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Guide and Walkthrough by Etherel15

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 03/05/2007
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       ____                   _                          __
      |_   \                 (_)                        |  |
       / /\ \     __        ___    __             ____   | |
      / /__\ \   |  |____  |_  |  |  |_______    |__  |  | |
     |  ____  |   | ___  |   | |   | __   __ |   ___| |  | |
     | |    | |   | |  | |   | |   | | | | | |  |  _  |  | |
     | |    | |   | |  | |   | |   | | | | | |  | |_| |  | |
    |___|  |___| |__|  |__| |___| |__| |__||__| |______| |__|
  / __ \                                        _
 / /  \ \ __                                   (_)
| |   |_||  |___    _____    ______   ______  ___    __              
| |       |  _  |  /  _  \  /  ___/  /  ___/ |_  |  |  |____    ______
| |    _  | | |_| |  / \  | | |___   | |___    | |   | ___  |  |  __  |
| |   | | | |     | |   | | \___  \  \___  \   | |   | |  | |  | |  | |
 \ \__/ / | |     |  \_/  | ____| |  ____| |   | |   | |  | |  | |__| | 
  \____/ |___|     \_____/  \_____/  \_____/  |___| |__|  |__| |____  |
                            ________________________            _   | |
                            |                      |           | |__| |
                            | Population: Growing! |           |______|
                           Animal Crossing Guide/FAQ 
                                 Version 1.8
                          |     By: Etherel15       |
                          |  etherel15@hotmail.com  |

       *  This FAQ is always available in it's latest version at  *
 www.gamefaqs.com.  Before you send my any e-mails, check to see if you    
        *  have the latest version of this FAQ.  But otherwise,  *
                         *   feel free to Mail me!   *

   i.                       ~ Version History ~

Version 1.0 - October 10, 2002 - This is when I first started my FAQ.
Version 1.1 - November 1, 2003 - One year later, lol, I'm restarting
                                 and I've gone through everything already
                                 down and fixed it up all pretty like.
Version 1.2 - November 2, 2003 - I've added the 1st four town locations
version 1.3 - November 3, 2003 - The Town Location section is finsihed,
                                 along with Landscaping and Talking with the 
                                 Animals, I hope to revamp and add to it.
version 1.4 - November 4, 2003 - Finally put in the beggining of the game
                                 walkthrough, through Tom Nook's chores. and
                                 all about your house, including decorating,
                                 gyroid, HRA, mail and Feng Shui(help from NP)
version 1.5 - November 5, 2003 - Added the Turnip Market to Tom Nooks.
                                 No item checklist yet, still trying to
                                 "acquire rights" for it so to say, but I have
                                 accomplished the Fish and Insect Lists, and
                                 I wrote all about catching fish and bugs,
                                 even what you can catch during what months.
                                 I also wrote the entire calander, finished all
                                 holidays and the event and worked them to fit
                                 in better with the earlier parts of the Faq.
version 1.6 - November 6, 2003 - I haven't finished by my unrealistic deadline.
                                 but I'm so far along that I'm of course going
                                 to finish.  I wrote every single event I could
                                 think of, including Island items.
version 1.7 - November 7, 2003 - I fixed a major error in the Able sisters
                                 which I noticed as I researched more info on
                                 designer tool.  Started on the GBA connection
                                 section.  Finished the Design Tool.
version 1.8 - March 5, 2007    - Fixed a few small errors and submitted it to
                                 Gamefaqs for all the wii-crazed people who are
                                 exploring some of the jewel games of the 
                                 Gamecube's life.

   ii.               ~ Requirements and Peripherals ~

Players     - 1 player at a time, 4 character saves per town, 1 town per
              memory card.
Memory Card - 1 whole memory card 59 (included).
            - 58-61 blocks on larger sized memory cards.
Game Boy    - Use your Game Boy Advance and Gamecube Game Boy Advance   
Advance       Cable to use special features of the game like the Animal
              Crossing Island.
e-Reader    - use E-reader cards to get special items, music etc.

   iii.                      ~ FAQ Introduction ~

  I'd like to start by saying Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  It 
really makes my day to know someone is reading my FAQ.  This is my 
first FAQ and I hope to be proud of it (so bear with it).  I saw this 
as the perfect opportunity to strut my stuff.  Because Animal Crossing
isn't a game that you write a long walkthrough for, with a few bonus
sections, Animal Crossing is a stage with many possibilities and many 
directions and goals to go for, thrown in with a few special events and
interesting people.  I hope to distinguish all the possibilities, and
the answers to those questions you don't need, but you don't want to 
miss.  For instance, if someone says something is happening, but you 
don't know what day, place, hour, or even what character you have meet 
or be at.  Sure,you could spend the WHOLE day running from square to 
square looking and hoping you're not late or missing something.  But at 
that point the game loses its fun.  And no one wants that, so just come 
and look and hope I have it.  The FAQ is more of a collection of 
information than a step by step instruction manual for the whole game.
Therefore, since I know everyone doesn't want to read my whole FAQ to 
find everything, and I can't just list them all (too many), I will 
repeat things constantly through out different parts.  Please don't get 
mad if you read something over and over again.Last, if you have 
anything you wish to add to my FAQ, or you think anything is wrong DO 
NOT HESITATE IN ANY AMOUNT to write me and tell me.  A game so big 
can't be discovered by one man alone.

                              ~ CONTENTS ~

   i.          Version History
  ii.          Requirements and Peripherals
 iii.          FAQ Introduction  


    1.        Game Introduction
    2.        Controls & Screens
      2.1       Menu Controls
      2.2       In-Game Controls
      2.3       Items Screen and Controls
      2.4       Typing Controls
    3.        Main characters
    4.        Town Map
    5.        Town Locations and functions
      5.1       Tom Nook's Shop 
      5.2       The Dump
      5.3       The Post Office
      5.4       The Town Tune Board & Bulletin Board        
      5.5       The Wishing Well
      5.6       The Police Station
      5.7       The Museum
      5.8       The Able Sisters
      5.9       The Dock
    6.        The Wide World Around You
      6.1       Time Traveling
      6.2       Times and Seasons and Weather
      6.3       Trees and Flowers
      6.4       Landscape Objects
    7.        Your Animal Friends
      7.1       Your Animals' Lifes
      7.2       Talking with the Animals
      7.3       Animals Moving in/out
      7.4       Mailing your friends
    8.        Beginning the Game 
      8.1       Setting up the Game
      8.2       On the Train
      8.3       Settling in   
      8.4       Working for the Nook
      8.5       Early Debt Management
    9.        House and Gyroid
      9.1       Your Gyroid
      9.2       Your Mailbox
      9.3       Upgrading your House
      9.4       Decorating your House
      9.5       The HRA Academy
      9.6       Feng Shui
   10.        Item Catalogue Checklist
     10.1       Furniture
   11.        Fish and Insect Lists
     11.1        Fish List
     11.2        Insect List
   12.        Fishing and Bug Catching
     12.1        Preparing for the Hunt
     12.2        How to Fish
     12.3        How to Catch Bugs
     12.4        Golden Net and Rod
   13.        Events
     13.1        The Calander
     13.2        Holidays
     13.3        Planned Events
     13.4        Special Events
     13.5        Other Events
   14.        Gameboy Advance Connectivity
     14.1        Animal Island
     14.2        Download NES games
     14.3        Pattern Designer Tool
   15.        Universal Codes
     15.1        Nook's Raffle & Redd's Market       
     15.2        Special Items
     15.3        Special Series
     15.4        NES games
     15.5        Wallpaper, Carpets, and shirts
     15.6        Other Items

letter writting
NES games
Item List 
visit a friend's town
Trading via password
  Items not for trade
The museum
  fossil hunting    
Perfect Town
Golden tools

   1.                    ~ Game Introduction ~

  Animal Crossing, though very similiar to other games like "The Sims" 
and especially "Harvest Moon", is a a very unique game and the first of 
it's class.  It is part RPG and part simulation, but since there is no 
distinct goal you're working for which signifies the end of a game, we 
can't really call it either.  Nintendo names it in a new Genre of games 
called a Communication game.  Were you interact, explore and grow 
(we're not talking about your early years).  In Animal Crossing you 
head to a town filled with animal humanoids (or Furries).  You have a 
tiny amount of money, not quite enough to pay the house off, and a 
shirt.  Nothing more.  You spend the game doing what ever your heart 
desires.  Like becoming friends with the town residents, watching new 
ones move in and old friends move out.  Mailing them letters, giving 
them gifts, running them erands and just chatting. Or paying your house 
off, making it larger and larger.  Going to the ends of the earth and 
even the internet to get the furniture that will fit your style of 
house best.  Even being a nature-ist.  Planting trees and flowers, 
growing your own orchard, catching fish and bugs, and even helping the 
wishing spring.  The game also runs time parallel to the real world.  
So when you wake up at 9:00 am December 20, Geuss, what?  it'll be 9:00 
am on December 20, in the winter.  Wich means that the events, bugs & 
fish you can catch and the appearance of the world will constantly 
change.  Like Nintendo says, "The real-life game that's happening every 
second of every day.  Whether you're there or not!"  

   2.                    ~ Controls & Screens ~

 ===2.1   Menu Controls===

 Very simple, the only thing you can do is push A button when the text 
gets to the very bottom and a little blue arrow appears to go to the 
next text message or go to an answer block.  A yellow box wich has a 
couple of responses to questions asked.  Just scroll up and down 
using the control stick.  if you're lazy and want to hold the 
controller with just your right hand, you can use the C-stick to scroll 
up and down and the A botton to confirm.  If you push the B button 
while in a question box and there's a responce that means cancel or 
never mind, you'll automatically push it.  Push and hold the B button 
while the text is scrolling to speed it up. In other words...

A Button      - Confirm, continue
B Button      - Cancel and speed up text
Control Stick - Switch between response options
C-Stick       - Switch between response options

 ===2.2   In-Game Controls=== 

  In- game controls means the buttons you push while wandering around 
the world. A button or joystick may have more than one fuction so I 
might have split them up in some cases and organized them into uses.

Control Stick - Tilt it a little, walk that direction.  The more you 
                tilt it the faster you walk.
B, L, or R    - Run
B Button      - Pick up items
Y or Start    - Opens or close the Item Screan.
X Button      - Pulls up your map
C-Stick       - Adjust the Camera (inside buildings only)
A-Button      - The "Action Button"
		1. When standing in front of other characters push to
                2. When standing in front of a Sign push to read
                3. When standing in front of a door push to open
                4. When standing in front of a tree push to shake
                5. When you have a usable item equiped (like a shovel)
                   push to use the item (outside only)
                6. When standing in front of a peice of furniture push
                   and hold to grab then push the control stick towards 
                   or away from your character to move it, or push the 
                   control stick in the other 2 directions to rotate it
                   (in your house only, not in others!)
                7.Some furniture(radios, cabinets, gyroids, etc.)are 
                  interactive.  Stand in front of them and Push A to 
                  activate them. (in houses only, Any house!)
Control Stick - When in your house and facing a chair, bench, or bed,
                push the control towards the item and you will sit or
                lay on it.

 ===2.3   Item Screen Controls=== 

  You can bring up the item screen by either pressing the Start or Y 
button. The controls are:

Control Stick - Scrolls the cursor hand around the screen.  Pausing 
                over an item tells you what it is
A Button      - When you push the A button over anything a list of
                commands appear (see below)
X Button      - Use the X button to highlight multiple items OR letters
                so you can give one command for all of it.
B Button      - Like always, means cancel
R Button      - Flips between the different Screens

   The Item Screen looks like this
 |                                                     | 
 |   ( )             Town Name            _________   _| 
 |   \|/                                 |         | / | 
 |    |             Character Name       | Letters || F| 
 |   / \                                 |         | \_|
 |   You        Bells ______             | [ ] [ ] |   | 
 |_                  (______)            |         |  _|
 | \   Items__________________________   | [ ] [ ] | / | 
 |P | |                               |  |         ||MI| 
 |_/  |  [ ]   [ ]   [ ]   [ ]   [ ]  |  | [ ] [ ] | \_|
 |    |                               |  |         |   |
 |    |  [ ]   [ ]   [ ]   [ ]   [ ]  |  | [ ] [ ] |  _|
 |    |                               |  |         | / | 
 |    |  [ ]   [ ]   [ ]   [ ]   [ ]  |  | [ ] [ ] || I| 
 |    |_______________________________|  |_________| \_| 
 |                                                     | 
    P=Patterns screen
    F=Fish caught screen
   MI=Main Inventory screen
    I=Insects caught Screen

  The Item Screen has your character in the top left corner.  To the 
right is the town's name (top) and your name (bottom).  Under both of 
these is your Bells, or money, you have in your wallet(can hold up to 
999,999 bells).  The amount is in the round box in red.  Below all of 
this is your items section.  It is 3 spots tall and 5 spots wide (15 
spots total).  This is the main item section were all the items you get 
go. The pink Column on the right of the screen is your letters column.  
Here you can hold up to ten letters with you at a time.  Pink letters 
are letters mailed to you.  There are read and unread icons, and some 
may have presents attached.  Blue letters are ones that you have 
written yourself.  To the very right of the screen you'll see 3 tabs.  
One will have a face (currently opened) and the other 2 are fish and 
bugs.  these are additional screens wich list all of the different 
types of bugs and fish you've caught.  You can use R to scroll between 
them quickly.  Last, on the very left of the screen is another tab with 
a pencil.  These hold your patterns.  You can have 8 patterns at one 
time (for more on patterns see          ).

General A button Commands:
  -When pushed over an item-
  Grab   - When you grab an item you can move it around in your item 
           screen.  You can grab items and put them in letters as gifts.
           Grab tools, clothes or umbrelas and put them on your 
           character to wear it or equip the tool.  Grab bags of money
           and put them in your wallet to add to your total
  Drop   - Drop an item on the ground in front of you 
  Bury   - Bury an item in a hole you are standing in front of
  Quite  - Means never mind

*EXCEPTIONS* -you cannot bury or drop items animals give you for 
delivery.  to get rid of these (besides delivering them) you must 
take those to the wishing well.  You Cannot drop fish unless you're 
standing in front of a river or ocean, or if you're in your house.  Then
the fish will be in an aquarium.

  -When pushed over a letter-

 Grab       - Grab the letter and move it around within the letter box
 Read       - Read the letter (pink)
 Throw Away - Throw away the letter (must be read and have no present)
 Present    - Take off any attached present
 Rewrite    - Rewrite the letter (blue)
 Quite      - Means never mind

  -When pushed over your wallet-

When you push A over your wallet, you can take money out in amounts of 
100, 1,000, 10,000, and 30,000.

          -General Items-                                     
Leaf        - A peice of furniture                
Pink Shirt  - Clothes                                           
Paper with  - Stationary to write letters. The   
 Number       number is how many you have left   
Paper Roll  - Wall Paper                         
Rug, Carpet - Carpet (covers your whole floor)
Yellow Bag  - bag of bells    

*SPECIAL*  To change the background on your item screen, get a shirt you 
really like the pattern of.  Then grab it and move it all the way to 
the bottom right corner of the items section.  Now move it down one 
more spot till it's floating over nothing and let go.  The background 
will change and the previous shirt design (generically the big dot 
shirt) will appear were the other shirt used to be.

 ===2.4   Typing Controls=== 

 Everytime you need to write a name or a letter a screen will appear 
with a gamecube controller at the bottom which has a simple keyboard on 
it.  First I'll give you an overview of the keyboard and then the controls.
The keyboard has two layouts.  The letters on the keyboard can either be 
arranged like a regular keyboard (asdf,gjkl;) or you can toggle it to display
the letters in Alphabetical order(push Z button).
Along the top row are exclamations and other punctuations.  If you switch to 
Caps Lock (using L button) the top row will have the numbers 1-0.  On the side 
of the board are 2 symbols you might not recognize.  One is a bent arrow.  It 
is equivalant to the enter button (also down on the Control Pad).  The button
with SP means space, like the spacebar(or the R button which is much easier).
When you're finished writing push start and you can either say it's OK, 
you can Rewrite it, or you can Throw it Out.   
Now, the typing controls are:

 Z Button      - Change key layout from traditional to alphabetical
 Control Stick - Use it to select the key you want on the keyboard
 Control Pad   - Use it to move the little blinking cursor across the 
                 typing screen.  Pushing it down is the same as pushing 
                 enter, or the bent arrow button.
 A Button      - Type the highlighted letter or symbol on the keyboard
 B Button      - Deletes the letter, symbol, or space behind the cursor
 L Button      - Toggles on/off Caps Lock.  Caps Lock also changes some 
                 symbols, such as punctuation to numbers.
 R Button      - The spacebar.  Same as the SP button on the keyboard
 X Button      - There are a few letters in the game that you can 
                 change the accent on.  After typing in only certain
                 letters look to the spot on the keyboard-controler on 
                 the screen were the X button is.  There will be a 
                 black shaded box hovering over the button and in it 
                 will be the current letter, and then an arrow pointing 
                 to what the letter will be changed to.  If that's not 
                 the accent you wanted, just keep pushing the X button.  
                 Some letters have multiple accents
Y Button       - There are actually 3 keyboards you can use.  The first 
                 is the one you start on, the letter keyboard.  If you 
                 push Y, you'll switch to the punctuation keyboard.  
                 This keyboard has things like @, &, % etc. The 3rd  
                 keyboard is an icon keyboard.  It has things like 
                 faces, anger marks, and lightning bolts.  But 
                 sometimes the simpleminded townspeople get confused if
		 you use letters other than the ones on the first keyboard.
		 So be careful!(See letter writing for more info)

1. When writing in ANimal Crossing, there is no word wrap.  That means when 
you're in the middle of a word and reach the end of the line, the whole
word will NOT bounce to the next line.  Instead it will break in the middle
leaving two halfs of words on both lines.
2. most typing occurs when you write letters to your neighbors.  Their are
strict rules you must adhere to when writing a letter so that they can
understand it (actually, they don't "understand" it as much as they send
it through a spelling a grammar check).  If they can't, they'll send you
a letter complaining about how stupid you are and how they didn't understand
a thing in it. So please see Letter writing for more information. 

   3.                      ~ Main Characters ~

  There are over 100 different character citizens who can move into 
your town, but there's really no point in listing them all.  You'll 
only have 15 of them in your town at once and since you can't make 
characters move out or characters move in, what's the point of knowing 
about something you can't have?  Anyways, doesn't it ruin the fun of 
having a new neighbor move in if you know what every single one looks 
  So I'm going to list the main characters which--eventually--show up 
in everyones game, or could.  I'm seperating them into 3 categories.  
The 1st are the ones that are in your town all the time, or come on a 
strict schedule.  The 2nd are ones that you could see if you have the 
required equipment and you wanted to.  The 3rd are the ones 
that come as special events and all the townsfolk chat about for weeks 
in advance (like Saharah).  Don't be alarmed when I put "see..." spaces 
around everywere.  This is a character Bio and a were to find them.  
I'm trying to limit the spoilers in this section.  Now, here we go!


Mayor Tortimer - Mayor Tortimer is an old turtle who you hardly see.  
                 He only shows up on special occasions and the very 
                 first day you're in town.  On every major festival day 
                 he'll show up.  If you talk with him you'll receive a 
                 special gift which you can only get this way.  It 
                 usually has something to do with the event.  The only 
                 other time you'll see him is when he wants to talk to 
                 you about stuff that needs down in town.(See events)

Tom Nook - He's a raccoon who runs the local store in town and is in a 
           sense, the hub of the community.  On days when his store is 
           closed or his sevices not available is a time you'll come to 
           despise.  The animals really respect Tom Nook and will even 
           tell you they're looking out for his best intersts.  This is 
           the same nice guy who sold you your house purely on credit.

Pelly - Pelly's a white bird who works the post offfice during the day 
        hours.  She is always friendly and has a great big smile on her 
        face whenever you see her.  She's rumored to have something 
        going with Pete, the mail-bird...

Phyllis - She is literally the night, or darker version of Pelly.  
          Phyllis is a pink bird who works the night hours at the post 
          office and has a horrible attitude, which she doesn't try 
          very hard to mask.  Maybe it's the hours, or maybe it's secret
          envy of her sisters good fortune.  I'm reminded of Mimi from 
	  "The Drew Carey Show" whenever I see her.

Pete - He too is a white bird and he delivers the mail for the town.  
        It is rumored Petey and Pelly are going steady.  The only time 
        you can talk to him is under certain circumstances.  First, 
        there must be mail in the post office for you (you know if it's 
        for you if you didn't put it there).  Then stand in the players 
        housing acre at either 9:00am or 5:00pm (when the mail is 
        automatically delivered).  he'll fly in and land and then you 
        can talk to him.  But he won't say much since he's on duty.

Officer Copper - The dog who stands in front of the police box and 
                 tells you what's happening in town.  He's strongly 
                 devoted to his job (24-7) and constantly salutes you.  
                 Though he wishes he could enjoy some of the activities 
                 in town. When visiting another town see him for a map.

Officer Booker - A pudgy Bull-dog is Copper's partner and runs the 
                 lost and found inside the police box.  He's very 
                 unsure of himself and intimidated by everyone.  
                 Whenever you talk to him he'll become wishy washy and 
                 his voice will slowly die out.  You could make this 
                 poor guy to do anything, but you're too nice for that. 

Blathers - This owl will stand in the same place in the museum lobby 
           forever and will constantly fall asleep at all hours.  He 
           runs the town's branch of the Farway Museum.  He drolls on 
           about things and then apologize, and he absolutely hates 
           bugs.  But he must digress.  Don't bother taking fossils to 
           him.  He's not certified to identify them, which can get 
           really vexing (annoying).

Mabel - She's the main associate of the Able Sisters Tailor shop.  
        She's the blue hedgehog who greats you when you walk in and 
        will help you if you want it.  Generally she's a very happy and 
        optomistic person.

Sabel - Sabel's that black hedgehog in the corner who spends all her 
        time continually sewing the same patter.  She's Mabel's sister   
        and if you talk to her she's always busy and will ask you to go 
        talk to her sister if you need anything.

Porter - You may nevery talk to this monkey.  He is the train attendant 
         at the train station and stands there all his days.  But he's 
         the closest thing you'll have to a travel agent unless you 
         want to be friends with Kapp'n...

Joan - Every sunday morning you'll see an old boar wandering around 
       your town selling turnips.  You'll really make her day by buying 
       some turnips from her.  You will get your first glimpse of her 
       when your on the train heading for your town for the first time.  
       She's the old lady sitting on the back bench.

Tokake/K.K. - He's the coolest dude in the game.  You first see him 
              when you first start your game, just sitting and 
              strumming his guitar.  Every Saturday night you can go 
              watch him perform a song just for you.  He's one 
              character You're gonna love.

Mr. Resetti - Mr. Resetti, you're punishment for reseting.  This mole
              has a very high blood pressure and a low tolerance level.
              oh, he may seem nice, but below all that dirt and fur is
              a man on the edge, willing to do anything...Even erase
              your game!  Be scared, be very very scared...

==2nd== These are characters that are regulars to the game but you may, 
        because of lack of equipment or want, never see.

Rover - That blue cat you met at the very begging of the game.  He 
        seems to live on the train and no matter what you do to get rid 
        of him he'll sit and chat.  At least you only have to see him 
        on train trips.

Kapp'n - Kapp'n is a very strange turtle who works the fairy rowboat to 
         the Game Boy Advance Island.  To find him hook your GBA up to 
         the Gamecube using the Gamecube Game Boy Advance Cable and 
         turn it on before you walk into the acre with the dock.  
         Kapp'n seems to be a little out of it and sings you strange 
         sea shanties on the way to the island.

Islander - Your islander isn't really a main character, but since every 
           game has one and only one, I thought the role was a major 
           one.  Especially the way it helps you get money and items 
           (see Game Boy Advance Island)  Your Islander lives alone way 
           out there and is always on the look for items for its house. 

==3rd== These are what I call event characters.  They are excactly the 
        same on every game, except they don't constantly live in any 
        exact spot or have a strict schedule of appearance.  Their 
        coming is an event on its own.  For more information on ALL of 
        them see the special events sections.

Saharah - You can't play the game without hearing about the famous 
          Saharah, The camel who walks from town to trading her rare 
          carpets for your carpets and a fee.  She's doing all this 
          work to raise money for her homeland and to beat out her 
          competitors back home.

Wendell - Wendell, the walrus, is described as a wandering starving 
          artist.  He will occasionally come to your town begging for 
          food.  He's a very picky eater for a starving artist and will 
          only reward fish with one of his valuable wallpapers.

Katrina - If you're lucky (or unlucky as your case may be) Katrina the 
          fortune telling cat will appear in your town late one night 
          in a small gypsy tent.  Her powers will either forsee bad 
          luck or good fortune in your near future.  But the reward can 
          outway the risk.

Gulliver - If you like long walks on the beach (alone in your case, 
           hahaha) You'll eventually run into a bird named Gulliver 
           stretched across the beach.  After some coaxing you can get 
           him to wake up and tell you of his seafaring and the the little 
           fight he had with his shipmates.  A sea bird who can't swim.  
           Who'd have known.  Poor guy seems to get his life mixed up 
           with the exploits within his video games.

Redd - Every now and then Redd the fox will set up his (black) market 
       tent.  His items may be rare and low priced, but others say the 
       quality of those items are lacking.  It's all up to you if you 
       want to deal with a sly fox.

Wisp - The most bizarre character you'll ever meet in the game.  Maybe 
       because he's translucant, or maybe because he's a ghost, who 
       knows?  You may happen to run into (or through) him in the wee 
       hours of night.  He needs your help and the reward is said to be 

Gracie - You may be lucky enough to see this famous giraffe one afternoon,
         parked in the middle of your beatiful lawn.  Gracie is the famous
         Shirt designer (sorry, no matter how good they are, you aren't)
         who is the genious behind "Gracie Originals".  Wash her car after 
         going through the horrible conditions of your backwater town and 
         she may tolerate your presence long enough to reward you. 

   4.                           ~Town Map~
  There are 3 places to find the Town maps and 2 ways to get them.  The 
very first place you'll find a map is right in front of the train 
station.  Make sure to look at it the first time you start a town or 
visit a friends.  The second place is the sign outside of the Police 
Station.  The last is, of course, the one you carry around with you.  
Use the X button to bring it up. Use the Control Stick or C-stick to 
scroll around the grids.  Information and the grids Acre are shown in a 
white cloud to the left of the map.  Pushing any button will exit the 

Your map is gridded by letters and numbers like so:

     1 2 3 4 5
     _ _ _ _ _
 A  |_|_|_|_|_|
 B  |_|_|_|_|_|
 C  |_|_|_|_|_|
 D  |_|_|_|_|_|
 E  |_|_|_|_|_|
 F  |_|_|_|_|_|

  Every Acre having a name, such as A-3, or F-5. Some times you'll hear 
things like "the 3 acres, or the A acres".  This just means any of the 
acres which have that number or letter in them.  There are some general 
rules to the layout of towns (descriptions of all these places are in 
Town Locations and Functions). 
  The train station is always in Acre A-3, and the players housing acre 
is always below it in Acre B-3.  The shop (Tom Nook's shop), the Post 
Office, and the dump Are always locatedin the A Acres.  While the 
Tailor is usually in the F acres and the Museum and Police Station are 
usually in the lower half of town.  While the dock is in Acre F-5.  I 
don't beleive there's any special positioning I've ever seen of the 
Wishing Well.
  Every town has These same layouts I'm about say, though they may be 
formed differently.  Every town has ocean shore along the bottom edge 
(F acres).  Going form top to bottom is a river with 1 lake along its 
course with a pier and 2 bridges crossing it (eventually you can get 
more). Through every town is at least one cliff line running from left 
to right, creating at least one terrace, or upper section and lower 
section of the city.  There may even be 2 cliff lines.  Every Cliff 
line has 2 ramps, 1 for each side of the river.  These cliffs also seem 
to mark off areas.  All the houses within the same division of cliffs 
have their own color on the map, like blue, purple, or red.

   5.                ~Town Locations and Their Functions~

  This is a pretty long section and will hold a lot of meat, so if you 
have a question that is in any part, part of any of these = ] subjects,
take a look.  This is were I plan to tell of things like events at 
Nook's shop, and the different things that happen and you can do in 
places all around town.

 ===5.1 Tom Nook's Shop===

  -=Open (9:00am-10:00pm)=-
  Tom Nook has to be the focal point of all the town.  There wouldn't 
be a game without him.  Everything you sell, buy, or order has to go
through him.  You'll deffinately hate the days when he's closed (like when
he upgrades his store).  In these hallowed walls of merchandising you will
both spend your not-so-hard earned bells, and gain more from selling him 
your ill-gotten booty.  As well as a few other special activities.

