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FAQ by Crazyreyn

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/12/2004


                   M A R I O  K A R T :  D O U B L E  D A S H ! !

                               Nintendo GameCube
                                FAQ, Version 1.2
                           Last Updated - 12/06/2004
                    By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
           Copyright (c)2003-2004 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 


| Legal Notice |

The ONLY sites that may have this FAQ and all my other FAQs are the following..


You will find the latest versions here. I'm sorry, but these are the only sites
that I am allowing to host the FAQ. This way, its easier to update my guides,
and not get outdated email from sites that don't regularly update the FAQ's.
If you DO see this FAQ on a site other than those above, then please contact me
straight away.

| Contact Details |

If you see a fault of ANY kind or you want to contribute some data to me, then 
either email me at crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com OR speak to me on 
MSN Messenger on crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com, or on AIM at Crazyreyn.
If you are emailing me, then please have the subject title as 'Mario Kart: DD!!
FAQ' or something similar, otherwise it will not be opened. Full credit will be
given in due course.

Or feel free to ask me any questions you wish, comment on this FAQ, ask if you
want this posted on your site etc. then do that same as above.

           If you could, rate this FAQ so I can get some feedback.

                                 Thank You.


Hello and welcome to the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! FAQ. This FAQ will give you
details on how the game is played in this instalment, the Characters and Karts
available, how to progress through the different courses and how to unlock all
the secrets.

Mario Kart is back! Despite is being on a different console and having the
major change of two characters per kart, this is Mario Kart that we all know
and love! There are also some other new additions, like unlockables and more
characters that were not featured before.

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Version History
2. Game Overview
  2.01. Basics
  2.02. Controls
  2.03. Characters and Special Items
  2.04. Karts
  2.05. Items
  2.06. Driving Techniques and Tips
3. Courses
  3.01. Mushroom Cup
  3.02. Flower Cup
  3.03. Star Cup
  3.04. Special Cup
4. Game Modes
  4.01. Grand Prix
  4.02. Time Trial
  4.03. Vs.
  4.04. Battle Mode
5. LAN Play
6. Unlockables
7. FAQ's
8. Conclusion and Special Thanks

Searching -
Simply copy and paste the section you want to go to into the Find box (to open
it, press CTRL+F). Now press enter twice and you will be taken to your selected

                              1. VERSION HISTORY

| Version 1.2 - 11/06/2004 |

Changes in the legal notice, another spelling check and some rewrites.

| Version 1.1 - 29/11/2003 |

Fixed errors here and there.

| Version 1.0 - 21/11/2003 |

The first complete version of this FAQ. Everything is complete.

| Version 0.7 - 18/11/2003 |

A small update. I have added two of the secret characters, some shortcuts,
and unlockables. I have also just expanded on several details throughout.

| Version 0.6 - 16/11/2003 |

The first version of the FAQ. Just a basic look over all the sections. Some
items are not complete yet, but I will finish it soon!

                               2. GAME OVERVIEW

This section is just a look over all things in the game, including the Basics,
Characters, Karts, Menu's and Items.

 2.01. Basics

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!! you race two people in a kart against eight other
karts (also with pairs of characters). You have to race across a variety of
different courses across Mushroom Kingdom; each one has its own theme, 
obstacles and sights. Not only is racing involved, but items as well, which
can be used to benefit you (such as a Mushroom) or to hinder others (such as
a Green or Red Shell). There are several modes you can play in, like Grand
Prix, Time Trials, Vs. and Battle. All these things that I have just mentioned
will be explained in further detail later in the guide.

Game Screen

This is for the Grand Prix mode. The other modes have different Game Screens,
but they are similar in many ways.

 | #TH [¯]()      TIME: 00:00:001 |
 |  2   ¯ 3            4          |
 |                           --   |
 |/-                        /  \  |
 |                          |  |  |
 |/-                         \/ 5 |
 |   8           1           /\   |
 |/-                        / /   |
 |                          \/    |
 |/-                          /---|
 |                           /  # |
 |LAP#/# 7                 6 | MPH|

1 - The area of play.

2 - Current Position

3 - Characters Items

4 - Total Time

5 - Course Map

6 - Speed Meter

7 - Current Lap / Total Lap

8 - Positions of other pairs (top 4)

How the Two Characters per Kart Gameplay Works

Each kart can hold two riders, one for driving and the other for using the
items. Each character can hold an item, so you could use one item then switch
the characters over to use the item that they are holding. To switch characters
during the race, press the Z button. You can pair up any combination of
characters you like. The karts are then changed according to what the weights
of the characters are, as characters cannot fit into a kart that is below their
weight class.

Game Modes

There are four different types of modes in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. They are
explained in greater detail toward the end of the FAQ. They are -

Grand Prix
Eight karts race through different cups for points. The higher the position
they end in, the more points they receive. This is for 1 or 2 players.

Time Trials
Select any course that you have unlocked, and aim to get the best time over
three laps. This is one player only.

Select a course and play with your friends! This can only be played with 2 or
more players.

Battle against your friends in special arenas! This can only be played with 2
or more players.

Co-op Mode

This is where 2 players control different players on the same kart. This can
be done in Grand Prix, Vs. and Battle Modes. See the Controls section (next)
to see the controls for each player.

How the Player Pairing affects the Game Modes

The different modes that are available to you change according to how many
players are playing, and what the pairing is (if you are playing Co-op mode).
The following chart tells you what player pairing can be done in what modes.
Note that this is from the instruction booklet.

| Players | Pairing                 | Grand Prix | Time Trial | Vs. | Battle |
|    1    | 1P                      | Yes        | Yes        | No  | No     |
|    2    | 1P vs. 2P               | Yes        | No         | Yes | Yes    |
|         | [1P & 2P]               | Yes        | No         | No  | No     |
|    3    | 1P vs. 2P vs. 3P        | No         | No         | Yes | Yes    |
|         | [1P & 2P] vs. 3P        | Yes        | No         | Yes | Yes    |
|    4    | 1P vs. 2P vs. 3P vs. 4P | No         | No         | Yes | Yes    |
|         | [1P & 2P] vs. [3P & 4P] | Yes        | No         | Yes | Yes    |
|         | [1P & 2P] vs. 3P vs. 4P | No         | No         | Yes | Yes    |


The main save file is 3 blocks, and a Ghost save (Time Trial) is 5 blocks per
ghost. The main game data save is automatic, and saves when you finish a 
Grand Prix and achieve a new ranking, you get a new record in Time Trial or
you change some settings in the options (on the main menu). Remember not to
press the power off or remove the memory card when its saving, or you will get
a corrupt game save (and so you will lose your data).

