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FAQ by dw0914

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/26/02

    *                                                              *
    *                NNN      NN  BBBBBBBB       A                 *
    *                NNNN     NN   BB    BB     AAA                *
    *                NN NN    NN   BB    BB    A   A               *
    *                NN  NN   NN   BBBBBB     AA   AA              *
    *                NN   NN  NN   BB   BB   AAAAAAAAA             *
    *                NN    NN NN   BB    BB  AA     AA             *
    *                NN     NNNN   BB    BB  AA     AA             *
    *                NN      NN   BBBBBBBB   AA     AA             *
    *                                                              *
    *                                                              *
    *                                                              *
    *               SSS  TTTTT  RRRR   EEEE  EEEE  TTTTT           *
    *              SS      T    R   R  E     E       T             *
    *               SS     T    RRRR   EEE   EEE     T             *
    *                SS    T    R  R   E     E       T             *
    *              SSS     T    R   R  EEEE  EEEE    T   ©         *
    *                                                              *
    *                                                              *

                            --FOR GAMECUBE--

                             Made by dw0914
                       E-mail: dw0914@hotmail.com

                              Version 1.1

                    ||||||||Table of Contents||||||||

      1. Intro
      2. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
      3. Version History
      4. The Controls and The Basics
            4.1 Menu Navigation
            4.2 Universal Controls (in-game)
            4.3 Offense
            4.4 Defense
            4.5 Advanced Offense
            4.6 Tricks
            4.7 Lay-Ups, Forced Shots, and Dunks
      5. Players & Teams
      6. Strategies
            6.1 Offensive Strategy
            6.2 Defensive Strategy
            6.3 Gamebreaker, Trick Points, and Turbo In-Depth
            6.4 Blocking Strategy
            6.5 Stealing Strategy
            6.6 Create A Player
      7. Street Legends
      8. Modes of Play
            8.1 City Circuit
            8.2 Hold the Court
            8.3 Street School
      9. Rewards
            9.1 Courts
            9.2 Players
            9.3 Create A Player Rewards
            9.4 Emblems
            9.5 Cheats
      10. Other FAQ's
      11. Anything Else
            11.1 Credits
            11.2 The End!
                              ********** 1. Intro **********

      Thank you, first and foremost, just for reading this little FAQ /
Strategy Guide. This is designed for people with a basic knowledge of the game
-- by this, I mean read the instruction manual first (know that games are first
to 21, win by 2), experiment around (know that you can't go out of bounds
unless ball is blocked hard and goes out of bounds by itself), and do Street
School (you get a free court if you complete 'em all!). I'm hoping you can find
exactly what you need in here -- make sure you read through any areas that
might have what you need before you give up looking. I'm pretty sure this is
the first FAQ / Strat Guide for NBA Street on Gamecube, and I'll try to keep it
one of the best by updating it often. Oh yeah, the NBA Street art at the top is
a pathetic attempt at my own little logo (obviously I've never done ASCII Art
before!) so just remember, we can't all be great artists! If you've got a
question, comment, or correction to make, e-mail me at dw0914@hotmail.com -- if
you make a correction, you will be mentioned in this FAQ! Last, I am known on
the GameFAQs NBA Street Message Board as dw0914, and that board is where I get
some ideas for my Other FAQ's Section. Enjoy!

                         ********** 2. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo **********

      Eh, not exactly the greatest title. But hey, I have to put this in
somewhere. It also takes awhile to find the exact official terms you need in
order to protect everything, so no, you won't be able to find a loophole :-P
heh heh.

      First off, if you see this FAQ / Strategy Guide on ANY sites at all
except the following:

      GameFAQs                      http://www.gamefaqs.com
      Cheat Code Central            http://www.cheatcc.com
      GameWinners                   http://www.gamewinners.com
      CheatPlanet                   http://www.cheatplanet.com
      GameSpot                      http://www.gamespot.com
      GameSages                     http://www.gamesages.com

      If you see this on any other sites, e-mail me immediately. This CANNOT
appear anywhere except on those sites, unless I have specifically given you
permission to post it.

© This FAQ / Strategy Guide is Copyright 2002 Dan Winger. No part of this
strategy guide may be copied, changed, stolen, ripped, or used for profits of
any kind. Distributing, reproducing, or copying parts of this Strategy Guide
are prohibited. No part of this strategy guide can be copied down and / or used
as part of an FAQ or Strategy Guide of your own. I am in no way affilated with
EA BIG, the NBA, NuFX, or anyone that has rights on NBA Street.

© 2002 Electronic Arts, Incorporated. EA Sports, EA Sports BIG, and their logos
are trademarks / registered trademarks Electronic Arts, Inc. in the U.S. and /
or other countries. All rights reserved. NuFX is a trademark of NuFX, Inc. All
rights reserved. All NBA and individual NBA member team identifications used on
/ in this product are trademarks, copyrighted designs, and other forms of
intellectual property of NBA Properties, Inc. and the respective teams. They
may not be used, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of NBA
Properties, Inc. © 2001 NBA Properties, Inc. All rights reserved.

                        ********** 3. Version History **********

      Version 1.1 (Tuesday, March 26, 2002)
            I did a quick fix to a few spacing errors. These errors weren't
really pointed out to me, I just found them as soon as this was posted. Most
spacing errors should be gone, now.

      Version 1.0 (Monday, March 25, 2002)

            FINALLY got it done. Took two weeks to make this, but it's finally
done and sent out. I wanted to get it all out in one version, so it's pretty
complete already, but I am sure some changes will eventually be made! Sections
1 thru 11 included, with fairly complete descriptions, etc. Got a correction or
something to add? E-mail me at dw0914@hotmail.com. That will force me to make
another version and add you to the Credits list, which I really wouldn't mind,
so go ahead and help make this section have some more versions :-) Enjoy.

                   ********** 4. The Controls and The Basics **********

=====4.1 Menu Navigation=====

      Move Selection.............Main Control Stick or D-Pad
      Select or Advance..........A
      Return to Previous Screen..B

=====4.2 Universal Controls (in-game)=====

      Move player................Main Control Stick or D-Pad
      Turbo......................L, R, and Z
      Pause Game.................Start

=====4.3 Offense=====

      Pump Fake..................Tap B
      Trick Moves................X or Y

=====4.4 Defense=====

      Switch players.............A
      Block/Rebound..............B or Y
      Dive (Loose Ball Only).....Double Tap any Turbo button

=====4.5 Advanced Offense=====

      Call for a Pick............Tap Yellow C-Stick any direction
      Advanced Dunk..............B + holding 2+ Turbo buttons
      Advanced Trick.............X / Y + holding 2+ Turbo buttons

      GAMEBREAKER will be explained in Section 6.3-- when your Gamebreaker
meter is full, hold two or more Turbo buttons and press B to do your
Gamebreaker shot or dunk.

=====4.6 Tricks=====

Random Tricks (just hit X or Y to perform these at random)

Trick Name              Point Value

Backtrack               1000
Breakin Ankles          1000
Check Yo Bags           1000
Criss-Cross             1000
Crossed Out             1000
Double Take             1000
Flexnflow               1000
Fro Fake                1000
Funknflash              1000
Immobilize              1000
Left Ya                 1000
Off The Chain           1000
Off The Hook            1000
Roll On                 1000
Smooth Groove           1000
Spinoff                 1000
Top Spin                1000
Two-Time                1000
Wrap Around             1000
**Left Behind           2500

**Left Behind must be performed while close to and facing defender. It's pretty
rare, though.

Advanced Tricks (combine two or more Turbo buttons with a trick button -- hold
the Turbos (L, R and Z) and execute the trick by hitting the last button in the
sequence (X or Y)

Trick Name              Buttons         Point Value

Streetwise              L+R+X           1500
Reel2Reel               L+Z+X           1500
Downshift               R+Z+X           1500
Slip 'n' Slide          L+R+Z+X         1500
Changeup                L+R+Y           1500
Breakin' You Off        L+Z+Y           1500
Double Cross            R+Z+Y           1500
Cyclone                 L+R+Z+Y         1500

Points for each move (Random or Advanced) are doubled if the defender is Faked
Out (falls over).

