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Guide and Walkthrough by CJayC

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/02/2002

                           .   .......,.............         Nintendo GameCube
         .,i;rr;iii:::::::::::::::::::::,,,..  ,,;r7X777X;   Doubutsu  Banchou
    .i;rr;ii::,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ..:;rXX77rr;;;rXr
 ,;;i:,,......,,,,,,,,,,,:,,:::::::::,i;7XXX7rr;;;;;;;;;77    (Animal Leader)
 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,rr;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;rX    FAQ/Walkthrough
   ,.:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;rX:     Version 1.00
 :a@. :iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:       :;;;;;;;;;;;;;rX:
    M  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  MMMMMZ ;;;;;;;;;;;;;rXi      04/02/2002
  aMMW iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii MMB  MM ;;;;;;;;;;;r;7X;
   MM  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  MMMMM2 ;;;;;;;;;;;r;r7r    by Jeff "CJayC"
      ..,,,,...,,,,:::::::::::::::,    .  :;;;;;;;;r;;;;7Xr        Veasey
   XSr7r7rri X ,;;;iiiiii    :::::::,.  i;;;;;;;;;rr;rr7XXX
   i2;;rrrr,iMB r7777777r MM :777777777;;;;;i;;;r;;i:,:;XX7
   ,aX7;;;r BMM :r;;;;;r: MM@ ;;;;;;;i7ri;rrrr;;i,   @M.XXr
   .2rri;;r aMM:.r;;;;;r rMMM ;;;;;;i;Xrir;;;i,   2MMB rrSr:
    7,       MM           MMM ,,,.,::ii:      :8MMMM  ;7rXr,rr;i.
    MMMMMMMMBMM;ZSSS7rr:,  M           ,7MM2MMMMMM  :rrrrr7...:ir7Xri.
         MMBZZaaa222222SX8Z8B0B00088888880BWMMX  irrrr;r7X77XXXXS2aSX7iiXX
      iMMW000BBBBWWWWBBB0088ZZ88B0B@@WWWWWMM2  ;rrrr;rS8ZZ88Z800000BBW@@87
      .;                      :;;X22aaaa;i  ,;rrrraZ;
       7S;iiiiii::i:::,,..                irrr;;S0X.

Doubutsu Banchou is copyright 2002 Saru Brunei (Marigul) and Nintendo.

This guide is copyright 2002 Jeff Veasey.  It was written _exclusively_ for
GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com.  No other non-private use is permitted.


Table of Contents:

I.   Introduction and Version History
II.  Controls and Gameplay
III. Walkthrough
     A.  Lap 1: Buta
     B.  Lap 2: Kuma
     C.  Lap 3: Tori
     D.  Lap 4: Bancho
     E.  Returning to Lap 1: Buta
     F.  Returning to Lap 2: Kuma
     G.  Returning to Lap 3: Tori
     H.  Returning to Lap 2 Again: Kuma
     I.  The Epilogue
IV.  Hentai List
V.   Administrivia


I.   Introduction

hentai (noun, Japanese)
  1) pervert, perversion
  2) metamorphosis

As you might expect from a Nintendo game, we'll be dealing with the _second_

Doubutsu Banchou is a game along the lines of Seventh Cross on the Dreamcast,
where the goal is to continually evolve into new and better forms in order to
become the Banchou, or leader, of the animal kingdom.  It won't be easy.

There are over 150 different Hentai, or forms, that your creature can become
over the course of the game.  Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and
this guide will hopefully show how to obtain all of them, as well as progress
through the game's four "Laps" and eventually win.

This guide is based on the Japanese version of the game (no other languages
have yet been announced) yet written completely in English, as it is designed
for the non-Japanese literate.  In some cases, I will avoid using Romaji and
just stick to translations, or in some cases, interpretations.  I have no
doubt that I've gotten a lot of the names wrong; I know some of the names
are actually translatable (especially the Shiny Red series), but I'm happy
with this version as it is and see no pressing need to fix up anything unless
it actually comes to the US.

Version 1.00 (04/02/2002)
  Created over the course of four long days of play.  Methods for obtaining
all 150 listed in a walkthrough, along with pretty much any extra information
about the game I can think of.  Should be the final version unless I've missed
something huge.


II.  Controls and Gameplay


Left Analog Stick:  Move your creature

Left Trigger: Target an enemy creature
     + A Button:  While targeting, tackle or eat

D-Pad Left/Right: Change form to another Red-marked Hentai

Start Button: Pause

D-Pad Up: Radar toggle (only available after certain conditions are met)

A Button: Jump

B Button: Guard

X Button: Back

R Button: Dash (only available after certain conditions are met)

Y Button: Taunt

Right Analog Stick: Move camera

Z Button: Defecate (Drop a panel)

While Chomping a Downed Creature:
  Left Analog Stick Down (one to multiple times):  Tear off panels
  B Button: Chomp and release creature
  X Button + Left Stick Down: Tear off a single panel only

While Downed:
  Left Analog stick + A Button (multiple times):  Recover

While Paused:
  Z Button:  Use Genki Dama (restore health)

===Menu Translations===

Level Select Menu:
  Z Button: Show Hentai Chart
  X Button: Show 100/150 Hentai messages (only after completing that many)

Pause Menu:
  Hentai Chart
  Save and Exit Level (only after beating final Lap)

===Creatures of the World===

There are five kinds of moving creatures in Doubutsu Banchou:

Animals (literally, "Meat Creatures"):  Have a solid head and one or more
  colored panels.

Grass Creatures:  Green and leafy, have a head made out of panels and one or
  more colored panels.  Grant health when eaten, rarely if ever attack.

Mushi:  Made of two small leafy panels.  Grant health when eaten, sometimes
  attack for low damage.

Namamushi:  Made of two small silver panels, one with a Nama (symbol).  Must be
  eaten to clear foggy areas.

Heart Mushi:  Made of two small silver panels, covered with hearts.  Grants
  three Hearts when eaten.


There are also several items to pick up over the course of the game:

Dead Grass, always brown, gives a quick health boost when eaten.

Hearts are all over the place.  Collecting 100 gives you another creature to
choose from the next time you breed.

Shino Boxes, with a horn on the sides, give you a single Shino Point, which
in turn give you horns (higher offense).

Kobu Boxes, with a tail on the sides, give you a single Bero Point, which in
turn gives you a tail (faster speed).

Kizu Boxes, with a scar on the sides, give you a single Kizu Point, which in
turn gives you a scar (higher defense).

Question Boxes, with a question mark, explain how to play the game.  In

Genki Dama, yellow with an airplane on the side, can be used while the game
is paused (by pressing the Z button) to fully restore your healh at any
time.  Save these for later.

===Classes and Colors===

There are 150 different creatures, or Hentai, available in the game for you
to attack, eat, and transform into.  The 150 creatures are made up of a mixture
of 1 to 6 panels, five colors, and three panel types that can be combined in
five ways.


Both the animals and yourself can have anywhere from one to six panels.  When
a normal animal loses at least one panel, it is dead.  When your creature loses
all of its panels, it dies and the game is over.

Your creature gains new panels from breeding with females.


There are five different colors of panels in the game:

Yellow creatures have both the strongest attack and defense powers, but are
the slowest of them all, and have no real strong points.

Red creatures are granted the gift of high jumps and are fairly fast, but
have the lowest attack power.

Blue creatures are the snipers, with very long tackle range, good attack power,
and good speed.  Dark and shiny blue creatures will often move with the head
sideways, making control a little difficult but enabling easy side-attacks.

Purple creatures back up amazingly well, and advanced ones actually move
with the head facing backwards, making for some very interesting play styles.

Ash creatures are all-around good creatures with the highest health and by far
the fastest speed.

--Panel Types and Combinations:

There are three types of panels:

 Pale, which have only a faint hint of color and are the weakest of the three.

 Dark, which have a strong color and pattern on them.

 Shiny, which are, well, shiny.

These three types can be combined in five ways:

 All Pale, which are the weakest type of a creature.

 Pale/Dark, which are slightly stronger.

 All Dark, which are very strong and highly characteristic of the color.

 Mixed, a mix of shiny panels, with elements of all its colors.

 All Shiny, which are the strongest and most characteristic of a color.


In order to evolve into new creatures, you need to eat other creatures.  When
you eat the panels off of a creature, the color of that panel goes into your
panels, and once you have the right combination, you will evolve into a new
creature, or Hentai.

For example, if you have two panels and eat a pale yellow single-panel
creature, your first panel will become pale yellow.  If you eat a second one,
your second panel takes the color of the first (pale yellow) and the first
panel absorbs the one you just ate.  Two pale yellow panels (yy-yy) will turn
you into a Shikkaebo (026, yy-yy).

If you then eat a dark yellow creature, you'll have one dark and one pale
yellow panel and become a Boaeri (031, Yy-yy).  Finally, if you eat another
dark yellow creature, you'll become a Kyaripaa (036, Yy-Yy).

The panels are always filled from left to right.  You can drop a panel at
any time by holding the Z button.  Clear panels are not moved to the right
when you eat new creatures, so you're better able to select the panels you
eat.  The order of the panels is not important, only the combination of them.

For example, if your two panel creature is a Hougan (041, YY-RR) with the
yellow panels first and you eat a single-panel shiny blue creature, you'll
become a Tebura (043, BB-YY).  However, if instead you drop your yellow panel
and eat the shiny blue, you'll become a Deyanen (042, RR-BB).

Once you get three panels, you'll have the ability to eat two panels at once
from other creatures.  Once you get five, you can eat three at once.  You can
choose to eat only one at a time by holding the X button while tugging on a
creature, but if your creature has three or more panels more than the other
creature when you go in for the kill, you'll automatically consume all of that
creature's panels.

There are some strange rules concerning the mixed creatures.  If you eat
two Pale/Dark creatures in a row, you'll get one group of Pale panels, and one
group of Dark.  If you eat a Mixed Shiny creature, while you're holding the L
trigger, the targeting circle will change colors, allowing you to select the
first panel you tear from that creature.  It doesn't always work properly,
though, but you can always tell what color you're about to eat by seeing what
your creature has in his mouth, and then discard it with the B button if you
don't want that one.

While you are a single panel creature, a few extra rules apply.  Eating a Pale
creature makes you Pale, Dark makes you Dark, a single or double Pale/Dark
creature makes you Pale/Dark, Shiny makes you Shiny, and a single or double
Mixed Shiny makes you Mixed Shiny.  Once you have two panels, the mixed rules
no longer apply.

