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FAQ/Walkthrough by cvxfreak / King Kool

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/17/07

 _____  _   _  _____  ____  ____        _      _   ___   ____   _  ____
|  ___|| | | ||  _  ||  __||  _ \      | \    / | / _ \ |  _ \ | || __ |
| |___ | | | || |_| || |_  | |_| |     |  \  /  || |_| || |_| || |||  || 
|___  || | | ||  ___||  _| |    /      | |\\//| ||  _  ||    / | |||  ||
 ___| || |_| || |    | |__ | |\ \      | | \/ | || | | || |\ \ | |||__|| 
|_____||_____||_|    |____||_| \_\     |_|    |_||_| |_||_| \_\|_||____|
         _____  _   _  _     _  _____  _    _  _  _     _  ____
        |  ___|| | | || \   | ||  ___|| |  | || || \   | ||  __|
    ___ | |___ | | | ||  \  | || |___ | |__| || ||  \  | || |_   ___
   |___||___  || | | || |\\ | ||___  ||  __  || || |\\ | ||  _| |___|
         ___| || |_| || | \\| | ___| || |  | || || | \\| || |__
        |_____||_____||_|  \__||_____||_|  |_||_||_|  \__||____|

               Super Mario Sunshine (US/Japanese version)
                            Nintendo GameCube
              A FAQ/Walkthrough by cvxfreak and King Kool
                         Version 1.00 (Complete)
                             June 17, 2007
           E-mail: FireEmblemPride[at]gmail.com (cvxfreak)
        captain_thinks_hes_invisible[at]yahoo.com (King Kool)

NOTE: For Blue Coin locations, please seek other FAQs on Super Mario
Sunshine. This FAQ/Walkthrough deals strictly with mission objectives.


   A. Mario Gets Framed
   B. Delfino Plaza (The Hub)
   C. Bianco Hills
   D. Gelato Beach (Mamma Beach: Japanese Name)
   E. Ricco Harbor
   F. Pinna Park 
   G. Noki Bay (Mare Bay: Japanese Name)
   H. Serena Beach
   I. Pianta Village (Monte Village: Japanese Name)
   J. Corona Mountain




cvxfreak's Introduction: 

We all know the name 'Mario'. If you don't, every Nintendo, wait, no, 
every *VIDEO GAME* fan gets to hit you with an axe five times. Super 
Mario Sunshine is the latest Mario game by Shigeru Miyamoto for 
Nintendo's newest console, the GameCube. It takes the formula of Super 
Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 and adds many new features, improved 
graphics and a brand new storyline. It does what Super Mario World did 
to Super Mario Bros. 3: add more to an already great game. 

Note that for now, this FAQ covers the Japanese and North American 
version of the game. Unlike Super Smash Bros. DX and Sonic Adventure 2: 
Battle, there are _NO_ language options to switch the game between 
Japanese and English. When the game comes out in the U.S., I'll either 
rent or buy it (probably buy) and make any necessary additions or 
changes to the walkthrough. I don't speak Japanese, so when making a 
walkthrough, I have to use my own judgment on naming the item.

King Kool's Introduction:

Well, cvxfreak called me in sometime in either late November or early 
December, and he asked me if I would help him with finishing his FAQ. 
I'd never tried to write a FAQ with anyone before, so I was dipping my 
FAQwriting quill into uncharted territory. I helped him cover all the 
basic Shines that he did not cover. I hadn't done any real intense FAQ 
writing in a while, being at college, so this was a good challenge.





Q: Is Super Mario Sunshine just Super Mario 64 with a water pack and 
Shines instead of Stars?

A: Nope. Super Mario Sunshine is MUCH more than that. It takes the Super 
Mario 64 formula and improves on it with better, shinier and cleaner 
graphics and adds innovations brand new, like the water cannon, and from 
Super Mario World (such as riding on Yoshi).


Q: When does this game come out?

A: This game came out in Japan on July 19, 2002 and in the North
America on August 26, 2002.


Q: Does this game have language options like in Super Smash Bros. 

A: No, the game is in full Japanese text, but the voices are still in


Q: Where can I get the Japanese version of this game?

A: Try www.ncsx.com or www.play-asia.com. 


Q: So is Luigi in the game?

A: There are rumors that after getting all the Shines, Mario can find 
Waluigi holding Luigi in a cage. If Mario saves Luigi, we can play as 
Luigi. I cannot confirm nor deny the rumor, but Miyamoto's done some 
interesting things lately when it comes to gaming, so let's all hope.


Q: How many Shines are there?

A: It has been confirmed that there are 120 Shines in the game overall, 
the same amount of Stars as in Super Mario 64.


Q: What are Shines?

A: They are the like the Stars in Super Mario 64. What they do is that 
they grant light to Delfino Island. But since the watery Mario imposter 
took them and scattered them throughout the worlds, Mario must save them 
to put light back in Delfino Island.


Q: How do I recover health?

A: Simply collect coins to recover your health. Yellow Coins, Red Coins 
and Blue Coins recover health. Unlike Super Mario 64, you cannot use 
water to recover your health.


Q: What are some differences between the Japanese and U.S. versions?

A: The missions go by STORY in the Japanese version and EPISODE in the 
U.S. version. Gelato Beach is in the U.S. version is known as Mamma
Beach in the Japanese version. Noki Bay in the U.S. version is known as
Mare Bay in the Japanese version. 






Here are the controls for Super Mario Sunshine. Some of these buttons 
have 2 functions.

Jump (Press A 3 times to do a Super Jump)
Swim in water while moving Control Stick


Move the camera

Change Water Pack between hose and jet pack

Zoom camera

Access Map as well as SHINE and Coin information

Shoot water out of Water Pack

Hold and move Control stick to have Mario sidestep

Control Stick:
Move Mario

Used only to navigate the menu


This section is for people playing the Japanese version with no 
knowledge of Japanese. Not all menu options are listed here since I'm 
afraid I'll do something wrong. :/

(This is accessed when you press start in the middle of gameplay)

First option: Continue Game
Second Option: Save Game
---First Option after Saving: Yes
---Second Option after Saving: NO
Third Option (Courses only): Return to Delfino Island

(This is the part at the start when Mario has to choose a block to load 
a save from. Once he chooses a block, he'll be presented 4 options.)

First Option: Start Game
Second Option: Copy Game**
Third Option: Delete Game**
Fourth Option: Score**

SAVE MENU (When a Shine or a Blue Coin is acquired)
First Option: Save Game and Continue
Second Option: Save Game and Stop Playing**
Third Option: Continue without Save**

(This screen is accessed when Mario runs out of energy)

First Option: Yes 
Second Option: No 

**Courtesy of www.planetgamecube.com


Throughout levels and courses are ropes that Mario can grip on in order 
to get between places. When going on them, don't be afraid to jump since 
you'll land on the rope unless you toggle the Control Stick. Sometimes 
there will be an electric ball waiting to shock Mario. If you get 
shocked, you won't fall off. But jump to avoid it. 

Nearly every level has water Mario will need to swim in. Swimming is a 
bit harder than it was in Super Mario 64. It's pretty difficult to dive 
into the water, and it's hard to know whether you'll end up jumping or 
not. To swim standard, just tap A and move the Control Stick. Tap A but 
DON'T move the Control Stick UP and Mario'll end up jumping off the 
water. To dive, press B and to swim underwater, keep on tapping B. Let 
go of B and move the Control Stick up to get back to the surface. It is 
difficult to get back to the surface. 

Unlike Super Mario 64, Mario cannot use his fists and feet to battle 
enemies (he can still pound but that is a sort of slow, inaccurate 
attack). The Water Cannon will be in charge of attacking. There are 2 
ways to attack with it. You can use jet pack Water Pack mode, and shoot 
water out by jumping and pressing and holding R above an enemy. This 
tactic is not recommended for bosses, especially paint bosses because 
they can rise and hit Mario. The second tactic is just shooting water 
from a distance, which is recommended for bosses but the other strategy 
is recommended for smaller enemies. 

This is pretty much self-explanatory. He can climb thick trees and 
poles, but he can't climb thick ones. Climbing this are crucial because 
Mario in some cases needs to reach higher places.  

If you jump from a high place, you'll lose health, so when jumping, try 
to use the jet pack Water Pack function to save you some pain. You can 
jump across short chasms, and jump on enemies as well, but when you jump 
on enemies be careful since you might get hurt. Jumping on enemies isn't 

SPEED DASH (by Mark Andrews)
Spray the ground in front of you with your gun, then dive onto that spot 
while it's still damp, continue to hold the direction you are sliding, 
and you will continue to pick up speed until your are going as fast as 
the super dash. I find this more useful than using the super dash on 
straight-aways since it uses much less water and you can go just as 


Created by Professor Elvin Gadd (who we all know and love from Luigi's 
Mansion), this tool is important for Mario on his journey to find his 

There are 2 functions to the Water Pack. The first, when you don't press 
X, is the water gun function, which you should water directly. This is 
recommended for defeating enemies from a distance. The other function is 
the jet pack function. This time Mario can use the water while in the 
air to clean up faster, but it is more dangerous to attack. This can 
help him get across big chasms.

Throughout levels are boxes which can enhance your Water Pack as long as 
the tank is full of water. Red boxes yield little booster packs to if 
you charge it, Mario can skyrocket into the air into high places. There 
are also blue boxes but as far as I'm aware, they only refill the tank.

To refill the tank, simply jump into a body of water tall enough and 
then press R. The tank will refill. Water is basically unlimited, but 
try to have full tanks for bosses since if you run off to recharge them, 
they can get away. 




A. Mario Gets Framed

OVERVIEW: 1. Find the Water Pack.
          2. Clean up the runaway.
          3. Clean up the island.
          4. Chase the Mario imposter
          5. Jump into Story One: Bianco Hills

Watch the FMV, and then the game will tell you to go find a water pack 
to wash up the graffiti. Run down the runway to a man next to a sort of 
nozzle. Talk to the man and then the nozzle and the nozzle will speak to 
you. Watch the water tutorial to learn how to use the Water Pack. Return 
to the airplane and clean up all the paint. Aim at the different-colored 
center and a paint-colored piranha plant will come out. Aim the Water 
Pack hose at the piranha plant and spray it until it dies. When the area 
clears, grab your first Shine! 

Watch the next FMV where Mario gets arrested and tried for the graffiti 
in Delfino Island. You'll resume control of Mario, where you have to 
clean up the island. Run forward and turn right. Run passed Princess 
Peach and Toad to where you have to clean up. 

It's like the last battle. Run up and use the Jet Pack method by 
pressing X and then flying over the middle. Wash off all the paint from 
the islanders around. When the paint piranha plant surfaces, soak it as 
much as you can before it returns down. If you run out of water, head 
out to the ocean to refill the Water Pack. Once you soak the piranha 
plant enough, someone will go after Peach and capture her!

It's that watery Mario! Chase them! The Mario will leave his prints 
behind so soak them partially without letting them get away. When you 
get close enough to them, soak the Mario. You'll be running in circles 
for awhile so just keep soaking them. Eventually, the Mario will get 
knocked out, freeing Princess Peach. 

Talk to Princess Peach once again and then chase the monster, who will 
make an "M" mark on the statue it emerged from. It'll jump through, so 
jump through as well onto the first world after soaking the M.

B. Delfino Plaza (The Hub)

Some of the events in Delfino Plaza happen only after acquiring a 
certain amount of Shines. Return to this part of the walkthrough after 
the preview of a level in Delfino Plaza (the Hub in the Japanese 
version) changes. Since people get Shines at a different pace, this 
section will be the deciding factor. This is the city level in the game.


1. Paint appears all over the pier, so go there, which isn't far from 
the Bianco Hills entrance. Hurt the piranha plant this time by aiming 
water in its mouth. When it dies, a new building will be revealed. 
Inside are a pair of bears that question you about something. If you 
have 10 BLUE COINS, select YES (HAI) twice to get a SHINE! There is also 
an M symbol. It leads to Ricco Harbor.

