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FAQ by Pickz

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/18/02

|                              |
| The Complete NBA Street FAQ  |
|        Version 1.0           |
|                              |

Author   -   Pickz
Email    -   Wmmsballer32@aol.com

Platform -   Playstation 2
Game     -   NBA Street

Last Updated: May 17th, 2002 (5.17.2002)

Table of Contents
      1. Introduction         [001]
      2. Update History       [002]
      3. Controls             [003]
      4. Game Modes           [004]
      5. City Circuit         [005]
      6. Hold the Court       [006]
      7. Street School        [007]
      8. Create-a-Player      [008]
      9. The Basics           [009]
     10. Individual Skills    [010]
     11. Trick Moves/Points   [011]
     12. Gamebreakers         [012]
     13. Dunking              [013]
     14. Alley-Oops           [014]
     15. Blocking             [015]
     16. Stealing             [016]
     17. Courts               [017]
     18. Street Legends       [018]
     19. Secret Players       [019]
     20. Cheat Codes          [020]
     21. Building a Team      [021]
     22. High Scores          [022]
     23. User ID              [023]
     24. Outro                [024]
     25. Special Thanks       [025]
     26. Copyright            [026]

Welcome to the COMPLETE NBA Street FAQ. This FAQ covers every aspect of NBA
Street. You won't find a better FAQ than this. Enjoy this information. You're
learning....from a master.

Version 1.0 (May 17th, 2002)
Got everything done, except the Regions from 3 and up in City Circuit. This
will be done shortly. So just hang in there, this FAQ will be completed

3. CONTROLS  [003]

D-Pad    - Change Selections (Up)
D-Pad    - Settings/Options (Side)
X        - Select/Advance To Next Screen
Triangle - Return To Previous Screen

D-Pad    - Move player
Analog   - Move player
L1       - Turbo
L2       - Turbo
R1       - Turbo
R2       - Turbo
Start    - Pause Gamne
Select   - Change Camera Angles

X        - Pass
Circle   - Shoot/Dunk/Lay-up
Square   - Trick Move

X        - Switch Players
Circle   - Shot Block/Rebound
Triangle - Shot Block/Rebound
Square   - Steal
Turbo    - Dive (tap two turbos)

4. GAME MODES  [004]
Why else do you have NBA Street than to play it? Here is a run down of every
game mode available in the video game.

5. CITY CIRCUIT  [005]
This is the mode that is like a season in your average simulation basketball
game. You take your team and go through regions and street legends to be the
best in the country.

You Start Out With This Roster:

- Michael Jordan
- Created Player (Optional)
- NBA Team of your choice

As you win a game against an NBA Team, you get yourself a new NBA player, or
development points for your created player. The development points range from
25-75 points, depending on how many trick points you get in the game you just

Let's walkthrough City Circuit mode, team by team.

** Region # 1 **

- Vancouver Grizzlies
- Toronto Raptors

Court : Pacific Boulevard
Difficulty : 1 (1-5 scale)

- Shareef Abdur-Rahim
- Michael Dickerson
- Mike Bibby

* How to Win *

To beat the Grizzlies, you must be aware of their shot blocking ability. many
times, I got blocked by Mike Bibby, 'cause I thought he was just a shorty. You
mustn't do this. When you get a Gamebreaker, make sure you are clear for a
shot. Try to make it a 2-pointer. Otherwise, if you aren't clear, you will get
swatted out of your mind.

* Rewards *

You can choose from these NBA Players:

- Shareef Abdur-Rahim
- Michael Dickerson
- Mike Bibby
- Grant Long
- Stromlile Swift
- 25-75 Development Points

Best Choice: Take the development points for you create a player. If you don't
have one, then take Abdur-Rahim, since he has good skills for a player.

- Vince Carter
- Charles Oakley
- Antonio Davis

* How to Win *

You must keep your eye on Vince Carter. He's the bald guy, # 15. Have your big
guy, swatter on him at all times. Try to steal it from him. And watch the
alley-oop passes. Keep him away from the ball, and you get yourself a victory.

