Where can I find/unlock the rocket/turbo nozzles in each level?

  1. I need help finding each nozzle. Also, do the holograms only appear when you can unlock a nozzle?

    User Info: pikminlover72

    pikminlover72 - 12 years ago

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  1. Well, first, you have to get around 30 shines and get the nozzles from Shadow Mario. (Chase him arould in Delfino Plaza.) In Bianco Hills, the Rocket Nozzle you get on "The Hillside Cave Secret" on your way up the the mountain. The Turbo Nozzle you get on "The Secret of the Dirty Lake", just as you go in the opening that's spilling out fluid that's contaminating the lake. Basically, you can find all of them easily in the levels once you get rid of the holograms in Delfino Plaza (by chasing Shadow Mario at 30-40 shines in the Defino Plaza twice: one for each nozzle)

    Hope this helps! (Really!)

    User Info: strictlyninja

    strictlyninja - 12 years ago 9   3


  1. In the Stages, you start with access to the Hover Nozzle. To unlock extra Nozzles, you must find the Nozzle Boxes that aren't holograms to unlock access from any box for that Nozzle. These rules change however when in Delfino Plaza. To get the Turbo Nozzle, you must have access to Yoshi (Beat Episode 4 in Pinna Park then get the Yoshi Egg from Shadow Mario back at Delfino Plaza) and 25 Shine Sprites. Shadow Mario will appear with the Turbo Nozzle. Chase him down to get the Nozzle. You can then access it's box near the Hover Nozzle Box near the fountain behind the Great Pianta Statue. To get the Rocket Nozzle, just follow the same formula only you need to get both the Turbo Nozzle and 30 Shine Sprites.

    User Info: thegamemaster8

    thegamemaster8 - 12 years ago 6   2
  2. I'll make this short.

    Codes-Scroll down--Unlock new nozzles-Read

    Holograms appear like WHENEVER.

    User Info: Kathomp62

    Kathomp62 - 12 years ago 2   14

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