 2.02. Controls

One Player

Analog Stick          -  Steer / Throw Items Backward or Forward

A Button              -  Accelerate

B Button              -  Brake / Reverse

X Button              -  Use Item

Y Button              -  Use Item

Z Button              -  Switch Characters

L Button              -  Drift

R Button              -  Drift

START/PAUSE Button    -  Pause

Co-op Mode

Analog Stick          -  Front: Steer
                         Back : Throw Items Backward or Forward

A Button              -  Front: Accelerate
                         Back : Double Dash!! (see section 2-05)

B Button              -  Front: Brake / Reverse
                         Back : Use Item

X Button              -  Front: Pass Item to rear character
                         Back : Use Item

Y Button              -  Front: Pass Item to rear character
                         Back : Use Item

Z Button              -  Front: Switch Characters (Same Time)
                         Back : Switch Characters (Same Time)

L Button              -  Front: Drift
                         Back : Slide Attack (see section 2-05)

R Button              -  Front: Drift
                         Back : Slide Attack (see section 2-05)

START/PAUSE Button    -  Front: Pause
                         Back : Pause

 2.03. Characters and Special Items

The Characters are divided into three classes, according to their weight;
Light, Medium and Heavy. You can pair any two characters together, regardless
of their class, although this changes their kart (see the next section on
Karts for more details). Every pair of characters has a Special item that the
other pairs of characters cannot use. These are collected in the same way as
the other items - in Item Boxes.

Also, when you are selecting characters, holding the L + R Buttons picks two
characters at random.

Note that this section contains information about the hidden characters, so
if you don't want your game SPOILED then skip this section!


Mario (Medium)
Luigi (Medium) 
Donkey Kong (Heavy)
Diddy Kong (Light)
Peach (Medium)
Daisy (Medium)
Koopa (Light)
Paratroopa (Light)
Baby Mario (Light)
Baby Luigi (Light)
Yoshi (Medium)
Birdo (Medium)
Bowser (Heavy)
Bowser Jr. (Light)
Wario (Heavy)
Waluigi (Medium)
Toad (Light)     - Unlocked by completing the Special Cup in 100cc (1st Place)
Toadette (Light) - Unlocked by completing the Special Cup in 100cc (1st Place)
Petey Piranha (Heavy) - Unlocked by completing the Star Cup in Mirror Mode
King Boo (Heavy)      - Unlocked by completing the Star Cup in Mirror Mode

Weight Classes

Light  - Diddy Kong
         Baby Mario
         Baby Luigi
         Bowser Jr.
Medium - Mario
Heavy  - Donkey Kong
         Petey Piranha
         King Boo

Special Items

Fireballs - Mario (Medium), Luigi (Medium) 
            Once they are thrown, they split into five smaller ones and go
            bouncing onward. They can be thrown forward or backward.

Giant Banana - Donkey Kong (Heavy), Diddy Kong (Light)
               Banana's that are larger than the average sort. When someone
               drives into them, then split into another three regular bananas.
               They can be thrown forward or backward.

Heart - Peach (Medium), Daisy (Medium)
        Once this is used then any items that hits them, they receive.

Triple Shells - Koopa (Light), Paratroopa (Light)
                My favourite of them all.. you get three green or red shells
                to use! Can be thrown forward or backward.

Chain Chomp - Baby Mario (Light), Baby Luigi (Light)
              Releases a Chain Chomp, with the babies being pulled behind.
              Karts touched by the Chain Chomp spin out. The Chain Chomp
              disconnects after a while and continues onward.

Egg - Yoshi (Medium), Birdo (Medium)
      Releases a homing egg, which when it explodes, drops three items on to
      the track. Can be thrown forward or backward.

Bowser Shell - Bowser (Heavy), Bowser Jr. (Light)
               Like a green shell, but MUCH larger. Can be thrown forward or

Bob-omb - Wario (Heavy), Waluigi (Medium)
          Throws a Bob-omb, which explodes and causes surrounding karts to be
          thrown up into the air. Can be thrown forward or backward.

Gold Mushroom - Toad (Light), Toadette (Light)
                Gives you unlimited mushrooms for about five seconds.

Random Special Item - Petey Piranha (Heavy), King Boo (Heavy)
                      Gives you a special item from the list above. It is
                      random what you collect.

 2.04. Karts

What Kart the characters ride are according to their weight class. In short,
the characters cannot ride in karts that are smaller than what they are.
Here is a chart (from the Instruction Booklet) telling you what combination of
characters leads to what weight class of kart -

Light Kart  - Light + Light
Medium Kart - Light + Medium
              Medium + Medium
Heavy Kart  - Light + Heavy
              Medium + Heavy
              Heavy + Heavy

Now is a list of all the karts. Remember that you need to unlock most of the
karts (see the Unlockables section toward the end of the FAQ). Also, the
Parade Kart can be used by all the weight classes.

Note that this section contains information about the hidden karts, so
if you don't want your game SPOILED then skip this section!

Light Karts

The light karts have a good acceleration, fairly low top speeds and are light
in weight. They don't lose that much speed when they go off the track, and
are easily pushed by medium and heavy karts.