    ===Tom Nook, Man of Mystery===
  If there were EVER one person to know in this game, it's Tom Nook. He has
connections man!  Besides making the whole town work, Tom Nook also has an
endless money supply, Clones of himself in every town on Animal Crossing 
world, he will buy anything worth buying (kinda makes you wonder what he's
REALLY up to with all that stuff), he gets secret truckloads of new stuff
everynight, though you never see it happen, and he owns all the new housing
development.  But thankfully, he's a nice guy (he gave you your house) and
he always welcomes you when you come in.
  Tom Nook has a sample of every type of merchandise on sale including 
furniture, wallpaper, carpeting, stationary, clothes, gardening, tools,
and some other stuff.  To buy something in the store, walk up to it and 
pick it up.  Tom Nook will run over and explain the item then tell you its
price.  If it's wallpaper, carpeting, or clothes, you'll see an example 
of it so you can decide if you  want to buy it.  If you do, choose 
"I'll buy it!" and if you don't want it, pick "Never mind...". Like I said
before with his secret late night deliveries, Tom Nook will get new stuff
on display everyday,replacing the old, so make sure to check out his store
everyday!  If you don't want to buy from Nook's shelves  you'll have to 
talk to the big man himself.  You can do the following things when you talk
to Tom Nook:

  -=Tom Nook=- 
  I. Sell - Yep, this is were you sell your stuff.  Highlight multiple items
            with X so you don't have to go through the selling sequence with
            every item
 II. Catalog - This is a big list of every item you've ever owned.  You can 
               rebuy things you used to have at the same price you would 
               inside the store (no S&H) unless the item doesn't have a 
               price beside it.  This of course means you can't buy it.  
               For instance you can't buy fossils, some special NES games,
               or holiday event furniture sets.  (see Catalog section of 
               items for more info and a complete list of all items).  
               Items will arrive the at your next session of play (leave 
               the town then come back)
III. Other Things - A subdirectory of other actions
     A. Turnip Prices - Tells you how much Nook is buying Turnips for that 
                        day.  On rare occasions Nook will buy them at 
                        outrageously high amounts.  Remember, sell high! 
                        (See below, and 13.3 Planned Events)
     B. Say code* - Tell Nook a code given to you by someone else to
                    receive an item
     C. Hear code* - Give an item to Nook to get a code to send an item 
                     to someone else 
     D. Nevermind... - Cancel
 IV. Nevermind... - Cancel

    ===Upgrading Nooks Shop===
  Tom Nooks place starts out as a little shack and
slowly upgrades itself to a full blown superstore. To get your local
convenience store to the Mall of Animal Crossing you have to have paid Tom
Nook enough money, from both buying his goods, and paying off your house.
When you reach the magic number, the next day he'll close down his shop
*Gasp* and they day after that you'll have a sparkly new store with a 
greater selection of all types of goods (with the exception of Nookingtons,
which also requires another player (human player) to visit your town on top
of the money requirement of spending 150,000 bells at his store.  The 
different version of Tom Nook's store are as follows:

Nook's Cranny - His shop when you first meet him, a little shack
Nook 'n Go    - His first step of modernizing his little store
Nookway       - A large store with the Novelties of a modern
                shoppping center with scanners and sliding doors.
Nookingtons   - The Beverly Hills of Animal Crossing.  Some of you
                will never reach this since you don't have anyone
                to visit your town.

    ===Raffle Day===

(or in my case, a tribute to Mr. Resetti day!)
  In his effort to give back to the community that has given so much to him
(though I think this torments me more than delights me since his shop closes
the whole day on raffle day.  Oh the twisted plot of this fiendish man).
On the last day of every month Tom Nook holds a raffle/lottery.  Now you
can use the raffle tickets you kept getting, and leaving on the floor,
whenever you bought something.  Here's the lowdown.
  On raffle days, grab all of the tickets that you can (make sure they're
the right month, he'll only accept the current month's tickets) and head
on over.  Each go is 5 tickets a pop.  Everytime you play Tom Nook will
turn his wheel and a small ball will pop out.  Most of the time it'll be
a white one, meaning you lost and get nothing, but there are also three
colored balls which coincide with the prizes behind Tom Nook. They are:

  3rd Prize-Blue ball-Item to the left
  2nd Prize-Orange ball-Item to the right
  JACKPOT-golden ball-Item in the center

  If you're going for all 3 prizes, you better make sure to have at least
30 tickets and most of you will probably be saying hello to Mr Resetti
quite a bit today.  The prizes you win from the lottery are unique only
to the lottery, so you can't buy them anywere else (though a nice
neighbor may give you one).  Here's the complete list of Raffle only items:

[ ] Blue Dresser      [ ] Green Pantry     [ ] Regal Cupboard
[ ] Cabana Armchair   [ ] Kiddie Stereo    [ ] Cabin Bookcase
[ ] Modern Cabinet    [ ] Lovely Kitchen   [ ] Classic Hutch
[ ] Ranch Hutch       [ ] Exotic Lamp      [ ] Blue Corner
[ ] Black King        [ ] Garden Gnome     [ ] Black Queen
[ ] White King        [ ] White Queen      [ ] Cement Mixer
[ ] Garden Pond       [ ] Hamster Cage     [ ] Covered Wagon
[ ] Mario Trophy      [ ] Pop Machine      [ ] Arwing 
[ ] Nook's Portrait   [ ] Plum Bonsai      [ ] Ivory Piano
[ ] Samurai Suit      [ ] Dracaena         [ ] Hi-Fi Stereo 
[ ] Jukebox

    ===Sale Day and Sales===

   Yes, even Tom Nook has sales.  There are two different types of sales
The first is just a small random sale that happens about once a month.
The other is actually a holidy, sale day!  It occurs the day after
 -=Special Sales=-
  The random sales occur about once a month and will feature a particular
type of item (such as furniture, wallpaper, clothing, or carpeting).  You
will know it's coming from the flier he mails to you and when all the towns
animals jabber about it on and on and on...  On that day the sale will
last one hour (12:00pm-1:00pm) and will display 3 items.  Don't worry,
during the rest of the day the store is open like normal (and if you go
to the sell you may even get a balloon!).  It may seem like a waste, but
3 more items in a day isn't too bad a deal, especially when you have a
smaller version of Nook's store.

  -=Sale Day=-  
  Sale Day is actually when of the cooler holidays.  Besides talking with
the mayor, and meeting Redd, there's a sweat deal going on at Nooks.  On
the fourth friday of November, Tom Nook will hold a tribute to the year 
sale.  All of his shelves will be filled with goodie bags.  These are nice
bags, since they hold about anything you can buy. refrigerators, clothes,
wallpaper, tvs.  Not just some peice of junk like you'd find in real life.
Every bag is priced specially too.  The price of the bag is the same as the
year. Is it 2003? then the bags 2003 bells.  I'd seriously suggest cleaning
Nook out on this one.  Not only are the prices spectatular, but you can get
over 50 items in just one day!

  -=Turnip Market=-

  You've heard of the Stock Market, but have you heard of the Turnip Market?
Backwoods places call for backwood versions, right?  The point of the "Turnip
Market" is to buy Turnips low, hold out, and try to guess when the best time
to sell is to either gain big, or reduce your losses to a mimimum.  Every
Sunday Joan will sell you turnips at a certain, ever changing, price.  During
the week you must go to Tom Nook and check up on how Turnip prices are doing
(no one actually eats them, and if they do they're looked down on).  For
more detailed information and about were to go to catch Turnip Market Fever,
see 13.3 Special Events!

 ===5.2 The Dump===

-=Pickups on Monday and Thursday=-
  Yes, even you, the rich and popular, are a trash digger.  But who
cares.  The dump is another place you may want to check out every day.
Because every mourning two new items appear.  Usually it's stationary,
but hey, it saves you the money and time of running into Nooks to get
your daily roll of paper to mail of to the museum or the foxy lady next
door.  The other use for the dump is, strangely enough, dumping the
trash you fish out of the river, odd isn't it?

 ===5.3 The Post Office===

  -=Deliveries at 9:00am and 10:00pm)
  I'd have to say this is the second most used placed in your town
(Nook's of course is THE place in AC), unless you're the anti-social
kind of person who would be playing this game instead of living it = ]
Your Post Office can hold a whopping 5 letters to be delivered (shown
on the back counter) at a time.  Besides mailing letters though, you 
can also do stuff like pay off your debt or use your e-reader here.
  -=The eTM=-
  on the side of the room is a machine that looks like an ATM.  This is
your town's eTM, e-card transfer machine.  Hook up your e-reader,then
walk up to this machine to get your cool little goodies.

  -=The Desk=-
  For most of you, you can only flirt with the receptionist at the front
desk.  But hopefully you do this during the day because there are two
birds who run the Post Office (and another, Petey, who delivers mail)
and their names are Pelly, the bright and cheerful one who runs the 
day shift, and Phyllis, who is the dark uninterested and uncaring bird
who runs the graveyard shift, the whole night.  Either one, when you walk
up to them will ask you the same questions:

   I. Mail Letter - Choose a blue letter you've written to have it mailed.
                    If the Post office is full (wow, you reached their
                    staggering capacity of 5?!) just step outside, wave
                    to Petey as he flys off to deliver the mail, then walk
                    back in and give'em more.
  II. Deposit - Untill you pay off your near eternal debt, This is were
                you pay off the house.  once you have though, this becomes
                your bank account (no interest) were you can deposit loads
                of money (or you can be like me and fill cabinents after
                cabinents in your basement with 30K bell bank bags)
 III. Save Letter - Here you can store letters in the post office so you
                    can read them later (or the much better reason for
                    storing letters, see below).  your TOWN (not person)
                    can store up to 160 letters with presents.
  IV. Nevermind... - Cancel

  -=Other Things=-
  I couldn't find room to put these things in the rest of the section
and still have it make sense, so I crammed it all here.  Read This!

  1. Sure, you could store letters for teh sake of keeping letters, but
     the real reson you want to is because for each letter you store,
     you can also store one present.  So essentially, the Post Office
     is also a bank and a storage facility.  So store your irreplacables
     in letters in the Post Office
  2. You get tired of talking and working for the villagers all day and
     end up only getting drab clothes and *gasp* MORE stationary?  Well,
     then turn it against them!  Whenever you mail a letter to an animal
     and attach a shirt, they will wear it.  So if you want revenge, or
     you think they'd look real cool in that shirt, it's all good.
  3. You ever noticed how no matter how many fossils you mail to the
     museum, you won't get back more than 3 a day? Not to worry, your spare
     fossils don't dissapear, they stockpile somewere, and will all
     eventually get to your door.
  4. If for some reason you want to see Petey the mailbird (or one of the
     villagers made you do it) you have to first; have mail in the Post
     Office for you (it's for you if you didn't put it there, duh!) and
     second; be in the player housing square when the mail gets delivered
     (9:00am or 5:00pm).  If you do that, then Petey will fly in and you
     can talk to him, though you won't get much out of him.  He's on duty.

 ===5.4 The Town Tune Board & Town Bulletin Board===

   ===The Town Tune Board===
  You've heard that strange tune that plays whenever you talk with someone
or when the clock chimes the hour?  Well that horrible sound is your town
tune.  Most likely you'll want to change it.  To do so go to the Town Tune
Board outside of the Post Office.  Here you can alter the current song or
create a totally new one (but when you do, you lose the old one forever so
make sure you like the new one before you leave the board).  If you're the
uncreative one but really want a new town tune just get on the web.  There
are plenty of sites with small cathces of favorite songs for your town.

   ===The Town Bulletin Board===
  Located in the heart of player housing, the Town Bulletin Board is exactly
what is sounds like (isn't it nice when that happens?).  This board can be
used by anyone, human or animal.  Animals usually post were they hid their
secret stash, and Tom Nook writes on here occasionally as well.  The Town
Bulletin Board also notifies you of upcoming tournements and events (not 
special events, like Katrina, but ones on the calender) and their results.
The Bulletin Board can hold up to 15 messages at a time, replacing the 
oldest posts with the new ones.  Make sure whatever you write you want up
there because there's no erasing posts, unless you write 15 other ones...

 ===5.5 The Wishing Well===

  The equivilant of a town square.  This is were you learn how close your 
town is to becoming perfect.  There are really only two main purposes
of the wishing well.  The first is a gathering point on Town holidays.  Only
otherwise noted (like fireworks or harvest moon wich happen at the lake) 
nearly all events happen around here.  This is were Mayor Tortimer can be 
found on the rare times he visits town for festivites.  The other use is the
Wishing Well itself talk to it to get a list of questions you can ask it:

  -=Wishing Well=-
   I. How are Things? - This is how you find out how your town is doing
                        environmentally.  Use this to determine what you
                        need to do to get your town in Perfect shape so 
                        that you can get the golden axe (see Perfect Town)
  II. Apologize - If you have an item that you need to deliver to another
                  villager but you can't (or don't want to hehehe) because
                  they've moved out you can't get rid of it like a normal
                  item.  You must take it to the wishing well and ask for
                  forgiveness so that you can resolve any guilt you may be
                  (but probably won't be) having.
 III. What is this? - Ask this and the wishing well tells you about itself
  IV. Nevermind... - Cancel

 ===5.6 The Police Station===

  Sad to think that with a town the population of a small classroom needs a
Police Station and TWO cops.  Especially when you're the only one who does
stuff wrong (unless you count other people sneaking into houses to play NES
late at night...).  You Police Station is equipped with a Town Map (if you
ever visit some one elses town, go to the Police Station to get a Map), a
Lost and Found and the two officers, Officer Copper and Officer Booker.

  ===Officer Copper===
  Standing outside the building, through rain and snow, 24 hours a day is
the ever reliable Officer Copper.  Talk to him to him to ask him:

  -=Officer Copper=-
   I. Any going-ons? - This is very usefull.  Ask him this to learn of any
                       events or special events that will be happening in
                       the next week or so, or learn about detials of an
                       event happening right then.
  II. Anything lost? - He'll tell you how many lost items they have in the
                       Lost and Found.
 III. What is this?  - Gives a description of the Police Staion
  IV. I need a map!  - If you're a visiter and need a map, here's the place
                       to get it.
   V. Nevermind...   - Cancel

  If you happen to be out in the early mourning, stop by the Police Station to
see Copper doing his mourning aerobics. In the summer you'll have to do them as
well, if you want.

  ===Officer Booker===
  Inside the little tiny Police Box is a much larger room (hmm...Dr. Who?)
were the Lost and Found is, pretty much the only function Of the Police
Station.  Officer Booker, the withdrawn dog who runs the Lost and Found, can
be found running around the counters were the lost and found items are stored
(though it rarely gets past the last counter).  Guess what, everything is
FREE!  So fulfill your guilty little desires and nab up as much as you want!
Just walk up to an item and select it.  Officer Booker will scuttle over and
asks; "Is this yours?".  Just answer yes or no and be on your way.

 ===5.7 The Museum===

   This is the biggest trophy case you'll ever see because that's pretty
much all it is.  It displays (after you bring them in) the fish you've
caughtm the bugs you've caught, and the fossils you've found.  Along with
any paintings you were able to buy(which mysteriously, can have mulpiply
copys of floating around)so you can show the world and brag to your 
friends so they can see..  But your museum is only a branch of the main
Museum, the Farway Museum (far-a-way).

  It is run by the slightly absent 
minded and very sleepy owl, Blathers. Bring him your new items to go on 
display and talk to him. He'll say:

   I. Donate an item - When you have new items to submit to the museum
                       ask this then select what you wish to donate.
                       Blathers will then evaluate it and decide if it is
                       needed, then give a small lesson on it.  You cannot
                       submit fossils raw from the ground.  You must first
                       have them evaluated by the Farway museum (not yours)
                       mail the fossils to them and they will return them
                       (to get the address, talk to Blathers)
  II. What's This?  -  Blathers will give a brief description of the museum 
 III. Nevermind...  -  Cancel

  ===Museum displays===
  There are four different sections of the library.  One for bugs, one for
fish, one for fossils, and one for paintings.  I'd suggest whenever you get
the first of a new bug/fish/fossil/painting that you donate it to the museum
so that you don't forget to do it later. Fish and Bugs can be caught in the 
wild with a fishing pole and a net (see fishing and bug catching).  To find
fossils look for the brown star shapes on the ground.  Dig at them and you'll
find a buried item. Usually it's a fossil, but if it rained yesterday it could
by a Gyroid, or if an animal buried a treasure it could be that.  There are
never (accourding to my knowledge) more than 5 fossils buried at a time.  
Paintings are bought either at the store or from animals (like normal items)
or found exclusively at Redd's Market (see Special Events).  Here are lists
of both all the fossils, and all the Paintings (for Fish and bugs see Fishing
and bug catching):

[ ] Amber                 [ ] Plesio Neck              [ ] Tricera Skull
[ ] Ammonite              [ ] Plesio Skull             [ ] Tricera Tail
[ ] Apato Skull           [ ] Plesio Torso             [ ] Tricera Torso
[ ] Apato Tail            [ ] Ptera Left Wing          [ ] Trilobite
[ ] Apato Torso           [ ] Ptera Right Wing         [ ] T-Rex Skull
[ ] Dinosaur Egg          [ ] Ptera Skull              [ ] T-Rex Tail
[ ] Dinosaur Track        [ ] Stego Skull              [ ] T-Rex Torso
[ ] Mammoth Skull         [ ] Stego Tail
[ ] Mammoth Torso         [ ] Stego Torso

[ ] Amazing Painting (R)  [ ] Basic Painting           [ ] Classic Painting
[ ] Common Painting  (R)  [ ] Dainty Painting (R)      [ ] Famous Painting (R)
[ ] Fine Painting         [ ] Flowery Painting (R)     [ ] Moving Painting (R)
[ ] Perfect Painting      [ ] Quaint Painting (R)      [ ] Rare Painting
[ ] Scary Painting (R)    [ ] Strange Painting         [ ] Worthy Painting

 ===5.8 The Able Sisters===

  This place is dedicated to one thing, Patterns, and run by the able sisters
Mabel and Sabel.  Everything you do here is dependant on patterns, wether it
be creating, displaying, or nabbing some of your own.  You'll being kindly
greeted by Mabel (Sabel just sits and sews the same pattern back and forth 
and back and forth... talk to her and she says talk to her sister). if you've
happened to have created some really succesful patterns, she'll recognize
you as the designer genious you are, you can do two things.  Either talk with
Mabel or look at the current designs on display.

  If you want to work with or manage patterns walk over and talk with Mabel:

   I. Design a Pattern - this is were you make your own patterns in the game.
                         choose a spot to put your new pattern in, then use 
                         the design tool (see designing patterns) to create
                         your masterpeice.  When you're done the pattern 
                         will save and you will pay a small fee  of 350 bells
                         for using their equipment.(see below for how to do 
                         it for free)
  II. Save Pattern     - When you want to save a pattern from the 8 you're
                         holding on you for storage, choose this. There are
                         96 save spots for patterns per TOWN (not person)
 III. Any Suggestions? - Use this to see which pattern design is currently
                         the most popular on both clothes and umbrelas. You
                         can judge how popular they are by her enthusiasm
  IV. What's This?     - Mabel will give you a description of Pattern designing
                         and all the many joys it can bring. 
   V. Other things     - Opens another menu of possibilites.
     V.1 Download Tool - This is were you can download the pattern designer tool
                         for use on your GBA (requires GBA connectivity, see
                         section 14.).  It's free, it's portable, it's good.
                         Just follow the steps and you'll be sewing digital
                         pixels in no time (remember to download patterns BACK
                         to the GCN if you want to keep them)
     V.2 Upload Design - When you use the GBA to get the designer tool, you have
                         to reconnect the GBA to the game so you can upload the
                         designs you created back to game.
     V.3 Read card     - Use your e-reader to get pattern designs
     V.4 Prep e-reader - Readies the e-reader for use
     V.5 Maybe not...  - Cancel
  VI. Nothing...       - Cancel

  If you post a design on flags, signs, etc. and then switch that same design
in your inventory for another one, the new design that is now in the place
the old one used to be, will replace all the designs the old one was pasted on

   ===Design Shopping===
  Besides talking with Mabel, you can also mess around with the designs on 
display.  If you don't like what's on display, or would like to try it on,
just walk up to it and push A.  Mabel will rush over and ask you:

   I. Display mine! - If you want to toss the current one and replace it with
                      yours pick this.
      I.a Sure! - Trashes the old design and replaces it with yours
      I.b I'll trade - Trade current design for one of yours
      I.c Never mind... - Cancel
  II. I want it! - If you have to have the design, choose this, then replace
                   one of the patterns in your inventory with it.
     II.a Sure! - Trashes your design and replaces it with the new one
     II.b I'll trade - Trade current design for one of yours
     II.c Never mind... - Cancel
 III. Can we trade? - choose a design then trade it with the one on display
  IV. Never mind... - Cancel

  When you put patterns up for display it's not just for other players to come
and look at them and use them, but it's also so villagers can come in and buy
(though you don't see a bell of it, and you had to pay to make it!) the designs
and wear them throughout town.  You know you're doing good when everyone's
wearing your digs.  But like all fads, you have to keep making newer designs,
because the neighbors will slowly replace the old with the new.

  ===Using Patterns===
  It took me forever to find were to make a home for this little section.  It's
all about what you can do with you patterns once you have them. This section
ties closely with both the Pattern Design Tool and the Able Sisters Shop, but
it's not quite it's own section.  enough jabber, here is what you can do with
you patterns:

  -=Pattern Uses=-
   I. Use as Clothing - The big reason for pattern designing is so you can make
                        your own threads.  Use them on yourself or put them on
                        display at Able's so everyone, animals included, can
                        wear them.  Patterns used on clothing will fit around
                        you.  The sleeves and front of shirt will each use
                        a full copy of your pattern.  The hat will twist and
                        crop your pattern to fit it on your head.
  II. Use as Umbrela  - Like clothing, you can wear this and display it for use
                        by others.  When you use a pattern for umbrelas it will
                        look different.  Think of your umbrela, were the wire
                        frame makes little triangles on it.  Each of these will
                        fit a cropped pattern,with every other one inverted.
 III. Use on Walls    - To make a pattern used on walls, it's pretty difficult.
                        Your pattern will be "tiled" on.  You can choose to 
                        have all the "tiles" upright, or can have every other
                        one inverted 
  IV. Use on Floor    - Using patterns on floors is exactly like using them
                        on walls, though they might look a little better.
   V. Post on Signs   - When Nook's shop is big enough, you can buy sigh boards
                        you can erect around town.  The whole purpose of these
                        is to post your design on them.  I like using direction
                        arrows and my own "Personal crest of ownership"
  VI. Post on Door    - Talk with your gyroid to post one of your designs on
                        your front door.  The design will be cropped to be a
                        circlular shape.
 VII. Post on Flag    - At Animal Island you can post your design on the flag.

 ===5.9 The Dock===
  If you don't have a GBA-GCN link cable then... this place means nothing.  But
if you do have one then this is how you get to GBA island.  I won't go into
anything about the island here for that, see Animal Island.  If you have an urge
to go see a tiny tropical island, or get a tan (seriously, just stand in the 
sun without moving for like 10 minutes) then you need to talk with Kapp'n.
He'll be parked at the dock if you entered the dock acre with your GBA plugged
in and already on.  Climb aboard and off you go to Animal Island, with
Kapp'n salty sea lyrics making you forgert any discomfort you would have had.

   6.                       ~The Wide World Around You~

   Animal Crossing is, well, a great little tiny world. But a world none the
less!  This section will focus mainly on the geography and nature of the
game (not the same as Town Map section4) such as types of trees, how they
grow, flowers, the stuff that covers the landscape, likes rocks and signs,
about seasons, about holes, about the balls that appear in weird places.
Pretty much, the Mother Nature stuff that happens.

 ===6.1 Time Traveling===

  Quite a strange topic.  Time traveling is, as typically reffered to by Animal
Crossing players, when you change the games clock to something other than
what it really is.  Let's face it.  Everyone will at atleast one time, miss
and event and want to do it so bad that they bounce they clock back (or forward)
so they didn't miss it.  I think it's fine...within reason.  If you're gone
during the day and something happens and you can't go all the way home just
to do it (what excuse would you give anyways, I must interupt my real life
for something in my fake one, sure that'll go over well...).  But when you
begin changing the clock everyday and not just jumping back, so at least the
timeline is linear, but bouncing back and forth, then you lose almost all
the fun of living in a game that coincides precisely with the real world.  So
please, only "Time Travel" when necessary.
  BUT (yep, always a but), Time Traveling will not fix all of your problems,
no matter how hard you try.  Because Time Traveling changes the date only.
Animal Crossing's chronometer doesn't run from the date.  The date only triggers
when events are supposed to happen.

  On November 3, 2003 you best AC friend Wolfgang was happily living by the
beach, but on November 4, 2003 he moved away.  If you change the date back to
November 3, 2003 he'll still be gone.  Heck, you can change the date back to
January 1, 2000 and your town would be in the EXACT same state as it was when
you last played (except the season changed).

  Animal Crossing doesn't figure time by dates played, but by time played.
The date is just a reference, so to say, that anchors the game to a real place
and a real time.  No matter how much you change the date, the world, when you
get down to it, will keep running in it's straight, irreversible, linear style.
Jumping ahead in the game one week does not constitute one week of play, it
only changes the numbers that clarify what day it is.

  "Time Traveling" only changes the dates, so therefore, Time Traveling ONLY
changes when Events (wether planned on the calender or not) occours.  It
CANNOT undue anything that's happened.  The date is only a bunch of words and

*note* besides changing events and seasons and such, changing the date may
also cause your turnips to spoil since they have a one week from purchase life.
they're flagged so that even if you don't play, they'll rot by the date one
week from purchase.  So be careful!

Whew! glad I finally got that one over.  Hope it wasn't too confusing. I'm just
trying to put it straight that time traveling isn't like "Back to the Future".
Now on to what I really made this section for

 ===6.2 Times and Seasons and Weather===

  Animal Crossing is a game that runs parralel to real time, which means that
  "The real-life game that's happening every second of every day.
       Whether you're there or not!"  --Nintendo--
  When it's Augst 21st in real life, It's the summer day of August 21st in the
game.  When it's Halloween night here, it's halloween night there.  Animal
Crossing is a game that simulates the real world, so that means it too must
have the things of the real world, such as weather and seasons.
   As the year progress the seasons will change just like in the real world
(though maybe not exactly like were you live, like snow in Arizona).  Leaves
will change color, Snow will fall, then the world will turn a bright new green
again. Besides the change in climate, the change in seasons also mean holidays,
and a change in the local indiginous life (no, not your neighbors).
   As months progress certain fish and bugs won't be around anymore and new ones
will appear.  This is what makes the long lasting appeal to Animal Crossing.  
The game actually changes throughout the year.  Just as the seasons change in 
the game, so does the time. 
   It will be a rosy dawn, a bright midday, and the light will slowly dim as the
day grows old.  Shops open and close, people go to sleep, events start and end,
and fish and bugs dissapear to be replaced by new ones.

  Even the weather changes and it can snow and rain.  Rain itself brings about
new activities you can't pull off during the rest of the game.  When it rains
it rains for the entire 24 hour day.  this means you can use your umbrella, and
so will everyone else.  There's no reason to use it except you can (which is a
major reason behind a lot of games).  On rainy afternoons is the ONLY time
you can catch the Living Fossil (see How to Fish).  After it rains you can
find Gyroids buried in the ground.  This game is very spread out, so pace
yourself and relax.  No one can really beat the game before you (no one can
really beat the game actually) because everyone will always be on the same day.
  Animal Crossing isn't a game that you sit down for hours a couple of weeks
then shelve it untill you have the urge to play it again.  you'll play it a 
little here, a little there.  There's so much new stuff that shows up as the
game progresses that you don't want to get tired of the game too soon.  I urge
you not to sit  down for long bouts at the game (unless you fishing for money).
 ===6.3 Trees and flowers===

  Trees and flowers are the only things in all the land (except weeds) that
you can change.

  Not much on this.  You buy packets of flower seeds at the store for 120 bells
and to plant them just dig a whole were you want them and plant them.  Presto!
instant flowers.  You can walk over flowers, but after running through flowers
they'll wear out soon (when petals start flying off you're going too fast).
Flowers don't last through the winter snow season so you must replant them
every year.  Flowers don't do anything for your Perfect town rating as well.

  There are visually two types of trees.  The Cedar pine, which is just a tree,
no different types, nothing special.  Then you have a regular tree with wide
leaves.  These come in multiple varieties.  First off you have your plain ones
which grow nothing.  Then you have your fruit trees (see below). 
  -=Tree Shaking=-
  Go up to any tree, push A, and give it a good shake.  Quite a few things could
happen.  first, nothing. second, fruit will fall off fruit tress. third, money
may fall out. fourth, a beehive may fall off and angry bees will fly out.  Five
trees a day will have beehives in them and if you don't catch the bees in
your net (it's one of the insects on the list) it'll sting you and you'll run
around the rest of the day with a big bump on your face, and all the villagers
will point and laugh when you talk to them.  Poor you. 