Thanks to "d 0 w n e r" for the tip. 


2. This is gotten after getting a few Shines. On the beach of Delfino 
Island just a few seconds from the Bianco Hills entrance is another 
piranha plant you have to clean up. A Lighthouse will emerge from the 
paint once it's cleaned out. On the tower is another entrance to a new 
course. Check out the walkthrough for Gelato/Mamma Beach.


3. After collecting about 5 or so Shines, you should see some islands 
over by the Lighthouse. If you manage to get on all of them, you'll see 
a pipe on one of them. Go down into a special course, much like the 
slides from Super Mario 64 except much harder. Slide down, and then jump 
and swerve to the left when it gets bumpy. Then make a giant leap of 
faith all the way down to the bottom, and when Mario's shadow hit's the 
bottom press L and A to pound the ground. Run over to the SHINE to win 


4. Later in the game, around the island between Bianco Hills and Mamma 
Beach is a man who is burning up… literally. Soak him with water (you'll 
be on a goose chase for a while) but once he's extinguished, he'll 
reward you with a Blue Coin.


5. Go to the spring behind the giant tower with the painted star on it 
and soak the star from there. Once it's cleaned out, a SHINE will appear 
atop the volcano. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get there yet but 
when I do, I'll put it in the walkthrough.


6. Once you acquire 10 Shines, there will be an ominous looking 
submarine in the dock near the entrance to Ricco Harbor. As you approach 
the submarine, you'll see a cut-scene where the imposter Mario kidnaps 
Peach in the Bowser-like submarine! Get on the little cannon nearby to 
shoot to Pinna Park! Check the Pinna Park walkthrough for more 


7. You can get 2 more Blue Coins. Run down to the right of the Ricco 
Harbor entrance and you'll see an X. Soak it so a Blue Coin appears on 
the statue of the entrance to Bianco Hills. Grab it, and soak the X on 
that statue to get a Blue Coin at the previous X location.


8. By now, you should have more than 10 Blue Coins to exchange for a 
SHINE. So go to the hut near Ricco Hills entrance and exchange them for 


9. Look for a man atop the buildings in Delfino Island. Give him a COIN 
and he'll catapult you into a building with a SHINE!


10. Near the cannon is an area where you hear a SHINE. On top of that 
building is a crate. Pound it to reveal an M graffiti. Then wash it away 
for a Blue Coin. I'm not sure how to get that SHINE right now, so bear 
with me.


11. You can get another SHINE. Simply go into the building you can enter 
near the cannon. Inside, talk to the man and then you'll have 30 seconds 
to pound each crate. If you finish the job before 30 seconds, he gives 
you a SHINE! If you fail, leave the building and enter again for another 


12. After acquiring around 15 Shines, go back to the place where you 
pounded the crates for a SHINE. The owner will challenge you once again, 
and the challenge will be tougher. It is recommended that you don't 
completely pound all the crates so you can use them to get to higher 
crates. You'll get another SHINE. If you fail, leave the building and 
enter again for another try.


13. Return to the crate man's hut to do yet another crate challenge. As 
before, start with the higher ones and work your way down. You'll get 
another SHINE for your efforts. However, it'll be a BLUE SHINE. 


14. After collecting 20 Shines, you'll see the light shining in on a 
mark on the ground in Delfino Island. Get in within the light, and press 
Y to have Mario get a close up view. Look up in the sky to access Mare 


15. After collecting 30 or so Shines, look in every nook and cranny, and 
in every sewer system for 100 COINS. Soak open windows and wanted signs. 
There are also stashes of hidden coins in sewers under the sandy area 
behind the entrance to Bianco Hills. Pound on the sand everywhere until 
you fall into a sewer. There are coins in that area. 100 COINS gotten 
and a SHINE will appear in a pier near the Bianco Hills entrance. Jump 
on a passing ship and then jump to get the SHINE!


16. After collecting 100 Shines, we will need to clean the bell next to 
the Ricco Harbor entrance. Get on the building diagonally across from 
the bell tower. Then get on the long building behind that and triple 
jump to the top of the top of the building next to a flag. Then, hover 
to the bell, clean it and a SHINE will appear. To get it, get into the 
sewer system atop a building nearby (near the building where you were 
catapulted in to get the SHINE). Then run down under the bell tower and 
jump to get the SHINE!


17. Shadow Mario will have a Yoshi Egg in his possession right after you 
defeat Pinna Park, Story/Episode 4. Run to Delfino Square (near the 
entrance to Bianco Hills). Then chase him all around and soak him until 
he drops the Yoshi egg. Now feed Yoshi a banana from the fruit stands. 
You can now play as Yoshi. If Yoshi dies, another egg will appear in 
Delfino Square. 


18. With Yoshi, you can get a Blue Coin! Run to the rooftop beside the 
place where Mario's trial took place. Jump onto the roof, and use 
Yoshi's juice to get melt that yellow stuff away! 


19. One SHINE after getting Yoshi, Shadow Mario will return with a turbo 
nozzle. The Yoshi egg is on the roof of the building with the SHINE 
locked inside. Feed it a banana and chase Shadow Mario around. Have 
Yoshi spit juice out into Shadow Mario. He'll drop the turbo nozzle. 
Grab it.


20. You can get a SHINE now that you got the rocket nozzle. With the 
turbo nozzle, go to the house with the SHINE trapped inside. Turbo 
through the double doors and grab the SHINE!


21. Another Shadow Mario chase. (>_<) Well, hatch Yoshi and chase him so 
he drops the rocket nozzle. Defeat Shadow Mario to get the rocket 


22. Go to the dirty bell after getting the rocket nozzle. Rocket to the 
bell, clean it and then rocket to the sky to get the SHINE. 


23. Go to the area behind the SHINE Gate after cleaning the bell (it's 
that big start in Delfino Island). Clean the SHINE Gate and skyrocket on 
top of it to get the SHINE!


24. After defeating Shadow Mario in each of the worlds, Delfino will 
become flooded. Go to the little spring behind the SHINE Gate and go 
through the open area. It'll lead to Corona Mountain. 


C. Bianco Hills

To get to this area, go into the "M" graffiti on the statue. It is the 
first course Mario visits.

This is like a lake-side village. There are many a folk here, and there 
is a large tower in the area. There is also a lake with a lot of coins, 
and a windmill. In the high areas are a lot of trees and a big chasm. 

1. Road to the Big Windmill
2. Down with Petey Piranha
3. The Hillside Cave Secret
4. Red Coins of Windmill Village
5. Petey Piranha Strikes Back
6. The Secret of the Dirty Lake
7. Shadow Mario on the Loose
8. The Red Coins Of The Lake

After earning a SHINE, you'll be warped back to Delfino Island. So hop 
back in to continue getting more Shines. If you ever want to return to 
Delfino Island is the middle of a mission, then just PAUSE and then 
choose the last option.

EPISODE/STORY 1: Road to the Big Windmill
Our goal is to reach the area the imposter Mario's at (although he'll be 
gone by the time we reach where he's at; don't worry about him now). 
From the starting point, run up the pathway and collect all the coins. 
When you have the option to go two ways, take the left path and water 
some of the paint you see. When you see an "M" graffiti sign a little 
ways forward, shower it and when it's gone, you'll get a Blue Coin! 
Continue until you see a watermill. Jump onto the higher ground left of 
it and jump on a platform so it brings you to the other side. There, 
you'll see a paint bath and a piranha plant you need to defeat. Use the 
same strategies before, except attack it from a distance because it can 
be deadly. Once it is defeat, land will rise and you will get your 
second SHINE!

EPISODE/STORY 2: Down with Petey Piranha
Our goal is to reach the top of that tower where the piranha plant (a 
much smaller one) is guarding our 3rd SHINE. Follow the path back to 
where you got the last SHINE. As you attempt to go there, someone will 
fling paint at you. When you reach the broken bridge, have Mario cross 
it using the rope support. As you approach the tower, paint balls will 
roll towards you so avoid them. Use the jet pack Water Pack to clear the 
paint. Be sure to rotate the camera often because it can hurt you if you 
don't. When you reach a big gap as you scale the tower, use the jet pack 
Water Pack function to get you across. When you get to a gap with 2 
vines blocking your way, jet pack Water Pack around it. Passed that is 
an M that you should wash for a Blue Coin. After that, get on the lift. 
When the lift approaches the top, jet pack Water Pack your way onto top 
of the tower and watch a cut-scene.

BOSS: Petey the Piranha
This boss is resistant to water, so you must use special force to defeat 
him. When it opens its mouth to shoot paint out, shoot water inside. 
Repeat the tactic until it falls on its back. Get on its belly and pound 
the belly (A + L). It'll get up again, so repeat the pattern twice to 
defeat it at last. 

Grab the SHINE and you'll return to Delfino Island.

EPISODE/STORY 3: The Hillside Cave Secret
Our goal is to go inside a little cave near where we got the first SHINE 
here, so go there now. Right passed the watermill is a cable Mario 
should cross, over a few pillars to get to the cave. The third cord has 
an enemy that can shock Mario, so be very careful and jump over it 
(Mario will land on the cable). When you're on the second to last 
pillar, jet pack Water Pack your way across. Follow the arrows and 
triple jump to the cable above. From there, enter the cave. 

Now we have classic Super Mario 64 gameplay to overcome. Jump across the 
moving blocks. It shouldn't be too hard at all. You'll get to small 
moving blocks after that. Just move through them when they touch other 
blocks. When you're passed that, wait until those big blocks clear, and 
then run for it. If you run for it, you shouldn't get thrown off. You'll 
then run into rotating Stars. Jumping on them isn't too hard. Passed 
those is another SHINE! 

Return to this level after completing it. In the first green platform 
will be a red switch. Pound it and Mario will have a minute to get the 8 
Red Coins that appear throughout this obstacle. Grab the 8 Red Coins in 
order to get another SHINE!

EPISODE/STORY 4: Red Coins of Windmill Village
Our goal is to collect 8 Red Coins like in Super Mario 64 to earn our 
next SHINE. Run forward and you should immediately see a Red Coin. After 
the watermill you should see a wall with an X. Above the X to the left 
is a Red Coin. To get there, backtrack passed the watermill to a brown 
fence. Near there is a cable to climb which leads you a top a hut. On 
top is a Red Coin. From there, jump back to the pillar you just came 
from and then cross the cable to get another Red Coin. Walk across the 
white stone through a small tunnel to get the fourth Red Coin. Nearby is 
an M. Watch the wing cloud and jet pack Water Pack the M to get another 
Blue Coin. Upon getting it, SAVE THE GAME with the top option. Then go 
right for the next Red Coin. From there, cautiously cross the cable for 
the next Red Coin. 

Next, jet pack Water Pack your way to the next Red Coin above the hut. 
Be careful, or you'll have to go all the way back again. The next one is 
in the building across. The SHINE will appear in the tallest pillar down 
from where you found the 7th coin! Get it to end this story.   

EPISODE/STORY 5: Petey Piranha Strikes Back
Our goal is to find that paint area and defeat that piranha plant. Go 
towards where you acquired the first SHINE in this level. On your way 
you'll see the paint mess. Try to clean up all of it, especially the 
citizens. At the northern most mud mess is an M sign you can clear for a 
Blue Coin. In the hills passed one of the locals, is more mud to clean 
up. To get there, backtrack to the area where a rope is below another 
rope. On top of the hut nearby is a red box. Inside is a booster cannon 
to get Mario up high places. When you get atop the hill go forward to 
find the piranha plant. See the little pink things? Suck one up and 
shoot it at the piranha plant to wake it up. Follow it to the ground. 
Then, when it opens its mouth, shoot water into it like the last boss. 
Then pound its belly. It'll flee to another area, so follow it. If it 
goes to a higher area just climb a building and then soak it from a 
distance. Once the boss is defeated, grab the SHINE!

