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Chao FAQ by ConfusedGuy

Version: Final | Updated: 04/24/2003

                       /    \ 
                      |      | 
                      /      \ 
                     /        \ 
                    |  /\  /\  | 
                    |          | 
                     \  \__/  / 
                       \    / 
                      /      \ 
                    /          \ 
                   /__|      |__\ 
                   |__|      |__| 
                      |__  __| 
                      /  \/  \ 
 CCCCCCCCC     HHH   HHH       AAA         OOOOOO 
CCC      CCC   HHH   HHH     AA   AA     OOOO  OOOO 
CCC            HHH   HHH    AAA   AAA    OOO    OOO 
CCC            HHHHHHHHH    AAA   AAA    OOO    OOO 
       FFFFFFFFFF      AAA       QQQQQQ 
       FFF           AA   AA   QQQQ  QQQQ 
       FFF          AAA   AAA  QQQ    QQQ 
       FFF          AAAAAAAAA  QQQQ  QQQQ 
       FFF          AAA   AAA   QQQQQQQQQQ 
       FFF          AAA   AAA    QQQQQQ QQQ 
Chao FAQ 
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle 
By ConfusedGuy 
ASCII art courtesy of Sean Park 
Last update: 
Final version, 6/11/02 
To find a section of information in this FAQ, simply use the "Find"  
command in your web browser to locate the section number. 
Example: If you wanted information on the First Evolution, you would  
search for "3.4" in this document. 
Table of Contents 
1.0  Most Frequently Asked Questions, Tips (READ THIS FIRST!!) 
2.0  A General Overview of Chao 
3.0  Raising Your Chao 
 3.1  Birth 
 3.2  Hero/Dark Alignment 
 3.3  Animals, Drives, Statistics 
 3.4  First Evolution 
 3.5  Mating 
 3.6  Second Evolution 
 3.7  Death and Rebirth 
4.0  The Chao Transporter 
S.00  Supplement: The Tiny Chao Garden 
 (has individual Table of Contents) 
5.0  Kindergarten 
 5.1  The Black Market 
 5.2  The Classroom 
 5.3  The Chao Principal 
 5.4  The Chao Doctor 
 5.5  The Fortune Teller 
6.0  Chao Racing 
7.0  Chao Karate 
8.0  Special Chao 
 8.1  Sonic, Shadow, and NiGHTS Chao 
 8.2  The Chaos Chao: Angel, Devil, Light Chaos 
 8.3  Jewel Chao 
8.4  Clear Chao 
 8.5  Two-Toned Chao 
9.0  Getting an "SSSSS" Chao 
10.0  Advanced Chao Theory/Findings 
 10.1  Chao Hatching 
 10.2  Evolution 
 10.3  Chao Lifetimes 
 10.4  Grade Anomalies 
 10.5  Chao Gardens and Alignment 
 10.6  Chao Intelligence 
 10.7  Chao Hats and Karate 
 10.8  Maximum Stats 
 10.9  Grade/Color Inheritance 
11.0  Other FAQ Stuff 
 11.1  Version History 
 11.2  Guidelines ("legal") 
 11.3  Credits 
 11.4  Contact Information 
1.0 - Most Frequently Asked Questions, Tips 
Q. How do I get my chao to plant a seed? 
A. The chao that you want to plant the seed must have won the Shovel  
and Watering Can from the Crab Pool and Stump Valley Beginner races.   
Even so, though, it takes a while for a chao to plant a seed.  Have  
Q. How do I get my chao to swim? 
A. A chao's Swimming must have at least 100 points to be able to swim. 
Q. How do I get my chao to walk? 
A. A chao's Running must have at least 50 points to be able to walk. 
Q. How do I get to Chao Kindergarten? 
A. If you enter the Chao World while you're playing in Story Mode, when  
you enter and exit a garden, you will automatically leave Chao World;  
you will not be able to return to the Lobby in order to get to the  
Kindergarten.  Simply go to the Stage Select screen, then select the  
Chao World, and this problem will no longer be present. 
Q. How do I get my chao a certain face? 
Q. How do I make my chao smarter? 
Q. What does the color of the ball/halo/spiked ball above my chao's  
head mean? 
A. The answers to all of these questions are currently unknown.   
Continued research and testing, however, may yield results in the  
Q. What are all the Black Market items? 
A. The author of this FAQ feels that listing all the Black Market items  
would be a waste of time.  See the Black Market section of this FAQ for  
an outline of what types of items there are - because of an item's name  
and/or appearance, it should be very easy to tell what type of item it  
is when you see it.  If you can't tell, it's probably a hat. 
Q. How many emblems do I need to get (item)? 
A. I don't know.  Indexing such a thing would be excruciatingly  
difficult and time-consuming.  If you want a specific item, and you  
can't see it in the Market even after numerous tries, go earn more  
emblems just in case - I mean, it's not hurting anything. 
Q. How do I give my chao a name? 
A. Go to the Fortune Teller in the Chao Kindergarten.  When she gives  
your chao a name and asks if you like it, say "No."  When she asks if  
you'd like another name, say "No."  She will then ask you if you want  
to name your chao yourself. 
Q. How do I give my chao a hat? 
A. To be able to wear a hat, a chao must have been given a ghost  
animal.  If you can't get it to wear a hat after giving it one type of  
ghost animal, give it another type, and see if that works.  The  
following things can be used as hats: 
-Eggshell tops from hatched chao eggs (the bottoms will disappear over  
time, and do not serve any purpose) 
-Hats bought from the Black Market (NOTE: The Apple and Watermelon  
items are hats, not items your chao can eat) 
-Skulls and Pumpkins that Knuckles and Rouge can find in the gardens by  
Q. How do I remove my chao's hat? 
A. Well, you could wait a while, but you could be waiting a long while.   
If you really want it off, attack the chao, or throw it against the  
wall.  It's cruel, but all but necessary for removing chao hats. 
Q. How long is a chao year? 
A. Approximately three to five hours spent in the garden. 
Q. Is it okay to leave my Gamecube on overnight, with a character in  
the garden, so that my chao can age? 
A. Absolutely.  Just make sure that your Gamecube has proper  
ventilation and airflow. 
Q. How do I get a normal colored chao/egg?  
A. There are four ways: 
-Get rid of all the chao in your gardens.  You will be reimbursed with  
new normal-colored chao eggs. 
-Create a new chao save file in another memory card, then use the  
Transporter to transport the eggs to your other card. 
-Mate two normal-colored chao, and you should get a normal-colored  
-Buy one in the Tiny Chao Garden in the GBA (it's free). 
Q. How do I do the ring trick? 
A. There are a few varieties of 'ring tricks,' easy ways to get large  
numbers of rings for the Black Market. Here's one that's easy, and  
requires nothing more than a single memory card, the same one you save  
your game on: 
1.  Buy an expensive item from the Black Market (as expensive as you  
can afford) 
2.  Leave it in a garden, where you can pick it up easily and swiftly 
3.  Leave Chao World, and save 
Do steps 1-3 only once.  Then, repeat steps 4-6 until you have as many  
rings as you want. 
4.  Enter Chao World, and retrieve the item you bought 
5.  Run the item to the Black Market and sell it 
6.  Reset your Gamecube (with the controller, press X, B, and Start all  
at once) 
Then, when you have all the rings you need, complete a stage in the  
game, to ensure that the game data is saved. 
Q. How do I do the infinite animal/drive trick? 
A. Hold an animal or drive right in front of a chao, then drop it.  If  
your position is just right, then the chao will gain the stats of the  
animal or drive, but the animal/drive will still be around, and you can  
use it over again.  Keep trying to position yourself correctly until  
you can get a good judgement of the correct distance necessary between  
you and the chao. 
Q. How do I clone my chao? 
A. See Section 11 of the Tiny Chao Garden FAQ, Tips, for three methods  
of cloning chao. 
Q. How do I get my chao to go into second evolution? 
A. The second evolution is not as simple as the first; it's a gradual  
change (there is no cocoon).  If your chao is beginning to resemble one  
of the second evolutions, then it's going into its second evolution.   
Keep in mind that this takes time. 
Q. How do I get my chao to be a Hero or Dark chao? 
A. Petting a chao with a Hero character (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles) will  
turn it to the Hero alignment; petting it with a Dark character  
(Shadow, Eggman, Rouge) will turn it to the Dark alignment.  You can  
also abuse (kick, punch, attack, throw, etc.) a chao with Hero  
characters to turn it Dark, or vice-versa; however, this is not  
Q. How do I unlock the Hero or Dark Garden? 
A. Evolve a Hero or Dark chao, respectively.  See previous question. 
Q. My chao won't mate.  How can I get it/them to? 
A. If your chao won't naturally mate, then give one (or both) chao a  
Heart Fruit from the Black Market.  If they still won't mate, then the  
chao probably dislike each other; either try to get them to like each  
other, or give up.  Also, if a garden is full (contains eight chao),  
then chao in that garden will not mate until space becomes available. 
Q. How do I find out my chao's gender? 
A. Chao do not have gender. 
Q. I saw a picture of a Smart Fruit in the manual.  How do I get one of  
A. You can't.  That picture was likely from a pre-release version of  
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle - the Smart Fruit is not in the game. 
Q. When will my chao wake up? 
A. Chao need to sleep every so often.  Let them sleep.  They should  
wake up after a few minutes of garden time. 
Q. How do I play with a toy my chao won in the races?  
A. You don't.  Your chao does.  Some toys are garden toys (the balls,  
the jack-in-the-box, the rocking horse, the radio, and the television)  
- but others go to a specific chao, and the chao will only take them  
out when it wants to (though the shovel is only ever used for seed  
Q. Can I transfer rings from the Gamecube to the Tiny Chao Garden  
A. Sadly, no. 
Q. Where can I find the Lost Chao? 
Q. Where are all the Chao Boxes? 
Q. Where can I find a certain Upgrade? 
Q. Why is Sonic blue? 
A. Read an FAQ about the main game - this is about chao (and not the  
lost kind, either). 
Q. My chao's stats are at level 99, and his grades are still poor.  Is  
my game broken? 
A. No.  Raising your stats will not affect grades.  Your chao's grades  
are set from the moment they're put into an egg, and can only be  
altered during the first evolution. 
Q. How do I make a Clear, Invisible, Tinted, Shiny Normal, Sonic,  
Shadow, NiGHTS, Angel, Devil, or Light Chaos chao? 
A. See the Special Chao section (8) for directions on how to get the  
special chao of SA2:B. 
Q. How do I get a chao with all "S" grades? 
A. See section 9 of this FAQ. 
Q. What is the maximum value that a stat can have?  Is it 9999? 
A. No, it is not 9999.  It is actually 3266.  This conclusion has been  
come to mathematically, and is included in section 10 of this FAQ. 
Q. How do I get a Liberty or God Chao?  
A. You can't.  They don't exist.  The "Liberty Chao" is yet another  
video game rumor that is entirely false.  The "God Chao" is either  
confusion over the name of the Chaos chao, or another false rumor. 
Q. How do I get a Knuckles, Omochao, Egg, or Small Animal chao? 
A. You can't, pretty much.  The latter three are only found in the  
challenge races, and the Knuckles chao can only be received from the  
"Game Jam" event in Japan.  It is not possible (or if it is, has not  
been discovered yet) to make these chao yourself. 
Q. But I saw screenshots of the Knuckles/Omochao/Egg/Small Animal chao! 
A. The Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2 has a Chao Editor, where  
you can create chao to look like Knuckles, Omochao, Egg chao, Small  
Animals, or any of a number of other things.  Sonic Adventure 2: Battle  
does not have such an editor. 
Q. But my friend says he has a Knuckles/Omochao/Egg/Small Animal chao! 
A. It's possible to create a second-evolution chao that *resembles*  
Knuckles, but not very much (it's not a real Knuckles chao, it's more  
of a coincidence, as covered in the next question).  If your friend  
says he/she has any of the other ones, on the Gamecube version of this  
game, then your friend is a lying idiot. 
Q. How can I get a Rouge/Amy/Tails/Eggman/Bill  
Clinton/Superman/anything else chao? 
A. You can't.  However, with the large number of evolutionary pathways  
possible for a chao, as well as the number of egg colors, in addition  
to how animal parts can alter the appearance of a chao, it's possible  
to make your chao look vaguely like almost anything - with more than a  
little imagination, of course. 
Q. I have a chao question that isn't answered in this FAQ... 
A. GameFAQs has a wonderful message board system, full of helpful  
people.  Feel free to use it for your questions - but be aware that if  
your answer is indeed in an FAQ, you may not be received kindly. 
Some quick tips for chao beginners: 
-In case you hadn't noticed, here's what the little symbols above your  
chao's head mean: 
Question Mark - it's thinking, or confused at what to do next. 
Exclamation point - it's about to do something. 
Spiral - it's annoyed in some way. 
Heart - it's having fun. 
-If you're going for a type of chao other than Swimming, don't try to  
teach it to Swim (100 points) until after its first evolution.  Doing  
this before has been known to cause chao to evolve into Swim types,  
even though other stats were higher, and increased more, more recently.   
Leaving your chao to flail through the water will not seriously harm  
it.  (Recommended by Thomeyis of the SA2:B message boards) 
-Unless you're trying to make an abused chao, then pet it, feed it,  
pick it up, walk around with it, and generally keep it happy with you.   
If you raise your chao to be happy, then it has a far better chance of  
reincarnating when it dies.  (Recommended by Snake818 of the SA2:B  
message boards) 
-If your chao are asleep, let them sleep.  Try not to wake them up too  
much.  They need their sleep, and will get annoyed at you if you wake  
them up. 
-If your chao throws away its food, that doesn't mean that it can't  
still eat something. 
-A chao of a certain type will be better at that type of activity than  
any other type of chao, even at the same stats.  Example: A Running  
chao will be faster at running than a Flying chao, even at the same  
stat values.  This applies for the second evolution as well. 
-Because a chao's grades are enhanced at its first evolution (see the  
specific section on first evolution for more information), keep in mind  
that the more you raise a stat in childhood, the less it might be able  
to go in adulthood.  Example: If a chao's Flying is raised to level 60  
while it is in its child stage, the value for Flying will be far lower  
than it might have been if you had waited to increase most of the  
levels after its first evolution as a Flying chao - because the higher  
grade causes more points to be added for each level-up.  (Recommended  
by SurfingRaichu6@aol.com) 
-If you're playing a Party Race or Interleague Tournament, and you're  
short a controller, the GBA can be used as a controller substitute,  
with the same control scheme.  (Recommended by LukeGBAdvance@aol.com) 
-There is a technique that you can use so that, to an extent, you can  
control the face your chao will have.  The chao must be born in the  
Tiny Chao Garden (on the GBA).  When transferring the chao to the  
Gamecube, a small preview will be shown, including a view of its face -  
if you want it to have a different face, then simply cancel the  
transfer, and try again.  The chao should now have a different face.   
