How do i beat episode 8 of ricco harbor? (yoshis fruit adventure)

  1. I tried almost most everthing cant do it need help

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    skytree10 - 7 years ago

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  1. First of all, make sure you've cleared Episode 4 of Pinna Park, thus unlocking Yoshi for all the levels. As the chapter's name 'Yoshi's Fruit Adventure' implies, you need Yoshi to beat this chapter; it's impossible without him.

    Go to the far end of the harbor, where you fought Gooper Blooper for the first time(use the sewers to get there quickly). You'll notice a Yoshi Egg, and that it wants fruit; it will typically want a durian(the round fruit which you kick around).

    Go to the fruit dispenser machine. It's a pair of big brown containers with 'Fruit' written on them, not far from where the Yoshi Egg is, with nozzles which give out fruit. Ground Pound the top of the containers repeatedly until it coughs out a durian. Kick the durian over to the Yoshi Egg, and it will hatch into a Yoshi.

    At the end of the harbor you will have noticed fish jumping up from the water, up to your height. With Yoshi, spray a fish with juice and the fish will turn into a purple platform. Quickly jump onto the platform and ride it along to the faraway blue platforms high above the water.

    Once you reach the far platform, you'll see more fish, but don't spray them yet. If you look to your left there will be a ledge that has a tree with fruit growing on it. Feed that fruit to Yoshi and his color will change. Now spray the fish with Yoshi's juice and this time the fish will turn into a different, pink platform that moves vertically up. Ride it up to the top of the platform cluster(you'll need to make another pink platform with fish to make it to the top) to reach a cage where a Shine Sprite is held. The opening of the cage will be blocked by some yellow butter-like material; spray that with Yoshi's juice to get rid of it and claim your Shine.

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