EPISODE/STORY 6: The Secret of the Dirty Lake
Our goal is to get to that open cave near the tower, so go there now. 
When you get to the big water area, do not jump in because the water 
will hurt you. Scale the path that leads to the tower and on you're way 
the entrance to the cave should appear. Jet pack Water Pack your way 
across into the cave. Try to get on the log so the water doesn't injure 
you. Get the item in the box which gives Mario a new type of boost. 

Now go through the cave to end up in yet another obstacle course. This 
one is a little difficult, so you MUST be quick when it comes to jumping 
on other platforms. There's not much I can help you with here. Just 
watch the patterns of the platforms and hope you make it across to the 
SHINE. When you get to the spinning cube, simply walk up to stay on 
instead of jumping.

Return to this level after completing it. In the first green platform 
will be a red switch. Pound it and Mario will have a minute and the half 
to get the 8 Red Coins that appear throughout this obstacle. Grab the 8 
Red Coins in order to get another SHINE!

EPISODE/STORY 7: Shadow Mario on the Loose
Our goal is to chase the imposter Mario. As with the first chase, soak 
it as you chase it. Soak it until it falls, and then approach it so it 
gives you a SHINE! Consider it a reward, of sorts.

EPISODE/STORY 8: The Red Coins Of The Lake
Our goal is to, once again, collect 8 Red Coins in the level in order to 
get another SHINE. As you use the super boost pack (from the red box) to 
get to those high pillars, watch out for that cloud that can blow Mario 
off the platforms. Look for the X graffiti, but make sure you have the 
booster. Soak the X, causing a Blue Coin to come from the other X. Boost 
your way up and grab the coin before it vanishes, and soak the other X 
so another Blue Coin appears where the original X was. You get 2 Blue 
Coins, so save! 

There are 2 Red Coins on the 2 pillars above the water area (not near 
the tower) and there are 2 more on the water. Over the water on a cable 
is another Red Coin. To access the highest of the pillars near the 
tower, scale it and then get on the spinning platform. Then jet pack 
Water pack your way across to the pillar with another Blue Coin. Then go 
halfway across the cable and spring your way to the Red Coin. The rest 
of the coins are up across really high cables, so get there by boosting 
your way on there. The SHINE appears in a little nook at the top of the 
tower, so go there to claim your SHINE!

Now that all the stories are complete, you should choose one of the 
courses to find 100 coins. I prefer the final course, Story 8, because 
it's the course I've seen with the most coins so far. Once you earn 100 
coins (Yellow Coins, not Red Coins), you will be rewarded with a SHINE.  

D. Gelato/Mamma Beach

NOTE: This course is called Gelato Beach in the U.S. version and Mamma 
Beach in the Japanese version. Otherwise, the courses are identical.

After acquiring a few Shines, run to the beach area and there should be 
a paint site. Soak it and defeat the piranha plant to uncover a 
lighthouse with an "M" on it. It takes you to Mamma/Gelato Beach. 

This is the resort-like area. This is smaller than other areas, and is 
relatively low. There is a coral reef to the west and an island to the 
south, as well as a tower. There are 3 large wobbly mirrors, and these 
penguin-like creatures that spring Mario into the air. 

1. Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret
2. Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam! 
3. Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!
4. The Sand Bird Is Born
5. Il Piantissimo's Sand Sprint
6. Red Coins In The Coral Reef
7. It's Shadow Mario! After Him!
8. The Watermelon Festival

After earning a SHINE, you'll be warped back to Delfino Island. So hop 
back in to continue getting more Shines. If you ever want to return to 
Delfino Island is the middle of a mission, then just PAUSE and then 
choose the last option.

EPISODE/STORY 1: Dune Bud Sand Castle Secret
Our goal is to find that flower we saw in the preview of the level. Run 
forward across the water and to the left. You'll see the flower from 
there. Go to the farthest flower and water it until a castle emerges. 
Then walk through the castle to be transported to yet another obstacle 
course. Run forward over the falling sand blocks. Run forward passed all 
of them until you have to climb. Climb the mountain of sand blocks 
hugging the middle until you see the SHINE! Grab it to end this story! 

Return to this level after completing it. In the first green platform 
will be a red switch. Pound it and Mario will have a minute to get the 8 
Red Coins that appear throughout this obstacle. Grab the 8 Red Coins in 
order to get another SHINE!

EPISODE/STORY 2: Mirror Madness! Tilt, Slam, Bam!
Our goal is to get the Wiggler to wake up. You'll see a couple of scenes 
with the light shining on mirrors. Our goal is to blind Wiggler to get 
him to wake up and fall off the SHINE he's blocking. By any means get on 
the moving mirrors and eliminate every enemy there. The best way to 
eliminate those little wigglers is to soak them onto the edge and get on 
the highest part of the mirror and pound at the highest point in the 
mirror. It may take awhile but it'll eventually happen. The SHINE will 
appear on the beach. Claim it! 

EPISODE/STORY 3: Wiggler Ahoy! Full Steam Ahead!
After blinding Wiggler, he's a little pissed off at you right now. So 
now we have to fight him.

BOSS: Giant Wiggler
Run forward and Giant Wiggler will be running in circles. See the leaf 
on the ground? Soak it so it causes Mario to rise, when Giant Wiggler's 
near. Then he'll fall to the ground. Now climb on him and pound him on 
the scale the arrow is pointing at. Then he'll become much, much 
angrier. Repeat the strategy of soaking the pedal when Giant Wiggler 
runs nearby and pound his belly. Then he'll get really pissed off. He 
can start climbing real high. After that happens, he'll return to his 
normal pattern. To defeat him, move to the small area where you claimed 
the last SHINE. Then when Giant Wiggler cruises through the area soak 
the little lead to injure it yet again. One final pound will defeat it. 
Your reward is another SHINE, in the same area where you claimed the 
last one. 

EPISODE/STORY 4: The Sand Bird Is Born
See that hole underneath where Giant Wiggler was? Go there but jumping 
on the mirror that used to have the 2 monsters on it and jet over to the 
umbrella which can spring Mario into the hole. He'll un up in another 
obstacle course. Here, get on the wobbly platforms and collect all 8 Red 
Coins. Jumping or using the Water Pack to hover might kill Mario so try 
not to use them. There are also several Blue Coins on the clouds so try 
to get them. When the platforms get really steep, jump on a cloud as 
quickly as you can before Mario falls down. When the platform becomes 
steep, make sure you have 7/8 Red Coins. When on the cloud, wait until 
the platforms swing right by you before jumping back on. Now wait for 
the platforms (which is really a bird) to climb to the top of the pillar 
for the 8th Red Coin. Now grab the SHINE! Thanks to PlanetGameCube's 
FAQ/Walkthrough for telling me how to get the 8th Red Coin!

EPISODE/STORY 5: The Sand Bird Is Born
Your goal here is to talk to the little skull kid, and he'll challenge 
you to a race (similar to Koopa The Quick in Super Mario 64). It is 
advised that before starting the race, you experiment on how to get to 
the destination so you can follow that path later and win the match 
easier. If you use this strategy, try to get the super boost pack in 
that little area to the right. It'll skyrocket Mario to the top in the 
area, which can easily beat that skull kid. Go to the guy in purple seen 
the preview, in front of you. Then he'll challenge you to a race. Run to 
the wall below the goal area and boost your way up, which can beat the 
kid. Your prize is a SHINE!

EPISODE/STORY 6: Red Coins In The Coral Reef
Our goal here is to collect 8 Red Coins again. This time when you start, 
and island will appear behind Mario, and 5 Blue Coins are in the area as 
well (4 underwater within the vicinity of the area). To get the Blue 
Coin in the area, get on the swing and spray Mario's jet pack. When he's 
high enough, stop spray and the swing will take Mario to the Blue Coin. 
Now run across the beach to the Coral Reef. Underwater hidden in the 
reef are 8 Red Coins. Search for them; they're not hard to find at all. 
Once you find all 8 Red Coins, you'll get a SHINE! Grab it atop the 

EPISODE/STORY 7: It's Shadow Mario! After Him!
In this story, you'll simply have to chase Fake Mario again. It isn't 
that hard to catch him. Just soak him and chase him until he falls down 
on his face so you meet him, just like the last few encounters with him. 
Grab the SHINE from him! 

EPISODE/STORY 8: The Watermelon Festival
Go to the beach area in front of the Coral Reef. There, kill every one 
of those red enemies by luring them near those little leaves. Then soak 
the leaves so sand castles emerge and kill them. Once they're all dead, 
return to the area where the race with that kid finished. There is a 
melon-balloon there. Roll it down the long path down to the enemy-free 
beach. Once down there, push that big melon-balloon down the bridge to 
that hut. Be very careful. If the balloon makes contact with any enemies 
or sharp items, it'll pop and you'll have to return to the area where 
the race ended to try and get another melon-balloon. Once the melon-
balloon from the race goal is in the hut, Mario will get a SHINE as a 
reward! When getting the SHINE, try not to touch the razor beneath. 

This course requires 100 coins to get a SHINE. Select STORY 8, and break 
the melon as many times as you can for some Shines. Then collect all the 
coins scattered throughout the course, by killing/pounding some of those 
duck creatures as well. There are 2 Blue Coins to be gotten as well. You 
can get them by powering FLUDD with the gray nozzle, which boosts Mario 
forward in great distances. That gray box can be found in a small area 
beside the race goal. Near the beach entrance is a painting of a 
triangle. Soak it for the Blue Coin to appear at the other triangle 
painting. Use the Speed Boost Water Pack to get over there quickly, and 
repeat the pattern with the other Blue Coin.

E. Ricco Harbor

This is a port like area with a lot of beams and a tower. There are 
several buildings, but other-wise this dock is full of ships and a lot 
of water, as well as crates. We can assume that Isle Delfino does some 
trading with the Mushroom Kingdom. 

After acquiring a few Shines, there will be a paint site at the pier 
left of the Bianco Hills entrance. Defeat the piranha plant again and 
then a hut will appear. The "M" on the hut leads to Ricco Harbor.  

1. Gooper Blooper Breaks Out
2. Blooper Surfing Safari
3. The Caged Shine Sprite
4. The Secret of Ricco Tower
5. Gooper Blooper Returns
6. Red Coins On The Water
7. Shadow Mario Revisited
8. Yoshi's Fruit Adventure 

EPISODE/STORY 1: Gooper Blooper Breaks Out
Our goal is to clean up the mess seen in the level preview and to 
destroy King Calamari, whom we all know and loathe from Super Mario RPG. 
Run up the slide and onto the cage, and to the left is a lone crate. 
Pound it for a Blue Coin. In the square area, press B to get on the 
other side. Clear the paint, and the M graffiti and then grab the Blue 
Coin. Get back out and run back down the slide nearby to see another M 
graffiti which you should soak for another Blue Coin. To the left of the 
caged area is the paint to clean up and nearby is yet ANOTHER M graffiti 
to clean up for a Blue Coin. Clean up the paint around the area and 
you'll uncover ANOTHER M graffiti. Clear it for another Blue Coin. Once 
that area is clean, get onto the water nearby and you'll see the REAL 
disaster. As with Bianco Hills, paint water can be hazardous so be very 

What we need to do is get near the start of the game to a moving crane. 
Then from there, jump onto a set of bars, and use those Super Mario 
World door gates to get to the other side. You should make it to the 
top. Then jet pack Water Pack your way to the other moving platform, and 
jump to the back of the course area. From there, run toward the very 
back where you have to fight another boss. Simply hold B and push down 
on the Control Stick to pull the tentacle there away.