Silver creatures will not give you any panel color changes, but eating a
silver panel will always fully restore your health.

If you are knocked down (0 health), an attacking creature can rip off one
of your panels.  Should this happen, you'll devolve into the next lower-paneled
creature until you can eat any other creature.  You can also temporarily lose
Nama this way, and you must eat the creature that stole it to get it back.
If you lose all of your panels, you die, and the game is over.

And finally, you should never attack a creature with two or more panels than
you have.  You'll bounce off of them, and be unable to attack for several

===Powering Up===

There are five additional points you can gain through the game that also help
power up your creature:

Haro Points: Gained from eating animals.  Grants more Haro (health).

Shino Points: Gained from Training Dummies and Shino boxes.  Grant horns
(attack power)
  15 points: Level 2
  55 points: Level 3
  75 points: Level 4
 100 points: Level Max

Bero Points: Gained from Tugging Dummies.  Grants tongue (tugging power)
  15 points: Level 2
  40 points: Level 3
  70 points: Level Max

Kobu Points: Gained from Treadmills and Kobu boxes.  Grants tail (speed).
  40 points: Level 2
  70 points: Level Max

Kizu Points: Gained from Bowls and Kizu boxes.  Grants Scar (defense).
  15 points: Level 2
  40 points: Level 3
  70 points: Level Max


As you progress through the game, you'll eventually run into a boss.  As you
attack and defeat these bosses, you'll take the symbols, or Nama, from their
panels, and be granted additonal powers.  You can only breed once every panel
you have has a Nama on it, so getting these are essential to completing the

The Nama you will find are:

Paw Nama:  Dash enabled (R Trigger).

Claw Nama:  Move while targeting.

Bone Nama:  Blocks become effective (attacks while blocking cause a tiny
            percentage of damage)

Nose Nama:  Camouflage (Stand still to blend in with the surroundings)

Eye Nama:  Change radar view (D-Pad up to change)

Mars Nama:  End lap (Lap will instantly end once you get it)


III. Walkthrough

Doubutsu Banchou has four "Laps", or travels through a series of areas as a
certain base creature.  When first playing the game, you progress through each
of the first three Laps in order.  After the third Lap, the game will end if
you do not yet have 100 Hentai, a.k.a. transformations.

At this point, your saved game has a level select option, at which point you
can go back and try the first three Laps until you reach 100 Hentai, at which
point you'll be automatically transported to the final Lap to face the final
Boss of the game.

The walkthrough below shows just one way to get all 150 Hentai in the game;
others are possible (and perhaps easier), but the method below worked for me,
and should work for you.


     A.  Lap 1: Buta (Pig)

---Area 1: Nakukyuu

After being "born" as a Banchou (000), you'll be dropped in a small nest, and
you'll be ready to take on the world.  Sort of.  This first area is pretty much
one-way through a single path, so there's not much to do but follow it.

Eat the grass in your way to gain some health, then eat all of the Mushi you
desire and continue until you run into the Training Dummy.  Tackle it until it
breaks, then move on and grab all the hearts on the path.  You'll next come
across three small Tugging Dummies, which should be easy to grab and shred.

Keep on down the path, and you'll run into your first enemy, a Jakki (001,yy).
Kill, then eat, and you'll have your very first Hentai.  Next up, a Henkeki
(002, rr), an Ijekuto (004, pp), and finally, a Mafuryaa (006, yx) will all
be in your way before you can reach the exit.  Once you've gotten them all,
you can leave the area at your leisure.  You may as well, as there's nothing
else to do there.

---Area 2: Shirachaketa

Keep moving along until you find the "fog" area (pink, and can't be moved
across), then hang a right and chomp on the Namamushi to open a path.  Move
through the newly opened path and grab the Genki Dama box there, followed by
the Shino Box.  Once you reach the crate, tackle it to release the two
Namamushi, which you can eat to clear some more fog.  There's also a Question
Box there, but the instructions are of course in Japanese. :)

Heading into the newly cleared area, you'll find your first two-panel animal,
a Marakasu (028, bb-bb).  Eating it will transform you into a Mokugyu (003,bb),
which is less powerful than your current form, so it might be a good idea to
avoid it for the time being.  You'll find a Shino Box in the tall grass near
the end of the cleared area, along with two Namamushi.  Eat them to clear the
way to the exit, where you'll find your first boss and two Gobugari (005,aa).
Try to clear out the boss first, as your current Hentai is the more powerful
of what's available.

Once you've defeated and eaten the Boss, then go back and eat the Marakasu and
the Gobugari to fill out your Hentai list.  Don't worry about the still-foggy
areas; you can't clear them now, and you'll notice on your map that they aren't
even part of this area.  Once you're ready, leave the area.

---Area 3: Erubo

There's nothing else you can do in this area until you head into the Tunnel of
Love, where you'll breed for the first time.  You'll likely only have one
option to choose from at this point, a Shikkaebo (026, yy-yy).  After leaving,
two Namamushi will be hiding behind the tunnel, which you can eat to clear up
the fog for the rest of the level.  A Kobu Box will be immediately beyond the
tunnel, and from there, you've got the level to explore at will.

In the south part of the level, you'll find your first healing spring, which
is also stocked with hearts, Shino boxes, and Grass Creatures.  Another Kobu
Box is just north of the spring.  In the east, you'll find a Bowl, rolling
around in which increases Kibu Points.

Throughout the rest of the level, there are five groups of animals, each
"guarding" a Namamushi.  Eating all five Namamushi will open up the last small
foggy area, clearing the way to the boss.

Center: Gobugari (005, aa), Riizento (030, aa-aa)
Southwest: Mokugyu (003, bb), Marakasu (028, bb-bb)
Southeast: 2 Henkeki (002, rr)
Northeast: Ijekuto (004, pp), Saisei (029, pp-pp)
Northwest: 2 Boaeri (031, Yy-yy)

It's recommended that you save the 2 Boaeri for last, as eating them will leave
you with the most powerful Hentai in this area, a Boaeri yourself.

Once you're ready for the boss, make your way north to find him, a Koteki.
He'll have two silver Marakasu (028, bb-bb) with him, so make sure you use a
divide-and-conquer strategy where possible on him.  Once you have the Bone
Nama, you can move on to the next area.

---Area 4: Mubobo

The final Area of this lap, before or after entering the Tunnel of Love, smash
the crate for a Genki Dama, grab the hearts (including the Motemushi), the
Tugging Dummy, and finally the Namamushi.

Once the fog is lifted (and you've got three panels), it's time to move on.
Down the narrow (and only) path you can travel, you'll run into a bunch of
Mushi, a Jakki (001, yy), a Mafuryaa (006, yx), a Kizu box, and some Grass
Creatures.  Finally, as you clear the fog path, you'll spot the area Boss,
a Kibaa, his companions, 3 Bainda (060, Aa-aa-mm), and 3 Namamushi.

If you choose to clear the fog by going after the Namamushi, you'll have
access to the menagerie you passed earlier, along with a Healing Spring.  In
the menagerie area, you'll find these groups:
  Tatoru (056, Yy-yy-xx)
  2 Morotebata (052, rr-rr-rr), Tebata (027, rr-rr)
  3 Koteki (053, bb-bb-bb)
  2 Makimodoshi (054, pp-pp-pp), Saisei (029, pp-pp)
  2 Heinami (055, aa-aa-aa), Riizento (030, aa-aa)

Assuming you ate the Jakki and Mafuryaa on your way, the best strategy here is
to kill the Tatoru to become one, then take on the boss's companions to become
a Bainda. At that point, wound the boss (take him down to 0 health), and if you
want the extra Hentai, go take out the other groups to fill your list up as
much as possible before taking out the boss with any form you desire.  Don't
forget about the Slot Box hidden in the Crate in the northeast, should you
want to try something different.

A good strategy here is to only kill two of the Bainda, then go get your extra
Hentai finishing with the Koteki, then kill the last Bainda to become one
again.  Neat trick, no?

After defeating the boss, the stage will automatically end, and you'll be
eaten by a giant female.  Don't you hate it when that happens?

---Area 5: Kojiiro

Well, you're in the afterlife.  It's rather a dull place, but you do get a
sneak preview of the kinds of creatures you'll be facing in the next go-round.
Simply walk up to each group to talk to them, which will in turn reveal the
next path you can take.  Repeat until you reach the final area, and hop on
the Magic Platform to leave.

Buta Lap Hentai: 19

yy rr bb pp aa  yx rx bx px ax  Yy Rr Bb Pp Aa  YX RX BX PX AX  YY RR BB PP AA

26 27 28 29 30  31 32 33 34 35  36 37 38 39 40  41 42 43 44 45  46 47 48 49 50
01 02 03 04 05  06 07 08 09 10  11 12 13 14 15  16 17 18 19 20  21 22 23 24 25
76 77 78 79 80  81 82 83 84 85  86 87 88 89 90  91 92 93 94 95  96 97 98 99 00
** ** ** ** **  ** 57 58 59 **  61 62 63 64 65  66 67 68 69 70  71 72 73 74 75
** ** ** ** **  ** 32 33 34 35  36 37 38 39 40  41 42 43 44 45  46 47 48 49 50
** ** ** ** **  ** 07 08 09 10  11 12 13 14 15  16 17 18 19 20  21 22 23 24 25


     B.  Lap 2: Kuma (Bear)

---Area 1: Nakukyuu

You're a Kuma now.  You have to start from scratch, but getting going is a bit
easier now.  Nothing much to do but move forward, grabbing hearts and boxes as
you go.  You'll come across the first four creatures in your Hentai list
(Jakki, Henkeki, Mokugyu, Ijekuto), and a bowl for scar-creating, so use it.
Hentai numbers 5 and 6 (Gobugari and Mafuryaa) are next on your path, nothing
you haven't already seen.

Then, finally, you find some new prey.  A Pankei (009, px), an Onbeki
(013, Bb), and a Disuku (011, Yy) allow you to eat and gain three new Hentai.
Pick your favorite for last, then move on.  A Healing Spring lies in your path,
and then you'll find the boss, a silver Jin (040) and two silver Jii (010).
Defeat the boss to get the Paw Namu to exit the level.

On your way out, however, don't miss the secret area just south of the exit!
Go through the wall to discover a Shishunki (014, Pp) and a Genki Dama.