* Rewards*

You can choose from these NBA Players:

- Vince Carter
- Charles Oakley
- Antonio Davis
- Keon Clark
- Morris Peterson
- 25-75 Development Points

Best Choice: Take Vince Carter. He is a great player. Why not?

** Street Challenge # 1 **

Your first Street Legend Challenge is upon you. It isn't exactly tough, but
it's exciting nonetheless.

DIFFICULTY : 1 (1-5 Scale)

BIGGS : Starting 3
- "Biggs"
- "Short-White-Guy, # 27"
- "Big-Black-Guy, Orange Jacket"

* How to Win *

Biggs isn't as great as he seems to be. But, he can rebound and dunk like
nobody's business. Make sure you keep him out of the paint. As for the rest of
their team, no need to worry. They have as much skill as Anthony Mason of the
Milwaukee Bucks (not very good).

* Rewards*

New Court - Beacon Hill
New Character - Biggs
100 Create-A-Player Development Points

** Region # 2 **

- Miami Heat
- Orlando Magic
- Charlotte Hornets
- Atlanta Hawks

Court : South Beach
Difficulty : 1 (1-5 Scale)

MIAMI HEAT : Starting 3
- Alonzo Mourning
- Brian Grant
- Eddie Jones

* How to Win *

This team, although it doesn't seem like, is relatively easy. Just take it to
the hole on them. If you have a three-point shooter, use him to your advantage.
Trick points are your friend.

* Rewards *

You can choose from these NBA Players:

- Alonzo Mourning
- Brian Grant
- Eddie Jones
- Anthony Mason
- Tim Hardaway
- 25-75 Development Points

Best Choice: Take either Eddie Jones, or the development points. While Eddie is
a good player, but you may want to make your own good player.

ORLANDO MAGIC : Starting 3
- Tracy McGrady
- Grant Hill
- Darrell Armstrong

* How to Win *

Cover up the big man, Tracy McGrady. We'll call him T-Mac. He is an excellent
player, almost maxed-out in every statistic. The three-point seems to work

* Rewards *

You can choose from these NBA Players:

- Tracy McGrady
- Grant Hill
- Darrell Armstrong
- Mike Miller
- Bo Outlaw
- 25-75 Development Points

Best Choice: Take BO OUTLAW. Hands down. He is the greatest. NOT. Actually,
take Tracy McGrady. He is a player that will help beat every team until you get
around the Laker's region.

- Jamal Mashburn
- Baron Davis
- P.J. Brown

* How to Win *

This game is actually very easy. Although it's further on in the Circuit, it is
easy. Do what you normally do, and this victory is yours, player.

* Rewards *

You can choose from these NBA Players:

- Jamal Mashburn
- Baron Davis
- P.J. Brown
- David Wesley
- Elden Campbell
- 25-75 Development Points

Best Choice: From now on, since you have McGrady and Carter, take the
development points. There is no need to take another NBA Player, unless you
like that player.

ATLANTA HAWKS : Starting 3
- Theo Ratliff
- Toni Kukoc
- Jason Terry

* How to Win *

This game is actually very easy. Although it's further on in the Circuit, it is
easy. Do what you normally do, and this victory is yours, player.

* Rewards *

You can choose from these NBA Players:

- Theo Ratliff
- Toni Kukoc
- Jason Terry
- Alan Henderson
- Brevin Knight
- 25-75 Development Points

Best Choice: From now on, since you have McGrady and Carter, take the
development points. There is no need to take another NBA Player, unless you
like that player.

** Street Challenge # 2 **

Now my man Bonafide got some game. Watch out for this guy. He isn't much
trouble, though.

DIFFICULTY : 2 (1-5 Scale)

BIGGS : Starting 3
- "Bonafide"
- "Lady Friend # 1"
- "Lady Friend # 2"

* How to Win *

Bonafide, I like to think, is like a shorter Allen Iverson. Mad handles,
stealing, and quicks. He can shoot the trey, and mid-range jumpers. He can also
dunk. A tall man, like McGrady can dominate him with ease.