(Recommended by maxgraal@hotmail.com) 
2.0 - A General Overview of Chao 
-What are chao, and what can they do for you? 
A chao is an artificially intelligent, virtually generated lifeform.   
Making their first appearance in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast  
(both in the plot and in a chao raising aspect of the game), later in  
Sonic Adventure 2, and further enhanced in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle  
and Sonic Advance, chao have recently come to be a large part of the  
Sonic franchise. 
Chao and the main game of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle tie together in a  
number of ways: items which you encounter in the main game can be used  
to raise your chao; nine of the 180 emblems in the game are from chao  
events; emblems you earn will get you more items in the Black Market;  
rings you earn in the main game are used as currency in the Black  
Market.  However, the world of Sonic and the world of Chao are very  
different - in fact, they're good enough to be called two entirely  
separate games. 
Chao have statistics: Swimming, Flying, Running, Power, and Stamina, as  
well as a number of other things which aren't quite as obvious.  These  
statistics can be raised through proper chao raising, and will enable a  
chao to do better in competition: racing, and karate. 
Chao are complex.  They respond to stimuli, they can be happy or sad,  
they can be hungry or full, they can be loving or fearful.  Don't be  
surprised if you find yourself saying "aww..." to your chao sometimes,  
because they act very much like cute little children, if a little lower  
in maintenance. 
Lastly, keep in mind that, while chao certainly develop faster than  
humans do, don't expect things to come quickly.  Chao are one of the  
main reasons the Sonic Adventure series has so much replay value - you  
can spend dozens of hours on the little creatures and still have much  
to do and learn with them.  Chao raising takes a great deal of  
patience, and is not for those who expect quick rewards; however, if  
you have the time to wait for results, you will most likely be very  
pleased with what your work has brought you. 
3.0 - Raising Your Chao 
-They grow up so fast... *sniff* 
As mentioned in the previous section, chao raising is not exactly as  
high-speed as the rest of SA2:B.  It's also not extremely simple.  So,  
here's a guide to help you through it. 
Remember, though, experience is the best teacher. 
Keep in mind that time will only pass in a chao garden when you have a  
character IN that garden.  If you're in a different garden, or playing  
another level, or not playing the game at all, time will not pass for  
the chao in a specific garden. 
Also keep in mind that you need to get a Chao Key (from a Chao  
Container, a blue box) from the main game with a certain character in  
order to enter the gardens the first time.  After this, you can enter  
the gardens whenever you like with that character from the Stage Select  
screen.  You can also get animals from more Chao Containers (there are  
three in each stage - if you're unsure as to the location of a Chao  
Container, check an FAQ/Walkthrough for the main game). 
3.1 - Birth 
Chao come from eggs.  When you go into your garden for the first time,  
there will be two eggs laying there.  These are 'normal' chao eggs, and  
will hatch a 'normal' colored chao.  Eggs of other colors will hatch  
chao of other colors; these can be bought in the Black Market.   
However, chao from colored eggs will not change colors with alignment  
or evolution, like the normal colored chao do - colored chao will  
remain the same color for the rest of their lives. 
Note: when you get a colored chao from breeding, it will always have a  
normal-colored egg, even if the chao itself is an entirely different  
You can hatch a chao egg in a number of ways: 
-Pick it up and rub it a bit (hold down the B button when you pick up  
the egg, then push the control stick; or, hold Y while holding the egg,  
and push the control stick), then set it down 
-Pick it up and run and jump around a lot, then set it down 
-Pick it up and throw it against a wall 
-Leave it to hatch on its own 
Whatever method you choose, you will soon have a baby chao in your  
garden.  It should be mostly a light blue color, if it's from a  
'normal' egg.  It should also have a little ball over its head - this  
can be used for reference in the next section. 
3.2 - Hero/Dark Alignment 
Going along with the Hero vs. Dark theme of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle,  
chao can be raised in one of three alignments: Neutral, Hero, and Dark.   
Alignment involves how a chao is treated by different alignment  
characters (Hero characters Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles; Dark characters  
Shadow, Eggman, and Rouge). 
A Neutral chao has been treated roughly equal by both sides.  If it is  
a normal colored chao, the body will be a light blue.  The ball above  
its head should be a yellowish color.  Its head looks like a Chao Fruit  
- basically round, with a single slight point near the top, pointing  
upwards.  Its tail will be round, and its wings will be pink. 
A Hero chao has been treated well by Hero characters.  If it is a  
normal colored chao, the body will be white.  The ball above its head  
should be a blue color.  Its head will have two small, blunt antennae  
sticking up.  Its tail will be round, and its wings will be a light  
A Dark chao has been treated well by Dark characters.  If it is a  
normal colored chao, the body will be black.  The ball above its head  
should be a red/pinkish color.  Its head will have a single zig-zagged  
protrusion sticking out from the top, going back.  Its tail will be  
thin, and its wings will be red and vaguely bat-like. 
In the child stage, this is how you can tell what alignment your chao  
is.  However, a little before a chao goes into its first evolution, its  
appearance (and chao ball color) may be altered in certain ways by its  
evolutionary pathway. 
3.3 - Animals, Drives, Statistics 
Small Animals and Chaos Drives can be found throughout the main game of  
SA2:B.  Pre-specified Small Animals are placed in certain points in  
stages (and come from Eggman's robots in some stages), and randomly  
colored Chaos Drives come from the GUN robots.  Animals and Drives will  
raise your chao's stats. 
There are five (main) statistics for a chao: Swimming, Running, Flying,  
Power, and Stamina.  Stamina comes from eating fruit, but the other  
stats primarily come from Animals and Drives. 
When you pick up your chao, you'll notice bars for each of these five  
stats.  The name of the stat will be to the upper-left; to the right of  
that will be a point value; below the name will be a level number; and  
to the right of the level number will be two bars - the upper one  
reflects the point value, and the lower one reflects the progression  
towards a level. 
The lower bar is separated into ten segments.  Animals and Drives will  
fill these segments based on how many points they give; when all ten  
segments fill, a level will be added to the stat, and points will be  
added to the point value, depending on what grade the statistic has. 
Higher statistics mean that a chao will perform better in competition  
(racing, and karate, in later sections).  They can also give the chao  
new abilities.  Thanks go to Jack99 (Mario55622@aol.com), Pokefan02,  
and TheJumpingJubJub for this information, though much of it may not be  
Stat - ability, value required - ability, value required 
Swim - swim, 100 - breast strokes (faster swimming), 700 
Fly - hover, 100 - fly, 1000 
Run - walk, 50 - large steps, 800 - running, 1400 
Power - karate attacks (wind-up punch, spinning kick), 500 
You can find out your stat grades from the Chao Doctor in Kindergarten.   
The higher a grade, the more points will be added to a stat from a  
level up.  E is worst, D is better, and so forth, up to S, the best  
grade a chao can have.  Obviously, if you want a chao with really good  
stats, you'll want to have good grades. 
Ten Animals/Drives can be held by a single side of the story (Hero or  
Dark).  If you collect animals and drives with Shadow, Eggman and Rouge  
will hold the same animals and drives; the same applies for the Hero  
side.  If you collect an eleventh animal or drive, then the first one  
you get will be dropped; if you collect a twelfth, the second will be  
dropped; and so forth. 
When you go into a garden, the animals and drives will be released.   
Drives float in place - however, animals often roam around; it's very  
easy to lose sight of them.  If they go into the doorway, do not try to  
pick them up - as you go through the doorway with the animal partially  
in your hands, the animal will be lost entirely.  Wait for it to come  
out of the doorway. 
Animals have a certain color background - this (in most cases)  
corresponds to the statistic which they will increase the most.  Chaos  
Drives have colors as well, with the same purpose. 
Yellow (Penguin, Seal, Sea Otter) = Swimming 
Purple (Condor, Parrot, Peacock) = Flying 
Green (Boar, Cheetah, Rabbit) = Running 
Red (Bear, Gorilla, Tiger) = Power 
There are also three other types of animals without corresponding  
Blue (Raccoon, Sheep, Skunk) = Normal 
Gold (Dragon, Phoenix, Unicorn) = Legend/Imaginary 
Black (Bat, Sea Creature*, Skeleton Dog) = Ghost 
*This animal is also known by other names, including Half-Fish and  
Animals will also change the appearance of your chao.  For instance, a  
chao given a Dragon might get Dragon arms, or Dragon legs, or Dragon  
wings, etc.  Giving your chao a ghost animal will also enable it to  
wear hats. 
In fact, animals can also give your chao certain abilities (information  
compliments of Ferret5317 of the SA2:B message boards): 
Boar - Dashes 
Cheetah - Washes Face 
Rabbit - Hops Around 
Bear - Roars 
Gorilla - Pounds Its Chest 
Tiger - Sharpens Nails 
Otter - Backstrokes 
Penguin - Slides on its stomach 
Seal - Rolls Around on the Ground 
Condor - Does Sit-Ups 
Parrot - Sings/Whistles 
Peacock - Struts 
Raccoon - Hums 
Sheep - Somersaults 
Skunk - Farts 
Dragon - Breathes Fire 
Phoenix - Wags Tail 
Unicorn - Bucks Feet 
Bat - Loses Legs / Allows Hats 
Sea Creature - Gets Fiery Chao Ball / Allows Hats 
Skeleton Dogs - Loses Animal Parts / Allows Hats 
The following information on stats from animals and chaos drives is  
from Donnie Douglas's Chao FAQ (which can be found at  
http://www.gamefaqs.com/), courtesy of AcidZeerO.  Note: the list below  
is formatted as if one of the aforementioned 'segments' in the lower  
stat bar is ten points.  These numbers have nothing to do with the  
actual value of a stat.  Think of it this way - after 100 of the points  
below, a stat will gain a level. 
Running (Green)             SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR 
- Bunny                       0      8     40    -16 
- Boar                       -4    -12     32     16 
- Cheetah                    -8     -8     40      8 
Swimming (Yellow)           SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR 
- Seal                       40    -16      0      8 
- Otter                      44     -4      8    -16 
- Penguin                    36     12      8    -24 
Power(Red)                  SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR 
- Tiger                      -8    -16     20     36 
- Bear                        8    -16      4     36 
- Gorilla                    -4     -8      4     40 
Flying (Purple)             SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR 
- Parrot                      0     48    -20      4 
- Peacock                     0     48    -20      4 
- Condor                     20     60    -24     16 
Random (Blue)               SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR 
- Raccoon                    20      16     4      8 
- Sheep                       8       8    16     16 
- Skunk                       8      12    16     12 
Black (Ghost)               SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR 
- Sea Creature               32      0      8     24 
- Skeleton Dog                8      8     32     16 
- Bat                         8     40      8      8 
Orange (Imaginary)          SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR 
- Dragon                     20      4      8     32 
- Unicorn                    16     12     36      0 
- Phoenix                    12     32      4     16 
Green Drive  - +24 running 
Yellow Drive - +24 swimming 
Red Drive    - +24 power 
Purple Drive - +24 flying 
The stat you increase most recently (though sometimes there are  
exceptions) will affect what kind of chao yours will become in its  
first, or second, evolution. 
Compliments of "Matt," here is a list of locations of all 21 animals in  
SA2:B.  Aside from a little formatting, and a note or two, it has been  
kept intact, as seen in Zingela's Chao FAQ at http://www.gamefaqs.com/ 
Begin a level and then perform the given strategy to get the desired  
animal.  Then simply pause and exit the level and reenter it.  Repeat  
this process until you have the desired number of animals (you can only  
carry with you 10 animals and/or drives per hero/dark side).  Please  
note, that any rings you acquire in this process are NOT saved to your  
ring total.  A majority of the game is required to have been completed  
as well as some upgrades. 
Animal: Bat 
Level: Sand Ocean (Robotnik/Eggman) 
Walk towards the camera and drop to the platform below.  Go to the left  
for the bat. 
Esitmated time: 5 seconds 
Animal: Bear/Ram 
Level: Sky Rail (Shadow) 
Both animals are in the same area, so I've combined them into one  
section. After going down the rail you start on, land on the lower  
platform with the bouncy spring.  Near it is the Ram.  If you take the  
bouncy spring to the upper ledge, the bear is walking between some pole  
things on the immediate right of where you should land by taking the  
Estimated time: 12-20 seconds 
Animal: Boar 
Level: Radical Highway (Shadow) 
Just before taking the boosters that take you through the first set of  
loops, jump onto the yellow trashcan-like structure for the boar. 
Estimated time: 20-35 seconds 
Animal: Cheetah 
Level: Wild Canyon (Knuckles) 
Yet another simple animal to get.  Get off the starting platform and  
run to the back of the room.  To the left is a statue and at it's feet  
is the cheetah. 
Estimated time: 10-18 seconds 
Animal: Condor 
Level: Eternal Engine (Tails) 
Yet another simple animal to get.  The condor is under the red  
cylindrical canister on the left side of the starting room. 
Estimated time: 3-5 seconds 
*ConfusedGuy's note: If you're going for all 21 animals, for making a  
Chaos chao, you can bypass Eternal Engine completely; get the Cheetah  
in Wild Canyon, then on the way to the Dragon (see next strategy), a  
Condor will be flying at the end of a pillar sticking out of the left  
Animal: Dragon 
Level: Wild Canyon (Knuckles) 
Snag a few rings, then jump into the blowing air.  Fly up then glide  
towards the lonely statue area.  Climb above his head and dig into the  
beetle/oval shaped area of the painting.  You will now go to a separate  
room with an altar.  Climb the wall--the dragon is in the upper corner  
of one of them. 
Estimated time: 40-60 seconds 
Animal: Gorilla 
Level: Mission Street (Tails) 
Take out the robots in the starting area, then whistle at the mailbox  
(it is red) to the right. 
Estimated time: 5-10 seconds 
Animal: Half Fish 
Level: Egg Quarters (Rouge) 
This one requires a little practice on picking up bombs.  Try testing  
prior to attempting this level by picking up chao fruits and then  
setting them down.  Mastery of this will make the process of this  
strategy much faster. 
Begin by going to the left of the start of the level into the room with  
the snake altar and several pillars.  Run to the back of the room where  
you will find a cage with the half fish in it. 