---Area 2: Madashiro

Nothing to do here but grab some hearts and play the mating game.  Once you're
on the other site of the Tunnel of Love, you'll spot a Jakki (001, yy),
Shikkaebo (026, yy-yy), and a Marakasu (028, bb-bb).  Ignore them, and move on
to find the three Namamushi hanging out with a Riizento (030, aa-aa), Saisei
(029, pp-pp), and a Ijekuto (004, pp).  Grabbing the third Namamushi opens up
the a lot more of the area for you, so go explore and grab everything that's
there for you (including a GD).  The remaining foggy area is just a red herring
(it's not on the map), so go ahead and head into the next section.

You'll immediately be greeted by a menagerie:
  2 Sumishibo (012, Rr)
  2 Tebbodama (032, Rr-rr)
  Seshigane (037, Rr-Rr)
  2 Udemakera (033, Bb-bb)
  Boaeri (031, Yy-yy)
  Tatoru (056, Yy-yy-xx)
  Bourupen (062, Rr-Rr-Rr)

In the middle of the level is a Health Spring, with a couple of Grass Creatures
and some animals for you:
  Pankei (009, px)
  2 Panshi (034, Pp-pp)

Also in this area is a Treadmill for you to work out on, so don't miss it.

A Namamushi is hiding in an inlet in the foggy area, so grab him to clear it.
This will unveil some more anrgy animals for you:
  3 Kakko (038, Bb-Bb)
  3 So (063, Bb-Bb-Bb)

Moving towards the exit will reveal the Boss, a Jinba and his two Jins, all
silver.  There's also a Slot Box in that area, if you want to roll the dice.

Now, it's time to start grabbing some new Hentai.

Eat a Tebbodama, then a Sumishibo to become a Seshigane (037), then eat the
other Tebbodama (032) to turn into one.  Munch both Udemakera (033) to become
one, eat a Pankei (009) and a Panshi (034) to be a Panshi, and finally, eat two
Kakko (038) to become one of them.  That's all the evolving you can do at this
level, so then go beat up the boss and grab the Claw Nama from him.  As a
Kakko, you attack from the side, not the front, which is a big advantage in
boss battles once you get used to it.

Once you have the Claw, head to the Tunnel of Love to get your third panel,
then go back to get some more Hentai.  Another boss will appear, but it's
likely your current form isn't the best for handling him anyway.

You should also notice a few new creatures: a Bourupen (062, Rr-Rr-Rr),
and a Hashideeto (064, Pp-Pp-Pp).

Go back to the first area and eat the Saisei there.  Come back, and eat the
Panshi to become a Maekake (059, Pp-pp-xx).  If your first panel is (likely)
a pale purple, hit Z to get rid of it, then eat the Hashideeto (064, Pp-Pp-Pp)
to become one.  From there, eat two of the reds however you'd like to become a
Bourupen (062, Rr-Rr-Rr).  Finally, go back to the first area and chew on a
Marakasu, then come back and eat one So (063, Bb-Bb-Bb) to become a Hijimakura
(058, Bb-bb-xx), and a second to become a So.

As a So, you're in the best shape to take on the area Boss and his friends
The boss is a Magejinba (90, Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa), but his two friends are regular
Jinba (65, Aa-Aa-Aa), so you can eat both to become one.  Finishing the boss
should be a breeze as either form, so once you've done it, just move on to the

In this final area, you'll get a lovely view of some six-panel fiends, but
they can't get you, so don't worry.  There's nothing to do here but snap up
the poor little Heart Mushi then leave.

---Area 3: Ashimete

In this first, large area, you've got two five-panel mini-bosses running
around.  As they have five and you have three, you can't touch them, so don't
bother.  You can, however, take this time to scope out the area and take note
of the four sections here.

The first grassy section is populated by Grass Creatures, there for the
picking if you get a little hungry.  Across the river is a Tunnel of Love,
with the following munchies:
  2 Mokugyu (003, bb)
  Disuku (011, Yy)
  Kyaripaa (036, Yy-Yy)
  Marakasu (028, bb-bb)

In the swamp area, you'll find a Training Dummy, another mini-boss and:
  2 Tebata (027, rr-rr)
  Tebbodama (032, Rr-rr)

And finally, there's a small plain area with a single Shikkaebo (026, yy-yy),
and a Magic Circle.

Before you go to the Tunnel, there's two extra three-panel Hentai to pick up.
Eat a Tebata and a Tebbodama to become a Reigan (057, Rr-rr-xx), then go and
eat the Disuku and the Kyaripaa to become a Direira (061, Yy-Yy-Yy).  All done
with the possible three-panel Hentai, so go  get yourself a little lovin'.
You've earned it.  I chose the Uma (076, yy-yy-yy-yy) for my starter Hentai,
but I'm not including it in the Hentai list yet (as there's an alternate way
to get it in this level).

Once you've got four panels, it's time to head to the bonus area.  Before you
go, eat the two Mokugyu and the Marakasu to become an Onsei (078, bb-bb-bb-bb),
then eat the last Tebata, then head to the Magic Platform and take it for a

---Bonus: Yabuhebii
With seven minutes to use, you can run around and grab some new Hentai.
In this level, you'll find a creature in many of the grass patches:

             ---------------------             r12: Sumishibo (012, Rr)
       ------         EXT         ------       r37: Seshigane (037, Rr-Rr)
    ---         a60                     ---    r62: Bourupen (062, Rr-Rr-Rr)
   |    p59                    p64         |
   |         p64                           |   y51: Sutando (051, yy-yy-yy)
 ---    b63        mus                     --- y61: Direira (061, Yy-Yy-Yy)
|            p54                        a60   |
|    y61                  p54                 |p54: Makimodoshi (054, pp-pp-pp)
|b63               HLS                        |p64: Hashideeto (064, Pp-Pp-Pp)
|                                    r12   r37|p59: Maekake (059, Pp-pp-xx)
|    y61     b58      XXX                     |
|a60               XXXXXXXXX  mus             |b63: So (063, Bb-Bb-Bb)
|                     XXX               r62   |b58: Hijimakura (058, Bb-bb-xx)
 --- hrt                                   --- b53: Koteki (053, bb-bb-bb)
   |         b53      mus     y51          |
   |                                       |   a60: Bainda (060, Aa-aa-xx)
    ---                           y51   ---
       ------                        ---       mus: Mushi
             ------------------------          hrt: Heart Mushi

So, here's how you can add a whole pile of Hentai to your collection:
  Tebata (from main level) + Seshigane = Derinja (082, Rr-rr-xx-xx)
  + Bourupen = Ruuda (087, Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr)

  Sutando + Sutando =  Uma (076, yy-yy-yy-yy)
  + Direira = Tatokkuri (081, Yy-yy-xx-xx)
  + Direira = Jikosha (086, Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy)

  Koteki/Hijimakura + So = Dakimakura (083, Bb-bb-xx-xx)
  + So = Kagikakko (088, Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb)

  Makimodoshi + Makimodoshi = Boozu (079, pp-pp-pp-pp)
  + Hashideeto = Hakama (084, Pp-pp-xx-xx)
  + Hashideeto = Deeto (089, Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp)

Yes, it is possible to get all of the above in the time permitted.  I've
gotten them all with two minutes to spare, so it's a matter of learning the
locations and coming up with a plan to hit them all as quickly as possible.

Once you're out of time (or leave the area manually), you'll head back to
the area you were in...

---Area 3: Ashimete

Killing time.  Once you've taken out both mini-bosses, the exit is open, so
move on out.

In the next area, you can grab the two Riizento (30, aa-aa) to become a
Saibakku (80, aa-aa-aa-aa), then the Hotekisu (35, Aa-aa) to get the Kabaa
(85, Aa-aa-xx-xx).  Across the stream, you'll find a whole herd of Grass
Creatures, a Tugging Dummy, a ton of Heart Mushi, and another mini-boss.  Eat
away until there's nothing left (except maybe the Grass Creatures, save them
if you get hurt later).  There's also a Slot Box in the corner of that area,
so get it if you want to press your luck.

Once you get the mini-boss, the foggy area clears to reveal a desert.  This
happy little desert area is chock-full of mini-bosses, but only one has a
Nama.  Once you kill and eat that one, the door to the next area will finally
be opened for you, and you can leave this happy land.

---Area 4: Urutimu

This is some seriously unfriendly territory.  Your new hiding ability will
help you a little, but for the most part, you'll want to try and grab one
extra Hentai before breeding.

In the corner directly out from the Training Dummy entrance are two
Ribouruba (107, Rr-rr-xx-xx-xx).  Eat one, get rid of the dark color, eat the
second, get rid of the dark, then go the corner with the Training Dummy
Entrance and eat the Danki (102, rr-rr-rr-rr-rr) to get the Bankokki
(77, rr-rr-rr-rr).  Finally, it's time for some sexual healing...

After entering the Tunnel of Love and getting your fifth panel, you can
grab a few more Hentai before going after the boss and his buddies who are
constantly circling.

In the corner next to the Dummy are two Wadome (101, yy-yy-yy-yy-yy) that you
can eat to become one yourself, and a Daijiko (111, Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy) that you
can munch to get a Dekaeri (106, Yy-yy-xx-xx-xx).

In the "empty" corner are two Baisoku (104, pp-pp-pp-pp-pp) that you can grab
to become one.  From there, return to the Dummy corner and eat one Ruurem
(114, Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp) to become a Mawashi (109, Pp-pp-xx-xx-xx) and the second
in the facing corner to become a Ruurem.

Back in the empty corner are two Nanaonsa (103, bb-bb-bb-bb-bb) that you can
eat to become one, and two Nyurokaku (113, Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb) that can be eaten
to become a Nebukuro (108, Bb-bb-xx-xx-xx) and then a Nyurokaku.

Finally, in the facing corner, there are four Obikabaa (110, Aa-aa-xx-xx-xx),
and eating two of them will make you one.

Now you're ready for the boss and his buddies.  The level ends when you eat
the boss's Nama, so be sure and take out the two Shishijinba (140,
Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb) before going after him so you can transform to a Karajinba
(115, Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb) for the final battle.

Once you eat the Male Nama, the level ends, and another giant female...well,
you know the rest.

---Area 5: Kojiiro

You're dead again.  Same as before, just wander and talk to the animals until
you reach the Magic Platform so you can be reincarnated once again...