BOSS: Gooper Blooper
At first, after revealing him, wait for him to launch a tentacle at 
Mario. Then, when it misses Mario, step on one of the bulb area and then 
hold B while pulling the tentacle away from the body. Eventually it 
should come up. King Calamari will be too hurt to attack you, so run to 
his mouth and pull it from its socket. King Calamari will evolve and 
recharge, so repeat the pattern above, and King Calamari will die, 
revealing another SHINE!

EPISODE/STORY 2: Blooper Surfing Safari
From the start, go to the dock to the right. Ride on of the squid, and 
follow the line of coins to a cave area. Inside, you'll have to get on a 
squid and surf around in a circle. Be fast, but also be careful. You 
cannot hit any walls or obstacles while surfing the squid or else you'll 
get a miss. The reward for completing the race is, of course, a SHINE. 
If you do not get a SHINE, then you have failed, and you must try again. 
The time of the goal is 45 seconds.

Return here and finish the race in under 40 seconds for another SHINE!


EPISODE/STORY 3: The Caged Shine Sprite
This is fairly hard to explain. As in the preview, you must get inside 
that yellow cage to get the SHINE. Fine a way to get atop the cranes and 
in one area, there should be a Water Pack booster (Red Box), which can 
take Mario atop high places. Then, get on the green platform with the 
arrow beneath the cage (you can get there by getting on a moving 
platform from the docked boat). Then, super boost your way up so Mario 
hangs from the cage. Look for the door, press A beneath it and grab the 
SHINE! This will take some time, but you should be able to figure most 
of it out.


EPISODE/STORY 4: The Secret of Ricco Tower
Our goal is to get into Ricco Tower. To get there, we need the high jump 
Water Pack boost. Swim out to the ocean near the entrance to the Squid 
race room. There should be a Red Box there. Grab the booster and then 
return to the tower area. Near by are tall pillars. Boost Mario up there 
and enter the tower. At the very top of the tower, boost yourself to get 
several coins including a BLUE COIN (power the boost up, jump halfway 
and then boost to get the BLUE COIN)! There is another BLUE COIN on a 
support beam nearby. Now enter the tower. 

Now we are at another obstacle course. By now, you should know that 
timing should be correct. When the platforms are spinning, run to the 
top-side as it spins to avoid falling. Now when you get to the spinning 
platforms after the 1-UP Mushroom, things get harder.  Jump across the 
moving platforms. Then proceed across some more spinning platforms. Grab 
the SHINE at the end!

You'll have 1:30 minutes to get another SHINE. Grab all 8 RED COINS. Be 
careful, and you'll be able to use your Water Pack this time. This is 
pretty difficult. So you can always try later.    


EPISODE/STORY 5: Gooper Blooper Returns
Well, King Calamari is back for another battle. To get there, find the 
rocket boost box (Red Box) and then boost your way from that platform so 
Mario is hanging on some grating. Then go to the door and press A to 
battle him. 

BOSS: King Calamari II
The difference from this battle is that the arena is smaller. And Mario 
can get knocked off. He is also much more relentless than before. At 
first, after getting to him, wait for him to launch a tentacle at Mario. 
Then, when it misses Mario, step on one of the bulb area and then hold B 
while pulling the tentacle away from the body. Eventually it should come 
up. King Calamari will be too hurt to attack you, so run to his mouth 
and pull it from its socket. King Calamari will evolve and recharge, so 
repeat the pattern above, and King Calamari will die, revealing another 


EPISODE/STORY 6: Red Coins On The Water
From the starting position, head backwards to the floating logs out in 
the water. You should see Big Daddy out there with all his bloopers. 
He's got a new challenge for you; collect all the red coins within the 
time limit. I personally reccomend grabbing one of the green ones; they 
have a nice managable speed.

Take a hard left and go between the buoys. Follow the coin trail. There 
should be the first one. Keep slaloming along with the coins, and 2 and 
3 should go by. Keep on the trail of coins and go between the two 
supports near the rocket boost. There's number 4.

Spin around and continue to follow the coins. 5 is not far off. 6 is in 
the air near the submarine (jump to snag it). Squeeze underneath one of 
the red platforms to get the seventh. The last coin is between the two 

Just watch out; even AFTER you finish, you're still on an outta control 
Blooper. Crash after you got all 8 red Coins, and prepare to be angry.

EPISODE/STORY 7: Shadow Mario Revisited
What's that in the distance? It's that brush-wielding mustachioed 
impersonating bastard! After him! 

For this, I reccomend doing a running squirt, and getting right up into 
him. Sometimes, he'll just croak almost immediately. Otherwise, he can 
really slippery. He gets up onto the high girders suspended over the 
harbor. He does this (and you can too) by getting to the top of the 
smokestack of the ship nearest the starting position. From there' side 
somersault towards the nearest girder and hover nozzle your way to the 

Once you're up there, he probably won't try to come down, so it's just a 
matter of staying on the beams.

EPISODE/STORY 8: Yoshi's Fruit Adventure
This puzzle is irritating as hell. It's not too difficult, but it takes 
a lot of attempts. The only thing more frustrating than this shine is 
the computer crash that erased the first draft of the strategy for this 
Shine... grrr....

Anyway, enough misdirected rage. Where you first fought Blooper is now a 
Yoshi Egg. He wants, of all things, a durian. Well, there's very little 
food around here that isn't seafood, but fruit is still readily 
available in the twin silos with the faucet. Get on top of the silos by 
leaping from the nearby crane to the top and stomp on the raised button. 
Eventually, a durian will come out. Kick it to the Yoshi, and he'll 
chomp it up.

This is where it starts to get really frustrating. Stand near the ednge 
of the sidewalk overlooking the sea. You should see these red fish 
leaping in the air. Spray them with Yoshi's puke and they'll turn into 
platforms. Yes, that's exactly what you, and no, I'm not on drugs. Well, 
not many drugs.

Anyway, ride the platform until it starts to blink, then get the hell 
off it and reach the platform. The next puzzle consists of squirting the 
fish with the puke and hopping to the next platform before the platform 
sails away. Just make sure you hit them at the right height, else the 
platform will become inaccessible and useless. There's no use belaboring 
this puzzle because most of the time, you're just either able to pull ot 
off or you aren't.

Do this until you see one you can jump to behind you and to the right. 
Jump to it, and use the fish to get the next highest one. From here, DO 
NOT HIT THE FISH YET. You can see the Yoshi-Break-Yellow-Slime Sheild 
from there. Puke really far and hit it to dissolve it. Now, activate the 
fish-platform, CAREFULLY dismount off of Yoshi, and  ride it until you 
can side-somersault and hover-nozzle up to that platform. The rest is 
cake. Just try not to fall, as that will mean you have to start ALL over 
again, including making Yoshi appear.

F. Pinna Park

After acquiring 10-20 Shines, the fake Mario will capture Peach and run 
to a maroon cannon beside the Ricco Harbor entrance. Use the cannon to 
blast to the Pinna Park island.

This is a theme park, and a beach. Moving forward, there are rides in 
this area that bring Mario to higher places, and there is also a lot of 
water in this area. 

1. Mecha-Bowser Appears
2. The Beach Cannon's Secret
3. The Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
4. The Wilted Sunflowers
5. The Runaway Ferris Wheel
6. The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret
7. Shadow Mario In The Park
8. Roller Coaster Balloons

EPISODE/STORY 1: Mecha Bowser Appears
Our goal is to find the Mario imposter here. Run forward up the small 
staircase through the arch opening in the wall. You'll see a cut-scene 
with imposter Mario and then you'll have to chase him! He runs to a 
small pool where he summons a giant… Bowser. You'll watch a few more 
cut-scenes. You'll then be on an amusement park right with a rocket on 
Mario's Water Pack! 

BOSS: Mech-Bowser
Your goal is to launch a rocket at the Bowser thing. Mario will get hurt 
on the ride, so be careful, and listen to the to the Water Pack when the 
Bullet Bills comes toward you from behind or ahead! To prevent from 
getting hurt, launch a rocket and then launch water at it. When Bowser 
comes into view, aim the rocket and then press R. When you launch enough 
rockets at it, the Bowser-thing will die!

Then you'll see a few… revelations, and a familiar face from Super Mario 
World 2: Yoshi's Island. Once the scene is finished, grab the SHINE in 
the pool!

EPISODE/STORY 2: The Beach Cannon's Secret
Go to where the guy in the little cannon is throwing Bomb-Ombs and 
Bullet Bills. Then soak a Bomb-Omb it throws, press B and then throw it 
back at the little mole. Do this several times to gain access to the 
entry to the obstacle course. In this obstacle course, run fast enough 
to avoid the vanishing platforms (by jumping before the first platforms 
appear). The SHINE is at the end!

EPISODE/STORY 3: The Red Coins of the Pirate Ships
There are Red Coins in the area where you fought Bowser, specifically 
near the Pirate ships. Grab all 8 Red Coins (check everywhere in that 
area since they're more obvious this time than before). There are 2 in 
the cage near the top of the leftmost point the Pirate Ships can go, and 
a few in the green areas near that. Pound the ground to defeat those 
electric turtles crawling under the green cage. A SHINE will appear, so 
go grab it!!  I couldn't have gotten this mission without the help of 
Svge 0828. 

EPISODE/STORY 4: The Wilted Sunflowers
This episode/story is pretty easy compared to the rest of the game (and 
compared to that last mission!). Run to the beach area and soak all the 
eggs. Wait for them to pound you and then when they're on their backs, 
pound on their bellies. Once all the eggs are gone, grab the SHINE!

EPISODE/STORY 5: The Runaway Ferris Wheel
Entering the park, you can see the Ferris Wheel is not under the best of 
conditions. It looks more terrifying than anything else, and there's an 
ElectroKoopa that's asleep at the switch.

Go left past the big fountain and up the brick walkway. You should see a 
little dude there telling you that the ElectroKoopas are up to no good. 
From there, hop onto the blue grate. There are a couple of red grates 
around there. When you squirt them with water, they turn vertical for a 
short time. Spray them to get onto the next blue grate. Spray the next 
red grates to get onto the next blue grate.

Climb up to the floor, where you should see a stompy monkey bar gate. 
Don't use that just yet. First, climb onto the grate again, and punch 
the ElectroKoopa from the underside. Now return and use that stompy 
gate, then use the wall punchy gate. There should be an ElectroKoopa you 
can punch, and after that, more red grates. Spray them, but this time 
STAY ON THEM. they'll swing back in and you can climb up.

From back here, you can knock out the ElectroKoopas. return to the red 
grate and spray it, so it faces the rest of the grating. Continue up 
until you reach nother monkey bar kick gate. Hop up, and use the rope to 
spring up to the kickgate on which the mischeivous ElectroKoopa sleeps 
on. Kick it, and he'll fall into the ocean and kill all the fish...

The shine appears on top of the Ferris Wheel. From where you are when 
the shine appears, jump down to the slightly lower platform to the 
RIGHT, and jump to the ascending Ferris Wheel car. It will take you to 
the top.

EPISODE/STORY 6: The Yoshi-Go-Round's Secret
aybe you noticed the Yoshi-Go-Round sitting in the park. Maybe you also 
noticed that there's a Yoshi missing from the ride. Maybe you also 
noticed that that ride is more sedate  than a sloth on methodone... but, 
that's another game.

Anyway, what do you do when a puzzle is missing a piece? You find the 
piece. Head right until you find a Pianta-looking tree with a fruit 
hanging from it's nose like a massive tropical snot. Spray it to get it 
down, then present it to the Yoshi egg behind the tree.

Now, alls you gotta do is bring the Yoshi to the Yoshi-Go-Round, and 
you'll be transported to the secret level.

This secret level is one of the cooler ones, but it's not the easiest. 
Jump between the blocks while they're mostly flat on one side to get 
past them easily. Stomp the second nail down for a 1UP. You'll need it.