Here's where it gets interesting.  Climb the pillar with the Kiki  
monkey robot on it.  When you're at the edge stay there and let the  
monkey robot look at you for a bit.  When it creates a bomb, jump off  
of the pillar.  It should throw the bomb at you.  Now, run to the bomb,  
stop movement completely, then hit 'B' to grab it.  If the bomb hasn't  
been on the ground for too long it should stay in your hands. 
Please note, that what carrying a bomb it will NOT explode until you  
throw or drop it.  When you get a bomb in your hands place it in front  
of the cage and then immediately run out of the immediate vicinity of  
the bomb.  Once the cage is blown away grab the half fish. 
If the kiki closest to the cage accidentally kills itself, or if you  
kill it, restart the level.  Its much easier to use that kiki.  Also,  
if the security beetle robot enters the room, stand in the shaded area  
by the pillar to avoid being caught. 
Estimated time: 30-45 seconds if you can quickly get a bomb 
1-2 minutes if you have bomb difficulty 
Animal: Parrot 
Level: Security Hall (Rouge) 
Run down the path towards the spikey robot, and take a left.  Climb  
onto the huge black crate and take the bouncy red spring between two  
gray crates.  From here jump and glide from the platform you land on  
and fly to the left (assuming you were facing away from the wall on the  
platform).  Glide to the large grayish crate with a computer on it and  
get the parrot. 
Estimated time: 20-30 seconds 
Animal: Peacock 
Level: Dry Lagoon (Rouge) 
Look around one of the palm trees in the small lagoon  (starting area).   
Its location is to the left relative starting plaform. 
Estimated time: 10-20 seconds 
Animal: Penguin 
Level: Metal Harbor (Sonic) 
After going through the first loop and being launched off the ramp, the  
penguin is to your left on the platform you land on. 
Estimated time: 15-20 seconds 
*ConfusedGuy's note: For a faster Penguin, go to Aquatic Mine  
(Knuckles), fly to the left, and dive into the water right in front of  
the wheel.  A Penguin will be walking around near the spring. 
Animal: Phoenix 
Level: Weapons Bed (Robotnik/Eggman) 
This is the longest of the animals to get.  Even though it takes a lot  
of time to complete this strategy, you do get two phoenix as well as  
several other animals and drives.  You must get all three chao crates  
to get phoenix #1. 
Begin by getting the chao crate at the end of the first aircraft  
carrier  (the one you start the level on).  it is next to the last  
garage and is  fairly easy to find. 
The second chao crate is on the second carrier.  Towards the end are a  
few cylindrical tanks on the right. The crate is near them. 
The third is on the third carrier.  First begin by taking out any of  
the hawk and beetle robots that fire bombs from the ground.  Then grab  
the lift and take out the hovering ones.  Glide from the lift towards  
the cylindrical tanks at the end of the carrier.  ***On top of the  
larger one is the first phoenix.***  By this point you should have  
gotten the two other chao crates.  Get off the tank then walk behind it  
(towards the edge of the carrier) for the last crate.  It will contain  
a phoenix if you got the other two crates. 
Estimated time: 4:10-5:00 
*Note: Mike F. (phoenixbless@yahoo.com) submits the following tip: 
Go to Meteor Herd (Knuckles), fly forward from the beginning to the  
spring, pressing forward slightly as you go up.  You land at a rocket  
pad.  Take it up and let yourself fall.  When you land, turn to your  
right and you should see two large storage boxes off and under the side  
of another platform.  Under that platform is a phoenix flying around in  
circles.  It may take a couple minutes to get the timing right, but you  
can get 2-10 phoenixes (depending on skill, :30 to 1:00) in the time it  
would take to get one using Robotnik on the Weapons Bed ("4:10 to  
Animal: Rabbit 
Level: Cosmic Wall (Robotnik/Eggman) 
From the start, go to the right of the black crates. 
Estimated time: 4-5 seconds 
Animal: Raccoon 
Level: Mad Space (Rouge) 
The gray crate directly in front of you at the start of the level 
contains a raccoon. 
Estimated time: 2-3 seconds 
Animal: Seal 
Level: Weapons Bed (Robotnik/Eggman) 
At the end of the first (starting) carrier there is an animal pipe 
between a couple cylindrical structures that contains a seal. 
Estimated time: 15-25 seconds 
*ConfusedGuy's note: This pipe does not always contain a seal -  
sometimes it contains a sea otter.  To be assured of getting a seal, go  
to Shadow's Radical Highway, and after the first rail (the one you  
start on), turn back and head backwards on the highway.  A seal will be  
waiting for you at the end. 
Animal: Sea Otter 
Level: Prison Lane (Tails) 
Another fairly simple process for two otters. Destroy all the beetle  
robots in the first room (don't forget the one way up high that you can  
hit by getting on the raising platform) to upen the gate to a pipe.   
Whistle and the first otter will come out.  Note: sometimes I've had a  
sheep come out instead. 
The second otter is after the first hall. Blast the silver crate under  
the black crate to create a staircase.  Get to the top, hover to the  
roof of the caged in area, and get the second otter. 
Estimated time: 30-45 seconds 
Animal: Skeleton Dog 
Level: Pumpkin Hill (Knuckles) 
Jump and glide into the red balloon, giving you an extra height boost.   
Continue gliding to the left until you land on the platform with a  
rocket on it.  Take the rocket to the top of Church Mountain.  The  
skeleton dog is among the graves and is pretty easy to see on your  
descent from the rocket. 
Estimated time: 8-12 seconds 
Animal: Skunk 
Level: Hidden Base (Tails) 
This one is simple.  Just walk to the right on the starting platform.   
It's that easy. 
Estimated time: 1-3 seconds 
Animal: Tiger 
Level: Hidden Base (Tails) 
After getting down from the starting platform, take out the hawk  
(bombing) robot and proceed to hover to the angled red platform with a  
crate on it.  Blow up the crate as well as the hawk robot, and take the  
Estimated time: 20 seconds 
Animal: Unicorn 
Level: Dry Lagoon (Rouge) 
Begin by grabbing a couple of rings, then taking out the two robots  
aimed at the turtle.  Grab one of the chaos drives they drop  
(preferably a red, assuming they drop one - this is to make up for the  
unicorn's lack of providing a power ugrade).  Take the turtle to the  
big lagoon, get on the lower central platform with the pillar.  Get  
into the center of the platform and whistle-revealing the unicorn. 
Estimated time: 30-45 seconds 
With these strategies, you can easily get the 21 animals necessary for  
a Chaos chao - or animals for any other purpose. 
3.4 - First Evolution 
Eventually, your chao will go through its first evolution.  The chao  
will be surrounded by a cocoon, and when the cocoon goes away after a  
few moments, your chao will have evolved. 
When a Hero or Dark chao evolves, a little musical jingle will play as  
it's evolving - a Neutral chao evolution, however, does not have any  
jingle.  A Hero chao will gain a Halo instead of a ball over its head.   
A Dark chao will gain a Spiked Ball.  A Neutral chao will keep its  
round ball. 
An evolved chao's appearance will depend on the type of chao it has  
evolved to - Swimming, Flying, Running, Power, or Normal (for a Normal  
chao, all four of the core stats must be roughly balanced) - as well as  
its alignment - Hero, Neutral, or Dark. 
A chao's grades are also affected by the first evolution.  A Swimming  
chao will get an enhanced grade (plus one ranking) in Swimming, a  
Running chao will get an enhanced grade in Running, etc.  A Normal chao  
will get an enhanced grade in Stamina. 
Once a chao has gone through its first evolution, its alignment cannot  
be changed.  You can pet a Hero chao all you like with a Dark  
character, and its appearance and alignment will remain Hero - the same  
goes for Neutral and Dark. 
The following site contains pictures (taken by Chaoschao) of all the  
first evolutions of chao, both front and back views: 
3.5 - Mating 
Once they have gone through their first evolutions, chao can be mated.   
Chao do not have gender, so any chao can be mated with any other chao,  
as long as they have both evolved the first time. 
A chao will go through two natural mating seasons in its life - at  
these points, its fertility will be high.  A very fertile chao will sit  
down and flowers will sprout up around it in a circle - if another  
fertile chao is placed in or near the circle of flowers, they will  
If your chao is not fertile enough to mate, simply give it a Heart  
Fruit from the Black Market. 
When two chao mate, an egg will be produced, containing a new chao.   
This new chao will have inherited its color and statistic grades from  
its parents (though precisely how the inheritance works, is as of yet  
3.6 - Second Evolution 
At some point after your chao's first mating season (even if it does  
not mate), it will be able to evolve a second time.  However, the  
second evolution is very much unlike the first - the second evolution  
does not have a cocoon, does not happen instantaneously, and does not  
affect stat grades. 
The second evolution is a gradual process, though one of the principles  
is the same as the first evolution - it will evolve a certain way (not  
alignment, but Swimming, Power, etc.) depending on what stat was  
encouraged most recently.  Again, a Normal evolution will be from the  
four core stats being roughly balanced. 
The second evolution takes a considerable amount of time.  However, you  
will undoubtedly begin to notice at least subtle changes in the way  
your chao looks.  In the long run, the second evolution is worth the  
wait, as the appearances it can give to your chao range from  
interesting to extraordinary. 
Also, a chao's second evolution, unlike the first, can be changed.  If  
your chao is evolving into a Running/Swimming chao, and you want it to  
become a Running/Power chao, simply give it Power animals/drives, and  
the second evolutionary pathway will gradually shift to Running/Power. 
GoldenChocobo77 has described all the second evolutions here. 
Note: A Normal type first evolution will not have a second evolution. 
POWER - This Chao hurts my eyes.  He is bright purple, with a red belly  
and red hands that look like boxing gloves.  It also has purple stripes  
on the quills. 
FLYING - This Chao has quills with aqua stripes that tilt up.  They are  
light purple, have a brown belly and hands, and have big feet. 
NORMAL - A light blue Chao that has a green belly and feet. 
RUNNING - This is the Sonic Chao.  It is dark blue and has quills that  
slope downwards.  They have black hands and a black belly. 
SWIM - This is the Chocobo Chao (created by GoldenChocobo77).  It is  
aqua with green hands and a green belly.  The quills slightly join  
together and a point sticks out of his back.  A fully evolved version  
has the back and quills merged. 
POWER - This Chao is fat.  Really fat.  It has orange feet, yellow  
ears, belly, hands, and upper jaw.  The rest of it is lime green with  
green "V"s on the head. 
FLYING - This Chao is colorful.  Its head goes up and has aqua "V"s.   
It is dark lime green and has orange feet and hands.  The belly and  
lower jaw are a peach color. 
NORMAL - This Chao is just a taller, slimmer version of the normal  
Swimming Chao, except it has a cone shaped head. 
RUNNING - A lime green Chao with brown feet.  The hands, "V"s, ears,  
belly, and lower jaw are aqua. 
SWIMMING - My, what big ears you have!   The lower jaw is pale blue as  
is the belly.  The feet are yellow and the "V"s are aqua. 
POWER - MAGNET MAN CHAO!!!   I am serious, this Chao looks a lot like  
the old Mega Man Robot Master, Magnet Man.  The body is pure red.  The  
hands and tips of the "magnet" are black.  This Chao can grow to be as  
tall as Sonic! 
FLYING - This is a Chao based of the main character of a popular Sega  
Saturn game.  This is the NiGHTS Chao.  He has big yellow wings and  
light purple jester rolls that darken as they go down.  He has light  
brown feet and a light brown belly.  His hands are striped also. 
NORMAL - This is a purplish pinkish Chao.  It has striped arms and  
spikes.  It has an orange belly and orange feet. 
RUNNING - This is a pink Chao with peach feet and a peach belly.  It  
has big spikes that are striped.  Some call this the Ram Chao. 
SWIMMING - This Chao is basically all orange with red stripes on its  
POWER - A BIG red Chao with 3 spikes that go straight up. 
FLYING - A red Chao with purple striped feet and a wide spike that goes  
NORMAL - Just like the Neutral/Power Chao, except for the rounded head. 
RUNNING - Orange, red belly, tiny feet, and long skinny arms. 
SWIMMING - Fat feet, red, purple stripes on ears and feet.  It also has  
a huge spike on the back of its head. 
POWER - Curly tip. 
FLYING - The tip sticks outwards. 
NORMAL - No real change. 
RUNNING - Tip goes straight back. 
SWIMMING - Tip goes straight back and curls. 
POWER - This Chao has purple and orange striped hands, a brown belly,  
and the tip of this Chao goes up and forms a ball. 
FLYING - Everything except the main body is purple.  It has tiny arms  
and feet.  The head goes up and then widens.   
NORMAL - This Chao has a blue belly, blue and yellow striped arms, and  
a tip that goes straight up. 
RUNNING - This Chao has icy blue colors and a tip that looks like water  
coming out of a fountain. 
SWIM - Similar to the Hero/Running/Running, except for colors.  The  
fountain tip is taller and splits out 2 ways. 
POWER - A fat Chao with HUGE ears. 
FLYING - This Chao, when transparent with no legs (the bat effect),  
looks like a ghost.  The 2 tips go towards the back of head then curve  
NORMAL - A fatter version of the Hero/Swimming. 
RUNNING - An icy blue Chao with webbed feet and long ears. 
SWIMMING - Like the Hero/Swimming/Running, but with purple, blue, and  
yellow colors.  The ears go behind the head and are quite long.   
POWER - Basically, all you need to know is that the top of the head  
looks like an old TV antennae. 
FLYING - Purple parts with big, blue wings.  The tips shoot out from  
the head in four directions.  Very elegant... 
NORMAL - Again, this one basically looks like TV antennae. 
RUNNING - This Chao has dark purple arms and two small, but wide, ears. 
SWIMMING - This Chao has blue parts and a squiggly head piece. 
POWER - Another BIG Chao with red parts. 
FLYING - This Chao has purple parts and medium sized blue wings. 
NORMAL - The tip of this Chao goes up and then curves back. 
RUNNING - This Chao has a three part head piece.  The parts on this  
Chao are peachish. 
SWIMMING - This Chao looks like the Hero/Power/Flying, but has maroon  
POWER - This is one freaky Chao.  Its head piece is two blue orbs, has  
a yellow belly, and blue and purple striped feet. 
FLYING - This Chao has dull purple parts and two orb shaped head  
NORMAL - No change. 
RUNNING - This Chao has icy blue parts and a zig-zaggy head piece. 
SWIMMING - Looks like another "TV Chao" except the antennae are  
POWER - This Chao is dark blue and has quills that curve up. 
FLYING - Looks just like the Dark/Running but has yellow stripes on the  
NORMAL - This Chao looks like a darker version of Sonic. 