Goo-Goo Buggy -  Speed        *
                 Acceleration *****
                 Weight       **

Rattle Buggy -   Speed        **
                 Acceleration ****
                 Weight       **

Koopa Dasher -   Speed        **
                 Acceleration ****
                 Weight       **

Para Wing -      Speed        *
                 Acceleration *****
                 Weight       **

Barrel Train -   Speed        ****
                 Acceleration **
                 Weight       ***

Bullet Blaster - Speed        ****
                 Acceleration ***
                 Weight       *

Toad Kart -      Speed        **
                 Acceleration ****
                 Weight       **

Toadette Kart -  Speed        *
                 Acceleration *****
                 Weight       **

Parade Kart -    Speed        ****
                 Acceleration ***
                 Weight       ****

Medium Karts

These karts are in-between the light and heavy classes, having average weight,
top speeds and acceleration. Can push light karts around, but can be pushed
around by the heavy karts. Ideal for beginners.

Red Fire -      Speed        ***
                Acceleration ***
                Weight       ***

Green Fire -    Speed        ****
                Acceleration **
                Weight       **

Heart Coach -   Speed        **
                Acceleration ****
                Weight       ***

Bloom Coach -   Speed        ***
                Acceleration ***
                Weight       **

Turbo Yoshi -   Speed        **
                Acceleration ****
                Weight       ***

Turbo Birdo -   Speed        ***
                Acceleration ***
                Weight       ****

Waluigi Racer - Speed        ***
                Acceleration ***
                Weight       ***

Parade Kart -   Speed        ****
                Acceleration ***
                Weight       ****

Heavy Karts

Heavy Karts have high top speeds and weight, however, they are slowed down
tremendously when they go off the track and have poor acceleration. They can
easily push the lower class karts out of the way. For expert players.

DK Jumbo -      Speed        ****
                Acceleration **
                Weight       ****

Koopa King -    Speed        *****
                Acceleration *
                Weight       *****

Wario Car -     Speed        ****
                Acceleration **
                Weight       ****

Piranha Pipes - Speed        ****
                Acceleration **
                Weight       *****

Boo Pipes -     Speed        **
                Acceleration ****
                Weight       *****

Parade Kart -   Speed        ****
                Acceleration ***
                Weight       ****

 2.05. Items

You can collect items by driving into item boxes. There are single and double
item boxes; hitting a single means that the rear character gets an item,
whereas double means both characters do. If you already have an item, you
cannot collect any more items until you have used it. The item that you end
up with is random, and could be one from the list below or a unique item.
All the items feature in the Grand Prix, Vs. and Battle Modes, apart from
the Spiny Shell which doesn't appear in the Battle Mode.

Green Shell
Throws a shell out in a straight line, which can bounce off walls. It stops
a player if it hits them. It can also be used to destroy other items that are
coming toward you or that are on the track, such as shells or bananas, and can
be used against obstacles in the course. Can be thrown forward or backward.

Red Shell
Throws a shell out and homes in to the next kart. Try and use it in an open
area, as although they are homing, then will hit walls if you launch them
near enough to one. Can be thrown forward or backward.

Spiny Shell
Heads straight to the kart that is in 1st position, and explodes when it hits
them, affecting other karts nearby and also drops all of your items. This is
most unfairest item ever. You earn your ass off to get first and some guy at
the back of the pack knocks you back about five positions by using this.
I guess it is nice if you use it yourself, mind. Not included in Battle Mode.

Drops a Banana skin, which when driven into causes the kart to spin out. Can
be thrown forward or backward.

When used, give your kart a brief speed spurt. Can also come in three's too.

Fake Item
They look like single item boxes, but are red and the ? is upside down. When
driven into, they cause the kart to spin out. These are very annoying things,
and you will have to spot early on if they are fake or not. Place them near
normal item boxes or in positions that most karts go through on the track.
Can be thrown forward or backward.

A very good item, causes your kart to be invincible and gain increased speed
for a short period of time. Touching other karts in this state makes them go
flying, and lets you steal their item.

Only received when you are near the back of the pack, it zaps everyone at once
and makes them small, have a lower speed, drop all their items and spin out.
They regain to a normal state after a short period of time.

 2.06. Driving Techniques and Tips

These are some driving techniques and tips that could be used to make you a
better player in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!


A very useful skill, you can drift your kart round corners by pressing either
the L or R button while you go move the analog stick. It allows you to go
round the corners without losing speed, and enables you to get a Mini-Turbo.
Practice this, as you will need it to become a better player.


While you are drifting, tilt the analog stick in the opposite direction of the
turn, which will make the sparks go red. Once they are, tilt them into the turn
and opposite again, which will make them blue. Release the Drift button and
you will receive a small boost of speed. In Co-op mode, the rear player does
the analog stick movements.

Rocket Start

To receive a boost when you begin the race, press the A button when the start
signal turns green. This is can be quite tough to pull off, but to make it
a lot easier to execute, watch Lakitu's arm instead of the signals. His arm
points down when a new signal appears; when it goes green, press the A button 
WHEN YOU SEE his arm pointing down (don't go before). Doing it this way makes
it much easier to perform a Rocket Start. Thanks to the GameFAQ's board for
this. Practice this, as it helps a lot in the later cups and in Time Trials.

Double Dash!!

Only done in Co-op play, if both players perform a Rocket Start then they get
a Double Dash!! which is better than a standard Rocket Start. For advise how
to perform this better, see the 'Rocket Start' section above.

Slide Attack

Only done in Co-op play, you can steal other karts items by sliding the kart
left or right when attacking. See the below item for more details.

Stealing Items off others

There are three ways to steal items from another kart. They can only be done
when the rear character of your kart isn't holding anything, and if both
characters of their kart is holding items, then you will steal the rear
characters item and the front characters item will be dropped on to the track.
The three ways are -

1) Hit a kart while you are using a Mushroom
2) Slide Attack another kart
3) Run into another kart while you are using a Star.