It's hard to observe from you're current position, but all those blocks 
are going in a complete circle. Red and black are moving 
counterclockwise and green and blue are moving clockwise. However, you 
cannot simply ride them around to the next side. There are blocks 
prohibiting you from doing so (excpet for the blue one). You need to hop 
along them to get to the center of the the circle, then hop back out. 
It's not too complicated, but espimating how far Mario can jump is 
tricky sometimes.

Once that's all done with, you'll come to a block with an arrow pointing 
to another block. This means you're going in the right drection (duh). 
The block will slide into place and slowly blink away, so get the hell 
off it ASAP.

Jump to the next brick, but watch out: This one doesn't touch the others 
when it approaches them; it'll just stop, so take that into 
consideration. Side-somersault and wall-kick (CAREFULLY) up the wall. 
You'll see a brick ascending and descending. It's not obvious, but you 
need to get on that brick and jump off it at its apex to make it to the 
next set of bricks. Now, you simply jump to the Shine, and end this 
remarkable tame secret level.

EPISODE/STORY 7: Shadow Mario In The Park
He's waiting for you... right there at the gates. Chase and spray Shadow 
Mario as usual. Not too much I can say about that. The path he normally 
takes is going left around the part, up the wall to get near the Ferris 
Wheel bottom, around the Pianta tree, then back to the start. There's 
not too much I can say except for avoid the ElectroKoopas or kill them 
ahead of time and then concentrate on Shadow Mario. Once he's down, he 
gives up a shine.

EPISODE/STORY 8: Roller Coaster Balloons
Run to the park, and go up to the area where you can enter the roller 
coaster ride (on a small cliff overlooking the ship area, filled with a 
group of Delfino citizens). Talk to the people there, and then board the 
roller coaster. Before the roller coaster makes three trips around the 
track, shoot all the balloons with the rockets you get (when aiming at a 
high target, make sure the rocket is slightly higher than the location 
of the balloon). Once all are shot, you get a SHINE! 

G. Noki Bay (Mare Bay: Japanese Name)

After collecting 20-30 or so Shines, you'll notice a bright light 
shining down on a sunspot in Delfino Island in the port. Run there, and 
have Mario step into the circle. Then, press Y and use the Control Stick 
to have him look up. Turn Mario's head and when he sees the sun, he'll 
be transported to Mare Bay. 

There are really high areas in this level, and the water is extremely 
toxic. There is a big mountain, which takes a while to scale since there 
are lifts everywhere. The area has a greenish-look to it. 

1. Uncork The Waterfall
2. The Boss Of Tricky Ruins
3. Red Coins In A Bottle
4. Eely-Mouth's Dentist
5. Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim
6. The Shell's Secret
7. Hold it, Shadow Mario!
8. The Red Coin Fish

EPISODE/STORY 1: Uncork The Waterfall
Talk to the guy nearby for some information. After he's done talking, 
you'll see 2 BLUE COINS within the area. Get the nearest one, since the 
water here will hurt Mario. In the island itself is a set of green 
steps. Climb them up to an elevator taking Mario up. To get the elevator 
to move, aim some water at the broken vase nearby to get it to move up. 
Move forward across all the chasms. Clear all the paint you see so steps 
form for Mario to climb up even further. Passed all the paint is another 
elevator, so fill the vase up again. 

EPISODE/STORY 2: The Boss Of Tricky Ruins
You arrive to see the water is still polluted. Ugh... ah, well. The 
little Noki there wants you to talk to his grandpa, who's just up ahead. 
Skip along the white platforms. Try not to hit the fish, and for the 
love of Pete, stay out of that water.

Once you reach the old man, he realizes his theory of cleaning the ocean 
by "uncorking the waterfall" didn't work. Even so, he's grateful to you 
for the work you've done. For this, he exposes a great Noki secret! When 
you spray water at the square wall paintings, the cliffside moves in and 
exposes a path for you. However, the path only stays open for a limited 
time, so hop to it.

Spray the painting behind the old man with water. It'll open up a path 
leading high up. Head to the right and wall kick your way up to safe 
ground. If you aren't fast enough, the stone will begin to slide back 
into place, and you could be pushed off.

You'll reach the end, and what SEEMS like a dead end, but urn the camera 
to the right, and you'll see there's a way you can wall kick up. There 
are some bloopers sitting around, so off them before you attempt this 
next puzzle.

This one resembles two hooks placed hook to hook. You have to wall kick 
up the first part, run nown the nength, fall, side somersault, keep 
running, and wall kcik back up the last part. Unlike the last one. This 
one fills sequentially, so you can make it very dramatic; the walls 
close in on you, but Mario's just ONE STEP AHEAD! Can he make it, 

Once you pass this part, don't slack off. Keep running along the path, 
because this will close up too. You gotta ait till you get to some solid 
ground before you can relax.

Then again, once you DO reach solid ground, you face a Gooper Blooper! 
Again? We all know how you have to defeat Gooper Blooper; snap his mouth 
into his face twice. Tear off his arms with B and make him mostly 
helpless. I think CVX's description was adequate.

Once he's dead, where he once stood breaks and reveals a hole in the 
floor. Hope down, and you'll find the Shine of the late Noki king. 
Hopefully, he will understand your pillagine his grave. And even if he 
doesn't, who the hell cares?

EPISODE/STORY 3: Red Coins In A Bottle
Once you enter the level, the old man greets you. He tells you the 
source of the pollution is somewhere on the ocean floor. He gives you a 
bucket to put on your head so you can breathe a lot longer underwater. 
But, since it's not a tank, it won't last forever. You still need to 
grab coins to stay alive.

The old man has a bottle which he offers you to practice navigating with 
FLUDD underwater in. Now, the physics in the bottle are a little odd; 
sometimes you'll just go racketing into the top of the bottle, and 
damned if I know why. Also, since you're insde a bottle, and a bottle is 
hardly the most particular style of map, it's hard to suggest which ones 
to grab first. I'm just going to list where they all are.

-The first coin is one you can grab immediately on your descent. Just 
float into it.
-One is on the bottom of the ocean.
-One is at the top of a giant column of coins.
-One floats very near the top of the bottle.
-One floats near the center of the the bottle.
-One floats near the last half of the bottle.
-One sits on a loose stone near the ruins at the bottom.
-One sits inside the small covered spot inside the ruins.

Once all eight are in your possession, you get the Shine Sprite.

EPISODE/STORY 4: Eely-Mouth's Dentist
Again, one of the Noki grabs your attention once you enter this level. 
He gives you the bucket to wear on your head and tells you to climb the 
rope to meed grampa at the top of the waterfall. So, trek up to the top 
of the waterfall, why doncha?

Once there, the old man tells you his latest theory; There's a giant eel 
in the bottom of the sea that has cavities that really hurt... um... Ok.

Once you dive in, it turns out the old man was right. There's a nasty 
eel at the bottom with many dirty teeth. Y ou spend the entire fight 
floating over his face with the hover nozzle. His tactics are fairly 
simple; either suck Mario in or shoot giant bacterias at you.

If he tries to suck you in, hover nozzle and don't let up. If you run 
low on air,. shoot the bacteria with the hover nozzle; they'll give up a 
lot of air. The main goal is to clean off all of his scummy teeth, which 
you can do by hovering over his teeth and blasting them with the hover 
nozzle. It's really not too difficult.

Once all the teeth are clean, he'll smile and leave you the gift of 
Shine. A Shine Sprite is its own reward.

EPISODE/STORY 5: Il Piantissimo's Surf Swim

As you enter, you'll notice immediately that the water is now clean! 
Yahoo! That old guy was right. But, now they all wonder who's the guy 
dressed up like a Pianta...

Yep, Il Piantissimo is back... that clown never can take a hint, can he? 
Ah, well. Go up the rope and meet him. The flag he wants you to race him 
to this time is about where you talked to the old guy in the second 

The best thing to do is to take the same inital route he does (along the 
side of the cliff)and then get ahead of him (you jump further and faster 
than him). You should be able to beat him by qute a number of seconds, 
but it only takes a little to beat that clown and take another of his 
Shines. Who gives this guy Shines anyway??

EPISODE/STORY 6: The Shell's Secret
You return to Noki bay, and you can see the old man waiting for your 
return again. He tells you there is a portal to another world in the 
conch at the top of the highest spire. You must enter it to investigate.

To get up there, head to the nearby clam shell stairs until you see the 
grandson sitting near a rope. The ropes throughout this climb have blue 
electricity and red electricity running along them. Blue electricity 
drones forward on a rope, either back and forth or in one direction. Red 
electricity will hunt you down. Bear this in mind. The strategies for 
both are to jump over them as far as you can.

From the rope near the grandson, climp up in and get to the rope 
immediately above it. At the end of this one, spring up high and hover 
nozzle up to the clam shell near the left of which way you should be 
facing. Stand on the rope heading for the conch and hop up to the rope 
nearest it. Up there should be a red electricity thing, so watch out. 
From that rope, hop up again to the rope connected to the conch.

Inside this secret level, you find yourself starting inside an aquarium. 
Wall kick out of there, then walk towards the green block. Hop to the 
yellow one when it lies flat. Stomp the second nail to grab a 1UP.

Up next are some checkerboard looking blocks. Stand close to the end of 
the platform and try triple jumping to it. It won't ever go all the way 
in, so it won't pinch you. When you have to jump among two of them, hop 
to the first when it's almost as far out as it can be, then stay put 
until the nest one is at the same location.

Round the bend and ascend the pole. Get onto the tightrope and jump as 
high as you can to  get to the platform near the end of the rope. Side 
somersault to the first platform, get on the nail, and side somesault to 
the next one. Sideways jump to the LEFT off the nail to get to the 
highest part of that structure.

Conquer the spinning blocks as you have several times in the past. The 
second one is especially fast, so beware. This next spinning thing is 
quite strange, but easily overcome. Simply jump onto the platform as it 
sweeps beneath you. Jump to the last stationary platform and ascend the 
final spinning block and you're one Shine richer... and quite possibly 
several lives poorer...

EPISODE/STORY 7: Hold it, Shadow Mario!
Here he is again. That blue double is at it again. I think we're all 
well versed in how to run and shoot at him, so I won't go into that. 
Shadow Mario runs mainly in the grassy stones near where you had to 
first ascend to uncork the waterfall. I hope you like wall kicks, 
because Shadow Mario does, and he does a lot of them. He'll climb the 
entire thing up to about the top of it, then hop down to the small pool 
at the very bottom. I don't think he goes anywhere else.

You'll almost certainly have to go through this more than a few times, 
but once he croaks, he'll bring a little sunshine into your life.

The Red Coin Fish

Once again, you have to wear the bucket, because once again, you'll be 
heading 20,000 leagues under the sea. Get to the top of the waterfall 
and talk to the old man. He'll tell you your reward for sawing the 
entire village is... to trek to the burky depths and collect  8 red 

This time, the red coins are manifested in a fish made of gold coins 
with eight red coins peppered in him. This would make you think that 
catching them all is a walk in the park, but it's not. He often decided 
to break himself up into many pieces. Sometimes the coins remain around, 
but they seem to have an irritating habit of going through the walls...

Make most of your attempts to grab the coins while the fish in 
constructed. Remember, once you take a good amount of the coins away 
from the fish, he's very difficult to spot. Grabbing the eighth one 
might take a few stops for oxygen-giving coins.

At any rate, the Shine will appear at the very very bottom of the map, 
where the eel once was. Make sure you got enough oxygen to get there.

EPISODE/STORY 8: The Red Coin Fish

H. Sirena Beach

After collecting Yoshi, go to the top of the one of the buildings 
overlooking Delfino Square and you'll see a pineapple in a red pipe. 
Have the Yoshi swallow the pineapple, and jump into the pipe, to get to 
Sirena Beach!

