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FAQ by Foppe

Version: 1.61 | Updated: 11/24/2003

===== Mario Kart Double Dash =====

A guide to the latest Mario Kart game, now to Gamecube

Written by Mikael Forsgren
Copyright 2003 Mikael Forsgren
Version 1.61, November 24, 2003
foppe_v @ hotmail.com
(Yes, remove the space in the mail address)


O. Version History

0.7 : The first version
0.8 : The first version that are on gamefaqs.com. Updated some errors I saw
1.0 : I discovered ghost staff so I had to add that. Updated section VI.b VII.b
      VIII.b X.2 and X.3
1.2 : Updated section IV VI.b VII.b IX.2 XIII and XIV
1.3 : Updated VII.b and added a new section called XIII Tips and Tricks
1.4 : Corrected some mistakes in most sections. I guess the only thing to add
      now is the LAN part but that will take a while. It is now five (5) days
      ago I started on this FAQ...
1.6 : Rewrote the whole new beginning and some shortcuts. Big update with new
      sections: Start the game, Saving and LAN Play (Yes I know you have been
      waiting for this).
1.61: Added some names in credits that I was missing.


O. Version History
I. Introduction
     a. About This Guide
     b. What I Want (And Don't Want)
II. Legal Junk
III. Start the game
IV. Saving
V. Controls
     a. Single mode
     b. Coop mode
     c. Special techniques
VI. Different game modes
     a. Grand Prix
     b. Time Trials
     c. VS
     d. Battle
        d1. Balloon Battle
        d2. Shine Thief
        d3. Bob-Omb Blast
     a. Two Gamecube´s
     b. More than two
     c. Playing LAN
     d. Trouble
VIII. Items
IX. Characters
     a. Ordinary Character
     b. Secret Characters
X. Karts
     a. Ordinary Karts
     b. Secret Karts
XI. Battle Levels
     a. Battle mode levels
     b. Secret Battle mode levels
XII. Ordinary Cup
     1. Mushroom Cup
        a. Luigi Circuit
        b. Peach Beach
        c. Baby Park
        d. Dry Dry Desert
     2. Flower Cup
        a. Mushroom Bridge
        b. Mario Circuit
        c. Daisy Cruise
        d. Waluigi Stadium
     3. Star Cup
        a. Sherbet Land
        b. Mushroom City
        c. Yoshi Circuit
        d. DK Mountain
XIII. Secret Cup
     1. Special Cup
        a. Wario Colosseum
        b. Dino Dino Jungle
        c. Bowser's Castle
        d. Rainbow Road
     2. All Cup
     3. Mirror Mode
XIV. Secret things
XV. Ghost of the staffs
XVI. Tips and Tricks
XVIII. Credits

I. Introduction

Hello and welcome to my Mario Kart Double Dash Walkthrough and FAQ.
Mario & CO are back with their gokarts, and this time, you play with two 
characters at the same time.
This is the first FAQ I have ever written, so do not yell at me ;)

    A. About This Guide

    This will be (at least almost) a complete Mario Kart DD walkthrough.
    It will have mostly everything about the game included when it is finished,
    like glitches, all shortcuts and maybe even ASCII pictures of the tracks.
    And I will not mark spoilers with spoilers, if you go and look in the
    chapter that are called "secret <insert something>", it is your own fault.

    B. What I Want (And Don't Want)

    Here is what I want: Corrections of things I have wrong, and things I am
    missing. And PLEASE have something with Mario Kart DD in the subject or
    else I can miss it.

    What I don't want: Questions about things that already are in this guide,
    spam or viruses.

II. Legal Junk

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

The following sites have permission to use this guide:


If you see another site using my guide and it is not listed here, please
contact me with the title "Faq stealing".

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

III. Start the game

Put your Mario Kart DD-disc into your Gamecube. Turn on the power. You will be
asked to do a savedate-file, do this if you have a memory card in your Gamecube
so you can save when you want.
You will be asked to press your Start button. Do this and get these options:

 START: Start your game. First you have to choose how many Controllers you
        shall use and then you can choose what to play. See section "IV.
        Different game modes" to see what you can choose between.
 RECORDS: Shows your saved records.
 OPTIONS: Let you change some options.
    SOUND: Choose between Mono, Stereo or Surround.
    VOLUME: Change the volume.
    RUMBLE: Activate or inactivate the Rumble function.
    TIME TRIALS GHOST: Activate or deactivate them.
    VS ITEM BOX: Changes the possibility for what items to be in item boxes.
       RECOMMENDED: This is balanced.
       BASIC: You will get mostly basic items.
       FRANTIC: You will get mostly powerful items.
       NONE: There are no item boxes.
    VS LAPS: How many laps that you want to drive in VS mode.

IV. Saving

Your game will be saved during these conditions.

 * When you have finished the Grand Prix and got a new ranking.
 * When you have got a new record on Time Trials.
 * When you have changed something under the Options menu and chosen OK.