Kuma Lap Hentai: 60

yy rr bb pp aa  yx rx bx px ax  Yy Rr Bb Pp Aa  YX RX BX PX AX  YY RR BB PP AA

26 27 28 29 30  31 32 33 34 35  36 37 38 39 40  41 42 43 44 45  46 47 48 49 50
** 02 ** ** 05  ** 07 ** ** **  11 12 ** ** **  16 17 18 19 20  21 22 23 24 25
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** 90  91 92 93 94 95  96 97 98 99 00
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  66 67 68 69 70  71 72 73 74 75
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** 35  36 ** ** 39 40  41 42 43 44 45  46 47 48 49 50
** ** ** ** **  ** 07 08 ** 10  ** 12 ** ** 15  16 17 18 19 20  21 22 23 24 25


     C.  Lap 3: Tori (Chicken)

---Area 1: Nakukyuu

As a young Tori, you now have the extra added benefit of tasting like chicken.

As you move on from your next area, you'll run into a nice little group of
tasty prey near a Tugging Dummy.
  Pankei (009, px)
  Mokugyu (003, bb)
  Onbeki (013, Bb)
  Ijekuto (004, pp)
  Mafuryaa (006, yx)
  Jakki (001, yy)

Nothing you haven't seen there already.  Moving on, around a healing pool
and the entrance to a Training Dummy you'll spot:
  2 Jin (040, Aa-Aa)
  Gobugari (005, aa)
  Henkeki (002, rr)

Moving further on, you'll find a pond containing a two-panel boss and two
Kyuuho (016, YX) as his friends, along with the entrance to a Tunnel of Love.

Along the wall with the tunnel heading towards the exit are:
  Tebbodama (032, Rr-rr)
  Seshigane (037, Rr-Rr)
  2 Jin (040, Aa-Aa)
  Kakko (038, Bb-Bb)

The healing spring in the center has twp more Jin (040, Aa-Aa) and a Hotekisu
(035, Aa-aa).

Finally, almost directly across from the Tunnel is a hidden area with yet
another three Jin and a Tojimata (021, YY).

First of all, let's grab a few single-panel Hentai while we're here.  The
Tebbodama will give you Mizudeppo (007, rx), and the Seshigane will make you
go Sumishibo (012, Rr).  The Hotekisu will give you Panchi (010, ax), and any
of the Jin will boost you to Jii (030, Aa).  From there, you can take out the
Kyuuho and a Tojimata to evolve in to them and get your first two shiny Hentai.
Taking on the boss as a Tojimata is fairly simple as well.

Once you have the boss's Paw Nama, there's nothing else to do but to to the
Tunnel.  Upon your return, there will be a new boss, but before you go after
him, you've got a couple of extra Hentai to grab.  Eat the Gobugari and any Jin
to become a Hotekisu (035, Aa-aa), and then grab another Jin to become one.

The new boss's two companions are Souji (044, PP-AA), so eat both of them to
become one, then take out the boss, who should give you no trouble.  There's
nothing more to do here, so head on out...

And yes, if you've been following the guide up to this point, you'll now have
69 Hentai.  Sorry for all the search engines that are going to pick up on that

---Area 2: Midoriro

No choice but to breed here...

Over the next three small lands of this area, don't eat anyone.  You'll want
to come back when it's all over and rack up some hard-to-get Hentai before
it's all over.

As you exit the tunnel and head down the path, you'll encounter...
  Ijekuto (004, pp)
  Gobugari (005, aa)
  Zoukin (024, PX)
  2 Mokugyu (003, bb)
  2 Sagashimono (018, BX)
  Riizento (030, aa-aa)
  Isourou (020, AX)
  Jakki (001, yy)

And, inside the crate is a Maido (017, RX).

Once you're done, move on to the next area, as you can't do anything about the
fog here yet.

In the next area, there are some nice big five-panel beasts running around.
You can't touch them, but they'll attack you all the time, so the key here is
to be quick and careful.  Don't forget about the Bowl in the corner.

In this area, you'll encounter several groups:
  Deyanen (042, RR-BB)
  Sumishibo (012, Rr)
  Tebbodama (032, Rr-rr)
  Mafuryaa (006, yx)
  Boaeri (031, Yy-yy)
  Udemakera (033, Bb-bb)
  Sagashimono (018, BX)
  Onbeki (013, Bb)
  Panchi (010, ax)
  Hotekisu (035, Aa-aa)
  Pankei (009, px)
  Panshi (034, Pp-pp)
  Koukin (019, PX)
  Souji (044, PP-AA)

Once you've had all you can stand, take the exit out.

In this third area, you'll immediately hit another group of creatures:
  Maido (017, RX)
  Seshigane (032, Rr-rr)
  Hougan (041, YY-RR)
  Disuku (011, Yy)
  Deyanen (042, RR-BB)

Once you take out the two Namamushi hiding, you'll open up the first foggy
area.  Go work out on the treadmill to get some running practice first, and
then go exploring.  In one corner now you'll find a healing ponf with a Kakko
(038, Bb-Bb) and an Onbeki (013, Bb), and below the other corner are a Hankouki
(039, Pp-Pp) and a Pankei (009, px). Don't miss the secret area here with a
GD and some hearts.  Further into the corner, you'll find an exercise in

Several six-panel beasts, nine Namamushi.  You need the Namamushi to get past
this area.  Good luck.  Just keep attacking and dodging the best you can.  One
of the Namamushi will be hiding in the treadmill area, so don't be discouraged
if you can't find the last one.

Once the last of the fog is clear, you'll find a Tebura (043, BB-YY) waiting
there.  Move on to the next area when you're ready.

The next area is actually the first area, on the other side of the fog.  Eat
the Seven Namamushi, and the way is clear for you to exit the level.  But
first, it's Hentai time.

The five three-panel mix Hentai are easily available by moving through these
three small areas.

In part one, grab the Zoukin (024, PX), then go to part three and get the
Tebura (043, BB-YY) to become a Kabinmochi (068, BB-YY-PP).  Between parts 2
and 3, grab the two Deyanen (042, RR-BB) to become a Tanomasse (067, RR-BB-XX).
Make sure you eat the first with the red flasing and the second with the blue,
so you'll be RR-BB-BB.  Get rid of the first panel, then go to area 1 and eat a
Sagashimono (018, BX) to become a Hita (073, BB-BB-BB).  If you miss your
timing and you end up with another mix, just eat both Sagashimono after
dropping off the red panel.

Next, you have to be a bit more careful.  In part 1 and eat the Maido (017,
RX) hidden in the crate.  Next, head to part 3 and eat the Hougan to become a
Danberu (066, YY-RR-XX).  If you end up as RR-YY-RR, drop your first panel
before going to part 1 and eating the Isourou to become a Ikkodate (070,
AA-YY-RR).  Then, head to part 2, and grab the Souji to become a Houki
(069, PP-AA-XX).

Five mixed plus one shiny, not too bad.  Once you're all done, head for the
exit.  There's a Slot Box next to it if you missed anything.

---Area 3: Karibano

As you enter this next area, you'll immediately see a Hougan (041, YY-RR), a
Tebura (043, BB-YY), and a Souji(044, PP-AA).

In between the two training areas on the map are four Magajinba (090,
Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa).  The areas contain a Tugging Dummy and a Training Dummy.  Near
the exit are three more Magajinba, and further along that wall is a Bowl.

Around the Tunnel of Love in the center you'll find a whole bunch of creatures,
including the Boss who carries the Bone Nama:
  2 Bota (093, BB-YY-PP-XX)
  Kagikakko (088, Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb)
  2 Magajinba  (090, Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa)
  2 Rubarashi (119, PP-AA-XX-XX-XX)
  Bourupen (062, Rr-Rr-Rr)
  Rurisen (117, RR-BB-XX-XX-XX)
  Tanomasse (092, RR-BB-XX-XX)
  Ruuda (087, Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr)
  Danberu (066, YY-RR-XX)
  Matawari (091, YY-RR-XX-XX)

The secret here is to figure out how to get the boss while surviving all of the
other creatures in the area.  The real secret, of course, is that there's a
healing pond just a few feet away.  Once you get the boss, go ahead and breed,
as there's no easy Hentai here...

Now that you have four panels, you'll spot the next boss, but it's time to get
busy.  First, go ahead and kill as many Magajinba as you can.  You'll become
one in the process, and it'll definitely make you feel better once you're all

First, go eat the two Rubarashi to become a Burashi (094, PP-AA-XX-XX).  Then,
munch the Danberu and the Matawari to become a Matawari (091, YY-RR-XX-XX).
Finally, kill the Rurisen and Tanomasse to become a Shibakude (092,
RR-BB-XX-XX).  There's probably a way to become a Bota here, but I can't
figure it out yet.

Once you've cleared away the fluff and have a good Hentai to work with, go for
the boss.  He's got a long-range attack, so stay close and strike often. Once
he's out of the way, there's nothing more to do, so go ahead and head to the

---Area 4: Irokoi Beach

Gotta make some love... but look behind you before you do for a GD.

Once you emerge with five panels, you'll be greeted by a welcoming party.  In
fact, all along the beach are tons of 1, 2, and 3-panel creatures.
Unfortunately, by the time you get a bead on what you want to eat, they'll
all start running off into the ocean.  You do, however, have a lovely Magic
Circle waiting for you to hop on and take a ride...

---Bonus: Shingoju

You have 10 minutes to gather as much Hentai as you can.  Luckily, you've got
a head start.

There are five groups of animals in this land, grouped by color:
  2 Wadome (101, yy-yy-yy-yy-yy)
  2 Daijiko (111, Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy)
  Serumata (121, YY-YY-YY-YY-YY)
  2 Danki (102, rr-rr-rr-rr-rr)
  2 Tatamishika (112, Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr)
  Orugan (122, RR-RR-RR-RR-RR)
  2 Nanaonsa (103, bb-bb-bb-bb-bb)
  2 Nyurokaku (113, Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb)
  Danro (123, BB-BB-BB-BB-BB)
  2 Baisoku (104, pp-pp-pp-pp-pp)
  2 Ruurem (114, Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp)
  Kurodogeza (124, PP-PP-PP-PP-PP)
  2 Jira (105, aa-aa-aa-aa-aa)
  2 Karajinba (115, Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa)
  Gonke (125, AA-AA-AA-AA-AA)

As you can see, it should be very easy to fill out the first of the fifteen
5-panel hentai, as well as getting a couple of mixes as well.  To fill out the
chart, go eat:
  Danki + Danki = Danki (102, rr-rr-rr-rr-rr)
  + Tatamishika = Ribouruba (107, Rr-rr-xx-xx-xx)
  + Tatamishika = Tatamishika (112, Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr)

  Jira + Jira = Jira (105, aa-aa-aa-aa-aa)

  Daijiko + Daijiko = Daijiko (111, Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy)

  Danro + Orugan = Rurisen (117, RR-BB-XX-XX-XX)
  + Serumata = Baaberu (116, YY-RR-XX-XX-XX)

  Gonke + Kurodogeza = Rubarashi (119, PP-AA-XX-XX-XX)

That's all you can do here, so go ahead and take the circle if you're bored.