* Rewards*

New Court - Broad Street
New Character - Bonafide
100 Create-A-Player Development Points

** Region # 3 **


6. HOLD THE COURT  [006]
Hold the Court is either a 1 Player vs. CPU or 1 Player vs. 2 Player. When
doing 1 Player, you can unlock create a player goodies, such as clothes, shoes,
heads, and development points. Each court has an objective to reach.


** Win Streak **

You must match the win streak objective, and win one more than that. Example:
Objective = 2 Wins, you must get 3 wins in a row.

** Trick Point Total **

You must get this amount of trick points in a single game. Example: Objective =
200,000 Trick Points, you must get this amount of trick points in ONE game.

If you meet any one of these objectives, you get the following:

- A new Create-a-Player Look
- A new Create-a-Player Outfit
- A new Create-a-Player Pair of Shoes
- 15 Development Points


Win Streak: 2 Games
Trick Point Total: 200,000

Win Streak: 3 Games
Trick Point Total: 250,000

Win Streak: 3 Games
Trick Point Total: 300,000

Win Streak: 4 Games
Trick Point Total: 350,000

Win Streak: 4 Games
Trick Point Total: 400,000

Win Streak: 4 Games
Trick Point Total: 450,000

Win Streak: 4 Games
Trick Point Total: 500,000

Win Streak: 5 Games
Trick Point Total: 550,000

Win Streak: 5 Games
Trick Point Total: 600,000

Win Streak: 5 Games
Trick Point Total: 650,000

Win Streak: 6 Games
Trick Point Total: 700,000

Win Streak: 8 Games
Trick Point Total: 750,000

That is every court you must clear in Hold the Court mode. After clearing all
courts, you get a special reward. (check the secret players section)

In Street School, Joe "The Show" teaches you all the moves you need to know to
play NBA Street. Here is the lessons he teaches;

Lesson 1/15

Lesson 2/15

Lesson 3/15
Short Range Shot

Lesson 4/15

Lesson 5/15
Long Range Shot

Lesson 6/15
Pump Fake

Lesson 7/15

Lesson 8/15

Lesson 9/15
Trick Move

Lesson 10/15

Lesson 11/15

Lesson 12/15
Advanced Trick Move

Lesson 13/15

Lesson 14/15

Lesson 15/15

All through Street School you play as the Los Angeles Lakers. You play against
the Vancouver Grizzlies. Pretty even matchup, eh? The Grizzlies never do
anything on defense, but sit there. On offense, they just dribble in place.
They only shoot when you do Lesson # 8: Block.

This lets you create your own baller in NBA Street. Let's go through every
option available.

Obvious, choose from either a Man or a Woman baller.

Choose from the following nicknames;
- Lights Out
- Gotcha
- Queen B
- Mother Nature
- Girl Next Door
- Main Event
- Red Alert
- Sweet Pea
- Fly
- Nightmare
- Tiny
- Whole Lotta Game
- High Five
- Future
- Terminator
- Predator
- Mastermind
- Big Time
- The Realist
- The Blender
- Game Time
- Two-Face
- The Juice
- Elasticman
- The Kid
- The Franchise
- Prophecy

** Note ** You cannot get the nickname of STREET Legends.

Choose the baller's height and weight.

MAX WEIGHT: 350 lbs.

There are 8 skills that make your baller good;

- 2 Point
- 3 Point
- Dunks
- Power
- Blocks
- Steals
- Handle
- Quicks

Each of these skills can be maxed out. Learn what these mean in Section 10:
Individual Skills.

Choose the face of your baller. Some are black, and some are white.

This is the clothes your baller wears.

The 'kicks' your baller wheres when you play.

9. THE BASICS  [009]
Offensive Basics
- The player indicator shoes how good your player shoots, only shoot if it is
green or orange
- Alley-Ooping works best when you pass the ball right away
- Don't shoot near a tall shot-blocker, you'll get blocked
- When dribbling, don't do too many trick moves, you'll lose turbo
- Only dunk with someone that has good dunking skills

Defensive Basics
- Shot blocking works best with a man atleast 6'5" with good blocking skills
- Short ballers can also block, with some luck
- Stealing is good, but don't do it when you're on a fast break with the ball
- Try to block alley-oop passes by jumping up to block the pass
- Goaltending is allowed, hang around the rim with a blocker, and block

Each player has ratings. This is what each rating means.