Don´t Reset, Turn the Power off or take out the Memory Card when you are
saving, you can loose your saving.
You need 3 Blocks to save this game plus 5 Blocks for each ghost you save.

V. Controls

Remember that the R, L, C-Stick and the Analog Stick are analog, so don´t push
them when you start your system. You can get problem during your playing if you
did that. To reset your controller (instead of the whole Gamecube) press X, Y
and Start under 3 sec.

A. Single mode
Analog Stick: Select options (in menus)
              Right/Left: Steer right/left
              Up/Down: Throws items forward or backward

Control Pad:  Nothing

C-Stick:      Nothing

Start/Pause:  Pause menu

A:            Accelerate
              Confirm selection (in menus)

B:            Brake/reverse
              Cancel (in menus)

X and Y:      Use items with your backer character

L and R:      Slide (with Analog stick right/left)

Z:            Change characters

B. Coop mode

Analog Stick: Select options (in menus [Only player 1])
              Right/Left: Steer right/left (Only in front row)
              Up/Down: Throws items forward or backward (only in the back)

Control Pad:  Nothing

C-Stick:      Nothing

Start/Pause:  Pause menu (Only player 1)

A:            Accelerate (Only in front row)
              Confirm selection (in menus[Only player 1])
              Do a Double Dash (Only in the back)
B:            Brake/reverse (Only in the front row)
              Cancel (in menus[Only player 1])
              Use items ((Only in the back))

X and Y:      Use items with your backer character
	      The character in the front row will leave his/hers item to the
              character in the back

L and R:      Slide (with Analog stick right/left) (Only in the front row)
	      Slide (only in the back)

Z:            Change characters (both players must press Z at the same time)

C. Special techniques

Turbo Start: Press your A button exactly the same time when the start signal
             are green and you will get a turbo start.

Double Dash: If both players (Coop) does a Turbo Start at the same moment, a
             Double Dash will activate. This is a faster Turbo Start.

Slide:       Press L or R when you move your Analog Stick right or left, and
             you will slide right or left. This is used to take sharp turns
             without loosing too much speed.
    Coop: The person in the back row only need to press the R and L
          button to slide. If you hit another Kart when you do this, you can
          steal an item from them.

Mini Turbo:  One Player: Do a Slide, and move the Analog Stick to the opposite
             side fast, away from the turn. When the spark under your tires are
             red, move your Analog Stick with the turn, and again, against the
             turn. When the spark are blue, abort the slide, and you will get a
             Mini Turbo.
    Coop: The player in the front row does a slide. The character in the back
          moves his Analog stick away from the turn. When the spark under the
          tires are red, the player in the back must repeat the turn. When
          the spark are blue, the character in front can abort the slide to
          get a mini turbo.

Stealing: There are three ways of stealing items from another kart. And
          remember, the character in the back must NOT have an item if you
          want a success.
          1: Ram an opponent when you use a mushroom.
          2: Drive into an opponent when you use a star.
          3: Slide into your opponent.
          In Battle mode you can steal a balloon from your opponent by doing
          this but you need to have less than 3 balloons.

Computer chooses your things: Not really a technique, but...  When you shall
          choose your drivers (and karts) you can press L/R at the same time
          to let your GC choose for you. The same are when you can´t decide
          what level you want to battle on, press L/R at the same time and one
          will be chosen for you.

Dropping items: Sometimes When your kart gets hit by an item, you will drop
          your item on the ground. If you drive in into an item that are on the
          ground, you will be effected by it.

VI. Different game modes

Depending on how many players there are, you can choose between different
modes. I will list all of the possible ones, without using a brothband modem.

| Players  | How to play          | Grand Prix | Time Trials | VS | Battle |
|  1       | 1P	                  |     O      |      O      | X  |   X    |
|  2       | 1P VS 2P             |     O      |      X      | O  |   O    |
|          | [1P & 2P]            |     O      |      X      | X  |   X    |
|  3       |1P VS 2p VS 3P        |     X      |      X      | O  |   O    |
|          | [1P & 2P] VS 3P      |     O      |      X      | O  |   O    |
|  4       | 1P VS 2P VS 3P VS 4P |     X      |      X      | O  |   O    |
|          |[1P & 2P] VS 3P VS 4P |     X      |      X      | O  |   O    |
|          |[1P & 2P] VS [3P & 4P]|     O      |      X      | O  |   O    |

Where O means available and X not available

A: Grand Prix
   Choose between 50cc, 100cc and 150cc (easy, medium, hard) and three
   different Cup-games (Mushroom, Flower and Star), where each Cup has four
   courses. You get points after what place you get and the one with most
   points wins. Get in the top three and you will get a trophy.

Place  | 1  | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |
Points | 10 | 8 | 6 | 4 | 3 | 2 | 1 | 0 |

B: Time Trials
   Train on every level in the game and try to get faster and faster. Get
   really fast and you will see a surprise...
   You will have two Mushrooms when you drive Time Trials, use them well.
   When you have finished one track you will have the possibility to save your
   ghost (each ghost need 5 Blocks on your memory card).
   When you choose to play on a track with a saved ghost you will get the
   option to load your ghost if you want.
   You will not have the option to save the ghost if you are taking too long
   time to finish.