RUNNING - This is the Shadow Chao.  Need I explain further? 
SWIMMING - Dark blue Chao with quills that curve down.  Peach markings  
are on the quills. 
POWER - A dark green fat Chao. 
FLYING - This Chao is dark and light blue with a huge spike coming up  
from its head. 
NORMAL - No real change, just taller. 
RUNNING - Just like the Dark/Swimming/Flying only with ice blue colors. 
SWIMMING - This Chao looks like an evil fishy!  He has light green,  
light yellow, and brown colors. 
POWER - This Chao looks a lot like the Chaos Devil Chao. 
FLYING - This Chao resembles the NiGHTS Chao. 
NORMAL - No real change, just longer tips. 
RUNNING - A dark purple version of Mickey Mouse.  I'm serious... 
SWIMMING - This Chao basically has big ears coming from the side of the  
POWER - This Chao has a fat, red and black, curvy head piece. 
FLYING - Has a light purple stomach that is longer than usual. 
NORMAL - No real change, but has more purple colors. 
RUNNING - This Chao is dark green with a tall, red striped spike. 
SWIMMING - A dark teal Chao that has a head like a shark. 
POWER - Looks just like Dark/Normal 
FLYING - No real change, just a purple color change. 
NORMAL - No change. 
RUNNING - DARK purple with a big, purple spike. 
SWIMMING - Has a fully round head. 
3.7 - Death and Rebirth 
Sadly, like real living things, chao can pass away.  After a long time,  
they will go into the second cocoon of their lifetime, and die. 
If your chao has been treated poorly, it will go into a gray cocoon,  
and will never be seen again.  However, if you have treated your chao  
well, it will go into a pink cocoon; when the cocoon disappears, an egg  
will have taken the chao's place.  Your chao has been reborn. 
Inside a rebirth egg is a chao with the following qualities: 
-The same color as your previous chao 
-The same name as your previous chao 
-The same grades as when it died (except in very rare instances) 
-All statistics level 1 
-All statistics at 10% value of what they were when it died 
-The same starting alignment (though this can be changed just as in  
normal child stages) as when it died 
-Some of its animal parts 
-Its racing medals and karate rank from its past life 
-The Kindergarten lessons it learned in its past life 
-If the chao was a Dark chao in its past life, it will be reborn with  
evil, arched eyes 
If your chao is reborn (and unless you abuse your chao, it should be),  
then you can raise it all over again, into whatever you want it to be. 
You may be wondering, what if all of the chao in your gardens die off  
(or are otherwise removed), and none are left? 
If all the chao you have are gone, then the game will replenish your  
chao supply by giving you normal colored eggs.  Two in the Chao Garden,  
and one each in the Hero and Dark Gardens - just as it was when you  
first started. 
4.0 - The Chao Transporter 
-Beam me up, Chaosky... 
In each garden is a Chao Transporter.  This device appears to have an  
oversized Game Boy Advance on top of it, and a large red button at the  
base.  The transporter is meant to interact specifically with the Game  
Boy Advance (via the Gamecube to Game Boy Advance linking cable), but  
you can use it for other functions as well. 
When you step on the transporter (you can simply step on the button, or  
pick up a chao first then step on the button), there will be five  
options in a small menu: 
Drop off - If you have a chao in your hands, you can move the chao to  
the Game Boy Advance (if it is linked up and the power is on). 
Pick up - The inverse of the Drop off function, this allows you to  
retrieve a chao, egg, or rings from the Tiny Chao Garden in the GBA  
(again, if it is linked up and the power is on). 
Move - Here, you can move chao from one memory card to another. 
Good-bye - If you have a chao in your hands, here is where you can "Say  
Good-bye" to it.  When you say Good-bye to a chao, it is sent "to a  
faraway forest" and you will never see it again.  In technical terms,  
it is permanently deleted from your memory card. 
Quit - Quit the Chao Transporter, and return to the garden. 
Above, the Tiny Chao Garden on the GBA was mentioned.  Here are some  
short notes on it: 
-You can only hold one chao at a time in the Tiny Chao Garden (though  
you can also hold an additional egg). 
-You can use the Tiny Chao Garden without the Sonic Advance game; the  
garden is stored in the RAM of the GBA.  However, this means that  
you'll have to earn rings for buying things (like stat-enhancing fruit,  
and chao eggs) from the minigames, which can be time-consuming for more  
expensive items - it also means that if you turn off the GBA, the  
garden and everything in it will disappear. 
-You can transfer rings you earn in the GBA to your Gamecube, but you  
cannot transfer rings you earn in the Gamecube to your GBA. 
-While in the Tiny Chao Garden, two more stat bars will be visible for  
your chao: Belly, and Mood.  The Belly meter will show how hungry or  
full your chao is, and the Mood meter shows how happy your chao is. 
S.00 - Supplement: Tiny Garden FAQ 
-Chaoman! Chaoman! Defender of Good! 
Sonic Advance Chao Guide 
Created by - GoldenChocobo77 
Edited by - Xtreme Leader, ConfusedGuy 
Version 9.0 
S.01 - Version History  
Version 0.0,  2/4/02 
The Chao Guide began. 
Version 0.5,  2/7/02 
The Guide is completed. Just need to tweak some things and gather the  
courage to submit it to GameFAQs. 
Version 1.0,  2/15/02 
First release to a few of my friend's sites. Still need the courage to  
put it in front of CJayC 
Version 2.0,  3/1/02 
Added S.07 - IT TALKED!!! 
Version 3.0,  3/12/02 
Added S.12 - Cheats And Saves 
Version 4.0,  3/17/02 
Corrected most of my mistakes and added S.16 - Contact. I now have the  
courage to submit this to CJayC. 
Version 5.0,  3/18/02 
Added S.17 - Coming Soon! Figures, I submit my guide and I find stuff I  
left out. =( 
Version 6.0,  3/18/02 
Renumbered sections, added some FAQs. 
Version 7.0,  3/19/02 
Fixed some more stuff. I will have some Sonic Adventure 2 Battle  
information soon. I also submitted this guide to tranZeagle. 
Version ?,  4/23/02 
This FAQ is added to ConfusedGuy's GCN Chao FAQ. Minor grammatical  
changes, as well as conversion to ConfusedGuy's format. 
Version 8.0,  5/5/02 
I touched up the FAQ and made it a bit more understandable. Renumbered  
sections again. I will have a section on hacking and the GBA/GCN link  
up soon. I will try once more to submit it to CJayC. 
FAQ also edited in ConfusedGuy's Chao FAQ to fit update. 
S.02 - Table Of Contents 
S.01 - Version history 
S.02 - You are here 
S.03 - Your Chao. An introduction to the "Tiny Chao Garden". 
S.04 - Playing With Your Chao. Strategies and explanations for the  
S.05 - Shopping For Your Chao. He needs things too! 
S.06 - Taking Care Of Your Chao. This is the main part of the "Tiny  
Chao Garden". 
S.07 - IT TALKED!!! What your Chao will say to you. 
S.08 - A New Chao? =(. How to get rid of your old Chao. 
S.09 - The Bad. Some nasty glitches. 
S.10 - FAQs. Frequently asked questions 
S.11 - Tips. I share some more of my knowledge to you. 
S.12 - Cheats And Saves. Need a cheat for Game Shark? Need a save? Come  
S.13 - Chao Hacking. Big thanks to Ferret Druid on this. 
S.14 - The Sonic Advance And Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Connection.  
Information about the link up.  
S.15 - Thanks. I acknowledge those who help me. 
S.16 - Contact. How to talk to me. 
S.17 - Coming Soon! What to see in further updates. 
S.18 - Legal information 
S.03 - Your Chao 
Your Chao (Pronounced "chow". Plural form is Chao) is a little virtual  
pet (Think of those Giga Pet or Tamigatchi thingies, only much cooler).  
These cute little creatures were introduced in Sonic Adventure for the  
Sega Dreamcast. To find your Chao, simply go to the "Tiny Chao Garden"  
option from the Main Menu. There you will find a blue, spotted egg. To  
hatch the egg, rub it three times by moving the hand to the egg and  
pressing the A button. Congratulations! You now have your first Chao!  
What? You don't like his name? Well, that can be corrected easily. Move  
the hand to your Chao's name and press the A button. You can now change  
his name to anything you want, as long as it is, at the most, 7  
characters long. I named mine Bender, if anyone cares. To my knowledge  
the name of your Chao does not matter. Now, your Chao's Mood and Belly  
bars will be half full. To make them full (Which is something you  
should always do), press the L button to open the store. What? You  
didn't know that the fruits cost rings? Oh well. A good way to earn  
rings for your Chao is to go into "Time Trial" from the Main Menu and  
play through Neo Green Hill Zone's first act. You can get around 200  
rings per run. Now that you have some rings, go and feed your Chao.  
Each fruit has a special effect on your Chao. To find out what they do,  
refer to S.05. You can also keep Mood high by picking weeds. Simply  
move the hand near the weed and hit the A button. Also, do not pet your  
Chao when he or she sleeps. It will make your Chao mad. "CHILD" Chao  
need their sleep! 
S.04 - Playing With Your Chao 
See the two Game Boy Advances near the right of the screen? Those are  
games! The Artic (White) Game Boy Advance leads you to Rock-Paper- 
Scissors Merry-Go-Round and the Indigo (Purple) Game Boy Advance leads  
to Matching Pairs. 
Rock-Paper-Scissors Merry-Go-Round is a simple game. You will notice  
three columns on the right and three triangle cards on the bottom.  
Rings, Time, and a triangle are the three columns. You Ring count goes  
up when you beat a square card. You are given 30 seconds to start out  
with and 10 extra seconds for each set (10 per set) of square cards you  
knock out. The triangle shows how many chances you have left. If your  
triangle card losses, you lose a chance. Beat a square card or tie and  
you keep the same number of chances. You want the Pink Triangle to  
attack (press A when they are aligned) the Purple Square (Scissors cuts  
Paper), the Green Triangle to attack the Pink Square (Rock breaks  
Scissors), and the Purple Triangle to attack the Green Square (Paper  
covers Rock). You get one ring for every time you beat a square card.  
You gain no rings if you tie (match a Pink Triangle to a Pink Square,  
etc.). In the first set you gain 1 ring, 2 rings in the second, 3 rings  
in the third, etc. The best you can get is 99 rings. Run out of time  
and you get a Game Over. 
Matching Pairs is a matching game with a twist: your Chao will move  
some of the cards! The cards are Cheesecake, Banana, Apple, Melon,  
Orange, Lollipop, and Blue Candy. You can make your Chao trip by  
pressing the A button. You can only do this once, though. There are  
three squares. A blue square, a pink square, and a red square. Any  
cards in the blue square gain you 1 ring, the pink gives you 3 rings,  
and the red gives you five rings. Just match the cards while trying to  
make as few mistakes as possible. If you clear the board, you will  
receive a bonus based on how many misses you had. You get 30 rings for  
no misses, 20 rings for one miss, and 10 rings for two misses. If you  
get three misses you are rewarded with a Game Over. 
S.05 - Shopping For Your Chao 
Now that you have a good amount of rings, it's time to spend 'em! Press  
the L button to open the shop 
ITEM 1 - The Orange costs 30 rings. It adds 1 point to Mood, adds 2  
points to Belly, adds 3 points to Swim,  takes away 2 Fly points, does  
not effect Run, adds 3 points to Power, and adds 1 point to Stamina. 
ITEM 2 - The Blue Squash costs 60 rings. It does not effect Mood, adds  
1 point to Belly, adds 2 points to Swim,  adds 5 points to Fly, does  
not effect Run, takes away 1 Power point, and adds 2 points to Stamina. 
ITEM 3 - The Strawberry costs 55 rings. It adds 2 points to Mood, adds  
2 points to Belly, adds 4 points to Swim,  takes away 3 Fly points,  
adds 4 points to Run, takes away 3 Power points, and adds 3 points to  
ITEM 4 - The Sour Apple costs 50 rings. It takes away 1 Mood point ,  
adds 1 point to Belly, does not effect Swim, does not effect Fly, adds  
3 points to Run, adds 4 points to Power, and adds 2 points to Stamina. 
ITEM 5 - The Three-Sided Plum costs 30 rings. It adds 1 point to Mood,  
adds 2 points to Belly, takes away 2 Swim points,  adds 3 points to  
Fly, adds 3 points to Run, takes away 1 Power point, and adds 1 point  
to Stamina. 
ITEM 6 - The Pear costs 55 rings. It adds 1 point to Mood, adds 2  
points to Belly, takes away 3 Swim points, adds 4 points to Fly, takes  
away 3 Run points , adds 4 points to Power, and adds 2 to Stamina. 
ITEM 7 - The Bitter Square costs 70 rings. It takes away 3 Mood points,  
does not effect Belly, adds 3 points to Swim,  adds 1 point to Fly,  
adds 3 points to Run, adds 2 points to Power, and takes away 5 Stamina  
ITEM 8 - The eighth item is an egg. The eggs that appear are random and  
there are 12 eggs total. You can only have one egg and one Chao at a  
time. All they do are change the way your Chao looks. A Spotted egg is  
free and gives you the normal, blue Chao. The Silver egg costs 500  
rings and gives you a gray Chao. The Gold egg costs 1,000 rings and  
gives you a yellow Chao. The Ruby egg costs 5,000 rings and gives you a  
pink Chao. The Sapphire egg costs 7,000 rings and gives you a dark blue  
Chao. The Amethyst egg costs 8,000 rings and gives you a purple Chao.  
The Emerald egg costs 10,000 rings and gives you a green Chao. The  
Garnet (my birthstone ;-) ) egg costs 12,000 rings and gives you a red  
Chao. The Aquamarine egg costs 14,000 rings and gives you a light blue  
Chao. The Peridot egg costs 16,000 rings and gives you a light green  
Chao. The Topaz egg costs 18,000 rings and gives you an orange Chao.  
The Onyx egg costs 20,000 rings and gives you a cool looking black Chao  
(like Bender). 
ITEM 9 - The ninth item is a toy. The toys appear in order. The Bugle  
costs 1,000 rings. Give it to your Chao. When he starts to play he will  
be out of tune, but after about a dozen times he will be good at  
playing it. The Duck costs 2,000 rings. It floats in the pond and if  
your Chao is near it, he or she may ride it. This is very rare though.  
The final item, the TV, appears 3 game hours after buying the Duck. It  
costs you 8,000 rings. The Chao will walk up to the TV and sit down and  
watch. Do not disturb him or he will get mad. 
S.06 - Taking Care Of Your Chao 
Now that you know what you can buy, you can start to raise your Chao!  