Can you shoot the inside-the-arc shots? It all depends how far your bar is
filled up. If it is filled up halfway, you can shoot shots easily

Can you shoot the outside-the-arc shots? If your bar is closely filled up, you
can shoot it like nobody's business.

If you can dunk, your ratings bar is filled up atleast halfway. Otherwise, if
you try to dunk, you will miss and fall down.

When this is filled up, you can't get knocked down very easily. When it is low,
you get knocked down without trouble.

Can you swat the shot? if you can, your ratings bar is atleast halfway filled
up. If not, you can rarely block a shot.

If this ratings bar is filled up all the way, you have a 80% chance of stealing
the ball when you try to. When it isn't, you have a 20% chance of stealing.

This effects if you can do trick moves or not. When it is halfway full, you can
do any trick. When it isn't close to being halfway, you will fall down when
trying to do a trick move.

This is how fast you can get up when being knocked down. Also, it is how fast
you react to events such as getting a steal.

When you hit the Square button, you do a trick move.

When you do a trick move, and you make the opponent fall down, you get a
fakeout. You also get 1,500 more trick points.

Each time you do a move, you lose the amount of trick points you get by doing
the move.

1x - Original Trick Point Total
2x - 1,000 Trick Points
3x - 750 Trick Points
4x + Up - 500 Trick Points

All moves are possible by combos of: SQUARE, L1, L2, R1, and R2

** Note ** All trick point totals are not counting a fakeout.

Left Ya            - 1,000
Breakin' Ankles    - 1,000
Roll On            - 1,000
Criss Cross        - 1,000
Check Yo Bags      - 1,000
Two Time           - 1,000
Flexnflow          - 1,000
Immobilize         - 1,000
Fro Fake           - 1,000
Crossed Out        - 1,000
Top Spin           - 1,000
Spin Off           - 1,000
Funknflash         - 1,000
Backtrack          - 1,000
Slip n Slide       - 1,500
Off The Chain      - 1,500
Reel2Reel          - 1,500
Streetwise         - 1,500
Cyclone            - 1,000
Downshift          - 1,500
Double Cross       - 1,500
Breaking You Off   - 1,000

A Gamebreaker is when you get 100,000 trick points, and you hear funky music,
and your trick meter starts flashing.

At this point;

You need to get the ball;

Go to the three-point line, setup for a two-point shot, or setup for a dunk;

Then press two turbos and circle together.

Now, you will see a funky replay segment. Enjoy your Gamebreaker.

A Gamebreaker is 25,000 points.

13. DUNKING  [013]
Go near the hoop, and press circle to dunk.

All these dunks are made by combos of CIRCLE, R2, R1, L2, and L1

Dinner's Served    - 2,500
Groundshaker       - 2,500
Dunkalicious       - 2,500
Remix              - 2,500
Backbreaker        - 2,500
Superfly           - 2,500
Around The World   - 2,500
Dominator          - 2,500
Hammerdown         - 2,500
Highrise           - 2,500
Put It Home        - 2,500
Special Delivery   - 2,500
Wake Up Call       - 2,500

14. ALLEY-OOPS  [014]
Doing an alley-oop means you have to pass the ball. When you have the ball, and
you see your teammate jumping very high up, pass the ball. He will then dunk
it. This is an Alley-Oop.


To do a HOOKUP, you must go for a dunk yourself and then, with some luck, have
a teammate jump up for an alley-oop, then you pass the ball. He'll dunk it
then. This is a hook-up.

If you can get a hook-up, and then ANOTHER teammate goes up for an alley-oop,
you can try and pass it. If the other teammate gets the ball and dunks, you get
a double hook-up, and a lot of Trick Points.

15. BLOCKING  [015]
Ahh...the "ego-crippler". Here is what you need to know about blocking.

To time a block good, you must anticipate the shot. If it is a good three-point
shooter, you can tell they are likely to shoot the ball when they run back to
the three-point line. When the shot-clock is running low, you can figure out
they will be shooting soon.

