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Juggle Guide by koroineko4794

Version: 0.23 | Updated: 12/22/03

                                Soul Calibur II
                                   Juggle FAQ

1) Introduction
2) How to use this guide
3) Current Shinanigans
4) Characters
i) Taki
ii) Talim
iii) Kilik
iv) Seung Mina
v) Mitsurugi
vi) Nightmare
vii) Xianghua
viii) Cassandra
ix) Astaroth
x) Heihachi
xi) Ivy
xii) Yoshimitsu
5) Version History
6) Legal Business


1)    The purpose of this guide is to help you learn about juggles.  A juggle
is a combo where when the first hit connects, the rest of the hits are
guaranteed not to be blocked.  Unfortunately, juggles are difficult.  This
guide has a list of juggles for all characters expect Charade.
2)    This guide should be easy to use.  There are just a few symbols to learn
but the rest is self explanatory.  Those symbols are;
A- Horizontal Attack
B- Vertical Attack
K- Kick Attack
G- Guard
+- Perform both button pressed at the same time.
*- Perform one press immediately after the other.
:- Delay the next press slightly.
!!- Hold down the button between the !'s longer than normal.
,- indicates a significant pause to allow a move to end or to enter a stance.
(SS)- Side step by holding up or down
(SSI)- Side step inward by holding up or down and forward.
(SSO)- Side step outward by holding up or down and backward.
(RF)- Run forward by holding forward.
(RB)- Run backward by holding forward.
(FC)- Move done in a crouching state.
(WR)- Move done while rising from a crouch.
Okay someone from gameFAQs made me aware that most players are more familiar a
different system of labeling directions so I figure that i should follow what
he said.  So everyone say thank you Seth Huber.  Anyway it looks something like
Does everyone understand?  5 is the middle of the controller and isn't really
used.  8 is up.  6 is forward.  4 is back. and 2 is down.  Oh yea and this is
all assuming that you're on the left of your screen.  Switch it all if you're
on the right.

      Not too hard yet is it?  Good cuz it shouldn't be.  The only things that
might seem difficult to understand are the letters in paranthesis.  Soul
Calibur II requires you to run and sidestep for many moves of that game, simply
start the run or sidestep, as soon as you see the character start to do that,
then input the command.  Side step commands are very much worth your time.
Now we'll talk about the actually format of this guide.  There will be five
columns.  The first shows the command for the combo.  The second shows how
many hits.  The third shows the damage (read the note at the bottom.)  The
fourth shows the difficulty.  And finally, the fifth may show one of several
symbols explained below.

()- impressive
<>- contributed by whoever is in the bracket.
%%- reliable and deals decent damage, an overall great combo.
??- good for pushing opponents backward for a ring out or wall damage.

OK so maybe that was a bit difficult to absorb so I'm making an example;

6 6+B, 3+K, A A                     4    46   Easy      <ddhlady3>

This shows that the command is forward forward+vertical, pause, forward+up+
kick, pause, horizontal horizontal.  It hits four times, does fourty-six
damage, is easy, and was contributed by ddhlady3.  This is a completely
ficticious example.  I don't know if this combo works or if ddhlady3 even
      Just one more thing, the damage shown is that cause by the character's
default weapon against the opponent's default weapon.  It may still vary a few
points depending on timing and positioning.
3) Current Shinanigans
     Sorry people.  Final Fantasy X-2 came out and I've been obsessed with
that.  But see we're getting the basement redone which means I get to put the
playstation down there, which means more play time, which means I won't have
to rush through games and I'll have more time to get to games I've been
neglecting like this one.
     Favorite Contributed Combo 12-11-03
     Ok finally got a contributor so I get to update.  Sorry Rendars, you had
to go down eventually.  But anyway let's all praise ximagus (full address in
YOSHIMITSU section) for what I've been looking for in creativity.  I mean this
one's really...different, Yoshi ends up facing backward like twice which may
not sound like a big deal but I haven't come up with anything like that yet and
as far as I know neither have you guys.  So here it is.
Contributor- Ximagus@hotmail.com
Character- Yoshimitsu
Hits- 7
Damage- 91
Difficulty- Medium
Command- 1+K, A, 3+AAAAA