Points for each Advanced Move are cut in half if you do them repeatedly on the
same possession (or, if you shoot and rebound and get back your shot clock,
moves go back to full value about 30 seconds after the last use of it -- useful
if you want to run up your trick points!)

=====4.7 Lay-Ups, Forced Shots, and Dunks=====

      I only can say a quick thing about lay-ups. Lay-ups aren't worth any more
than a basic dunk, plus they are blocked a lot easier. I don't recommend
continuing one if a player starts to lay it up -- it will likely be blocked, so
pass it off instead. Lay-ups are only worth 1000 points.

      You can force your player to shoot a certain way, such as one-handed. It
seems (I can't guarantee this!) that your shots go in more often if you force
the player to shoot a certain way. Here are the Forced Shots you can do. You
hold two or more Turbo buttons (L, R, or Z) and hit B to shoot it.

Forced Shot Name                       Buttons

One Handed Spread Eagle                L+R+B
Double Pump                            L+Z+B
Set Shot                               R+Z+B
One Handed with Scissors Leg Kick      L+R+Z+B

Random Dunks (heading toward the hoop and holding either 1 or no Turbo buttons
and pressing B will likely result in either a Lay-Up or Random Dunk)

Dunk Name               Point Value

Air Patrol              1500
Air Raid                1500
All That                1500
Around The Way          1500
Backbreaker             1500
Boomdown                1500
Buckdown                1500
Counter Strike          1500
Direct Flight           1500
Dominator               1500
Freestyle               1500
Groundshaker            1500
Hammerdown              1500
High Rise               1500
Honey Dip               1500
Jam City                1500
Look Out Below          1500
Mamma Jamma             1500
Onslaught               1500
Powerhouse              1500
Rampage                 1500
Rapid Rise              1500
Remix                   1500
Rise Up                 1500
Shockwave               1500
Strikeforce             1500
Super Fly               1500
Uptempo                 1500
Wake Up Call            1500

Advanced Dunks (combine two or more Turbo buttons with B -- hold the Turbos (L,
R and Z) and execute the dunk by hitting B, while heading toward the hoop)

Dunk Name               Buttons           Point Value

Special Delivery        L+R+B             2500
Around The World        L+Z+B             2500
Dunkalicious            R+Z+B             2500
*Put It Home            L+R+Z+B           2500
**Dinner's Served       L+R+Z+B           7500

*Put It Home must be performed while standing, and close to the hoop.
**Dinner's Served must be performed while moving, and just inside the foul line
(any closer will result in failure to complete the Dunk).

                        ********** 5. Players & Teams **********

      Simply put, this is just a list of EVERY team in the game, including the
secret ones. Under the secret teams, it will show you how to unlock them. Also,
along with the players on each team, I will put in a brief word about the team
(who to use, if they're any good, etc). Remember, rosters are accurate as of
January 4, 2002 -- and new appearance changes like the Sonics old logo have
taken place! The rosters are much more accurate than PS2's NBA Street, but the
latest trades such as Jalen Rose on the Bulls are not in the game. Also, note
that if you have a Created Player on your User ID, he will be available on the
rosters for EVERY team, including secret ones.

Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Theo Ratliff
Jason Terry
Toni Kukoc
Alan Henderson
      Not exactly a great team. Abdur-Rahim is fairly good all-around, and I
always liked Ratliff, but his main focus is blocking.

Paul Pierce
Antoine Walker
Kenny Anderson
Tony Battie
Vitaly Potapenko
      Pierce and Walker are two fairly good players stuck with a few
'klunkers.' Kenny Anderson can take care of the ball-handling, and Pierce is
one of the better players all-around. I hate to say it, but Vitaly Potapenko is
one of the worst players in the game...

Jamal Mashburn
Baron Davis
P.J. Brown
David Wesley
Elden Campbell
      An average team. Mashburn is above average in everything but blocks, and
Baron Davis is pretty good himself. Other than Campbell, however, they lack an
inside player. P.J. Brown is tall and has good power and dunking ability, but
his blocks leave something to be desired for his height.

Ron Mercer
Ron Artest
Charles Oakley
Eddie Robinson
Eddy Curry
      Eh, the Bulls are...the Bulls. Mercer and Artest are average, but the
Bulls are just pretty darn bad. Charles Oakley may be the worst player in the
game! The only ratings anywhere above average are his short range shooting and
his power!

Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Tyrone Hill
Andre Miller
Jumaine Jones
Lamond Murray
      Ugh. I used to like the Cavs a lot, like when they first brought in Shawn
Kemp. He used to have a 4'0" vertical until he got chunky...and where's Wesley
Person?? He's a surefire shot, but he's not here. That leaves the Cavs with
Andre Miller and not too much else. Miller's a good ball-handler, but some more
offense is needed.

Michael Finley
Dirk Nowitzki
Steve Nash
Juwan Howard
Tim Hardaway
      Pretty good team, and Michael Finley is one of the best players in the
league. Everything but his blocking is really high, and Dirk Nowitzki is good
all-around. Nash can shoot, steal, and handle pretty darn well.

Antonio McDyess
Nick Van Exel
Raef LaFrentz
James Posey
Voshon Lenard
      Not a bad team, but could be much better. McDyess is good at power,
dunks, and blocking. Van Exel has the 'guard stats:' steals, handles, and
quicks. I feel those two players were underrated a little bit, though.

Jerry Stackhouse
Cliff Robinson
Ben Wallace
Chucky Atkins
Corliss Williamson
      Better than you might think, but still not really good. Stack will have
to carry most of the offense. Robinson is well-rounded, and Wallace is a
bruiser inside with good power, blocking, and rebounding. Despite these good
attributes, Detroit still doesn't amount to a whole lot.

Antawn Jamison
Larry Hughes
Marc Jackson
Jason Richardson
Danny Fortson
      Hmm. The Warriors look alright on paper, and they have since last year,
but they're still pretty bad. Jamison is good, Hughes has some good attributes,
and the other players aren't bad...but Golden State just doesn't make it into
the upper echelon of teams.

Steve Francis
Cuttino Mobley
Maurice Taylor
Glen Rice
Kelvin Cato
      Francis is hands-down one of the best players in the game -- and he'd be
a huge help to a team if he could get out of Houston! The Rockets as a whole
don't have a lot of strong ratings, so if you're going to play with them, don't
go without Francis.

Jalen Rose
Reggie Miller
Jermaine O'Neal
Austin Croshere
Jamaal Tinsley
      The Pacers are a great team. Jalen Rose is superb all-around, Miller can
drain 3's all day long, and Jermaine O'Neal has some 'big man' stats: blocks,
dunks, and power. Indiana is definitely one of the best 10 teams in the game,
even though you may not think that at first glance.

Lamar Odom
Darius Miles
Elton Brand
Michael Olowokandi
Corey Maggette
      Eh, not bad. Odom is an all-around good player that can carry some of the
load, and Brand helps as a big player inside. If you're gonna play with the
Clips, make sure to use Odom and Brand in your line-up.

Shaquille O'Neal
Kobe Bryant
Mitch Richmond
Derek Fisher
Robert Horry
      The Lakers are one of the better teams in the game. Shaq, of course, is
who everyone looks to for the best player in the game -- he's not. Kobe is
rated better than Shaq. Shaq's pretty good. His short range shots, dunks,
blocks, and power are almost all maxed out, but some other big men in the game
have all that plus a little more in the other categories. Kobe is a great
player, almost maxed out in everything but power and blocks.

Michael Dickerson
Jason Williams
Shane Battier
Brevin Knight
Stromile Swift
      Dickerson isn't too bad of a player, but the Grizz just aren't that good.
Battier is average, and J-Wil has (of course) maxed out handles...well, just
not a great team.

