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Do NOT Underestimate What a Kart Can Do 02/21/07 AlienBabalien
Driving is more fun without a license 07/23/07 Chaos Control
Not the Best, not the Worst 01/03/05 Chaosky 900
A dash of bitterness 12/20/04 clarkisdark
Vroom! Vroom! 12/10/07 crazar
Not Quite What I Wanted 02/06/04 DarkLink715
RIDERS! Rev up your engines! 12/28/04 Dbzmaniax
Does it double the fun from the previous Mario Karts? Well... 09/01/06 gamerman555
Good in places, but occasionally flawed 09/07/05 GavLuvsGA
Why the name Double-dash? Oh... that little insignificant boost... 09/16/04 GeneralGrievous2004
Fun for multiplayer, but ultimately a step back for the series... 01/08/04 Grimm039
Good, but not Great... 12/26/05 Guy Fawkes
Yeah, it has some small flaws. Yeah, you should still play it. 11/22/03 honestgamer
Another system, another great Mario Kart. 01/06/05 Kaas
If Metroid Prime is preeminent single player experience on the Cube, then Double Dash is the definitive multiplayer one. 12/22/03 Kobold Warrior
Addition by subtraction. 10/04/16 Malorkus
The best Mario Kart game yet! 06/09/08 Mario463
Good game, but something's missing... 12/09/03 Martin100
A Step Back 11/23/03 Mecha Dub
The must-have Gamecube game!! 01/07/04 Metalguru
This series is bullet-proof! 12/29/03 Metalguru2
Double the disappointment, double the boredom. 05/21/06 MSuskie
Double Trouble is not fun 07/01/05 neothe0ne
Not bad... just not quite stellar 01/02/04 NewAgeRetroHippie
This game is one in a million; a perfect masterpiece. 11/29/03 Platinum Sonic 10
A great racing game, but it won't be great forever. 04/25/05 PS2Joey
Mario Kart: Double Dash: the best racing game ever. Except not really 06/16/06 QuicksandValley
The best of the series. Well, the best of ANY kart racing series. 01/03/04 simeon2000
Doesn't reinvent the wheel; just gives it some grease 12/01/05 SneakTheSnake
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun 12/04/09 SuperPhillip
Perfect? No. Worth playing? Absolutely. 12/06/03 TheMissingLink1186
Double your pleasure, Double your fun 11/23/03 Unknown God
There aren't two exclamation points at the end of this game's title for nothing. 05/06/05 WaterMario222
"Speed and Exhilarating Action in a Nintendo Masterpiece!" 02/01/04 wing2871x
Better than I was expecting 03/21/07 wolverinefan
3 2 1... Go! 11/16/03 You Apple
One way or another, Nintendo seems to make all of its games original 08/24/05 ZaleIsBackAgain

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