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FAQ/Walkthrough by d0wner

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 08/05/02

                 | |
                  \ \   _   _  ____    ____   ____
                   \ \ | | | ||  _ \  / _  ) / ___)
               _____) )| |_| || | | |( (/ / | |
              (______/  \____|| ||_/  \____)|_|
                 ______                 _
                |  ___ \               (_)
                | | _ | |  ____   ____  _   ___
                | || || | / _  | / ___)| | / _ \
                | || || |( ( | || |    | || |_| |
                |_||_||_| \_||_||_|    |_| \___/

          _                         _      _
         | |                       | |    (_)
          \ \   _   _  ____    ___ | | _   _  ____    ____
           \ \ | | | ||  _ \  /___)| || \ | ||  _ \  / _  )
       _____) )| |_| || | | ||___ || | | || || | | |( (/ /
      (______/  \____||_| |_|(___/ |_| |_||_||_| |_| \____)


•Platform > Nintendo GameCube
•Version  > 0.9
•Created  > 07.31.02
•Updated  > 08.05.02
•Author   > d0wner [D. Engel]
•Contact  > d0wner451 at
            hotmail dot com

••••••••••••••••••••••• TABLE OF CONTENTS ••••••••••••••••••••••••

01 > INTRO
03 > GUIDE
   3.3 > MAMMA BEACH
   3.4 > PINNA PARK
   3.6 > MARE BAY
05 > OUTRO

                       - COPYRIGHT NOTICE -
This guide is copyright © 2002 D. Engel, and cannot be reproduced
       anywhere without permission.  See Outro for details.

••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 01 > INTRO •••••••••••••••••••••••••••

After six years, much speculation and countless rumors, here we
are finally playing the sequel to Super Mario 64.  The game
industry has quite a different landscape these days (RIP Dreamcast
and SNK), but the more things change the more they stay the same.
Nintendo demonstrates this truism by combining the sensibilities
of all previous adventures with their ruthless and often quirky
taste for innovation.  For those who prefer to spend their summer
in the cool shade of a big screen, your vacation starts now.

ABOUT THE GUIDE: the purpose of this guide is to explain as simply
and with as little filler as possible how to get through the
game's 56 stories (eight each in seven levels), as well as the
final area.  It does not cover the three secret shines found in
each level, nor any of the shines in Dolphic Town, nor the blue
coins.  The goal is to get import players 'unstuck' and moving
again as quickly as possible.  For the most part this guide shows
you what to do but not how to do it - holds your hand, but does
not press the buttons for you.  The guide is also completely free
of story spoilers, cutscenes are not summarized.  To this end,
'Water Mario' is referred to as such throughout.  As with any
guide, you should only use this when necessary, it is not meant as
a play companion to the game.  This guide will also refrain from
senseless abuse the catch phrase "Shine Get!".

••••••••••••••••••••••• 02 > PUZZLE STAGES •••••••••••••••••••••••

Also sometimes called 'retro stages', not for their design but
rather for the skills required, these levels will necessitate
mastery of all Mario's moves, as well as some precision jumping
and maneuvering.  The odd shapes and obstacles found in these
courses can quickly send any lead-footed Mario into freefall -
swiftness and agility are your benefactors.  While it never hurts
to survey your surroundings, you will often net the shine faster
through trial and error than careful observation.  Which is where
the 1UPs come in - there are two in each retro stage, and they
exist for the exact purpose of covering your mistakes so you can
try, try again.  Many are out in the open, more are hidden, and
any hidden ones will be listed in the guide.  Some of the later
stages can get quite frustrating: just remember to pickup those
green mushrooms, thank Nintendo for the challenge and try not to
make your Wavebird actually take flight.

••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 03 > GUIDE •••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Entering each of the seven levels is explained at the beginning of
that area, though you will have the opportunity to access them
much earlier.  If you're having trouble see the 'Getting To..'
section at the start of each area.