   Compete with your friends on your favourite level.

D: Battle
   Battle againstyour friendsin three ways.

D1: Balloon Battle
    You have three balloons on your kart and are trying to destroy your friends
    balloons. This time you can use everybody´s special item. You will loose a
    balloon if you get hit by an item, when you spin and when you drive over
    the edge of the level. You can even steal a balloon from your friend 
    (and yes, your friend will loose the balloon) by sliding into him or
    driving into him when you are using a mushroom or a star (only if you have
    less than 3 balloons).

D2: Shine Thief
    A shine will be somewhere on the level. Take it and have it for a specific
    time and you will win. You will loose it if you get hit by an item, when
    you spin and when you drive over the edge of the level. You can even steal
    it from your friend by sliding into him or driving into him when you are
    using a mushroom or a star.

D3: Bob-Omb Blast
    Bob-Omb´s are the only item that exists in this mode. Hit your friend and
    get a point. Get hit and loose a point. The first to three points (or four)
    wins. You can not be hit by your own Bob-Omb´s and you can have many
    Bob-Omb´s at the same time.


This game is compatible with the Nintendo Broadband Adapter. This is great if
you want to play multiplayer but still have a whole TV screen for yourself.
The smallest LAN Mario Kart DD are supporting are two Gamecube´s and in the
biggest you can have up to 8 Gamecube´s. And you can play from two players to
sixteen players. That is sweet. And when I´m writing system I mean one

A: Two Gamecube´s
   If you want to play with two Gamecube´s you need: Two Nintendo Gamecube´s,
   two Broadband Adaptor´s, two TV, two Mario Kart DD Disc´s, One crossover
   cable (Ethernet cable with an RJ45 connector) and one Controller per player.
 1: Turn off both systems. Put in the crossover cable in both Broadband
 2: Put in the Mario Kart DD-disc in both systems.
 3: Turn both systems on.
 4: Look in the Playing LAN-section below.

B: More than two
   If you want to play with many friends you need to use a HUB. You can still
   play with only two Gamecube´s in a Hub but you need another cable.
   Things you need: One TV per system, one copy of Mario Kart DD per system,
   one Broadband Adapter per system, one Controller per player, one regular
   Ethernet cable (with an RJ45 connector) per system and one 10Base-T Hub.
 1: Turn off all systems. Put in the cable in all Broadband Adapter´s.
 2: Turn the Hub on.
 3: Put in the Mario Kart DD-disc in all systems.
 4: Turn all systems on.
 5: Look in the Playing LAN-section below.

C: Playing LAN
   When all systems are turned on you shall see an option called LAN Mode on
   your TV. If not look in the Trouble-section below.
   You will have three options to choose between under the LAN Mode.
 START GAME: Play in LAN Mode.
 SELECT MODE: Here you can choose how to play your LAN game.
       GAME MODE: Choose between VS, Balloon Battle or Shine thief (you can
                  only choose laps and CC in VS mode).
       ORDER OF COURSES: Chooses how the courses will be chosen. Random, All
                  courses, 1 Course or All Cups (only in VS).
       CO-OP: Activates or de-activates Coop mode (playing two players in one
       SCREEN DIVISION: How the screen will be divided. Not available if more
                  than four systems are used.
 QUIT LAN MODE: Stop playing LAN Mode.

| Mode           | No COOP     | COOP         |
| VS             | 2-8 Players | 4-16 Players |
| Balloon Battle | 2-8 Players | 4-16 Players |
| Shine Thief    | 2-8 Players | 4-16 Players |

If you want to play more than 8 players you need to activate COOP mode.
This way you are two players in one kart, one that drive and one that use

D: Trouble
   Sometimes you will probably do wrong and be wondering WTH did I do wrong?
   If it´s instructions on your TV, try to follow them. If not look if you have
   done everything right. I will list the most things that can go wrong for you
 * PAL-users only: Be sure that all systems either have 50 Hz or 60 Hz. You can
   not combine those.
 * Watch your cable. It must be an Ethernet cable with an RJ45 connector. Other
   names for it is Category 5 cable, Cat 5 Ethernet cable, Patch cable, A 
   10 megabit (10Base-T) or 100 megabit (100Base-TX) network cable. It MUST be
   compatible with 10 megabit.
 * Watch your cable again. It must be an crossover cable if it´s between two
   system without a hub. And it must be an non crossover (with other words, a
   ordinary) cable if it´s in a Hub.
 * Watch your cable again. Is it really connected to the Hub or your Broadband
 * Did you Reset or turned one system off and interrutped the data
   transmission? Then you need to repeat the start sequence again.
 * You should only have Nintendo Gamecube´s in your Hub. Try again with only
   your systems in the Hub.
 * Is the Hub compatible with 10 megabit (10Base-T)? It must be. And it does
   exist 100Base-T Hub´s that are not compatible with 10Base-t (I know it´s
 * You can not have more than eight systems in the Hub at the same moment. I
   guess they don´t know where to find information if you do.
 * Something is broken! You need to try each of everything to see what´s
   broken and replace it.