3+B,AA,6+K                              4    50     Easy
3+B,ABB*214,K                           4    51     Easy           ()
3+B,AA,AAB                              5    59     Easy
3+B,AB,ABB                              6    69     Easy           %%
(SS)B,AA,(SS)B                          6    69     Easy           ()
3+B,KK,3+KKK                            6    69     Easy           ??%%
(SS)B,AB,ABK                            7    78     Easy           %%
(SS)B,AB,BAK                            7    79     Easy           %%
(SS)B,AB,3+KKK                          7    80     Easy           ??%%
3+B,A,A*6                               4    43     Medium
3+B,A,2+KK                              4    54     Medium         ()
3+B,AA,(SS)AA                           5    54     Medium
3+B,AA,(SSI)ABBB                        6    56     Medium
3+B,AA,(SSO)BK                          5    59     Medium         ()
3+B,AB,BAA                              6    66     Medium
(SS)B,ABB*214,A                         5    77     Medium         ()
3+B,AA,(RF)B                            4    64     Hard
(SS)B,ABB*214,2+K                       5    64     Hard           ()
*It is possible for all of that last juggle to hit while the opponent is in the
air.  If it did 72, it wasn't a true juggle because the opponent fell.
3+B,ABB*214,A+K                         5    69     Hard           ()
3+B,AB,B:AA                             6    76     Hard



3+B,6+B                                 2    49     Easy
3+B,AA,4+K                              4    51     Easy
3+B,BBK                                 5    66     Easy           ()??
3+B,AA,AAB                              6    71     Easy           ()%%
(SS)B,AA,BBA                            7    82     Easy       <shibataka>
(SS)B*6,K,K,B                           5    98     Easy       <Rendars>
236B,(SS)A                              3    58     Easy       <shibataka>



3+B,A+B                                 4    45     Easy
3+B,6+B+K                               3    46     Easy           ()%%
3+B,A+K                                 3    47     Easy
3+B,6+A+B                               5    56     Easy           ??
3+B,K,6+K*B                             4    56     Easy           ()
3+B,A*AB                                4    57     Easy
(SS)B,6+AAA                             4    78     Easy       <jfri9431>



3+B,A+B                                 4    67     Easy           ()
3+B,K,66+A                              4    69     Easy
3+B,AAB                                 4    72     Easy           %%



3+B,A,4+A                               3    59     Easy
3+B,BB,AA                               5    70     Easy
3+B,K,66+BBB                            5    82     Easy           %%
3+B,A,K,4+KB                            5    76     Medium         ()



3+!B!,KK                                3    61     Easy
3+!B!,B                                 2    65     Easy           %%
3+!B!,A                                 3    67     Easy           ()

(RB)K,AA                                3    61     Easy
(RB)K,8+A                               2    65     Easy



3+B,AA4+B                               4    50     Easy
3+B,BB,44+K                             4    64     Easy
3+B,4+K,A+B                             4    68     Easy
3+B,BB,6+BA                             5    69     Easy
3+B,BB,6+BB                             5    70     Easy           ()



3+B,K,BK                                4    64     Easy
3+B,AA,AK                               5    67     Easy
3+B,K,3+A+B                             4    71     Easy
3+B,K,ABB                               5    74     Easy           %%
3+B,K,236+AB                            4    74     Easy           ()
3+B,K,B+KB                              4    62     Medium



3+!B!,K                                 2    59     Easy
3+!B!,6+B                               2    67     Easy
3+!B!,6+B+K                             2    68     Easy
3+!B!,4+K                               2    68     Easy
3+!B!,B+G                               5    90     Easy           %%()



66+B,BBA                                4    65     Easy
66+B,BB,AA                              5    72     Easy
66+B,BBAB                               4    73     Easy
66+B,BB,AK                              5    73     Easy
66+B,A,3+BB                             4    74     Easy
66+B,BB,BBAB                            5    87     Medium
*This! punch that the exclamation point points to should miss.



3+A+B(Medium),3+B,AA                    4    67     Medium
3+A+B(Medium),4+A+B,B                   5    59     Hard          ()
*Yes all of this can hit in the air.
3+A+B(Medium),66!B!,A,A                 4    87     Hard



!3+B!, 4+AAAAA                          6    68     Easy          <Xi>
!3+B!, BB                               3    54     Easy          <Xi>
1+K, A, 3+AAAAA                         7    91     Medium       ()<Xi>

5) Version History

Wrote intro and how to for this guide.  Added several combos for Taki, and just
one for Talim.  This guide has a while to go.

Ok, this FAQ is well under way.  Added MANY characters and combos, revamped the
direction system.

A few more Taki combos and put notes under a few combos to clear things up.

Added contributed combos and some for Ivy.  Added 'Favorite Contributed Combo'

Well my computer finally works so I can contribute my changes.  Yoshimitsu
section started.

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