GETTING TO BIANCO HILLS: spray down the paint piranha and the
statue appears.  Water Mario then swipes Peach, give chase while
causing water damage and he falls in front of the statue, paints
your first portal and jumps in.  Squirt the M and jump in after
him to enter Bianco Hills.

Make your way over the white wall and follow the bouncing paint
balls back to their source.  Spray there to find another paint
piranha, blast him thrice in the mouth for your shine.

Head over to the top of the windmill ramp and ride a platform up
to the roof.  Boss fight begins, fill him up with water once his
mouth opens and he topples over.  Quickly stomp on his bloated
belly (jump + L on the big red arrow) three times for the shine.

BIANCO HILLS / Story Three
To get to the cave shown in the fly by, spray down the blue water
bug and jump on it, launching you high in the air and onto the
ledge.  Enter the cave for your first puzzle stage.  Stomp down
the first nail on the right for a 1UP.

Collect eight red coins for the shine.  They are: 1) on the rope
between the first two buildings, 2+3) on the roves of said
buildings, 4,5+6) along the white wall separating the level,
7) between the two smaller windmills and 8) roof of the furthest
building.  Walk the tightrope from the last building to the shine.

Head to the cliff shown in the fly by and clear the surrounding
goop.  You'll find a local stuck in the muck, rinse him off then
speak with the chap while facing the cliff and he'll toss you up
there.  Continue up to a group of floating pink creatures, allow
one to attach to your nozzle, carefully take aim at the sleeping
piranha boss and release to fire, waking the beast.  Appalled by
Mario's behavior, he heads into the lower part of the level to
cause trouble.  Squirt him out of the sky, then fill him with
water once his maw opens, and stomp on his stomach (jump + L)
thrice for the shine.

Your destination is the cave behind the windmill.  The surface of
the water will damage Mario, so jump and hover from the windmill
ramp to the logs in front of the cave, and enter for another
puzzle stage.

BIANCO HILLS / Story Seven
In each of the game's seven story sevens your goal is to chase
after and spray down Water Mario.  If you lag behind use dive
and jump to catch up.  After taking enough damage Water Mario
falls and gives up the shine.

BIANCO HILLS / Story Eight
Cross the white wall and head towards the first cave till you see
a red box, containing the rocket nozzle, which will help greatly
in collecting the eight red coins in the area.  Aside from one
just off the surface of the water, they are all on the ropes high
above you; use Y if you can't find one.  The electric wheels
spinning down the ropes can damage you but will not knock you
off, the gusts of wind can however.  Grab the eighth coin and the
shine appears in the windmill alcove.


GETTING TO RICCO HARBOR: after three shines you'll see a mess of
paint covering the pier in Dolphic Town.  Spray the source to
find another paint piranha, six shots in the mouth and he's out,
opening your second warp point, to Ricco Harbor.  This building
is also used to exchange blue coins for shines (choose the top
option twice).

Follow those handy arrows across the crane and through the grating
(press B to flip the blue panels), across another crane to a
platform with a propeller in front of you.  Spray it down to
raise the yellow submarine (...) then cross and take the lift to
the upper part of town.  Grab the tentacle sticking out of the
stack of metal crates (B + down on stick) to expose the boss, a
giant squid.  Blast him in the face briefly then run, when the
four tentacles slap down quickly grab the cork in his mouth with
B and hold back on the stick to pull it out, causing him to
discharge a good sized puddle of inky bile.  Repeat once for your

Ever raced on a squid before?  Well there's a first time for
everything.  Green is slowest, yellow in the middle and purple is
fastest.  Hop on one and follow the coin trail into the sewer.
Once inside choose your ride again and race around the course.
You cannot change your speed, but you can jump with A.  Avoid the
sides, as the concrete will slow you down to a crawl.  Make it
around in 45 seconds or better for the shine.