And when I still remember it...
You can NOT choose your character or kart during a LAN play. Why? Because
Nintendo did so. I guess it´s for people that would start a fight because they
are so slow in choosing their character. And for idiots that are too cowardly
to play as another character. And that they probably did´nt get the system to
unmark chosen characters fast enough.
This way you can prove that you are a really Mario Kart master by winning no
matter what character and kart you are using.

VIII. Items

You get items by driving over item boxes. An ordinary item box gives you an
item to the person in the back, but only if he/she does not already have an
The double item box gives an item to both characters, unless they already
have an item.
Some items can be fired both forward and backward, and they will be marked
[F/B], the rest can only be fired backward.
Note: Spiky shell is not available in VS mode, but you will have the
possibility to have any characters special item instead.

Banana:      This baby will cause karts to spin if they touch them [F/B].

Green Shell: You shoot them out, and they will move in a straight line, making
             karts spin if they hit them. Miss and they will bounce around the
             track [F/B].

Red Shell:   It will seek out the kart in front of you, and making it spins
Spiky Shell: This is THE ordinary item. It will search for the kart in pole
             position (and it can even make other karts spin on it´s way) and
             explodes on impact (on the pole position kart), and making a big
             blast. And anything caught in the blast radius will spin.

Fake item:   Looks like a normal item box (except the upside down question
             mark) that makes you spin if you hit it [F/B].

Mushroom:    The mushroom will give you a small turbo boost.

3 Mushrooms: A 3-pack of the standard one.

Star:        Makes you temporarily invincible, increases your top speed and
             gives you the possibility to make your opponents spin if you hit
             them (and steals their item).

Thunderbolt: Strikes all opponents at the same time, occur them to spin, drop
             their items and shrink them (slower them down).

IX. Characters

Both the characters and karts are divided into three weight classes: light,
medium and heavy.
Characters cannot use a kart that is smaller than they are.

A: Ordinary character

Mario - Medium

You know him, and you love him - the fantastic Mario.
Special Item: Fireball. One great fireball divides into 5 smaller, and can
        take out more karts at the same moment [F/B].

Luigi - Medium

Mario´s brother. A lean, mean, green machine.
Special Item: Fireball. Exactly as Mario´s, but Luigi´s are green [F/B].

Donkey Kong - Heavy

Directly from the jungle.
Special Item: Giant Banana. A big version of the ordinary banana, that is
        harder to miss. Will divide into 3 ordinary bananas when hit [F/B].

Diddy Kong - Light

Donkey Kong convinced him to be in this competition.
Special Item: Giant Banana. Exactly the same as Donkey Kong´s [F/B].

Daisy - Medium

She is back, and sweeter than ever.
Special Item: Heart. Two hearts are spinning around the kart, catching up to
        two attacks against them, and gives the items to the person in the
        back of the kart.

Peach - Medium

No Mario game without Peach.
Special Item: Heart. The same as Daisy´s.

Paratroopa - Light

The old enemy are trying to win over Mario instead of killing him.
Special Item: Triple shell. Want more shells to shoot? Now you have three of
        them. Can be red or green [F/B].

Koopa - Light

No wings, but he can drive a kart.
Special Item: Triple shell. The same as Paratroopa [F/B].

Baby Mario - Light

Baby Mario and Mario in the same game? Nothing is impossible these days.
Special Item: Chain Chomp. Hunt after other Karts, giving the small baby an
        extra speed boost.

Baby Luigi - Light

Baby Luigi are shyer than his brother, so this is the first time we are seeing
Special Item: Chain Chomp. Exactly the same as baby Mario´s.

Yoshi - Medium

Yoshi are here to burn some rubber.
Special Item: Yoshi Egg. Searches for a kart to crasch into. Changes ino three
        items on impact [F/B].

Birdo - Medium

Birdo have his favourite ribbon and are ready to win.
Special Item:  Birdo Egg. Searches for a kart to crasch into. Changes into
        three items on impact [F/B].

Bowser Jr. - Light

Bowser´s last son. Can he help his father in defeating his enemy, something his
brothers and sister couldn´t?
Special Item: Bowsers Shell. A big shell that goes on the road [F/B].

Bowser - Heavy

The big boss is back, and nothing can stop him this time. Or?
Special Item: Bowsers shell. Exactly the same as Bowser Jr. [F/B].

Waluigi - Medium

The evil twin are back in town, watch out for the Bob-Omb´s...
Special Item: Bob-Omb. Throw and watch your opponents karts go high, but
        watch out for the blast...[F/B].

Wario - Heavy

The crazy man with the nose is back, watch out.
Special Item: Bob-Omb. The same as Waluigi´s [F/B].