Goaltending is allowed, and it works very well. When the opponent shoots the
ball, time it perfectly, and jump up to swat the ball. You must be near the
hoop to do this. With some luck, and skill, you will swat it or grab the ball.

16. STEALING  [016]
Stealing is the art of taking away from. Here's how to do it.

When your opponent lets the ball out in the open when dribbling, hit SQUARE.
You'll hack away at the ball. If your player is good at stealing, they will
probably steal it. Stealing is most times out of luck, so patience will help
you at stealing better, and more often.

17. COURTS  [017]
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Climate: Cold and Rainy
Competition: Above Average

This brand-new court is located just off the water in the heart of downtown
Vancouver, British Columbia. On weekends it's busy throughout the day, and the
level of competition varies widely. The best runs here at night, when the
finest STREET ballers and local pro players make it out. It rains almost
constantly in the city, but the players pay no mind. A little rain can't stop
true ballers from doing what they were born to do.

Location: Miami, Florida
Climate: Hot
Competition: Average to Tough

Located right on the beach itself, this sandy court is packed all day long
throughout the summer. This is a place to see and be seen, with sun-bathing
beauties lining the sand and tourists sitting on the resteraunt patios across
the avenue. The best ballors don't show up until late afternoon, when the
intense heat has died down a bit. Games are played well into the evening, with
overhead spotlights illuminating the court surface. Better stay focused at
South Beach. Get caught checkin' the scenery and the competition will run you
off the court.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Climate: Cold and Snowy
Competition: Above Average
Local Legend: Biggs

Located next to a grade school in upscale Beacon Hill, this court is a favorite
weekend run for players all over Boston. Even when covered with snow throughout
the winter, dedicated ballers keep right on playing, sweeping the snow off the
court and going all day. If you want to run at Beacon Hill, be sure to bring a
lot of passion, 'cause only the strong hearted will survive this court.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Climate: Moderate
Competition: Very Tough
Local Legend: Bonafide

This urban court is located near the Temple University campus in downtown
Philadelphia. Local kids come down every night to hang out and watch the games.
The court surface and surroundings are a little run down, and there are
definitely nicer courts in the city, but the best ball is played here. It's not
for the faint of heart. Games can get very physical, and trash talk is dished
out in a steady stream. If you're gonna talk the talk, make sure you've got the
game to back it up.

** ROUTE 66 **
Location: Northern Arizona
Climate: Hot
Competition: Extremely Tough

Roughly 20 steps off the famous Route 66, located in the middle of the Arizona
desert, lies this dusty old basketball court with hoops constructed of stone
and iron. Out on the court the only scenery and signs of civilization you'll
find are the surrounding mountains and nearby motel. But on weeknights in the
early evening, the only scenery people care about here is on the court, where
elite players migrate from all around to get their run on. The ball here is
serious, and the competition fierce, so be prepare to leave it all on the

** THE CAGE **
Location: Manhattan, New York City
Climate: Moderate
Competition: Fierce
Local Legend: Skip to my Lou, The Goods, Starbury

The basketball hub of New York City. The Cage is the place to be--this is the
street ball capital of the world. Thousands of people walk by the court on any
given day, and there's always a crowd watching the games being played. This is
the ultimate stage for showmanship, where the game is as much about embarassing
the competition as it is about winning. The subway entrance located just a few
feet from the court provides easy access to the entire metro area. Players from
the five New York City boroughs come to showcase their skills here. You better
come ready to play 'cause it will get physical, guaranteed.

** THE YARD **
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Climate: Moderate
Competition: Tough
Local Legend: Drake Evans

This court is located in the industrial zone of Motor City, next to what was
once a YMCA. Freight trans go by like clockwork, delivering goods to the nearby
auto factories. Full-time ballers run all day long at The Yard on weekendsm
though the crowd gets way too big. Be sure to check your pride at the gate on
the way. You can trust me...your feelings will get hurt.