  -=Choppin Down!=-
  You will have to,eventually chop down a tree.  I guess you don't HAVE to, but
 you won't get the perfect town rating, there will eternally be trees in your
way, and you're going to be missing one of the funnest parts in the game.
whack Whack WHACK, errrrrrr THUNKkkk.  Even the villagers think it's very
satisfying, just don't do too much of it and remember to always put the shovel
to those stumps!
  By the way, were do the trees go when you chop them down? it's like they fall
right through the ground... 

  To grow a tree you need a shovel and to buy either the Cedar Sapling or the 
Sapling from Tom Nook for 60 bells if you want a fruitless tree.  If you want a
tree with fruit, you need a fruit of the type of tree you want to grow. just
plant saplings like you would flowers, or Dig a whole and plant the fruit and 
a small sprout will pop up.  It will take 4 days for your tree to grow fully 
mature (and another day for fruit if it's a fruit tree).
  -=Planting Restrictions=-
  There are certain restrictions as to were you can plant trees for them to
grow fully.  Oddly though, when you first begin your town, there are trees that
have grown in areas that they wouldn't have if you had planted them.  All trees
need one free space (not including flowers or bushes) on all four sides, and
on all 4 diagnols, for example here is some things you can and can't do:
                         |                    Can't Do
 T=tree          Can Do  |___________________________________________________  
 x=free space     xxx    |    xxx       xxxx        xxx       xxxx    
 o-obstacle       xTx    |   xxTx       xTTx       xxox       xTox    
                  xxx    |   xTxx       xxxx       xTxx       xxxx    
                         |   xxx                   xxxx
                            Diagnal    Adjacent   Diagnal    Adjacent 
                             Trees      Trees     obstacle   obstacle 
  you Also cannot plant trees right up against cliffs,walls,shores,or buildings.
One last restricition has to do with signs.  You can't place any trees within
two squares of a sign board (not the ones you post, but the ones the game put
in every acre).  You have to plant trees 3 squares away from the signs for them
to grow,(for more on signs, see Landscape Objects) for example:
                        |                     Can't Do
 T=tree         Can Do  |____________________________________________________ 
 x=free space   xxxxxx  |    xxxxx        xxxx   |       xxxxx     xxxxxx
 S=sign         xSxxTx  |    xSxTx        xSTx   |       xSxxx     xSxxxx
                xxxxxx  |    xxxxx        xxxX   |       xxxTx     xxxxxx
                                                 |       xxxxx     xxxTxx
                              Within 2           |     Within 2 squares of
                           squares of sign       |  sign (diagnols count too)

  I know these restrictions make it look like there's no were you can plant
trees but actually, there's alot of space and most of the time you'll naturally
plant trees in the correct spot.

  -=Stunted Trees=-
  If you have a tree that's grown only part way and won't finish growing you've
got a stunted tree.  This only happens when the tree isn't placed properly
(see planting restrictions above).  Now you have to chop it down and dig up
the stump because if it's stunted, it will NEVER grow taller, and I believe
it gos against your perfect town rating.

  -=Dying Trees=-
  Why do my sapling trees keep dying?  Well, there could be a few reasons.  The
first is that you placed it in an inapropriate spot to begin with (see above).
Or it could be that you planted your pine trees too far south on your town.
I don't know if there's an exact line, or the chances of it, but the further
south you get the less chance there is of Pine trees growing.  You could also
already have too many trees in that acre to begin with and the game cannot
support another one there.  And if you plant trees in the rain, there's a good
chance they won't make it.  You know a tree is dying before it does because it's
little leaves will look like they've been chewed on!

  In Animal Crossing there are 5 different types of fruit (not including the
coconut found on Animal Island, which doesn't grow on the mainland and only
sells for 200). Apple, Orange, Peach, Cherry, and Pear.  But your town will
only start out with one of these five types.  We call this your town fruit,
because your town starts out with only this fruit, and because when you sell
fruit at the store, your town fruit is 100 bells (because it's native) and all
others, even if grown in your town are foreign and are sold at 500 bells each.
You can pick up foreign fruit by the more obvious way of trading with people
via code, or go to someone elses town and pick some off their trees.  But
actually, if you're patient and very sociable,  The characters in your town
will give or sell you some that they got from out of town.  When you do get
some foreign fruit find a GOOD place to plant it (see planting restrictions
above) so that you grow your own.  Fruit, after it's picked, takes 4 days to
regrow, so think about when you want to pick it.  Also, as an ending note,
One of these five fruits will be your Islanders favorite (see Animal Island).

   ===Other Trees===
  *Spoiler* There are, secretly, two other kind of special trees that are very
abnormal. Both require you to find the daily Golden Hole (see Landscape objects)
after you dig up the money there will still be a shiny hole. DON't cover it up!
There are two items you could bury that would give you special trees.  They are
  -=Money Tree=-
  If you bury a bag of money in the Golden Hole, there's a very good chance that
the tree that grows from that will have 3 bags of money (like fruit, except it
doesn't grow again).  If money does grow, the amount in the bags will be the
same as the amount you buried.  After picked, the tree is just a normal tree.

  -=Golden Tree=-
  You can also bury a shovel in the Golden Hole, which means you'll have to get
a second shovel from Nook's (I'd order it and then get off and back on the game
Once you bury the second shovel, the tree that will grow from it will have 
yellow bark and gold leaves (can't sell them).  Wait a day after it matures and
shake the tree and a golden shovel (the tips supposed to not be golden) will
fall out!  You now have a pretty golden colored tree!

 ===6.4 Landscape Objects===

  There's quite a bit more on the gorund then just trees and flowers, and this
section is designed to explain everything else that is on the ground, and things
that appear (temporary things)

  I know this subject sorta sounds lame, but I couldn't think of another name.
The ground in AC is mostly just little triangles that make up grass.  But this
world isn't just a carpet of grass.  Visually, their are also small rings of
dirt that look like trees that have been leveled to the ground.  Physically,
there are low to the ground bushes that take up alot of useless space, which
means less trees and flowers.  But at least you can walk over them.  Their 
are also two tiny ponds of water, near the police station and Nook's store.

   ===Rocks and Signs===
  The two biggest obstacles that sit their and be annoying. There's not much
special about the rocks, but there's a reason for the signs.

  There's only one good thing that comes out of rocks, literally.  Everyday 
one of the rocks,when hit by your shovel, will turn red, make a 1-up sound from
Mario, and spout out money. It only lasts about 6 seconds, but everytime you
whack it before it returns to normal 100 bell bags will pop out.  After 3
100 bell bags, 1,000 bell bags will pop out and if you're really good, you may
even get to the point were you've hit it 6 times and 10,000 bell bags pop out.

  Signs amazingly have a reason for existance besides their enlightening
messages of wisdom.  Every sign actually saves that spot that it's on so
that as the game progresses either character houses, or special events
(such as Redd's market or Gracies car) have a place to set up.  Without
signs, you could fill the whole world with trees, and no one could move in
no special events could happen.  And since everyone of the buildings/events
that would move onto those spots are 3x3 (with the sign saving the middle
block) that means anything within one square of the sign will also disapear
when someone moves in, which is why trees cannot be within 2 squares of them.
I haven't found a way yet to suround a sign so nothing moves in there, so don't
put stuff around signs!

  Some how, every night, a slew of new holes appear.  Holes,except the gold one,
look like brown stars on the ground. use your shovel to dig up what's buried.
Simple enough, right?  Most of the time, the holes contain fossils (up to 5
holes with fossils a day) but after it rains, there are a few gyroids buried
in the ground, and now and then the villagers give you a little treasure hunt,
read the bulliten board to see if anyone's buried something. The golden hole
is a spot of shimmering light on the ground.  Dig it up for 10,000 bells and
a golden hole.  Bury money or a shovel here for special trees (see golden trees
in Trees).  Once you get the golden shovel, you can run around randomly digging
and come up with a few bags of 100 bells.

  You will forever and ever have weeds in your town.  Every mourning 3-4 new
ones pop up, even if you don't play!  If you get too many of them you towns
"wishing well status" drops.  So everyday, even in winter, you need to run
around and pluck weeds, oh and sometimes they hide behind trees.  Goodluck!   

  Nearly everyday you can find one large sports ball lying around the town.
You could kick it around and just play with your neighbors (who'll actually
play back) but their main use is for delivering to animals who request them.
Good luck getting them up hills, and if they fall in the water they're gone
for good.  Or at least uhtill the next day.  

   ===Sea Shells==
  Sea shells appear on the beach every mourning, and at the beggining of the
game you'll probably use these as part of your staple of life.  I call them my
speedbumps because running along the beach scares the fish, and I always push
B to run.  Since B also picks up items, I pick up a shell rather than run.

 Sea Shells:
 Conch         - 350
 Coral         - 250
 Lion’s Paw    - 40
 Porceletta    - 30
 Sand Dollar   - 60
 Venus Comb    - 150
 Wentletrap    - 20
 White Scallop - 450

   7.                      ~Your Animal Friends~

  This Section is dedicated to all those little animal neighbors that make 
your town a town (though 15 other people really isn't a town).  I will 
discuss their talking habits, mailing them, watching them move in and out,
and all sorts of other junk you may find useful.  As I stated in the character
 There are over 100 different character citizens who can move into 
your town, but there's really no point in listing them all.  You'll 
only have 15 of them in your town at once and since you can't make 
characters move out or characters move in, what's the point of knowing 
about something you can't have?  Anyways, doesn't it ruin the fun of 
having a new neighbor move in if you know what every single one looks 
  So therefore I am not nameing every possible character, their catch phrase,
and what they like to do in the mourning.  Besides, I can't think of a single
instance you'd actually need to know any of that, and it's alot of copying.

 ===7.1 Your Animals' Lifes===

  Yes, the title is totally wrong. Your animals have no life. They live only
for your petty little amusements.  But that doesn't mean they don't still
live, so to say.  Every character who moves into your town has their own
small personality.  When you talk to them and watch them you will slowly
see it.  This is what makes moving so much harder then you thought it would
for just being a game.  You actually get to know them.
  Each animal when they move into you town pops up their own unqiue looking
house right on top one of the signs dotting the landscape.  Besides having
a different look on the outside from yours and everyone elses, the inside
reflects the type of person they are (it's sorta like looking into their
minds).  This one room is were they eat, sleep, go to the bathroom (don't
even want to know  how), and waste their lives.  You can look around and
even turn things on and off, but beyond that you can't do anything (but if
you look in peoples dressers and stuff, you'll get some interesting
messages you'll recognize from other Nintendo games).  If you need to find
them then first look around the acre their house is.  Then check inside their
house. You can't go in their house if they're not in it, or in the same acre.
At night their lights will turn on if they're in and awake.  If the lights
aren't, they're either asleep (and an invisible note on the door will tell
you so) or their not in.  Sometimes you'll find them right outside their
house in the dead of night sleeping!  Just wake them up to talk.  But be 
carefull because after you wake them up they'll try to go inside and go
asleep, were you can't reach them.

 ===7.2 Talking with the Animals===  

  The whole reason for their existance is simply to talk with you.  Actually,
half the game is centered on interacting with the local populus.  there is 
actually 4 times the amount of tex in this one game, then the leading RPGs, and
numerous times more than all the others.  What does this mean? Lots of reading
and a whole lot of interactions.  Considering this is what Nintendo has called
a "communication" game, a lot of text to back it up so it doesn't get extremely
monotonous real fast from running out of new things to say is a GOOD thing.
It'll be quite a long while before you've heard nearly everything.
  Now to the talking.  Just walk up to them and say hi (don't be shy).  The
exact message they say will be different nearly every time, but the 3 questions
you can ask mean the same thing

   I. Give me a job
  II. Let's talk
 III. Never mind

   ===Give me a job===
  At the start of the game you'll probably ask this everytime you see someone.
Asking for a job only means one thing--Delivery.  Everytime you ask for a job
and get it (most people don't need jobs done, while some need multiple ones)
You will be asked to either A. Deliver an item to someone or B. retreive an
item from someone.  These items are special delivery only items (like GBC,
comic books, glasses etc) that are used only in deliverying.  You can't drop
or sell them or do anything with them but give them away.

  -=How a Job Works=-
  So you've got a job, what do you do know?  Lets start by going to the person
the character told you about. (see below for detials about how to accomplish
the different tasks).  When you finally finish the Job the person you gave the
item to will thank you and pay you.  Most likely it will not be in bells and
most likely it will be something cheap like stationary or clothing, especially
with easy jobs such as delivery.  But sometimes you get nice items, and some
of these items are ones you can't usually buy, but have to earn through some
way, so it all works out and it's a nice way to fill out your catalog.  Plus,
you can get revenge on them by using their stationary to mail them their ugly
shirt back and they'll actually wear it!.
  If you ever find yourself with an item and no one to give it to(the recipient
moved) the only way to get rid of it is to take it to the wishing well and
apologize.  It'll take it off your hands.  

 Sometimes when you're asked to retrieve and item from someone you can actually
go up to them and get it, but most often, they lent it to someone else who lent
it to smoeone else who lent it to someone else...(such disregard for others 
stuff, and they get mad at you!) untill you've gone through the whole freakin 
town looking for something.  Then the next person on the list might be asleep
and you have to wait till the next day by which time you may have totally 
forgetten about it, which has bad repercussions on the townspeople.  But 
hopefully you'll finally find the object and bring it back to the person who
first wanted it.

 The easiest job you can get (with the lesser rewards) is delivering a package
to another character. there's only one transaction and you won't forget to do
it because you'll have the item in you inventory, and it'll even have their
name on it!

  -=Fetching the Ball=-
  Occasionally someone will ask you to bring them a ball.  This is were you must
run around the whole town looking for a sports ball that's just lying around.
Then you must kick it back to them.  Good luck getting it up hills, it's pretty
dang hard!  and don't let it roll into the water because as soon as it does its
gone for good and you'll have to wait another day if there isn't another ball
around town.  When you do bring the ball to them kick it to them.  They will
sat some little exclemation, then you can talk to them for your reward.

  -=Bring me a...=-
  on rare occasions they might ask you to bring them something, like a fish or,
as it usually is, a peice of foreign fruit.  This can be pretty hard and they
won't give you another job for days after they first ask.  Just be patient and
ignore them for the week.

   ===Let's Talk===
  You can spend quite a long time talking with people sometimes and it will
change their moods.  Just one thing you say could make them either very glum,
with a cloud over their head, or very happy, which causes them to have flower
rays beam out from their head. Sometimes you'll get flowerbeam after flowerbeam
in which case you can talk to them forever.  But usually you can only talk so
long before you become annoying.  They'll give very un-subtle hints when this
is about to come.  If you reach the point were they're not talking to you 
anymore you've ruined half of the bonding you gained from spending all that
time talking.
  Talking with you neighbors can give you interesting (and disturbing) insights
about their personalities, and they'll tell you random tidbits of nonsense
and discuss about upcoming events.  But alot of times they ask more...
"interactive" questions.  They may ask you about you favortie color or event.
They also do alot of things which have effects outside of the conversation,
like quizes were the correct answers get you prizes, or they might sell you
something or buy something off of you (prices are high both ways).  Some Other
things involve total randomness, like guess what hand has the prize.  But some
things have horrible consequences for losing, like half of all your cash, and
sometimes they'll try to sell you something for half of your money.
*note* to beat this take half you money thing, put all the money on you in bags.
       The half they take out comes from the number in your inventory screen, 
       not including the bags, and you can go to Tom Nooks and he counts the 
       money in the bag as well. It works out nicely.
It's real funny when you're talking and they ask for your favorite color, then
inform you that that wasn't the color they repainted your roof! hehe.  All in 
all Talking with the animals is not only lots of fun, but it can be very
rewarding (and time consuming).  I've been very vague in this section, though
I did talk alot, because I don't want to reveal the funny stuff that happens
that you'll eventually find out anyways.  So, make sure you talk with people!

 ===7.3 Animals Moving in/out===

  One of the themes in the game is change, and some of the biggest changes
are people moving in and out of your town.  When you start the game you'll
only have 5 citizens in your town.  Slowly more will move in untill you have
a totall of 15.  once you reach 15 somebody has to move out.  In then next
couple of weeks one of them will move out and in a few days a new one will
move in.  I know there may be some people you love and some you hate, but
you have to let go and embrace (sorry, didn't mean for it to sound so corny).

  -=Forcing someone to move out=-
  There is only one way I know of to get someone to move out. I've tried being
the WORST neighbor possible.  There was once this one guy who moved in, Cube,
and at first I absolutely hated him!  I tried everything I could to get rid of
him.  I made him mad, I talked with him till he was totally frustrated.  I woke
him up whenever he fell asleep and wouldn't let him go back inside.  I hit him
over the head a million times till he was to the point I thought he would cry.
I pushed him into so many Pitfalls that that region is now geologically
unstable, and he wouldn't move.  After this we became best buds.  They only
real way to get someone to move out is to ignore them totally.  Don't ever talk
them for over 1 whole week of gameplay (not real life, just a totall of 7 days
that you got on and played) and they'll pack up.  It's mean, but it get's rid
of who you don't like and makes sure the people you like stay in your town.

 ===7.3 Mailing your Friends===

  This isn't the section that goes into detail about how to write letters. It's
about writing letters to the local denizens.

   ===Why should I===
  Because when you mail them letters not only does it improve your relationship
with them but it's fun, to an extent, if you actually write them something,
then it changes your view to them so they're more personal, and when you mail
them and add a gift, most likely they'll mail back a better gift, and it's
great to get mail back!

   ===What should I write===
  Well, you COULD just write a bunch of words, or only just a couple, that don't
really mean anything because they don't actually read and understand what you
write.  But I think, if you're going to write them, write them something you
mean.  Tell them something, mention something, ask something, tell them about
the present you connected to the letter.  It's much more fulfilling and fun
if you really write something.

   ===How you should write===
  I have to just mention this.  When you write letters to the town's citizens,
like I said before, they don't actually comprehend anything that you say.  They
just run a spell-check on everything you wrote.  So try not to use big words
your not sure you know how to spell, and no abreviations.  Also, when using the
AC writing tool, the words don't wrap around to the next line.  In other words,
When you're in the middle of a word and reach the end of the line, the whole
word doesn't bounce to the next line.  It get's cut in half and you have two 
half words instead of a real word.  When you do these mistakes, the person
you send the letter to won't understand it and will send back a complaint letter
telling you so.
   ===Mail a shirt!===
  I love doing this.  Let's say you have this shirt you think would be perfect
for that neighboring cat.  If you mail it to them, the next day they'll be
wearing it.  It's pretty funny what you can get them to wear.  Though 
sometimes you can watch them actually give each other copies of their own

   8.                   ~Beggining the Game~

  I know it's late in the FAQ, but here is the part were I explain everything
from the very start of the game untill your set free to do what ever you want.
This is the only part that of the game that you really needs a walkthrough,
rather then a FAQ (which makes this game so cool, it isn't based on a set
linear path, and there's no end) because you have goals that you have to do
and a set of tasks that you must do.  Most people won't need this, but there
may be some parts that help clarify something or point out something you
never realized before.  This is all based on the stand point of you being
the first person in the new city.  Even if your not, 95 perdent of this 
still pertains true, and you can notice the differences between a first
time character, and a later character

 ===8.1 Setting up the Game===
  When you pop in the game with a fresh memory card you'll see the dog, K.K.
(Tokake) just strumming away at his guitar.  He'll put in a few comments about
going out on your own.  He'll  eventually get to the point were he asks you
if you're ready to go and you'll have two options

   I. I'm ready to go! - skip this whole section and get on with game
  II. Before I go...   - K.K. will go over all the current settings and let
                         you change them around before you go.

  This section is about the settings when you pick "Before I go..."  If you
chose "I'm ready to go!" then just skip to the next section.  K.k.'s first
question will be about rumble settings.  These happen like when you catch
fish, chop with your axe, shake trees, etc:

   I. Rumble:ON  - Toggles Rumble on
  II. Rumble:OFF - Toggles RUmble off

  Then he asks you about the sound type you want to use.  This main depends on
the television or speaker system you have, but normally just use Stereo if you
are unsure:

   I. Stereo - Set's sound to Stereo
  II. Mono   - Set's sound to Mono (single)
 III. Headphones - Set's sound to headphones

  Next is how you want animals to sound when they talk to you  Choose any
option to hear a sample of it (I seriously suggest Animalese):

   I.Animalese - The animals mutter the words in there own tones.  It helps
                 keep talking a little more interesting and they actually say
                 words.  If you read what they're about to say and listen, you
                 can make it out! This is the default and suggested setting
  II.Bebeses   - Makes a lot of dotted sounds, like a muffled typewriter
 III.Silence   - No sound at all

  After you pick a voice style K.K. will give you an example of it and ask you:

   I.That's fine!  - This is now your character's voices
  II.Umm, hang on! - You go back and pick a different voice

  Once you go through all this he'll ask if you like the settings:

   I.Yes! - Continue on with the game (see next section)
  II.Not Really - GO back and go through the settings again

  Now that you have that done K.K. will tell you about how much funner the
game would be with other people, la la la.  Now, on with the show!

 ===8.2 On the Train===  
  Finally the game is about to begin.  Not quite there yet.  You still need a 
town to go to!  This next scene you've hopped aboard a train and you heading
for, currently, no were.  As your sitting (Joan the boar is there too, she's
the sleepy looking pig the next row up) a Blue cat will stroll by.  When he
sees you his face brightens and runs up to talk to you.

  ===Setting Clock===
  The very first thing he'll ask you is if the time and date are correct. He'll
show you the time and date that are on the Gamecubes internal memory.  You
can reply

   I.That's right! - Continue on to the next question.
  II.That's wrong  - He'll be utterly shocked and ask you to tell him the
                     correct time.  Move the control stick left and right
                     to select what you want to change, and up and down to
                     change it.  Press any button to confirm.  Hell ask if
                     the new time is correct:
                II.a - Perfect!    - Continue to next question
                II.b - No! no! no! - Go through step II again
  From here on the questions will be about you and your town.  Any others have
to do with calculating how your eyes look due to the responses to your
questions (see      Faq on eyes at GameFaqs, it's got all the info on this),
so try to ask them how you normally would so that you have eyes that better
reflect yourself (even if they look like a clown who worked the graveyard
shift).  Here are the questions, in order;

 A. Rover will ask you if he can sit by you.  Either way he'll sit
   I. Please!  - He'll say thanks (to friendly people like you) and sit
  II. Now way! - He'll comment he's glad there's still rude people in the world
                 and sit down anyways

 B. Rover will ask for you name and a typing box will appear (8 letters max)
    *Note*  Try not to put any strange characters not found on your keyboard
    in your name, or any out of place spaces, because you might want to trade
    over the internet, and you'll have to type your name exactly.  Remember to
    capitalize the first letter!
    When you're done he'll laugh at your strange name and ask if you like it:
    (this question not only confirms, but decides your gender [will confirm])
   I. Isn't it cool? - You continue on, assumed to be a boy
  II. Isn't it cute? - You continue on, assumed to be a girl
 III. No! no! no!    - Retype your name

  Then he makes a comment about your gender and you have 2 responces.  They will
confirm your gender permenantly.

   I. (boy) Isn't it cool!  - Confirm your gender and continue
   I. (girl) I forgive you. - COnfirm your gender and continue
  II. I'm not a boy/girl!   - Change your gender (permanent change)

 C. Now to were the heck you're going to.  He'll ask you and another typing
    box will pop up.  Here you insert your future town's name (8 letter max)

   I. That's right! - Confirms you wrote the name right
  II. You're wrong! - Reype the name

  ===Eye Questions===
  From here on, the only effect these questions will have will be to determine
how your eyes look, because both answers to everyquestion will get you the
same result.

 D. Rover will ask what you're going to [your town] for:
   I. I'm moving
  II. What's it to ya

 E. He asks you will you'll be living
   I. Don't know yet
  II. Leave me alone!
    Look what the game was nice enough to point out to you.  You have no were
    to go once you get to your town.  Just manage through the panic attack as
    Rover laughs.  Don't worry though, because he'll get up to go talk to
    someone on the phone in your town (Bum bum BUUUUM, Tom Nook) about getting
    you a place.  You can read what they say if you look real hard.  When he
    finishes he walks back and tells you about some houses he's hooked you up

 F. Lastly he asks if you have to money to buy a house
   I. oh, yeah!
  II. Just a little

Now that 20 questions is over, the train finally arrives at your town and you
can leave Rover behind for hopefully a long long time.

~They say money makes the world go 'round.  And what goes around, comes around~

 ===8.3 Settling in===  

  Ah, finally you've made it.  But guess what, there's still even more that
you have to decide on before really playing the game!  Right as you get off
and before you can even go look at the map, Tom Nook (a racoon, or more
appriotly, a Japanese Tanuki) will bustle over to greet you.  He'll introduce
himself and then point out your obvious sorry state (like everyone has so far).
He'll laugh and then you can comment: (I don't know of any significance of it)

  -=Tom Nook=-
   I. Don't laugh!
  II. Whatever...

  After this he takes you down one screen, or acre, into player housing and
tells you to look around.  There are 4 houses here, one in each corner, and
the Town Bulletin Board in the center (see 5.4 The Town Tune Board & 
Bulletin Board).  Every house is exaclty the same except for color, which
you can change all throughout the game, and they all have a mailbox and a
gyroid.  All of the choices are Shabby, but there may be one design you like
best, or one house that has the best position, so try them all.  Every time
you walk out of a house you've looked at Tom Nook will ask if you like it:

  -=Tom Nook=-
   I. I like it! - Means you want it, but he'll ask you again to make sure
      I.a Here is good! - a tone rings and the house is yours!
      I.b Umm, hang on! - Continue looking at houses
  II. It's OK I guess - continue looking at houses

  Just pick one!  You know have your very own house and plot of earth, YEAH!
Tom Nook will then give a rundown of your house and gyroid (see House and
Gyroid).  When he finally finishes he'll ask if you want to hear everything
he said again (I hope not)

  -=Tom Nook=-
   I. No thanks...  - Continue on
  II. Tell me again - go through that whole lecture again, but you can super
                      speed it with B (more than regularly)

  And...to the bill.  19,800 bells!  The game will automatically jump to the
inventory screen (see 2.3 Items Screen and Controls, if you have problems)
were you have a lone bag of 1000 bells.  you have to give it to him, so just
get on with it so you can watch him freak out.  He thinks on the problem
and comes up with an idea.  He proposes that you have to come work at his
shop to pay off his debt (though the only reason you work there is to get
a good feel of game mechanics, you make less the diddly squat).  He'll tell
you were to find his shop and then he'll run off and give you a chance to
actually do something besides answering questions! (you can finally save
now if you wish).  You could go explore the town now, but I wouldn't.  Tom
Nook will have you do it, you can't sell anything till you've worked for him,
and you don't have a map yet.  So I'd go north back to the train station,
read the map to find Nook's, then go over for your first day of work.  

 ===8.4 Working for the Nook===  

  Almost done.  Just do the next few chores for him and you can run around
town free as lark.  If you don't know how to get to Tom Nook's store, look
at the map by the train station.  If you don't know where YOU are, Tom Nooks
store is in one of the most northern acres (usually A-2).  Tom Nook's store
is the little shack called Nook's Cranny.  He'll rap on you because of your
appearance nad give you a work uniform you need to put on(see section 2.3)
before you can do anything (you can take it off later with only a reprimand)
Once you have it on talk with Nook.  He'll give you your first job

   ===Job #1===
  For Tom Nook's first chore he'll give you a handfull of flower seeds and
saplings.  He wants you to plant them around his store (or the same acre as
his store).  Go outside and do this.  Try not to put them in the way of 
regularly walked paths (see 6.2 Trees and Flowers).  When you have them
all planted go back inside and talk with Nook.  He'll give you about 80
bells for this and deduct it from your debt (wow, 80 bells!)

   ===Job #2===
  Now he wants you to introduce yourself to all the neighbors and the mayor.
The easiest way to do this is to go back to the map by the train station and
study were everyones house is and how to get there.  On the first day they'll
all be outside of their homes, waiting to laugh at your name, making it easier.
The mayor will be at the wishing well. Once you've talked to everyone go back
to Tom Nook.  If you missed someone he'll tell you to talk with everyone.  If
you succede, he'll tell you good job. Of course you don't get any money because
you didn't actually do anything for him (stictler).

   ===Job #3===
  Finally, a real job, a delivery.  Tom Nook will give you an item and tell you
who it's for and what acre they're in (real handy, isn't it?)  Go find that
denizen and tell them "Delivery!".  They'll thank you and even give you a "tip".
Go back to Tom Nook who will pay you, so to say, a whopping (hehehe) 230 bells.

   ===Town Map===
  Between jobs you'll stop Tom Nook and request a map.  After some complaining
and thinking he finally caves in.  NOW you have you're very own map.  Very
useful at the beggining of the game!

   ===Job #4===
  This 4th job he has you writing a letter to one of the animals in town
(see letter writing) advertising the store.  Just put something simple like
   "Dear [resident], [your name] invites you to shop at Tom Nook's store!"
When you've finished writing it, run over to the post office and mail it.  Go
back to Nook and he'll add an extra 130 bells.