B: Secret Characters

Toad - Light

Thank you Mario but our Princess is in another castle...
Our all favourite Mushroom boy are back.
Special Item: Mega Mushroom. Looks like a yellow mushroom but you can give
        yourself unlimited speed boosts with this... but only under 5 sec.

Toadette - Light

A female mushroom. Looks like Toad have a girlfriend now.
Special Item: Mega Mushroom. Exactly the same as Toad´s.

King Boo - Heavy

The big ghost from SMW is back.
Special Item: Everything. King Boo can use everybody´s special item, it´s just
        a matter of luck which one you get.

Petey Piranha - Heavy

No comments, you have to see him.
Special Item: Everything. Exactly the same as King Boo´s.

X. Karts

Both the characters and karts are divided into three weight classes: light,
medium and heavy. 
Characters cannot use a kart that is smaller than they are.

A: Ordinary Karts

Light Karts: Great Acceleration, low Max speed. Don´t lose so much speed when
they are off the track.

Goo-Goo Buggy: Baby Mario´s best friend.
		Stats: 	Acc:    5
			Speed:  1
			Weight: 2

Koopa Dasher: Koopa´s shell.
		Stats: 	Acc:    4
			Speed:  2
			Weight: 2

Medium Karts: Not the best one, but not the worst one either.

Red Fire: Mario´s favourite.
		Stats: 	Acc:    3
			Speed:  3
			Weight: 3

Heart Coach: Peach lovely kart.
		Stats: 	Acc:    4
			Speed:  2
			Weight: 3

Turbo Yoshi: It´s green, it´s fast, and a Yoshi will follow in the price.
		Stats: 	Acc:    4
			Speed:  2
			Weight: 3

Heavy Karts: They have bad acceleration, but have high speed. Pushes away
light or medium karts without a problem, but they loose much speed when they
are of the road.

DK Jumbo: Donkey Kong´s barrel have wheels.
		Stats: 	Acc:    2
			Speed:  4
			Weight: 4

Koopa King: 6 wheels are a must when you are big and evil.
		Stats: 	Acc:    1
			Speed:  5
			Weight: 5

Wario Car: His max speed is over 450 Km/h... But it´s down tuned for this cup.
		Stats: 	Acc:    2
			Speed:  4
			Weight: 4

B: Secret Karts

Light Karts.

Para Wing: Paratroopa´s shell.
		Stats: 	Acc:    5
			Speed:  1
			Weight: 2

Bullet Blaster: It´s fast and it´s Bowser Jr.´s kart.
		Stats: 	Acc:    3
			Speed:  4
			Weight: 2

Rattle Buggy: Baby Luigi must have his own too.
		Stats: 	Acc:    4
			Speed:  2
			Weight: 2

Toad's Kart: Blue and nice.
		Stats: 	Acc:    4
			Speed:  2
			Weight: 2

Barrel Train: Diddy Kong have a barrel too.
		Stats: 	Acc:    2
			Speed:  4
			Weight: 3

Toadette's Kart: Pink and nice.
		Stats: 	Acc:    5
			Speed:  1
			Weight: 2

Medium Karts.

Green Fire: Luigi have his own kart.
		Stats: 	Acc:    4
			Speed:  2
			Weight: 2

Bloom Coach: Daisy´s little bloom.
		Stats: 	Acc:    3
			Speed:  3
			Weight: 2

Waluigi Racer: Blue, fast and evil looking.
		Stats: 	Acc:    3
			Speed:  3
			Weight: 3

Turbo Birdo: It is pink and a Birdo follows the price.
		Stats: 	Acc:    3
			Speed:  3
			Weight: 3

Heavy Karts.

Pirahna Pipes: Well, what else can a big Pirahna drive?
		Stats: 	Acc:    2
			Speed:  4
			Weight: 5

Boo Pipes: I could not dream that a ghost could use some pipes as a kart...
		Stats: 	Acc:    4
			Speed:  2
			Weight: 5

Parade Kart: You saw it, you wanted it, and you got it! And everybody can use
		Stats: 	Acc:    3
			Speed:  4
			Weight: 4

XI. Battle Levels

A: Battle mode levels
These are the ordinary levels for battle mode...

Cookie Land: A big round cookie.

Block City: A Square level build by blocks. Watch out for the crossing.

Nintendo Gamecube: A big Nintendo Gamecube. No obstacle on the track, so watch
      out for your opponent.

Pipe Plaza: Much room, and pipes that you can drive into. You can run, but can
      you hide?

B: Secret Battle mode levels

Luigi's Mansion: Directly from Luigi´s own game. Seems bigger then the ordinary
      levels, and a lot funnier then them too. There are three floors here.
      Get this by getting gold on Mushroom Cup 150 cc.

Tilt-a-Kart: Looks exactly as mini-Mario from SMB. You can fall from the edges
      and there are many item blocks here.
      Get this by getting gold on Flower Cup Mirror.

XII. Ordinary Cup

1: Mushroom Cup

1A: Luigi Circuit
    An easy one, few turns, and many speed boosting panels on the two sharp 
  Shortcuts: This one is not here on 50cc, only on 100cc, 150cc and time
  trials. It is directly right of the Chain Chomp, watch out for him now.