---Area 4: Irokoi Beach

Now, as you come back, you'll notice that in the first group of animals
waiting for you is a Dogeza (074, PP-PP-PP).  Assuming you left the bonus area
as a Rubarashi, eat him, and you'll become a Kurodogeza (124, PP-PP-PP-PP-PP).

Nothing left to do here, so head on out...

---Area 5: Safari

This is the final area of the Lap (you can always tell, because there's no
exit).  Immediately after you arrive, a boss will show off to you.  Kill him,
and take his Eye Nama.   There are lots of little silver heads around should
you get injured, but it's unlikely.

After getting the last Nama, you can explore a little before breeding if you
want.  There's a Treadmill, and the safari has several large areas with a whole
menagerie of animals to eat:
  2 (135, Aa-aa-xx-xx-xx-xx)
  (140, Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa)
  (130, aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa)
  2 Silver (140, Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa)
  Rifuto (126, yy-yy-yy-yy-yy-yy)
  (132, Rr-rr-xx-xx-xx-xx)
  (134, Pp-pp-xx-xx-xx-xx)
  (128, bb-bb-bb-bb-bb-bb)
  (137, Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr)
  (136, Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy)
  (138, Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb)
  Doharem (139, Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp)
  (132, Rr-rr-xx-xx-xx-xx)
  (136, Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy)
  (138, Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb)
  (134, Pp-pp-xx-xx-xx-xx)
  (127, rr-rr-rr-rr-rr-rr)
  (128, bb-bb-bb-bb-bb-bb)
  Rifuto (126, yy-yy-yy-yy-yy-yy)
  (129, pp-pp-pp-pp-pp-pp)

Once you're bored of exploring, go breed, and prepare for some serious Hentai.

I chose to take the Magic Platform first, as the timed area is much harder to
get things done on than the untimed Safari.

Now, on to the bonus area.

---Bonus: Nuribashi

10 minutes.  Ready, set, eat!

Several areas, each blocked off with rocks that disappear once you eat all
of the creatures of that color.  Neat trick.  The map below isn't perfect,
but should get you started.

          |   \
        ..... _ .....                              1: Heart
        ..17.   ..A..                              2: 3Rr, 3Bb
..... /           |   \                            3: 3Yy, 3Bb
.....           .....    ..................        4: 3Yy
.14..           ..15. __ ......16..........        5: Shino Box
..... \           |      ..................        6: Grass
  |     .....   .....                  |   \       7: 2 Heart Mushi
  |     ..12.   ..... __               |     ..... 8: Heart
  |           \ .....   \              |     ..13. 9: 1Aa, 3Rr
.............   ..10.     ................ /   |   10: 2 * 1Aa
......9......   .....     ................   ..... 11: Heart, Grass Creatures
.............   .....     .......11.......   ..... 12: Grass
  |       |       |       ................   ..P.. 13: 3Pp
..... _ ..... _ .....     ................ _ ..... 14: 4 Heart, 1Aa
.....   ..8..   .....      /   |             ..... 15: Heart
..R..     |     ..B..  .....   |           /       16: 2 * 1Aa
..... _ ..... _ .....  .18.. ..... _ .....         17: Nothing
.....   ..5..   .....        ..6..   ..7..         18: 3Pp
             \       \      /       /              S: Start
               .....  ....._ .....                 E: Exit Platform
               ..2.. _..3..  ..4..
                 |   /      /                      B: Blue Area
               ..... _.....                        P: Purple Area
               ..Y..  ..1..                        Y: Yellow Area
                        |                          R: Red Area
                      .....                        A: Ash Area

In the closed off areas, you'll find:
  2 Sagashimono (018, BX)
  2 Tebura (043, BB-YY)
  Hikkosha (143, BB-YY-PP-XX-XX-XX)
  2 Kyuuho (016, YY)
  2 Hougan (041, YY-RR)
  Sunacchi (141, YY-RR-XX-XX-XX-XX)
  2 Maido (017, RR)
  2 Deyanen (042, RR-BB)
  Oitoite (142, RR-BB-XX-XX-XX-XX)
  4 Wasoruum (045, AA-YY)
  Ikkodate (70, AA-YY-RR)
  Zenekon (145, AA-YY-RR-BB-PP-XX)
  Koukin (019, PX)
  Rubarashi (119, PP-AA-XX-XX-XX)
  Suiipa (144, PP-AA-XX-XX-XX-XX)

Now, you don't have nearly enough time to get all the possible Hentai here,
so we'll go for one good set this round, then worry about coming back later.

First, go to areas 13 and 18 and eat the Hashideetos (064, Pp-Pp-Pp) there to
become a Doharem (139, Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp).  This will also open up area P.  Eat
the Rubarashi (Purple glow), then the Suiipa (Purple glow) to become a
Oodegesa (149, PP-PP-PP-PP-PP-PP).

Next, we'll take out the two Bourupen (062, Rr-Rr-Rr) to unlock the red area,
from areas 9 and 2.  While in 2, eat the So (063, Bb-Bb-Bb) there and then in
area 3 to unlock Blue. Next, eat the two Direira (061, Yy-Yy-Yy) in areas 3
and 4 to unlock the Yellow area. This will also net you three new Hentai,
Sukurappu (136, Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy), Manriki (137, Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr), and
Shimeshime (138, Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb).

In the yellow area, eat the Sunacchi (Yellow glow), then a Hougan (Yellow
glow), ditch the red panel, then eat the two Kyuuho to become a Ganimata
(146, YY-YY-YY-YY-YY-YY).

Head to the red area and eat the Oitoite (Red glow) to become a Sunacchi
(141, YY-RR-XX-XX-XX-XX).  Eat the Deyanen (Red glow), lose the blue panel,
then eat the two Maido to become a Piano (147, RR-RR-RR-RR-RR).  Eat the
Deyanen (Red glow) to become a Oitoite (142, RR-BB-XX-XX-XX-XX).

Head to the blue area, and assuming you got the blue panel first on that
Deyanen, eat the Hikkosha on a blue glow to get YY-BB-BB-BB-RR-RR.  Ditch
the yellow, and eat a Tebura on a blue glow, ditch the yellow, then eat the
two Sagashimono to become a Senpuuki (148, BB-BB-BB-BB-BB-BB).  That's likely
all you'll have time for, but it's not a bad day's work, is it?  This also
brings you up to 99 Hentai.  Time to head back...

---Area 5: Safari

Back on Safari, you'll notice the area boss in the lake now.  Forget him
for the moment, and head to the desert and plains for some yummy Hentai.

Eat the desert Rifuto (126, yy-yy-yy-yy-yy-yy) and the mountain one to become
one.  Eat a Sukurappu to become a Erizabesu (131, Yy-yy-xx-xx-xx-xx), and a
second one if you to become a Sukurappu for the next part of the hunt.

For the reds, eat two the Magunamu (132, Rr-rr-xx-xx-xx-xx) until you get the
to become one and get the first three panels pale red.  When you do, go eat
the Daidanki (127, rr-rr-rr-rr-rr-rr) to become one.

Same trick with the purple here.  Eat the two Furamuwashi (134,
Pp-pp-xx-xx-xx-xx) to become one with the first three panels light, then
munch the Dobaisoku (129, pp-pp-pp-pp-pp-pp) to evolve into one.

Next, it's the blues, but there's no challenge here.  Light blue, light blue,
dark blue, dark blue, and you'll have two new Hentai, Tanbarin (128,
bb-bb-bb-bb-bb-bb) and Danbouru (133, Bb-bb-xx-xx-xx-xx), and be ready for the
next battle with a Shimeshime (138, Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb).

Now, on to the lake.  Eat a Dobokaba (135, Aa-aa-xx-xx-xx-xx), then the second
one to become one, then run away.  If you got 3 dark then 3 light, you're good
but if it's reversed, get rid of the light panels.  Eat the Shishijinba
(140, Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa) to become one, and that's the last evolving you'll
do this game, with 108 Hentai in your first trip.

The boss should be a piece of cake, ending this Lap on a strong note.

Tori Lap Hentai: 108
yy rr bb pp aa  yx rx bx px ax  Yy Rr Bb Pp Aa  YX RX BX PX AX  YY RR BB PP AA

** ** ** ** 30  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** 43 44 45  ** ** ** ** 50
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** 18 ** 20  21 22 23 ** 25
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** 93 ** 95  96 97 98 99 00
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  71 72 ** 74 75
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  36 ** ** 39 **  41 42 43 ** 45  46 47 48 49 50
** ** ** ** **  ** ** 08 ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** 17 18 19 20  ** 22 23 24 25


     G.  Lap 4: Bancho

---Area 1: Bosudarrake

In the first Boss Area, you'll face 15 silver creatures.  Many, if not all, of
them are copies of bosses you've already fought, so they shouldn't provide too
much challenge for you.  You begin this area as your highest-numbered Hentai
(if you were following the walkthrough above, #149, Oodegesa).

Once they're all gone, you'll move to the final boss area.

---Area 2: Yakugoju

First thing to do, if you like the transformation you've got, drop all the
colors you have.  There are five creatures here:
   Ganimata (146, YY-YY-YY-YY-YY-YY)
   Piano (147, RR-RR-RR-RR-RR-RR)
   Senpuuki (148, BB-BB-BB-BB-BB-BB)
   Oodegesa (149, PP-PP-PP-PP-PP-PP)
and the final boss.  Take out the four colored creatures first, then the boss.
No real new strategies, although the boss will take you forever to kill, so
here's hoping you saved up all those Genki Dama's.

When the boss gets down to one panel, he pulls out all the tricks; a spin that
makes him invulnerable (and leaves you dizzy if you hit him), the long-range
attack, and more.  Just keep at it, time your attacks, and you'll be the
leader before you know it.  Watch the ending (which you can't skip), save
afterwards, and prepare to start looking for those other Hentai.