   ===Task Intermission===
  Between Job 4 and 5 he'll tell you he hasn't prepared the next package yet,
and to go help some of the people around town.  So run off, find someone, and
do a task for them (see 7.2, Talking with the Animals).  Once you've finished 
it and gotten a reward, go back to Tom Nook's and he'll be ready with you're 
5th Job.

   ===Job #5===
  Another delivery.  This time it's a carpet.  Go off and do it, get you reward
and return like a good little worker.  This time you'll get "payed" a little
more (580 bells).  Don't forget to use your new map!

   ===Job #6===
  Very similar to Jobs 5 and 3.  Except this time you get an axe. But.. you
have it, or even use it! ={.  Just run off and deliver it to it's lucky 
recipient then go back to Nooks for your last job.

   ===Job #7===
  A peice of cake.  He wants you to put an add on the Town Bulletin Board
(located in player housing) for his shop.  Easy enough.  Read about how to
post messages if you want, then press A and type your own message.  Something
simple like
  "Shop at Tom Nooks, The best prices in Town!"
Walk back up to Nook, who will finish balancing your debt, and talk about ways
to pay it off and future house upgrades.  Turn around and leave the store to get
a happy little green message.  Now your life begins!

 ===8.5 Early Debt Management===  
  I know the area that calls for a walkthrough is over, but this ties in so
well with what I just finished explaining that is was most logical to start
here.  You're a free man.  With a closet, a box, and an old tape deck.  What
a great life.  The first week or so living in you town won't be as easy
to find money as it will be later.  One, because you're not settled in, two
because you don't have the tools for fishing or stuff, and three, you don't
have nearly as many fruit trees as you will later.  This section is going
to be about ways to make money when you're just starting off.  It may be small,
but so is your house! (which you HAVE to upgrade one size bigger ASAP)

   ===Lost and FOund===
  Almost everyday a new lost and found item appears in the Lost and Found.  And
everytime it does you can take it.  It might even be a tool!  Just bring it to
Nook and sell it.

   ===The Dump===
  Everyday two new things will appear in the dump.  Most likely one of the
things will be paper, but the other thing is probably worth selling.

   ===Sea Shells===
  Just walk along the shore and you will find numerous shells.  Most aren't
worth much, but every bit helps

   ===Trees and fruit===
  Every fruit growing on of your trees (untill you get foreign fruit) is worth
100 bells and every tree has 3 fruit.  So raze the forest baby!  Since you
don't have a shovel and won't for a little bit don't bother saving any fruit
for planting, yet.  Also, a few of the trees you shake will drop money.  But
watch out for bees!

   ===Talking with the Animals===
  Probably the best way to get stuff is from your neighbors.  You can do tasks
(which are abundant at the start of the game) for rewards, or just talk alot and
get a few things.  For more info see 7.2, Talking with the Animals

Here are all the ways I can think of to make money at the begging of the game.
Later on you can catch fish and bugs and collect furniture, but right now you
can't.  Save as much money as you can to make your closet/house bigger, but
always buy any tools in Nook's store if you don't have them yet.  Good luck!

   9.                        ~House and Gyroid~

  There's a lot to house.  More then just a place to stash your goods.  You
can decorate it, expand it, paint it, get it judged and the gyroid in front
of your house saves.  And lets not forget the power of feng shui!  Here I 
will explain everything about your house, what you can do, what it does,
the things you can do to it, and all about the gyroud that gaurds the door
in front of it.

 ===9.1 Your Gyroid===

  Along with every house comes a freaky little dancing fire hydrant called a 
gyroid.  There are small versions of this that are purely for decoration, but
I those aren't the type I'm talking about.  You gyroid is a necessary tool.
It allows you to save, but it does more than just that.  When you talk to your
Gyroid he'll greet you and ask you what you want:

   I. Save - This is how you save the game
      I.a That's right! - Confirms, takes you to the save choices screen
        I.a1 - Save and Quite - Save and exit the game
        I.a2 - Save and Continue - Save and keep playing
      I.b Umm, hang on! - Cancel
  II. Store an item - Let's your Gyroid hold an item for you.  He can hold up
                      to 4 at a time.  When you select an item you have already
                      put in the Gyroid you get the following options:
     II.a Grab - grabs the item so you can move it
     II.b Give away - Sets the item so that any other player may take it
     II.c Set price - Sets the price another player would have to pay for it
     II.d Display   - Puts the item so it is only displayed, no one can take it
     II.e Quit      - Cancel
 III. Other things - A list of subcategories
    III.a About the door  - Lets you put a circular pattern on the door
      III.a1 Post Pattern   - Let's you put a pattern on the door 
      III.a2 Remove Pattern - Removes any patter you have on the door
      III.a3 Quite - Cancel
    III.b Set Message - Gives you four lines to type out a message that the
                        Gyroid will tell other players when they talk to it
    III.c Go Back - Takes you back to the previous menu
    III.d Never mind... - cancel
  IV. Never mind... - Cancel

  So not only can you Gyroid save, but he's also your messaging service and
very own market.  No wonder all your friends want you to give it to them.

 ===9.2 Your Mailbox===

  Besides a Gyroid, outside every house is a mail box.  You can't actually
send mail through it (you have to go to the post office for that), but you
recieve mail there twice a day (9:00am and 5:00pm).  You have mail when a
flashing blue and white flag that beeps at you is raised on the side of your
mailbox.  Just open it up and the letters will jump into your letter box in
your inventory screen.

 ===9.3 Upgrading your House=== 

  Thankfully, you don't keep that tiny little room you first got at the start
of the game forever.  Once you finally pay off the first debt,  the next time
you visit Tom Nook's he'll spring an upgrade on you and another debt.  He'll
keep doing this untill your house is a manor.  The Expansions of your house go
as follows:

                              Your First house

                              |   |   |   |   |
                              |   |   |   |   |
                              |   |   |   |   |
                              |   |   |   |   |
                              |               |
                              |_____ Door_____| 
       Main Room Upgrades                              Add-on Rooms
       You First Upgrade              |                   Attic
    _______________________           |           _______________________   
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |          |          |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|          |          |___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |          |          |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|          |          |___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |          |          |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|          |          |___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |          |          |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|          |          |___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |          |          |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|          |          |___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |          |          |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|          |          |___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |Attic  |       |Basemen|          |          |Main   |               |
   |_______|_ Door_|_______|          |          |_______|_______________|
              Final House             |               Basement
    _______________________________   |   _______________________________  
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|  |  |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|  |  |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|  |  |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|  |  |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|  |  |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|  |  |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|  |  |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
   |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|  |  |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
   |Attic  |               |Basemen|  |  |Main   |                       |
   |_______|_____ Door_____|_______|  |  |_______|_______________________|
  ___________________________________ | ___________________________________  

*NOTE*  At the bottom of every diagram is a bar that either has rectangles
marked out and the bottom, and some say door.  At the opening of every house
is a one tile deep (which does not count against you house space, though you
can't put anything here except things you can walk over) entranceway.  This
space is reserved so that when you get an attic and basement the stairs to
both will be at the sides of this entranceway.  

  As you have seen, there are two different ways to upgrade your house.  You
can make it larger, or you can add extra levels to it.  There's no order you
have to follow (except that mandatorily, the first upgrade you get has to be
"Your first upgrade".

   ===House Size===
  Normally your house starts out as a small little 4 tiles by 4 tiles (4x4)
house.  When you finally pay off your debt to Tom Nook he will insist on making
your house larger.  He'll increase your house to a 6x6 pad, which more than
doubles the space you have to put junk.  From here on, once you've paid off
your new debt, you can upgrade anything, but I'm talking about house sizes
right here.  Now you can upgrade your house to an 8x8 manor.  This is 4 times
the size of your original home, with enough space to put stuff all along the 
walls and still have room to put furniture in the middle of the room.  The
8x8 is the largest room you can get and it is quite room, big enough to
comfortabley fit any complete furniture set.

  After you've expanded your house to at least the 6x6, you have the option to
next add on additional rooms! You can choose between an Attic or a Basement.

  This room is like your main room (except it will always stay 6x6).  You can
decorate the walls and the floor and can put a whole new theme in here, or
designate it for special purposes (mine, like so many others, is my Nintendo
room, with all the Nintendo furniture peices, and all my NES games).  A very
nice room if you like your main room, but want to experiment with other stuff.

  The Basement isn't like any other rooms in your house.  It's ill-lighted,
with no windows, and you can't change either the floor or the walls.  It is
strictly for storing.  But at 8x8 you can fit alot of useless junk down there.
I personally have a banstand of gyroids singing to me.  And in the little empty
space I have left I have a couple of rows of Cabinents I fill will items (such
as pitfalls, stationary, and raffle tickets).  It's a great place to store junk
if it's beggining to clutter the rest of your house.

   ===Paying the Debt===
  Everytime you pay off the old debt, old Nook will sneak up on you and slap
a new one on you.  To pay debts off, if you didn't know, you have to take your
money to the post office and deposit it with the clerk.  Don't think that once
you have every upgrade you don't have to pay that last debt, because if you do
you will get a pretty nice reward, see SPOILER

  If you've paid off every debt you have, then Tom Nook in his ecstacy will 
erect a golden statue of you right outside the train station and it will 
sit their and sparkle all day and night.

 ===9.4 Decorating your House===

  There would be no point in having a house if you couldn't do something with
it.  It would just be a large shed.  This is the part of the game that is more
similiar to "The Sims" then "Harvest Moon".  One of the goals of the game is
collecting furniture and stuff (Some people say the fascination is not unlike
Pokemon, gotta have 'em all!).  You can change the wallpaper, or change the
carpeting as well as fill your house with lovely items.

   ===Walls, floors, and patterns===
  I dearly hope that sometime during the game you're going to want to change
that horrible stuff that's on your walls and floor.  There are tons of different
wallpapering and carpeting that you can mix and match to create just what you
want.  To change either, go to your Inventory screen,select the carpet/wallpaper
you want to use, and choose "Put on wall/floor".  In the twinkle of a tune,
your new will be on and your old safely tucked away in your inventory.  If you
really want some interesting designs, get some wallpaper from Wendell or a 
carpet from Sarah.  If you're the more creative type then you can design your
own pattern and put it on.  Just select the pattern and choose "use".  You 
can either tile it on as a mosiac, or have the game mix that pattern around

  The pride of any house the the decor.  They're are litterally hundreds of
just furniture peices you can stash away in your house.  Many of these belong
to furniture sets, such as the Cabana set, or the construction set (see Items
list for more details). But most people don't pick just one set and fill their
house with it.  Be creative as you like.  Make your house a classroom or a
supermarket for all I care, but what matters is if you like it.  To move
furniture press against it and hold A, then push in the direction you want
to push it.  To rotate it, hold A then tilt the control to the right or left
of your character.  Have fun, be creative, make it YOUR house.  (by the way,
other players can come in and look at your house the same way you go and look
at your neighbors).

*Note*  If you keep your furniture in the same spot for a long time,
cockroaches will began appearing in your house and you have to run them over
to stop them

  There are a few surfaces that can actually have certain, smaller items placed
on top of them.  If you're not sure if a surface actually has tabletop ability,
try putting something on top of it that you know would go on a regular table.

   ===Interactive Items===   
  There are a few furniture items that you can press A in front of to make them
do stuff.  Here's a list of most of them

  If you collect tunes from Tokakeke on Saturdays (see Speceial Events) you can
pop them in your music machines and listen to them at home.  Just walk up to
it and press A, then choose between adding a new tune you got from K.K., or
change the one playing, and off course turning it on/off.

  These are not the same as the gyroid outside of your house, but they still
dance.  There are themes of Gyroids that do special rythms of sounds, and most
themes of gyroids has different types, such as mini, mega, tall, squat, etc that
are different variations on a theme.  There's always a gyroid for your style, as
long as you have it!  you can turn his antics on and off by walking up to him
and pressing A.

  There's nothing to actually watch or hear on the TV's, but they do make sounds
and noises!

  -=Chairs,benches,and beds=-
  If you walk up against chairs and benches you'll sit on them and if walk
against the side of a bed you'll lay on it and close your eyes.  But your 
little guy never really needs any sleep, right?

  -=NES games=-
  Of course these have to be interactive, how else can you play them? walk up
and press A to play them (for more info see NES games)

  There are a few items that you can actually store up to 3 other (non-funiture)
items in.  These are generally called cabinents.  use them to store stuff like
clothes, wallpaper, carpets, paper, etc.

*Note*  If you keep your furniture in the same spot for a long time,
cockroaches will began appearing in your house and you have to run them over
to stop them

  ===Painting the Roof==
  You can change the color of your roof, you've probably found out from some
of your more "helpful" friends.  There are 3 ways to do it.  One, one of your
neighbors do it for you, and pick a totally random color.  Two, you buy a can
of paint from Tom Nooks, but there's only one color there a day.  Three, if 
you meet Wisp and do his request he will paint your roof for you any color you
want (see Special events)

 ===9.5 The HRA Academy===

  The Happy Room Academy (HRA) is a group of nosy neighbors who grade your
interior design. (the attic and basement aren't included) they rate how 
"attractive" it is.  It is rated on style, organization, neatness etc, and
they will grant you points accordingly.  Points awarded depend on the items
placed in your house.  The main way to increase the points in your house is
to get more items, and wallpaper & carpet, from  the same theme, and by 
completing sets and series.  I personally haven't done much with the HRA 
because I don't like tearing down my current Design.

   ===A Quick High Score===
 Just get a COMPLETE special event series (such as Spooky) and
as many extras ad lucky items as you can for one night.  You'll get a big

   ===How you Enroll in HRA===
  At the beggining of the game Tom Nook will ask you if you want to join the
HRA academy.  Unless you've already played with it, hate it, and DO NOT want
any of the unique items from it you can say no, but otherwise, say yes!  
Otherwise you'll be missing out on part of the game.
  Everytime you rearrange your furniture the HRA will use their invisible
cameras to scope out your room.  When you check the mail in the mourning you
will have a letter from them telling you how many points you currently have.

  Before we start into the nitty gritty, there are a few points I need to point
out so the scoring system makes sense. There is a difference between a theme 
and a set and a series. (for complete item lists on themes, series and sets
see Items)

  Multiple items that all share in a common theme, such as the space theme, the
Chess theme, the boxing theme, the classroom theme, but aren't the basic things
you'd use in a real house.
 Classroom Theme       Construction Theme     Space Theme  
 Rock Garden Theme     Western Theme          Chess Theme
 Mossy Garden Theme    Backyard Theme         Boxing Theme

  Is a complete collection of 10 functional items that have names that connect
them to their series, such as blue bench and Cabin bed.  Unlike a theme, which
is just theme based, Series use a collection of practical, needed items (you
don't need a tumbleweed or lunar lander, but you need a bed and table and chair)
they also include their own wallpaper and carpet.

 Blue Series           Exotic Series          Ranch Series
 Kiddie Series         Classic Series         Green Series
 Modern Series         Lovely Series          Cabana Series
 Regal Series          Cabin Series           Jingle Series
 Spooky Series         Snowman Series         Harvest Series
  Sets are groups of items that make up a whole ensemble, for instance, pear
set, Robot set, figurine set.  All sets are focused on ONE thing, and they
are very small, only a few items in each.     
 Citrus Set           Frog Set                Guitar Set
 Teddy Bear Set       String Instrument Set   Figurine Set
 Cactus Set           Vending Machine Set     Office Set
 Melon Set            Vase Set                Totem Pole Set
 Drum Set             Pine Wood Set           Study Set
 Bonsai Set           Nintendo Set            Lucky Nintendo Set
 Pear Set             Apple Set               Robot Set
 Red Flower Set       Yellow Flower Set       Iris Flower Set  

  -=Living Essentials=-
  You will also get scored for having all of the living essentials, which are
bed, chair, table, wardrobe and either a dresser OR a bereau.  You will get
points for having all of these, and even more if they are all from the same

  -=Lucky Items=-
  There are a few items known as lucky items.  Most of them are only found
through special means (like raffle and events).  These items count highly
on your HRA score, and they increase your luck in Feng Shui.  Below is a
list of all the lucky Items.

   ===Scoring SYstem===
  There are a multitude of ways to get points, from special items to complete
sets and series.  Below is a list of how much individual items add to your
room score
 ______________________________________          _________________
|       ITEM                    |POINTS|        |   Lucky Items   |
|_______________________________|______|        |_________________|
|Clothes, Fish, Insects         | 0003 |        |G Logo           |
|Items from Tom Nook            | 0051 |        |Big Festive Tree |
|Items from Crazy redd          | 0412 |        |Hinaningyo       |
|Items from Saharah             | 0412 |        |Dracaena         |
|Items from Wendell             | 0412 |        |Tanabata Palm    |
|Items from Guliver             | 0412 |        |Mario Trophy     |
|Buyable items from Tortimer    | 0412 |        |Luigi Trophy     |
|Limited Time Items             | 0700 |        |House Model      |
|Lucky Items                    | 0777 |        |Manor Model      |
|Gyroid                         | 0821 |        |Post Model       |
|Items from Snowman             | 0888 |        |Treasure Chest   |
|Fossils                        | 1000 |        |Samurai Suit     |
|E-Reader Furniture             | 1000 |        |Tissue           |
|Special NES Games              | 1000 |        |Piggy Bank       |
|E-Reader NES Games             | 1000 |        |Mailbox          |
|Birthday Cake                  | 1000 |        |Angler Trophy    |
|Lottery Prizes                 | 1029 |        |Fishing Trophy   |
|Items from Jack                | 1031 |        |Spring Medal     |
|After completing Museum        | 1111 |        |Autumn Medal     |
|Winning a fishing competition  | 1111 |        |_________________|
|Non Buyable items from Tortimer| 1111 |
|Maxing HRA Points              | 1111 |
|Items from Island              | 1300 |
|Baseball/Wario's Woods         | 1983 |

You also recieve points on the conept of series themes and set.  Below is a list
of how many points you recieve from matching groups of items.
|Complete living essentials w/ different series's| 04400                     |
|Complete living essentials w/ same series       | 16000                     |
|Only wallpaper and carpet from same series      | 01000                     |
|Complete Series                                 | # of pieces x 7000 + 15000|
|Complete Basic Series                           | 48000                     |
|Matching wallpaper and carpet (different series)| 10000                     |
|Complete furniture from same set                | # of pieces x 3000        |

  Just counting up the points in your house to see how many you have isn't
the reason I put these charts up.  They're more of a reference so that you
can see what gives you the most points, and what is the most important thing
for you to change to raise your score.

  Besides being happy that you've got a very attractive house, you also get
2 rewards for having a high score. These are irreplacable, so don't lose them!

70,000 points  - house model  
100,000 points - manor model

 ===9.6 Feng Shui===

  In Japan they believe that a certain balance of harmony can bring a person
more success, better luck and ward away eveil.  Through placement of colors,
special objects your environment will create a certain balance in your life.
They believed that by using the three elements (sun, earth, and life) you
can live a more peaceful life. 
  Nintendo incorporated some of this theory into the game, on a much more 
primitive style.  In Animal Crossing Feng Shui is based on how items are placed 
in your house, and which items they are.  This is similiar to HRA, such as it
depends on the arrangements and types of items in your house.  But not in the
same way.  Following any Feng Shui increases your luck in multiple spectrums.
(I've noticed that I get a lot less stationary and more furniture when I talk
to the citizens of my town with higher Feng Shui)It simply goes like this

  There are 4 colors which coincide with the 4 cardinal directions.  They are
   North - Orange - Better Luck with Finances and Items
   South - Green  - Better Luck with Finances and Items
    East - Red    - Better Luck with Finances
    West - Yellow - Better Luck with Items

  These color regions (North South East West) only apply to 2 spaces away from
the wall, and they overlap in the corners, so you can put either one of the
two colors there that you want to.  With a larger house, there will be spots
in the middle which is a "no-feng-shui-zone".  

Here are some diagrams that show which tiles are associated with which colors:

    Your First house

   |oy |oy |or |or |
   |oy |oy |or |or |
   |gy |gy |gr |gr |
   |gy |gy |gr |gr |
   |               |
   |_____ Door_____| 

       You First Upgrade                               
   |oy |oy | o | o |or |or |                  
   |oy |oy | o | o |or |or |                    
   | y | y |   |   | r | r |                   
   | y | y |   |   | r | r |                    
   |gy |gy | g | g |gr |gr |                    
   |gy |gy | g | g |gr |gr |                    
   |Attic  |       |Basemen|                    
   |_______|_ Door_|_______|                    
              Final House                             
   |oy |oy | o | o | o | o |or |or |  
   |oy |oy | o | o | o | o |or |or |    
   | y | y |   |   |   |   | r | r |    
   | y | y |   |   |   |   | r | r |   
   | y | y |   |   |   |   | r | r |    
   | y | y |   |   |   |   | r | r |    
   |gy |gy | g | g | g | g |gr |gr |    
   |gy |gy | g | g | g | g |gr |gr |    
   |Attic  |               |Basemen|    
   |_______|_____ Door_____|_______|    
 To reap the blessings of Feng Shui you must pust items of the correct color
into their proper region. But not all items are "color items".  An item may be
red, and even have red in it's name, but it isn't a Feng Shui item.  An item
may not have any colors associated with the 4 Feng Shui colors, yet it may be
a red Feng Shui item.  There's no knowing...unless you've got a list, like
the one right here:

   (North)           (East)            (South)            (West)
    Orange            Red               Green             Yellow
   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯             ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 Cement Mixer       Barbeque          Aloe              Ballone Fight 
 Detour Sign        Baseball          Azalea Bonsai     Blue Table    
 Flagman Sign       Birdcage          Bird Bath         Classic Sofa 
 Gerbera            Blue Dresser      Bromeliaceae      Cosmos Model Y.
 Jack-O'-Lantern    Cabin Bed         Cactus            Exotic Lamp      
 Maple Bonsai       Cabin Table       Caladium          Gold Econo-Chair 
 Men at Work Sign   Clu Clu Land D    Chalkboard        Kayak      
 Merge Sign         Detour Arrow      Coconut Palm      Lemon Table  
 Oil Drum           Donkey Kong       Corn Plant        Melon Table  
 Ruby Econo-Chair   Donkey Kong 3     Croton            Pansy Model Y. 
 Spooky Bed         Donkey Kong Jr.   Deer Scare        Sprinkler   
 Spooky Bookcase    Excitebike        Desert Cactus     Steamroller 
 Spooky Chair       Fireplace         DK Jr. Math       Sunflower   
 Spooky Clock       Golf              Fan Palm          Tennis     
 Spooky Dresser     Grapefruit Tree   Froggy Chair      Tent Model 
 Spooky Lamp        Hamster Cage      Grass Model       Tulip Model Y. 
 Spooky Sofa        Haz-Mat Barrel    Green Bed                     
 Spooky Table       Iron Frame        Green Bench               
 Spooky Vanity      Jingle Bed        Green Chair                 
 Spooky Wardrobe    Jingle Chair      Green Counter                    
 Wet Road Sign      Jingle Clock      Green Desk           
                    Jingle Dresser    Green Dresser 
                    Jingle Lamp       Green Drum
                    Jimgle Piano      Green Lamp
                    Jingle Shelves    Green Pantry
                    Jingle Sofa       Green Table
                    Jingle Table      Green Wardrobe
                    Jingle Wardrobe   Hawthorn Bonsaid
                    Lantern           Holly Bonsai
                    Lawnmower         Jade Econo-Chair
                    Lovely Lamp       Jasmine Bonsai
                    Lovely Dresser    Lady Palm
                    Miniature Car     Lily-Pad Table
                    Noisemaker        Lime Chair
                    Orange Cone       Market Model
                    Plum Bonsai       Mugho Bonsai
                    Punch-Out!        Pachira
                    Ranch Bed         Pine Bonsai
                    Red Armchair      Ponderosa Bonsai
                    Red Boombox       Pothos
                    Red Corner        Ranch Armchair
                    Red Sofa          Ranch Couch
                    Quince Bonsai     Round Cactus
                    Soccer            Rubber Tree
                    Stone Coin        Sleeping Bag
                    Taylor Model      Snake Plant
                    Traffic Cone      Tall Cactus
                    Tulip Model R.    Train Set
                    Wario's Woods     Tree Model
                    Watermelon Chair  Weed model
                    Watermelon Table  Weeping Fig
  There is also a group of special lucky items that contribute to your money 
and item collecting no matter were they are in your room!  These items, the
same lucky items as the HRA, are:

 Angler Trophy          Hinaningyo           Post Model
 Autumn Medal           House Model          Samurai Suit
 Big Festive Tree       Luige Trophy         Spring Medal
 Dracaena               Manor Model          Tanabata Palm
 Festive Tree           Mailbox              Tissue
 Fishing trophy         Mario Trophy         Trasure Chest
 G Logo                 Piggy Bank

  Place the appropriate objects in the right parts of your room to increase
you luck.  You may not notice at first, but these things really help.  There
are a few more pointers put down by your animal friends that if you don't do, 
will actually hurt your Feng Shui, and there are other little things that
help your feng shui rating.  All that I know of are right here (they also help
with your HRA rating):

   ===Feng Shui Tips===

  1. Make sure all dolls and gyroids are facing away from the wall.
  2. Put all cabinets and wardrobes so that you can open them
  3. allow room so that you can sit on all chairs and benches
  4. No junk laying around on the ground
  5. putting lucky items in the corner help more than usual (unconfirmed)

   10.                   ~Item Catalogue Checklist~

  There are close to  thousand items in Animal Crossing to collect.  From Fish
to Furniture, it may take you a while.  Below is a checklist of all items found
in your catalogue.  The next section covers Fish and Insects.  For more 
information on how to collect special items, see events section.
 ===10.1 Furniture===

   11.                    ~Fish and Insect Lists~

  This section is intended only fora a list of all Fish and Insects, when to
find them, and were to find them.  For information on how to catch fishand
any questions, see Fishing and Bug Catching. Everything is in seasonal order.
Times in Paranthasese () are Peak times, or the best time to catch them. I
added prices because the best reason to "hunt" is to sell them (not collect)