Use the fruits to boost up your levels (WARNING!!! DO NOT BOOST STAMINA  
PAST LEVEL 11!!! Refer to S.09).  The best fruit for your Chao's Mood  
is tied between the Strawberry and the Pear. The Orange, the  
Strawberry, the Three-Sided Plum, and the Pear are the best for the  
Belly. The Strawberry gives you the most Swim. Boost your Fly the most  
with the Blue Squash. The Strawberry raises your Run the most of all  
other fruits. If you like Power, munch on the Sour Apple. The Blue  
Squash gives you the most Stamina. Overall, a good diet with  
Strawberries, Blue Squashes, and a Sour Apple now and then will make  
your Chao a champ! Just keep playing with him and feeding him. The  
highest stat for a category is level 99. A perfect Chao is one with  
Level 99 in all categories. You can even make your Chao better by  
transferring him or her to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the Nintendo  
Game Cube. If you notice, below your name you see the word "CHILD". If  
you transfer your Chao, he or she can evolve! Don't worry, you can  
still transfer him of her back to Sonic Advance, only your Chao will  
look alot different! 
S.07 - IT TALKED!!! 
Some times your Chao will talk to you. What he says has no effect what  
so ever on the game except when the Chao says it is leaving. Some tell  
a bit about Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and that is it. You should ignore  
most of it(especially when he or she talks about nuts o_0). These  
little things sure are egotistical and vein. 
*ConfusedGuy note: as should be obvious, when a chao is about to run  
away, it will say the quote about running away... when it is hungry, it  
will say the quote about being hungry... et cetera. 
1. 1 ton barbells are too heavy. Ugh! 
2. A ducks swimming. I want to swim too. 
3. Ah, Never mind. I forget. 
4. Beep beep! Robot Chao! Buzz buzz. Take me to the Robot Garden. 
5. Brush your teeth! Shiny! White! 
6. Can you teach me how to be a spineless wimp? 
7. Chaoman! Chaoman! Defender of Good! 
8. Change the batteries or I'll die! 
9. Clocks go tick-tock, tick-tock! 
10. Cool! I love screaming Chao! 
11. Dancing-Chao! Hip-hop-Chao! Cha-cha-Chao! 
12. Did something good happen? Yay! 
13. Did you know the L button closes the store? 
14. Dinner is more important than anything! 
15. Do you know where I was born? 
16. Do you think I'm cute? Everyone thinks I'm cute. 
17. Don't you wish you could fly? 
18. Excellent weather! I feel good! 
19. Feeling faint...Vision blurring... 
20. Fireworks are so cool! How do they work? 
21. Get a new batery. Or I'm a goner! 
22. Give gifts to people. They just love it! 
23. Good weather makes me feel good too! 
24. How do we enter the race? 
25. How was your day? 
26. I can't breathe underwater. I tried. 
27. I don't like the snacks they have in kindergarten. 
28. I feel irritated. Time for dinner! 
29. I found an emblem! Then I tossed it. 
30. I hate the nuts from kindergarten. 
31. I heard a voice. It said, eat more nuts! 
32. I just can't stop watching TV. My brain is mush... 
33. I just saw Amy! She was at a sale. She looked happy! 
34. I like eating nuts but staring at them is fun, too! 
35. I like my name. Thanks! 
36. I like rolly polly round things! 
37. I like your nuts! 
38. I play fair now. Fair and square. 
39. I played a lot today so I'm slee... Zzz... 
40. I played with the kid next door! 
41. I owe it all to Sonic and his friends. 
42. I try to be good. I really do! 
43. I wanna be 30,000 meters tall! 
44. I wanna get a Mohawk! 
45. I wanna grow up and get a job! 
46. I wanna run faster! But how? 
47. I want a new name. Please? 
48. I want some more friends! But how? 
49. I want to go to kindergarten and make friends! 
50. I want to race. Is it too early? 
51. I wish my homework would disappear. 
52. If my legs were shorter I could be a supermodel. 
53. If you just turn the power off you can't save! 
54. I'm always eating. I eat every day! 
55. I'm always thankful, you know! 
56. I'm feeling down. I'm tired of the same old nuts. 
57. I'm getting a facial! I'm gonna be pretty! 
58. I'm hungry. 
59. I'm not lazy. I've been training. 
60. I'm running away. This is your last chance to stop me. 
61. I'm so sleepy. I'm always sleepy... 
62. I'm working on some brand-new special attacks! 
63. Is coffee just for grown-ups? I wanna try some! 
64. Isn't it time to eat? 
65. It's so small, I like wide open places! 
66. I've been practicing my spin kicks! 
67. I've got time today. Let's play! 
68. Just zoning out makes me happy. 
69. L Button closes the store! Did you know that? 
70. La-la-la. I sing great, don't I? 
71. Let's do it! Time for the 3-legged race! 
72. Let's do our best! Okay? 
73. Let's have a staring contest! 
74. Look at how time flies! 
75. Look at my muscles! They're so big! 
76. Look at time go by on the clock. Round and round... 
77. Maybe I should conquer the world. 
78. My belly's big. Do I look fat? 
79. My eyes are starting to hurt. 
80. My skin is dry. I need vitamins. 
81. My tummy is empty. I'm getting angry! 
82. My young, carefree days are gone. 
83. Now it's my turn to listen. TALK! 
84. Nuts are the best! These are mine! 
85. Oh no! Split ends. My poor hair. 
86. One day I'll have everything I want. 
87. Ooga-booga-booga! Did I scare you? 
88. Pains! 
89. Pay attention to me, or I'm going to run away! 
90. Play a Mini-Game to earn stuff. 
91. Push the L Button to open the store! Yippee! 
92. Remember to say please and thank you! 
93. Riding on a train is choo-good! 
94. Rolling around in the grass feels so good! 
95. Sometimes I wonder if my career is going anywhere... 
96. So small! I like wide open places! 
97. Take a break! I'll wait for you! 
98. Teach me how to do the lazy dance! 
99. Teach me how to make bubbles with my runny nose! 
100. Teacher said I was a good Chao! 
101. Thanks for listening to me. 
102. The nut you gave me before was great. Gimme more! 
103. The scream of a wonderous soul! Chao! Chao! 
104. The sun, it's too brite! 
105. This show is the best! 
106. This week, I'm gonna grow up and be an adult! 
107. Two-ton barbells are too heavy. Ugh! 
108. Uh-oh! I've gotta go! 
109. Were you excited the first time you rode a bicycle? 
110. What is political reform? Is it tasty? 
111. What is politics, should I care? 
112. When I grow up I want to be 30,000 meters tall! 
113. When I see nuts, I go nuts. 
114. When things get tough... Smile! 
115. When you're done, push START, and SAVE & EXIT! 
116. Where's Sonic! He said he'd play with me! Wah! 
117. Why are vitamins so important? 
118. Would doing only what you want to do make you happy? 
119. You say you want me back? Okay. 
Please let me know if you find any more. 
S.08 - A New Chao? 
So, you don't like your blue Chao? Wanna use that Onyx egg you blew so  
many rings on? Here is what you do. Make sure that it's mood and belly  
are empty. Do this by not feeding it, not picking up weeds, and pet it  
only when he or she watches TV and sleeps. When both bars are empty, do  
not touch it for 1 hour. During this hour you Chao will cry and give  
you the raspberry (And you though all Chao were good). After the hour  
he or she will get up and say  "I'm running away! This is your last  
chance to stop me!". If you pet him or her, your Chao will say "You say  
you want me back? Okay.". If you do not pet your Chao, he or she is  
gone forever. When he or she is gone, pick all the weeds and get some  
fruit ready. Pet the egg three times and you have your new Chao! 
S.09 - The Bad 
-Data Deletion has been proven to mess up the "Tiny Chao Garden". You  
will not be able to gain any rings. THQ has stated that you need to get  
back the amount of rings you lost before they will appear in your  
garden. You can get these back by either playing the "Tiny Chao Garden"  
mini-games or by playing the main game/time trial. Or you could cheat  
with a Code Breaker to fix it, but you don't want to cheat. Do you?  
Well, go on over to cmgsccc.com and write down the "Pinball Chao  
Garden" and "Forest Chao Garden" codes. Play the first act with the  
"Pinball Chao Garden" code on with any character and beat it. Hopefully  
you will go to a zone where you are stuck in a wall. Do a soft reset  
(Hold down the A button, B button, START button, and SELECT button).  
Now go through the first act with the "Forest Chao Garden" code on.  
After completing it you will hopefully see the ending sequence. Once  
you are back to the Main Menu, play the game without any codes to see  
if it worked. Please note that this fix is only for Code Breaker and  
may erase your cartridge. Thou hast been warned... 
-Big thanks to Ultra Pokemaster2000, SonikkuGBA, and Muff Diver of the  
GameFAQs message boards for confirming this. I too have witnessed it.  
Transfer your Chao to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle when its Stamina is  
level 0. If you do not, his genes will be 0000 for Stamina, thus  
preventing you from getting a Chao with decent Stamina. If you raise  
one Stamina level in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and then transfer it back  
to Sonic Advance, it will be okay. The only way to correct the genes  
would be to hack a Chao's stats. 
S.10 - FAQs 
Q1. How do I save my Chao? 
A1. Press the START button and select "Save and Quit". 
Q2. You mentioned male and female Chao. How can I tell my Chao's  
A2. I just used the terms "he" and "she" because they are grammatically  
Q3. "i got an egg for FREE at the store and it wont hatch or move or do  
anything! and im not kidding i really got it for absolutly no rings  
whatsoever. why wont it hatch? i think i got ripped off..." 
A3. How could you have been ripped off if it was free? That Spotted egg  
is semi-worthless. Just use it for Shadow/Sonic/Nights Chao, or other  
second evolutions. Anyway, just get rid of your old Chao to hatch it. 
Q4. Do the Chaos Emeralds effect my Chao? 
A4. No. They only unlock the Final Zone. 
Q5. When should I transfer my Chao to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle? 
A6. You were warned about the codes, you greedy cheat monkey. 
Q7. When will my Chao evolve? 
A7. Well, first you need to transfer the Chao to Sonic Adventure 2  
Battle. Please refer to a Chao FAQ for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for  
more details. 
Q8. What should I name my Chao? 
A8. Why are you asking me? Name it something you like! I named mine  
Bender, and trust me, he lives up to the name ;-) 
Q9. Where can I get the cable to hook my Game Boy Advance to my Game  
A9. Check online. You have a better chance of getting it there. 
Q10. When is Sonic Adventure 2 Battle coming to the Play Station 2/X- 
A10. I doubt it will happen. There is no talk about it. 
Q11. Can I kill my Chao? 
A11. ...why would you want to do that? Well, your Chao can die in Sonic  
Adventure 2 Battle. 
Q12. WHA?! IT CAN DIE?! 
A12. Yes, only three Chao are immune to this. The Chaos Chao, the  
Ultimate Light Chao, and the Ultimate Dark Chao. 
Q13. Why does the ball above my Chao's head change? 
A13. Good question. It shows his or her mood! The Ball means that he is  
fine, the Heart means he is happy, and the swirl means he is mad. 
Q14. Why does my Chao make faces? 
A14. It shows his or her mood. 
Q15. "My chao rarely talks. It's only said maybe three things the whole  
time I've had it. Is there something wrong with it?" 
A15. No, some Chao are just more talkative than others. 
Q16. What level should my Chao be at for the Begginer Race? 
A16. Level 15 in all stats is good. 
S.11 - Tips 
- Be sure to transfer your Chao to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle as soon as  
posible. If not, his or her genes in Stamina may be messed up. Raise a  
level in stamina to fix it. 
- It is easier to raise Chao in the "Tiny Chao Garden". 
- When you transfer a Chao to the "Tiny Chao Garden", you may be  
surprised by how empty your Chao's Belly is. This is a good oppertunity  
to level up. 
- Chao Cloning. There are three ways to do this. Method one requires  
SA2B, 2 memory cards and is risky. Method 2 requires SA2B, 2 memory  
cards, a GBA, and a GBA to GC link cable. Method 3 requires SA2B, Game  
Shark Advance, a GBA, and the GBA to GC link cable. 
~METHOD 1(Thanks to ChaoMan for this) - First, go to the chao garden  
that the chao you wish to clone is in. Then, 
take out the memory card in slot one. Put the other memory card in slot  
two, and put the chao you want to clone in the transporter. Send him to  
the memory card in slot two. After is saves, turn off the system. You  
should now have the chao on both cards. 
~METHOD 2(Thanks to ShockKirby80 for this) - 1. put Chao in GBA  
2. go into a Chao garden on another memory card  
3. take the Chao out of the GBA 
4. Move it onto the oringial memory card 
~METHOD 3(My method) - Have the Chao you want cloned in you GBA. Upload  
the save to your computer. You now ahve an endless supply of Chao and  
S.12 - Cheats And Saves 
I am warning you. I am not to be held responsible for what you do with  
these. They may erase your game. All that is shown here are Game Shark  
codes and saves. And only ones that apply to Chao! 
Infinite  Rings - 321EF4EAEC134E46 
Just use this code and then go through any stage for 999 rings. 
tranZeagle has some nice saves, he has one with 999,999 rings with no  
Chao. Pretty helpful... 
The Sonic Exchange has a great deal of saves aswell. 
There is always risk though. Thou hast been warned... 
S.13 - Chao Hacking 
I realy would like to thank Ferret for having a little conversation to  
me via AIM about Chao hacking. Here is the transcript of our talk. 
Ferret Druid: It's kind of easy 
Ferret Druid: Kinda of hard... 
Ferret Druid: Depends 
Ferret Druid: What you should do, it write down the total stat numbers 
Ferret Druid: And then use a hex calculator to find out the hex value 
Ferret Druid: Then load the game rom and find the addresses while  
running the game 
Ferret Druid: You should probably reverse the bytes 
Ferret Druid: So if the hex value for a stat is 0DAC 
Ferret Druid: Search for AC0D 
Ferret Druid: You might find many occurences of tthe same address, so  
look for the five that are directly in a row 
Ferret Druid: For instance, 03005050 
Ferret Druid: 03005052 
Ferret Druid: 03005054 
Ferret Druid: 03005056 
Ferret Druid: 03005058 
Ferret Druid: That would definitely be where the stats are kept 
Ferret Druid: Use the cheat function to lock the values that you want  
in the ram 
Ferret Druid: And save the game 
Ferret Druid: That's pretty much all you need to do. But you'll have to  
convert the GameShark save file to a regular rom 
Ferret Druid: It's pretty easy 
Ferret Druid: Just delete the four bytes at the end 
Ferret Druid: (ie: XXXX XXXX) 
Ferret Druid: And then delete everything before "PIRO" near the  
beginning of the file 
As you can see, you need an emulator and a ROM. I will not tell you  
where to get those. 