RICCO HARBOR / Story Three
Follow the arrows, jumping across metal grating and the candy-cane
striped hooks, then along the catwalk until you see two supports
with a trail of coins between them.  Wall jump between them to get
up top, then over to the red box with a rocket nozzle you don't
need.  Jump onto the spring pads to carry you across the gaps
until you find two in a row at the top.  Use them to launch
yourself into the large yellow structure and find the shine at the
bottom.  If you should happen to fall there is another way at the
shine: ride a crane to the green platform beneath the cage and use
the rocket nozzle to grab the bottom, the through the flip panel.

You're headed for the top of the brick lighthouse.  No rocket
necessary to get there, climb on top of the largest ship's
smokestack and then jump and hover to the wood scaffolding.
Enter the lighthouse to begin a puzzle stage.

Swim over to beneath the helipad, cross the logs, collect the
rocket nozzle, blast straight up, and flip through the grate to
meet another giant squid.  Like last time, briefly squirt his face
then run, when the tentacles hit quickly grab the cark and pull
(hold B + back on stick).  Repeat once and the shine is got.

More squid surfing, this time to collect eight red coins.  Again
green is slowest, yellow mid and purple fastest.  Stomp the red
bottom and hop on your squid of choice.  The coin trail will lead
you directly to all eight red coins, just don't run into anything.
Only the last three are tricky: the sixth you must jump for near
the sub, watch your proximity here and when grabbing the seventh,
underneath a platform.  Follow the trail to where it appears to
dead end into a speedboat, jump there and you should land on the
eighth coin.  The shine appears on the dock and you must jump up
to get it.

RICCO HARBOR / Story Seven
Chase and spray down Water Mario for the shine.  If you should
happen to fall form the catwalk he waits patiently for you to
return and punish him further.

RICCO HARBOR / Story Eight
note if playing the levels in order that you can't complete this
one until you get Yoshi in Dolphic Town, which happens after 28
shines.  Head to the upper part of town to find a Yoshi egg
dreaming about spiky fruit.  Stop down the tops of the two fruit
silos till you get one, then kick it over to him.  You must ride
Yoshi up to the caged shine shown in the flyby.  Have your purple
Yoshi spit juice on the jumping fish to make horizontally moving
platforms.  Use the spin jump to maneuver up to the cage and spit
on the orange scribble to claim your shine.


GETTING TO MAMMA BEACH: after five shines you see more goop
covering Dolphic Town.  Spray the core to find another paint
piranha.  Six shots in his maw and the lighthouse pops up, along
with your entrance to Mamma Beach.

Water down the small sprout shown in the flyby to erect a sand
castle gate.  Pass through it before it disintegrates to enter a
puzzle stage.  Pound in the first nail on the left for a 1UP.

To remove the bulbous red birdlike creatures from the three large
reflective panels you will need to spray them until they teeter
with one foot in the air, then quickly smash the highest point on
the panel to launch them off.  Once the three are clear the giant
caterpillar falls and you get a shine.

MAMMA BEACH / Story Three
Now that the giant caterpillar is up it's time to put him down
(in the ground, not verbally).  Use the pop-up sprouts located
around the beach to flip him over - to do so you'll need to watch
his pattern and get your timing down.  Once he's flipped a large
red arrow will inconspicuously point to a specific section of his
abdomen, quickly smash that section to hurt him.  Do this thrice
for your shine.

MAMMA BEACH / Story Four
Ascend the hill to the brick amphitheatre then slide down along
the coin trail, jumping at the end, bouncing off the pad at the
end and launching yourself through the gaping hole.  You are now
riding on a large bird made of sand and collecting eight red
coins.  Quickly pickup the seven in plain view on the bird's back
then wait near the base of the tail for the bird to turn over,
zooming the camera in can help to keep your balance.  Soon after
the bird rights itself you'll see the eighth red coin on top of
the large center pillar.  Jump over for your shine.