Location: Venice, California
Climate: Hot
Competition: Very Hard
Local Legend: Donovan Jones

This West Coast streetball haven is located in sunny Venice, between the
boardwalk and the beautiful sandy beaches of Southern California. Local players
run from sunrise to sunset, and around dusk is when things get serious. That's
when the elite STREET ballers come to play, and when people settle on the
bleachers to watch. If you want to ball at Venice Beach, just remember winning
isn't all that matters...It's just as important to look good doing it.

** THE LOOP **
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Climate: Windy
Competition: Above Average

Located off the lake just outside downtown Chicago, this court and the
surrounding park are a local favorite. Every weekend people come down to sit by
the fountain and watch the games played through the afternoon. The ballers here
put on quite a show, driving the ball up and down the court for rim-rocking
slams and butter-smooth lay-ups. If you want to play at The Loop, be sure to
bring your whole game, 'cause you're gonna need it.

Location: San Francisco, California
Climate: Moderate
Competition: Tough as Nails

Sitting in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point is home for the Bey
Area's baddest ballers. During the week it's pretty quiet, but once the weekend
hits, things really heat up. Ankle breaking crossovers, ego-crippling
swat-blocks--Bay Area players put all their skills on display at the Point. In
this foggy city, you better bring your A game or don't bring any game at all.

Location: Los Angeles, California
Climate: Warm
Competition: Fierce
Local Legend: Takashi Sato

If you're afraid of heights then this court is not for you. Yakatomi Plaza is
located high above the ground in Japantown in downtown LA. Sitting on a
rooftop, surrounded on all sides by neon lights and concrete high-rises, this
is a corporate court unlike any other. During business hours, the court is
restricted to employee use only, but on Friday nights the lights go down and
the real battles begin. Private access ensures that only the best ballers make
it up to the roof, and onlookers are limited. Local legends and prop players
show up every week to fight it out on the tar.

Location: Harlem, New York City
Climate: Moderate
Competition: Best in the City
Local Legend: Stretch

Located at 155th Street in Harlem, this legendary court has showcased the
talents of the greatest players ever to pick up a basketball. With a long and
distinguished basketball history, this is easily the most famous streetball
court in the world. The city's best players run here, and you'll find a
dedicated community representing the heart and soul of the game. Games run day
and night, but the best competition shows up in the annual tournaments that
showcase STREET Legends and pro players alike. This is only for the serious
ballers--part-time ballers need not apply.

** BIGGS **

Name: Lewis Barker
Age: 27
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 255 lbs.
Hometown: London, England
Currently Resides: Boston, Massachusetts
Nationality: British
Blood Type: A+
Occupation: Doorman
Additional Sports/Hobbies: Boxing, Snowboarding, Soccer
Playing Style: Physical Banger
Home Court: Beacon Hill

Stronger than a cup of two-day-old espresso and built like a heavyweight
prizefighter, Biggs is the definition of blue-collar. What he lacks in pure
talent he more than makes up for in hard work and never-say-die attitude. This
6'9" monster will fight for every rebound and challenges every shot while
prowling the lane like a man possessed. Think you can keep him out of the
paint? Unlikely--he'll muscle you aside and dunk it on ya. But because he's so
polite, he might just thank you.


Name: Carlito Vargas
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Currently Resides: Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
Nationality: Dominican
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Aspiring Rapper
Additional Sports/Hobbies: Lowriders
Playing Style: Arrogant Playmakers
Home Court: Broad Street

This fiery little Latino can ball with the best of them. Bonafide's got more
game than a toy store. With ankle-breaking moves and phat passing skills to
boot, he moves faster with the ball than everyone else without it. How quick is
he? He'll break you down before you can even think about reacting. And then
he'll do it again. At the other end of the floor, Bonadife developed into a
defensive stopper, locking up guys tighter than Fort Knox. He also brings a
wicked outside shot to the table, making his skills truly "Bonafide".