      **MIAMI HEAT**
Alanzo Mourning
Brian Grant
Eddie Jones
Anthony Carter
Kendall Gill
      Speaking of big men that have a little more than Shaq...Zo is the way to
go. Mourning is a pretty good big man to have. Jones has a high steal rating,
but considering his previous accolades for being a notorious theft, it could be

Ray Allen
Glenn Robinson
Sam Cassell
Anthony Mason
Rafer Alston
      Ray Allen, my personal favorite player, is great in everything but blocks
and power. Robinson is a good player all-around, and Cassell can be your main
ball-handler. Mason is another good player to have, and Alston isn't bad
either. Milwaukee's pretty good.

Kevin Garnett
Terrell Brandon
Joe Smith
Chauncey Billups
Wally Szczerbiak
      The Wolves aren't as good as I hoped they'd be. Garnett is loaded, so
he's definitely a taker if you play with Minnesota. Brandon can handle the ball
well. I feel that Szczerbiak, especially with the way he's stepped up this
year, got shafted rating-wise. Joe Smith is an OK player.

Jason Kidd
Keith Van Horn
Kenyon Martin
Kerry Kittles
Aaron Williams
      New Jersey is a good team. Kidd has the handles, quicks, and steals, Van
Horn is your all-around player, and K-Mart brings a little power into the mix.
If you could rate Kidd any higher in Handles, EA probably would've, since he's
the perfect playmaker.

Latrell Sprewell
Allan Houston
Marcus Camby
Shandon Anderson
Mark Jackson
      Spree and Houston are two very similar players. They're good all-around
and can hit 3's with accuracy. Camby is the only size on this team, so he is a
must-have in most games. Mark Jackson's only attribute is his handles.

Tracy McGrady
Grant Hill
Darrell Armstrong
Patrick Ewing
Mike Miller
      Orlando is one of the best teams -- McGrady is, excepting The Goods
(secret player), probably the best all-player in the game. Grant Hill, despite
his real-life injuries, is good in everything except blocks. This just shows
how good Orlando would be if Hill would only heal up and be cleared to play
(won't happen anytime soon, either..)! Armstrong is a good ball-handler, but
there's one thing this team lacks...SIZE! Ewing is the only big man, and he's
not really good. Still, Orlando is a good team.

Allen Iverson
Dikembe Mutombo
Derrick Coleman
Eric Snow
Aaron McKie
      The 76ers are a pretty good team. Mutombo is one of the best centers you
can find, with high dunks, power, and blocks on his side. Iverson has some
great stats, but he is, in some cases, too small to play with the big fellas.

      **PHOENIX SUNS**
Stephon Marbury
Shawn Marion
Penny Hardaway
Rodney Rogers
Tom Gugliotta
      The Suns might be overlooked at first. Marbury (Starbury on the secret
NYC Legends team) is a good point guard, Hardaway is pretty good, and Shawn
Marion is a great all-around player.

Rasheed Wallace
Scottie Pippen
Damon Stoudamire
Derek Anderson
Dale Davis
      Wallace and Pippen are some great all-around players. Stoudamire can do
'guard work,' but he's pretty small and not really powerful. Derek Anderson and
Dale Davis are good players to have around, as well.

Chris Webber
Mike Bibby
Peja Stojakovic
Vlade Divac
Doug Christie
      Webber is one of the better players out there. All of his stats except
long range shots are high. Bibby is a pretty good player with good handles, and
Peja is a great shooter.

Tim Duncan
David Robinson
Steve Smith
Antonio Daniels
Malik Rose
      San Antonio's got a pretty good team. Tim Duncan is close to maxed out in
everything but 3's, and David Robinson is a lot like Duncan only a wee bit
worse in some categories. Steve Smith is good all-around, and Daniels isn't too
bad either!

Gary Payton
Rashard Lewis
Vin Baker
Desmond Mason
Brent Barry
      Payton is a great guard, with high handles, steals, quicks, and good
shooting skills. Rashard Lewis is a well-rounded player. The only thing Seattle
'lacks' is a big man -- I say lacks with quotes, because they do have one --
Vin Baker. Baker is average, but don't play as Seattle without him...chances
are, you'll be undersized.

Vince Carter
Antonio Davis
Jerome Williams
Morris Peterson
Hakeem Olajuwon
      Vince Carter this, Vince Carter that. Eh, gettin' a little tired of
Vinsanity? Me too...he's got maxed dunks and pretty good all-around, but not
near as good as his 'Floridian' cousin, nor is he as good as some of the other
players in the league. Still, VC is a good player that hangs out above the rim
a lot. Davis makes a good inside player, and the rest of the crew is pretty
good as well.

      **UTAH JAZZ**
Karl Malone
John Stockton
Donyell Marshall
Bryon Russell
Deshawn Stevenson
      I never liked the Jazz much -- too old school. And even though Stockton
is doing moves in this game that he couldn't do in real life without breaking
his back, the Jazz are an average team. Malone has good short range shooting,
dunking, and power, and Stockton has good handles, steals, and quicks.

Michael Jordan
Richard Hamilton
Kwame Brown
Courtney Alexander
Christian Laettner
      His Airness is back! Jordan is one of the better players in the game,
with very well-rounded attributes. His supporting cast leaves some to be
desired, though. Courtney Alexander is also fairly well-rounded.

      **TEAM BIG** (secret team -- get 10 wins in any mode to unlock)
Moby Jones
Zoe Payne
Tracey Maretti
      From what I gather, these are snowboarders from the EA BIG game, SSX
Tricky (Copyright EA BIG, etc etc...). Moby Jones is pretty fast, Zoe Payne has
good steals and quicks, and Tracey Maretti has power and good shooting. Despite
having some good attributes, this team isn't real good at all.

      **TEAM 3LW** (secret team -- get 20 wins in any mode to unlock)
      I found out by word of mouth that 3LW stands for 3 Little Women, which is
some music group. Despite the fact that they're all 5'4" or shorter, they're
all good at dunks, as well as handles and quicks, among other things.

      **NEW YORK CITY LEGENDS** (secret team -- get 30 wins in any mode to
Skip to My Lou
The Goods
      Here's some real street ballers! Skip to My Lou looks exactly like
(picture, height, and weight) Rafer Alston of the Milwaukee Bucks! I almost
couldn't believe it though, because Alston of the Bucks is an average / below
average player. Skip to My Lou is a ball-handler supreme, with awesome shooting
and steals to go with it. Can anyone get confirmation on if this is really
Alston? Hmm. The world may never know. Starbury (in real life, he's Stephon
Marbury) is similar to Skip to My Lou. Then there's The Goods. The Goods is the
best all-around player in the game. No aspect of his game is weak at all.
Besides being able to play well, these guys look pretty cool on the court, too!

      **STREET LEGENDS** (secret team -- beat City Circuit mode to unlock)
      This is just the 6 Street Legends you face in City Circuit mode. Their
abilities will be explained later on.

      **TEAM DREAM** (secret team -- beat all objectives in Hold the Court mode
to unlock)
Magma Man
Graylien Alien
Yeti Snowman
      The notorious Team Dream. They take a LONG time to unlock. Magma Man is
great all-around -- plus he's 583 pounds! When he dunks, the whole screen
shakes. He dunks a lot too, for his dunking, power, and blocks are high / maxed
out. Graylien Alien is a great guard, with high / maxed out short and long
range shooting, steals, handles, and quicks. Yeti Snowman is a favorite just
because he is 8'0". I guess he is pretty good, but my created player is 8'0"
with all maxed abilities. Yeti has high / maxed dunks, power, blocks, and

      **TEAM 1P**

Created Player (if you made one)
Up to 15 other players you add to your team through City Circuit
      This is just what your team is called. You can build it by taking players
off NBA teams in City Circuit (and taking Legends). It will obviously be the
best team after you build it up. You can have a maximum of 15 players from
other teams added onto Team 1P, plus your Created Player shows up, so that
actually makes a 16-man roster, at most. Don't stop building it until its stats
(as a team) are almost all maxed out, and don't be afraid to let some Legends
drop off your team; some just aren't that good.