 ===11.1 Fish List===

     NAME         LOCATION     TIME           DATES    SHADOW   PRICE
[] Barbel Steed    -River  |All Day         |All Year |Small  |   200 |
[] Bass            -River  |All Day         |All Year |Medium |   300 |
[] Bluegill        -River  |9am-4pm(May-Nov)|All Year |Small  |   120 |
[] Brook Trout     -River  |All Day         |All Year |Small  |   150 |
[] Carp            -River  |All Day         |All Year |Medium |   300 |
[] Coelacanth*     -Ocean  |4pm-9am         |All Year |Huge   |15,000 |
[] Freshwater Goby -River  |All Day         |All Year |Small  |   300 |
[] Crucian Carp    -River  |All Day         |All Year |Small  |   120 |
[] Dace            -River  |4pm-9am         |All Year |Medium |   200 |
[] Goldfish        -River  |All Day (Sept)  |All Year |Tiny   | 1,300 |
[] Koi             -River  |All Day         |All Year |Medium | 2,000 |
[] Large Bass      -River  |All Day         |All Year |Large  | 3,000 |
[] Pale Chub       -River  |9am-4pm         |All Year |Small  |   200 |
[] Popeyed Goldfish-River  |9am-4pm (Sept)  |All Year |Tiny   | 1,300 |
[] Red Snapper     -Ocean  |4pm-9am(Apr-Jun)|All Year |Large  | 3,000 |
[] Sea Bass        -Ocean  |All Day         |All Year |Large  |   120 |
[] Small Bass      -River  |All Day         |All Year |Small  |   200 |
[] Bitterling      -River  |All Day(4am-9pm)|Dec-Feb  |Small  | 1,300 |
[] Pond Smelt      -River  |All Day(4am-9pm)|Dec-Feb  |Small  |   300 |
[] Stringfish      -River  |4pm-9am         |Dec-Feb  |Medium |15,000 |
[] Loach           -River  |All Day         |Mar-May  |Small  |   300 |
[] Cherry Salmon   -River  |4am-9am/4pm-9pm |Mar-Oct  |Small  | 1,300 |
[] Barred KnifeJaw -Ocean  |4am-9am/4pm-9pm |Mar-Nov  |Large  | 5,000 |
[] Large Char***   -W. Fall|4am-9am/4pm-9pm |Mar-Nov  |Huge   |10,000 |
[] Rainbow Trout   -River  |4am-9am/4pm-9pm |Mar-Nov  |Medium |   650 |
[] Killifish**     -Pond   |All Day         |Apr-Aug  |Tiny   |   300 |
[] Crawfish        -Pond   |All Day         |Apr-Sept |Small  |   250 |
[] Guppy           -River  |9am-4pm         |Apr-Nov  |Tiny   | 1,300 |
[] Frog            -Pond   |All Day         |May-Aug  |Medium |   250 |
[] Angelfish       -River  |4pm-9am         |May-Oct  |Tiny   | 3,000 |
[] Catfish         -River  |4pm-9am         |May-Oct  |Medium |   200 |
[] Giant Catfish   -Lake   |4pm-9am         |Jun-Aug  |Large  | 3,000 |
[] Giant Snakehead -Lake   |9am-4pm(Jul-Aug)|Jun-Aug  |Large  | 6,500 |
[] Arowana         -River  |4am-9am/4pm-9pm |Jun-Sept |Large  |10,000 |
[] Eel             -River  |4pm-9am         |Jun-Sept |Medium | 2,000 |
[] Piranha         -River  |9am-4pm/9pm-4am |Jun-Sept |Small  | 6,500 |
[] Arapaima        -River  |4pm-9am         |Jul-Sept |Large  |10,000 |
[] Sweetfish       -River  |All Day         |Jul-Sept |Medium | 1,300 |
[] Jellyfish       -River  |All Day         |2nd1/2Aug|Medium |   100 |
[] Salmon          -Anywere|All Day         |Sept     |Medium |   650 |
|| Bitterling      -River  |All Day(4am-9pm)|Dec-Feb  |Small  | 1,300 |
|| Pond Smelt      -River  |All Day(4am-9pm)|Dec-Feb  |Small  |   300 |
|| Stringfish      -River  |4pm-9am         |Dec-Feb  |Medium |15,000 |
  - There ARE fish after September, there season just started before that
  - Ponds are tiny bodies of water,                                      
    the Lake is the large pond connected to the river.                  
  - All fish found in the river can also be found in the lake as well. 
  * The coelacanth can only be found when it is raining (not snowing). 
 ** The Killifish can be found in any fresh water, but usually in the pond.
*** The Large Char is found at the base of waterfalls only.              
 ===11.2 Insect List===                                          
  For more Info on exactly how to find Insects, see Bug Catching          
    NAME              LOCATION         TIME          DATES      PRICE
[] Bagworm          -Trees(shake)|All Day         |Oct-Mar    |   250 |
[] Mole Cricket     -Underground |All Day(Dec-Apr)|Nov-May    | 1,350 |
[] Ant              -Turnip/Candy|All Day         |All Year   |    80 |
[] Bee              -Trees(shake)|All Day         |All Year   | 4,500 |
[] Pill Bug         -Under Rocks |All Day(Jul-Aug)|All Year   |   250 | 
[] Ladybug*         -Flowers     |8am-5pm(8am-4pm)|Mar-Jul,Oct|   130 |
[] Spotted Ladybug* -Flowers     |8am-5pm(8am-4pm)|Mar-Jul,Oct|   200 |
[] Common Butterfly*-Anywhere    |8am-5pm(8am-4pm)|Mar-Oct    |    80 |
[] Yellow Butterfly*-Anywhere    |8am-5pm(Apr-Jun)|Mar-Oct    |    80 |
[] Cockroach        -Flowers     |All Day         |Mar-Nov    |     5 |
[] Snail*           -Flowers     |All Day         |Apr-Sep    |   250 |
[] Spider           -Trees       |All Day         |Apr-Sep    |   300 |
[] Tiger Butterfly* -Anywhere    |8am-5pm(May-Jun)|Apr-Sep    |   200 | 
[] Common Dragonfly*-Anywhere    |8am-5pm(May-Jun)|May-Jun    |   130 |  
[] Mosquito*        -Anywhere    |8am-11pm(Dec-Apr)May-Sep    |   130 |
[] Firefly          -Near Water  |7pm-4am(7pm-11pm)June       |   250 |
[] Darner Dragonfly*-Anywhere    |8am-5pm (June)  |Jun-Aug    |   200 |
[] Flat Stag Beetle*-Trees       |7pm-8am         |Jun-Aug    | 2,000 |
[] Longhorn Beetle* -Anywhere    |8am-5pm         |Jun-Aug    |   200 |
[] Purple Butterfly*-Anywhere    |8am-5pm         |Jun-Aug    | 2,000 |
[] Pondskater       -Ponds/Lake  |8am-7pm         |Jun-Sep    |   130 |
[] Banded Dragonfly*-Anywhere    |8am-5pm         |Jul-Aug    | 4,500 |
[] Brown Cicada*    -On Trees    |8am-5pm(8am-4pm)|Jul-Aug    |   200 |
[] Drone Beetle*    -Trees       |All Day         |Jul-Aug    |    80 |
[] Dynastid Beetle* -Trees       |7pm-8am         |Jul-Aug    | 1,350 |
[] Evening Cicada*  -Trees       |4am-8am(4pm-7pm)|Jul-Aug    |   850 | 
[] GiantStag Beetle*-Trees       |11pm-8am        |Jul-Aug    |10,000 |
[] Jewel Beetle*    -Trees       |8am-4pm         |Jul-Aug    | 3,000 |
[] Mountain Beetle* -Trees       |7pm-8am         |Jul-Aug    | 2,000 |
[] Robust Cicada*   -Trees       |8am-5pm(8am-4pm)|Jul-Aug    |   300 |
[] Saw Stag Beetle* -Trees       |7pm-8am         |Jul-Aug    | 2.000 |
[] Walker Cicada*   -Trees       |8am-5pm(8am-4pm)|Jul-Sep    |   400 |
[] Grasshopper      -Ground      |8am-5pm(8am-4pm)|Aug-Sep    |   130 |
[] Mantis*          -Flowers     |8am-5pm(8am-4pm)|Aug-Oct    |   430 |
[] Long Locust      -Ground      |8am-5pm(8am-4pm)|Aug-Nov    |   200 |
[] Bell Cricket     -Ground      |5pm-8am(7pm-4am)|Sep-Oct    |   430 |
[] Pine Cricket     -Ground      |5pm-8am(7pm-4am)|Sep-Oct    |   100 |
[] Red Dragonfly    -Anywhere    |8am-7pm(4pm-5pm)|Sep-Oct    |    80 |
[] Cricket          -Ground      |5pm-8am         |Sept-Nov   |   130 |
[] Migratory Locust -Ground      |8am-7pm(8am-4pm)|Sep-Nov    |   200 | 
|| Bagworm          -Trees(shake)|All Day         |Oct-Mar    |   250 |
|| Mole Cricket     -Underground |All Day(Dec-Apr)|Nov-May    | 1,350 |

 - Many bugs have to be caught specially.  See bug catching for more info
 * These bugs can also be found on Animal Island

   12.                     ~Fishing and Bug Catching~

  Fishing and Bug Catching are another one of those integral parts of the
gane. Its a challenge to figure out how to find every one of them throughout
the the year and make a collection in the museum (remember, gotta catch 'em
all!), and it's a great big source of money.  If you want to be a master
collector, you have to learn more than just the basic "push A' techniques.
A little tip, if you don't want to wait 3 months for winter to end so you
can actually catch stuff, visit Animal Island.  They have a wide variety
all year round.

 ===12.1 Preparing for the Hunt===

  Obviously you aren't Tarzan.  you're not going to jab you're hand in the
water and catch a fish.  You first need the proper tools.  To catch fish
you need to get a fishing rod.  To catch bugs, you need a net.  To get the
two tools you have to wait untill Tom Nook sells them (or you may get real
lucky and find one in the Lost and Found).  Most usually, Tom Nook sells
the net first.  After you have your weapon of choice, you could go out and
begin hunting, and most of you probably will.  But one last thing you could
arm youself with is knowledge.  here are a few tidbits of advice you may
want to consider before searching for bugs and fish.

  - Both fish and bugs are scare of people.  You'll have to slowly creep up
    to them.  If you hold A when you have a net/rod you can walk very slowly.
    When you reach the bug/fish let go of A to let it fly!
  - Fish bring in more dough then bugs
  - Realize that not all bugs/fish are out at all seasons, or even all times.
  - Some bugs aren't as easily found as walking up to them.
    you caught coincide with the ones in the museum so you don't get confused
  - There are no bugs out (except the pond skeeter) when it rains
 ===12.2 How to Fish=== 

  Fishing is what you'll get the most money from (all those living fossils)
but it is also one of the most tedious and time wasting tasks, though it is 
fun it and requires some patience.  There are a totall of 40 different types
of fish out there fo you to find.  Fishing is actually quite easier then, say,
Harvest Moon.  Go to the Lake, river, or beach and you'll find eliptical shaped
shadows moving under the surface. Those are your fish!  The wider end of the
epilpse is the fish's head.  That's were you want your rods floatie to end up.
Don't run around the water edge. any running at all will cause any fish nearby
to swim for cover.  I call seashells my speedbumps because I run by pushing B
and instead of running when I push B I stop and pick up seashells.  Here are
the basic steps for catching a fish.
   ===Steps to good fish catching===
  1. Find a fish shadow in the water.  The bigger the shadow means the bigger
     the fish and in most cases, bigger fish are bigger cash bringers.
  2. Watch how the fish move.  Some jump all over the place.
  3. Determine wich way the water is flowing (oceans flow towards the shore,
     the river and lake flow towards the ocean)
  4. very slowly creep up to the edge of the water.  If you move to fast, the
     fish will be scared and disapear.  If you want to walk really slow, Hold
     A before you walk up. This will make you walk very slowly.  Release A to
     make the rod cast.  But before you let go...
  5. Line yourself up so that when you cast your rod, the floatie will be in
     a position that the flow of the water will bring it straight at the fish.
     This will take some practice for you to determine how far your rod casts,
     and at what angles you need be for the floatie to land were you want it.
  6. The fish will nibble and bite.  When it nibbles at only nips at the hook.
     you must wait until it bites the hook.  The floatie will bob when the fish
     nibbles, but when it bites, there will be little splashes around the
     floatie.  You have to reel it in (push A again) right when it bites or
     it'll get away.  The fish will nibble up to 4 times, or not nibble at
     all, so don't always expect the fish to nibble first.  If the fish nibbles
     4 times in a row, then you know the next one is going to be a bite.

  Now that you've got that down here is a little more involved information 
that'll help you understand were to go for what type of fish you want.  Their
are really just 2 main places you can fish.  The Ocean, and Fresh water (the
river and Lake, though I know there are two fish that can only be caught in
the lake).

  -=Ocean fishing=-
  The Ocean has a MUCH smaller diversity of fish.  Most fish found here can
be found throughout the whole year (exept the jellyfish).  They are either
some of the best money bringers (and in more abundance) are fairly cheap ones,
such as the ever dreaded and MOST hated Sea Bass.  I could write pages on
my adventures in ocean fishing and all the annoyances, the BIGGEST of is the
Sea Bass.  There's a ratio of like 8:1 to catching anything other then a 
see Bass (except the jellyfish).  When you fish in the ocean you must know
that the ocean will bring the floatie back towards the shore, so cast it
just past the fish.

  -=The Living Fossil!=-
  This has got to be the basis of my fortune, catching Coelcanth, or the living
fossil. It's worth a WOPPING 15,000 bells. This fish is so legendary that the
villagers aren't even sure it exists, and if you tell them you caught one 
they'll immediately be depressed. It's that special, and it's the only fish that
has a special clause, besides location, time, and date.  You have to catch it
on rainy afternoons by the shore.  The only way to tell it apart from the hordes
of Sea Bass (death to the Sea Bass) is, thankfully, it's size.  There are small
medium and large shadows for fish, but this fish has an extra large shadow.
Walk by the beach and look for it.  If you don't spot it scare away all the 
fish and hope they get replaced by a Coelcanth.  Every rainy day I go fishing
for this baby! and wear my umbrella...

   ===River/Lake Fishing===
  I think, that the main reason anyone would fish outside the ocean, is because
of the enormous diversity of fish life there. About 85% of all fish appear
in the Lake and River.  These fish are slightly harder to catch, due to the
curves of the river, and most often you'll make a lot less cash per fish at
the end of the day.  But if you even think of wanting to fill your museum up,
or getting all of Wendell's wallpaper (see events) you need to fish in here
to find all of the different types of fish, and to hear all the pun-ishing
phrases you say when you catch a fish.

   ===Monthly Fish List===
  This is a quick reference list of all fish that you can find during a month

                               -=All Year=-
 Barbel Steed   Bass            Bluegill       Brook Trout      Carp
 Coelacanth     Freshwater Goby Crucian Carp   Dace             Goldfish    
 Koi            Large Bass      Pale Chub      Popeyed Goldfish Red Snapper
 Small Bass     Sea Bass

 -=JANUARY=-         -=FEBRUARY=-        -=MARCH=-           -=APRIL=-
 Bitterling          Bitterling          Loach               Loach
 Pond Smelt          Pond Smelt          Cherry Salmon       Cherry Salmon
 Stringfish          Stringfish          Barred Knifejaw     Barred Knifejaw
                                         Large Char          Large Char
                                         Rainbow Trout       Rainbow Trout
 -=MAY=-             -=JUNE=-            -=JULY=-            -=AUGUST=-   
 Loach               Chery Salmon        Cherry Salmon       Chery Salmon    
 Cherry Salmon       Barred Knifejaw     Barred Knifejaw     Barred Knifejaw
 Barred Knifejaw     Large Char          Large Char          Large Char
 Large Char          Rainbow Trout       Rainbow Trout       Rainbow Trout
 Rainbow trout       Killifish           Killifish           Killifish
 Killifish           Crawfish            Crawfish            Crawfish
 Crawfish            Guppy               Guppy               Guppy
 Guppy               Frog                Frog                Frog
 Frog                Angelfish           Angelfish           Angelfish
 Angelfish           Catfish             Catfish             Catfish
 Catfish             Giant Catfish       Giant Catfish       Giant Catfish
                     Giant Snakehead     Giant Snakehead     Giant Snakehead
                     Arowana             Arowana             Arowana
                     Eel                 Eel                 Eel
                     Piranha             Piranha             Piranha
                                                             Jellyfish (2nd1/2)

 -=SEPTEMBER=-       -=OCTOBER=-         -=NOVEMBER=-        -=DECEMBER=-
 Cherry Salmon       Cherry Salmon       Barred Knifejaw     Bitterling
 Barred Knifejaw     Barred Knifejaw     Large Char          Pond Smelt
 Large Char          Large Char          Rainbow Trout       Stringfish
 Rainbow Trout       Rainbow Trout       Guppy
 Crawfish            Guppy               
 Guppy               Angelfish
 Angelfish           Catfish

 ===12.3 How to Catch Bugs===

  Bug catching is a littler harder,a little less rewarding,but more satisfying
then Fishing.  I guess it's the stalking your prey, then running around in
circles after it, or perhaps it trying to find all the hiding places bugs hide
in.  Like the fish, their are 40 different bugs spread out through all
different seasons and times.  But unlike fishing it isn't as simple as walking
to the water and looking for shadows.  First off I'm going to give you my
little step by step guide on basic bug catching.

   ====Steps to good bug catching===
  1. Step lightly.  To find bugs you much walk slowly.  Both so you don't
     scare off any bugs, and so that you can see bugs before you scare them
     away or walk righ past them
  2. Listen carefully.  Almost everybug makes a small whistle, whirling, or
     chirping sound.  This is proably the best way to find out if a bug is
     nearby.  The Mole Cricket stays underground so you have to listen for it
  3. Determine what kind of bug it is.  Some bugs hide untill you make them
     come out.  Some bugs you can chase around.  Others will fly away as soon
     as they're scared.  So know what your dealing with, either through
     experience, or research (such as this FAQ)
  4. Ready your net by holding A.  This causes it to be poised ready above
     your head and makes you walk real slow.  Very useful for sneaking up on
     bugs and swiftly catching them before they can react
  5. Very cautiously approach. Go real slow and know the reach of your net so
     that the precise moment you are within range you can drop your net.
*Note* there are no bugs, except the pond skeeter, out when it rains!
 - Don't Catch bugs for cash, if you want cash go fishing!

   ===Catching the different types of bugs===
  Catching bugs isn't nearly as simple as catching fish.  Fish, you only have
to find a shadow in the ocean, or in the river.  With bugs though, they hide
in all sorts of different places.  Some of them need special conditions to
even find, and others have a totally different catching strategies from each
other.  This part of How to Catch Bugs is all about How to Catch each type of

  -=Ants and Cockroaches=-
  The only way to find either of these is if you drop either a turnip or candy
on the ground.  Once they spoil (candy never spoils) these two bugs will be 
attracted to them.  I've found cockroaches like turnips most, while only ants
flock to candy (I thought it was some left over magical thing when the candy
I left outside the Post office for gifts had little black dots drifting around
it, those are ants!).  Cockroaches are also found (easier) on flowers.

  If you go around shaking trees you will likely shake out a beehive.  When you
do a high paced music will start and a swarm of bees will fly after you.  If
they sting you you have a huge bump on your face the rest of the day.  To 
actually catch them, you have to put enough distance between you and the bees
that you can turn around and get ready.  The bees fly a little slower then you
so I'd suggest running around a tree or building untill you have enought
room to turn around and nab the buggers. There are only 5 beehives a day (only,
5 new beehives everyday is a whole lot.  I'd be freaked to live here!) so if
you get stung 5 times a day, you'll have  to wait till tommorow (with a bump
on your face! hahaha)

  The pillbug hides under rocks.  to make him show himself (they're not under
every rock) you need to hit the rock with your shovel.  If a little grey speck
flies out, that's your bug.  Quickly switch to a net an nab it.

  Cicadas wait right on the face of tree trunks.  If you walk too close they'll
fly off forever, so slowly sneak towards them with your net poised above you and
slam it over the tree trunk.

  -=Mole Cricket=-
  You may never even find these guys.  They live under the ground.  The only
way to find them is to listen for them.  Follow the sound and start digging
around for them.  Most likely they'll be in one of those dirt areas which look
like tree rings.

  Whenever you hear a buzzing sound look for a tiny dot circling your head.
If your fast enough and skilled enough, you can nab it before it bites you.

  -=flying bugs-=
  Anything that flies around in the air when you first see it.  These are the
easiest because they'll never run away for good and you can keep swinging at
them untill you finally nab them. (i.e. dragonflies, butterflies)

  -=Ground Bugs=-
  Bugs like Crickets and other things that creepeth on the earth.  These bugs
also (like flying bugs) won't dissapear for good if you scare them but they
will jump around in erratic patterns trying to get away from you.  If you scare
them wait for them to settle again and sneek at them once more.  These bugs
are slightly harder to catch then flying bugs.

   ===Monthly Bug List===
  This is a quick reference list of all bugs that can be found during any month

                            -=ALL YEAR=-
                           Ant Bee Pillbug

 -=JANUARY=-         -=FEBRUARY=-       -=MARCH=-           -=APRIL=-    
 Bagworm             Bagworm            Bagworm             Yellow Butterfly
 Mole Cricket        Mole Cricket       Yellow Butterfly    Cockroach
                                        Cockroach           Common Butterfly
                                        Common Butterfly    Ladybug
                                        Ladybug             Mole Cricket
                                        Mole Cricket        Snail
                                        Spotted Ladybug     Spider
                                                            Spotted Ladybug
                                                            Tiger Butterfly
 -=MAY=-             -=JUNE=-           -=JULY=-            -=AUGUST=-      
 Yellow Butterfly    Yellow Butterfly   Banded Dragonfly    Banded Dragonfly
 Cockroach           Cockroach          Brown Cicada        Brown Cicada
 Common Butterfly    Common Butterfly   Yellow Butterfly    Yellow Butterfly
 Common Dragonfly    Common Dragonfly   Cockroach           Cockroach
 Ladybug             Darner Dragonfly   Common Butterfly    Common Butterfly
 Mole Cricket        Firefly            Common Dragonfly    Darner Dragonfly
 Mosquito            Flat Stag Beetle   Darner Dragonfly    Drone Beetle
 Snail               Ladybug            Drone Beetle        Dynastid Beetle
 Spider              Longhorn Beetle    Dynastid Beetle     Evening Cicada
 Spotted Ladybug     Mosquito           Evening Cicada      Flat Stag Beetle
 Tiger Butterfly     Pondskater         Flat Stag Beetle    Giant Beetle
                     Purple Butterfly   Giant Beetle        Grasshopper
                     Snail              Jewel Beetle        Jewel Beetle
                     Spider             Ladybug             Longheaded Locust
                     Spotted Ladybug    Longhorn Beetle     Mantis
                     Tiger Butterfly    Mosquito            Mosquito
                                        Mountain Beetle     Mountain Beetle
                                        Pondskater          Pondskater
                                        Purple BUtterfly    Purple Butterfly
                                        Robust Cicada       Robust Cicada
                                        Saw Stag Beetle     Saw Stag Beetle
                                        Snail               Snail
                                        Spider              Spider
                                        Spotted Ladybug     Tiger Butterfly
                                        Tiger Butterfly     Walker Cicada
                                        Walker Cicada           
 -=SEPTEMBER=-       -=OCTOBER=-        -=NOVEMBER=-        -=DECEMBER=-    
 Bell Cricket        Bagworm            Bagworm             Bagworm
 Yellow Butterfly    Bell Cricket       Cockroach           Mole Cricket
 Cockroach           Yellow Butterfly   Cricket
 Common Butterfly    Cockroach          Longheaded Locust
 Cricket             Common Butterfly   Migratory Locust
 Grasshopper         Cricket            Mole Cricket
 Longheaded Locust   Ladybug          
 Mantis              Longheaded Locust
 Migratory Locust    Mantis
 Mosquito            Migraatory Locust
 Pine Cricket        Pine Cricket
 Pondskater          Red Dragonfly
 Red Dragonfly       Spotted Ladybug
 Tiger Butterfly
 Walker Cicada

   ===Island Bug List===
  Som bugs can be found, year round, on Animal Island as well.  They are:

 Banded Dragonfly
 Brown Cicada
 Clouded Yellow Butterfly
 Common Butterfly
 Common Dragonfly
 Darner Dragonfly
 Drone Beetle
 Dynastid Beetle
 Evening Cicada
 Flat Stag Beetle
 Giant Stag Beetle
 Jewel Beetle
 Longhorn Beetle
 Mountain Stag Beetle
 Praying Mantis
 Purple Butterfly
 Robust Cicada
 Saw Stag Beetle
 Seven-Spotted Ladybug
 Tiger Butterfly
 Walker Cicada

 ===12.4 Golden Net and Rod===

  To get your net of fishing rod to golden status, you have to catch all 40
fish for the fishing rod and all 40 insects for the net.  It is sorta ironic
that you work so hard to get to this status, and as soon as you do, you don't
need to collect anymore?  Well, it isn't too messed up.  After you catch all
40 types of bugs you probably will never catch anymore unless you didn't give
them to the museum.  Luckily the Golden Net doesn't give you any bonus (that
you wouldn't use).  While the fishing rod you'd still use.  When it turns gold
it's lure naturally attracts fish so you don't have throw the floatie right
in the fish's path.

  Yes, you do get rewards for getting the Golden Rod and the Golden Net.  After
you get the golden rod the mayor will grant you with a fish weathervane on top
of your house.  He'll do the same with a bug medallion on the side of your house
for the golden bug net.

   13.                           ~Events~

  Events break up the monotony of continuously doing things repeatedly.
(I wish they did this in The Sim's).  They don't happen everyday, so they're
a treat to look forward to.  There are three types of events.  Ones that happen
on planned days every week or every month (planned events).  Ones that happen
randomly (special events) and ones that happen once a year (holidays).  I
will explain in more detail what each one is, the events under that category,
and all about those events.  I'll start by writing just the basic calander.

 ===13.1 The Calender===

 1st -- New Year's Day   
 2nd -- Groundhog Day  
 14th -- Valentine Day

 21st -- Spring Sports Fair 
 1st -- April Fools' Day 
 5th-7th -- Cherry Blossom Festival
 22nd -- Nature Day

 1st -- Spring Cleaning 
 2nd Sunday -- Mother's Day 
 2nd Friday -- Graduation Day 
 3rd Sunday -- Father's Day 
 Every Sunday -- Summer Fishing Tourney
 4th -- Fireworks Show  
 25th-August 31st -- Mourning Aerobics
 Random -- "Your Town" Day 

 12th -- Meteor Shower
 21st -- Founder's Day  
 1st Monday -- Labor Day   
 23rd -- Fall Sports Fair 
 Varies -- Harvest Moon --

 2nd Monday -- Explorer's Day
 16th to 25th -- Mushrooming Season
 31st -- Halloween  
 1st Tuesday -- Mayor's Day 
 11th -- Officer's Day 
 Every Sunday -- Fall Fishing Tourney
 4th Thursday -- Harvest Festival
 4th Friday -- Sale Day 
 1st -- Snow Day  
 23rd -- Toy Day
 24th -- Jingle Comes To Town 
 31st -- New Year's Eve

 ===13.2 Holidays===

  Here is were I go into detail about every holiday.  Give times, places,
requirements, and how to do stuff and a complete list of rewards.  For 
ALL holidays you need to go and talk with Mayor Tortimer for a gift (T)!
Most holidays also happen at the wishing well, were you can find the Mayor.


