1. Juan Jacyna Additional Sound Support
  2. Tim McKenzie Additional Sound Support
  3. Martin Wasiel Additional Sound Support
  4. Ron Bignell Art Director
  5. Chris Khoo Audio Programmer
  6. David Weedon Audio Programmer
  7. Sinisa Karolic Chief Course Builder
  8. Mike Rayner Chief Platform Engineer
  9. Steven Rechtschaffner Executive Producer
  10. Ian Lloyd Lead Character Artist
  11. Geoff Coates Lead Front End
  12. Bob Silliker Lead Programmer
  13. Frank Faugno Lead Sound Artist
  14. Steve Anthony Producer
  15. Dave Elton Producer
  16. Jeremy Ferguson Producer
  17. Larry LaPierre Producer
  18. Kirby Leung Producer
  19. Scott Murray Producer
  20. Sean Penney Producer
  21. Basil Chan Software Engineer
  22. Dana Fujikawa Software Engineer
  23. Botros Gerges Software Engineer
  24. D'Arcy Gog Software Engineer
  25. Craig Hall Software Engineer
  26. Darryll Hobson Software Engineer
  27. Dom Humphrey Software Engineer
  28. Barry McCallum Software Engineer
  29. Hicham Rafi Software Engineer
  30. James Thomas Software Engineer
  31. Omar Al-Khafaji Sound Artist
  32. John Morgan Sound Artist
  33. Clint Hanson Technical Director
  34. Malcolm Andrieshyn Visual Artist
  35. Vincent Chi Visual Artist
  36. Steve Hinan Visual Artist
  37. Sang Hyok-Kyon Visual Artist
  38. Natsuko Kinoshita Visual Artist
  39. Mimi Lee Visual Artist
  40. Paul B. Lee Visual Artist
  41. Klaus Monies Visual Artist
  42. Andrew Murphy Visual Artist
  43. Gilbert Ngo Visual Artist
  44. Ted Nugent Visual Artist
  45. Dennis Opel Visual Artist
  46. John Parent Visual Artist
  47. Claus Peterson Visual Artist
  48. Cody Richie Visual Artist
  49. Terry Sanderson Visual Artist
  50. Winston Tai Visual Artist
  51. Gordon Wang Visual Artist
  52. Ross Young Visual Artist


Data and credits for this game contributed by barbarianbob, bcks, Blueberry Buttface, LordAndrew, Mookiethebold, and oliist.

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