This is more of a sunset beach as opposed to the other beach. There's a 
big hotel, right behind Pinna Park, which houses ghosts, and 

1. The Manta Storm
2. The Hotel Lobby's Secret
3. Mysterious Hotel Delfino
4. The Secret Of Casino Delfino
5. King Boo Down Below
6. Scrubbing Sirena Beach
7. Shadow Mario Checks In
8. Red Coins In The Hotel

EPISODE/STORY 1: The Manta Storm
The sun is slowly setting on Sirena Beach. The air is pregnant with the 
salt of the sea... blah blah blah... it's all polluted. It's polluted 
like you don't even understand. This time the paint is electrical paint. 
It'll zap you if you touch it, so watch the hell out.

You'll also notice the paint has consumed the entire hotel. Talk to the 
Pianta with the burgundy blazer and bowtie. He's the owner of the 
vanished hotel, and he wants you to help him clean it up. Before he can 
finish his sentence, the monster he saw take over the hotel in the first 
place returns, a shadow-thin apparition of absolute pollution.

In my opinion, this guy is the coolest boss in the game. But he's not 
too easy, so watch out. Before this guy comes, clean up a good amount of 
the slime, especially on the empty lot where the hotel will soon appear. 
And try not to get hurt, but if you ARE hurt, only grab as many coins as 
you need to get back to full health. You will more than likely need 
those coins for the battle.

The boss may only be a shadow, but he can still push you around a good 
amount. Try not to get too close to him. Spray him with some water, and 
he'll divide into two smaller pieces. Each of those pieces divides into 
three smaller ones, and each of those pieces divides into four smaller 
ones, and each of THOSE divide into four smaller ones. That makes.... 
ninety-six little ones. And you thought Marching Milde was bad...

With each smaller piece, they take less water to split again and leave 
less pollution, but they also get faster. There's no time limit, so if 
you need to run off and get some coins (check the kiosk or on top of 
trees) or water (that's all over), go ahead. Eventually, all the little 
ones left will start aiming for you, but all this means is you don't 
have to search. Keep squirting and you'll come out on top.

Also, don't waste your time aiming. The opponent is two dimensional. 
Just hold R down softly and keep moving. And don't worry if the whole 
map gets covered with goo. It'll get cleaned up.

EPISODE/STORY 2: The Hotel Lobby's Secret
The hotel has been restored, but nobody's being let back in just yet. 
Talk to the owner again, who's standing at the entrance. He says the 
hotel is filled with ghosts for some reason. He wonders if you could 
help. I think this is supposed to be Luigi's job, but, oh well.

There are lots of chosts floating around, but the only ones of real 
interest to you are the pink ghosts. WHen you hit them with water, they 
turn into platforms. To get from the first floor to the second, there 
are five ghosts at varying heights, so it oesn't really matter where 
they are when you soak them. Between the second and third is a little 
trickier. They have to be positioned reasonably close together, or else 
you have to rely on your hover nozzle. The last ghost should be 
positioned in front of the totem pole's mouth. Down the hatch!

The course is fairly straightforward for this one. Grab the 1UP in the 
first brick block past the three enemies. Sandy blocks will collaspe 
after being stepped on, so tread lightly. Use the fluttering enemies to 
get across large gaps. Bash the brick blocks to destroy them and run 
like crazy along the sandy bridges.

Once you get to the rolling gear, remember that it rolls backwards, so 
try to stay on. A good tactic is not tryng to stay on any one surface 
for too long; move onto the next part when the slope starts coming. Also 
Remember that the gear will reverse once it reaches the end, and that 
there's a gap between that pyramid and the Shine.

EPISODE/STORY 3: Mysterious Hotel Delfino
Once you get in, head right for the hotel; there's very little to do 
outside of it, so get moving.

Tw observations you can make once you arrive: 1. There's a Yoshi Egg 
that craves a pineapple, but there are none to be found at the fruit 
bar. 2. A shine sprite lies in the hotel pool, but a zealous Pianta 
blocks your way for not wearing the right swimwear.

Normally, it's my practice to write why things are happening the wya 
they are, but nothing you do in this puzzle makes any sense, so I'm just 
gpoing to tell it to you straight.

Go into the men's room on the lobby and head to the stall that's 
furthest out. There's water coming out of the ceiling. Jump into it and 
you'll appear in someone's bathroom. Shoot the painting in their living 
room and hop through it. Spray the four closet doors until the ghost 
painting is complete, and walk through.

Spray the ghosts to turn them into platforms, and hop into the hole in 
the ceiling. Spray the bookshelf and slide beneath it. Stomp on the 
miscolored tile and  break the box nearest to where you landed. Grab the 
pineapple, and return out the door to the Yoshi Egg.

Go back to the top floor and go through the only open door. Hop on the 
bed, and get into the vents. From the camera angle the camera should be 
at when you enter, take the right passage. Follow that down, then take 
the lower of the two parallel paths. Eat the ghost, and continue left. 
WHen you see two sleeping ghosts, eat the one on the right, and continue 
down that path until you find some tiled flooring with a crack in it. 
Stomp on the crack and you'll find yourself in the pool room around the 

Now grab that Shine. You know you want to.

EPISODE/STORY 4: The Secret Of Casino Delfino
There's nothing for you in the beach again. Just head right for the 
hotel. The owner will tell you the casino is now open. The entrance is 
near the mens room. Mario's been known to throw the dice around a good 
amount, so go right ahead.

The room has a giant rouletter wheel in the center, but you want to 
fiddle with the two slot machines that are on the sides. The slot 
machine on the left of the entrance requires you line up the tumblers 
individually. Stand on the chip and use very light squirts to inch the 
tumbelers into a 7-7-7 pattern.

The slot machine on the right side is less difficult, but will take 
longer. Spraying it with water will send all three tumberls tumbling, 
and the "prize" will be whatever the tumblers turn out to be. You get 
three ghosts, a ghost will appear. You get three coins, three coins will 
appear. Seldom will the tumblers mismatch and give you nothing. Once 
again, you just have to wait for the 7-7-7 pattern to come around.

Once both of them say 7-7-7, the curtains at the back of the room open 
and reveal sixteen tiles. Behind each of the sixteen tiles is a picture 
of a shine. You have to squirt them to make them flip over. There's not 
too much i can say about strategy, since the squares frequently act 
erratically when you spray them. It's water, not a sniper rifle... just 
use gentle bursts and be patient.

What's your reward for this? A secret level! This Secret Level may get 
the award for Second Most Annoying Hoops To Jump Through To Get Here.

Anyway, onto the secret level strategy. Run ans stand to the far right 
side of the first block, then, as the second block slides along the 
other way, get to the center, and hop onto the block in the air.

You'll see the next platform. Look to the right and you should see three 
sliding blocks converging on one point. Once they start to separate, get 
to that point (and try to grab the 1UP). Walk forward to the end of the 
platform (you should be able to) and, if the tumbling block is near, hop 
onto it. Walk slowly, but not too slowly along the block. goo to fast or 
slow and you'll fall right off it.

There are four floating beams in this part. None of them retract in so 
far that you can no longer stand on them, so don't worry about that. Hop 
along, and run along the spinning beam (run against the spinning) and 
hop onto the final block, a wierdly diagonal tumbler. Just always walk 
towards the highest corner when it's rising, and try and stay centered 
any other time. It's just a skip to the Shine!

EPISODE/STORY 5: King Boo Down Below
Once again, the beach holds little interest for you. Return to the 
casino. You'll notice the owner seems to have something on his mind when 
shoving you off to the casino...

The worker standing near the entrance say "That color's not normal..." 
He's right. There's a purple square sitting on the roulette table, while 
all of the others are the regular colors. Stomp on it, and prepare for 
the consequences. The floor sinks and takes you inot an enclosed 
roulette like arena.

Nota Bene: You cannot use first-person squirt attack mode in this arena. 
I dunno why, but you can't.

The floor will being spinning right away to get the arena to stop 
spinning, stomp on the purple squares again. But this is the least of 
your problems. A gigantic boo comes from the floor and starts spitting 
out little boos. Spray him in the face, and the Jackpot tumblers he sits 
on spin.

There are lots of outcomes, but the one you want to look for is "threee 
fruits" I know normally that means a menial prize, but in this case, he 
throws out lots of fruits of all distinctions. Throw a normal fruit at 
him, and he'll just eat it, happy as a clam. But, if you throw a chili 
pepper, he'll be burnin' up. Now, DON'T SQUIRT HIM WITH WATER. Throw 
another fruit of any kind at him, and the unprepared Boo will get 
smacked. Three hits is all it takes.

What all the tumbler combos do:
Three fruits: Gives you tons of fruit.
Three ?'s: Random enemy spawn. 
Three Coins: Coins to fill up your health; this only really happens when 
you need it.
Three enemies: Six bloblike enemies will hunt you down
Any other non-3-matching combo: Bubbles; shoot them for containers of 

EPISODE/STORY 6: Scrubbing Sirena Beach
Enter, and you'll soon see that things are definitely afoot here. Shadow 
Mario left his mark here. You have three minutes to clean up all the 

Now, you don't need to clean up ALL the goop. Tiny slivers of toxic 
stuff isn't going to hurt anybody.Just so longas there aren't any 
patches of stuff any bigger than a boogie-board, you'll be fine. Make 
sure you keep moving (lightly press R!). Uh... throw barrels into big 
patches of the stuff. Make sure not to miss the goop near the kiosks.

I can't think of much else to say. It's really not that tough. But the 
reward is the same; A Shine! How lovely.

EPISODE/STORY 7: Shadow Mario Checks In
The hotel has been evacuated, as your doppelganger has just come in with 
no reservation. Well, you've got a reservation... to kick his butt! 
(yeah, that was lame...)

This one's a gigantic pain, as EVERYTHING in this damn hotel is blue, 
just like him! Not only that, the ghosts that parade around are 
impersonating him and throwing you off the trail. Even worse, he knows 
where most of those secret passages are, so you can expect him to be 
just about everywhere.

If you DO lose him, use your ears. The Shadow Mario music will only play 
when you are reasonably near him, and the phony Shadow Marios won't make 
the music play. However the range you need to be in to begin to hear the 
music is a little vague. If you hear it on one floor, he could be on the 
floor below or above you in the same spot, just higher.

Once you do find him, squirt him and never let up (except on the stairs, 
since there's no way to do that well).  Once he topples, muscle the 
Shine outta him. Make that bastard PAY. ...or let him escape again. 
Either way.

EPISODE/STORY 8: Red Coins In The Hotel

Once again, the beach holds small interest for you. Just head back to 
the hotel. Immediately on your entrance, you should see the red coin 
switch, You have five minutes to snag them all.

The first red coin is sitting right in front of the switch. Try not to 
miss this one (if that's even possible). The second coin is sin the 
ladies' room. You can go in there; nobody's doing anything...

The third one is in the pool. Hop through the water damage in the men's 
room, and then on the bed in that room. The red coin is sitting near the 
back of the pool. The fourth coin is right outside that room in the 
hall. The fifth one is in the second floor hall.

Return to the water damage in the men's room. Hop through, and squirt 
the ghostly painting. In the next room is the sixth coin. The seventh 
and eight coina are near where you found the pineapple. The pink ghosts 
are missing, so what you need to do to get there is get into the vents, 
head to the corner of it (The upper left corner, judging on the angle 
the camera is at when you hit it). In here, shoot the poster of "Dolphic 
Isle" and it should break. Hop in to grab the seventh coin.

From the room you fell into, stomp througb the weak floor and through 
the trap door. The eighth coin is in the doorway. The Shine appears in 
the lobby. It's a beautiful thing...

I. Pianta Village (Monte Village: Japanese Name)

Once you get the booster pack in Delfino Island, simply boost up to the 
top of the SHINE Gate, and jump into the pipe.

This is basically a group of buildings Mario can climb, and subterranean 
tunnels Mario can hang off of. 

