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Charabom FAQ by Jelly Soup

Version: Final | Updated: 09/13/07

Bomberman Generation Charabom FAQ
By Christopher Marsh
E-mail: jellysoup at gmail dot com
GameFAQs: jelly soup
GameSpot: Jelly_Soup
NeoSeeker: Jelly Soup
Copyright 2005 - 2012 Christopher Marsh

Table of Contents

1. Copyright Info
2. What are Charaboms?
3. The Charabom Battle
4. Raising a Charabom
5. Merging Charaboms
6. Equipping a Charabom
7. Charabom list


1. - Copyright Info

This document was created for free use. Anyone who wishes to host this
document on his/her webspace may do so provided that the following
stipulations are followed:

1. This document must remain in it’s original form, with no edits besides
   those made by the original author.
2. No profit may be made from this document in anyway.
3. An e-mail informing the author about potential hosting. While not a
   requirement, it would be much appreciated if for no other reason but for
   information purposes.

The newest version of this FAQ will always be on GameFAQs first.


2. - What are Charaboms?

Charaboms are creatures that inhabit Planet Tentacalls. They are similar to
Pokemon in that they can be caught, trained and battled. They are found all
over the planet and can be equiped by Bomberman so as to augment his powers
as well as add helpfull effects (several parts of the game require the use
of these effects, while others are just usefull to have on hand).

The purpose of this guide is to outline where to locate all Charaboms in the
game, outline how to use the Charabom menus and selection, and to instruct
on how to train and battle them.


3. - The Charabom Battle

Your first Charabom you'll get for free, but the others you’ll have to work
for. In specific levels (see the Charabom List for level locations) are
portals that will plunk you into a Charabom Battle (they are bright pink,
with no sign next to them). Working almost identically like a Pokemon
Battle, this is a test of your Charaboms strength. So, straight into it:

When you enter a Charabom Battle portal, you’ll first be shown this screen:

 --------                                                     --------------
|   |    |                                                   |     ===      |
|   |    |    <- List of Charaboms available for battle.     | LV.      ##  |
 --------                                                    | HP.      ##  |
 --------                                                    |              |
|   |    |                                                   |              |
|   |    |                Stats of selected Charabom ->      |              |
 --------                                                    | Attack   ##  |
 --------                                                    |              |
|   |    |                                                   | Deff.    ##  |
|   |    |                                                   |              |
 --------                                                    | Sp.Att.  ##  |
 --------                                                    |              |
|   |    |                                                   | Agility  ##  |
|   |    |                                                   |              |
 --------          {A pic of your Charabom will be here}      --------------
|   |    |
|   |    |
|   |    |
|   |    |
 --------          --------------------------------------
                  |                                      |
                  |     Charaboms name will be here      |
                  |                                      |

First, based on the stats and attribute that was shown to you, select which
Charabom you’d like to use. Much like Pokemon, it’s very important that
you choose a Charabom with an attribute that has an advantage over your
opponent. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Each Charabom has an elemental symbol at the top of there stat box.

Rock           - Earth
Flame          - Fire
Rain Drop      - Water
Lightning Bolt - Electric

Strength chart:

      Earth  Fire  Elec  Water
Earth[     ][0000][XXXX][*****]
Fire [XXXXX][    ][****][00000]
Elec [00000][****][    ][XXXXX]
Water[*****][XXXX][0000][     ]

X - Strong
0 - Weak
* - No effect

White spaces indicate that advantage is based on level, not type.

After you have chosen your Charabom, you’ll have to select which
tactics to follow. This is done by arranging three symbols into one of
six patterns.

 -------------   -----------------------------------   --------------  
|   |    |    | |                                   | |              |
|   |    |    | |                                   | |              |
 -------------   -----------------------------------  |              |
                  ^                                   |              |
   ^              | Name of current tactic.           |              |
   |                                                  |              |
  Tactics selector.                                   |              |
                                                      |              |
                                                      |              |
                                                      |              |
                                                      |              |
                       List of diffrent tactics  ->   |              |
                                                      |              |
                                                      |              |
                                                      |              |
         {A pic of your Charabom will be here}        |              |
                                                      |              |
                                                      |              |
                                                      |              |
           |                                     |
           |    Charaboms name will be here      |
           |                                     |

Sword  = Attack  - Offensive attacks, such as a Punch or Kick.
Shield = Defend  - Defensive techniques, such as Guard or Dodge. 
Star   = Special - Special offensive/defensive attacks, such
                   as Bubble Storm or Flamethrower.

