GameCube Gameshark Save (North America)

Save Game File09/08/06sonic_rocks64K
Contains Knuckles Chao, Amy Chao, and Tails Chao. Good if you don't have an action replay but wan't those chao.
Save Game File09/11/04Flaid24K
File 3, 81 Emblems

GameCube USB Memory Adapter Save (North America)

Save Game File03/25/03Hero Fly Chao24K
180 Emblems, All secrets unlocked. (except for Maria Menu Theme)
Save Game File01/27/03Biospark324K
All levels completed, all modes unlocked, 158 emblems, and 16154 Rings.
Save Game File01/27/03Biospark364K
Chao Data, all three gardens unlocked. Many chaos with exceptionally high stats.
Save Game File03/25/03Hero Fly Chao64K
Chao Data, with Hero and Dark Gardens unlocked and Powerful Chao. (including Angel and Devil Chao!)
Save Game File12/05/04TheZeldaFan64K
Chao data. Has some chao with decent stats and rare colored chao.
Save Game File04/26/08numonezeldafan64K
Chao File: The ULTIMATE Chao File!! All secret Chaos, God chaos, Chaoss Chaos, and tonnes of other really cool chaos!!! Everything in Chao Gardens unlocked! This file is not a dissapointment!!
Save Game File08/12/04XBlueBomberX64K
Chao File. All God chao along with other weird chao. (tails, knuckles...)
Save Game File04/06/03goldmario24K
Completed game with all themes and secrets unlocked (Maria and Secretary too!).
Save Game File03/08/04CAHowell24K
Green Hill Zone unlocked, 166 emblems collected
Save Game File11/11/16EmptyElegies64K
Super Chao Garden, compiled from other chao gardens. includes amy, knuckles, tails, and egg chao, the "God" Chaos, a few MAX stat,and rare colors, like clear, shiny normal, emerald, saphire, and ruby.
Save Game File09/08/11xxjuan09xx24K
this has all 180 emblems and 50k rings and all A rank

GameCube USB Memory Adapter Save (Europe)

Save Game File01/21/07TheRealJDAdams24K
100% - 180 emblems, Amy's, Omochao's, Maria's and secretary's themes
Save Game File01/21/07TheRealJDAdams64K
All three Chaos chao - Hero, Dark and Neutral
Save Game File02/23/05Nicosuper6K
Game complete
Save Game File04/01/05MRTheTeXpert24K
Hero Fly Chao's 180 Emblem Save, converted to PAL
Save Game File04/01/05MRTheTeXpert64K
Hero Fly Chao's Chao Garden Data, converted to PAL

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