                             ********** 6. Strategies **********

=====6.1 Offensive Strategy=====

      You need a good offense to win a game. Everybody always says, "Have a big
guy, a long range shooter, and an all-around player." This actually isn't too
bad of a strategy. If you're playing as a regular NBA team, with no created
players or anything, I recommend a team like the Indiana Pacers. Rose, Miller,
and Jermaine O'Neal make a nice combo of players. Don't use two guards like
this too often though -- if you do, make sure one of them is somewhat tall.
Otherwise, rebounding and blocking will become hard. Have an unstoppable 3-pt
shooter -- i.e. Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, or some other guards around the
league, at least one good stealer and one good blocker (the shotblocker will
usually be your rebounder), and a nice ball-handler. Transition offense is the
best offense -- it's usually strung out into long combos, such as Block + Dish
+ Dinner's Served. Oh yeah, be flashy. It pays off huge. Your biggest asset is
your Gamebreaker, which is explained in depth in Section 6.3. Take alley-oops
if you have the option. String together fakeouts (knocking defender over with
dribble moves) and dunk or alley-oop plays. Hook-ups are nice bonuses. Hook-ups
occur when you are in the air (en route for a dunk, etc) and someone goes up
behind your for an alley-oop. You pass it to them, and they slam it. You can
even get a double Hook-up if the chance occurs. If you want to be really
flashy, check out the Gamebreaker and Trick Points Strategy (like I said, in
Section 6.3). If your long range shooter is given ANY room, drain the distance
shot. ALWAYS shoot before the shot clock expires...if you don't it takes a huge
amount of Gamebreaker Meter away. Pump fake often, whether to start a drive to
the hoop or to get a shot off. The best dunkers are almost impossible to stop
once they go up. Don't, however, take long range shots with poor shooters, or
do fancy moves with bad handlers. Dunking with a bad dunker is also a bad idea.
Basically, know your limits. Don't get down and give up -- I've seen some wild
comebacks. Keep moving, run the floor, and do Dinner's Served / alley-oops /
Hook-ups often. Last, always go for Trick Points before shooting, and never
shoot short range unless you have to (always dunk or shoot long range).

=====6.2 Defensive Strategy=====

      This is just a general defensive strategy. Blocking and stealing are
explained below. Blocks are a huge part of your defense in NBA Street. Always
make sure you have a tall player that can block shots. Their height also helps
rebounding and filling the paint to make sure no alley-oops occur. You must be
aggressive, but not too aggressive. If you go for steals too much (which are,
by the way, worth less than blocks), your opponent will trick the daylights out
and take it to the hoop. Play on your man, but at a safe distance. Getting too
close will result in being faked out by their dribble moves. As soon as you
hear that little 'rip' sound signifying a trick move, back up, then charge in
once it ends and swipe for the ball once or twice -- after all, it's a known
street tip that players are most vulnerable for losing the ball right after a
trick! If you know it loose, DIVE FOR IT. Diving may seem dumb, but it looks
hilarious and usually gets you the ball. Plus, you can pass as soon as you get
the ball in your hands (mid-dive). If your opponents have a Gamebreaker, give
them the hoop. It's better that they dunk instead of shooting a long range
shot. If you get the ball during their Gamebreaker, hold onto it and try to run
their Gamebreaker down (they are only 30 seconds). A word on double-teaming:
Don't do it often, unless you have a special 'condition.' By condition, I mean
you have a tall, maxed out created player. I usually have my created player
(8'0", maxed out abilities) follow the ball. That way, he can block the
opponents pretty much for sure -- and he's quick enough to keep on the ball.
Try to force shot clock violations for them. If they are running low on time
and you swat it away, don't go after it. Instead, let the last few seconds tick
off. They lose a lot of their Gamebreaker Meter, and you still get the ball.
Defense is key throughout NBA Street.

=====6.3 Gamebreaker, Trick Points, and Turbo In-Depth=====

      There are numerous statistics at the top of the screen. One of them is
the score. The other three displays are the Gamebreaker Meter, the Turbo Meter,
and your Trick Points for the current game. Just about everything you do
affects the Gamebreaker Meter and Trick Points. Turbo will gradually go down if
you hold any of the Turbo Buttons (L, R or Z) and it will refill itself if you
let them go. Turbo will jump downward if you do an Advanced Move that requires
pushing two or more Turbo buttons. Most things you do earn Trick Points,
whether a small or large number. If you pull off a Combo (two or three moves
closely together), your trick points and Gamebreaker Meter will increase more
than usual. The Gamebreaker Meter is something you want to fill. As soon as it
fills up, a siren will sound and you will have 30 seconds to pull off your
Gamebreaker shot. To do so (once your Meter is full), hold down two or more
turbo buttons and either shoot or get in close for a jam. A little cinema scene
When your Meter is full, all of your players will have increased shooting and
dunking ability -- so it's possible to shoot a regular long range shot (with
meter full, anywhere within half court has a high chance of going in), get the
ball back on D, and get off your actual Gamebreaker within 30 seconds, but it's
not highly recommended. After the little cinema scene, your player will (if the
ball is not blocked, and if you shot from within a sensible range) dunk it --
no, you can only do ONE type of dunk during for your Gamebreaker, so don't
repeatedly try different types and wonder why it's still the same -- or drain
the shot. Basically, never shoot from short range -- either nail a long ranger
or slam it home. Whatever you score on the actual Gamebreaker shot will be
deducted from your opponent. If you're down 3, and you shoot a long range
Gamebreaker and make it, you get 2 and they lose 2. That means you're now up by
1! Dunks will only take 1 off their score, but a dunking Gamebreaker is worth a
LOT of points. Your Gamebreaker Meter will deplete itself entirely right after
you shoot your actual Gamebreaker shot, or after the 30 seconds runs out. That
said, just remember to rack up Trick Points and fill your Gamebreaker Meter as
often as possible. Major minuses that subtract from your Gamebreaker are being
blocked, getting the ball stolen, or especially letting the 24-second shot
clock run out. Likewise, inflicting these on your opponents takes a lot off of
their Meter. If you Fake Out your opponent (knock 'em over with a dribble move)
or even just score, you will take a very very very small bit off their Meter.
These minuses are extremely small, but in case you wanted to know, they're
      Trick Point Strategy time -- if you want to get major Trick Points,
remember to do the following:
      -- Have a good ball-handler and a good shot-swatter.
      -- On D, go for steals or blocks, then quickly hit the lead man for a
Dinner's Served. This will do a combo worth some good points.
      -- Alley-oop if the chance arises. Alley-oops occur VERY often at the
beginning of a play. Speed downcourt and trick move into your opponents. They
may be faked out, resulting in an open lane for an alley-oop, hooked onto your
fakeout(s) for a combo.
      -- If you want to try for a Hook-up, do one of these things: 1) As soon
as you see a player go up, try to get up in the air yourself ASAP, then dish it
off for the Hook-up. 2) If you see an open lane, head in and do the R+Z+B dunk
(Dunkalicious). Out of the forced dunks you can do, it seems to have the most
hangtime, leaving some room for anyone to go up behind you if they want to.
      -- Head into a crowd of defenders and do a LARGE variety of Advanced
Trick moves. When the shot clock begins to wind down, head back behind
half-court and chuck it up. If you don't get the rebound, head back and play D.
If you do, keep tricking and repeat.
      -- Score as little as possible, unless you have a nice combo, etc.
      -- DON'T shoot long range. That just gets you closer to 21, but with very
little boost or trick points.
      -- On Gamebreakers, always dunk, but do a fakeout or two first to
maximize points.
      -- ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS end on a Busted Rim, Gamebreaker, combo dunk. By
this, I mean...don't score when you have 20 until you get a Gamebreaker. Then,
get the ball, fakeout your man once or twice (to make it a combo) then charge
in for the Gamebreaker dunk, which will also bust the rim (a dunk to win the
game). This is worth minimum 150,000 points, so it's a must do.