     E.  Returning to Lap 1: Buta

Once you can come back to previous stages, you can take a second trip through
the first lap to pick up any Hentai you missed.  Additionally, Magic Platforms
that were inactive on your first pass are now activated.

You may also notice that if you've beaten the game, your creature now looks
quite different.

---Area 1: Nakukyuu

Not a lot extra to see or do here, except maybe that Magic Platform which can
take you to Kokurokoji, the first bonus area.  You should also pick up the
new Zoukin (019, PX) before you go.

---Bonus: Kokurokoji

It's a maze!  Augh!

# ###########################
#                           #
# ###   ########### ####### #
# #  B2           # #     # #
# # ##### # ###   # ### # # #
# #     # #         #   #   #   A1: (20, AX)
# # #R2 # #     #####   # # #   A2: (50, AA-AA)
#   #   # #     #   #   # # #   B1: (18, BX)
#   ### # ####### # # ### # #   B2: (48, BB-BB)
#         #   #   #   #   # #   P1: (19, PX)
# # #######   # ####### ### #   P2: (49, PP-PP)
# # #     B1      #       # #   R2: (47, RR-RR)
# # # ###   ##### # ##### # #
# # #   #   #   #   #     # #
# # # A1#####   # ###   # # #
# # #   #   #A2 #   #   # # #
# # ##### # #   # # ### # # #
# #   #   #     # #     # # #
# ### # ########### ##### # #
#   #   #         #       # #
# # #   #   # ### # # ### # #
# # #   #   #   #   #   #   #
# # # P2# ###   # ###   ### #
# # #   #   #   #   #     # #
# # ##### # # ##### ##### # #
# #       #               # #
# ### ############### ##### #
#                           #
########################### #

Now that you know where everything is, you should be able to pick up seven
more single-panel Hentai without a hitch:
  Sagashimono (018, BX)
  Isourou (020, AX)
  Pikkoro (022, RR)
  Uchiwa (023, BB)
  Kirishi (024, PP)
  Ikku (025, AA)

And that should be your five minutes right there.

---Area 1: Nakukyuu

Nothing else new, move on.

---Area 2: Shirachaketa

Nothing new here, except an extra two Jin (40, Aa-aa) with the boss.  Piffle.

---Area 3: Erubo

Gotta breed, and then there's a new Magic Platform waiting for you...

---Bonus: Buduukan

Now, this is a nice little level.  In each of the four corners is a 1-panel
shiny (which color should be very obvious once you see it), up top, two-panel
solid shinies.  You have five minutes to pull off seven Hentai.  Can you do it?

Did I mention all the Magajinba that are in the way that you can't attack
because they have four panels?

For the counting, there's:
  Tojimata (21, YY)
  Pikkoro (22, RR)
  Uchiwa (23, BB)
  Kirishi (24, PP)
  Yokomata (046, YY-YY)
  Furuuto (047, RR-RR)
  Ryuuchiwa (048, BB-BB)
  Chakuseki (049, PP-PP)
  2 Sanku (075, AA-AA-AA)

And here's how to do it (Yes, it's possible to get Hougan and Kokku, but
there's not enough time or extra panels to chomp.):

  Chakuseki (049, PP-PP) + Kirishi (24, PP) = Chakuseki (049, PP-PP)
  Furuuto (047, RR-RR) + Pikkoro (22, RR) = Furuuto (047, RR-RR)
  + Ryuuchiwa (048, BB-BB) =   Deyanen (42, RR-BB)
  + Uchiwa (23, BB) = Ryuuchiwa (048, BB-BB)
  + Yokomata (046, YY-YY) = Tebura (43, BB-YY)
  + Tojimata (21, YY) = Yokomata (046, YY-YY)
  + Sanku (075, AA-AA-AA) = Wasoruum (45, AA-YY)

Fun, isn't it?  Good luck.  Those five minutes will fly by.

---Area 3: Erubo

Once you've back, you know the drill, except there are a couple of Kabaa
(085, Aa-aa-xx-xx) running around just to annoy you.  Bleah.  Get the
Namamushi, get the boss, and move on.

---Area 4: Mubobo

First, start clearing the fog.

Before you breed, go grab the Mafuryaa and the Disuku on the path to turn into
a Kyaripaa (036, Yy-Yy).

Go breed, then clear the rest of the fog.

The level is same-old, same-old, with a couple of new creatures on the path:
  Hougan (041, YY-RR)
  Disuku (011, Yy)

Once the fog is clear, you'll also find new:
  Hijimakura (058, Bb-bb-xx)
  Tebura (043, BB-YY)
  Matawari (091, YY-RR-XX-XX)

Nothing else here for you, so go ahead and grab the boss to finish this
highly productive lap.

Buta Second Lap Hentai: 123

yy rr bb pp aa  yx rx bx px ax  Yy Rr Bb Pp Aa  YX RX BX PX AX  YY RR BB PP AA

** ** ** ** 30  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** 43 44 45  ** ** ** ** 50
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** 18 ** 20  21 22 23 ** 25
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** 93 ** 95  96 97 98 99 00
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  71 72 ** 74 75
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** 39 **  41 ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** 50
** ** ** ** **  ** ** 08 ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** 17 ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **


     F.  Returning to Lap 2: Kuma

---Area 1: Nakukyuu

One extra creature, a Tojimata (021, YY), and two Jin (040, Aa-Aa) helping out
the boss.  No big deal.

This time around, get into the hidden area and kill the Makuraresu (008, bx).
It's to the "west" (with the exit as north) of where you encounter the
first group of creatures along the North wall.

Eat the boss, move on.

---Area 2: Madashiro

Nothing new in the first area.

In the second area, you'll find two Pikkoro (022, RR), a Hougan (041, YY-RR),
a Danberu (066, YY-RR-XX), and the boss has two Jinba (065, Aa-Aa-Aa) with
him.  Finally, you can pick up one missing Hentai here.  Eat the Pankei
(009, px), then a Panshi (034, Pp-pp) to pick up Hankouki (039, Pp-Pp).

Kill the boss, breed, and then go hunting.  Eat either the Hougan or the
Danberu while glowing yellow, then eat both Pikkoro to become a Baiorin
(072, RR-RR-RR).  From there, kill the boss, and move on.  Third area is clear.

---Area 3: Ashimete

Two extra Maido (017, RX) and Kyuuho (015, YX) here, nothing else worth
mentioning.  Now, this time around, we're going to go into the bonus area
before we breed.

---Bonus: Yabuhebii

Watch out for the many-tiled creatures roaming.  They'll annoy you.

Many of the creatures here have been replaced by their shiny counterparts.
Instead of re-mapping the area, I'll give directions, using the exit as

Just to the west of the exit, south of center on the west wall and north of
center on the west wall (where the Bainda were) are three Ikkodate (70,
AA-YY-RR).  Eat all three, striking when they flash _red_ so you'll grab a
ash square, then eat only one panel (hold X while chewing).  Doing so
successfully, you'll become a Sanku (075, AA-AA-AA).

A little south and west of the exit are two Dogeza (074, PP-PP-PP) in two
nearby grass patches.  Eat both to become one.

Finally, along the west wall you'll find two Uchimata (071, YY-YY-YY).  Eat
them both to become one, and finish up all of the three-panel Hentai.

---Area 3: Ashimete

Nothing much to do here, so go breed and eat the mini-bosses.

In the next area, there's a Jiage (120, AA-YY-RR-BB-PP), but no new Hentai
possible here, so go ahead and take out the out the mini-bosses and leave.

---Area 4: Urutimu

Now, there are some new baddies here, a Hikkosha (143, BB-YY-PP-XX-XX-XX), a
Suiipa (144, PP-AA-XX-XX-XX-XX), and a Sunacchi (141, YY-RR-XX-XX-XX-XX).
Plus, there's a Magic Platform where there wasn't before.

---Bonus: Ryukugoju

This 10-minute bonus area is almost identical to Shingoju, with the addition
of one extra shiny creature.  So, let's get some Hentai!

(Yes, it's weird for me saying that as it is you reading it.)

Eat each of two shiny together to get five new Hentai:
  Sotomato (096, YY-YY-YY-YY)
  Kiiboudo (097, RR-RR-RR-RR)
  Kotashi (098, BB-BB-BB-BB)
  Yamadogeze (099, PP-PP-PP-PP)
  Yunku (100, AA-AA-AA-AA)

That should take up your 10 minutes, at which you can head back.

---Area 4: Urutimu

Nothing to do but head to the tunnel.  Once you're out, there's one more Hentai
you can grab.  Eat the Hikkosha while purple to get BB-BB-PP.  Drop the first
blue, then eat the Sunacchi while yellow to become a Dorobou (118,
BB-YY-PP-XX-XX).  From there, just take out the boss to end it all.  Literally.

Kuma Second Lap Hentai: 135

yy rr bb pp aa  yx rx bx px ax  Yy Rr Bb Pp Aa  YX RX BX PX AX  YY RR BB PP AA

** ** ** ** 30  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** 43 44 45  ** ** ** ** 50
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** 20  21 22 23 ** 25
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** 93 ** 95  ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  41 ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** 50
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** 17 ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **


     G.  Returning to Lap 3: Tori

---Area 1: Nakukyuu

What are you, a chicken?

A few new creatures roam your home:
  Tebura (043, BB-YY)
  Wasoruum (045, AA-YY)
  Hita (073, BB-BB-BB)
  Deyanen (042, RR-BB)
  Baiorin (072, RR-RR-RR)
  Dogeza (074, PP-PP-PP)

Before doing anything else, go kill the Deyanen (042, RR-BB), and eat his red
panel to become a Maido (017, RX).

You can't do anything else good with just the one panel, so go ahead and hit
the boss and then breed.  Once you have two panels, there's two Hentai you
can get.  Tojimata to get its one yellow panel, then eat the Baiorin to
become a Hougan (041, YY-RR).  Eat both Souji (044, PP-AA) with the boss to
become one (purple, then ash), then go eat the ash panel off of the Wasoruum
to become a Kokku (045, AA-AA).

Then, smash the boss to a pulp and move on.

---Area 2: Midoriro


We have all 25 three-panel Hentai, so there's absolutely nothing extra of note
here.  Move on as fast as possible.

---Area 3: Karibano

Boss, then Breed.

