• Duplicate Cards

    *2 controllers & 2 Memory Cards are required to do this
    First you are going to copy the data from 1 memory card to the other memory card then load both profiles in 2 Player V.S. mode. Pick which player you want to lose, have then bet the cards you want (the rare cards), and have the player you want to win just bet some weak cards (the non-rare card). When the losing player loses save the prize to the winning memory card. This can repeat this as long as you can copy the winning memory card and do it again.

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

  • Gaining Good EXP for cards that hardly get any

    While the cards that can attack and kill enemies will gain good EXP points and be ready in no time to evolve or duplicate, most cards that can't (Independent cards that assist and Summons that don't attack) will slowly gain EXP, making their evolution and duplication far from being an easy task.

    However, you can accelerate the EXP earning of even the most pathetic card like the Golden Goose by using it as a Capture Card. Capture Cards get a good amount of EXP because they deliver the finishing blow; so technically, it’s like a Weapon Card.

    So whenever you have non-attacking cards that will not used a lot in battles (Trean, Golden Butterfly, etc…), use them as Capture Cards to catch monsters that you don’t have, monsters that you want to have more then once for evolution purpose or monsters that have high cash value.

    Contributed By: duhman0008.

  • Loading Screen Trick

    While the game is loading and you see the text Loading... floating around everywhere, you can use your control stick to stop it and move it around as you like.

    Contributed By: tearsofbloodished.

  • The Wild Golden Goose Chase

    Only available in only one location, very fast and chickens out of most fights if you hit it or get too close to it, the Golden Goose is a real pain to capture in order to complete your card collection. Here’s a really cool trick.

    Before you start, equipe your deck with the Vampire Bush card.

    Once in the Grenfoel Church, run around the right upper side (where you got the Green Candle). When you get into a battle where a Golden Goose is running around, attract the other monsters away from the Golden Goose (the Goose will not come near you) and kill them using a close range card (a weapon card for example) so that you do not hit the Golden Goose. When only the Goose remains, place the Vampire Bush card far from the Goose and let it suck its energy until there’s only 1 or 2 bits left and then recall your Vampire Bush card (R Trigger + whatever button it was assigned to).

    Finally, do a capture card technique (L Trigger + a card button) by staying a few feet away from the Goose.

    And voila, you now have the most useless card in the game. Well not quite useless, like every hardly useful card, it does help complete your collection and can be used as a capture card.

    Contributed By: duhman0008.

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