** DRAKE **

Name: Drake Evans
Age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hometown: Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Currently Resides: Detroit, Michigan
Nationality: American
Blood Type: AB
Occupation: Aspiring D.J.
Additional Sports/Hobbies: Sport Bikes
Playing Style: Pure Shooter
Home Court: The Yard

You don't have to like Drake, but you'd better respect his skills. That means
stepping out every time he catches the rock, otherwise he'll be busting his
sweet jumper and telling you about it all the way back down court. Drake comes
with grade A skills. His jumper's butter-smooth with range for days, and he can
knock it down with a man in his face. He loves setting up on the 3-point line
and draining buckets, filling up the basket like he's preparing for a picnic.
There aren't many better than Drake at getting under a player's skin. He's
about as cocky as they come, and he'll give you an ear-full every time he

** DJ **

Name: Donovan Jones
Age: 24
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 212 lbs.
Hometown: Trench Town, Jamaica
Currently Resides: Venice, California
Nationality: Jamaican
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Taxi Driver
Additional Sports/Hobbies: Soccer
Playing Style: Above the Rim
Home Court: Venice Beach

Give this Jamaican high flyer a lane and you better flee the scene quick,
'cause he's bout to stuff the rock with authority. DJ's got more bounce than a
hip hop video. With a seemingly endless repertoire of jams, DJ looks to take it
to the hole every tyip down the floor. This legend soars high above the rim,
but there’s more to his game than just the monster dunk. He can hurt you in all
kinds of ways. Whether he’s shooting the rock from outside, or breaking guys
off the dribble, DJ is flashy and smooth and he loves making players look
silly. He’ll throw down on anybody at anytime.


Name: Takashi Sato
Age: 21
Height: 7’8”
Weight: 270 lbs.
Hometown: Yokohama, Japan
Currently Resides: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: Japanese
Blood Type: B
Occupation: Student
Additonal Sports/Hobbies: Kickboxing, Gymnastics
Playing Style: Shot-swatter Supreme
Home Court: Yakatomi Plaza

There’s no overlooking this fella...7’8” of shot blocking intensity. Takashi is
looking to reject every shot that comes his way, protecting the basket like it
was his family. His height allows him to dunk the ball for easy baskets, and
his long arms suck up rebounds like a vacuum, but Takashi lives to swat shots.
Don’t even bother shooting if you see him nearby, ‘cause he’ll send the ball
back faster than a Japanese bullet train.

** Stretch **

Name: Clifford Monroe
Age: 46
Height: 6’11”
Weight: 247 lbs.
Hometown: Harlem, New York
Currently Resides: Brooklyn, New York
Nationality: African American
Blood Type: O+
Occupation: School Teacher
Additional Sports/Hobbies: Distance Running
Playing Style: Old-school finesse
Home Court: Rucker Park

This cool cat is one of the best players never to have played in the NBA.
Originally hailing from East Harlem, Stretch first made his mark on the parks
and playgrounds of New York City. He’ll amaze you with his arsenal of
old-school hooks and finger-rolls, gliding gracefully to the hoop with his
long, lean frame. Young bucks keep trying to take the old man, but his silky
skills and basketball savvy have left Stretch undefeated after all these years.
Every year he grows older, he gets a little wiser.

There is a total of 12 secret players. All 12 ofd them separate into teams of
3. Here are the teams.

** 3LW Team **
- Kiely
- Adrienna
- Other Girl

How to Unlock: Win 20 times in any mode

** BIG Team **
- Moby Jones
- Tracy Marietti
- Zoe Payne

How to Unlock: Win 10 times in any mode

** Dream Team **
- Magma Man
- Graylien Alien
- Yeti Snowman

How to Unlock: Clear all courts in Hold the Court mode

** NYC Legends **
- Skip to my Lou (enhanced Rafaer Alston)
- The Goods (enhanced Lamar Odom)
- Starbury (enhanced Stephon Marbury)