 January 1st: New Year's Day 6:00am-11:00am
    Between 6:00am and 11:00am the towns folk will all be gathered around the
    wishing well. you can make a wish if you want, and Katrina will be there
    and you can get your fortune read for 50 bells.  Talk with Mayor Tortimer
    to get a new diary.  Your mother will also mail you and give you a wopping
    10,000 bells! (where did she get so much and why didn't she give it to you
    when you left so you could buy a house!?)
  Reward: New Diary (T)


 February 2nd: Groundhog Day 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:00am
    The village will begin gathering at the Wishing Well in anticipation at
    7:00am.  When it reaches 8:00 the groundhog will show his face as...
    Mr. Resetti (I guess you have to make due with what you've got).  If you
    wait around after the commotion untill 9:00am then you can talk to Mayor
    Tortimer to recieve a flower model.
  Reward: one of the following (randomly) (T)
          Cosmos Model 1    Pansy Model 1    Tulip Model 1
          Cosmos Model 2    Pansy Model 2    Tulip Model 2
          Cosmos Model 3    Pansy Model 3    Tulip Model 3
 February 14th: Valentine Day
    This is a behind the scenes holiday. Today you may, depending on how much
    they like you, get letters from neighbors of the opposite sex with presents
    attached!  This isn't a sure thing.  Some might not get any mail.
  Reward: Presents in the mail
 March 21st: Spring Sports Fair 9:00am-5:00pm
    This holiday is a total rip off, because you aren't involved (though you're
    not truly involved in any of them because almost all of them start without
    you!)  all you do is watch different pairings of 2 on 2 do silly little
    games.  The sports schedule is as follows:
       9:00am-11:00pm:  Gymnastics 
       11:00am-1:00pm:  Footrace 
        1:00pm-3:00pm:  Ball Game 
        3:00pm-5:00pm:  Tug-of-War
    It's somewhat fun to go see them mess around (though they don't really do
    much).  The only great thing about this is that Tortimer will give you his
    Spring Medal (for doing what I ask you!).  Can't wait till the fall one...
  Reward: Spring Medal (T) 


 April 1st: April Fools' Day
    Sadly, no pranks to watch or do.  Though personally I have cabinents full of
    Pitfalls for just such an occasion...  Talk to all the townspeople to hear
    some pretty good stories of past April Fools (though there were only 5
    people living here before you and they probably moved out by now, hmm...)
    Talk with Mayor Tortimer to get a neat gift, the NES game Super Tortimer, 
    this is the only gag the whole day, and it's on you!
  Reward: Super Tortimer (T)

 April 5th-7th: Cherry Blossom Festival
    A three day period were all the trees in your town slowly turn pink.  There
    is a big, long feast held, and all the animals will talk about the
    significance of the event.  Talk with Mayor Tortimer to recive the Pink 
    Tree Model.
  Reward: Pink Tree Model (T)

 April 22nd: Nature Day
    Nothing happens today, except perhaps some of the animals talking about
    Mother Nature.  You can turn it into your own holiday and try as hard as
    you can to make your town perfect (see Perfect Town).  Talk with Tortimer
    at the well to get the Tree Model
  Reward: Tree Model (T)
 May 1st: Spring Cleaning
    Same as Nature Day, nothing happens except a few talkative animals.  I 
    really think these blank holidays are here to give us incentive to finally
    do something we've been meaning to do (like re-organize the basement or 
    letterbox at the post office).  Once again go find Mayor Tortimer to get
    the Dump Model.
  Reward: Dump Model (T)
 2nd Sunday of May: Mother's Day
    You may get a letter from your mom today, but don't forget about your real
    mom (the real Mother's Day and AC Mother's Day happen on the same day!).
    Go and talk with Mayor Tortimer to recive the Lovely Phone (not part of
    the Lovely series)  Use the phone to reach "Dial-a Psychic Hotline"
  Reward: Lovely Phone (T)
 2nd Friday of June: Graduation Day
    There is NO point to this day that I can see, not even a reson for the name!
    Anyways, go talk to Tortimer for your gift, a Tailor Model
  Reward: Tailor Model (T)

 3rd Sunday of June: Fathers Day
    Just go to the well and collect your prize (ever get the idea Nintendo just
    needed some filler holidays to get rid of all it's models and special gifts?
    Tortimer will give you the Locomotive Model.  Don't fortget to think of real
  Reward: Locomotive Model (T)

  Every Sunday: Summer Fishing Tourney 6:00am-6:00pm
    Starting at 6:00 am every sunday mourning at the lake, Chip the beaver will
    come and visit your town to host the Fishing Tourney (and to get the free 
    samples).  Here's how you do the Fishing Tournement:
        -You can only catch Freshwater Bass (no sea bass)
        -Turn your fish into Chip to see if you broke a record and get a prize
        -Have the record at the end of the day to get a super prize
        -The earlier you fish the better your chances at getting the big one!
    You have two goals in the competition. To beat the record, and to have the
    record for the largest Fish at the end of the Tourney. You may think these
    two are the same thing but they are each distinct. Everytime you beat that 
    days record, you get a prize.  So don't turn in your biggest Fish first.
    Turn in all you Bass Then either catch more Bass if you're breaking records,
    or start turning in Large Bass.  The earlier you fish the better the catch
    AND the smaller the record.  If you hold the record at the end of that days
    Tournament then you're the winner!  It'll be posted on the Town Bulletin
    Board.  If you win then Chip will mail you a nice prize in the mail.  Make
    sure at the end of the day you still hold the record, these animals aren't
    pushovers!  Once more, don't forget to find Tortimer (he may not be at the
    well) one of those sundays to get the Angle Trophy.
  Reward: Winner's Prizes, Angler Trophy (T)


 July 4th: Fireworks Show 7:00pm-9:00pm
    It's a two hour spectacular of fireworks over the lake (how can a dinky town
    support 2 hours of that? it must be Nook...).  Come and watch, talk, sing
    "and the rocket's red glare! The bombs burstin' in air!".  Come and buy
    balloons, pinwheels and stuff from Redd.  Don't forget to talk to Tortimer
    to recive your very own Bottle Rocket.  You should design a pattern just
    for this day (and put it on display at Able Sisters)
  Reward: Bottle Rocket (T)

 July 25th-August 31st: Morning Aerobics 6:00am-7:00am
    For ober a month during the summer Copper will instruct the town in Mourning
    Aerobics (good thing school is out for some of you). Make sure that before
    you join in the "festivities" that you get an exercise card from the mayor.
    Everytime you participate in Mourning Aerobics have Tortimer stamp your
    card.  If you show it to him with at least 14 stamps on it you'll get your
    prize, and Aerobic Radio.  To participate in Aerobics, use your C-stick
    to stretch around.  Just follow them.  It isn't too hard.
  Reward: Aerobic Radio (T)
 July RANDOM: [your town] Day
    A holiday created just for your town!  It's different for everytown, so
    check your diary to find out the exact date.  Go talk with Tortimer to
    recive one of the 15 differnt types of train Station Models.
  Reward: One of the following Station Models
       Station Model 1    Station Model 2   Station Model 3
       Station Model 4    Station Model 5   Station Model 6
       Station Model 7    Station Model 8   Station Model 9
       Station Model 10   Station Model 11  Station Model 12
       Station Model 13   Station Model 14  Station Model 15
 August 12th: Meteor Shower 6:00pm-9:00pm
    Go to the lake tonight to see a spectacular meteor shower (mostly a lake
    reflection).  Join your friends in ooing and ahhing.  (strange how they
    can predict a future meteor shower down to the very hour...)  Talk with
    the mayor to get your commemerative gift, a Telescope!
  Reward: Telescope (T)

 August 21st: Founders Day
    Tortimer's favorite day.  If you want his Weed Model, you'll have to talk to
    him and listen to him talk about how the town got started (you'd think Nook
    was the brains behind it all), blah blah blah, and how important he is, blah
    blah blah.
  Reward: Weed Model (T)


 1st Monday of September: Labor Day
    Like in real life (except for parades and movie marathons, unless you live
    by a military fort AND a bunch of retirees)Nothing happens today. Just talk
    with the Mayor to get the Shop Model. Now YOU hold Nook in your hands...
  Reward: Shop Model (T)

 September 23rd: Fall Sports Fair 9:00am 11:00am 1:00am 3:00am
    This is JUST like the one in the spring, and just as dissapionting (sorry
    to sound so critical on these holidays, but with a game this good you
    except a certain level of quality (see, I just dissed and praised the game
    at the same time) The sports schedule is as follows:
       9:00am-11:00pm:  Gymnastics 
       11:00am-1:00pm:  Footrace 
        1:00pm-3:00pm:  Ball Game 
        3:00pm-5:00pm:  Tug-of-War
    Talk to Tortimer sometime doing the day and he'll give up his Autumn Medal
  Reward: Autumn Medal (T)

 September RANDOM: Harvest Moon 6:00pm-9:00pm
    This, as is does in the real world, doesn't have a set date.  On this
    Chilly fall night go to the lake to see a gorgeous reflection of the full
    Harvest Moon on the Lake (that's what Harvest Moon is, the full moon in
    September)  Nintendo did this very creatively.  They didn't add a new
    concept just for this night (such as a sky), yet they were able to have a
    Harvest Moon night in a very nice fashion.  Talk with Tortimer to get your
    very own "Majora's Mask, honkin huge" Moon (T)
  Reward: Moon


 2nd Monday of October: Explorer's Day
    A day to commemerate one of the very facets of mankind, exploring! (as well
    as one of the major facets of video games) seek out Tortimer and he will 
    give you your very own Bottled Ship!
  Reward: Bottled Ship (T)

 October 31st: Halloween 6:00pm-1:00am
    Halloween in the second biggest event in Animal Crossing.  Tom Nook begins
    selling candy on the 13th.  Grab as much of it as you can!  When Halloween
    comes around you'll need to trade it to get items in the Spooky Series.
    When halloween night comes around you have to prepare.  replace your clothes
    with a peice of junk you don't care about (you'll see why) then put as much
    candy as you can in your letter and empty your inventory.  Now your ready to
    go trick or treating, literally.
      To get the Spooky Series items (there are 12 different items total) you
    have to search out Jack, a strange guy who sneaks into your town every 
    halloween and pretends to fit in.  He has a pumpkin head and a cloak.  The
    problem is, EVERY body in town looks just like him.  But they will chase
    after you when they see you.  If they catch you they'll play a trick on you,
    while if you find Jack, he'll give you a trick.  There is no more than one
    "Jack" in each acre, but you won't know if it's the real one untill it 
    chases after you.  The one that doesn't is Jack! Talk to him and
    give him a peice of candy and he'll give you an item out of the Spooky
    series.  Put your new item in the empty envelope your candy was so people
    don't play "tricks" with it.  You might want to pick up a few fruits or
    shells, because the "tricks" they play can be pretty neat (I'll let you find
    out yourself).  Everytime you find Jack he'll change acres after that, so
    you'll start the search anew.  If you want the entire collection then you
    will be out for a long night!  The Spooky series items are untradable,
    unbuyable, and can't be found anywere else!  I'd used any left over candy
    as gift items (and leave some out to catch bugs)  Happy Halloween!
  Reward: The Spooky Series, which consists of:
                          -=Spooky Series=-
        [ ] Spooky Bed                   [ ] Spooky Table
        [ ] Spooky Bookcase              [ ] Spooky Vanity
        [ ] Spooky Chair                 [ ] Spooky Wardrobe
        [ ] Spooky Clock                 [ ] Spooky Carpet
        [ ] Spooky Dresser               [ ] Spooky Wall
        [ ] Spooky Lamp                  [ ] Jack-o-Lantern (Non-series!)
        [ ] Spooky Sofa                  [ ] Jack-in-the-box (Non-series!)

 1st Tuesday of November: Mayor's Day
    This is the day to honor the mayor and all he does (which is what again?)
    Go say hi to him by the well on his big day to get the Well Model.
  Reward: Well Model (T)

 November 11th: Officer's Day
    On Officer's Day you should honor the fine men who serve your town (unlike
    Tortimer who does nothing and doesn't even live here!).  They're on duty
    24 hours, and can't go to any festivites or ever leave their post.  Talk
    about dedication!  Talk with the mayor to get an object to honor them, the
    Police Model
  Reward: Police Model (T)

 4th Thursday of November: Harvest Festival 3:00pm-9:pm
    Ahhh, there's nothing like a wonderful picnic with a big juicy turkey, or
    is there...Somewere in your town is Franklin, the turkey.  Talk to him to 
    find out that he got a letter from the mayor inviting him to dinner...or is
    it for dinner.  You must help Franklin out (yes, you MUST. Besides,wouldn't
    it be considered Cannibalism?).  Go to the big Feasting table at the Wishing
    Well and slyly grab the fork and knife and tuck them under you shirt.  Then
    go find Franklin again.  An easy way to do that is to talk to townspeople.
    They'll either say the letter of the acre he's in or the number.  It's hard
    to find him any other way, because he's hiding (duh) from everyone else 
    behind trees and buildings and stuff (look for his shadow).  Give him those
    horrid utensils and he'll give you peice of the Harvest Series (there's a 
    total of 12).  This one is much easier to collect then the Spooky series was
    and it's just as restrictive.  No trading or buying of this series.  Keep
    doing this till you've got the whole series!  Talk with the mayor to learn
    about the missing silverware, and to get your own harvest Cornucopia.
  Reward: Cornucopia (T) and the Harvest Series, which consists of:

                            -=Harvest Series=-
             [ ] Harvest bed                   [ ] Harvest Sofa
             [ ] Harvest Bureau                [ ] Harvest Table
             [ ] Harvest Chair                 [ ] Harvest TV
             [ ] Harvest Clock                 [ ] Harvest Rug
             [ ] Harvest Dresser               [ ] Harvest Wall
             [ ] Harvest Lamp                  [ ] Cornucopia (Non-series!)
             [ ] Harvest Mirror

 4th Friday of November: Sale Day (Nook's business hours)
    On this day-after-Harvest-Day-Sale you can get some great stuff.  Tom Nook
    will stock his shelves full of Grab Bags which contain everything from
    furniture to saplings to pinwheels and balloons!  The price is the same
    as the current year (i.e. 2002, 2003, etc).  It's great deals and a TON of
    items.  On top of that, Redd will start selling goods and if you talk to
    the mayor, you'll get the Market Model.  Great stuff, great stuff.
  Reward: Grab Bags, Market Model (T) 


 December 1st: Snow Day
    Yeah! it's a snow day! a day off from... from... err, well, it's Snow Day!
    Talk with Tortimer as always, and get a Snowman
  Reward: Snowman (T)

 December 23rd: Toy Day
    This is the closest thing that comes to Christmas, but nothing happens. I
    can see why they don't have a christmas (or even the holiday on the 24th
    25th or 26th) because on Christmas they don't want to take you away from
    your real christmas for a fake one, and the day after christmas you'll have
    too many toys.  But not to worry, Tortimer will give you a present,depending
    on wether your a boy or a girl.
  Reward: boys-Miniature Car; Girls-Dolly (T)

 December 24th: Jingle Comes to Town 8:00pm-1:00pm
    Like on Halloween and on the Harvest Festival, today you get to chase
    continuously after the same person over and over again to get all the
    goodies.  And like the other two, this one has it's own unique way of
    doing it.  On the night of the 24th (if you don't have anything better
    to do, I usually "Time Travel, see Time Traveling) Jingle, the bright 
    and cheerful reindeer will come to spread joy and presents to your little
    community.  This one can be pretty long, even longer then the halloween
    one!  You're going to have to find him multiple times to give you each
    present.  Run out and find him the first time, talk to him, then go away
    and find him again.  He'll ask a question.  Answer it and then leave.
    The next time you find him he'll ask another question.  Find him one
    more time and he'll ask you one more question.  Your answer decides what
    you get.  They are:
       Big Things     -Jingle Furniture
       Foldable Things-Jingle Shirt
       Woven Things   -Jingle Carpet
       Printed Things -Jingle Wall
      After you got your special little present run off and change into a
    totally different outfit so you can talk to Jingle again and get another
    gift.  If he catches on to you, you won't get another present and have to
    run away and change outfits again.  If he doesn't, then you can go through
    the whole process again! Yeah!  I'd suggest not wasting christmas eve to 
    do this.  Change the date on like the 23rd or the 27th or something to be
    christmas eve in your game.  Then you're not playing on christmas eve and
    you can spend as much time as you want trying to get the whole Jingle
  Reward: the Jingle Series, which consists of:

                             -=Jingle Series=-
               [ ] Jingle Bed                  [ ] Jingle Sofa
               [ ] Jingle Chair                [ ] Jingle Table
               [ ] Jingle Clock                [ ] Jingle Wardrobe
               [ ] Jingle Dresser              [ ] Jingle Wall
               [ ] Jingle Lamp                 [ ] Jingle Carpet
               [ ] Jingle Piano                [ ] Jingle Shirt
               [ ] Jingle Shelves

 Deccember 31st: New Years Eve 11:00pm-1:00am
    There's a great big celebration at the lake tonight.  Somehow your towns
    folk constructed a huge clock, and it's counting down till midnight! (this
    is another event I wouldn't go to at it's real time see Time Traveling)
    Talk to Tortimer to get your Noisemaker so you too can join in and watch
    as the final numbers roll over and the part-ay begins!
  Reward: Noisemake (T)

 ===13.3 Planned Events===

  Planned Events are ones you know when will happen, and happen on a regular
basis, unlike holidays which happen once a year.  In this section I will 
mention every event that happens on a planned day and time, and everything
you need to know about them.

   ===Tom Nook's Raffle===
   -Last day of every month-
  Tom Nook holds a raffle (or actually, a lottery really) at the end of every
month.  This is  were you can use all those raffle tickets you've been given
throughout the month. For ALL the on Raffle events see 5.1 Tom Nook's Shop.
The Raffle items are only obtainable through the raffle (or maybe your Islander
will bury some, see Animal Island). Here is a complete list:

                             -=Raffle Prizes=-
      [ ] Blue Dresser      [ ] Green Pantry     [ ] Regal Cupboard
      [ ] Cabana Armchair   [ ] Kiddie Stereo    [ ] Cabin Bookcase
      [ ] Modern Cabinet    [ ] Lovely Kitchen   [ ] Classic Hutch
      [ ] Ranch Hutch       [ ] Exotic Lamp      [ ] Blue Corner
      [ ] Black King        [ ] Garden Gnome     [ ] Black Queen
      [ ] White King        [ ] White Queen      [ ] Cement Mixer
      [ ] Garden Pond       [ ] Hamster Cage     [ ] Covered Wagon
      [ ] Mario Trophy      [ ] Pop Machine      [ ] Arwing 
      [ ] Nook's Portrait   [ ] Plum Bonsai      [ ] Ivory Piano
      [ ] Samurai Suit      [ ] Dracaena         [ ] Hi-Fi Stereo 
      [ ] Jukebox

   ===Tokakeke Tunes===
   -Saturdays 8:00pm-12:00am-

  Tokakeke, or K.K. Slider, is the "guitar slinging canine" who will arive every
Saturday night to do a Jam sessions for you.  Go meet him at the train station
to see him strumming away at a tune.  Talk to the talented guy to hear one of
his songs.  You can either request a song, in which case a text box will pop
up to allow you to write the song's name in, or you can just let him pick one
his favorites.  Sit back and listen to the melody, hear the sqeak of his voice
as he sings, and watch the credits fly by (were else are they going to put them?
this game never ends!) as leaves fall and rain patters. When he finishes he'll
kindly give you a copy of his song for you to pop into your favorite music
machine (it looks like a yellow note). There are three songs he'll only play
by request.  They are "I Love You", "K.K. Song",and "Two Days Ago".
K.K.'s songs are:
                       -=K.K. Songs=-
 [ ] Aloha K.K.       [ ] K.K. Etude        [ ] K.K. Ska
 [ ] CafT K.K.        [ ] K.K. Faire        [ ] K.K. Song*
 [ ] Comrade K.K.     [ ] K.K. Folk         [ ] K.K. Soul
 [ ] DJ K.K.          [ ] K.K. Fusion       [ ] K.K. Steppe
 [ ] Go K.K. Rider!   [ ] K.K. Gumbo        [ ] K.K. Swing
 [ ] I Love You*      [ ] K.K. Jazz         [ ] K.K. Tango
 [ ] Imperial K.K.    [ ] K.K. Lament       [ ] K.K. Technopop
 [ ] K.K. Aria        [ ] K.K. Love Song    [ ] K.K. Waltz
 [ ] K.K. Ballad      [ ] K.K. Lullaby      [ ] K.K. Western
 [ ] K.K. Blues       [ ] K.K. Mambo        [ ] Lucky K.K.
 [ ] K.K. Bossa       [ ] K.K. March        [ ] Mr. K.K.
 [ ] K.K. Calypso     [ ] K.K. Parade       [ ] Only Me
 [ ] K.K. Casbah      [ ] K.K. Ragtime      [ ] Rockin' K.K.
 [ ] K.K. Chorale     [ ] K.K. Reggae       [ ] Señor K.K.
 [ ] K.K. Condor      [ ] K.K. Rock         [ ] Soulful K.K.
 [ ] K.K. Country     [ ] K.K. Safari       [ ] Surfin' K.K.
 [ ] K.K. Cruisin'    [ ] K.K. Salsa        [ ] The K. Funk
 [ ] K.K. D & B       [ ] K.K. Samba        [ ] Two Days Ago*
 [ ] K.K. Dirge       * - Request Only

 - If you listen to a song, but don't have any room in your inventory to recieve
   it then you can keep hearing new songs over and over.  If you find one you
   really like, then drop an item and go ask K.K. for it.
 - If you go into the train station and talk to K.K. at exacly 8:45, then Mr.
   Resetti will be flying around the background (From Nintendo)
 - According to Nintendo power, don't request "freebird. This refers to
   requesting anything K.K. doesn't know.  he'll play the town theme.  But you
   won't get a tune to take home.

   ===Joan's Turnip Market===
   -Sundays 6:00am-12:00pm-

  (Also see 5.1 Tom Nook's Shop, Turnip Market)  Every Sunday mourning Joan
will tredge out to your town to give you all an opportunity to join in the fun
and finances of buying turnips.  between 6 and noon find Joan Mosy-ing around
in one of the acres.  Talk to her to find out about what turnips are, and
what that weeks current price for (you) buying Turnips.  If you think the 
numbers reasonable, you can put in a purchase of either 10, 50, or 100 turnips
at a time (which means total prices will by 10x, 50x, or 100x the price she
first told you). You can buy as many as you want in as many different quantities
as you want.  Then, over the next week (Mon-Sun), go to Tom Nook's to scope out
the "markets" current prices for (your) selling turnips.  Remember, you can't
sell turnips when Nook has his raffle or the store closes!.  If you like the
price you can sell your turnips, or you can hold out and hope it gets better.
But of course, you don't know if it will.  You must sell any turnips you bought
the same week as you bought them, because as soon as Sunday rolls back around
they spoil!

 -Sometimes Nook will buy your turnips at an outragious price (in the hundreds).
 -If your turnips do spoil, leave them out to see if any bugs will snack on 'em.

 ===13.4 Special Events=== 

  Special Events are designated as events that happen randomly, and at multiple
times of the year.  You will know before these events arrive that their coming
by talking with the animals, who will just talk on and on about them, by talking
with Officer Cooper and ask what's happening, and some events send fliers to
you in the mail.  These are fun, and many of them give out items only obtainable
through them.  You should always at least look into them, and I suggest you
do everyone when they come.  Put them on your real-life calender if you must!

   -Once a week 6:00am-midnight-

  Once a week a poor old sea bird (see 3. Main Characters) by the name of 
Gulliver will wash up on you beach (and for many of you, it's once again). Keep
prodding him till he jumps up.  He'll tell you a tale of tradgic deceipt, and
then reflect on tales of old times, or is it sessions of old play?  Just don't
tell him that.  When he finishes he'll kindly give you a very exotic gift from
across the world and fly off, to crash once more on your beach next week.  His
gifts are one of a kind, and irreplacable (unless you help Gull a lot). The
total list of items consist of these 21 objects:
                           -=Gulliver Items=-
  [ ]Arc de Triomphe       [ ]Manekin Pis           [ ]Plate Armor       
  [ ]Bottled Ship          [ ]Matryoshka            [ ]Shogi Piece
  [ ]Chinese Lion          [ ]Merlion               [ ]Stone Coin
  [ ]Chinese Lioness       [ ]Mermaid Statue        [ ]Tiger Bobble Head
  [ ]Compass               [ ]Moai Statue           [ ]Tokyo Tower
  [ ]Fishing Bear          [ ]Mouth of Truth        [ ]Tower of Pisa
  [ ]Lady Liberty          [ ]Pagoda                [ ]Tribal Mask
   ===Redd's Market===

  Crazy Redd the fox is coming to your town, and boy does he has some great
deals to offer you!.  Before he comes he'll send out a letter to ya to tell
you when he's a comin and what time it'll be.  Much to the annoyance of Officer
Cooper, Redd will open his tent of (not a dark color) market.  Inside you'll
find four items for sale.  They're either items you can find at Nook's shop
for a quarter of the price, or they're Redd exclusive, which means you have
to order them from Redd before you can order them from your catalogue.  Redd
has a total of 67 exclusive items (including paintings and 3 NES games.  his
exclusive items are:

                          -=Redd Exclusive Items=-
  [ ]Aiko Figurine       [ ]Ebony Piano           [ ]Moving Painting     
  [ ]Amazing Painting    [ ]Exotic Bed            [ ]NES
  [ ]Backyard Pool       [ ]Exotic Table          [ ]Pinball    
  [ ]Balloon Fight       [ ]Famous Painting       [ ]Quaint Painting        
  [ ]Basic Painting      [ ]Flower Painting       [ ]Ranch Chair    
  [ ]Black Bishop        [ ]Frog Woman Pole       [ ]Ranch Dresser      
  [ ]Black Knight        [ ]Golf                  [ ]Red Corner  
  [ ]Black Rook          [ ]Green Dresser         [ ]Regal Bed     
  [ ]Blue Bed            [ ]Green Wardrobe        [ ]Regal Chair               
  [ ]Blue Table          [ ]High-End Stereo       [ ]Robo-Clock        
  [ ]Cabana Bed          [ ]HinanIngyo            [ ]Saddle Fence   
  [ ]Cabana Chair        [ ]Judge's Bell          [ ]Scary Painting    
  [ ]Cabin Chair         [ ]Kiddie Bed            [ ]Steam Roller  
  [ ]Cabin Dresser       [ ]Kiddie Clock          [ ]Super Toilet   
  [ ]Classic Vanity      [ ]Lawn Mower            [ ]Tanabata Palm 
  [ ]Classic Wardrobe    [ ]Letter Cubby          [ ]Timpano Drum    
  [ ]CLU CLU Land        [ ]Lovely Armoire        [ ]Turntable      
  [ ]Common Painting     [ ]Lovely End Table      [ ]Well        
  [ ]Computer            [ ]Lovely Stereo         [ ]White Bishop      
  [ ]Dainty Painting     [ ]Luigi Trophy          [ ]White Knight
  [ ]Deer Scare          [ ]Modern End Table      [ ]White Rook        
  [ ]Dice Stereo         [ ]Modern Wardrobe       [ ]Wide-Screen TV       
  [ ]Bass (unconfirmed)   

   -6:00am-24 hrs-

  Sorry, but I have to say this.  Wendell the Walrus puts new meaning to the
phrase "starving artist" (see, it wasn't that bad).  When Wendell comes to town
he has a lot of Wallpaper ideas in his head, but nothing in his stomach.  To
get those Wallpaper out of him, you must feed him, and for someone who's
starving, he sure is a picky eater!  you can only feed him fish.  Once you've
given it to him he'll thank you by presenting you with a Wendell Wallpaper.
Only 3 different players can do this a day (not one player 3 times).  The 
list of Wendell's 18 Wallpapers is right here:

                        -=Wendell's Wallpaper=-
  [ ]Ancient Wall           [ ]Garden Wall          [ ]Office Wall
  [ ]Backgammon Wall        [ ]Industrial Wall      [ ]Ringside Seating 
  [ ]Basement Wall          [ ]Lunar Horizon        [ ]Sandlot Wall
  [ ]Blue Tarp              [ ]Meadow Vista         [ ]Tree-lined Wall
  [ ]Classroom Wall         [ ]Mortar Wall          [ ]Tropical Wall
  [ ]Desert Vista           [ ]Music Room Wall      [ ]Western Vista 
  Grace the Giraffe (hmm, Gracie Giraffe, Wendell Walrus, Katrina Cat...) is
a fashion designer who's a little too self involved.  Why she drove to your
hick town is beyond our mortal comprehension, but in doing so she get her
import car all dirty.  Talk to her to get suckered into cleaning it up.  Of
course, she comes on B.I.P., Bust Illigal Parking day.  So watch for her.
  This particular event requires you to tap rapidly on the A button to clean her
car. I MEAN LUDICROUS SPEED RAPIDLY! This challenge is one of the most difficult
"Push Button Repeatedly" Challenges in all of gaming history!  I'm sorry, but
some of you will just not be able to do this, no matter how hard you try.  Even
if you have a controller with auto Turbo function on it.  If you happen to
miraculously get it TOTALLY clean (more then just shiny sparklies, the whole
thing will glean white) then get wrap up your bleeding finger, then come back
and get your very own Gracie Original shirt!  There are 29 of them (ahk!)
and they are unreplacable, so DON'T LOSE ANY!         
                           -=Gracie's Shirts=-          
  [ ]Butterfly Shirt        [ ]Grape Shirt          [ ]Shirt Circuit
  [ ]Caterpillar Tee        [ ]Grass Shirt          [ ]Snow Shirt
  [ ]Citrus Shirt           [ ]Groovy Shirt         [ ]Splendid Shirt
  [ ]Cool Shirt             [ ]Kiwi Shirt           [ ]Strawberry Shirt
  [ ]Coral Shirt            [ ]Ladybug Shirt        [ ]Swell Shirt
  [ ]Cow Print              [ ]Lavendar Robe        [ ]Tiger Print
  [ ]Crossing Shirt         [ ]Leopard Print        [ ]Tin Shirt
  [ ]Fiendish Shirt         [ ]Melon Shirt          [ ]Watermelon Shirt
  [ ]Giraffe Print          [ ]Orange Pinstripe     [ ]Zebra Print
  [ ]Gracies Top            [ ]Pulse Shirt          
  You'll probably know about Saharah first.  She's one of the nicest animals
around, and she travels on foot to far towns for a good cause, to help out her
homeland.  Saharah designs wonderfully beautiful carpets.  To get your hands
on them you have to trade her any regular carpet and a fistfull of bells.  For
your first ecxhange she charges you 2000 bells.  every one after that doubles
in price untill it levels off at 48K a trade (QUITE a bit of dough!).  So 
you're deffinately not in it for the money.  You can trade for as many carpets
as you want when she visits, but it'll cost you.         
                           -=Saharah's Carpets=-            
  [ ]Ancient Tile           [ ]Concrete Floor       [ ]Saharah's Desert
  [ ]Basement Floor         [ ]Daisy Meadow         [ ]Sand Garden
  [ ]Boxing Ring Mat        [ ]Lunar Surface        [ ]Sandlot
  [ ]Chessboard Rug         [ ]Mossy Carpet         [ ]Sidewalk
  [ ]Classroom Floor        [ ]Music Room Floor     [ ]Tropical Floor
  [ ]Closed Road            [ ]Office Flooring      [ ]Western Desert


  On darks nights you may find a small gypsy tent poking up out of the darkness.
Inside is the mystical Katrina, the fortune telling cat.  For 50 bells, she'll
give you a fortune.  Most of them are bogus and make no sense.  But if you
keep coming in for a fortune, eventually she'll strike on the real thing. There
are 5 different real fortunes.  Each one will actually help (or hinder) you for
one day.  Once you get your fortune read for real, she'll leave for the day.
The 5 different possible fortunes are, roughly:

  Popularity      - Villagers will take a liking to you          
  Unpopular       - People will react a little hostile to you
  Lucky Finances  - Chances go up for finding and earning more bells
  Lucky Materials - Chances go up for finding more and better stuff
  Bad Luck        - You'll start tripping, then it'll happen more often and more
                    often till it seems like every other foot.  You have to wait
                    the day out to lose this curse.

 ===13.5 Other Events===

  This is for all the other events that happen but don't exactly fit into the
other categories.  They may not be predictable, they may only happen once, they
may only happen of some conditions are met.  If you're looking for something 
that happens and it isn't above, guess what, it's proably here (if it isn't
feel free to e-mail me).