=====6.4 Blocking Strategy=====

      Blocking is a huge part of NBA Street. Blocks are worth more than steals,
and they're somewhat easy to do, depending on who you have. I have always been
around good shot-blockers. I started out City Circuit with the Lakers, so I had
Shaq. I later got Takashi (Street Legend, you'll learn more about him later...)
and used him once in awhile. In the meantime, I was making my created player
into a monster. He's now 8'0" with all maxed stats, so he's the 'shot-swatter
supreme.' Ever since I first started playing, I usually got at least 18 blocks
per game. Blocking is so easy if you know what to do. With a regular player,
sometimes standing under the hoop and waiting for a nearby shot works. However,
you needn't rely on this once you get a tall, fast created player that can
block with the best. Then you can follow the ball and stuff opponents in their
face. This is more reliable and also better than the first way. By better, I
mean two things: 1) Nobody can razz you about how you just wait under the hoop,
and 2) though goaltending is allowed, if you goaltend a shot (hit it on its way
down) and don't get the ball back, the shot clock resets!! But if you stuff 'em
when the ball's going up, the shot clock continues running. Anticipate the
shot, then grab it (or send it flying).

=====6.5 Stealing Strategy=====

      Stealing can be easy to do if you have a good stealer. To have a chance
at stealing and still not get faked out, play normal on your man, then back up
when you hear that little 'rip' sound that signifies the coming on of a trick
move. Right after the move ends, head in for the kill. It's a very true fact
that players are most vulnerable to turnovers right at the end of a trick move.
Be careful swiping though, since you are frozen for a split-second after

=====6.6 Create A Player=====

      In NBA Street, you can create your very own player. If you want, you can
make him / her a likeness of yourself! At first though, this may seem
difficult. You start off with very few Create-A-Player options (appearance-wise
and points-wise). Development points count toward your ratings and size. Looks,
bodies, and shoes can be changed at no cost, as long as you have them unlocked!
There are numerous things to edit for your player:
      Gender: Male or Female.
      Nickname: Choose from a long list of nicknames -- press X to test the
highlighted one, find out what sounds best for your baller.
      Size: Height can range from 5'0" to 8'0", weight goes from 125 - 350
pounds. Make sure you get a lot of points, because for height (once you get up
to about 7'6") each inch will really start to cost. The last few inches cost
500 points! If what I just said doesn't make sense (about the last few starting
to cost a lot), read the Skills section just below this.
      Skills: 2-pt, 3-pt, dunks, power, blocks, steals, handles, quicks. At
first, it takes only a point or two to raise each stat up a little bit. After
it gets up there, though, it begins to take more points to raise the stat...in
other words, if you have empty dunks but almost-full 3-pt, it will take very
few points to raise dunks, but it will take 10+ points just to raise 3-pt one
little bit.
      Look: After everything is unlocked, you will have 26 male looks and 8
female looks. Looks are the players' faces and skin color.
      Body: After everything is unlocked, you will have 27 male bodies and 12
female bodies. Bodies are what the player is wearing.
      Shoes: After everything is unlocked, you will have 32 shoes (they go for
male and female). There's a wide variety of cool looking shoes.


      If you want more appearance items, play Hold the Court mode. You unlock a
new look, body, and pair of shoes each time you complete one of the two goals
for each court. You also get up to 25 player development points for each game.

      If you want mega development points, City Circuit is the way to go. After
each game, you get to pick a player from the losing team -- or you can take
some player development points. About 90% of the time, you won't be picking a
player from the other team (there are only a few really worth getting), so
you'll be taking the points. There's either 5, 25, 50, 75, or 100 available
after each game. How do you get 100? It all depends on your Trick Points. You
don't need to score an awful lot of Trick Points to get 50-75, and 100 isn't
hard to get either. In other words, if you know you're not going to be taking a
player from their team, put forth the effort and get 100 points for your

                        ********** 7. Street Legends **********

      This is just a little section explaining the six Street Legends: Biggs,
Bonafide, Drake, D.J., Takashi, and Stretch. Some of the legends are only
average...in fact, I only recommend keeping one or two of them for your Team
1P: Stretch, definitely, then maybe someone else you like. Other than that, you
can find some better NBA players to take their spots.

      Biggs: Biggs is all about muscle and hustle. He is powerful, and he can
dunk and block, but that's about the extent of his talent. If you're playing as
him, keep him under the hoop for rebounding; he does that well. If you get him
the ball, don't dribble much. He can't handle the ball well, so just take it
straight up to the hoop, and hopefully you can muscle up through any defenders.

      Bonafide: Bonafide's a fast player, a good shooter and an awesome
dribbler and defender. He's one of the better legends, at least in my opinion.
Have him dribble and do insane trick moves in crowds of defenders for maximum
trick points, then pull up from beyond the arc or connect an alley-oop pass to
a teammate. On defense, control Bonafide and have him steal right after your
opponents do their trick moves.

      Drake: Drake is a sure shot, though I don't like him much because he
can't dunk at all...plus many NBA players (and possibly your created player)
have shooting skills similar to his. If you play as Drake, dribble around (he's
got good handles) and pump fake once or twice, then drain the shot on your
opponents face. Come to think of it, he really looks like Eminem. Scary, huh?

      D.J.: D.J. isn't a great player but he looks awesome and is fun to play
with. When playing as D.J., you can still do some really good dribble moves,
then put it all on the wire by jumping sky high for a slam. Remember that
D.J.'s defense is somewhat lackluster, though. Fly through the air with him on
offense, but switch to a better defender afterwards.

      Takashi: On defense, stand pretty much anywhere you want (but be in the
ball's flight path), time your jump, and block 90% of the shots that come your
way. On offense, Takashi's not much of a producer. If you insist on using him,
play as close to the basket as you can, because he's not a great shooter unless
he's right up there with the rim.

      Stretch: Stretch is a pretty full package. Just keep in mind his speed
weakness. He can nail shots from most spots on the court, dunk with the best,
and then back up his offense with his tough D. Despite his thin appearance, you
can still use him to block some of the heavier dunkers. Stretch is good to use
on your Team 1P, unless you have a better team or player to replace him with,
like T-Mac, The Goods, or Magma Man.

                          ********** 8. Modes of Play **********

=====8.1 City Circuit=====

      Think you got what it takes to go through all the NBA teams AND the six
street legends? You better be prepared for the long run, because the legends
won't cut you any slack at all.

      At the beginning of City Circuit, you can pick any NBA team to play as.
You will have the five players on that team, plus your created player (if you
made one). I started off with the Los Angeles Lakers, not just because they're
the Lakers, but because they are truly a good team. They have an above-average
big man in Shaq, and Kobe is wonderful all-around. Plus, the team you pick, you
won't have to play during City Circuit (so in City Circuit, I will never ever
have to play against the Lakers). After every game you win in City Circuit
(against NBA teams), you get the choice of either one player from their roster,
added on to your Team 1P, or create-a-player development points. Remember, you
can't pick a certain player twice if you're on your second / third / etc time
through City Circuit. If you have a player on your team from the team you beat,
they won't be available to pick a second time. In most cases, the development
points are a better idea. You get a choice of either 5, 25, 50, 75, or 100
development points. More are available for the taking depending on your Trick
Points. Score high, and you'll get 100 as your choice! Here is a list of any
players that I would recommend taking. You must keep in mind that you can only
have 15 players OTHER THAN YOUR CREATED PLAYER, so that would be a total of 16
if you have a created player. Circle some possible ones if you like. Go back to
Section 5 on players and teams if you want to learn a little about the players,
especially the secret ones. Take as few extra players as possible.