S.14 - The Sonic Advance And Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Connection 
As of May 5, 2002, only 3 companies make the Game Boy Advance and Game  
Cube cable. They are Nintendo, Ineract, and Nyko. Of the three, the  
official one is the hardest to find. They are not too expensive(about  
$10) but like I said, hard to find. When you hook the cable up, go into  
the garden in both games. In SA2B, step on the red button infront of  
the GBA. You then see a list of options. Only two concern the Tiny Chao  
Garden, Drop Off and Pick Up. If you brought a Chao with you when you  
hit the button, you can use Drop off to put the Chao in the GBA. You  
can use Pick Up to take a Chao from your Tiny Chao Garden and put it in  
the GC. That is all you need to know! 
S.15 - Thanks 
-To ConfusedGuy for adding this to his FAQ. 
-To Ultra Pokemaster2000, SonikkuGBA, and Muff Diver of the GameFAQs  
message boards for informing me of the Stamina Glitch. 
-To SEGA, SONIC TEAM, and THQ (never though I would thank them) for  
making this game. 
-To Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance and the Game Cube. 
-To Ferret Druid for Chao hacking information. 
-To ChaoMan and ShockKirby80 for their cloning methods. 
-To you, the reader. 
-And in the words of iD: "Thanks to Microsoft for ******* it all up." 
S.16 - Contact 
[Removed at the request of the author] 
S.17 - Coming Soon! 
- More information on the Sonic Advance/Sonic Adventure 2 Battle link- 
up when I find the blasted cable. 
- More Chao sayings. 
- More Chao saves. 
- More Chao cheats. 
- More stuff ;-) 
S.18 - Legal Crap 
Sonic is Copyright (c) SEGA and SONIC TEAM. Nintendo Game Boy Advance and  
Nintendo Game Cube are Copyright (c) Nintendo. GoldenChocobo77 (Michael  
Carey) copyrights this FAQ in the year 2002. This FAQ is currently  
available on GameFAQs (if CJayC puts it up...), my personal site,  
crazedpenguin14's site (http://crazedpenguin14.tripod.com/), and  
tranZeagle's site (http://geocities.com/tranzeagle/). If you want it on  
your site, ask me. Chances are that I will say yes. Do not copy it, 
modify it in any way, shape, or form, and do not sell without giving me 
50% of the profit =) And I was serious about that last part. 
5.0 - Kindergarten 
-Pay attention! 
The Chao Kindergarten is opposite the Chao Garden in the Lobby.  Within  
the Chao Kindergarten are five areas (six if you count the Bulletin  
Board, but that's essentially useless).  If you want to take your chao  
to any of the functions of the Kindergarten, pick the chao up and carry  
it over to the Kindergarten. 
5.1 - The Black Market 
To the left (from when you come in) of the Kindergarten entrance, is a  
locker that contains the Black Market.  In here, you can spend the  
rings you've earned in your game to buy various items: 
-Eggs.  These are colored eggs, which will hatch colored chao.  All the  
eggs for sale here come in a 'normal' (such as Red) variety, and a  
Shiny (such as Shiny Red) variety. 
-Fruit.  There are Heart Fruits to increase a chao's fertility; Chao  
Fruits to increase their statistics; Round, Square, and Triangle  
fruits, which can improve your chao's mood if you give them their  
favorite type; Hero and Dark fruits to help influence your chao's  
alignment; and Mushrooms to give a boost of Stamina. 
-Seeds.  If a chao has won the Shovel and Watering Can toys from the  
Beginner Races, it is able to plant a seed.  The seed will grow into a  
tree, and release the fruit that it is named after.  The Strong Fruit  
is of particular note, as it can only come from a seed, and will  
increase your chao's lifetime.  A planted tree will eventually die. 
-Hats.  Things from Wool Hats to Cardboard Boxes can be bought here for  
your chao to wear.  NOTE: the Apple and Watermelon are hats.  Your chao  
will not eat them. 
-Themes.  There are three currently-known menu themes that can be  
bought in the Black Market, and are very rare (and very expensive):  
Omochao's theme, Amy Rose's theme, and Maria Robotnik's theme. 
Rarer items can appear depending on how many emblems you've earned in  
the game.  The items available are also randomized every so often, so  
if you don't see what you want, wait a bit and check again. 
You can also sell items to the Black Market.  Simply pick up the item  
and carry it to the Market, and you can sell it for 1/4 of the price  
the item was bought for. 
You've probably heard of a "ring trick" that you can do to get a lot of  
rings.  There are actually several.  Here's one that's easy, and  
requires nothing more than a single memory card, the same one you save  
your game on: 
1.  Buy an expensive item from the Black Market (as expensive as you  
can afford) 
2.  Leave it in a garden, where you can pick it up easily and swiftly 
3.  Leave Chao World, and save 
4.  Enter Chao World, and retrieve the item you bought 
5.  Run the item to the Black Market and sell it 
6.  Reset your Gamecube (with the controller, press X, B, and Start  
7.  Complete something in the game, to ensure that the game data is  
Once you have done steps 1-3, continually repeat 4-6 as much as you  
want - the item will always be there, but your rings will continue to  
add up.  After you have the rings you want, do step 7 to make sure  
everything saves. 
5.2 - The Classroom 
Here is where your chao can learn things.  Lessons here range from  
Dances to Singing to Instruments to Drawing.  Leave your chao here, and  
after a while, come back; it will have learned a new lesson, which it  
will be able to randomly carry out while in the garden. 
If multiple chao in a garden know instruments, you can place them next  
to each other when one starts playing, and form a chao band.  Chao can  
also play audience to another chao who is singing. 
Courtesy of Chaoschao (chaossage@hotmail.com), along with a few  
revisions, here is a list of the lessons a chao can learn in the  
Go-Go Dancing 
Spin Dance 
Shake Dance 
Step Dance 
Exercise (this counts as a dance) 
Chaoschao also says that each lesson lasts approximately 10 minutes. 
5.3 - The Chao Principal 
The principal will give you advice and explanations of certain things  
chao-related.  If you have a question, it might not be a bad idea to  
check here to see if the Principal knows your answer. 
5.4 - The Chao Doctor 
This is an extremely useful part of chao raising.  While chao rarely  
get any illness or medical condition, the Medical Chart tells you a lot  
that you should know about your chao, including: 
-Type (first evolution, not second) and Alignment 
-Age (in chao years, which are a few real-time hours) 
-Times Transformed (here, 'transform' means 'reincarnate') 
-Chao Personality 
-Favorite Fruit 
5.5 - The Fortune Teller 
The fortune telling business is slow, so the Fortune Teller in the Chao  
Kindergarten will name your chao for you.  At first, it will give your  
chao a "Lucky name" - if you reject this name, the Fortune Teller will  
ask you if you want another name.  "Yes" will give you another "Lucky  
name" - "No" will get the Teller to ask you if you want to name your  
chao yourself.  A chao name can be up to seven characters, and can have  
numerous symbols. 
6.0 - Chao Racing 
-Run, Chaoko, run! 
In the Chao Garden, behind the waterfall, is the Chao Stadium.  Here  
you can go to either Chao Karate (covered in the next section), or Chao  
At first, there's only one racing circuit available, the Beginner races  
(in addition to the Party Race, where you can race your own chao  
against each other).  However, after you beat all the beginner races,  
other races will be unlocked.  As you win more races, even more  
circuits will be unlocked.  After completing a series of races, your  
chao (or the garden) will win a prize, which can be played with by a  
chao - in addition, after you complete a circuit of chao races, your  
chao will earn a medal, and you will earn an emblem.  The races get  
much harder as they go on, eventually leading up to racing against the  
immortal Chaos chao in the final Challenge, Hero, and Dark races. 
Your chao will go faster in certain parts of the races depending on its  
stats.  Running is used for running on foot, Swimming is used for  
swimming through water, Flying is used for flying off cliffs, and Power  
is used for climbing up walls.  Intelligence and Luck are hidden stats,  
but are still used occasionally, such as with the Jack-in-the-Box  
beginning some races. 
Here are all the races, what the key stat is to winning, and the prizes  
Beginner Race 
-Crab Pool (Swimming) - Shovel 
-Stump Valley (Flying) - Watering Can 
-Mushroom Forest (Running) - Toy Rattle 
-Block Canyon (Power) - Toy Car 
Jewel Race 
-Aquamarine (Swimming) - Sonic Doll 
-Topaz (Flying) - Broom 
-Peridot (Running) - Picture Book 
-Garnet (Power) - Pogo Stick 
-Onyx (Intelligence/Luck) - Crayons 
-Diamond (All) - Bubble-Blowing Set 
Challenge Race 
-First four (General) - Chao Garden Ball 
-Second four (General) - Chao Garden Jack-in-the-Box 
-Third four (General) - Chao Garden Television 
Hero Race (only Hero or Neutral chao can enter) 
-First two (General) - Hero Garden Ball 
-Second two (General) - Hero Garden Rocking Horse 
Dark Race (only Dark or Neutral chao can enter) 
-First two (General) - Dark Garden Ball 
-Second two (General) - Dark Garden Radio 
The only interactivity in Chao Racing is tied to your chao's stamina.   
Stamina is slowly eaten up as the race goes on - but if you press the A  
button during the race, for a slight sacrifice of Stamina, your chao  
will get a temporary speed boost. 
7.0 - Chao Karate 
There are, at first, three tournaments for Chao Karate (as well as the  
Interleague Game, where you can have your own chao fight against each  
other): Beginner, Standard, and Expert - after a chao completes these,  
it will be able to compete in the Super tournament.  A tournament is  
five successive battles with different chao, getting more difficult to  
defeat as they go on.  As you would assume, each tournament is harder  
than the last.  For winning a tournament, your chao will get a karate  
rank increase (in the Medical Chart), and you will earn another emblem. 
Your chao's stats are important here, too.  Swimming translates to your  
chao's defense, Flying becomes stealth (how easily it can evade  
attack), Running becomes speed in attacking, Power is self-explanatory,  
and Stamina becomes how much life your chao has.  It's an interesting  
side-note that, as your chao's power becomes higher, it will learn two  
new, more powerful attacks in Chao Karate - a spinning kick, and a  
wind-up punch. 
You can win a match in one of three ways: 
-Deplete the opponent's health completely 
-Knock the opponent over the side of the ring 
-Have the most health at the end of the 90-second time limit 
Again, the only interactivity here is with the A button.  Notice the  
Zeal meter at the bottom of the screen - when the Zeal depletes to a  
certain point, your chao will fall asleep.  Rapidly press the A button  
to gradually wake it up.  It is believed that a chao's intelligence  
determines the rate of the zeal meter going down while awake, and mood  
determines the rate of the zeal meter going up while pressing the A  
button, but this has not yet been confirmed. 
Legaia234 of the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle message boards has the  
following tips and level suggestions for Chao Karate, Beginner  
tournament (more possibly to come): 
Before you enter, it's suggested that all your chao's stats are level  
1. Chaosky: He's really simple, no stategy here except perhaps that his  
stamina (life) is real low.  A good warm-up. 
2. Chaolin: Chaolin gives more of a fight.  He'll start out by trying  
to hit you fast.  He's just like Chaosky, only with more defense. 
3. Chaoko: This guy is like the previous two competitors, only faster.   
He might dodge a few hits, but his defense is his weak point. 
SemiFinal. Eggy/Dinner: You'll either fight Eggy or Dinner.  It's  
random.  Well, they're the same as before, only with more defense and  
power.  They're on the slow side, so make sure your chao's fly  
(stealth) level is around 8.  
Final. Happy: Now for the final.  He's real fast, and strong.  Make  
sure your stats are all about level 8, just to be sure.  Good luck. 
8.0 - Special Chao 
-Ooh... ahh... 
This section details how to get the more unique chao of SA2:B.   
Compared to these chao, most of the other evolutionary pathways and  
such, which are quite impressive on their own, are mundane. 
In case you hadn't figured it out, here's how the classifications work: 
Alignment/First Evolution/Second Evolution 
For example, a chao who is Dark in alignment, a Running type, and went  
through a Power second evolution, would be Dark/Running/Power. 
8.1 - Sonic, Shadow, and NiGHTS Chao 
These chao resemble famous Sega characters.  They're not really too  
complex to get, though they will take time and attention.  They will  
die over time, as most chao do. 
A Sonic chao is a Neutral/Running/Running chao.  After the first  
evolution, it will become green (if it's a normal colored chao), and  
will have spine-like protrusions from the back of its head.  Slowly, as  
it goes through second evolution, it will turn from green to blue  
(again, if it's a normal colored chao), and look more and more like  
If you use a gold-colored egg, and evolve it Neutral/Running/Running  
(like a Sonic chao), it will *resemble* Super Sonic. 
A Shadow chao is Dark/Running/Running.  After first evolution, it has  
spines protruding from the back of its head, with green stripes (if  
it's a normal colored chao) on them.  As it evolves the second time,  
the stripes will turn dull, then yellow, then red, and it will  
gradually look more and more like Shadow. 
Some claim that a chao from a Silver egg raised as a Shadow chao will  
resemble Super Shadow.  This is untrue - the Silver color does not  
resemble it at all.  If you want a chao that resembles Super Shadow,  
try to get a two-toned Shiny Gray (which resembles the body coloration  
of Super Shadow) and Normal (for the red highlights in his spines)  
chao, then raise it as a standard Shadow chao - Dark/Running/Running. 
The NiGHTS chao is Neutral/Flying/Flying.  After its first evolution,  
it will be a light purple (if it's a normal colored chao), have  
enlarged, greenish wings, and will have two jester rolls coming out the  
back of its head with circular colorations (again, if it's a normal  
colored chao).  As it goes through its second evolution, it will become  
more and more like the character from the Sega Saturn game NiGHTS. 
8.2 - The Chaos Chao: Angel, Devil, Light Chaos 
These chao are the cream of the crop when it comes to special chao.   
Not only are they very unique in appearance, but they are also  
immortal.  That's right, immortal; they will not die over time like all  
other chao will. 
There are a few basic steps to get a Chaos chao - but be aware that  
they take a considerable amount of time to get.  However, those who get  
them will find that it's fully worth the time.  Also, remember that you  
can easily leave your Gamecube on, with a character standing in the  
garden, and time will still pass if you're not physically there - it's  
not uncommon to leave it on overnight, so that chao will age, and  
become closer to reincarnation. 
