What do the condor and otter look like? And could you please tell me the level in which to find those two animals?PLz!

  1. I think everyone has the same animal in mind, but call it something different. I think the otter would be the seal, b/c i've never seen an otter before and what is a 'condor'? Please help!

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    Isxaxbellaxcute - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. the only condor ive seen looks different than i expected. it was in wild canyon, go up through the air draft, and fly towards the lonely statue area. on the first pillar sticking out of the wall, there is one on the edge. another one is on the platform above the statue, climb the wall around him and its on one of the pillars coming out of the wall. as a bonus, dig into the square of the beetle picture above the statue's head you will find mystic melody, and a dragon in the upper corner of the wall behind you when you first entre the room. another dragon will be in the third chao box at the statues feet.

    As for the otter, which is not a sea, is geen and holds a shell. go to prison lane destroy all the robots, then go toward the corner behind and to the left of where you start theres a rising platform. destroy the robot up there, and a room will open up. go in and whistle in the pipe, normally its an otter, but can be a sheep, rarely though.

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  1. Ok condor u get in the canyon place seal u get in aquatic mine and otter u get in tails first place for pictures go to youtube and look up all animals

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  2. To find all animals, look at confusedguy's FAQ on this site. It's really in-depth.
    A condor is a purple, hummingbird-looking bird with a long beak.
    An otter is lime green and is holding a shell.

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  3. With Sahdow: To get the otter, go to Shadows' first level, and keep going, until you rach the part with the circular room full of red springs. Don't go in there, or you'll miss it! Turn around and brask the metal boxes to fin the otter.
    To get the Condor, all I know is it's in his last level, at that part with all teh gravity things after the really long rail ride. Jump so you get stuck to it, tehn keep jumping until you come to a side of the wall that has it there. It's on the RIGHT side.

    With Knuckles: Go to the area in the Spacxe colony ARK and climb up to those floating containers. It should be flying around under a platform by a group of 6 floating containers. Oh, that's for the Condor, of course.

    That's all I remember. Good luck!

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