Atlanta Hawks
      I recommend just taking the development points.
Boston Celtics
      Paul Pierce if anyone, probably not Antoine Walker.
Charlotte Hornets
      Development points (must be really picky!).
Chicago Bulls
      HELLO? Development points!
Cleveland Cavaliers
      Development points.
Dallas Mavericks
      Michael Finley is pretty good.
Denver Nuggets
      Development points.
Detroit Pistons
      Development points, Stackhouse isn't great.
Golden State Warriors
      Development points.
Houston Rockets
      Steve Francis.
Indiana Pacers
      Jalen Rose / Reggie Miller / Development points. TOSS-UP. Miller can hit
treys all day, but Rose is better all around. All up to what you need.
Los Angeles Clippers
      Development points.
Los Angeles Lakers
      Shaquille O'Neal / Kobe Bryant. Take Kobe over Shaq if you don't need a
big man.
Memphis Grizzlies
      Development points.
Miami Heat
      Alanzo Mourning (he is better than Shaq, for one thing).
Milwaukee Bucks
      Ray Allen.
Minnesota Timberwolves
      Kevin Garnett.
New Jersey Nets
      Development points, Jason Kidd isn't rated really high.
New York Knicks
      Development points (Spree and Houston are alright...).
Orlando Magic
      Tracy McGrady for sure.
Philadelphia 76ers
      Allen Iverson / Development points. Iverson's pretty good but also pretty
Phoenix Suns
      Probably Development points.
Portland Trailblazers
      Rasheed Wallace / Development points.
Sacramento Kings
      Chris Webber.
San Antonio Spurs
      Tim Duncan.
Seattle Supersonics.
      Development points / Gary Payton.
Toronto Raptors
      Development points (Carter isn't as good as some other players!).
Utah Jazz
      Development points.
Washington Wizards
      Michael Jordan.
The Six Street Legends (Section 7)
            NOTE: I recommend dropping some of these, keep Stretch but you
really don't need some of the others!

Secret Characters (after you beat Stretch in the last challenge, you get to
pick one of these!)
      The following characters are explained near the bottom of Section 5
Moby Jones, Zoe Payne, Tracey Maretti, Kiely, Naturi, Adrienne, Skip to My Lou,
The Goods, Starbury, Yeti Snowman, Magma Man, Graylien Alien, and any of the
Street Legends you dropped

      For beating the NBA teams, there really isn't much 'strategy' other than
the basic strategies in Section 6. If you're having trouble with a particular
NBA team, look over their summary in Section 5. Here's how the City Circuit is
set up. After that, I'll explain how to beat the Legends. Remember, there's no
set order to which you play each team in each region; you get to pick who you
want to play.

            LEGEND 6                Stretch                 LEGEND 6
            REGION 6      Seattle Supersonics, Portland     REGION 6
                         Trailblazers, Sacramento Kings,
                       L.A. Lakers, L.A. Clippers, Golden
                                 State Warriors
            LEGEND 5                Takashi                 LEGEND 5
            REGION 5       Chicago Bulls, Minnesota         REGION 5
                        Timberwolves, Milwaukee Bucks,
                       Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons
            LEGEND 4                  D.J.                  LEGEND 4
            REGION 4    New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets,   REGION 4
                       Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors
            LEGEND 3                 Drake                  LEGEND 3
            REGION 3    Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks,  REGION 3
                        San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets,
                             Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns
            LEGEND 2                Bonafide                LEGEND 2
            REGION 2   Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Atlanta   REGION 2
                           Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies,
                               Charlotte Hornets
            LEGEND 1                 Biggs                  LEGEND 1
            REGION 1       Washington Wizards, Boston       REGION 1
                          Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers

      For beating the Street Legends...remember, after beating a Street Legend,
you get the Legend you beat put on your team (unless you have a full team, then
you must drop someone) plus an automatic 100 development points, no matter how
well you play. Last, you get the court you played on unlocked.

1. Biggs - This is a really easy street challenge. The only worthwhile player
on the team is Biggs, and he's not even that good. He's just got a lot of power
and rebounding skill. He shouldn't pose much of a threat. If you picked a team
with a good big man, he'll be able to stop Biggs. The other two players are
easy to steal off of and don't produce an awful lot on offense. Simply put,
just play your game and you shouldn't have much trouble at all.

2. Bonafide - Bonafide's not afraid to pull his dribble moves in a crowd. Time
your steals for right after he finishes a move, dive for the swiped ball, and
get transition points. Remember that Bonafide can shoot, though, and he will
drain a shot if you leave him open. On D, just put a quick player on him. On
offense, match-up with Bonafide. If you have a speedy guard that can dunk, take
it to the hoop; Bonafide's too small to guard a strong dunker. Still not too
hard of a challenge, just don't let them build up their Gamebreaker Meter.

3. Drake - I don't know what all the fuss is about Drake. He's really not that
good, other than shooting! And many players in the league (not to mention your
create-a-player) can shoot almost as well as he can! Oh well. This isn't too
hard of a challenge. Just keep Drake covered, and don't let them get a
Gamebreaker, because Drake can hit for sure from deep. If you have Tim Duncan
off the Spurs, he's not a bad choice for this game. Try to take Drake to the
hoop 1-on-1 on offense.

4. D.J. - He's almost too short and too lanky to be a post-player, but he is
one nonetheless due to his mad 'ups.' D.J. and his teammate Game Time are both
above-the-rim players. On D, you really only need one player to contain them.
He should be bulky, powerful, and a good shot-blocker. D.J. is another legend
that is not real keen on defense, so go up against him and you'll have no prob
down in Venice Beach.

5. Takashi - The 7'8" freak of nature! Takashi is only good at blocking and
dunking, and he really doesn't block an awful lot if you keep him grounded;
give it to the man he has and either take it strong to the hoop or fake him out
with a dribble and put up the shot. His teammates don't really pose a threat.
If you can succeed on offense, then you shouldn't have much trouble.

6. Stretch - Seems like this guy is, for some reason, a huge step different
from the rest of the legends. It's not that he's a huge bit better or anything,
I guess maybe his teammates are better or something. Anyhow, Stretch's team can
build their Gamebreaker pretty quickly. They have a big player, a short
ball-handler, and of course, Stretch. Stretch is above average in everything
but speed. By now, though, your created player might be pretty scary, so you
may only need to put forth a little effort on defense (however, his teammates
do seem to push you around so you can't jump once in awhile, especially when
Stretch is shooting). On offense, build your Gamebreaker in case something
unexpected happens. Be careful taking it to the hoop; his big teammate is
fairly strong. Just keep at it and don't give up. I was down to Stretch 6-1
early on, but I fought back and won 21-19. Part of it may be mentality. Don't
regard Stretch any higher than the other legends and he won't seem quite so
hard. He may hand you a loss or two before you triumph. Like I said, just keep
at it!

=====8.2 Hold the Court=====

      Hold the Court mode is basically where you earn your Create A Player
rewards. After each game, you get a small number of player development points
-- the most you get, which is based on your number of trick points, is 25.
There are 13 courts total, but Pacific Blvd. is just for fun, so there's really
only 12 you can earn stuff off of. Each court has two objectives. The first one
is win streak. To get this, you must win how ever many each court has in a row.
Losing, as you may have guessed, breaks this streak. The other objective is a
Trick Point total. To clear this, you must clear the specified point total in
ONE GAME, as opposed to having numerous games to do it. After clearing an
objective (after the game), you will get one new Create A Player look, one new
body, and one new pair of shoes. So each objective is worth three items.
Multiply that by 2 objectives per court, by 12 courts, and you get 72 Create A
Player items! That's how many you can unlock (that doesn't count the ones given
to you at the beginning of the game). Once you clear both objectives for one
court, move on to the next court. If you start off by going to this mode,
you'll notice there's only 3 courts. In order to clear every court, you need to
unlock them, which is done by going through City Circuit first. You play random
opponents, but the computer seems to pick better players as you go up in
courts. There really isn't much strategy other than basic game strat. It gets
very long and tedious at times, but you must clear it if you want to unlock
everything. For some of the higher courts, use good Trick Point strategy to
maximize your Trick Point total. This can be found in Section 6.3 (I highly
recommend reading this section!).

      If you're wanting some Multiplayer, this is the only place you can find
it. NBA Street lacks a lot of Multiplayer options -- one of its very few
setbacks. You can only play two people at a time, and you must play against
them. You can both use your IDs and teams, but you can only play in this mode.

      Here is a list of all the courts and their objectives. Remember, you must
unlock most of them first. See the Rewards Section (Section 9) about that.