Other Tips

• It is possible to avoid homing Red Shells. To see if one is coming your way
  then a Red Shell symbol will appear at the bottom of the screen. Throwing an
  item behind you, such as a shell or banana, will get rid of it. You can slide
  and avoid it without an item, but this is very tough to pull off. You will
  also avoid them if you are in mid air, or if something gets between you (like
  an obstacle or a wall) but apart from that, it hard to dodge them.
• Try and hold on to useful items for when you need them. For example, you are
  in the lead and you collect a Green Shell. Not very useful, right? Well
  swap characters and save it for later, when you might need it, like if a
  Red Shell is chasing you or you are overtaken. This adds some strategy to the
  game, so keeping helpful items like Mushrooms and Red Shells might be the
  difference of a few places if you save them for the right moments.
• Remember to apply standard racing game rules here - such as taking the inside
  of corners to cut your times, and to use other karts to assist you in taking
• Practice individual courses in Time Trial mode.

                                  3. COURSES

Here is a look at all the courses in the game, with what to watch out for in
them and possible shortcuts that you can take. All the courses are 3 laps each,
apart from Baby Park and Wario Colosseum (which have 7 and 2 respectively).

 3.01. Mushroom Cup

This cup is unlocked automatically, and is the easiest of all the cups.

Luigi Circuit

As you might expect, the first course is quite easy with nothing really to
worry about in terms of obstacles. Its a straight line with corners on each
end. The corners are lined with dash panels on the slant, where you can drift
through them to get round them fairly quickly, or you can just go on the inside
of the corner.

There are also paths leading off to the right before these corners, which lead
to Double Item Boxes, but it means that it takes a little extra time to get to
the corners. I personally wouldn't take them, unless you are really far behind
and are in need of some double items.

Also, on 50cc the long straights have a barrier between them, meaning that 
karts and items cannot cross over, whereas in 100cc, 150cc etc. there is no
barrier. I would advise that you stick to your half of the road to avoid the
karts and items that might be coming the other way.

Peach Beach

Drift around the first corner, and you will come across a beach area. There
is a tide here that changes every lap. The best advice is to either avoid the
water totally and stay on the dry sand or go through the water, but only around
the white edge where the water isn't that deep enough to slow you down. There
are also Cataquacks here, which you must avoid otherwise they will flip you
up into the air. Go through the rock formations after, where there is some
more beach (with more Cataquacks to avoid), drift around the corner to the path
and onward to the start/finish line.

Shortcuts -

• Not really a shortcut, but on the first corner in the course you can go left
  and enter a pipe. You will be thrown straight out after, but you will collect
  a double item box.
• When you go to the beach area after the first corner, you can go left
  instead of onward. That way there is a double item box and a ramp which does
  cut your time down. However the tide afterward may slow you down according to
  what lap you are on. I found laps 2 and 3 the best to take this shortcut.

Baby Park

This is the simplest course in the game, and consists of an oval shape. There
are no obstacles at all, and you can drift round the corners easy. Drift round
the very insides of the corners to get faster times here. However, the items
can cross over to either side of the track (like Shells) so watch out for this.

Also, this track has 7 laps instead of the standard 3 laps.

Dry Dry Desert

The hardest course in the cup consists of a desert theme and some tough
obstacles. Drift round the first few corners, and at the giant quick sand pit,
go around the very edge to avoid getting dragged in. There are Pokey's from
there on (the orange standing caterpillars) and the best way to avoid touching
them is to drive right next to them (as they bend over occasionally). At the
final bumpy area, just drive over the hills as normal; you can get Item Boxes
from the tops of some hills also.

There is also another obstacle to avoid, the tornado. If you get near enough
or drive into it, it will throw you upward and you will lose time. It is
located in different places on different laps - on the first lap it is before
the giant quick sand pit, on the second lap it is before the second corner
and before the start/finish line, and on the third lap it is just before the
bumpy area.

Shortcuts -

• You can use mushrooms to drive through the S bend like section near the start
  of the course.


Get a Gold trophy (1st place) on -

50cc   - Green Fire (Kart)
100cc  - Rattle Buggy (Kart)
150cc  - Luigi's Mansion (Battle Mode Stage)
Mirror - Toadette Kart (Kart)

 3.02. Flower Cup

This cup is unlocked automatically, and is harder than the last cup, but
features some fun courses.

Mushroom Bridge

This takes place on roads with vehicles driving around, so avoid touching them
otherwise you will spin out. Try and stick to either the middle or sides of the
road to avoid the vehicles. Apart from this, it is a fairly straightforward
course. The only corner that I would drift around is the one after the first
tunnel (it is fairly sharp) otherwise you run the risk of hitting the cars.
There are two special cars on the road; a mushroom car and a bomb car. Hitting
the mushroom car causes a mushroom to pop out onto the road, and hitting the
bomb car causes it to explode and throws you and other nearby karts into the

Shortcuts -

• At the very start, turn right and you go down a path which leads to a pipe.
  This pipe throws you out onto the track above, and you collect a double item
  box. This really isn't a shortcut, but is somewhat interesting nonetheless.
• Submitted by Brock McNeal & Pyrosquid24@yahoo.com-
  "Immediately after the first tunnel, there is an opening on the left side of
  the road to a fenced-in path containing a double item box.  About half-way to
  the next tunnel a hole appears in the fence so you can get back to the road
  or you can stay in there and join back up with the road immediately before
  the tunnel (though that second exit is trickier to avoid hitting a wall). 
  This narrow path is not really any faster than the normal route (and it may
  be slower because it happens to be on the outside of the curve) but it will
  keep you out of traffic and as I mentioned, you do get a double item box."
• After the first tunnel, it goes left then round a sharp bend right. There is
  a dirt tunnel up the hill before the mild left, which you can get up easily
  with a mushroom, then do a sharp right afterward as you fall then carry on as
• At the end of the track, before the bridge, you can go up the red sides of
  the bridge as you going on to it. This is lined with dash pads, so you will
  go across the bridge faster than normal (and you avoid the traffic). However
  you can fall off quite easily, so practice it a lot before you put it to
  regular use.