1B: Peach Beach
    Really easy, just follow the road. If you want some fun, turn left almost
    after the start, and you will drive into a pipe, and be thrown out
    directly. Almost at the end of the track, you can turn left when you see a
    statue and you will find some item boxes.
  Shortcuts: Directly when you hit the beach, look how the tide are, and if it
  looks like the water are going away, turn left and you will see a ramp with
  some item boxes. Jump and you will earn some sec.
  Do the timing wrong and you will loose time instead.

1C: Baby Park
    Can it be easier? Drive, turn, drive and turn. You will probably do a round
    in around 15 sec and under 12 after some training. But this time, you need
    to do seven laps instead of three.
  Shortcuts: I don´t think there exist any shortcuts here...

1D: Dry Dry Desert
    Long and fun. Watch out for the tornado, or you will loose time. And try
    to not drive into the quicksand, you will regret it. And do not drive into
    the cactus enemies, you will spin.
  Shortcuts: Except using a mushroom when you jump over the hills or in some
  turns (earn max 1 sek), there are no shortcuts.

2: Flower Cup

2A: Mushroom Bridge
    Watch out for the traffic, and you will easily win this one. Between the
    two tunnels, you can drive on the sidewalk to your left, nice if you want
    to avoid the traffic.
  Shortcuts: Turn directly to your right, and you will get into a pipe. This
  will save you some time.
  Another one is after the first tunnel. Use a mushroom on the rough land on
  your right and you will save a turn.
  The third shortcut is on the girders on the big bridge before goal. There
  are four speed boosts on each side, but it is easy to fall down and loose
  time too.

2B: Mario Circuit
    Use your slide technique, and you will get in the first place.
  Shortcuts: None what I know of.

2C: Daisy Cruise
    Nice boat. Watch out for the pool and the moving dining tables.
  Shortcuts: When you have avoided the dinner tables, you will see a hole.
  Drive into it, and you will find an item box and a pipe to jump from. Not so
  great shortcut, but it is nice to get an extra item.

2D: Waluigi Stadium
    Looks like a new model after Wario Stadium from MK64. Watch out for flames
    and you will be fine. And watch out so you do not miss the last jump before
    goal or you must race some part again.
  Shortcuts: None what I know of.

3: Star Cup

3A: Sherbet Land
    Watch out for the icy parts of this track, and do not drive into the poor
    Shy Guys. In the icy tunnel you will see an icy pillar standing in the road
    with item boxes on each side, try to use the left side if you have the
    opportunity and you will save 1 sek.
  Shortcuts: In some places you can save time by using an mushroom over the

3B: Mushroom City
    More roads with other cars driving around. Watch out for the traffic, and
    learn what road you like most, and you will easily win this.
  Shortcuts: When you can choose to drive left or forward, drive forward. You
    will se a purple/pink way to your left, go there and you will also mostly
    find a double item and save some time.

3C: Yoshi Circuit
    You are driving a circuit that looks exactly as yoshi, with sharp corners.
    This is one of the hardest tracks at this point.
  Shortcuts: After the first item boxes, you will turn left to do a U-turn.
  Instead of this, drift forward, and use a mushroom to jump over some water
  and skip the U-turn.
  Another shortcut is after the tunnel (there are a Yoshi sign to your right
  that gives you a hint about this one). You will see that the railing stops
  some meters, and a small hill are visible. Use a mushroom and jump on this
  hill and you will get into a secret tunnel.

3D: DK Mountain
    This one can be tricky. Many places to fall down and loose valuable time,
    especially at the end. This is the only level that I must use the brake on.
  Shortcuts: None that I have seen.

XIII. Secret Cup

1: Special Cup

1A: Wario Colosseum
    This one is big. Not so hard, just follow the road.
  Shortcuts: This one is easy to see. It is near the goal, when you have to
  drive around a big hole. Instead of driving around it, use the ramp that you
  can see, and you will earn both time and an item box.

1B: Dino Dino Jungle
    This is fun. Drive around, watch the jungle, see a dinosaur and watch out
    for geysers.
  Shortcuts: When you enter the geyser cave, turn directly right and use an
  mushroom. You will fly, get an item box, and exit the cave.
  Another one is before the first one on the bridge part. If you turn right
  directly when you enter the area you will get into a small piece of bridge
  with a speed boost. It is easy to fall in the water and loose time...
  If you want you can take the left side of the bridge to get an item box.

1C: Bowser's Castle
    Watch out for the Thwomps and all fireballs. Great track.
  Shortcuts: In the room with the Bowser statue, drive strait forward instead
  of doing a U-turn. You will see a small marking in yellow and black on the
  floor, drive there to jump down and you will earn some time.

1D: Rainbow Road
    I hate this one... Many places to fall to your death, small roads (alright
    not SO small) and in 150cc it is really painful. Sometimes you will see
    falling stars and sometimes they will fall on the track. Take it and you
    will use the star item.
  Shortcuts: None what I know of.