Here are the two requirements for any Chaos chao: 
-It must be in at least its third life (that is, it must have  
reincarnated at least two times - though it can easily be more) 
-It must have been given one each of all 21 animals while in its child  
stage - no more and no less, and no drives either 
After this, make sure that your chao is headed towards the proper  
evolutionary path for what type you want.  A Hero-alignment will become  
an Angel chao, a Dark-alignment will become a Devil chao, and a Neutral  
alignment will become a Light Chaos chao. 
Many sources claim that you need to feed it a Hero, Dark, or Chao fruit  
- this is not necessary.  You can feed your chao, of course, but it's  
not necessary to give them the alignment fruits (or any fruit, really)  
for them to become Chaos chao.  Also, it is irrelevant what the chao  
was given or evolved to in its former lives. 
If you have fulfilled all the requirements, the chao will (after a  
normal child-stage period of time) enter its first evolution cocoon;  
then a dramatic organ jingle will play, and a Chaos chao will come out  
of the cocoon. 
Small notice - though a single particular observation of it is still a  
mystery, as far as anyone has been able to find, Chaos chao cannot  
8.3 - Jewel Chao 
The Jewel-colored chao (as well as Silver and Gold) aren't really  
exceptionally special, but they are rather different.  Unlike the other  
colors (with the exception of the Clear chao and Shiny Normal chao  
mentioned below), Jewel eggs can only be bought in the Tiny Chao Garden  
in the GBA.  If you don't own Sonic Advance, this means a lot of time  
playing mini-games, as the least expensive Jewel colored egg (excluding  
Silver and Gold) is 5000 rings. 
However, a Jewel chao is useful to have, primarily for getting the chao  
covered in the next section. 
8.4 - Clear Chao 
These aren't 'special' chao, in the same terms as Sonic, Shadow,  
NiGHTS, and the Chaos chao - but they are special.  The Clear chao are  
certain colors of chao which you can only get from breeding  
combinations, and cannot be bought anywhere. 
There are a variety of currently confirmed types of Clear chao (one is  
completely invisible except for facial features and wings, and the  
others are all slightly tinted), and there are probably more, as this  
is a new feature to SA2:B; however, since it is still unsure how many  
types there are, or even if there is a limit to these types, specific  
Clear chao recipes will not be listed. 
All of the known recipes to get a Clear chao involve breeding a Shiny  
(from the Black Market) chao with a Jewel (from the GBA; this includes  
Silver and Gold) chao. 
On a minor side-note to this section, it is possible to get a chao  
which has normal coloration, but the Shiny characteristic as well.   
Like the clear chao, the Shiny Normal chao can only be bred, not  
Generally speaking, breed a normal chao and a shiny chao (this includes  
clear + normal; thanks to LukeGBAdvance for suggesting this, and  
Pokefan02 for testing it), and you have a chance of getting a Shiny  
8.5 - Two-Toned Chao 
A Two-Toned chao is simply a mix of colors.  For example, a Red/Normal  
chao may look partially red, but have highlights of the normal  
coloring, which will change with alignment. 
Experiment.  Try breeing different colors, and you'll probably stumble  
into a Two-Toned chao.  There are almost limitless combinations. 
9.0 - Getting an "SSSSS" Chao 
-Boy that thing is fast! 
The Animals, Drives, and Statistics section covered chao grades, noting  
that the highest grade possible for a stat is "S," and that higher  
grades mean more points from level-ups - therefore, higher grades mean  
that, ultimately, your chao has more potential for higher stats. 
So, if you want a chao with impressively high stats, and you're willing  
to put some work into it, here's how to go about getting all-"S"  
grades.  While the second method takes longer, the first can be more  
frustrating depending on your results.  Both methods center around the  
fact that in the first evolution, your chao's highest stat goes up a  
Child chao have a tendency to have better grades than their parents (in  
theory, that is; some tests have come up with a very rare occurrence of  
children even as good as their parents). Simply get two chao, enhance  
different stats in each, get them to adult stage (after first  
evolution), and breed them to get a child with (hopefully) even better  
ABABB + BAABA = (possibly) AAABA 
Evolve the children, breed them once they get to adulthood, and  
continue the cycle of breeding and evolving until you get SSSSS. 
A tip for SSSSS breeding: when parent grades get higher, they develop a  
tendency to be less reliable in offspring.  Even if a chao with an "A"  
in a stat is bred with another chao with an "A" in the same stat,  
there's only a fair chance of getting an offspring with an "A" in that  
same stat.  So, if you can, try to breed parent chao with grades that  
aren't too far apart. 
Also, try to leave more than one grade to enhance, as this can make the  
"SSSSS Quest" much quicker. 
Raise a chao's stat by first evolution. Then let it die, making sure  
you treat it well, so it'll reincarnate. 
When the chao is reincarnated, simply repeat the life-cycle and  
reincarnation with the reborn chao, and continue to do so until you get  
You can also combine the methods - if you only get one good child from  
breeding two adult chao, then simply take the best parent, reincarnate  
and evolve it (or keep it as it is), and breed it with the (evolved)  
child.  Remember, chao aren't real, so they won't particularly mind if  
you inbreed them. 
Research is currently being done in a number of areas for stat grades,  
including how grades are inherited, and how grades can be affected in  
more anomalous ways. 
10.0 - Advanced Chao Theory/Findings 
-For Chao Science! 
Here is where information on more in-depth chao testing and research is  
kept.  Though much of the information is inconclusive, some is very  
informative, and it's still an interesting read for those who are  
deeply involved in chao raising.  Testing is encouraged where  
10.1 - Chao Hatching 
Methods of hatching an egg will affect your chao.  Some claim that  
facial expressions are affected by hatching method, and some claim that  
faces are pre-set.  Testing has been done on hatching eggs in many ways  
- however, results are yet to be conclusive. 
Kupi, of the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle message board, has done  
significant testing in this area, finding the following results.  His  
tests were conducted by getting rid of all the chao in his gardens,  
thus receiving four new eggs - one in the Hero Garden, one in the Dark  
Garden, and two in the Chao Garden.  It is assumed that these eggs  
contain the same chao each time, as they almost always have the same  
stat grades. 
The following chao were hatched normally, by and close to Sonic (except  
for the special case): 
Group 1 
BEACD-Normal face 
ADBCE-Normal face 
EDACB-Normal face 
EBEBC-Angry face, dark tint;hatched away from Sonic 
The one Chao that hatched while Sonic was away came out with an angry  
face and a darkish tint to it.  Not only that, but the stats were very  
odd as compared to the other three.  Notice that each of them has one  
A, one B, one C, and so on.  The one hatched away from Sonic, however,  
has an odd double-E double-B setup.  This couldn't be coincidence, so  
more tests were done and better notes on personality and fruit  
preference were taken: 
Group 2 
ADBCE-Normal face, Naive, Triangle Fruit 
EDACB-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
EBEBC-Normal face, Naive, Square Fruit 
BEACD-Normal face, Naive, Square Fruit 
Group 3 
BEACD-Normal face, no personality, Square Fruit 
EDACB-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
ADBCE-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
EBEBC-Normal face, Carefree, Square Fruit 
Notice that, contrary to the fluke case in the first group, the later  
two seem to be resulting in the same chao.  Look closely - each set of  
stats in the lower two groups matches one in the first group.  Not  
regarding some strange exceptions, stats of the Chao in the eggs you  
get are fixed. 
More tests were done later, with different methods.  The following chao  
were hatched by Sonic through rocking 10 times: 
Group 1 
BEACD-Normal face, no personality, Square Fruit 
EDACB-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
ADBCE-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
EBEBC-Toothy Grin, Carefree, Square Fruit 
*Note, however, that EBEBC was transported from the Dark Garden to the  
Chao Garden before it was rocked, meaning that it was picked up, put  
down in another garden, and rocked, rather than picked up and rocked on  
the spot (like the two in the Chao Garden and the one in the Hero  
At this point, it was decided to avoid the EBEBC situation and rock the  
eggs immediately, in the area where they start. 
<H> means the egg was in the hero garden, <D> means the egg was in the  
Dark Garden, and <C> means that it was in the Chao Garden. 
Group 2 
<D>ECCCE-Evil Grin, Curious, Round Fruit 
<H>AECDB-Normal face, Naive, Square Fruit 
<C>BDBBC-Normal Face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
<C>DCCBD-Permanently Happy, Big Eater, Square Fruit 
Another note: DCCBD was rocked with a full tilt of the control stick,  
whereas the others had been rocked with a half-tilt.  Could something  
so minor have an impact?  Furthermore, was the same thing done with  
For Group 3, a full tilt of the control stick was used to rock the  
Group 3 
<D>EBEBC-Normal face, no personality, Square Fruit 
<H>BEACD-Normal face, Naive, Square Fruit 
<C>EDACB-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
<C>ADBCE-Normal face, Naive, Triangle Fruit 
It's Group 2 that's puzzling.  What was done to get the stats so  
different?  There must be some explanation besides sheer luck, because  
of that one AECDB. 
Now, more tests were done.  The following chao were hatched by Sonic by  
throwing the egg from a run (all eggs hatched in Chao Garden, but the  
garden of origin is noted for possible importance): 
Group 1 
<D>EBEBC-Sleepy (no mouth), Energetic, Triangle Fruit 
<H>BEACD-Normal face, no personality, Square Fruit 
<C>ADBCE-Happy Smile, Naive, Round Fruit 
<C>EDACB-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
Group 2 
<D>EBEBC-Sleepy (no mouth), Naive, Triangle Fruit 
<H>BEACD-Happy Smile, no personality, Square Fruit 
<C>EDACB-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
<C>ADBCE-Normal face, no personality, Triangle Fruit 
The various characteristics seem to be mixing and matching. 
Group 3 
<D>ECCCE-Permanently Happy, Curious, Round Fruit 
<H>AEDCB-Sleepy (no mouth), Naive, Triangle Fruit 
<C>BDBBC-Normal face, Naive, Triangle Fruit 
<C>DCCBD-Normal face, Cry Baby, Round Fruit 
These stats are an exact match of Group 2 in the rocking study.  It can  
be seen that most of the time a special face resulted, it was from an  
egg moved from one garden to another - however, no sense can be made of  
the rest of the results. 
In yet another round of testing, all of the following chao hatched on  
their own near the plants next to the cliff in the Chao Garden, with  
Sonic standing near the door with his back facing them. 
Group 1 
ADBCE-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
EBEBC-Normal face, Carefree, Triangle Fruit 
BEACD-Normal face, Naive, Square Fruit 
EDACB-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
It was believed that perhaps the chao hatched away from Sonic in the  
first, original test, influenced a stat grade change - however, since  
these results are nothing out of the ordinary, that first result has  
been deemed nothing more than a fluke, until more conclusive results  
can be found. 
On a different subject, the following tests compare the possible  
effects of 5 rocks versus 20 in hatching an egg, by Sonic, in the  
garden of the egg's origin. 
Group 1 
<D>EBEBC-Evil Grin, no personality, Triangle Fruit 
<H>BEACD-Happy Smile, Naive, Square Fruit 
<C>EDACB-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
<C>ADBCE-Normal face, Naive, Round Fruit 
Group 2 
<D>ECCCE-Permanently Happy, Curious, Square Fruit 
<H>AEDCB-Sleepy, Carefree, Triangle Fruit 
<C>BDBBC-Normal face, Naive, Triangle Fruit 
<C>DCCBD-Permanently Happy, Curious, Square Fruit 
Group 3 
<D>EBEBC-Angry, Naive, Triangle Fruit (5 1/2 rocks) 
<H>BEACD-Normal face, no personality, Square Fruit 
<C>EDACB-Normal face, Cry Baby, Triangle Fruit 
<C>ADBCE-Normal face, Naive, Round Fruit 
Rocking seems to raise the chances of a special face, but the special  
face does not seem to be affected by number of rocks yet. Rocking it in  
a specific garden might have a bearing on its face, however. 
At this point, the testing was left as it was, perhaps for later chao  
researchers to make more sense of the results.  In conclusion, egg  
hatching has many variables. 
10.2 - Evolution 
Some have claimed that a chao's second evolution is sped up by giving  
the chao animals and/or drives continuously.  Some claim that the first  
evolution is sped up by feeding your chao more.  Some say that the  
first evolution will also be sped up by continuously petting the chao.   
Some say that both evolutions are controlled solely by time, and  
food/items are entirely irrelevant. 
A potential theory to explain all of this with as little information  
clash as possible is that, perhaps, both evolutions are based on the  
amount of attention your chao is given.  When a chao is pet, or fed, or  
given an animal/drive, it is given attention; when you are in the  
garden with it, it is given a lesser degree of attention. 
The following tests on a chao's first evolution were conducted by  
Chao 1 
Hatched by being nuzzled 10 times (by Sonic) 
Dark/Normal  DDBDB 
Less than 45 minutes of attention 
Evolved when all stats were at or above 130 
Chao 2 
Hatched by being thrown against wall (by Eggman)  
Hero/Normal  BCDBD 
2 hrs of attention 
Evolved when all stats were at or above 100 
Chao 3 
Hatched by being thrown against wall (by Tails) 
Hero/Normal  CEDBD 
30 minutes of attention 
Evolved when all stats were at or above 150 
It seems as though the more attention the Chao gets, the fewer stat  
points are needed before its first metamorphosis, regardless of the  
grades each stat gets from the chao doctor. 
At this point, it is the belief of the author of this FAQ that a chao  
will evolve (at least for the first time) depending on some sort of  
scale between attention and time - that is, the more attention, the  
less time it takes, and vice-versa. 
10.3 - Chao Lifetimes 
A chao will die sometime during its fifth chao 'year' - age can be seen  
in the Medical Chart at the kindergarten doctor.  It is almost certain  
that feeding your chao Strong Fruits will make it age more slowly -  
however, it is not known as a definite what it is that causes a chao's  
real-time (measured in actual time, not in chao years) lifetime to be  
It is a commonly held belief that mating will speed up a chao's aging.   
Minor testing has been conducted to tentatively conclude that natural  
mating will decrease a chao's real-time lifespan, while Heart Fruit  
induced mating will not.  However, more testing on this would be  
In lieu of actual test results, it is the belief of the author of this  
FAQ that any mating will decrease a chao's lifespan. 
10.4 - Grade Anomalies 
A few people have reported chao grades that have changed (even gone  
down) as a result of evolution or reincarnation.  Testing has never  
been done on this (and indeed, probably cannot be done, since it seems  
to be entirely random) - simply be aware that it has happened. 