19. CHEAT CODES  [019]
Enter all of these cheats at the match-up screen at pre-game.

** KEY **
1-0-1-1 = HIT SQUARE 1 TIME, CIRCLE 1 TIME, and X 1 TIME

Infinite Juice - 2-0-3-0
No Juice - 1-4-4-3
Mega Dunking - 3-0-1-0
No Dunks - 3-0-1-2
More Gamebreakers - 1-4-3-2
Less Gamebreakers - 1-3-4-2
No Gamebreakers - 1-4-4-2
Springtime Joe “The Show” - 1-1-0-1
Summerimte Joe “The Show” - 1-0-0-1
Athletic Joe “The Show” - 1-2-0-1
ABA Ball - 0-1-1-0
Beach Ball - 0-1-1-2
EA Big Ball - 0-1-4-0
Medicine Ball - 0-1-1-3
NuFX Ball - 0-1-3-0
Soccer Ball - 0-2-1-0
Volley Ball - 0-1-1-4
WNBA Ball - 0-1-2-0
Authentic Uniforms - 0-0-1-1
Casual Uniform - 1-1-0-0
Explosive Rims - 1-2-4-0
Captain Quicks - 3-0-2-1
Harder Distance Shots - 2-2-3-0
Player Names - 0-1-2-3
No Auto Replays - 1-2-1-1
No HUD Display - 1-4-1-2
No Cheats - 1-1-1-1
No Player Indicators - 4-0-0-4
No Shot Indicator - 4-3-2-4
Tiny Players - 4-0-4-0
Big Heads - 4-1-2-1
Tiny Heads - 4-2-0-2
ABA Socks - 4-4-4-4
Easy Distance Shots - 2-1-3-0
Unlimited Power - 3-1-1-0
Mad Hands - 3-2-1-0
Super Swats - 3-3-1-0
Sticky Fingers - 3-4-1-0
Less Blocks - 3-1-2-3
Less Steals - 3-1-4-0
No Alley-Oops - 3-4-1-2
No 3-Pointers - 3-3-0-3

When making a team, you need these elements;
- Rebounding
- Blocking
- Dribbling
- Shooting

Players with good handle and shooting can get you 2 of these elements, making
them a good choice. Blocking and Rebounding players will come next. For the
third player, you can get whatever you like.


- Bonafide (handles, shooting)
- Biggs (rebounding, blocking)
- Stretch (rebounding, shooting, handles, blocking)

You can mix it up any way you like. Victory is yours.

21. HIGH SCORES  [021]
Here is a list of my high scores that I have.

** Key of USER IDs **

Bickel - Me
Scon - Me and my friend Jon
Robbandy - My friend Robb and my friend Andy
Bigdady - My friend Robb

** NOTE ** These records are only between the four USER IDs above.

** WINS **

1.  Bickel     71
2.  Robbandy   51
3.  Scon       39

** WIN PCT. **

1.  Scon       .929
2.  Robbandy   .911
3.  Bickel     .899

** POINTS **

1.  Bickel     1,659
2.  Robbandy   1,173
3.  Scon       876


1.  Bickel     20,581,250
2.  Robbandy   9,505,250
3.  Scon       8,890,000


1.  Robbandy   540,250
2.  Scon       482,000
3.  Bigdady    465,750

** DUNKS **

1.  Bickel     576
2.  Scon       330
3.  Robbandy   301


1.  Bickel     401
2.  Robbandy   357
3.  Scon       327

** STEALS **

1.  Bickel     567
2.  Scon       166
3.  Bigdady    128

** BLOCKS **

1.  Robbandy   661
2.  Scon       602
3.  Bickel     553


1.  Bickel     104
2.  Robbandy   101
3.  Scon       97


1.  Bickel     106
2.  Robbandy   48
3.  Scon       44


1.  Bickel     3
2.  Robbandy   3
3.  Scon       3


1.  Bickel     30
2.  Robbandy   25
3.  Scon       15


1.  Bickel     71-8
2.  Robbandy   51-5
3.  Scon       39-3
4.  Bigdady    16-3


1.  Bickel     11
2.  Robbandy   2
3.  Scon       1
4.  Bigdady    0

23. OUTRO  [023]
Well, I hope you enjoyed the Complete NBA Street FAQ. I sure hope you know
everything you need to know about this game. If not, EMAIL ME:
Wmmsballer32@aol.com. Thank you.

Special thanks goes out to;

- My friends (Jon, Andy, Robb) for giving great times playing NBA Street

- EA Sports Big for making the greatest basketball game I’ve ever played

- Gamefaqs for allowing this to be possible

25. COPYRIGHT  [025]

¥¥ Ballin’ Productions ¥¥

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