corridor that leads
west, there is a blue coin at the end of the corridor.

13. Head west along the cliffs and you will find an M painted on the wall. Wash
it off for a blue coin.

14-15. Head to the northern section of cliffs where the paint is dripping down.
Past the second pulley, go north and look for a series of stone ledges going up
the northern side of the cliff. At the top is a rocket nozzle. Get the rocket
nozzle and blast up for a blue coin first. Then get the coin in the hole above
the rocket nozzle. If you get the one in the hole first, you’ll get knocked
back to the ground and will have to make the climb again for the other one.

16. Right where you defeat Monty Mole, there is a narrow ledge jutting out over
the bay. Go out on the ledge and turn around. You should see a blue coin in a
hole just below you. Drop down and hover to get it.

Story 2

17. Go back up the cliffs that had the paint on them and look for a small
groove in the wall next to the second pulley. Hang off the edge of the cliff
and you can actually sidle and follow the groove. Follow it all the way to
where it seems to end and spray the wall to reveal a hidden section of the
cliff. There is a blue coin there.

18. From there, there is another groove you can follow south. It will lead to a
long vertical passage inside the cliff. Wall jump to the top for a blue coin.

19. Above where you found the first groove, near the wheel for the pulley,
you’ll find another groove. Again, follow it to the end and spray the wall to
find a hidden area with a blue coin.

20. Go back to the southern cliffs where the purple fisherman is waiting and
spray the stone in the wall to reveal a maze. Go up the passage above the
stone. Then hang and sidle to the east to get to the space with the blue coin.

21. Continue up the cliffs and open the second maze. Go up the vertical passage
and you’ll see a blue coin in a hole above you. Jump out from the ledge and
hover back to get the coin.

22-23. After you’ve defeated the squid and dropped into the cave with the
shine, look for two large urns. Spray each of them for blue coins.

Story 6

24-25. There are two O’s painted on the cliffs across from each other on the
northern and southern ends of the bay. To get the blue coins in time, you’ll
need to make good use of the boat nearby. It’s not easy, but point the boat
towards the opposite shore, jump out to spray the O and then propel the boat
over to grab the coin.

26. Get on top of the large shell where you enter the challenge stage and look
south toward the cliffs. You should see a blue coin in a hole in the wall. (You
can actually get this in Story 1, but it takes a lot of skill to get up there.)

Story 8

27-30. Use the waterfall to get to the undersea village. Once you’re
underwater. Search the tops of the pillars to find four blue coins.

Monte Village Blue Coins

*Note: This level is called Pianta Village in the US version of Super Mario

Story 1

1. Turn around.  There’s an M painted on the wall just behind the starting
point.  Clean it off for a blue coin.

2. Climb to the top of the large tree in the southwest corner of the stage. 
Then follow the eastern-most branch out to a platform with a blue coin on it.

3. Head north along the western edge of the village.  There is a blue coin in
the tall grass.

4. Go to the top of the tree in the northwest corner of town.  There is a blue
coin in the crown of the tree.

5-6. There are two triangles that you spray for blue coins.  One is on the
western side of the wall surrounding the hot springs.  The other is on a wall
on the eastern side of the stage.

7. At the end of the river on the eastern side of the stage there is a blue

8. Swim up the river to find another blue coin under a bridge.

9. There is an M painted on the southern wall of the platform that the fruit
tree is on top of.  Wash it off for a blue coin.

10. Between the bridge and the central tree, there is an M painted on the
southern wall of one of the wooden buildings.  Hose it off for a blue coin.

11. Just south of that wall, look for a hole next to a pink villager and a
green villager.  Drop in and hang from the grating.  Now adjust your camera so
that you can see the ceiling above you.  Just west of the hole, there is an M
painted on the ceiling.  To get to it, get on the vertical panel that’s nearby,
punch it, and quickly jump on top of the grating you were just hanging from. 
Spray the M for a blue coin.  Whew!

12. Get on top of the golden mushroom and shoot the moon for a blue coin.

Story 3

13. Right under the golden mushroom, there is an M painted on the deck.  Grab
FLUDD and wash it off for a blue coin.

14. Head south of the golden mushroom, washing the fire paint away.  Under the
paint, there is a large M painted on the ground.  Clean it off for a blue coin.

15. On the eastern side of the village, there’s a guy on fire.  Put the fire
out, and he’ll give you a blue coin in return.

Story 5

16. Stomp on the nose of the hot springs statue to get a blue coin.

17. Get Yoshi and have him knock down the beehive by the bridge.  Have him eat
all the bees for a blue coin.

18. There’s another beehive on the back side of the large tree by the hot

19. Get on the mushroom that’s just south of the fruit tree.  There is a flock
of blue butterflies floating around.  Have Yoshi eat all of them for a blue

20. Spray the hole in the central tree for a blue coin.

Story 6

21. Coming from the bridge, you’ll see a wooden sign.  Spray it, and you’ll get
a blue coin.

22-29. There are ten villagers that you have to rescue from the paint.  Eight
of them will give you blue coins in return.

Story 8

30. Head up the platforms around the central tree.  Stand next to the box with
the rocket nozzle and look for a blue bird.  Shoot it down for a blue coin.

Corona Mountain Blue Coins

1. There is a blue coin on the third safe platform.

2-10. The other nine coins are floating above the lava just before you head up
the vertical passage. You can use some expert boating maneuvers to get around
to each one, but considering how hard it is to steer the boat, you may want to
just jump for them from the central platform and spend a lot of lives in the


Most of the game’s secrets involve getting Shines or undocumented moves, so
they’ve already been covered above (or will be when this guide is complete). 
However, there are a few neat little tricks that are meant just for fun.

Sunglasses - Once you have 30 Shines, one of the islanders can give Mario a
pair of sunglasses.  In Dolphic Town, he’s underneath an umbrella on the beach
by the fruit market.  He’s in some other levels as well, but we’re not yet sure
if he can be found in every single level.  Anyway, just talk to the guy and
he’ll give Mario sunglasses.  They look pretty cool and make the screen
slightly darker, but otherwise they seem to be useless. To take off the
sunglasses, simply talk to the guy again.

Shine Shirt: The same guy who gives you the sunglasses will also fit you with a
new shirt after you beat the final boss and save.  It's actually
Shine-patterned, rather than Hawaiian.  Obviously, the shirt is just for looks.

More secrets will be added if we find any!


Please send all correspondence regarding this guide to Jonathan Metts at
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feedback and suggestions are very welcome.

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David Trammell wrote the Level-by-Level Walkthroughs for all seven main levels.

Daniel Bloodworth wrote the Blue Coin Guide, bless his soul.

Jonathan Metts wrote the walkthrough for Corona Mountain and the Final Boss,
along with additions and edits to the Level-by-Level Walkthrough and all
miscellaneous sections of this guide.

Reader Toby Normoyle translated the story titles from Japanese.

Reader Jason Holmes supplied the US names of Mare Bay and Monte Village.

Reader ml580fl contributed info about the Slide move.

Reader Chris Lucas gave us another strategy for the Pachinko mini-game.

Moves, tricks, and strategies have been collected from various Planet GameCube
staffers, including Billy Berghammer, Daniel Bloodworth, Rick Powers, Michael
Cole, and Mike Sklens.

Many thanks to Nintendo for creating this wonderful game, and to Lan-Kwei
(http://www.lan-kwei.com) for hooking us up with tons of copies!

This entire document is copyright 2002 by Planet GameCube.

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