10.5 - Chao Gardens and Alignment 
It has been confirmed that gardens exert an alignment effect on chao. 
DiabloTheFox625 (rufus6256@hotmail.com) did a test on this: 
Eight normal-color chao, recently hatched, were left in the dark garden  
over night.  However, as we know, a limited amount of items can be left  
in the garden - so the maximum amount of fruit was put into the water,  
so that the chao could not eat it, and no more would fall - hence, no  
chao could eat. 
The next morning, all the chao were dark alignment (and quite hungry).   
Thus, even without eating, they have evolved into dark chao. 
This test was repeated with all characters, with the same results each  
time; the only remaining influence was garden, thus proving that the  
gardens do have an effect on a chao's alignment. 
10.6 - Chao Intelligence 
There are numerous theories on how a chao's intelligence is influenced.   
Some say animals (some claim specific animal types, or even specific  
animals), some say certain kinds of fruit, some say age, some say  
experience, some say Kindergarten lessons, some say fruit from the Tiny  
Chao Garden, and some say it's predetermined at birth. 
Conclusive testing on this is in progress.  Intelligence can be  
observed in how fast a chao opens the jack-in-the-box in some races -  
not in what comes out, but in how fast the chao figures out how to open  
the box. 
An observation, courtesy of Draco Peregrine (XPheonixDragonX@aol.com): 
Two eggs were hatched and put into the Onyx race, to compare their  
times at the jack-in-the-box.  They both took 5 seconds. 
Later, two new chao were hatched in a new garden, on a new memory card.   
Both of these took 7 seconds. 
So, perhaps, birth-based intelligence differs from memory card to  
memory card, just as the egg sets do (but this particular subject won't  
be delved into, at least not yet). 
Additionally, Anonymous Me (pincherbug@juno.com) says that blue animals  
will increase a chao's intelligence - just very slowly.  It may take  
several hundreds of blue animals to create a noticable difference, he  
says.  Also, strong fruits seem to decrease a chao's intelligence, from  
his findings. 
These are the only concrete findings at this time. 
10.7 - Chao Hats and Karate 
Multiple tests have conclusively proven that a chao's hat is actually  
for more than just show.  In Chao Karate, a hat has been found to  
increase the wearer's defense - however, it also lowers the wearer's  
10.8 - Maximum Stats 
A stat can only go up to level 99 - after that, its value cannot be  
(legitimately) increased any further than it is.  Naturally, you want  
your chao's grades to be SSSSS, for better final stats - but how do you  
get the best? 
An S-ranked stat can go up a maximum of 30 points (randomized from 26- 
30) per level.  If you are extremely lucky, and get +30 each level,  
after 99 levels, a chao which is born with all-S grades will be at 2970  
points in all stats.  Then, when it reincarnates, the chao will have  
10% of those stats - 297. 
Note: If you start from after a chao's reincarnation, then the maximum  
stats (as covered below) for one lifetime are 2940.  This will not  
affect the ultimate results, because of rounding. 
When a chao reincarnates, it starts at level 01, not 00; therefore, if  
you're extremely lucky again, you can get 98 levels of +30, for a total  
of 2940 + 297 (or +294, if you began with your chao reincarnated).  At  
the peak of its second life, a chao may have up to 3237 (or 3234) in  
all stats. 
Then it can reincarnate again, and will start at 323, 10% of its  
previous life (decimals are rounded down, not up).  Again, if you're  
extremely lucky, 2940 can be added to all this, for a total of 3263 
The process repeats.  Reincarnate, start at 326, 2940 + 326 = 3266. 
The next life, the chao will start at 326 again.  It can, again, get to  
a maximum of 3266.  This cycle will repeat endlessly (assuming you're  
incredibly unbelievably impossibly lucky). 
Therefore, it can be concluded that the highest possible (legitimate)  
value for any stat is 3266.  It will likely turn out significantly  
lower, because of the randomization involved - unless you dedicate  
yourself to always resetting the game when you don't get a +30... 
10.9 - Grade/Color Inheritance 
Currently, it is not know precisely how color and grade inheritance  
work.  However, extensive study has been devoted to it. 
Here is a list of a series of chao breedings, as well as the trends  
which were encountered in the offspring.  All parents were given heart  
fruit for mating, which may or may not affect the quality of the  
*Grade* = every single offspring had this grade 
+Grade+ = all offspring but one had this grade; followed by exception  
(only for larger testing groups, as smaller ones are less conclusive) 
Swim - C 
Fly - C 
Run - *D* 
Power - *B* 
Stamina - S 
Swim - B 
Fly - B 
Run - *A* 
Power - *B* 
Stamina - B 
Swim - A, C 
Fly - D, A 
Run - *A* 
Power - +B+, D 
Stamina - *B* 
Swim - A, C 
Fly - A 
Run - *A* 
Power - B, A 
Stamina - A, B 
Swim - *A* 
Fly - C 
Run - *A* 
Power - B, S 
Stamina - A, B 
Swim - S, A 
Fly - A, C 
Run - *A* 
Power - S, B 
Stamina - A 
Swim - +S+, A 
Fly - +S+, A 
Run - *A* 
Power - S, B 
Stamina - +A+, S 
Analysis of the later generations shows frequent occurances of stats  
that are lower than the parents', despite the fact that both parents  
had the same grade in that stat.  Also, there has yet to be a grade  
that iss higher than both of the parents' in a certain stat. 
It is theorized that perhaps chao have 'genes', dominant and recessive  
(like humans have for their own traits), for their stat grades.   
However, it's hard to come to any positive conclusion from the  
currently known results, and the author of this FAQ is having trouble  
finding any patterns in the above data. 
As for color inheritance, this is still being looked into. 
Matthew M. Oakley (moakley_the_magnanimous@hotmail.com) has this to  
"Chao gene inheritance is random.  They each hold at least (but  
probably not more than) two genes for every trait. 
In a few rare cases, a chao is born that shares neither color trait of  
it's parents.  That is, I had a normal chao (egg that started off in  
the garden, i.e., no parents) that mated with an aquamarine chao (store  
bought).  Their child was white.  He remained white even after  
evolution, as though he'd been borne from a white egg.  Whether this is  
simply a rare anomally, or something similar to the situation with the  
creation of clear chao, I'm uncertain. 
Given about the same chances, sometimes a normal chao will be borne  
with a light or dark coloration to it.  One such chao evolved and  
remained dark.  The light colored one (which started off as white)  
evolved into a perfectly normal chao. 
I have seen chao that had children who inherited the coloration, not  
from their parents, but from their grandparents.  I've never been given  
any indication from all of the breeding that there would be more than  
two genes. 
That is to say, in all the breeding, (barring the aforementioned  
mutations) nothing, according to what I've stated, has been impossible.   
Also, every single stat grade is inherited.  I've never seen a new  
grade appear at random.  No one attribute, however, is always dominant  
over another. 
One last thing- in order to raise my all S chao, I simply began  
breeding all of my chao with even one S.  Eventually, I got chao with  
three Ss.  I mated these, until I got chao with four Ss.  This is a  
pretty obvious way to do it, but here's the trick- 
When you get an inferior chao, reset the game and try again.  However,  
if you have the chance to get an all S chao, but get a 4 S chao, just  
toss the new chao into the mix.  The odds are better, considering the  
recessive genes." 
Clint Myers (iamateenageappetizer@msn.com) says: 
"It has come to my attention that if you mate two chao with the same  
face you have about an 85% chance of getting the offspring to have the  
same expression.  But further testing of my theory is necessary to  
clarify my findings." 
There are, in the opinion of the author of this FAQ, two good theories  
for inheritance: 
1. Randomness, taking into consideration the parents 
2. A two-allele genetic inheritance system, similar to humans 
However, because of the enormous scope of this, no testing has  
conclusively proved one theory or the other. 
11.0 - Other FAQ Stuff 
-And so, as all things do, this FAQ must come to an end. 
This is the conclusion to the FAQ.  Hopefully, you have received the  
answer to any chao questions you might have, and possibly learned  
something new in the process.  Chao are very complex creatures, and it  
takes a great deal of experience to even begin to understand how they  
As of the Final version of this FAQ, there are still quite a few chao  
mysteries left unsolved - but this doesn't necessarily mean they'll  
always be as such.  The curious and the ambitious should test these  
things for themselves, even if this FAQ will not post them - perhaps  
another FAQ, or a message board, or a website, or something, will show  
the results, for the further enlightenment of chao trainers everywhere. 
Lastly, please remember that if you can't find an answer to your  
question here, there are three things you can do: 
-Ask someone/something else 
-Look harder 
-Play the game and see 
I highly recommend the third.  While, and not to be arrogant, most  
chao-related questions can be answered in this FAQ, some may be a  
little hard to find.  So, you have the game, why not play it?  Part of  
the fun (in fact, part of life) is answering questions for yourself. 
11.1 - Version History 
Version 1.0, 4/13/02 
FAQ is almost entirely complete as it is, though corrections,  
revisions, and additions are sure to come.  Likely, theory revision,  
and possibly clearing up how to get a clear chao, will be done in  
future updates. 
Version 1.1, 4/26/02 
Okay, so it wasn't quite complete before.  A number of things have been  
added, from new tips and FAQs to corrections, to entirely new sections.   
The major additions include the Two-Toned Chao section,  
Kirberteinstien55's notes on evolution time, a link to the site with  
Chaoschao's pictures of all the first evolutions, Matt's small animal  
guide, and GoldenChocobo77's Tiny Chao Garden guide.  Also, a few Shiny  
Normal chao recipes have been added, as well as the "Super Sonic" and  
"Super Shadow" chao recipes, and how to do the "Infinite Drive/Animal  
Version 1.15, 5/7/02 
Added a shiny chao recipe, most recent version of the Tiny Chao Garden  
FAQ, some notes on intelligence, DiabloTheFox625's notes on a garden's  
effect on alignment, and Matthew Oakley's notes on chao inheritance, as  
well as various other tips and questions. 
Version 1.2, 5/20/02 
Added tip for previewing and choosing chao faces through the GBA, and  
GoldenChocobo77's descriptions of the second evolutions, as well as a  
number of minor clarifications. 
Version 1.21, 5/22/02 
Added a submitted strategy for getting a Phoenix, because the previous  
one (well, still here) takes far longer.  Also, a comment: it may be  
quite a while before this FAQ has any more updates, as I'm taking a  
"vacation" from both this game and the GameFAQs boards. 
Version 1.22, 6/1/02 
Added a new Penguin strategy, for the same reason as the Phoenix one.   
Also added a list of kindergarten lessons, and repaired a few small  
things here and there.  This is a minor update, really, just to fix a  
few things up - as far as I can tell, nothing major will be coming for  
quite a while. 
Final version, 6/11/02 
Lately (since long before the last update or so), I've been doing  
nothing but get emails from people asking about things which are  
already in my FAQ; very rarely I'll get an intelligent question, and I  
haven't gotten any important findings in quite a while - in fact, of  
all the mysteries that remain, I see myself (and others) getting no  
closer to their solutions.  Frankly... I'm tired.  Since nothing  
important has come about in so long, I believe that no harm will come  
of finalizing this FAQ - and perhaps, perhaps it will give me some much  
needed relaxation. 
11.2 - Guidelines ("legal") 
This document Copyright 2002 Terry "The Confused One" Suereth. 
This FAQ is posted in the following places, by author's permission: 
GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/) 
Chao Planet X (http://www.gameroom.com/chaoplanetx/) 
If you wish to use this FAQ, or information from this FAQ, on a site  
other than those two, feel free to do so - however, I will be  
personally offended if you take credit for my work, and that would not  
be nice to do at all.  Also, if you use this FAQ for commercial  
purposes, I will let loose my all-level 99 all-S Angel, Devil, and  
Light Chaos chao upon you; and they can run pretty darn fast. 
11.3 - Credits 
FAQ written by ConfusedGuy (makes you feel confident about the  
information, doesn't it?). 
Informational contributions from numerous sources from the GameFAQs  
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle message boards. 
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle from Sonic Team. 
Gamecube from Nintendo. 
GameFAQs.com from Jeff "CJayC" Veasey. 
Major contributors: 
-Sean Park (http://www.parkfamily.com/), for his ASCII art for my FAQ. 
-Kupi, for his research into Egg Hatching Methods. 
-Ferret5317 (http://www.freehomepages.com/ferretdruid/), for his list  
of animal abilities, as well as general chao expertise. 
-Donnie Douglas, for giving me permission to use part of his Chao FAQ,  
on animal and drive stats; and AcidZeerO, for contributing that  
information to Donnie's FAQ. 
-Kirberteinstien55 (jeffmerrill@pacbell.net), for his research notes on  
possible causes of the first evolution. 
-Chaoschao (chaossage@hotmail.com), for taking pictures of all the  
first evolutions of chao. 
-Matt (baritonedude@yahoo.com), for his list of animal strategies  
(which was first posted on Zingela's Chao FAQ at GameFAQs). 
-GoldenChocobo77, for contributing his Tiny Chao Garden FAQ, as well as 
his second evolution descriptions. 
-DiabloTheFox625 (rufus6256@hotmail.com), for his notes on a garden's  
effect on chao alignment. 
-Matthew Oakley (moakley_the_magnanimous@hotmail.com), for his  
conjecture on chao inheritance. 
-The following people have contributed helpful tips, corrections, and  
suggestions to this FAQ: Anonymous Me, Chaoschao, Clint Myers,  
Creepyguywithastick, Draco Peregrine, Jack99, Legaia234, LukeGBAdvance,  
Marril159, Max Miller, Mike F, Pokefan02, Snake818, SurfingRaichu6,  
Suzanne Dragon, TheJumpingJubJub, Thomeyis, Xtreme Leader. 
-Numerous other members of the GameFAQs Sonic Adventure 2: Battle  
message boards, for their advisement and suggestions.  Thanks folks! 
11.4 - Contact Information 
If you have a question which is not answered in this FAQ (make sure  
you've thoroughly read the FAQ first, please), then please post it on  
the GameFAQs SA2B *Chao* message board. 
If you have a correction/suggestion for the FAQ, don't bother, since  
this is the Final version. 
If you have information regarding the Advanced Chao Theory/Findings, or  
new information regarding chao raising, it might be a good idea to post  
that on the GameFAQs SA2B *Chao* message board as well.  It is a good  
forum for new findings, and desperately in need of them. 
In conclusion, there is no reason I can see for why you could possibly  
need to email me. 
However, if for some reason you absolutely must, then send an email to  
tsuereth@nbn.net  - but be aware that if you blatantly ignore the  
guidelines above, your message *will* be ignored.

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