1. Chain Chomplets Unchained
2. Il Piantissimo's Crazy Climb
3. The Goopy Inferno
4. Chain Chomp's Bath
5. Secret of the Village Underside
6. Piantas In Need
7. Shadow Mario Runs Wild
8. Fluff Festival Coin Hunt

EPISODE/STORY 1: Chain Chomplets Unchained
You arrive in the cool night. Cross the suspension bridge and talk to 
the lady Pianta to the left of the exit of the bridge. She'll tell you 
her pets are sick with fevers and cannot be controlled. Then she'll 
throw you. This must be the Pianta way of saying "Please."

Anywho, there are three little chain-chomplets wandering around the 
village. They're red-hot, and leaving trails of searing hot paint. 
Splashing them with some water helps them cool, but only for a few 
seconds. Keep your distance when spraying them. If they see you, they 
may run after you.

If they're chilled out, hold the B button while standing behind them to 
grab hold of the little feller's tail. You can't drag him anywhere, but 
you can pull the tail out and snap it (release B), so he'll go flying to 
wherever you point him to. Try to snap them towards the center of the 
village, to the spring near the tallest structure in the village.

Repeat this process three times and the fully chilled chomplets will 
give you a Shine.

EPISODE/STORY 2: Il Piantissimo's Crazy Climb
He's waiting for you... just like always. And as always, he challenges 
you to a race. Why? Because he's got problems. He once again forces you 
into a race to the tip of the fallen tree near the end of the village.

This time, he is a formidable foe. You cannot win this one on your feet. 
If you notice, he has a new tactic for this race; he will dive on his 
belly and hop back to his feet. It's a move not entirely unsimilar to 
one Mario does. You need to do that to get ahead of him.

If it looks like you're gonna lose, don't even bother talking to him at 
the end. All he'll do is take away one of your lives. I'd like to see 
the explanation behind THAT. "Oh, you lose, so now you must DIE." Ugh.

EPISODE/STORY 3: The Goopy Inferno
This is probably one of the least conventional Shines to get. Not only 
does Shadow Mario swipe FLUDD for this one, there is superhot paint 
EVERYWHERE. Everything inside the low fence is fairly deadly, so don't 
even bother trying to "brave the heat." You will NOT make it out alive.

The real problem is that the mayor of the village is stranded on the top 
of the golden mushroom with no way down. It's also where that fink 
Shadow Mario left FLUDD. There's a way to get there, but it isn't easy. 
(BTW, to avoid the ghosts on the bridge, just jump erratically.)

Run around the village perimiter on the right side (the lefthand side is 
blocked with slime) and go all the way around until you see a brown 
Pianta standing near a pit. He says he thinks it leads to the mayor, and 
it's as good a guess as any. Hop on down and stomp on the floorgate.

I'ms sure at this point, you're somewhat familiar with the monkey-bars 
style stuff. But watch out around here. While the enemies seldom attack, 
a single hit will make you fall off. When you reach a vertical gate, hop 
onto it and punch it. It should slide along, but once it reaches its 
destination, ge back onto the ceiling. The platform will eventually 

Eventually, you'll see a swing suspended below a column of coins. Drop 
down directly where the coins are and you should hit the swing. Jump to 
the mushrooms and continue jumping until you see a big 1Up-ish looking 
mushroom. It's a springpad that will bring you right back to the monkey 
bars. Try to side-somersault into it, as that will give you the momentum 
to get all the way to the monkey bars.

There's another sliding grate thing. Before you send it along, try and 
look down towards the destination. Don't send it off if you can see the 
yellow spider thing is near. After that, it's not too far till you reach 
another ceiling gate. Hit A to kick up (NOT B, as I did that before and 
it dropped me into infinity).

Wall kick out of that pit. Now, you're in the center of the inferno. You 
should see some rough spots of unpolluted land that you can get through. 
They lead to the scaffolding surrounding the mushroom the mayor is 
standing on. Ascend it and grab FLUDD back from where Shadow Mario left 

However, you can't get to the mayor from that position. You have to go 
back down and get to the neighboring platform. There's a platform 
directly to the right (relative to the direction you stand when you 
enter the level). Climp up that, and get on top of the tree. Stand on 
the end of the frond and extinguish the fire on top of the near 

All it is now is a hop, a hover, and another hop and hover, and you've 
gotten to the mayor. Spray his off real good. He'll give you the Shine 
as thanks.

EPISODE/STORY 4: Chain Chomp's Bath
This one is similar to the Chain Chomplets you dealt with in Episode 1. 
However, this guy is as big as a dump truck. He also doesn't leave paint 
in his wake. The same principal of "spraying is good, but bathing it 
better" applies, but first, you gotta get him off his chain.

You should find him near the corner of the map. Go to the brass bracket 
holding his chain in place and press B. Now, he's free. Cool him down 
with either spraying (but that takes time) or toss a water-filled barrel 
at him (but that's fairly difficult).

Either way, once he's cooled, he becomed controllable. Press and hold B 
to grab his tail and use the Control Stick to walk backwards and drag 
Chomp back with you. Your goal is to drag him into the circular pool at 
the end of the map.

You should know that he doesn't stay cool long enough to drag him 
entirely across the map with any proficiency. What you should do is 
stand near the pool and wait for the Chomp to come by, cool him off, and 
then drag him a much shorter distance to a chilly bliss.

In any case, once Mr. Chomp is doing fine, he'll let the sun-Shine in.

EPISODE/STORY 5: Secret of the Village Underside
A new arrival has come to Pianta Village. A Yoshi egg has come here. 
You'll pass it once you leave the bridge. Note what fruit it wants, and 
retrieve them on the small tree on the platform near the fountain where 
you extinguished the big chomp.

Feed the Yoshi the fruit and mount him. Walk to the left (relative your 
entrance position) and look over the edge. You should see a red mushroom 
down there. You gotta jump down to that. It might seem pretty dumb at 
first... and that's because it is. Just try not to oversteer or go too 

While down here, you simple need to jump to each mushroom. For a 
majority of them, you gotta hover jump. One in the middle of the jumping 
is easier if you double jump in place, then hover vertically to the next 

Eventually, you'll pass where you've already been in Episode 3, and 
you'll come to a Yoshi barrier (the type he needs to puke on to get rid 
of). I reccomend you puke on it from the last mushroom and dissolve it 
from there. Once it's gone, it's a hop into the hole to come to the next 
secret level.

In this secret level, there are lots of Chucksters. These guysn will 
throw you if you talk to them. To get the 1Up in the air of the first 
platform, talk to the Chuckster so he'll be facing directly opposite it, 
and don't interfere with your trajectory with the stick.

Talk to the pink Chuckster straight on, and he'll throw you to the next 
platform. Talk to the blue Chuckster  when he's as far back as he'll 
walk, and he'll chuck to the next platform. Make sure the next Chuckster 
is facing towards where the last platform was, and he'll chuck you up to 
the next guy. Avoid the irritating enemies and talk to this next 
chuckster directly to his face, so he'll throw you to the next part. The 
final chuckster HAS to be on the leftside of the block, standing about 
on the crack in the floor. Have him throw you towards the only thing 
left to throw you at.

Now, don't get frustated after the Chucksters toss you in odd ways 
because you weren't facing exactly perpendicular. Get frustrated after 
they do it fifty-four times. Truly, you have to talk to them exactly on 
angle, or else they'll throw you into the oblivion. But, you gotta get 
by this one to play the others, so get crackin'.

EPISODE/STORY 6: Piantas In Need
Once you enter, the mayor will grab your attention. He says there are 
ten Piantas buried in muck, and you need to clean them off before time 
runs out. Five of them are nearby the entrance (two of them in one 
pile), two are over towards the left of the village, one is near the 
spring (the drained one), one is near the undrained spring, and one is 
on the leftmost road leading to the undrained spring,

One thing to remember is that none of themare on higher ground. Don't go 
climbing too high; you won't find anyone. Once all ten Piantas have been 
cleaned, return to the start and talk to the mayor. He'll give you a box 
of chocolates. I mean, a Shine.

EPISODE/STORY 7: Shadow Mario Runs Wild
Once again, Shadow Mario is coming around to terrorize the good citizens 
and try to to pin it on you. This time, when he runs, he leave trails of 
that hot paint behind him. Also, it seems like he doesn't move quite so 
fast, so you can keep up fairly well by simply running and spraying at 
him. It'll extingush most of the paint, and it'll eventually extingush 
him. Also watch out for the Boos that chase you thoughtout the fight. 
Just make a few erratic turns and they'll miss you. Eventually, Shadow 
Mario will cry Uncle and relinquish a Shine Sprite.

EPISODE/STORY 8: Fluff Festival Coin Hunt

J. Corona Mountain

It's hot here... but Mario's faced hotter. It's a wild obstacle course 
between here and the end of Corona mountain. The first part consists 
mainly of jumps between sets of spikes and sets of torches. For the 
spikes, wait for them to have been out for a small while, then hop and 
hover to them. For torches, you8 can hop to them at any point, but make 
sure that you spray them well with your hover nozzle. When you see the 
white steam, it's OK to land. Near as I know, they don't ever rekindle, 
but they certainly won't so long as you don't dilly-dally.

I don't think I should have to explain what will happen if you touch the 
lava pit below...

Anyway, once you pass all those spikes and flames, there's a place to 
fill up your water, and a box with a 1UP inside. Between them is a 
little boat sitting in the lava. It's your only way across, so you'd 
better learn to like it. It's a little tricky; shoot forward with FLUDD 
and the boat will move backwards, and shoot backwards and the boat will 
move forwards. However, shoot to the left, and the boat moves left. 
Shoot to the right and the boat moves right. Then again, sometimes it 
doens't feel like it goes that way. Just be really gingerly with the 
controls. One hit--ANY hit--will sink you.

Once you get to the next island. You'll see you've reached a dead end of 
sorts. There's a shadow of the cloud above you, and places to refill 
your water... and a Rocket Nozzle. Stand under the cloud shadow and 
blast off. You have to keep blasting off to get to the next cloud. After 
the first cloud, the next three are stationary, arranged in a triangle, 
the next set has four spinning in a circle (wait for one to go above 
you), the next set are pairs of two moving in and out form the 
center(wait for one to head out to the furthest it goes out the blast 
off), and the last cloud is stationery. Blast up to the dark cloud to 
see the final boss.


Yep. It's Bowser. Bowser's sitting in this giant bathtub filled with 
green water. It has five points along its rim, like a star. Each of the 
five points has a "fire" emblem on them, which means you have to do a 
super stomp to defeat him. Since you still have the rocket pack, this 
shouldn't be too difficult.

Bowser will be breathing fire, as he normally does. One way to avoid it 
is to rocket pack over it, if you're feeling adventurous. That move 
could easily send you into the bath or over the edge. If you're not 
feeling safe, just run in the other direction.

Sometimes, Bowser will jump up and do a cannonball in the tub, tipping 
it around a bit. You can't break it while it's tipped, so don't even 
bother. Just wait it out.

Baby Bowser's got a war ship in there, and he's often firing missles at 
you. But to be honest, they aren't too fast and they seldom factor in to 
this fight.

One thing to keep in mind is: Once you smash the floor with the "fire" 
emblem on it, it'll break apart, trying to take you down with it. Well, 
that's fire emblem pride for ya... (That pun was awful. I'm sorry) You 
can't let yourself be taken down with it. Hop back to the tub, or, if 
need be, rocket boost.

It sure isn't the toughest challenge you've faced in this game, and it's 
not the most satisfying either, but it's the conquest of Mario over 
evil, and what else could you ask for?

And with that, the game is completed. That battle was a pussy battle, 
but hey, Nintendo cut you a break. Hopefully, Super Mario 128 
(confirmed!) will have a better ending battle! :)





8 of these appear during certain stories. Like Super Mario 64, 8 of 
these collected will create a SHINE. 