We're missing two four-panel Hentai.  The nice little two-panel beasts near
the front are gone, by the way.  You'll find an extra Orugan (122,
RR-RR-RR-RR-RR), a Kurodogeza (124, PP-PP-PP-PP-PP), and a Danro (123,
BB-BB-BB-BB-BB) around.

Eat a Rubarashi while ash to get PP-AA.  Ditch the purple.  Eat one panel off
of the Orugan to be RR-AA.  Next, eat one panel off a Danberu while it's
yellow.  Finally, munch a panel of Danro, or a blue panel of a Bota to
become a Teitaku (095, AA-YY-RR-BB).  You should be BB-YY-RR-AA, so then eat
two panels from the Kurodogeza to become a Bota and finish off the four-panel

---Area 4: Irokoi Beach

We need five more five-panel Hentai, but they're not going to be easy.
On the beach, before they run off, eat the following four creatures, in
  Furuuto (047, RR-RR) - beach near Tunnel
  Zoukin (019, PX) - upper area
  Isourou (020, AX) - upper area
  Tebura  (043, BB-YY) - beach near exit
Ta-dah, you're a Jiage (120, AA-YY-RR-BB-PP).

Not much time to do anything else before they all run off...  The bonus area
holds nothing you need, so you may as well leave.

---Area 5: Safari

Go ahead and kill the first boss, then take a look around.  Things have
changed, with several new creatures:
  Sunacchi (141, YY-RR-XX-XX-XX-XX)
  Oitoite (142, RR-BB-XX-XX-XX-XX)
  Hikkosha (143, BB-YY-PP-XX-XX-XX)
  Suiipa (144, PP-AA-XX-XX-XX-XX)
  3 Zenekon (145, AA-YY-RR-BB-PP-XX)

Still, there's a better place to get those five-panel creatures, so go ahead
and head to the tunnel.  Once you're back, it's time to get the last of the
six panels.

Now, it's Magic Platform time.

---Bonus: Nuribashi

As a fast creature (like a Shishijinba) ,it's possible to run through and open
up all five areas in about four minutes.  Do it.

First, go to the Ash one.  Once it's open, eat:
  Ikkodate (070, AA-YY-RR), ditch yellow and red
  Wasoruum (045, AA-YY), ditch the yellow
  Wasoruum (045, AA-YY), ditch the yellow
  Wasoruum (045, AA-YY), ditch the yellow
  Wasoruum (045, AA-YY), ditch the yellow
  Zenekon (145, AA-YY-RR-BB-PP-XX), one ash panel

And you're a Rokku (150, AA-AA-AA-AA-AA).  Woohoo!

Next, go the the purple zone, and eat the Koukin to become a Suiipa (144,

Go to the yellow zone, grab a Hougan (041, YY-RR), then the blue zone for a
Tebura (043, BB-YY) to become a Zenekon (145, AA-YY-RR-BB-PP-XX).

Back to the Purple zone, chomp a Suippa while it's purple to get three purple
panels, then back to yellow to munch the Kyuuho (016, YY) to finally get the
Hikkosha (143, BB-YY-PP-XX-XX-XX).

Nothing else to do here, so head on back.

---Area 5: Safari

One last six-panel creature to get, and it'll be messy.

Take out one or both of the Dobokaba (135, Aa-aa-xx-xx-xx-xx) so your first
three panels are light ash.  Then, get the Ourubakku (130, aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa)
to become one.

Finally, smash the boss.

Tori Second Lap Hentai: 146

yy rr bb pp aa  yx rx bx px ax  Yy Rr Bb Pp Aa  YX RX BX PX AX  YY RR BB PP AA

** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  21 22 23 ** 25
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **  ** ** ** ** **


     H.  Returning to Lap 2 Again: Kuma

We missed four Hentai on our last go-round, and they can all be very easily
found in Kuma.  Just play through the level until you reach Area 4...

---Area 4: Urutimu

Before doinng anything else, breed to get five panels.  Then, the fun begins...

---Bonus: Ryukugoju

You know the drill.  Eat two same-colored shiny (except purple) four times to
  Serumata (121, YY-YY-YY-YY-YY)
  Orugan (122, RR-RR-RR-RR-RR)
  Danro (123, BB-BB-BB-BB-BB)
  Gonke (125, AA-AA-AA-AA-AA)

At 150 Hentai, the game will automatically end, and you'll be treated to a
congratulatory message, then a new version of the closing credits showing a
good selection of creatures.  Don't forget to save your game after the
credits are complete...


     I.  The Epilogue

Once you've saved a 150-Hentai game, re-select it to see a new option
replacing the first three laps, "Peace".

You can swap between any six-panel Hentai by moving the D-Pad left and right,
explore the area, and generally play around.  You might also happen to
notice the big yellow Doshin watching over you.  Hmmm... :)


IV.  Hentai List

Num Name        Panels            Hlth Att Def Dash Jump Tckl Back  Area
000 Banchou                         8    ?   ?   ?    ?    ?    ?   N/A

001 Jakki       yy                 10    2   1   E    E    E    D   Buta-1
002 Henkeki     rr                  9    1   1   E    D    E    E   Buta-1
003 Mokugyu     bb                  9    1   0   E    E    D    E   Buta-2
004 Ijekuto     pp                 10    2   0   E    E    E    B   Buta-1
005 Gobugari    aa                 11    2   1   C    E    E    E   Buta-2

006 Mafuryaa    yx                 18    3   1   E    E    E    E   Buta-1
007 Mizudeppo   rx                 16    3   1   E    C    E    E   Tori-1
008 Makuraresu  bx                 15    3   1   E    E    C    D   Kuma-1*
009 Pankei      px                 17    3   1   E    D    E    B   Kuma-1
010 Panchi      ax                 19    3   1   C    E    E    E   Tori-1

011 Disuku      Yy                 29    6   3   E    D    E    D   Kuma-1
012 Sumishibo   Rr                 26    4   3   E    C    E    E   Tori-1
013 Onbeki      Bb                 24    5   2   E    D    C    D   Kuma-1
014 Shishunki   Pp                 27    5   2   D    D    E    B   Kuma-1
015 Jii         Aa                 30    5   3   C    D    D    E   Tori-1

016 Kyuuho      YX                 39    8   5   D    D    E    C   Tori-1
017 Maido       RX                 35    6   5   D    C    D    D   Tori-1*
018 Sagashimono BX                 34    7   4   D    D    C    C   Bonus-K*
019 Zoukin      PX                 37    7   5   D    D    D    B   Buta-1*
020 Isourou     AX                 41    7   5   C    C    D    C   Bonus-K*

021 Tojimata    YY                 55   11  10   D    C    D    C   Tori-1
022 Pikkoro     RR                 50    9   9   D    B    D    E   Bonus-K*
023 Uchiwa      BB                 47   10   8   D    C    B    C   Bonus-K*
024 Kirishi     PP                 52   10   8   D    C    D    B   Bonus-K*
025 Ikku        AA                 58   11   9   C    C    D    C   Bonus-K*

026 Shikkaebo   yy-yy              34    7   2   E    E    E    D   Buta-3
027 Tebata      rr-rr              31    5   2   E    C    E    E   Buta-3
028 Marakasu    bb-bb              29    6   2   E    E    C    D   Buta-3
029 Saisei      pp-pp              32    6   2   D    E    E    B   Buta-3
030 Riizento    aa-aa              36    6   2   C    E    D    D   Buta-3

031 Boaeri      Yy-yy              45    9   4   E    E    E    D   Buta-3
032 Tebbodama   Rr-rr              40    7   4   D    C    D    D   Kuma-2
033 Udemakera   Bb-bb              38    8   3   D    D    C    D   Kuma-2
034 Panshi      Pp-pp              42    8   4   D    D    D    B   Kuma-2
035 Hotekisu    Aa-aa              47    9   4   C    D    D    D   Tori-1

036 Kyaripaa    Yy-Yy              55   11   8   D    D    D    D   Buta-4*
037 Seshigane   Rr-Rr              50    9   8   D    B    D    E   Kuma-2
038 Kakko       Bb-Bb              47   10   6   D    D    B    D   Kuma-2
039 Hankouki    Pp-Pp              52   10   7   D    C    D    B   Kuma-2*
040 Jin         Aa-Aa              58   11   7   C    C    C    D   Tori-1

041 Hougan      YY-RR              71   14  14   D    D    D    D   Tori-1*
042 Deyanen     RR-BB              64   12  14   D    B    D    E   Bonus-B*
043 Tebura      BB-YY              61   12  12   D    C    B    D   Bonus-B*
044 Souji       PP-AA              68   13  12   D    C    D    B   Tori-1
045 Wasoruum    AA-YY              74   14  13   B    C    C    D   Bonus-B*

046 Yokomata    YY-YY             102   21  25   D    C    D    C   Bonus-B*
047 Furuuto     RR-RR              92   17  24   C    B    D    D   Bonus-B*
048 Ryuuchiwa   BB-BB              87   18  21   C    B    B    B   Bonus-B*
049 Chakuseki   PP-PP              97   19  22   C    B    C    B   Bonus-B*
050 Kokku       AA-AA             107   20  23   B    B    C    B   Tori-1*

051 Sutando     yy-yy-yy           60   12   6   D    E    D    D   Buta-4
052 Morotebata  rr-rr-rr           55   19   6   D    C    D    E   Buta-4
053 Koteki      bb-bb-bb           52   11   5   D    E    B    D   Buta-4
054 Makimodoshi pp-pp-pp           58   11   5   D    D    D    B   Buta-4
055 Heinami     aa-aa-aa           63   12   6   C    D    D    D   Buta-4

056 Tatoru      Yy-yy-xx           82   17  11   D    D    D    D   Buta-4
057 Reigan      Rr-rr-xx           74   14  11   D    B    D    D   Kuma-3
058 Hijimakura  Bb-bb-xx           70   14   9   D    D    B    C   Kuma-2
059 Maekake     Pp-pp-xx           78   15  10   D    D    D    B   Kuma-2
060 Bainda      Aa-aa-xx           82   16  10   B    C    C    C   Buta-4

061 Direira     Yy-Yy-Yy          102   21  20   D    C    D    C   Kuma-3
062 Bourupen    Rr-Rr-Rr           92   17  20   C    B    C    D   Kuma-2
063 So          Bb-Bb-Bb           87   18  17   C    C    B    C   Kuma-2
064 Hashideeto  Pp-Pp-Pp           97   19  18   C    C    C    A   Kuma-2
065 Jinba       Aa-Aa-Aa          107   20  19   B    C    C    C   Kuma-2