MAMMA BEACH / Story Five
At the stage start you'll meet an odd character garbed in purple.
Your task is to race him to the flagpole in the brick amphitheatre
atop the level.  You can gain time on him using your dive and
jump, just be careful not to hit anything, including your
opponent.  Instead of taking the far right path up the hill use
the one to the left, wall jump up and then cut up the hill
directly towards the flag.  Tag the pole first for the shine.

Eight red coins again, all around the coral reef shown in the
flyby.  Six are tucked into various nooks in the reef while two
more travel around it in schools of fish.  Out swim the coins to
earn your shine.

MAMMA BEACH / Story Seven
Chase and douse Water Mario for your shine.

MAMMA BEACH / Story Eight
The flyby shows you a bar on the far side of the island, along
with some big melons.  Make your way up to the brick amphitheatre
top find the biggest melon around.  Push it as far down the path
towards the bar as possible, once it rolls down the hill follow
and protect it from the bulbous red birds.  Should they knock it
up in the air or if you run it into anything it will break and
reappear in its original location.  Roll it carefully down the
dock to the bar and the locals will reward you with a shine...
but no drink.


GETTING TO PINNA PARK: after 10 shines a submarine vaguely
resembling an old acquaintance appears in Dolphic Town.  Once
there you'll find Water Mario, who has lifted Peach and savagely
taunts Mario before speeding off.  An unsuspecting Mario jumps
into the nearby red dome, which turns out to be a cannon, blasting
you off to Pinna Park.

PINNA PARK / Story One
Follow Water Mario to the fountain and the battle against a giant
mechanical Bowser begins.  Traveling along the coaster you will
pickup missiles, fire them at Bowser's head to damage him.  Bowser
will fire Bullet Bills back at you, when they come in range you
will hear a whining sound, spray them down with your pump.  Six
shots to the dome and mechanical Bowser is out, giving up the

PINNA PARK / Story Two
Head right towards the turret firing Bullet Bills at you.  Once
you get in range he'll toss out Bomb-ombs, spray to short them
out then pickup and toss back at the gunner.  Three will take care
of him, then jump into the turret for a puzzle stage.

PINNA PARK / Story Three
Eight red coins are back, all around the swinging boats.  They
are: 1) platform at start of ride, 2+3) can be grabbed from the
boats (follow coin trail), 4-8) are all underneath or on top of
the metal grating surrounding the ride, be careful of electric

PINNA PARK / Story Four
Spray a sleeping egg to reveal a sand turtle.  Dodge his shadow
and when he's stuck upside-down quickly stomp on the stomach.
Repeat with the rest of them for the shine.

PINNA PARK / Story Five
To reach the giant koopa shown the flyby you'll need to work up
through the network of grates underneath him.  The electric koopas
can be punched from the opposite side with B while climbing or
kicked off with A while Mario is hanging.  The green panels will
flip temporarily when sprayed with water.  Hover will come in
handy here, the camera will require constant babysitting, and note
that you can't jump off the brick wall due to the water.  Once at
the top flip the koopa into the sea, hop on a Ferris wheel pod and
ride to the top for your shine.

PINNA PARK / Story Six
From the park entrance head right to find the Yoshi egg behind the
stumpy tree and see which fruit he wants.  The yellow one hangs
from said tree, bananas are behind the boats, pineapple under the
gazebo, the green fruit hangs from palm trees near the boats and
the spiky fruit is near the fountain.  Drag the correct one back
and if Yoshi isn't orange eat the yellow fruit, then over to the
empty spot on the carousel to enter a puzzle stage.  A few tips:
don't spin when jumping between the spotted blocks, dive to catch
the second moving orange block, and once on top of the orange
structure you can easily spin jump to the shine, skipping the last
moving block.

PINNA PARK / Story Seven
Chase and spray down Water Mario for the shine.

PINNA PARK / Story Eight
Get to the start of the roller coaster and talk to the attendant
in green to start the ride.  Similar to the mechanical Bowser
battle, you now have three laps around the track to pop the twenty
Baby Bowser balloons.  If your aim is true the shine will be got.