   -Snowy Days-

  When it snow first appears on the ground, you can begin collecting your 
Snowman Series.  To do so, you must assemble a snowman (correctly) so he
can pull a "magically come to life".  In thanks, he'll send you a snowman
item in mail (Everybody, but you, thanks alot, and they all do it with gifts,
aren't they swell?).  Here are the steps towards getting your snowman series:

 1. Look around in the snow for small white balls.  They may be hard to see and
    they may be hiding behinds trees and buildings and such.  Just keep looking
    till you find two of them.
 2. Now you have to get one over to the other.  These snowballs are just like
    the other balls that float around your town, except that these grow and if
    you roll them into or off of anything they will break apart. Like balls you
    kick them around, they're hard to get up hills and across bridges, and if
    they fall in the water they're gone for good!  Plan which snowball you want
    to move (for instance,the one on top of the hill can go down the hill easier
    then the one below can climb up it).  After kicking your ball around for a
    while it will begin to grow, and you'll push it instead, giving you better
    control. Roll them untill they're in the same acre.
 3. Now you need to roll one to be the biggest.  Keep rolling it till it's about
    as big as you.  Then grab the smaller one and roll it around untill it
    reaches about your chin.  Now you have your two halves.
 4. push your second snowball (try not to make it too big) until it's on the 
    west side of your big ball. step away and it'll just pop right on top of 
    the first one.  If it didn't, push it against the first one.  If it still
    doesn't work, you've got your balls sized wrong.  Now the magic begins.
 5. The snowman will sprout a face and talk to you.  He'll either compliment you
    on your work,or yell at you (that means you did it wrong! try again the
    next day).  If you succeded the snowman, in his gratitude, will mail you a
    snowman item when he gets home.

 - Don't attempt to roll a ball somewere if you're not sure it will go, don't
   want unnecessary risks
 - If your not sure of the size of the balls, make them small.  You can always
   enlarge them later.  If you have to, make them smaller by rolling them in
   spots without any snow.
 - If you have trouble moving them around, you can first make them big enough
   to push, then push them were you want to go.
 - The snowman doesn't have to have balls at exact sizes, as long as they are
   always in the same proportions

  You can do this everyday, and may have to.  The total snowman series is:

                              -=Snowman Series=-
  [ ]Snowman Bed            [ ]Snowman fridge         [ ]Snowman TV
  [ ]Snowman Chair          [ ]Snowman lamp           [ ]Snowman wardrobe
  [ ]Snowman Clock          [ ]Snowman sofa           [ ]Snowman carpet
  [ ]Snowman Dresser        [ ]Snowman table          [ ]Snowman wall


  After midnight there is a chance you may find Wisp, the ghost.  You'll have
better chances if you have alot of weeds, but that doesn't assure it.  You won't
actually be able to see Wisp, and he may not show precisely at midnight.  To
find him and get his reward, follow these steps:

 1. Finding Wisp.  This can be difficult because your town has quite a few acres
    and most annoyingly, he's invisible.  To find him you need to run through
    every acre (through, not cutting the corner of).  You know you've found
    the currect acre when you began hearing spooky messages (or reading them).
    To make him appear you must run into him, so run all around the acre till
    you do.
 2. Once you find him he'll ask you to first find his five roaming spirits.
    Go out with your net and look for the little guys just drifting around
    catch them (they stack, so you only need one slot).  Once you have them 
    all run back to Wisp.
 3. After you return all of his wayward spirits, he'll grant any one of your
    requests from these possible three:
      1. Weeding - Wisp will, after you go in a building or leave the game, will
                   remove every single weed in town.
      2. Item    - Wisp will give you a random item that you've never gotten 
                   before.  Very usefull for finishing up that catalogue.
      3. Paint   - Wisp will paint your roof, after you save, whatever color
                   you desire (stupid neighbors painting it pink!)

   ===Lighthouse Job===
   -6:00pm-10:00pm, 1 week, January or February-

  Sometime after the first of the year you will Find Tortimer in by the Town's
Wishing Well. You know he doesn't just hang around town,he always has something
he needs to give you or have you do.  This time, Tortimer needs a break from all
of his behind the scenes politics and wants you to tend the lighthouse while he
is gone for a week.  Of course you said yes, right?  For the next week, starting
tommorow, you need to go to the lighthouse between 6 and 10 pm and turn it on.
If you succeed Tortimer will come to your house after he gets back and reward
you with teh Lighthouse model and some Chocolates.  Mmmmm....

   -15 villagers-

  One day soon after you have 15 villagers living in your town you'll find
Tortimer standing by the river.  Finally he has decided to add another bridge
to your town.  If you like the spot he's at for a new bridge tell him so.  If
you want it somewere else, say I'll sleep on it and he'll be in a new location
tommorow. Keep doing that untill it's just were you want.  The next day you
can wake up and take the short cut to the wishing well.

   -10:00am-10:00pm Snow covers ground-

  Once snow covers the ground you will see an Igloo that's been built by one of
your friendly neighbors.  crawl in and you will can play a game with them. Which
game you play depends on what their personality is.  Each personality type plays
a different game and personality types of the same will play the exact same game
as the other one does.  There are 7 special Igloo items (plus a"DUMMY" that is
an item that seems to have been forgotten to be taken out).  Play the games to
get the items.  Before you play their games there are a few preperatory things
you may want to do.  Dish out any items in you inventory you want to keep.  Put
most of your money (keep a few thousand) in the bank so that you don't lose it
to whoever you play the game with.  The igloo items are:

                             -=Igloo Items=-
  [ ]Chowder              [ ]Sleigh              [ ]Igloo Model
  [ ]Crab Stew            [ ]Snow Bunny          [ ]DUMMY(not officially)
  [ ]Fireplace            [ ]Snowboard

  The games have two functions.  The first, is deciding how much you pay for an
igloo item, the second is how much they'll pay you for an item you have.
The games are:

 1. Buy: They'll lay out 4 cards.  Choose one.  If it's the same one they choose
    you must buy the item with all the money you have on you.  If it's not,
    they'll lower the price and you'll play again.  If you choose the same card
    now you must buy the item at the new price.  Keep playing till it's free or
    you pay.
    Sell:  They'll say a price (usually really low) then give you the choice of
    picking their right or left hand. choose wrong, you sell it low.  Choose
    correctly, the price gos up and you keep playing.
 2. Buy: They'll put out three cards. They're "lucky"-get the item free, "so-so"
    pay a fair price for it, and "unlucky"- you pay up to thousands of bells for
    Sell:  They pick a number between 1 and 9, then you guess if it's higher or
    lower than 5.  If you guess wrong, it's 500 bells.  Guess right once, 1,000
    bells. Guess right twice, 2,000 bells.  Guess right all 3 times, 3,000 bells

 3. Buy: You must guess wether they're thinking of an apple, a peach, or a pear.
    Guess right and it's free.  Guess wrong and you'll pay thousands of dollars
    for the item, or buy a different peice of junk.
    Sell:  The person will say a price, then you if you like it say Stop!, but
    if you want to press you luck say Next!.  When you do, the price may go up,
    they might not buy,or they may just go off and buy it at the low price.

 4. Buy: the character will pretend to hit you, then you must guess what move
    you got smacked with.  For two rounds you'll get two choices, but the last
    two you have to choice between three.  Guess wrong and you have to buy the
    item.  Get through it and you get it free!
    Sell: there will be three cards.  Choose one and watch their facial 
    expression as you do.  If it looks like you'll get a good deal, choose that
    card.  Or you can choose a different one.
 5. Buy: 5 cards will be placed before you. Each one will be flipped up with an
    item and a price on it.  Choose it or go on to the next one.  If you reach
    the very end, you must buy that item.
    Sell: Pick one of the four cards.  Each one has a different price on it.  If
    you choose the one with 10 bells they'll take sympathy on you and trade you
    an item instead.

If there are any I haven't encountered, please tell me about them!
*BIG TIP* as I stated earlier in my fact (in Talking with your Animals) if you
place your money in bags, that money doesn't count towards your total when
animals want all or half of your money, but it still counts when you're buying
stuff from Tom Nook.  Usefull tip.

   -9:00am Saturday-3:00pm Sunday of June-July-

  This is very much like the Igloos, except the residents who make temporary
lodging in your town aren't from your town this time.  Starting in June and
going through all of July, tents will pop up for the weekend.  Go in and
play their games to either buy special Camper items or to sell your own.  Before
you play I would dump all but a few thousand bells in the bank and unload any
items you don't want to sell.  the 10 camper items are:

                               -=Camper Items=-
  [ ]Backpack             [ ]Kayak                 [ ]Propane Stove 
  [ ]Bonfire              [ ]Lantern               [ ]Sleeping Bag
  [ ]Campfire             [ ]Mountain Bike         [ ]Tent Model
  [ ]Cooler                

  In the different games you can either buy their items, or play a game of 
chance.  The different types of games are:

 1. Buy: Both of you hold three cards, and you each of you have one old maid
    card.  Then you each draw cards from each one at a time.  The first person
    to draw the other's Old maid Loses.  If you win the items free, if you lose
    you have to pay for it.
    Chance: you take turns picking cards.  If you get it, then you trade items.
    If he gets it, he gets your item.  You play untill someone gets a match.

 2. Buy: The animal first picks out one of your items.  Then he gives you a
    a choice between four different fish he caught.  You must distinguish the
    one he caught from the ones the proffesionals caught.  If you lose, he gets
    your item.  If you win, you trade.
    Chance: Once more there are four pictures.  You must choose the one he took
    from the rest.  If you do, you give him all your money for his item.  If you
    lose he takes all you money.

 3. Buy: Here, the visitor will tell you about one of their holiday exploits.
    The story will have alot of stuff about color, none of which will help you
    with the answer.  When he finishes he'll ask you what color of bannana he
    fed (Jingle) the red coat wearing reindeer.  You can't get this from the 
    story, it's purely random.  If you choose right the items for free.  Guess 
    it "that's wrong, but I did see a [your color] bannana", you buy the item
    for cheep.  If your "That's crazy!" you have to buy it with all your money.
    Choose red and you always lose.
    Chance: here's another silly story about a camping trip.  When it's over
    you're asked what season did it happen in.  Guess right and they will buy
    your item for a couple thousand bells. Choose wrong and they take your item.
    Choose winter and you always lose ("who goes camping in the winter")

 4. Buy: This game has a story in it as well. Listen to their fishing expedition
    and then answer their question about what fish they didn't catch.  Guess
    correctly and they'll trade their item for one of yours.  If you're wrong
    you lose one of your items.
    Chance: This story is also about a camping trip.  There's Joan, Wendell, and
    then Tortimer appears to him and asks if he wants to come to a festival.  No
    the question doesn't involve Franklin in any way.  The question is which
    festival was he invited to: Fireworks Show, Meteor shower, Cherry blossum,or
    New Year's Eve.  Guess correctly and they give you an item, guess wrong and
    they sell it to you for all of your money.

 5. Buy:  The camper will hold out three cards (you can't see them but they're
    the Jack Queen King and the Ace).  You must choose the Ace to win.  After
    your first two choices you get to hold on to the cards you chose to limit
    your possibilites, but on the last choice he gets to hold all of them.  Win
    and you get an item!
    Chance: In this game you both hold 4 cards.  There are a total of 3 matching
    sets of cards between the two of you, and you each already have one.  The
    one who ends up with two matches, wins (but you can also draw one of their
    matches, extending the game for quite a bit).  The prize is they buy one of
    your items.  If you lose, they get to keep one of your items.

 6. Buy: In this game you both hold 4 cards.  There are a total of 3 matching
    sets of cards between the two of you, and you each already have one.  The
    one who ends up with two matches, wins (but you can also draw one of their
    matches, extending the game for quite a bit).  The prize is they buy one of
    your items.  If you lose, they get to keep one of your items.
    Chance: Here's another story about the guy who went climbing with his buds,
    a wolf and a bear.  His question will either be who wanted to keep climbing
    or who reached the summit first.  Answer right and you get a free carpet.
    answer wrong, and you picked the wolf or bear, then you have to buy carpet
    for a few thousand bells.  pick the camper and get it wrong then you buy
    a peice of furniture for about thousand bells. 

   -GBA connectivity-
  Okay, so this doesn't really fit, and it isn't an event, but it sorta acts
like one. You have to know what to do. There are 9 different items only gotten
this way.  To get them go to your island, bury some worthless furniture around,
then leave a gold shovel and a lot of your islanders favorite fruit.  Then get
on the GBA and have them eat the fruit till they're happy.  When they are have
them dig up your items.  They will replace them with items, and some of them
might be island items.  OR they could be (not in Island Items "set") the NES
games Baseball or Wario Woods.  For clearer and more precise info on how to
perform this little trick see Animal Island.  The 9 Island Items are:

                             -=Island Items=-  
  [ ]Beach Chair           [ ]Life Ring                [ ]Treasure Chest
  [ ]Beach Table           [ ]Snowcone Machine         [ ]Ukulele
  [ ]Diver Dan             [ ]Surfboard                [ ]Wave Breaker 

   14.                  ~Gameboy Advance Connectivity~ 

  For the past year Nintendo has really been pushing it's GCN-GBA connectivity,
(versus the online abilities of the other two systems).  This is one of the few
games that it is a big plus to have. You need a Gameboy Advance, and a Gameboy
Advane Gamecube Link Cable to be able to do this.  With this connectivity you 
can download specific areas of the game so you can take them with you.  To use
your GCN-GBA connectivity you must:

 1. In addition to your controller(which should be in controller slot 1 of
    course) you also need to hook the Link cable into any of the three other
 2. Plug your GBA into the link on the back of the handheld system.  Take out
    any games that are in Gameboy.  Turn the GBA on.
 3. Go to one of the three areas were you can use the GBA connectivity (see
    below) and make sure that when they prompt you to, the first two steps have
    been completed.

  Now the data will be downloaded into your GBA's memory.  This could take a 
while.  When you do have it, you can disconnect the two systems and take the
GBA with you.  But, if the GBA loses power, all information on it will be lost.
So that means you can't transfer your data back to the game.  I you're going to
be away from the GBA for a long while and want to conserve battery power, push
select and put it into sleep mode.  This will extend the battery life by a great
amount and keep your data safe.

  There are three different areas you can use your GBA connectivity (besides
the e-reader, which I don't have, sorry).  You can get the pattern designer
from the Able sisters and design patterns without using up the TV or wasting
money.  To travel to Animal Island you need to have your GBA hooked up (though
you don't have to actually use it).  Lastly, you can download the NES games
you find throughout the game so you can play them away from the game, and on
a much friendlier controller set up for such an old game.
 The sections following will explain what each thing is, why you want to do it,
what the controlls are, and what you can do with them!

 ===14.1 Pattern Designer Tool===

  Yes, you can create your own patterns and add a lot more play time, more
satisfaction, and a very personal touch to your stuff and your town.  What
more customization do you want then designing your own walls, carpets, signs,
and especially...Clothes!  This little Faq is especially for the design tool,
wether you use your GBA or not, it's just much easier with the GBA, and it's 
a feature of the GBA connectivity.
  To get your design tool (or use one) go to the Able Sisters Tailor shop.  Go
up to Mabel and talk to her. To use their's, pick Create a Pattern. To get the
the tool on your GBA, choose Gameboy Advance Design.  Do the steps I mentioned
above to get it all hooked up.  The following is how to work your Design Tool
to make some really cool designs (though most of us just copy the really cool
designs from someone else, either way's fine).

   ===The Designer Tool===
  The first thing you need to do is choose which pattern spot you want to work
with.  Remember, you can only carry around 8 patterns at a time.  If you want
to keep all the patterns you currently have you must first save at least one 
pattern in the tailor (see Able Sisters).  Any pattern you choose will be saved
over if you decide you want to keep your new pattern, so choose wisely.
 The Design Tool looks like this:

          ________     _____________________________      xx/16                
         |        |   |                             |     |¯¯¯| {switch color)  
         | Design |   |                             |     |___| (sets)          
         |Overview|   |                             |     (___)             
         |        |   |                             |     (___) {color choices) 
         |________|   |     Main Design Screen      |     (___)             
                      |                             |     (___) {color choices) 
             ___      |           32x32             |     (___)           
(Brush size}|   |     |                             |     (___) {color choices)
            |___|     |                             |     (___)            
(Fill Brush}|   |     |                             |     (___) {color choices)
            |___|     |                             |     (___)           
    (Shapes}|   |     |                             |     (___) {color choices)
            |___|     |                             |     (___)              
   (Symbols}|   |     |                             |     (___) {color choices)
            |___|     |                             |     (___)            
      (Undo}|   |     |                             |     (___) {color choices) 
            |___|     |_____________________________|     (___) {Default color)

  Main Design Screen - This is actually were you put down the patterns that
                       make up your design, pixel by pixel, Size is 32x32.
  Design Overview    - This shows the Main Design Screen, only smaller so you
                       can see what the design looks from a more proportionate
                       perspective.  Press it to remove pixel lines.
  Brush Size - Change the brush between 1x1 2x2 and 3x3 pixels.
  Fill Brush - Choose between different brushes that will affect whole screen.
  Shapes     - stretchable and shrinkable circles and squares
  Symbols    - pre set sized symbols and shapes.
  Undo       - press to undo last change (only)
  xx/16      - Color set you're currently on
  Switch color set   - Press to switch between color sets
  Color Choices      - The 15 different colors in each color set
  Default Color      - Each set has a deffault background, either white or black

   ===Using the design Tool===

  Now, to all of the real explanations about how everything works!  You should
be familiar with what the main screen is, the color choices and color sets are
from above.  The tool has your canvas, your brushes, and your color pallet.
Now,on to weaving your digital pixels to create your own masterful masterpeices.
There are four different sections in your tool.  The Main Design Screen, the
brush types, the colors, and the Design overview.  You can switch between them
by pressing either the L or R button. The current selection is outlined in green

  -=Main and Overview Screens=-
  The big white block in the middle with all the tiny little boxes is the Main
Design Screen, or "canvas", and this is were you will be actually designing the
pattern.  All of the little boxes, are individual pixels.  Each box can be one
color.  with such a wide dispersal of colors, it's not only hard to design a
pattern, but it's also hard to see how it would look when it's zoomed out and
the individual color blocks don't stand out.  To get a better view, there's a
box in the upper right corner I've deemed the design overview.  It makes the
design smaller to put it in better perspective.  If you "press" the box, you
will toggle on/off the the grid lines that show the pixel boxes, this helps
you see the picture better as well.  

  -=Color Bar=-
  Now the colors. Along the right side of the screen is a bar full of 15 colors,
a twisted arrow in a box, and a set of numbers.  The set of numbers tells you
which of the 16 sets of colors you're using.  Each set has different colors and
different shades so you can choose what type of mood or style you want the it to
be.  But each set is it's own individual color pallet.  If you switch between
color sets, by pressing the twisted arrow in the box, it will also convert all
colors currently on the screen.  So you have over a hundred colors, but really
only 15.  If you're in the middle of designing and you want to switch between
colors you already have down, you can press B over the color you want and a
little dropper will appear, meaning that that color is now the color your using.
It's much faster and saves alot of agrivation.

  -=Brush Bar=-
  You could do the whole design dot by dot, and hand draw everything, but you
don't have to!  Nintendo has added 4 different types of brushes, they are, as
I've named them; brush size, fill brush, shapes, and symbols.  Brush size has
three different varieties:
  -1 pixel
  -2x2 pixels
  -3x3 pixel brushes.  

  Fill brush I named because the brushes here either fill in whole areas or the
whole screen.  The different brush varieties are:
  -Color fill       - you fill the whole area that's the same color as the color
                      you clicked on with your new color (Like Paint on PC)
  -Vertical lines   - creates large vertical lines of your color on the screen,
                      the placement is always the same.
  -Horizontal lines - creates large horizontal lines of your color on the screen
                      the placement is always the same, like the horizontal
  -Checkered lines  - a checkered pattern (like that on pies and plaid), same 
                      placement as vertical and horizontal
  -Dotted Pattern   - Creates large dots of your color.  Same placement
  -Whole screen fill- Changes the whole screen to the same color.

  Shapes is a collection of tools that you can use to create different sized 
basic shapes.  To use them (except the line tool) click the weird icon no were
you want one of the shapes corners to be.  then a series of four corners will
appear.  Stretch them around till you have the size and shape you want, then
click again.  The different varieties are:
  -Rectangle outline - Creates an outline of quadralaterals
  -Circle outline    - Creates the outline of circles and ovals
  -Rectangle Filled  - creates filled in quadralaterals           
  -Circle Filled     - Creates filled in circles
  -Line creator      - use this to create lines(or as best as they come)between
                       two points.  Click the icon first on were you want the
                       line to start and second on were you want it to end.

  Symbols are shapes that cannot change in size or form.  pretty much just big
stamps you can use.  The different varieties are:
  -Heart  - creates a large heart 
  -Star   - creates a large star           
  -Circle - creates the outline of a circle
  -Square - creates the outline of a square

Lastly, at the very bottom of the brush bar is a box with a bent arrow.  use it
to undo the last thing you did.  It only undos one thing.  No undoing the last
5 changes, only one.

   ===After Designing==
  You have all the information needed to create your own works of art.  Once you
have one you're proud of, push start you can choose to:
   I. Yes! - Keep the design and save it
  II. Rewrite it - Restart from the design, or blank, you started with
 III. Throw it out - Don't save at all.  Just throw it out =]

  If you're using the GBA then you MUST upload your designs back to the game so
you can actually use them in the game!  To do this reconnect your GBA, keep it 
on the whole time, and take it out of sleep mode.  Talk with Mabel and upload
your designs.  THAT is how you make pretty little pictures you can use around
town.  Speaking of using around town...

   15.                      ~Universal Codes~ 

  Universal codes are what we call codes that can be used by anyone, as opposed
to trading codes which are limited to only the person with the corresponding
name and town.  These codes are almost always found by mistake when someone
mistypes a regular code and ends up with a different item.  Another way many
Universal Codes are found is by code hunting.  This is a very hard, long, and
usually hardly rewarding.  It involves taking a known code with a recognizable
phrase in it (such as AlinktothepasT or takeThisAUniverSalCodeOrElse) and then
manipulating it by changing a letter or two in each line.  Of course, Universal
Codes have not been found for every item, and some codes are not UNIVERSAL
codes, and a few don't work at all.
  I will NOT list all known Universal codes I can find.  There's too many,
too much work, and a big waste of space.  What I will do is list what I believe
are the more essential Universal Codes (though don't ask me why a cheat code is
essential).  These codes are for all the items you can't get through normal
means;such as holiday items, special event items, Code only items, irreplacable
items, and unique items, etc.  This is not a complete list of every one of 
these items (I may have totally overlooked a whole section, if I have please
tell me) and perhaps all the codes may not work, I haven't tested them all.
But what I know I have categorized into proper sections for easier reference,
and I have made a list of all special items I wasn't able to find codes for.
Here they are, have fun and see Trading Via Codes for more info on how to "say"
codes, how to write them down, and how to discern things like 0 and O, and
I and l.  Before you write me about any bad codes make sure you've copied them
correctly, and tried various small changes (like k and K look very similiar)

                      ===Codes not Found===
Aloha K.K.             K.K. Chorale           Pinball
Ammonite               K.K. Country           Police Model
Ancient Tile           K.K. Dirge             Ptera Skull
Ancient Wall           K.K. Etude             Punch-out
Basement Floor         K.K. Faire             Quiant Painting
Basement Wall          K.K. Folk              Ranch Chair
Beach Chair            K.K. Fusion            Red Aloha Shirt
Bottle Ship            K.K. Gumbo             Samurai Suit
Cabana Armchair        K.K. Jazz              Sand Garden
Campfire               K.K. Love Song         Sandlot
Chessboard RUg         K.K. Lullaby           Sandlot Wall
Citrus Shirt           K.K. March             Senor K.K.
Classic Painting       K.K. Parade            Sidewalk
Clu Clu land D         K.K. Parade            Snowcone Machine
Computer               K.K. Parade            Snowman Bed
Comrade K.K.           K.K. Reggae            Snowman Carpet
Concrete Floor         K.K. Safari            Snowman Chair
Diver Dan              K.K. Salsa             Snowman Wall
DJ K.K.                K.K. Tango             Soccer
Donkey Kong 3          K.K. Technopop         Splendid Shirt
Donkey Kong jr.        K.K. Waltz             Spooky Bed
Famous Painting        Ladybug Shirt          Spooky Carpet
Fine Painting          Leapard Print          Spooky Wall
Fiendish SHirt         Letter Cubby           Station Model 10
Flowery Painting       Life Ring              Stego Tail
Go K.K. Rider          Lucky K.K.             Tanabata Palm
Harvest Rug            Lunar Horizon          Tower of Pisa
Igloo Model            Lunar Surface          Treasure Chest
Industrial Wall        Market Model           Tree-lined Wall
Jingle Shelves         Meadow Vista           Tree Model
Jingle Wall            Mortar Wall            Tropical Floor
Kiddie Bed             Moving Painting        Two Days Ago
K.K. Aria              Music Room Floor       Ukulele
K.K. Ballad            Orange Pinstripe       Western Desert
                                              Wide-Screen TV

 * Items with Astrophs(*) must be mailed to villages, see Trading Via Codes
 ===15.1 Nook's Raffle & Redd's Market===
 - Nook's Raffle
 - Redd's Market
                          ===Nook's Raffle===
Arwing                  Exotic Lamp              Mario Trophy*
 I7r45678912345          AlinktothepasT           ECzihy%rtHbHuk
 E2345678912345          ClinkgothepasT           o3XlP3IslEqI#K

Black King p            Garden Pond              Modern Cabinet
 1LhuwvEDA23fmA          2%Q2fhVeRByAY3           MupersmaspbhoS
 dbgnvzbCIBAsyU          Z5yYAK9z9HxLo7           SuIersmashbroS
Black Queen             Garden Gnome*            Nook's Portrait
 1LhuwvEDA22fmA          IP8cGEhbT0x@En           A2345678912345
 dagnvzbCvBAsyU          RTkjA3P3nb#GNh           12345r78m12345

Blue Dresser            Green Pantry             Plum Bonsai
 Blainq0002HeIS          MupersmashbwoS           MupersmaspbsoS
 ABigFatAssNazi          SupersmashbroS           SFpersmashbroS

Blue Corner             Hamster Cage             Pop Machine
 Bi9xES@sTRJTAA          vPdhDyYoeR685b           TwspoGrhumanmY
 sqO9cb#3UaKHs4          afZBlkwcRCmqi3           ThRpoorhumanyG

Cabana Armchair         Hi-Fi Stereo             Ranch Hutch
                         1LhuwvEDA22emA           Psi6ersalClRes
                         dbgnvzbCvBAsyU           Pniversa2Codes

Cabin Bookcase          Ivory Piano              Regal Cupboard
 S2ui@kTheukFH8          JurBsAyCraindY           iakeThisAUnive
 RGTU6@F71d5GX3          HurOsmyGrainyG           rNalCodeOrElse

Cement Mixer            Jukebox                  Samurai Suit*
 1mWYR6IfB@&q7z          a#S8UItokM6850           aPShHyYoeR685b
 8XzSNwpfij76ts          h%LO&kwcRCmqi3           pfBBlkwcRCmqi3

Classic Hutch           Kiddie Stereo            White King
 5ePiES@sTRQmAA          6LhuwvEDA23fmA           aPShDyYoeR685b
 sh&9cb#9Uh9w04          dbgnvzbCIBAsyU           afbBlkwcRCmqi3

Covered Wagon           Lovely Kitchen           White Queen
 ArariaAnfSarah          B6&6KQom9DzR35           aPShDyYoeR685b
 SpurlOageUeo&2          kfLDC4%EEpCmiR           af%BlkwcRCmqi3
                        ===Redd's Market===
Aiko Figurine           Ebony Piano              Moving Painting
                         2%Q3fhMURByAY3           BDeeDmumArIsee
                         Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7           GQeermsehrIsHe

Amazing Painting        Exotic Bed               NES
ebucddbkLagnLg           2%Q2fhVtRByAY3           AkwardwardraiN
BiMBdbichCmqi3           O5yYAK9zNHxLo7           AkwardhardraiN

Backyard Pool           Exotic Table             Pinball
ArTriaAedSarah           znlPfBa6iXoajl
Spurlingtre5&2           ibxCYoH0oW4qrs

Balloon Fight           Famous Painting          Quaint Painting
CbDahLBdaDh98d                                    BDeeWUsmhrIsee
9ub8ExzZKwu7Zl                                    GBeerDsehrIsee

Basic Painting          Flowery Painting         Ranch Chair

Bass (?)                Frog Woman Pole          Ranch Dresser*
                         4u%x5fw9GINwLS           i5iupw5MaN#Z33
                         9ljjHSoLwZMD7&           VaK4XsEbrp5WZO

Black Bishop            Golf                     Red Corner
aDSLDyYoeR685b           Crm%h4BNRbu98d           Si9xES@sTRJsYY
afRBlkwcRCmqi3           9un8exzZKwo7Zl           sh09cb#9Vak#I4

Black Knight            Green Dresser            Regal Bed
SupermakiobroS           PlaystationonE           2%Q2fhVthAyAY3
AeImAlCrOssiNG           PnaystationonE           O5yYAK9zjHxLo7

Black Rook              Green Wardrobe           Regal Chair
aDShHyYoeR685b           ObsuKuKeGiKunY           Q6&6KQom9DzR35
afyBlkwcRCmqi3           ItsuReSeZeNiyG           DfyDC4%EEpCmiR