2: All Cup Tour
   You have to drive a cup with all 16 levels, all in random (but I have
   always got Rainbow Road as my last level).

3: Mirror Mode
   You have to drive all five cups again (Mushroom, Flower, Star, Special
   and All) but this time as in a mirror. It looks like it always begins
   with Luigi Circuit and ends with Rainbow Road.

XIV. Secret things

There are some things in this game to unlock, and you need to get gold on the
different cups to unlock it.

| Cup                    | Thing to unlock                 |
| Mushroom Cup 50 cc     | Green Fire                      |
| Flower Cup 50 cc       | Bloom Coach                     |
| Star Cup 50 cc         | Para Wing                       |
| Special Cup 50 cc      | Bullet Blaster                  |
| Mushroom Cup 100 cc    | Rattle Buggy                    |
| Flower Cup 100 cc      | Waluigi Racer                   |
| Star Cup 100 cc        | Special Cup (Secret Cup)        |
| Special Cup 100 cc     | Toad, Toadette and Toad´s Kart  |
| Mushroom Cup 150 cc    | Luigi's Mansion (Battle Track)  |
| Flower Cup 150 cc      | Turbo Birdo                     |
| Star Cup 150 cc        | Barrel Train                    |
| Special Cup 150 cc     | All Cup Tour (Secret Cup)       |
| All Cup Tour 50 cc     | Nothing (1)                     |
| All Cup Tour 100 cc    | Nothing (1)                     |
| All Cup Tour 150 cc    | Mirror Mode (Secret Cup)        |
| Mushroom Cup Mirror    | Toadette's Kart                 |
| Flower Cup Mirror      | Tilt-a-Kart (Battle Track)      |
| Star Cup Mirror        | King Boo, Petey Piranha and     |
|                        | Pirahna Pipes                   |
| Special Cup Mirror     | Boo Pipes                       |
| All Cup Mirror         | Gold Kart                       |

(1) It looks like it is confirmed that you don´t need to complete All Cup Tour
50cc 100cc and 150cc to unlock Mirror Mode, just 150cc. 

When you have Gold on every cup in every mode, you will also get a new title
screen and a new Congratulation screen.
And by the way, complete Special Cup to see the Congratulation screen.

XV. Ghost of the staffs
When you beat a specific time in Time Trials you unlock a staff ghost on that
track. They are mostly hard to get and even harder to beat.

1: Mushroom Cup   | Unlock Time |  Ghost Time  |
| Luigi Circuit   |   1:29:00   |    1:26:30   |
| Peach Beach     |   1:23:00   |    1:20:40   |
| Baby Park       |   1:14:00   |    1:11:10   |
| Dry Dry Desert  |   1:53:00   |    1:50:75   |
2: Flower Cup     |             |              |
|Mushroom Bridge  |   1:34:00   |    1:31:45   |
|Mario Circuit    |   1:44:00   |    1:41:40   |
|Daisy Cruise     |   1:55:00   |    1:52:20   |
|Waluigi Stadium  |   2:02:00   |    1:59:65   |
3: Star Cup       |             |              |
|Mushroom City    |   1:53:00   |    1:50:65   |
|Sherbet Land     |   1:28:00   |    1:25:90   |
|Yoshi Circuit    |   2:02:00   |    1:59:90   |
|DK Mountain      |   2:15:00   |    2:12:60   |
4: Special Cup    |             |              |
|Wario Colosseum  |   2:24:00   |    2:21:10   |
|Dino Dino Jungle |   2:03:00   |    2:00:90   |
|Bowser's Castle  |   2:47:00   |    2:44:70   |
|Rainbow Road     |   3:19:00   |    3:16:45   |

XVI. Tips and Tricks

Save your kart: A small sign will warn you when a red/green/spiky shell is
  behind your kart. Use an item like a Banana, red/green shell, star or most
  special item and shoot them back to destroy it.
  I don´t think you can destroy the spiky shell, but I have never tried...
  On some tracks, you can use your surroundings to avoid a red shell. Examples
  are jumping from logs on Dino Dino Jungle at the right moment or time your
  jumps on the mountain in DK Mountain. Another and easier trick is to try to
  get a car between you and the shell in tracks with cars.

Crash into that car: It exist different cars in the tracks with cars. For
  example a three-wheeled mushroom car. Drive into it and it will drop a
  mushroom on the track. Or the Bob-Omb car, that explodes with impact. Use
  this to your advantage and throw an item on one when a opponent is near one.

Use your Mini Turbo: Practise this so you can use it when you can. Wario
  Colosseum have a spiral part there it is great to pull one of. Or when you
  turn in Baby Park. Or the spiral part in Rainbow Road. And when you really
  can use it, use it everywhere to gain a speed boost. But if you pull it out
  just one sec too late, you will loose time on it. So practise.

Here are questions that people have send in to me, and other questions that I
know that people will ask...

1: Are Sonic in this game?
A: No, he is NOT in this game.