Court Name                    Win Streak                Trick Points (in just
one game)

Pacific Blvd.                 None (just for fun)       None
The Paint                     3 games                   200,000 points
South Beach                   4 games                   250,000 points
Route 66                      4 games                   300,000 points
Beacon Hill                   5 games                   350,000 points
Broad Street                  5 games                   400,000 points
The Yard                      5 games                   450,000 points
The Cage                      5 games                   500,000 points
Venice Beach                  6 games                   550,000 points
The Loop                      6 games                   600,000 points
Yakatomi Plaza                6 games                   650,000 points
Fort Point                    7 games                   700,000 points
Rucker Park                   9 games                   750,000 points

=====8.3 Street School=====

      If you're just starting out, I highly recommend Street School. It's very
quick, but it fills you in on everything. If you go through all 17 lessons, you
even get an extra court! Though this extra court may seem trivial, it is
necessary if you want to get all the rewards. Joe "The Show" Jackson (the
announcer, also known as the guy with the messed up laugh :-D ) teaches you the
basics of every aspect of the game with simple, easy-to-understand lessons.
Takes all of about 2 minutes to complete, but it will make you that much

                            ********** 9. Rewards **********

=====9.1 Courts=====

      There are a total of 13 courts, and the game starts you out with three
(The Paint, South Beach, and Route 66). That means that 10 of them are for you
to unlock. 6 of them are unlocked when you beat each of the 6 Legends. 3 of
them, The Cage, The Loop, and Fort Point, are gotten by just playing through
City Circuit and getting wins. The last one, Pacific Blvd., is unlocked simply
by successfully completing all 17 Street School lessons. Here are the ten
courts, their legends (if any), location, and weather. Unfortunately, weather
never changes.

Court Name       Legend                 Weather          Location

Pacific Blvd.    None (Street School)   Rainy            Vancouver, British

The Paint        None                   Mild and Sunny   Washington, D.C.

South Beach      None                   Hot              Miami, Florida

Route 66         None                   Hot              Northern Arizona

Beacon Hill      Biggs                  Cold and Snowy   Boston, Massachusetts

Broad Street     Bonafide               Moderate         Philadelphia,

The Yard         Drake Evans            Moderate         Detroit, Michigan

The Cage         The 3 NYC Legends      Moderate         Manhattan, New York

Venice Beach     D.J.                   Hot              Venice, California

The Loop         None                   Windy            Chicago, Illinois

Yakatomi Plaza   Takashi                Warm             Los Angeles,

Fort Point       None                   Moderate         San Francisco,

Rucker Park      Stretch                Moderate         Harlem, New York

=====9.2 Players=====

      18 players can be unlocked. 6 of them are the Legends, and the other 12
are on the four secret teams. Three of these teams are unlocked by winning 10,
then 20, then 30 games on any mode, but the last one is unlocked by beating
both objectives on every court in Hold the Court. You can't do that without
first beating City Circuit, so it takes awhile. Here's the 18 players, listed
along with their team and playing style. The first six are the six Legends (not
that it matters, but I put them in the order you play them, which is different
for some reason than the order the game lists them in Rewards).

Player Name             Team                    Playing Style

Biggs                   Street Legends          Physical Banger
Bonafide                Street Legends          Arrogant Playmaker
Drake                   Street Legends          Pure Shooter
D.J.                    Street Legends          Above the Rim
Takashi                 Street Legends          Shot-Swatter Supreme
Stretch                 Street Legends          Old-School Finesse
Magma Man               Team Dream              Dominant Inside
Graylien Alien          Team Dream              Speedy Playmaker
Yeti Snowman            Team Dream              Towering Defender
Moby Jones              Team BIG                Free Spirit
Zoe Payne               Team BIG                Wild and Reckless
Tracey Maretti          Team BIG                Sassy Leader
Kiely                   Team 3LW                Smooth Entertainer
Naturi                  Team 3LW                Clutch Performer
Adrienne                Team 3LW                Intense Competitor
Skip to My Lou          NYC Legends             Mad Handles
The Goods               NYC Legends             Mr. Versatility
Starbury                NYC Legends             Scoring Playmaker

=====9.3 Create A Player Rewards=====

      There are 72 total unlockable Create A Player features you can unlock
(this doesn't count the ones already given to you). They are unlocked by
successfully completing both objectives for all the courts in Hold the Court
mode. Each time you complete an objective, you get one look, one body, and one
pair of shoes. Once you've gotten them all, you'll be able to create your
player just to your liking! Getting all of these greatly broadens the
capability of Create A Player mode, so if you want to make your player just
like yourself, I recommend playing some Hold the Court and unlocking some
Create A Player rewards!

=====9.4 Emblems=====

      If you've played NBA Street awhile and done some good things, you may
notice that when viewing your ID before a game there are some little golden
emblems. There are four of these, and getting all four truly proves your NBA
Street greatness. Here's how to get each of them:

1) Clear City Circuit
2) Clear all of Hold the Court
3) Create a player with maxed out ratings (size and weight do not matter, just
abilities) AND unlock all the Create A Player items (through Hold the Court)
4) Unlock every single reward

      For help with Emblem 1, see the City Circuit section in 8.1. For Emblem
2, see the Hold the Court section in 8.2. For Emblem 3, just get some Create A
Player points and max your player out! Go to 6.6 to see where to find stuff for
your player, and go to 8.1 (City Circuit) to see whether to pick a player or
development points from the teams you beat. Also, if you're not sure how to get
items from Hold the Court, go to Section 8.2. For Emblem 4, look through all of
Section 9 (the one you're in) to see how to get the rewards.

=====9.5 Cheats=====

      Don't just come straight to this section. Please don't rely on cheats,
that's all I ask. The only time I ever use cheats is when I use ball cheats; I
never use anything that actually affects the players' ratings and gameplay.
That just takes all the fun and challenge out of the game, and it only proves
that you have fast fingers for entering cheats. Anyhow, I'm still going to post
them. If you're gonna use them, make sure you can at least earn them first.
Cheats are earned by playing through City Circuit and racking up wins. You can
see a list of cheats you have unlocked in your rewards section. And yes, you
can unfortunately use cheats you haven't yet unlocked. Here's how to use them,
this is very important if you are going to use them...

      The cheats are listed with numbers. For the first number, that's the
number of times you push the A button. Second number is number of times you
push B button, then the Y button, then the X button. After it's entered, press
the D-pad or Main Control stick any direction. Here's what the numbers produce.
Pushing a button...
0 times - it will be a basketball
1 time  - it will be a turntable
2 times - it will be a shoe
3 times - it will be a hoop
4 times - it will be a megaphone

      Please remember that after you entered the cheat you want, you MUST PUSH
ANY DIRECTION on the little D-Pad or the Main Control Stick to enter it. You
can enter as many as you want before the 10 seconds runs out. What ten seconds?
Well, cheats are entered on the screen right after you pick your third player
for a game. A little clock at the bottom counts away 10 seconds, then after
that the game starts. That time is the amount of time you have to enter cheats.
If a cheat it successfully entered, you'll see its name displayed above the
cheat bar. Now, here's the full list of 43 cheats. The first three are already
given to you at the beginning of the game (in your Rewards section):