Mario Circuit

A very enjoyable track, this. Drift round the first two corners (especially the
sharp second corner) and stick to the right of the road after to avoid the 
Chain Chomp that might appear from the left. After the tunnel, avoid the sides
of the road due to the Piranha Plants, and drift around the hairpin and the
corner going right afterward. At this bumpy area, avoid touching the Goomba's
or you will spin out. Go onward to the start/finish line.

Shortcuts -

• After the first two corners, the road goes right round the green area on the
  left (where the Chain Chomp is). Well you can cut across the green area with
  a mushroom (you may have to drive a little onto the grass then use it to get
  across all of it).

Daisy Cruiser

Go right to the side of the ship, and watch out for the sharp left at the end.
Go left around the pool, and down the stairs to the hall inside the ship.
Tables will be moving from side to side, so avoid them the best as you can and
head to the far left corner. There will be some right-angle corners here,
and when you arrive back outside drift around the long corner, and up to the
start/finish line.

Shortcuts -

• After the hall with the moving tables, there are several right-angle turns.
  Half way through there is a hole in the floor to the right, which if you
  fall down leads to a new area. Go to the far left corner here, collect the
  double item box on the way and up the pipe to arrive back on to the deck.

Waluigi Stadium

Most of the corners of this course can be drifted around, so do so. When going
over the ramps through the rings of fire, aim for the middle to get the item
box (and to avoid getting burnt). About halfway through the course (the long
straight on the left side of the map) are rotating lines of fire, and pipes.
The lines are easy enough to avoid, but always go to the right of the pipes as
Piranha plants appear from them. The only other thing worth noting is that
the S bend toward the end of the track can be shorted a little with a mushroom.


Get a Gold trophy (1st place) on -

50cc   - Bloom Coach (Kart)
100cc  - Waluigi Race (Kart)
150cc  - Turbo Birdo (Kart)
Mirror - Tilt-a-Kart (Battle Mode Stage)

 3.03. Star Cup

This cup is unlocked automatically, and is the hardest of all the cups.

Sherbert Land

An annoying course. On the icy parts of the track you tend to slide a little,
so be aware of this when you are trying to avoid the obstacles on the ice.
Avoid the shy guys on the first ice section (or you spin out) and stick
to the insides of the turns in the tunnel. Drift round the corners after this,
then you will reach the final icy stretch. Avoid the blocks of ice with faces
on otherwise you will become frozen, and thus waste time.

Mushroom City

Like the Mushroom Bridge course in the Flower Cup, this course has vehicles
to avoid on the road; touching them causes you to spin out. After the first
long corner (which you can drift around) the road splits up, with several
routes to take -

                     Rest of the track
                |           |    | = Road
                |           |    # = Shortcut
                |           |
                |           |    Note that this diagram is not from the map
                |           |    perspective.
    |         ##|
    |       ##  |
    |  #  ##    |
    | # ##      |
    |#          |
   First Corner

There is a double item box in the middle of this area(the O on the map).
After the above section, all the roads join as one again. Drift around the
remaining corners and after the uphill part, take a left and stay in the middle
or side of the road to avoid the traffic, then onto the start/finish line.

Shortcuts -

• See the diagram above of where the track splits up. The # characters show
  a shortcut which will cut out some time, and give you a double item box too.
• Right at the end of the track, after the uphill part, instead of going left
  onto the road you can go right of the gap and across a small strip to the
  start/finish line. However this strip slows you down somewhat, so take it if
  you have a mushroom to help you get across quicker, or if you don't like
  dodging the traffic that comes if you go via the normal route by the road.

Yoshi Circuit

A cool track, as it is an outline of Yoshi! There are loads of opportunities to
drift in this course, so do it when you can. Some parts of the track has no
barriers, so watch out for falling off and don't get careless. At the two
hairpin turns toward the end of the track, drift around them early to save you
time. Also note that there are Piranha Plants in some areas, so stay away from
the sides when driving past them.

Shortcuts -

• After the first corner and before it goes left and round, you can use a
  mushroom to the right of the turn to miss it out.
• After the first tunnel, as you go around the bend some of the barrier is
  missing. If you use a mushroom here and fly off the track, you will land into
  a tunnel below opposite. You will arrive out at one of the hairpins near the
  end of the course.

DK Mountain

The first uphill section can be driven straight up, so you don't have to
follow the track properly. The mild corner after can be drifted, then you fly
across the course to the mountain at the end when you enter through the giant
barrel. At the rocky area afterward you don't have to follow the track, so use
the insides (you will not slow down). At the greenery area, drift around the
two corners (while avoiding the boulders) and go left around the hole in the
road. Drift round the remaining corners and stick to middle of the bridge to
the start/finish line.

Shortcut -

• Before the hole in the ground toward the end of the track, the barrier stops
  to the right. You can drive off here and cut out a corner, then go on to the
  bridge. However, you will need to slow down quite a lot to turn at a right
  angle, otherwise you will fall down into the gap and not onto the track.


Get a Gold trophy (1st place) on -

50cc   - Para Wing (Kart)
100cc  - Special Cup (Cup in Grand Prix and the 4 tracks)
150cc  - Barrel Train (Kart)
Mirror - Petey Piranha & King Boo (Characters), Piranha Pipes (Kart)

 3.04. Special Cup

The Special Cup can be unlocked when you get a gold trophy on the Star Cup in
the 100cc mode. These tracks are not too tough, and are very enjoyable to play!

Wario Colosseum

There are plenty of opportunities to drift here. Like in the Waluigi's Stadium
course there are ramps and circles of fire, so aim for the middle to get the
item box (and to avoid the fire). At the giant leap toward the end of the
level, travel through the center of the dash panel so you land safely on the
dash panel that is on the other side. You can go round, but it is rather
pointless. Watch out for the sharp left afterward. Some areas of the course
have no barriers, so be aware of this and watch where you use your mushrooms.

Also, this track has 2 laps instead of the standard 3 laps.