GETTING TO SIRENA BEACH: after 28 shines Water Mario appears in
town carrying a rather large green spotted egg.  Give chase and
douse him, he soon drops the egg.  Check the thought bubble coming
from it then go grab the correct fruit from the street vendors and
bring it back - Yoshi is now yours.  Ride Yoshi along the roofs
and eat the giant pineapple, then jump down the red pipe to reach
Sirena Beach.

Talk to the hotel owner (red bowtie) and a giant shadow stingray
boss shows up.  Squirting it splits the beast in two, and the two
halves will then split again and again as your souse them.  Each
they split they get smaller and faster, and will continue to chase
you until they get to the smallest size, then they will run from
Mario.  Do not give chase - just keep spraying the larger ones
following you.  Once they are all split to the smallest size, they
will turn purple and gravitate towards you, at which point you can
easily shoot them down (the sprinkler move works here).  Once the
last one is banished the paint disappears and the hotel pops up
along with your shine.

Enter the hotel and spray the pink boos to form platforms, take
these to the third floor and jump in the boo's mouth atop the pole
for a puzzle stage.  Smash the first brick block for a 1UP and the
last stack of melons for another one.

SIRENA BEACH / Story Three
Enter the hotel and up to the third floor pool room, jump on the
tile in front of the pink vacationer to drop down, spray the
painting and jump through, flip the folding door till you see boo,
up through the vent using ghosts for platforms, spray the bookcase
and jump on the light colored tile.  Once run on sentence later
you're looking at a bunch of crates, bust one open and bring the
enclosed pineapple back to Yoshi.  Ride back to the third floor,
through the open door and up into the vents.  Eating big boos with
Yoshi, find the for coin cluster near where you entered and smash
through the floor for shine access.

Enter the hotel and the first door on the left, spray the two big
slot wheels till you get all seven fever (you can cheat).  The
curtain rises, flip the tiles till you see the shine and jump in
the pipe for a puzzle stage.

Return to the casino (first on the left) and stomp the purple spot
on the roulette wheel to start the fight against King Boo.  Stomp
purple tiles to temporarily stop that ring.  Squirt him when the
slots pop up to spin the wheel, when he coughs up fruit quickly
throw a hot pepper at him and while Boo spits fire tag him with
another fruit.  Do this thrice for the shine.

You've got three minutes to clean up all the goop (don't worry
about little tiny spots, it's fairly forgiving).  Barrels help
tremendously, just grab and throw.  Talk to Mr. Red Bowtie when
you're done for the shine.

SIRENA BEACH / Story Seven
Enter the hotel, chase and douse Water Mario for the shine.

SIRENA BEACH / Story Eight
Enter the hotel and hit the red button, this starts the timer to
pickup eight red coins.  They are: 1) in front of you, 2) right
hand restroom, 3) middle 2nd floor, 4) middle 3rd floor, 5) 3rd
floor pool room, 6) through pool room floor to the room with boos
on wooden shutters, 7) flip bookshelf, then in next room through
painting, 8) through bookshelf room floor find the eighth.

3.6 > MARE BAY

GETTING TO MARE BAY: after 22 shines a column of rainbow light
will appear on a shine symbol in the city center.  Stand in it and
look at the sun (using Y) to enter Mare Bay.

MARE BAY / Story One
Talk to the oddly garbed fishing fellow who shows your target,
then scale the cliff to reach him.  Fill clay jugs to raise the
netted platforms and wash off paint to reveal extra steps.  Once
in range of the gunner he'll toss out Bomb-ombs, squirt to short
them out and toss three back for the shine.

MARE BAY / Story Two
Talk to the curly bearded fisherman, spray the tile he shows you
and quickly scale up the cliff.  Spray another tile like the first
and continue up to find a giant squid.  Just like before, spray
briefly in the face, dodge attack, pull out the cork (hold B +
down on stick), repeat once and the squid perishes.  Drop down the
shaft for your shine.