Cheat Name                 A-B-Y-X   What it does

No Cheats                  0-2-0-2   No cheats can be entered
Casual Uniforms            0-2-4-4   All NBA players will wear casual uniforms
Authentic Uniforms         0-2-1-1   All NBA players will wear authentic
Player Names               1-1-0-1   Shows selected player's name
No Auto Replays            1-1-1-1   Turns off automatic replays
No HUD Display             1-1-2-1   Turns off trick name display
No Player Indicators       1-1-3-1   Turns off player indicators
Summertime Joe "The Show"  1-1-4-1   Joe "The Show" will wear Summertime
Springtime Joe "The Show"  1-1-1-0   Joe "The Show" will wear Springtime
Athletic Joe "The Show"    1-1-1-2   Joe "The Show" will wear Athletic clothes
No Shot Indicator          1-1-1-3   Turns off shot indicator
Explosive Rims             1-1-1-4   When basket is made, rim sparks
*** ABA Ball               0-0-1-2   Game will be played with the ABA's Ball
*** WNBA Ball              0-0-2-3   Game will be played with the WNBA's Ball
*** NuFX Ball              0-0-3-4   Game will be played with a NuFX Ball
*** EA BIG Ball            0-0-4-1   Game will be played with an EA BIG Ball
*** Beach Ball             0-0-1-1   Game will be played with a Beach Ball
*** Medicine Ball          0-0-2-2   Game will be played with a Medicine Ball
*** Volleyball             0-0-3-3   Game will be played with a Volleyball
*** Soccer Ball            0-0-4-4   Game will be played with a Soccer Ball
Tiny Players               2-2-2-1   Makes players very small (sweet cheat!)
Big Heads                  2-2-2-3   Gives players huge heads
Tiny Heads                 2-2-2-4   Gives players small heads
ABA Socks                  2-2-2-2   Some players will wear ABA socks
No Shot Clock              2-2-2-0   Turns off the shot clock
Less Gamebreakers          2-1-1-0   Gamebreakers are harder to get
More Gamebreakers          2-3-3-0   Gamebreakers are easier to get
No Gamebreakers            2-4-4-0   Turns off Gamebreakers
No Juice                   1-3-3-0   Turns off trick points and Gamebreakers
Unlimited Turbo            1-2-2-0   Both teams have infinite turbo
Easy Distance Shots        0-3-3-0   Maxes out long range shots for all players
Harder Distance Shots      0-1-1-0   Makes all players' very bad at long range
Mega Dunking               0-4-4-0   Maxes out dunks attribute for all players
Ultimate Power             1-2-3-0   Maxes out power attribute for all players
Mad Handles                2-3-1-0   Maxes out handles attribute for all
Super Swats                3-1-2-0   Maxes out blocks attribute for all players
Sticky Fingers             3-2-1-0   Maxes out steals attribute for all players
Captain Quicks             2-1-3-0   Maxes out quicks attribute for all players
No Dunks                   1-3-2-0   Sets all players' dunking attribute to
Less Blocks                0-1-2-0   Blocking will be very hard for all players
Less Steals                0-2-3-0   Stealing will be very hard for all players
No Alley-oops              0-3-1-0   Turns off the ability to alley-oop
No 2-Pointers              0-1-3-0   All shots are worth only one point
  *** Note that ball cheats do not affect the ball in any way other than

                           ********** 10. Other FAQs **********
      Here's some Frequently Asked Questions I have found on message boards,

Q: Should I get __________ (other basketball game, released around March 2002)
or NBA Street?
A: I highly recommend NBA Street over most Gamecube basketball games (ones that
were released around March, of course). It has superb graphics, good replay
value, and sweet moves and dunks.

Q: How many players are on the court?
A: It's 3-on-3, so a total of six.

Q: Is there a game clock or shot clock?
A: No and yes. Games are until 21 (win by 2, so they could be longer). Shot
clock is 24 seconds.

Q: What rules are there?
A: Fouls are not called, but you can't intentionally foul. Goaltending is not
called. Out of bounds...the ball never goes out of bounds unless it is blocked
(swatted!) out of bounds. You can't make yourself travel or double-dribble. You
can't call time-out or anything.

Q: How do you dive?
A: Tap two turbo buttons (L R or Z) when the ball is loose.

Q: I can't enter cheats, even though I put in what you said. Why?
A: Make sure you push either the D-pad or Main Control Stick in any direction
after you enter the cheat you want.

Q: Does this game ever get old?
A: A little bit, once you get all four emblems and max out your player's height
and weight. But hey, there's always Multiplayer or the ability to make a new

Q: PS2 version or Gamecube version?
A: Definitely Gamecube. Graphics are way better, rosters are more updated,
controls are just as simple, and all the moves and dunks that are in the PS2
version are in the Gamecube version.

Q: How can all the dunks and moves from the PS2 version be in the Gamecube
A: This puzzled me for awhile too, because Gamecube only has 3 shoulder (Turbo)
buttons, and PS2 has 4. I then realized that some of the Advanced Moves from
PS2 were made into random moves for Gamecube...plus, the Gamecube version got a
few more moves added to it that PS2 doesn't have.

Q: Are all the NBA teams included?
A: Yes, plus some secret teams.

Q: How accurate are the rosters?
A: As of January 4, 2002.

Q: Does height affect long range shooting or stealing?
A: No and no. Stealing, despite what seems logical, doesn't seem to be affected
with height increases. Shooting will appear to be, but it's really not. Here's
why. When you're 8'0", you may not think much about the defenders on you, since
you can shoot over them. Therefore, you'd toss it up anywhere, and expect it to
go in (if you have maxed 3-pt shooting). But it doesn't! This is because
shooting, no matter what height you are, is decreased SEVERELY if you shoot in
a crowd. So when preparing to shoot, always treat your player as if he were
6'0" and you didn't want a soul in his face -- in other words, fake out your
man and shoot wide open, no matter what height you are.

Q: Can you get anything for winning 1000+ games?
A: No, the only thing you get for winning is the secret teams, at 10, 20, and
30 wins.

Q: Can you get anything for your accomplishments in the High Scores?
A: Nope, I have #1 in all the High Scores by a long shot but never got
anything. A little disappointing, so there's really not a lot of incentive to
try for the High Scores other than pride and being able to show others :-)

Q: Is there fatigue?
A: No. Players don't really get tired. But most advanced moves require some
turbo, and your turbo meter will go down, but it replenishes if you don't use

Q: Can you sub players in the middle of a game?
A: Nope.

Q: How many players can your Team 1P have?
A: 15 from other teams, but you can make it 16 if you have a created player.

Q: Can you have two created players on an ID / team?
A: Nope.

Q: Can you trade players?
A: No.

Q: Are there other modes of play than just 3-on-3?
A: No, just 3-on-3.

Q: How much memory does this game take up?
A: A mere 5 blocks of memory.

Q: Is Drake really Eminem?
A: Not sure of that one. You'd have to ask him to find out!

Q: How come my phone rings every time I shoot a long range shot?
A: Eh, that's not your phone. That's the game -- you're dialing long distance!

Q: How big can your created player be?
A: 8'0", 350 lbs. Takes a lot of points to get height maxed.

Q: Can you force a tip slam, like in PS2?
A: Nope. The only way to try a tip slam is to head toward the hoop, holding
Turbo, hit B, and hope that the shot misses and you grab ahold of it. Even if
you do this, it doesn't ensure that you will even go up for a tip slam, but
there is a chance. Basically, you can't force it.

Q: Can you ever unlock the other two players on the Street Legend teams?
A: No, but you can make a replica of them with Create A Player. They all have
Create A Player appearances and nicknames.

Q: Can you unlock Joe "The Show?"
A: No.

Q: What's with Joe "The Show"'s laugh?
A: I don't know, but it's pretty darn funny.

Q: Can you help me with my ________ (aspect of your game)?
A: You bet. Just e-mail me at dw0914@hotmail.com and I'll see what I can help
you with.

                         ********** 11. Anything Else **********

=====11.1 Credits=====

      This was made almost entirely by myself, but I would like to thank the
GameFAQs Gamecube NBA Street Message Board users for helping me think of some
of the stuff in Other FAQs. I have looked through a lot of FAQs and Strategy
Guides to see the general layout of one, so that I would have no trouble laying
my own out. All I ask is that you don't copy off this, I'd hate to see someone
else make an FAQ for Gamecube's NBA Street with whole sentences / paragraphs
taken straight out of mine. That's why I put in that little Copyright note :-)

      If you make a correction or ask me to make an addition that I forgot, you
will be mentioned here! If you see something wrong or missing, e-mail me at
dw0914@hotmail.com right away!

=====11.2 The End!=====

      Well, that's about it. I hope you found what you wanted to. If I forgot
something, made a typo, screwed up somewhere or have outdated / wrong
information anywhere, e-mail me! I love to get e-mail, but please don't flood
my Inbox with questions that are answered in here. I get at least 10 spam
e-mails a day from who knows where, and that's about all the junk I need! Like
I said, hope you found what you needed. I recommend heading over to the
GameFAQs Gamecube NBA Street Message Board for some good chattin'. That's all
folks, have fun gaming!

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