Dino Dino Jungle

Follow the track round at the start. You can travel over the logs to get item
boxes, but this will slow you down. At the giant dinosaur, there are item boxes
in-between its legs; you can either go for it and get one or drive around and
carry on. You will spin out when you hit any of the legs, so be aware of that.
After the tunnel, take the yellow bridge ahead to another tunnel and a cave
area. Avoid driving over the small holes in the ground as water spurts up from
them. On the bridge stick to the left side to avoid the dinosaur's head, drift
around the hairpin and onward to the start/finish line (while avoid the water
from the holes that are just before it).

Shortcuts -

• After the tunnel where you come to the bridges section, take a sharp right
  where there is a smaller brown bridge. Drive over the dash panel and turn
  right at the end. It looks and sounds easy, but there is a high risk of
  falling off the sides at the end, so I recommend practicing this shortcut
  before using it regularly.
• Although this is really a detour, when you go onto the yellow bridge in the
  bridges area (after the first tunnel) you can go left onto a brown bridge.
  You lose a bit of time, but you can collect a double item box.
• In the cave area, just as you come out of the tunnel take a sharp right and
  use a mushroom over the bridge to jump the gap.

Bowser's Castle

A very cool track. After going through the gateway, choose either path and
stick to the sides to avoid the Thwomp's. Drift round the corner, stick to the
sides again down the hall and drift round another corner to a fiery area.
Go to either side of the hole and over the dash panel ramp, then drift all the
way round the corner. At the top, avoid the fireballs totally or if you can't
then drive in-between them to avoid getting burnt. Drift around all the corners
from now on until you inside again. Avoid the fireballs as you go (which is
easy enough) and drift around the rest of the corners to the start/finish line.

Shortcuts -

• Toward the end of the course, with the giant Bowser statue that fires
  fireballs, you can miss the hairpin out by driving through where there is
  no banner. However, you need to do this at full speed or you will fall into
  the lava, fireballs go through that part a lot and you need to turn left
  straight away or you will fall into the lava on the other side. So all in
  all, its a tricky shortcut to pull off that takes some practice.

              |     ^
            | V  |  | |
            |    |    |
    +-------+    |    |
    |            |    |
    |    +----...|    |    | = Barrier
    |    |       |    |    . = No Barrier
    |    +----...+    |
    |                 |

Rainbow Road

The final course of the game isn't that tough, and is quite fun to play through
due to the jumps and dash panels it has. You can drift most of the corners and
hairpins on the course, but on the long corner littered with small dash panels,
you could drift but I recommend not to as then you can get more control of
getting onto the panels. Watch out for the areas of track with no barriers
(such as the S bend), and you will be fine.


Get a Gold trophy (1st place) on -

50cc   - Bullet Blaster (Kart)
100cc  - Toad & Toadette (Characters), Toad Kart (Kart)
150cc  - All Cup Tour (Grand Prix Mode)
Mirror - Boo Pipes (Kart)

                                  4. GAME MODES

 4.01. Grand Prix

Eight karts race through different cups for points. The higher the position
they end in, the more points they receive. There are three Cups to choose from;
Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup and Star Cup. The Special Cup is unlocked later.
There are also 3 different kart speeds - 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc; the higher the
kart speed, the faster it is, and the harder the enemies become at beating.
Also, Co-op mode can be played here and is for one of two players.
When you finish a race, you get points according to your final position.

1st = 10 Points
2nd = 8 Points
3rd = 6 Points
4th = 4 Points
5th = 3 Points
6th = 2 Points
7th = 1 Points
8th = 0 Points

After the race, the points received for the race will be added to your total
points. After four races, the total amount of points are added up and trophies
are given to those in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions. They receive Gold, Silver
and Bronze respectively. If you happen to draw, you always go ahead of whom
your are drawing with. If you get gold, then you unlock something! Check the
unlockables section (toward the end) to see what you get for what!

All Cup Tour

To unlock the All Cup Tour then get gold in the Special Cup in 150cc engine
class. It is all four of the cups - Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special - rolled
into one. You always start with Luigi Circuit and end with Rainbow Road, but
all the other tracks you play in a random order. These cups take a long time to
play.. at least 40 minutes! So make sure you set some time aside before playing

Mirror Mode

Mirror Mode is unlocked by getting gold in All Cup Tour in the 150cc engine
class. It is classed along with the engine classes (after 150cc) and it is
where the courses are mirrored - so all the turns are opposite to what they
should be. It takes a bit of time to adjust to it, but by the time you unlock
this you should know the courses well enough to do well in this mode.

 4.02. Time Trial

Time Trial is where you race for the fastest time possible. No other karts,
just you and the open road. Your time is recorded afterward, and you play
you to beat your times. This is only playable only in 1 player mode, and when
you begin you have to enter your name (or initials, seeming as its a maximum
of three letters). You then pick your characters, kart, and course, and race

You start with two mushrooms, and that is all the items you have. Use these
mushrooms strategy to get better times (eg. for shortcuts). When you have
finished, then your total time is ranked, and so is your best lap time.


Once you finish a race, you can save your ghost to the memory card. A ghost is
a recording of you playing through the course, and can be played along further
attempts in the Time Trial. It is semi-transparent and you drive through it,
so it doesn't hinder you in anyway, but it just gives you an idea of how at
that point in race where you stand against your old time. Useful indeed!

The Ghost Data is 5 blocks. Once you have saved it, you can reload it again
when you start up the course in a future Time Trial. The only times you cannot
save your ghost is when your attempt took long, and if your time took longer
than the ghost that is already playing.

Staff Ghosts

When you totally cream a track and get an amazing time, on your next attempt
another ghost may race with you... a Staff Ghost! This is a ghost that was
recorded from one of the games staff that is unlocked when you get a very good
time. You get nothing for beating the ghost, but it is a little something to
play for. However, if you switch off or exit then the ghost will not appear
again unless you beat the time that unlocks the ghost once more.

