What are all the 21 animals?

  1. I'm missing 3 animals to my chao

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    Link1006 - 8 years ago

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  1. 1. Bat
    2. Bear
    3. Boar
    4. Cheetah
    5. Condor
    6. Dragon
    7. Gorilla
    8. Half-Fish
    9. Parrot
    10 .Peacock
    11. Penguin
    12. Phoenix
    13. Rabbit
    14. Raccoon
    15. Sea Otter
    16. Seal
    17. Sheep
    18. Skeleton Dog
    19. Skunk
    20. Tiger
    21. Unicorn

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  1. 1.Penguin location: after 2nd ramp in metal harbor
    2.seal location: chao box in metal harbor
    3.sea otter location: kill all enemies in the first room in prison lane to open a door, go to the pipe and whistle, the sea otter comes out
    4.cheetah location: radical highway whistle at the far-left tollbooth
    5.boar location: on the yellow barrels just in front of the first loop-de-loop
    6.bear location: sky rail jump off the end of the first rail onto the platform below
    7.tiger location: somewhere in prison lane
    8.gorilla location: mission street whistle next to the red box to rour right in the beginning
    9.peacock location: chao box in metal harbor
    10.parrot location: somewhere in green forest
    11.condor location: attic space in flooded mine
    12.skunk location: at the bottom of a hill in city escape
    13.sheep location: unknown
    14.raccoon location: very beginning of metal harbor
    15.half-fish location: break all chao boxes at pumpkin hill
    16.skeleton dog location: at the top of church mountain in pumpkin hill
    17.bat location: small pumpkins in pumpkin hill or in chao boxes
    18.dragon location: break all chao boxes in iron gate
    19.unicorn location: break all chao boxes in city escape
    20.phoenix location: break all chao boxes in metal harbor
    21.rabbit location: first road in mission street

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  2. Blue
    1. racoon
    2. Skunk
    3. Ram(sheep)
    1. gorilla
    2. tiger
    3. bear
    1. seal
    2. otter
    3. penguin
    1. cheetah
    2. boar
    3. bunny
    1. condor(vulture)
    2. Peacock
    3. parrot
    1. Unicorn
    2. Pheonix
    3. Dragon
    1. Bat
    2. Skeleton dog
    3. Half Fish(sea monster)

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