066 Danberu     YY-RR-XX          134   28  36   C    C    C    D   Tori-2
067 Tanomasse   RR-BB-XX          121   23  35   C    B    C    D   Tori-2
068 Kabinmochi  BB-YY-PP          115   24  30   C    C    A    D   Tori-2
069 Houki       PP-AA-XX          127   25  31   C    C    C    A   Tori-2
070 Ikkodate    AA-YY-RR          140   26  33   A    B    C    D   Tori-2

071 Uchimata    YY-YY-YY          176   37  64   C    C    C    C   Bonus-Y*
072 Baiorin     RR-RR-RR          159   30  61   C    A    C    C   Kuma-2*
073 Hita        BB-BB-BB          151   31  52   C    B    A    B   Tori-2
074 Dogeza      PP-PP-PP          168   33  55   C    B    C    C   Bonus-Y*
075 Sanku       AA-AA-AA          185   35  58   A    B    C    B   Bonus-Y*

076 Uma         yy-yy-yy-yy       107   22  17   D    E    D    C   Bonus-Y
077 Bankokki    rr-rr-rr-rr        97   18  16   D    C    D    E   Kuma-4
078 Onsei       bb-bb-bb-bb        92   19  14   C    D    B    C   Kuma-3
079 Boozu       pp-pp-pp-pp       102   20  14   C    D    C    A   Bonus-Y
080 Saibakku    aa-aa-aa-aa       112   21  15   B    D    C    C   Kuma-3

081 Tatokkuri   Yy-yy-xx-xx       134   28  29   C    D    C    C   Bonus-Y
082 Derinja     Rr-rr-xx-xx       121   23  28   C    B    C    D   Bonus-Y
083 Dakimakura  Bb-bb-xx-xx       115   24  24   C    D    A    C   Bonus-Y
084 Hakama      Pp-pp-xx-xx       127   25  25   C    C    C    A   Bonus-Y
085 Kabaa       Aa-aa-xx-xx       140   26  27   B    C    C    C   Kuma-3

086 Jikosha     Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy       166   34  52   C    C    C    C   Bonus-Y
087 Ruuda       Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr       150   28  50   C    A    C    D   Bonus-Y
088 Kagikakko   Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb       142   30  43   C    C    A    C   Bonus-Y
089 Deeto       Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp       158   31  45   C    C    C    A   Bonus-Y
090 Magajinba   Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa       174   33  47   B    B    C    C   Tori-3

091 Matawari    YY-RR-XX-XX       223   46  91   C    C    C    C   Tori-3
092 Shibakude   RR-BB-XX-XX       202   38  87   C    A    C    C   Tori-3
093 Bota        BB-YY-PP-XX       191   40  75   C    C    A    B   Tori-3*
094 Burashi     PP-AA-XX-XX       213   42  79   C    B    C    A   Tori-3
095 Teitaku     AA-YY-RR-BB       234   44  83   A    B    B    C   Tori-3*

096 Sotomato    YY-YY-YY-YY       320   67 160   C    B    C    B   Bonus-R*
097 Kiboudo     RR-RR-RR-RR       289   54 153   B    A    C    C   Bonus-R*
098 Kotashi     BB-BB-BB-BB       274   51 131   B    B    A    B   Bonus-R*
099 Yamadogeza  PP-PP-PP-PP       304   60 139   B    B    B    A   Bonus-R*
100 Yunku       AA-AA-AA-AA       335   64 146   S    B    B    B   Bonus-R*

101 Wadome      yy-yy-yy-yy-yy    170   35  42   C    E    C    C   Kuma-4
102 Danki       rr-rr-rr-rr-rr    154   29  41   C    B    C    D   Bonus-S
103 Nanaonsa    bb-bb-bb-bb-bb    146   30  35   C    D    A    C   Kuma-4
104 Baisoku     pp-pp-pp-pp-pp    162   32  37   C    D    C    A   Kuma-4
105 Jira        aa-aa-aa-aa-aa    178   34  39   B    D    C    B   Bonus-S

106 Dekaeri     Yy-yy-xx-xx-xx    213   44  74   C    D    C    C   Kuma-4
107 Riboruba    Rr-rr-xx-xx-xx    192   36  71   C    B    C    C   Bonus-S
108 Nebukuro    Bb-bb-xx-xx-xx    182   38  61   B    C    A    C   Kuma-4
109 Mawashi     Pp-pp-xx-xx-xx    202   40  64   C    C    C    A   Kuma-4
110 Obikaba     Aa-aa-xx-xx-xx    223   42  68   A    C    B    C   Kuma-4

111 Daijiko     Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy    270   56 130   C    C    C    C   Bonus-S
112 Tatamishika Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr    244   46 125   B    A    C    C   Bonus-S
113 Nyurokaku   Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb    231   48 107   B    C    A    B   Kuma-4
114 Ruurem      Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp    257   51 113   B    C    C    A   Kuma-4
115 Karajinba   Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa    283   54 119   A    B    B    C   Kuma-4

116 Baaberu     YY-RR-XX-XX-XX    354   74 228   B    C    B    B   Bonus-S
117 Rurisen     RR-BB-XX-XX-XX    320   60 219   B    A    B    C   Bonus-S
118 Dorobou     BB-YY-PP-XX-XX    303   64 188   B    B    A    B   Kuma-4*
119 Rubarashi   PP-AA-XX-XX-XX    337   67 198   B    B    B    S   Bonus-S
120 Jiage       AA-YY-RR-BB-PP    371   70 209   A    B    B    C   Tori-4*

121 Serumata    YY-YY-YY-YY-YY    481  100 400   B    B    B    B   Bonus-R!
122 Orugan      RR-RR-RR-RR-RR    435   82 384   B    S    B    C   Bonus-R!
123 Danro       BB-BB-BB-BB-BB    412   87 329   B    A    S    A   Bonus-R!
124 Kurodogeza  PP-PP-PP-PP-PP    458   91 348   B    A    B    S   Tori-4
125 Gonke       AA-AA-AA-AA-AA    504   96 366   S    A    A    B   Bonus-R!

126 Rifuto      yy-yy-yy-yy-yy-yy 296   62 106   C    D    C    C   Tori-5
127 Daidanki    rr-rr-rr-rr-rr-rr 268   50 102   B    B    C    C   Tori-5
128 Tanbarin    bb-bb-bb-bb-bb-bb 253   53  87   C    D    A    C   Tori-5
129 Danbouru    pp-pp-pp-pp-pp-pp 282   56  92   B    D    C    A   Tori-5
130 Ourubakku   aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa 310   59  97   A    C    B    B   Tori-5*

131 Erizabesu   Yy-yy-xx-xx-xx-xx 365   76 186   C    D    C    C   Tori-5
132 Magunamu    Rr-rr-xx-xx-xx-xx 330   62 179   B    A    C    C   Tori-5
133 Donbouru    Bb-bb-xx-xx-xx-xx 313   66 153   B    C    A    B   Tori-5
134 Furamuwashi Pp-pp-xx-xx-xx-xx 347   69 162   B    C    B    S   Tori-5
135 Dobokaba    Aa-aa-xx-xx-xx-xx 382   73 170   A    C    B    C   Tori-5

136 Sukurappu   Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy-Yy 444   93 326   B    C    B    C   Bonus-N
137 Manriki     Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr-Rr 401   76 314   B    A    B    C   Bonus-N
138 Shimeshime  Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb-Bb 380   80 269   B    C    A    C   Bonus-N
139 Doharem     Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp-Pp 422   84 284   B    B    B    S   Bonus-N
140 Shishijinba Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa-Aa 465   88 299   A    B    B    C   Tori-5

141 Sunacchi    YY-RR-XX-XX-XX-XX 549  115 571   B    B    B    B   Bonus-N
142 Oitoite     RR-BB-XX-XX-XX-XX 496   94 549   A    S    B    C   Bonus-N
143 Hikkosha    BB-YY-PP-XX-XX-XX 470   99 471   B    B    S    B   Bonus-N*
144 Suiipa      PP-AA-XX-XX-XX-XX 523  104 497   A    B    B    S   Bonus-N*
145 Zenekon     AA-YY-RR-BB-PP-XX 575  109 523   S    A    A    B   Bonus-N*

146 Ganimata    YY-YY-YY-YY-YY-YY 681  1421000   A    A    B    B   Bonus-N
147 Piano       RR-RR-RR-RR-RR-RR 616  116 961   A    S    B    B   Bonus-N
148 Senpuuki    BB-BB-BB-BB-BB-BB 583  123 824   A    A    S    A   Bonus-N
149 Oodegesa    PP-PP-PP-PP-PP-PP 648  129 870   A    A    B    S   Bonus-N
150 Rokku       AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA 699  136 915   S    S    S    B   Bonus-N*

  Num: Hentai Number
  Name: Hentai Name
  Panels:  Required Panels (not in order)
      yy: Pale Yellow   Yy: Dark Yellow   YY: Shiny Yellow
      rr: Pale Red      Rr: Dark Red      RR: Shiny Red
      bb: Pale Blue     Bb: Dark Blue     BB: Shiny Blue
      pp: Pale Purple   Pp: Dark Purple   PP: Shiny Purple
      aa: Pale Ash      Aa: Dark Ash      AA: Shiny Ash
      xx or XX:  Any combination of previously listed panels
      cx (where c = y,r,b,p,a): Single-panel Pale/Dark mix
      CX (where c = Y,R,B,P,A): Single-panel Shiny mix
  Hlth: Base Health Points
  Att: Attack Power
  Def: Defense Power
  Dash: Dash Speed
  Jump: Jump Ability
  Tckl: Tackle Ability
  Back: Back Ability
  Area: Area where obtained in walkthrough (* = second pass, ! = third pass)


V.   Administrivia


All information comes from either the game itself, the manual, or my own head,
with the following exceptions:

Iro picture from Nintendo's DB web site,

ASCII Art generated by ASCII Generator, http://go.to/ascgen/

"hentai" definition from the Random House J-E/E-J Dictionary.

Thanks to Celda02 for pointing out the 100-Hentai requirement for the Banchou
level on the message board.

Contacting Me:

If you have any corrections or additions to this guide, please send a note
to faqs@gamefaqs.com for inclusion in the next revision.  Please do not
ask if you can display this guide on your own site.

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