MARE BAY / Story Three
The wild eyed fisherman gives Mario some scuba gear, mumbles
something that sounds Latin and Mario suddenly shrinks and falls
into the fisherman's bottle.  You are now hunting eight red coins,
the only one out of direct sight is under an archway on the bottom
of the bottle.

MARE BAY / Story Four
Again Mario dons the rather bulbous helmet, scale the cliff on the
right for a quick word with the candy-cane poled fisherman, then
dive into the waterfall and descend.  At the bottom you'll find a
giant fluorescent-eyed fish with poor dental hygiene.  To defeat
the beast you'll need to rinse off his filthy teeth using your
hover nozzle, remembering to collect the scattered coins to keep
your air up.  Once done his gold tooth comes loose and shines in
the murky depths, attracting Mario's eye...

MARE BAY / Story Five
Again you're racing the fellow in the wife beater and purple
helmet.  Luckily this time he chooses his path poorly, just take
the most direct route to the flag (stay out of the water) and
steal the victory.

MARE BAY / Story Six
Talk to the bird-beaked fisherman (just for kicks) then navigate
the ropes to the large red shell and enter for another puzzle
stage.  After crossing the first gap pound in the second nail
for a 1UP.

MARE BAY / Story Seven
Chase and spray down Water Mario for the shine.

MARE BAY / Story Eight
As the flyby suggests you should dive under the waterfall, where
Mario witnesses an unusually phenomenon - a group of possessed
coins who collectively believe they are a fish.  Swim after them
and grab the eight red ones for your shine.


GETTING TO MONTE VILLAGE: after 30 shines Water Mario appears in
town with the rocket nozzle.  Chase and spray until he drops it,
you can now use the rocket to get on top of the shine gate (best
done from behind) and down the red pipe leading to the last full
level, Monte Village.

Roaming the village you'll find three fiery, chomping doglike
creatures.  Douse one with water then pull back on his tail, aim
for the pond in the village center and release to extinguish the
chump.  Repeat with the other two for the shine.

Time to race the guy in purple again.  Dash and jump along the
far left path to easily take him and the shine.

walk right around the outer edge of the level until you reach the
tall grass, then smash down through a pit to the grating beneath
the level.  Climb onto the hanging square and hit B to cross, then
jump through the grate and wall jump out of the pit.  Carefully
cross the bridge then spin jump to the lava free platforms and
claim your pump.  Leap onto the gold mushroom and rinse the
villager for your shine.

Your goal is to get the giant flaming chain chomp into the hot
spring pool to extinguish it.  First pull the post holding his
chain down out of the ground, giving the chomp free roam.  Dousing
the ball till he turns black will temporarily extinguish him, as
well as allowing Mario to grab the chain and drag him around.
This only lasts about ten seconds though, and once he lights back
up he'll be dragging you.  You can also manipulate the chomp's
direction by spraying him at forks in the path.  Wait till he's
near the spring to douse him, let him go just past it then grab
the chain and drag him in.  Once in the pool the chain chomp turns
to gold and gives Mario a shine.

See which fruit Yoshi wants, grab it from the bushy tree near the
spring, feed the dino and ride him back across the bridge to the
start of the level.  Carefully make your way across the mushrooms
beneath the level (spin jump works well) to the platform with the
orange scribble, have Yoshi spray it off, and enter the hole for
a puzzle level.  Use the village people here to move across the
area, they will throw you in the exact direction you are facing
when you speak to them.  Use the second guy to score a 1UP.

There are ten villagers scattered around town drowning in fiery
orange muck.  You've got three minutes to find them all and rinse
them off.  None are hidden, just follow the main paths and look
for orange spots.  After you've got them all talk to the guy at
the start of the bridge for your shine.

Chase and douse Water Mario (who leaves a trail of fire..?) for
the shine.