Here is a list of the times needed to unlock the ghosts, the times to
beat them, and what characters and kart they used. I didn't find the data from
the list myself, but Burning Death aka Supreme2002 and Mahrla aka Mahrla (from
the GameFAQ's message board) did. Also thanks to Foppe for telling me this.

| Course         | Unlock   | Beat     | Information                          |
|Luigi Circuit   | 1:29:000 | 1:26:300 | Luigi/Mario, Red Fire                |
|Peach Beach     | 1:23:000 | 1:20:400 | Peach/Daisy, Heart Coach             |
|Baby Park       | 1:14:000 | 1:11:100 | Baby Mario/Baby Luigi, Goo-Goo Buggy |
|Dry Dry Desert  | 1:53:000 | 1:50:750 | Birdo/Yoshi, Turbo Yoshi             |
|                |          |          |                                      |
|Mushroom Bridge | 1:34:000 | 1:31:450 | Koopa/Paratroopa, Koopa Dasher       |
|Mario Circuit   | 1:44:000 | 1:41:400 | Mario/Luigi, Red Fire                |
|Daisy Cruise    | 1:55:000 | 1:52:200 | Daisy/Peach, Heart Coach             |
|Waluigi Stadium | 2:02:000 | 1:59:650 | Waluigi/Wario, Wario Car             |
|                |          |          |                                      |
|Sherbet Land    | 1:28:000 | 1:25:900 | Baby Luigi/Baby Mario, Goo-Goo Buggy |
|Mushroom City   | 1:53:000 | 1:50:650 | Paratroopa/Koopa, Koopa Dasher       |
|Yoshi Circuit   | 2:02:000 | 1:59:900 | Yoshi/Birdo, Turbo Yoshi             |
|DK Mountain     | 2:15:000 | 2:12:600 | Donkey Kong/Diddy Kong, DK Jumbo     |
|                |          |          |                                      |
|Wario Colosseum | 2:24:000 | 2:21:100 | Wario/Waluigi, Wario Car             |
|Dino Dino Jungle| 2:03:000 | 2:00:900 | Diddy Kong/Donkey Kong, DK Jumbo     |
|Bowser's Castle | 2:47:000 | 2:44:700 | Bowser/Bowser Jr., Koopa King        |
|Rainbow Road    | 3:19:000 | 3:16:450 | Mario/Peach, Red Fire                |

 4.03. Vs.

Vs., which is playable from two to four players, is simply a race with just
you are your friends with no computer controlled opponents. You can also play
in Co-op mode, and play on all the tracks that you have unlocked and play in
Mirror Mode. Upon selecting 'Start' on the title screen, and selecting two or
more players and the type of gameplay for you and your buddies, you then get
to select either Grand Prix, Vs. or Battle Mode. Choose Vs. mode to begin.

Item Box Settings
To change the settings of the frequencies of the items within the items boxes,
then head to the Options on the main menu. There are four settings to choose
from -

Recommended - All Items appear evenly.
Basic -       The more powerful items are harder to get.
Frantic -     The more powerful items appear more often.
None -        No item boxes of any sort; this results in a clean race.

Lap Amount
To change the amount of laps that you race, head over to the Options on the
main menu. You can change it there.

 4.04. Battle Mode

Battle Mode, which is playable from two to four players, doesn't involve racing
but rather you competing against your friends in special arenas. Upon selecting
'Start' on the title screen, and selecting two or more players and the type of
gameplay for you and your buddies, you then get to select either Grand
Prix, Vs. or Battle Mode. Selecting Battle Mode will then bring you to yet
another menu, which is from three different battle modes. Once you have
chosen a mode, then you choose a Battle Stage and you play!

Some overall tips for all three of the modes are to know your items (play Grand
Prix to get used to them) and not to waste them! Also keep on the move;
there is very little point hiding somewhere, as your buddies could easily look
at the map to see your location or look at your half of the screen!

Battle Modes

Balloon Battle
You start with three balloons, and the one left with balloons is the winner!
You lose balloons by getting hit by an item, falling off the stage, getting
hit up another kart when it is using a mushroom or star or getting slide
attacked. You steal other players balloons by hitting another kart while using
a mushroom or star, or by using a slide attack (this only applies if you have
one or two balloons remaining).

Shine Thief
A shine is dropped onto the stage, and if you collect it, then a time begins
from 60 seconds. If you still have it when the timer goes down to 0, then you
win! The shine can be dropped however if you get hit by an item, drive off
the stage, get hit when another player uses a mushroom or star or if you
get slide attacked. You steal the shine by hitting another kart while using
a mushroom or star, or by using a slide attack. When the shine is dropped, the
timer stops and if started again once it is being carried.

Bob-omb Blast
The only item in this mode is the Bob-omb, which you throw at other players
and it explodes on impact. If you hit another player, you gain a point. However
if you are hit by a Bob-omb then you lose a point. You cannot be hurt by
your own Bob-ombs, and you can carry upto 5 of them at a time, so stock up! ;)
Keep moving so you are harder to hit, and you can throw bombs further ahead
by holding up, and you can drop them just behind you by pressing down (when

Battle Stages

Cookie Land
Set on a giant cookie, it is a round arena with a circle in the middle and
three strips surrounding it.

Block City
A Square arena with four blocks in; they all have a dent of some sort in, and
the yellow one (the bottom right block on the map) can be driven through.

Nintendo GameCube
An arena on top of a Nintendo GameCube! There is a wall surrounding the 'Cube,
but apart from that it is empty. The items are located in the center plate
and on the three buttons.

Pipe Plaza
This is a two levelled area, with two pipes on each level. All the pipes are in
a wall in the north of the arena. Entering a pipe will mean that you pop out
another one. The items (after they are used) don't travel though them though.
If you say the pipe of the far left was 1, through to the one on the far right
was 4, then -

Pipe 1 leads to Pipe 3
Pipe 2 leads to Pipe 1
Pipe 3 leads to Pipe 4
Pipe 4 leads to Pipe 2

Learn the pipe connections to get the advantage over your mates. ;)

Luigi's Mansion
This Battle Stage is unlocked by getting Gold on the Mushroom Cup in 150cc.
It is a three levelled stage with stairs leading to each level. On the top
level is a hole in the floor leading to the middle floor that is below.