2: What about Tails then?
A: No Sonic, no Tails, and no character from Sonic. Stop asking me about this!

3: I heard you can play in LAN with this game, is it true?
A: Yes, you can, but you need a Broadband adapter (one per GC), network cables
   and maybe a hub (if you have more then two GC you need a hub).

4: I want to play this game over Internet!!!!
A: It exist a program called warp pipe that can fix this for you, but you
   still need a Broadband adapter.

5: What, just random characters in LAN play? That sucks!!!!
A: I know, it would be more fun to choose your character yourself, but now
   you can´t, live with it.

6: I have something that is not in your FAQ, shall I send it?
A: If you want, I will give you credits for it.

7: You have nothing about LAN connection, I will send it...
A: The LAN section is already there now ;)

8: I did´nt get creditz, you suxxx0rzzz!!!!!!
A: Maybe it already was in this guide when I got your mail. Or somebody else
   had written to me about it. Or I made a mistake, I´m only human after all.
   Write to me again, and we will see if I forgot it, or if you were too late.
   And if I get many mails about the same thing at the same time, I will give
   credits to the three first that sends it. But only if it´s at the same time
   so do not try it with something I already have in this guide ;)

9: How many blocks does this game use?
A: It uses 3 blocks + 5 blocks per ghost you have saved.

10: Isn't Petey Piranha from Super Mario Sunshine?
A: Piranha flowers have been in Mario´s world from around SMB1 but I guess they
   have used the same polygon model (some modified) from Super Mario Sunshine.
   So THE Petey piranha is from Super Mario Sunshine.

11: Is there a Sixth Cup?
A: Not what I know of.

12: I heard a rumor about the Sixth Cup and a GBA link feature. Is it true?
A: At the moment, nobody knows for sure. Maybe it will be released a GBA game
   in the future that will open a Sixth Cup but that is only rumors at
   the moment.

13: The Sixth Cup...
A: There is no Sixth Cup! Maybe it was plans for it nut there are no
   information about a Sixth Cup at all on the disc. You can look for yourself
   if you want. You will see 22 levels on the disc. Don´t be happy now, it´s
   only 16 Cup levels and 6 Battle levels (16+6=22). Something interesting are
   that the Battle levels are named Mini1, Mini2, Mini3, Mini5, Mini7 and
   Mini8. Looks like they scrapped two Battle levels before the release...

14: How can I look after information on my Gamecube-disc?
A: You can use a codemachine (like Action Replay) and search for it. Or you can
   buy some expensive stuff to hook up your GC with your computer and download
   the disc to your Pc (I have no information about this, don´t email me). Or
   you can make your own stuff and hook up your GC with your computer (I have
   no information about this, don´t email me). Or you can download the disc
   from the Internet if you know where to look (and NO, I don´t know where to
   look or where to search, or where to download DO NOT EMAIL ME ABOUT THIS).
   Or maybe you have a friend that can do this (I don´t have any friends that
   can do this, don´t email me about this)?

15: How many players can you be in this game?
A: You can play as many as 16 players (in 8 karts).

16: Can you please tell me how to hook up and play with a LAN connection for
    Mario Kart Double Dash!!? 
A: Read section VII in the FAQ, please!

XVIII. Credits
"Provide credit where it is due."
I will have some names in "" when I´m waiting for their "official credit names"

Burning Death aka Supreme2002(gamefaqs) - For letting me use all their staff
        ghost information.
Mahrla aka Mahrla(gamefaqs) - For letting me use all their staff ghost
These two guys are awesome. Not only did they get all the staff ghost time,
        they must also have been one of the first to do it in Europe. And they
        even used a VCR to see how fast those ghosts are o_O  Nice work!

Nana - For confirming the way of unlocking mirror mode and giving information
        about the Parade Car.
FranckblisT - Correction for a name swap (I had swapped the names for
        Sherbert Land and Mushroom City, shame on me) and the shortcut on
        Mushroom City. And for forgetting to put away some old texts...
Lee Sanders - For trying to give me information when I already have updated,
        better luck next time.
Steel Gurder - For giving me some missing information about the two last
        secret characters and the last three karts. And for information about
        a missed shortcut on Dino Dino Jungle.
Sylver Spoon - For confirming the way of unlocking mirror mode.
Sander Dophemont - For information about Parade Kart.
Smurvis - For correction about Bowser Jr. I made the mistake to believe he was
        Baby Bowser.
Kezo - For some corrections about some information I wanted.
Munk - For missing shortcut on Dino Dino Jungle.
Fledertier - Made me rewrite the shortcut on Bowser´s castle.
Meleeman - Made me add balloon stealing in the stealing part.
Dillon - For corrections about fake items and a misspelling.
Solaris2501 - For making me add if it´s a secret character or a battle track
        that you unlock when you get gold.
Luigi Hailer - For telling me about All Cup Tour.

I looked up some of the karts name on the official Mario Kart site

Nintendo - For giving us another fun game. Short in 1P but still fun.

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