Eight red coins again, collect in this order: 1) tree above
starting point, 2) near start on grating under village, 3) in the
tall grass, 4) bottom of hot spring, 5) beehive next to spring,
6) under fruit tree near spring, 7) in large stack of crates,
8) on top of the center tree.  You'll need the rocket nozzle to
get up there, and once you grab the eighth coin you'll see the
shine appear on a cloud in the distance.  To get out there walk
to the end of the fond closest to the shine and grab onto a
floating seed to carry you out there.


After you finish each of the seventh stories Water Mario will
flood Dolphic Town and run into the base of Corona Mountain.
Follow him into the game's last area.

This is similar to a puzzle stage.  The first 1UP is a gimmie; the
second is in the only wooden crate.  Once you rocket up through
the dark cloud the boss battle begins.  To defeat him you must do
a massive Meteor-like stomp on each of the five fireball
insignias, found at he end of the stone arms.  Squirt blue Bullet
Bills for a 1UP, also restoring life.  After breaking off all five
arms you see the ending.  Congrats.

•••••••••••••••••••••• 04 > VERSION HISTORY ••••••••••••••••••••••

Version 0.9 / 08.05.02 - first public release.  Though rather bare
  bones, the guide section is complete, and seeing as motivation
  is the drug in demand it had to be released.  The guide will be
  updated at least once more until I am satisfied with the layout.
  Other sections may also be added in future updates.  If any
  ASCII artist would like to donate a logo it would be greatly
  appreciated, and of course fully credited.

••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 05 > OUTRO •••••••••••••••••••••••••••


This guide is copyright © 2002 D. Engel (d0wner), and is protected
under international copyright law as an unpublished work.  It is
free for any form of private use.  You may _not_ use this guide or
any portion of it for any profit making purposes whatsoever,
including but not limited to publication in any print medium, use
as promotional material, or posting it online with a banner above
it.  Until such time as the guide reaches final version, it may
_only_ be posted to gamefaqs.com.  If you are viewing this
document anywhere but gamefaqs.com it is posted illegally, and I
would very much appreciate if you mail me the address of the
rogue site so they can be dealt with accordingly.  If you would
like to use any portion of this guide in your own work (including
posting an excerpt), email the author and he will probably grant
you permission, as he is a very reasonable person about 80% of
the time.  This guide and its author are in no way affiliated with
or endorsed in any way by Nintendo.

Super Mario Sunshine is copyright © 2002 Nintendo.


You can email me with just about anything regarding the guide at
d0wner451 at hotmail dot com. Obviously you'll have to reconstruct
that address, it has been dissembled for anti spam purposes.  Feel
free to send contributions though there is no guarantee they will
be used, anything that is used will of course be fully credited.
Comments, suggestions, and even intelligent criticism are also
welcome.  Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation will greatly
increase your chance of getting a response.


Infinite thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo, among the few
true pioneers in this industry.

Thanks to NCS for delivering my SMS earlier than expected,
despite the incompetence of a certain BROWN courier.

Much respect to CJayC, public servant.

Props to the following GameFAQs users for being among the select
few giving gameplay help on the SMS board: shwnbn, beestung,
Patchinko, cychoy, galacticsushiman, Reloaded and Rize.

Props to ahking for creating his definitive screenshot guide to
collecting the Blue Coins, found on his homepage: hey.to/shineget

Props to CVXFREAK for filling the void and writing the first SMS
guide available on GameFAQs, and possibly anywhere in English.

Thanks to Daniel Bloodworth from PGC for answering a question
for me on their forums.

ASCII logo generated with FIGlet, thanks to them.

Thanks to Josh Davis and Trent Reznor for doing their part to keep
my sanity in check.


Days between SMS JP release and first guide version: 18
Days author passed out drunk in that time: 6
Days first version of guide in production: 7
Days of actual work necessary on said version: 2.5
Time wasted playing ED since SMS release: about 5 hours
Number of idiots actually reading this: just you

_______________________see you space cowboy_________________(eof)_

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