This coin appears in all Mario games. In Super Mario 64, you needed to 
collect 100 coins for a star. In Super Mario Sunshine, it's still 100. 
Collect 100 of these for a SHINE. They also heal one little part in 
Mario's health, and restore air underwater.

These coins are special in a sense that collecting them will let you 
save. If you collect 10, take them to the hut you cleaned up with the 
bear inside (the hut Ricco Harbor entrance is on) and ask them to 
exchange 10 Blue Coins for a SHINE. 

These are like the Stars from Super Mario 64. They grant light to 
Delfino Island. Grabbing these ends an Episode/Story.

These only appear if you repeat and finish a mission. They end the 
mission as well. 


These enemies spawn from paint after Mario soaks it a bit. When they 
rise, attack them from a distance with the Water Cannon since the jet 
pack Water Pack can get you injured quite easily. They succumb to water 
very easily. Sometimes their mouths need to be open to be effective. 

This enemy previously appeared in Super Mario 64. They blow Mario off 
course in this game as well. They can't be hurt, so just avoid them 

These little critters rise out of paint and turn into paint while 
fighting off paint piranha plants. Water can easily kill them, as well 
as pounding them, but they can hurt Mario while attacking bosses, so 
look out. 

These creatures can be found running over the shining mirrors in Mamma 
Beach. They are hard to push off, but soak them until they nearly fall 
and pound on the highest part to get them off.

These penguins hurt Mario if they peck him in Mamma Beach. They resemble 
their blue counterparts except they hurt you while springing Mario into 
the air. They are best avoided.

Bees reside in some trees and sting Mario if he is on one of them. Avoid 
them at all costs.

These flowers burrow into the ground and throw nuts at Mario. They 
should be avoided since they seem to ignore the Water Pack. It's best to 
just run away from them.

Wiggler appear from the sandy ground. Simply avoid them since killing 
them is too difficult.

These little squid cannot die through water, so simply pound on them to 
kill them, and you'll receive a Yellow Coin for your trouble. 

These squid hang around the water in some courses, like Ricco Harbor. If 
Mario steps on them, they become flat platforms in the water for a few 
seconds, which can be helpful if Mario needs to get across water fast. 
It is unknown whether they can be killed or not.


This section is for bosses. They appear in the walkthrough as well but 
this section is for easy reference for those having trouble with bosses. 


BOSS: Petey Piranha
This boss is resistant to water, so you must use special force to defeat 
him. When it opens its mouth to shoot paint out, shoot water inside. 
Repeat the tactic until it falls on its back. Get on its belly and pound 
the belly (A + L). It'll get up again, so repeat the pattern twice to 
defeat it at last. 


BOSS: Mecha-Bowser
Your goal is to launch a rocket at the Bowser thing. Mario will get hurt 
on the ride, so be careful, and listen to the to the Water Pack when the 
Bullet Bills comes toward you from behind or ahead! To prevent from 
getting hurt, launch a rocket and then launch water at it. When Bowser 
comes into view, aim the rocket and then press R. When you launch enough 
rockets at it, the Bowser-thing will die!


BOSS: Gooper Blooper
At first, after revealing him, wait for him to launch a tentacle at 
Mario. Then, when it misses Mario, step on one of the bulb area and then 
hold B while pulling the tentacle away from the body. Eventually it 
should come up. King Calamari will be too hurt to attack you, so run to 
his mouth and pull it from its socket. King Calamari will evolve and 
recharge, so repeat the pattern above, and King Calamari will die, 
revealing another SHINE!

BOSS: Gooper Blooper II
The difference from this battle is that the arena is smaller. And Mario 
can get knocked off. He is also much more relentless than before. At 
first, after getting to him, wait for him to launch a tentacle at Mario. 
Then, when it misses Mario, step on one of the bulb area and then hold B 
while pulling the tentacle away from the body. Eventually it should come 
up. King Calamari will be too hurt to attack you, so run to his mouth 
and pull it from its socket. King Calamari will evolve and recharge, so 
repeat the pattern above, and King Calamari will die, revealing another 


Mario can run, jump and dive here. There are coins all over the place, 
and places to climb. 

Mario can take a swim in this area to get hidden coins and to get to 
other areas. He can also refill his Water Pack here. 

This environment is high, so naturally you'll be hovering. If Mario is 
too high in the air and lands on solid ground, Mario will lose health. 

This place is where there are many obstacles to overcome to get to the 
SHINE at the end. They are usually somewhat challenging, as the 
platforms usually shift, giving Mario some trouble. Try not to slip off, 
but if you do, you'll be back at the arena to try again.

Around Delfino Island are buildings that house people Mario can talk to. 
Some buildings can also be towers to scale where boss fights take place, 
and some buildings are never uncovered until paint is cleared from the 

The slides in this game are fairly difficulty and require some quick and 
logical thinking. More than often will slides force Mario to move 
quickly in a direction, or jump very high to the SHINE below. 




This is all the standard, technical information for the guide thus far. 
Please follow all these guidelines and respect what this says. If you 
AIM me, for example, I will not respond back or I if I do, I'll be 
mocking your stupidity at literature. You've been warned.   


This FAQ is copyright 2007 by cvxfreak. I own no rights to the game 
"Super Mario Sunshine." Nintendo Co., Ltd. owns those rights, so if you 
want to sue the creators for whatever reason (like if your child 
unfortunately gets killed attempting to fly across the sky in a Water 
Pack), don't go looking for me.

This FAQ/Walkthrough may be found at:


...among others. But those two tend to have the most up to date versions
so be sure to check back to those websites often.



Feel free to e-mail me with anything incorrect in the FAQ, or anything 
that needs to be changed. Please be clear when e-mailing me, and write 
to me in English, or else I probably won't be able to help you. What I 
mean by clear is that don't "tA1k lYkE diz!" 


No, I don't chat with anyone unless I know them personally, so if you 
AIM me, and I don't know you, you'll be ignored.


Thanks from cvxfreak:

-King Kool for finishing the walkthroughs for me (and for ruining his 
education... :P)! 

-Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto for creating this awesome game as well as 
the Nintendo GameCube!

-Jeff "CJayC" Veasey for hosting this document on GameFAQS.

-Peter Judson at for posting this FAQ on NeoSeeker.

-Stephen Ng for posting this FAQ on GameFAQS.

-Planet GameCube (www.planetgamecube.com) for the never ending previews 
of this game, which got me excited about the game. Planet GameCube is 
_THE_ best website for GameCube and GameBoy Advance news that's free, so 
I suggest you visit the site everyday for the latest GCN/GBA news. If 
you can, help keep the site up by donating money to the site. It'd be 
sad to see them go.  

-Fellow FAQ authors Colin Moriarty and Myke for letting me know that 
I've spelt "graffiti" wrong (although Colin spelt it right the first 

-"d 0 w n e r" for letting me know first where to exchange Blue Coins 
for a SHINE. 

-"SAYUBEMYWIFEY" for letting me know of the Yellow Coins mistake.

-Big thanks to "Alce Nana" for letting me know the name of the island, 
"Delfino" as well as noticing that the start of the levels are Italian 

-Mark Andrews for that extra maneuver! 

-CyberShell13 for helping me with Ricco Harbor Story One!

-Toby Normoyle for the information on the missions!

-Devin Morgan for letting me know that in the U.S. versions the missions 
are called "Episodes."

-Nintendo Power magazine for letting me know that Mamma Beach is really 
Gelato Beach. 

Thanks from King Kool:

Mountain Dew - You're always there for me...

My friends and family - You know who you are

The authors and message board posters of GameFAQs.com - don't ever 
change. Well, change a little bit. But, not too much.

cvxfreak - Whom without his offer, my time would be far more 
productively used.


JUNE 17, 2007
cvxfreak here. Just updating a few small non-guide sections that were

DECEMBER 16, 2002
King Kool updated a whole lot of the FAQ, so now every mission except 
for two are now covered!

AUGUST 27, 2002
I bought the U.S. version and added course descriptions and changed a 
few things like boss names. I also made some of the parts of the 
walkthrough more specific. 

AUGUST 26, 2002
Sadly, some stores didn't get the U.S. version in today. So I decided to 
update the guide in preparation (and to get ahead of other authors about 
to send in their guides). So I updated a lot of the information. I also 
made the guide easier to read, and I also added descriptions of how to 
get to several areas, as well as how they look like.  

AUGUST 25, 2002
I did a little adding to make this game fit the U.S. version as well. 
Some of the places have been changed names, etc. So this update dealt 
with that. 

AUGUST 24, 2002
Version 0.15
Updated the walkthrough for Ricco Harbor. 

AUGUST 20, 2002
Version 0.14
I finished the walkthrough for Mamma Beach. 

AUGUST 19, 2002
Version 0.12
Added a few story walkthroughs to the Mamma Beach section. 

AUGUST 13, 2002
Version 0.11
Added the walkthrough for Ricco Harbor, Story Two.

AUGUST 10, 2002
Version 0.10
Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I've been too lazy/pre-
occupied/whatever to update the FAQ. Anyway, I recently got a good 
contribution from Toby Normoyle stating the goals for each little Story 
in some of the missions. Thanks, Toby, really appreciate it!

AUGUST 4, 2002
Version 0.9
Well, I got off my lazy butt and started adding more to the walkthrough. 
I also added more specific details to some of the current walkthroughs 
and sections, like the options menus. 

JULY 30, 2002
Version 0.8
I've been progressing slowly… well, I added more information to the FAQ 
as a whole, such as more e-mail contributions, etc. 

JULY 28, 2002
Version 0.7
Thanks to "Mark Andrews" I added another maneuver. 

JULY 27, 2002
Version 0.6
Added a few more Shines to the FAQ, progressing it even further. 
Corrected more mistakes.

JULY 26, 2002
Version 0.5
No new information walkthrough-wise, unfortunately. It was more of a day 
to fix errors. Corrected the Yellow Coins mistake. Somehow I had a 
seizure, which happens once in every FAQ. Thanks to "SAYUBEMYWIFEY" for 
letting me know about the mistake. And big thanks to "Alce Nana" for 
letting me know the name of the island. It isn't "Dolphino," it is the 
Italian Word, "Delfino." 

JULY 24, 2002
Version 0.4
Added more and more to the walkthrough outside the courses themselves. 

JULY 23, 2002
Version 0.3
Added more stories to the walkthrough and added more to the current 
sections. Added more to the walkthrough, and added 2 people to the 

JULY 22, 2002
Version 0.2
Added the first parts of the walkthrough and all the other gameplay 
sections, like maneuvering, etc. 

JULY 17, 2002
Version 0.1
I created the sections of the FAQ. 


This FAQ is now 99% complete. And for closing comments from King Kool:

I've just spent about twelve days writing my parts of this FAQ, and I'm 
trying to figure out why. During this period, my finals were happening, 
and the fates of my calculus and Russian history grades are in doubts 
right now. I don't think this is to any fault of this writing venture, 
but it didn't help.

Not only this, but I have to admit, I'm not fond of Super Mario 
Sunshine. It's certainly not my favorite of the Mario franchise (I'd 
point to my review, but I still have to write it...). Every other game 
I've written for, and all those in-progress right now, are all games I 
thoroughly enjoyed.

Also, since CVX was the first author, that means he gets to choose where 
we host this. AS a writer, I was GameFAQs exclusive before, since few 
other websites tickled my fancy (I'm VERY doubtful of IGN, but I don't 
want this to shine badly on CVX). I couldn't ethically make him not host 
it on the sites that already had it, of course.

So, I'm writing a guide for a game I don't like for websites I'm unsure 
of at a VERY inopportune time in real life. What in the hell made me do 

Well, cvxfreak asked me to. And he's my friend, and a great author. How 
could I refuse?

End of document.

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