Tactics patterns:

First Move
Your Charabom will start off with an offensive attack, follow up with a
special move and finish with a defensive ability. Good if your Charabom
has high Agility and moderately high Attack/Special Attack. In my
opinion, this is the safest tactic.

Your Charabom will start off with an offensive attack, then defend and
then blast the opponent with a special move. Real nice if your at a
statistical disadvantage (specifically, if you have a level
disadvantage)but have the dominate attribute.

Defend, followed by attack then power attack. If your opponent has
high Agility and/or high Attack, then this is perfect, especially if
your Charabom has low Defense. Absorb the first attack and then
hit’em with all you got.

Just like the Defense tactic, good if your opponent has high Agility
and/or high attack, especially if your Charabom has low Defense.
However, this is better if your Charabom has a high Special Attack.

Get Wild!
If your Charabom has high Attack and Special Attack, then this one is
lots of fun. You can potentially takeout the opponent in a round or

Just like Raid/Guard, better if your Charabom has high Special

You'll have to select the diffrent tactics to use, so keep that
in mind.

Once you've selected your tactics the battle will automatically start. You
don't have any actual control over the battle beyond selecting your tactics.
The actual battle portion of game is automated and will play out on it's own.

If your Charabom loses, you can pick another Charabom (provided you have
another one) and try again. If you have no other Charabom or choose to not
reattempted the battle, you'll be ejected from the portal. If your Charabom
wins, the enemy Charabom will join you.


4. - Raising a Charabom

Littered throughout each level are several jars containing various power-ups.
Some, normally ones that are hard to get to or are otherwise in out of the way
places, contain Charabom Feed, which are symbols with a glowing star base.

There are five types of Charabom Feed:

Sword  - Offensive Up      - Raises attack power by one.
Shield - Defensive Up      - Raises defensive power by one.
Star   - Special Attack Up - Raises special attack power by one.
Wing   - Agility Up        - Raises agility by one.
Potion - Every Ability Up  - Raises all stats by one.
5 points = 1 level.

Each Charabom Feed you pick up will be applied one point into the stat
indicated to your active Charabom. After gaining 5 points, a Charabom will
level up. Points gathered don't all have to fall under the same stat for a
level up to happen, it just has to be five specific item pick ups (meaning
that one Potion and one of something else, whcih would grant five points of
stats altogether, wouldn't count for a level).

Gathering is as simple as locating the items and picking them up. Keep in

1. Charabom Feed will be applied to your currently active Charabom only.
2. Stats from Feed will only be applied to your Charabom after a level
   is completed. Finding Feed then quiting a level will not work, the
   current level must be completed.

Each stat has a limit to how high it can go per level. However, this shouldn't
be a problem as levels will rise faster than stats in most cases.

hen a stat turns red* in the Charaboms stat box, that means that that stat
can't go any higher.

*See the Charabom List for a table of max stats for each Charabom.


5. - Merging Charaboms

In specific levels (see the Charabom List for level information) you’ll find
portals that will take you to Merging Stations (bright green with a green
acorn-like sign next to it).

Here’s how it works: 

1. You need to have two specific Charaboms already (which two will be shown
   to you inside the portal).
2. If you have both required Charaboms, you'll be asked if you'd like to merge
   them. Selecting no will kick you out of the portal, selecting yes will
   merge them.
3. After the merging process is done, you'll receive both Charaboms back as
   well as a third hybrid Charabom.


6. - Equipping a Charabom

2 ways to do it:

Quick Select
1. During game play (while in a level, not at the level select screen), press
   the X Button.
2. The Utilized Charabom panel (lower right-hand corner) will have a selector
   around it. Press up or down on the control stick to choose which Charabom
   you would like to use.
3. When you’ve found the Charabom you want, press the X Button to equip it.