This Battle Stage is unlocked by getting Gold on the Flower Cup in Mirror Mode.
You play on a giant small Mario (very cool) with a background from one of the
special stages from Super Mario Sunshine! The stage tilts to the side every so
often, meaning that the item boxes and the karts will slide in that direction.
You can fall off the edge in this stage, and if you do, then you restart on
one of the four platforms above the stage (you drop down straight after
though). Also, the white edges of the stage slow you down.

                                  5. LAN PLAY


LAN play is where you play the game across multiple Nintendo GameCube consoles.
LAN stands for 'Local Area Network'. There are two ways to play LAN games;
by using a Hub or a Cross Cable. Up to eight consoles can play at once with
a Hub, whereas only two consoles can be connected with a Cross Cable.
Another thing that applies to all LAN games is that all the consoles have to
be set to the same display mode; either 50Hz or 60Hz (this is in PAL regions

Using a Hub

If you are using a Hub, then up to 8 consoles can be connected together to form
a game (and up to 16 players if you are playing Co-op modes). Be sure to read
your Hub instructions before setting up, as it could provide some important

What you need
Television -                             1 per console
Nintendo GameCube Console -              2 to 8
Broadband Adapter -                      1 per console
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Game -         1 per console
Memory Card with saved data -            0 to 8
Nintendo GameCube Controller -           1 per player
10BASE-T Hub (need 1 port per console) - 1
LAN cables (compatible with the Hub) -   1 per console

Turn off all the consoles, and connect the LAN cables to each Broadband Adapter
of each console to the hub. Next, turn on the Hub and put in the game discs
into all the consoles. Turn on your consoles, and you can begin. See the
section after next to see what to do next.

Using Cross Cables

If you are using Cross Cables then you can only connect two Nintendo GameCube
consoles together. 

What you need
Television -                             2
Nintendo GameCube Console -              2
Broadband Adapter -                      1 per console
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Game -         2
Memory Card with saved data -            0 to 2
Nintendo GameCube Controller -           1 per player
10BASE-T Hub compatible cross cable -    1

Turn both the consoles off, and connect the cross cable to both Broadband
Adapters in both consoles. Put the game in each console, then turn the 'Cube's
on and you may begin. Go to the next section for more details on what to do


Once you have followed the setups of either using the Hub or Cross Cables (see
above), you can play! Select the LAN MODE option on the main menu on each
console, and once that have been done, you will come across the Vs. LAN Menu.
Selecting the 'Select Mode' enables you to change such things like the Game
Mode, the Order of Courses, Co-op and the Screen Division (not on more than
4 consoles though). Once you are ready, select 'Start Game' to play! Have fun!

Also note that, from what I have heard, you cannot choose what characters you
play as, so be aware of this.


While this game not officially online, in the near future you can play it
online. Some guys on the web are developing a program that allows games that
support LAN play on the Nintendo GameCube to be playable online. I personally
don't know much about this, but if you are interested, then head to their
website for more information -


***UPDATE*** A Beta version is now online. Try it out!

                                 6. UNLOCKABLES

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!! you can unlock new karts, characters and modes
by getting gold in the trophies of the Grand Prix mode! Here is a list of what
the cc of the kart is, the cup, and what is unlocked.


Mushroom Cup - Green Fire (Kart)
Flower Cup -   Bloom Coach (Kart)
Star Cup -     Para Wing (Kart)
Special Cup -  Bullet Blaster (Kart)
All Cup Tour - Nothing


Mushroom Cup - Rattle Buggy (Kart)
Flower Cup -   Wuluigi Race (Kart)
Star Cup -     Special Cup
Special Cup -  Toad & Toadette (Characters), Toad Kart (Kart)
All Cup Tour - Nothing


Mushroom Cup - Luigi's Mansion (Battle Mode Stage)
Flower Cup -   Turbo Birdo (Kart)
Star Cup -     Barrel Train (Kart)
Special Cup -  All Cup Tour (Grand Prix Mode)
All Cup Tour - Mirror Mode (Engine Options)


Mushroom Cup - Toadette Kart (Kart)
Flower Cup -   Tilt-a-Kart (Battle Mode Stage)
Star Cup -     Petey Piranha & King Boo (Characters), Piranha Pipes (Kart)
Special Cup -  Boo Pipes (Kart)
All Cup Tour - Parade Kart (Kart)

If you win gold in all the trophies, then you receive an alternative "Thanks
for Playing" Screen and an alternative Start Screen for your efforts!

                                  7. FAQ'S


Q. What is the best character combination?

A. It all depends on your style of play - whether you like the light, medium or
   heavy weight classes. For now, my favourite is Mario and Paratroopa - as
   their special items are pretty good.


Q. I completed (something) Cup, and I haven't unlocked (something)! Why is

A. You need to complete that cup and get a gold trophy (come first) to unlock
   that item. Check section 6 to see how to unlock what.


Q. I have done a really great time on Time Trial, and another ghost has
   appeared! What is this?

A. When you beat a certain time (the game doesn't tell you what it is) a
   Staff Ghost appears on the track. This was a ghost recorded by one of the
   game's staff, and is very tough to beat. You get nothing for beating it,
   but you know you are certainly very good at the game if you do! There is
   a Staff Ghost for every track in the game, and I will include times to
   unlock them in the future.


Q. How do you unlock Mirror Mode?

A. Finish and come in 1st place in the All Cup Tour (in 150cc).


Q. How do you unlock the Parade Kart?

A. Finish and come in 1st place in the All Cup Tour (in Mirror Mode).


I will put more questions in this section at later versions. Contact me if you
need to ask something (see the beginning of the guide... and PLEASE don't be
lazy, look for though the FAQ first for what you need before contacting me).

                         8. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS

That's just about it, folks. I hope that this document has been of aid in
one form or another, and that it has been easy to use. If you could, please
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