Blue Bed                High-End Stereo          Robo-Clock
Uxxxxxxxexxxxx           aDSLDyYoeR685b
S6nY2JsF0GE@iz           afaBlkwcRCmqi3
Blue Table              Hinaningyo               Saddle Fence
MupersmEshbroS           SnowsnowmanscY           ArariaAndSarah
SupersmashbroS           BaGwHnAwHanscY           SpurlOngereo&2

Cabana Bed              Judge's Bell*            Scary Painting
B6&6KQom9DzR35           Dd9eES@uTRJsAA           3Je4RwHg4gjvc9
DfkDC4%EEpCmiR           sq09cb39Vak#84           PKHNh5JuzyFnhw

Cabana Chair            Kiddie Bed               Steam Roller
2%QafhMKhAyAY3           SupermariobroS           ArariaAnQSarah
Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7           AnImAlCa0ssiNG           Spurliagtre5&2

Cabin Chair             Kiddie Bed*              Super Toilet
D7r4567a912345           ABoyqndHisglob           Ikriomariomaro
Ea3456789e23i5           ABoyAndHisBlob           Flriomariomaro

Cabin Dresser           Kiddie Clock             Tanabata Palm
11AcKGI9JE#Jf@           IzEiKutsuKiRiY           
gHcebBLdG7Y%PE           HeCeGtsuBeBiyG

Classic Vanity          Lawn Mower               Timpano Drum
Za2&3&4&5&6&7&           fi9xES@sTRJhAA           4u&x5fw9GINwLS
1&2&3&4&5&6&7&           sh09cb#9UaKH84           fljjHSoLwZMD7&

Classic Wardrobe        Letter Cubby             Turntable

Clu Clu Land            Lovely Armoire           Well
Crm%h4BNRyu98d                                    vi9GES@sTRJhAA
9uu8exzZKwu7Zl                                    sh09cb@9UaKHL4

Common Painting*        Lovely End Table         White Bishop
i5iupw5McN#yns           4u&x5fw9GINwLS           SupermariobqoS
K4XsEbrpNQZWPS           9ljjHSoLwZMD7&           4nImAlCa0ssiNG

Computer                Lovely Stereo            White Knight

Dainty Painting         Luigi Trophy             White Rook
ekri%ma9iom5ro           BCQ4iZFK%i5xqo           aPSLHyYoeR685b
Flriomariomaro           SnyrjcrwAeDMkQ           afxBlkwcRCmqi3
Deer Scare              Modern End Table         Wide-Screen TV
aupersmashbroS           A7r45678912345
SFpersmashbroS           K2345678912345

Dice Stereo             Modern Wardrobe 
1LhuwvEDA33fmA           IDktBTGeNewWay
dbgnvzbCIBAsyU           OCRogtingCodez

 ===15.2 Special Items===
 - Special Event Items
 - Gulliver Items
 - Models
 - Camper Items
 - Igloo Items
 - Islander Items
                         ===Special Event Items===           
Aerobics Radio          Cornucopia               Miniature Car
 4UTG548QQtQZGf          4Ui6TCC89Zn0W3           aRShDyYoeR685b
 ln#%jbLEqj5ZBf          dwh%jtLdqjLZBf           PfqBlkwcRCmqi3

Angler Trophy           Dolly                    Moon    
 Wi9GES@sTRJhAA          aPShDyYoeR685b           yUF6T6L8iZn0WU
 sf09cb#9vaKHL4          PfbBlkwcRCmqi3           ywR%jtx@qjLZBf

Autumn Medal            Festive Candle           Noisemaker 
 HortoftendendY          ArariaAndrarah           Di9xES@sTRMsYY
 SortoftendenyG          Srurlqngtre5&2           sqO9cb#9Vak#84

Big Festive Tree        Festive Flag             Piggy Bank 
 lLhuwvEDA33emA          ArariaAnUQarah           4UFG548CQ2QZGf
 dbgnvzbCIBAsyU          SpurlOegHPe5&2           ln#%jWLEGj5ZBf

Birthday Cake           Festive Tree             Snowman
 Q6&6KQom9DzR35          aDSLDyYoeR685b           a&ShHyYoeR685b
 8foDC4%EEpCmiR          afoBlkwcRCmqi3           afyBlkwcRCmqi3

Bottle Rocket           Fishing Trophy           Spring Medal
                         ArariaAndSarah           ArariaAnUrarah
                         Sourl3ngApe5&2           SpurlingAre5&2

Bottled Ship            Lovely Phone             Telescope 
 GethnfoqGreebY          4Ui6TCC8iZcQW3           ArariaAndSarah
 ldtineorfreebY          dwh%jtLcqjIZBf           SsurlingAreo&2

Chocolates              Mailbox                  Tissue
 vuTcfAHyCsqmWj          E7M6s12341231N           votmilkgotmilk 
 ZkyTnDUgCjJ%jb          1ka45123412312           gotmilkgotmi%k
                         ===Gulliver Items===      
Arc De Triomphe         Matryoshka               Shogi Peice     
 ThoDamnHRADoes          Cashisislandeo           4UTG548QQtQZGf 
 NotLikeMyHouse          YoshisislandeS           Zn#%jbLEBj5ZBf  
Chinese Lion            Merlion                  Stone Coin      
 NI9xES@R8G685r          Cashilislandeo           aPShDyYoeR685b
 HbG8#8NESgDOIo          YoshisislandeS           PfBBlkwcRCmqi3 
Chinese Lioness         Mermaid Statue           Tiger Bobblehead
 vuTcfAHyCsqmWj          4UT6T6L8VZn0W3           4UTG548QQKQZGf
 ZkyTnDUgcjJ&jb          ywR%jtxcqjLZBf           ln#%jbLEqj5ZBf

Compass                 Moai Statue              Tokyo Tower
 a&ShDyYoeR685b          vCTbFPFQciYmWC           vxtmilkgotmilk 
 afZBlkwcRCmqi3          Zk&TnDUgYjJ&jb           gotmilkgotmi%k

Fishing Bear            Mouth of Truth           Tower of Pisa
 4UTG548QQKQZGf          Lisreal2084LuG 
 ln#%jbLEVj5ZBf          Lisreal2084Lug

Lady Liberty            Pagoda                   Tribal Mask
 ILhOwvrDA23fmt          4UFG548QQWQZGF           4UTG548QQtQZGf
 dsgnvzbCvBAsyd          an#%j1LEqj5ZBf           In#%jbLEqj5ZRf
Manekin Pis             Plate Armor                  
 vCTbFPFQcuYmWC          a&ShHyYoeR685b                 
 Zk&TnDUgljJ&jb          af%BlkwcRCmqi3

Cosmos Model 1          Pansy Model 3            Station Model 11
 cISIHBYokR685s          4UT6T648GZ3ZW3           ILhOwvrDA23fmt 
 &%LO&kwcRCmqi3          dwb%jtL3qjLZBf           dsgnvzbCIBAsyd

Cosmos Model 2          Pink Tree Model          Station Model 12 
 Ai9xES@sTRJsAA          aRShHyYoeR685b           SupermariobroS
 sh09cb#9UaKHA4          afBBlkwcRCmqi3           oiImg1Cr0ssiNG

Cosmos Model 3          Police Model             Station Model 13
 fi9xES@sTRJhAA                                   aRSLHyYoeR685b
 sh09cb#9UaKHl4                                   afoBlkwcRCmqi3

Dirt Model*             Post Model               Station Model 14
 4HT6T948YZnOW3          4UH6TbA8VZaAW3           aRSLDyYoeR685b
 dji%jtLEqj5ZBf          dwh%jtLeqj5ZBf           afRBlkwcRCmqi3

Dump Model              Shop Model               Station Model 15
 LLhOwvrDA22fmt          alShDyYoeR685b           ABoyqndHisBlob 
 dagnvzbCIBAsyd          PfbBlkwcRCmqi3           ABoeAnuHisBlub

Grass Model             Snowy Tree Model         Tailor Model*
 ABoyqndHEsBlob          WhatHaveYouGot           KGabBxxxxxxxxx
 ABoewndHisBlob          ForMeTqdayNook           S6nY2JIF0GE@iz

House Model             Station Model 1          Tent Model
 aRShDyYoeR685b          1LhOwvrDA23fmt           Ai9xES@sTRJsYY
 afZBlkwcRCmqi3          dsgnvzbCIBAsyd           sh09cb#9Vak#I4

Igloo Model             Station Model 2*         Track Model
                         Ai9@ES@sTRJsAA           a&SLeyYoeR685b
                         sh09cb39Vak#I4           afRBlkwcRCmqi3
Katrina's Tent          Station Model 3          Train-Car Model
 BuN2up3up4upsG          NI9xES@R8G685r           OadtGmersoldtI 
 1up2up3up4ups1          HbG8#8NESgEPIo           OldtimersoldtI

Lighthouse Model        Station Model 4          Tree Model
 aRSLDyYoeR685b          ABoyqndHtsBlob
 afoBlkwcRCmqi3          ABoesndHisBlub

Locomotive Model        Station Model 5          Tulip Model 1
 a&SLDyYoeR685b          yUF6T6X8iZn0WU           Di9GES@sTRJhYY
 afRBlkwcRCmqi3          dwk%j8x@qjLZBf           sq09cb#3UaKHP5

Manor Model             Station Model 6          Tulip Model 2
 aRShHyYoeR685b          aRSLDyYoeR685b           Di9xES@sTRJhYY
 af&BlkwcRCmqi3          afrBlkwcRCmqi3           scO9cb#9UaKHL4

Market                  Station Model 7          Tulip Model 3 
                         E7M6t5x4A3d2fi           fi9xES@sTRJsYY
                         E7M6s5x4A3d2fl           sc09cb#9Vak#I4

Museum Model            Station Model 8          Weed Model 
 LLhOwvrDA22fmt          ABoyqndHysBlob           yUF6T6L8iZn0WU
 dagnvzbCvBAsyU          ABoesndHisBlob           ywU%jtx@qjLZBf

Pansy Model 1           Station Model 9          Well Model
 fi9GES@sTRJhAA          QtiXgIAGfe2AI7           a&ShHyYoeR685b 
 sq09cb#9UaKHL4          WwBZBBWW&PulBC           afABlkwcRCmqi3

Pansy Model 2           Station Model 10

                            ===Camper Items===
Backpack                Kayak                    Propane Stove
 fi9GES@sTRJsAA          4i9xES@sTRJhAA           Ai9xES@sTRJsYY
 sqO9cb#9UaKHL4          shO9cb#9UaKHo            sh09cb33UaKHl4

Bonfire                 Lantern                  Sleeping Bag
 fi9xES@sTRJsAA          zkT1D0Y4k36851           Ai9xES@sTRJsAA
 sh09cb#9UaKH84          847613wcRCmqir           shO9cb#7UaKHl4

campfire                Mountain Bike*           Tent Model
                         iy9e8w@uTRJsAA           Ai9xES@sTRJsYY
                         sq09cb39Vak#84           sh09cb#9Vak#I4


                           ===Igloo Items===
Chowder                 Fireplace                Snowboard
 vi9GES@sTRJhAA          TqkckitsbecadY           dhatHaveYouKot
 sh09cb&9UaKHL4          TpinkitsbecayG           ForMeTqdayNook

Crab Stew*              Sleigh
 ahatHaveYouGot          ThkckitsbecadY          Igloo Model
 ForMeTodayNook          ThinkitsbecayG             
DUMMY                   Snow Bunny*                    
 (Not sure if)           FWgsS#25eOv4Fp                    
 (there is one)          C9%qZxC3iy32VY                

                           ===Island Items===
Beach Chair             Life Ring                Treasure Chest

Beach Table             Snowcone Machine         Ukulele

Diver Dan               Surfboard                Wave Breaker
                         WhitHaveYouGot           WhatHaveYouSot
                         ForMeTqdayNook           ForMeTqdayNook

 ===15.3 Special Series===
 - Harvest Series
 - Jingle Series
 - Snowman Series
 - Spooky Series
 - Mario Theme   
                       ===Harvest Series===
Harvest Bed             Harvest Dresser          Harvest Table* 
 ArariaAndrarah          fi9GES@sTRJsAA           vPNH#CJc5yevsB
 Swurlingtre5&2          sqO9cb#9UaKHI4           DDQOhQdeKxHydS

Harvest Bureau          Harvest Lamp             Harvest T.V.
 Di9xES@sTRJsYY          1TWYT6IfB@&q7z           vPSYDyYoeR685b
 sqO9cb#3UaKHP5          8UzSN1pfij76ts           afZBlkwcRCmqi3
Harvest Chair           Harvest Mirror           Harvest Rug
 ifc74nVlY%zoI4          ZeldainhyruleS
 I5X@qSEncEKb0V          NlgendO3Zeldgb

Harvest Clock*          Harvest Sofa             Harvest Wall
 R5ngoARS6I3iVL          ArariaAndrarah           aPShDyYoeR685b
 y&M6IJyNoWUBW4          Srurl5ngtre5&2           AfhBlkwcRCmqi3

                       ===Jingle Series===
Jingle Bed              Jingle Lamp              Jingle Table
 aPShHyYoeR685b          aPShDyYoeR685b           lLhuwvEDA33emA
 afvBlkwcRCmqi3          afTBlkwcRCmqi3           dbgnvzbCvBAsyU

Jingle Chair            Jingle Piano             Jingle Wardrobe
 aDSLHyYoeR685b          aDShHyYoeR685b           MeetloafmeatdY
 afBBklwcRCmqi3          afEBlkwcRCmqi3           LxatloafmeatdY

Jingle Clock            Jingle Shelves           Jingle Carpet
 JgpermariobqoS                                   B66aPcdnE6ef7H
 2ysmAlCa0ssiNG                                   DhGabcd6BAefgH

Jingle Dresser          Jingle Sofa              Jingle Wall
 11AcKGI9JE#Jf@          aPShDyYoeR685b
 gHceoBLdG7Y%PE          afhBlkwcRCmqi3

                      ===Snowman Series===
Snowman Clock           Snowman Sofa              Snowman Carpet
 vCTbFPFQciYmWC          4UTG548QQtQZGf
 Zk&TnDUgljJ&jb          In#%j1L7qj5ZRf

Snowman Dresser         Snowman Table             Snowman Wall
 AkwardwarjraiN          4UTG548uQKQZGf
 AkwardhSrdraiN          1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf

Snowman Fridge          Snowman TV                Snowman Bed
 4UFG548CQ2QZGf          4UTG548QQtQZGf
 1n#%jWLEqj5ZBf          ln#%j2LNqj5ZBf

Snowman Lamp            Snowman Wardrobe          Snowman Chair
 vCTbFPFQcxYmWC          4UTG548qQKQZGf
 Zk&TnDUgljJ&jb          1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf

                      ===Spooky Series===
Spooky Bookcase         Spooky Lamp               Spooky Wardrobe
 GsHinkistinkiS          Dar4567a912345            jePiES@LTRJmAA
 LstinkistinkiS          Ea3456789e23i5            pcddkwe9Uh9wO4

Spooky Chair            Spooky Sofa               Spooky Carpet
 linkz2ldaBanon          2%Q2fhVehAyAY3
 ganonSeldClink          O5yYAK9zJHxLo7

Spooky Clock            Spooky Table              Spooky Wall
 2%Q2fhMKRByAY3          2%Q3EhMeRByAY3
 05yYAK9zNHxLo7          Z5yYAK9zxHxLo7
Spooky Dresser          Spooky Vanity             Spooky Bed
 riPiES@sTRJmAA         2%Q2fhMdRByAY3
 shO9cb#9Uh9wO4         O5yYAK9zNHxLo7

              Jack-In-The-Box          Jack-o'-Lantern
               NmxIGWIeSLYAAC           2%Q2fhMURByAY3
               triMwbzCGvFs&Q           Z5yYAK9zNHxLo7

                        ===Mario Theme===
? Block                 Coin                       Koopa Shell     
 Ni9xES@sTRJhAA          rSbaUIRmwUgwkA             Bi9xES@sTRJsAA     
 sh09cb#9UaKHB4          1K6tq#LMscTY%2             shO9cb#9UaKHs4

Brick Block             Fireflower                 Mushroom Mural
 ArVriaAnUrarah          4UT6T948GZnOW3             QI6DLEnhm23CqH
 Spurling1re5&2          dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf             zrUHk3cXd#HOr9

Block Flooring          Flagpole                   Starman
 666abcdn66efgH          4UT6T6L89ZnOW3             4UF6T948GZ3ZW3
 DyGabcd6B6efgH          dwU%jtL3qjLZBf             dw#%jtLEqj5ZBf

Cannon                  Green Pipe                 Super Mushroom
 4UT6T6L89ZnOW3          1mWYg6IfB@&q7z             #SbaUIRmw#gwkY
 dw&%jtL3qjLZBf          8XzSNwpfij76ts             Bh66qeLMscTY%2
 ===15.4 NES games===
Balloon Fight           Donkey Kong 3            Punch-Out       

Baseball                Donkey Kong Jr.          Soccer      
 1n5%N%8JUjE5fj                                   C%X4kpi6TLgdY3
 lEcGr4%ync5eUp                                   hI8X8PX9bAavFj

Clu Clu Land            Excitebike               Super Tortimer
 Crm%h4BNRyu98d          3%Q4fhMTRByAY3           ArariaAndrarah 
 9uu8exzZKwu7Zl          05yYAK9zNHxLd7           S9urlCngtre5&2

Clu Clu Land D          Golf                     Tennis*
                         Crm%h4BNRbu98d           jePccCvLTRJoBA
                         9un8exzZKwo7Zl           pcddkwe9ej9rO4

DK Jr MATH              NES                      Wario's Woods
  bA5PC%8JUjE5fj         AkwardwardraiN           bA5PC%8JUjE5fj
 ljcGr4%ync5EUp          AkwardhardraiN           1EcGr4%ync5eup
Donkey Kong             Pinball

 ===15.5 Wallpaper, Carpets, and shirts===
 - Wallpaper
 - Carpets
 - Shirts

Ancient Wall            Industrial Wall          Ringside Seating 

Backgammon Wall         Jingle Wall              Sandlot Wall

Basement Wall           Lunar Horizon            Snowman Wall

Blue Tarp               Meadow Vista             Spooky Wall

Classroom Wall*         Mortar Wall              Tree-lined Wall

Desert Vista            Music Room Wall          Tropical Vista
 gES58yYoev685b          PtwqrpuffGwrls           EByY6mPTISyAEE 
 BfMBlkwcRCmqi3          PowerpuffGirls           Meexae81jaVOOb

Harvest Wall            Office Wall              Western Vista
 aPShDyYoeR685b          JgpermariobqoS           ebSS8yYoev685b
 AfhBlkwcRCmqi3          8ysmAlCa0ssiNG           BfMBlkwcRCmqi3


Ancient Tile            Daisy Meadow             Sand Garden
Basment Floor           Harvest Rug              Sandlot

Block Flooring          Jingle Carpet            Sidewalk

Boxing Ring Mat         Lunar Surface            Snowman Carpet

Chessboard Rug          Mossy Carpet             Spooky Carpet

Classroom Floor         Music Room Floor         Tropical Floor

Closed Road             Office Flooring          Western Desert
 Ndntendoistheb          666abcdn66efgH
 estgamecompany          Dy4abcd6B6efgH

Concrete Floor          Saharah's Desert 

Blue Aloha Shirt*       Grass Shirt              Shirt Circuit
 SkiesOfArcadia          guibfAHyEfqmWP           guibfAHyExqmWP
 SkiesOfArc4dia          ZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb           ZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb

Butterfly Shirt         Groovy Shirt             Snow Shirt
 vuHcfAH%FTqmW#          aMicJsaQes1mWg           guibfAHdExqmWc
 ZkyTnDUgqjJ&jb          ZcNTgDLgqjJZBj           ZkrTnDUgkjJ&jb

Caterpillar Tee         Jingle Shirt             Splendid Shirt
 1qWyt6IfB@&q7z          YoWeo6EfBu&q7z 
 8XzSNtwfyq76ts          8IzSYiwfso76ts

Citrus Shirt            Kiwi Shirt               Strawberry Shirt
                         aMTdTraLVs1mWb           HllMazztHemmoY
                         6waTgDLxgjJZBf           IlljazzthemmyG

Cool Shirt*             Ladybug Shirt            Swell Shirt
 OSqeIseeIseeIs                                   guibfAHyE3qmWP
 IAeeIseeIseeIs                                   ZkhTnDUgUjJ&jb
Coral Shirt             Lavender Robe            Tiger Print
 ThqPoliceDogIs          2GiDfAiLrh1mWg           1qWWO6IfB@&q7z
 CopperHeIsCool          ZcyTgDLgYjJ&jj           8XzSNrpfyw76ts

Cow Print               Leapard Print            Tin Shirt
 HlljazzthemmoY                                   guibfAHyE3qmWP
 IlljazzthemmyG                                   ZkhTnDUgljJ&jb

Crossing Shirt          Melon Shirt              Watermelon Shirt
 RethnfoqGreebY          aMiBAsaQls1mWg           guibfAH1EFqmWP
 ldtineorWreebY          ZcGTgDLxqjJZBf           ZkrTnDUgdjJ&jb

Fiendish Shirt          Orange Pinstripe         Work Uniform 

Giraffe Print           Patched Shirt            Zebra Print
 guiDfAH%AfqmWi          vCTbf%FykEYmWc           vuTbfAHyC3qmWc
 ZkyTnDUgQjJ&j%          Zk&TnDUgljJ&jb           ZkhTnDUg1jJ&jb

Gracie's Top            Pulse Shirt
 4UTG548uQKQZGf          FdImAstringtdY 
 1n#%jTLEqj5ZBf          FrCmastringtyG

Grape Shirt             Red Aloha Shirt

 ===15.6 Other Items===
 - Paintings
 - Fossils
 - K.K. Songs
 - Nintendo
 - Other Items

Amazing Painting        Famous Painting          Quaint Painting
 ebucddbkLagnLg                                   BDeeWUsmhrIsee
 BiMBdbichCmqi3                                   GBeerDsehrIsee
Basic Painting          Fine Painting            Rare Painting
 ebucddbkLRgnLg                                   VAriomariomaro
 BiMBdbichCmqi3                                   Flriomariomaro
Classic Painting        Flowery Painting         Scary Painting
Common Painting*        Moving Painting          Strange Painting
 i5iupw5McN#yns          BDeeDmumArIsee           NmxIGWIeSLYAAC
 K4XsEbrpNQZWPS          GQeermsehrIsHe           u6iMwbzCGvFsnQ

Dainty Painting         Perfect Painting         Worthy Painting
 ekri%ma9iom5ro          Wkriomariomaro           7kriMma9iom5ro
 Flriomariomaro          Flriomariomaro           Flriomariomaro


Amber                   Plesio Neck              Tricera Skull
 vuTcfAHyCSqmWj          4pTG548uQKQZGf           aDSLHyYoeR685b
 ZkyTnDUgcjJ&jb          1n#%jFLEqj5ZBf           afBBlkwcRCmqi3

Ammonite                Plesio Skull*            Tricera Tail
                         I5gTK#HYSv#i6w           eWoG4aYGDeYiOe
                         Qt@fWMjUhoMVgg           SiDXcOAcZuAjsZ

Apato Skull             Plesio Torso             Tricera Torso
 CashisislkndeS          4UFG548QQWQZGF           OadtimersoldtI
 YoshisislandeS          an#%j%L5qj5ZBf           OldtimersoldtI

Apato Tail              Ptero Left Wing          Trilobite
 KsCtBedonatioY          CashisislandeS           vuTcfAHyCSqmWm
 FsrthedonatioY          YoshisislandeS           ZkhTnDUgbjJ&jb

Apato Torso             Ptera Right Wing*        T-Rex Skull
 4UTG548pQKQZGf          DeqnisMgllerIs           QtiXgIAGfe2AI7
 1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf          SokDamnAwesome           WwBZBBWW#PulBc

Dinosaur Egg            Ptera Skull              T-Rex Tail 
 XJh5rVHlvsVeWi                                   1LhuwvEDA22fmA
 U6ATVrjlec&BFP                                   dbgnvzbCvBAsyU
Dinosaur Track          Stego Skull              T-Rex Torso
 4NTG548uQKQZGf          huTcfAHyCsqmWj           vuTcfAHyCSqmWj
 1n#%j6LEqj5ZBf          ZkyTnDUgCjJ%jb           ZkyTnDUgbjJ&jb

Mammoth Skull           Stego Tail

Mammoth Torso           Stego Torso 
 4UTG548aQKQZGf          4UTG548uQKQZGf
 1n#%jNLEqj5ZBf          1n#%j1LEqj5ZBf

                            ===K.K. Songs===

Aloha K.K.              K.K. Etude               K.K. Ska

Café K.K.*              K.K. Faire               K.K. Song
 jePccCvLTRJoBA                                   jePccCvLTRJoBA
 pcddkwe9ej9wO4                                   Tcddkwe9ej9rz4

Comrade K.K.            K.K. Folk                K.K. Soul

DJ K.K.                 K.K. Fusion              K.K. Steppe

Go K.K. Rider!          K.K. Gumbo               K.K. Swing* 

I Love You              K.K. Jazz                K.K. Tango

Imperial K.K.           K.K. Lament              K.K. Technopop
 3%J%cCcdSxWiIt          Rog%rClemensTr
 givJsjsAznGVDB          iEsFor3hundred

K.K. Aria               K.K. Love Song           K.K. Waltz 

K.K. Ballad             K.K. Lullaby             K.K. Western
K.K. Blues              K.K. Mambo               Lucky K.K.
 MiEerquitemamY          Dozdey@DiddysD           
 QeverquitemayG          Donkey@DiddysD           

K.K. Bossa              K.K. March               Mr. K.K.
 Ro@%rClemensTr                                   IfoundbsriedhY
 iEsFor3hundred                                   IfoundburiedyG

K.K. Calypso            K.K. Parade              Only Me
 RogerClemeqsTr                                   69UIKKdcMs%Qrs
 iEsFor3hundred                                   nj#H@ooBWIWok5

K.K. Casbah*            K.K. Ragtime             Rockin' K.K.
 PunehMeOutBoyS                                   69UiKKdcMs%Qrs
 PuncEMeOutBoyS                                   nj#H@ooBWlWok5

K.K. Chorale            K.K. Reggae              Senor K.K.

K.K. Condor             K.K. Rock                Soulful K.K.*
 Oqtjq2f&4MOru9          69UIKkdcMs%Qrs           RogerClemensTq  
 IM8dr2pYkxqla#          nj#H@ooBWlWOk5           iEsFor3hundred

K.K. Country            K.K. Safari              Surfin' K.K.
                         nbfDGWieSLYAAC           OainktothepasT
                         u6iMwbzCGvFs&Q           ClinkgothepasT

K.K. Cruisin'           K.K. Salsa               The K. Funk   
 PunehMAOuVBoy8                                   IseerainhardrY
 kuncyMeOutBoyS                                   lseerainhardrY

K.K. D & B              K.K. Samba*              Two Days Ago
 NbfDGWIeSLYAAC          PunehMeOutBoy8            
 u6iMwbzCGvFs&Q          PunchMeOutBoyS           
K.K. Dirge                                            

Arwing                  Mario Trophy*               N Logo
 I7r45678912345          ECzihy%rtHbHuk              MuQx5fw9GINwLS
 E2345678912345          o3XlP3IslEqI#K              9ljjHSoLwZMD7&
  G Logo                    Master Sword                     
   WhatHaveYouGot           UniversalClRes                  
   ForMeTqdCyCook           UniversalCodes             
Luigi Trophy               Nintendo Bench                    
 BCQ4iZFK%i5xqo             cU3jlm@hdl6Aip                  
 SnyrjcrwAeDMkQ             zJFAEajAcbZXim               
                        ===Other Items===    
100 Turnips             March Ticket x4          Random Item
 aPShDyYoeR685b          Ec345123412312           rbhbSCvhathoBa
 afcAlkwcRCmqi3          1ki45123412312           dzddkweuej9rcd

Spoiled Turnips         May Ticket x4            Blue Cosmos Bag 
 k%lovSryosrfaY          mc3451Ru4K2312           #wH4Br5BQz39kJ
 AlloveryourfyG          1ki45123412312           fiHg%xAySuPNxl

Candy                   October Ticket x5        White Cosmos Bag*
 IkomyourfathzY          mc3451Ru4K2312           Io4rorofhorrdY
 LiimyourfathzY          1ki45123u12312           Ho4rorofhorrdY

January Ticket x5       November Ticket x6       Yellow Pansy Bag
 Ec3451Ru4K2312          Ec3451Ru4K2312           o@ddf6Yq#sHxcx 
 cki45123412312          1ki45123412312           0YcLaENeHt3kn&

February Ticket x2      December Ticket x7       Yellow Tulip Bag
 nsECYfAUZOJiOV          mc3451Ru4K2312           ScEAXmcEiL&OSU
 OUAOoBUB5aOoOu          1ki45123412312           uahdEOZrNRisNM

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