NOTE: This method only shows you the Charaboms name and level. It won’t show
      you it’s stats or abilities.

Charabom Menu
1. Press the Z Button during game play (while in a level, not at the level
   select screen).
2. The Charabom Select screen will open up. Push up or down on the control
   stick to choose which Charabom you want.
3. Once you have found the Charabom you wish to use, press the A, B or Z
   Button to equip it.


7. - Charabom list

*Note* It is my intention to eventually add a list of max stats to each

#1 - Stegodon
Found: Balley Valley, TakoDesert (3-1)
Attribute: Fire
Ability: Bomb Kick - Kicked bombs slide farther distances. Stop sliding bombs
                     by pressing the Y Button.

#2 - Dorako
Found: Lake Mensor, Tentasia (1-2)
Attribute: Fire
Ability: Full Fire - Bomb blasts are now at maximum firepower.

#3 - Pteradon
Found: Tako Temple, TakoDesert (3-2)
Attribute: Fire
Ability: Bomb Jump - Your character will jump when it lands on a bomb. He can
                     jump higher with Big Bombs.

#4 - Andlar
Found: OctopiWoods, Tentasia (1-1)
Attribute: Water
Ability: Power Glove - Greater height and distance of thrown bombs. Adjust
                       throw by the Control Stick.

#5 - Marine Eel
Found: SukkorHills, Tentasia (1-5)
Attribute: Water
Ability: Homing - Thrown bombs will follow foes until they explode.

#6 - Kai-man
Found: OctoShoals, OctoOcean (2-1)
Attribute: Water
Ability: Shield - All damages received by foes are cut in half.

#7 - Beast P. 
Found: OctoTower, TakoDesert (3-5), in TakoDesert.
Attribute: Electricity
Ability: Full Speed - Maximum speed of your character is now possible.

#8 - Pox
Found: Megadeth Bypass, Majestar (5-1)
Attribute: Electric
Ability: Radio Control - Bombs can be moved freely by using the Control
                         Stick while pressing the A Button.

#9 - Pommy
Found: Bigbu Cavern, OctoOcean (2-5)
Attribute: Electricity
Ability: Remote Cntrl. - Pressing the B Button can detonate bombs that
                         have been setup.

#10 - Ligon
Found: Blakinc Trench, OctoOcean (2-2)
Attribute: Earth
Ability: Full Bomb - Setting up the maximum amount of bombs becomes

#11 - Unicornos
Found: Beneath Holsigen, Nekki Moon (4-3)
Attribute: Earth
Ability: Line Bomb - Straight lines of bombs are setup when the A
                     Button is continuously pressed.

#12 - Big Ox
Found: Mechanikal, Majestar (5-3)
Attribute: Earth
Ability: Land Mine - Bombs become landmines and detonate if stepped
                     on by foes or if the B Button is pressed.

#13 - Angol
Found: Holsigen Base, Nekki Moon (4-1) 
Attribute: Fire/Water
Ability: Power Glove + Bomb Kick - Bomb throwing and kicking are
                                   powered up.

#14 - P. Dragon
Found: Takos' Storm, TakoDesert (3-4)
Attribute: Electric/Fire
Ability: Remote Control + Bomb Jump - Remote Control and Bomb jump
         can be used together, making repeated jumps easier.

#15 - Pomyugar
Found: Tako Temple, TakoDesert (3-2)
Attribute: Electric/Earth
Ability:  Remote Cntrl. + Full Bomb - Setting up the maximum
          amount of Remote Controlled Bombs becomes possible.

#16 - Shelks
Found: Megadeth Bypass, Majester (5-1)
Attribute: Water/Electric
Ability: When radio controlling bombs, it is harder to get damaged
         than with the normal shield.

#17 - Lai Eel
Found: Megadeth Bypass, Majester (5-1)
Attribute: Water/Earth
Ability: The maximum amount of Homing Bombs can be setup.

#18 - Fire Horn
Found: Beneath Holsigen, Nekki Moon (4-3)
Attribute: Earth/Fire
Ability: While pressing the A Button, use the Control Stick to
         line up bombs in the desired angle.


End of Document.

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