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    Action Replay Glitches FAQ by xTheSiskox

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/09/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Animal Crossing Action Replay
    FAQ Version 1.1
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    0) Updates
    1) Introduction
    2) The Action Replay Codes
    3) How to properly use the Action Replay Codes
       a) Paying off your house the safe way
       b) What can happen with time warping
       c) Gullivers Glitches
    4) Miscellaneous
    5) Acknowledgements
    6) Disclaimer / Contact Info
    0) Updates
    12/02/03: First version of the FAQ which was submitted to Gamefaqs only to be
    rejected because someone at Gamefaq's didn't actually bother reading the entire
    FAQ to understand that this FAQ deals with problems that can crop up using
    Action Replay codes in Animal Crossing, to the point that your town will be
    unplayable or forever messed up until it's erased.
    12/08/03: Updated the Introduction section a bit as to why I have some Action
    Replay codes in this FAQ. It's still helpful to have a subset of the codes here
    that ACTUALLY work properly for Animal Crossing and will not mess up your town.
    1) Introduction
    This FAQ is for helping out owners of the Action Replay device to avoid various
    problems that would corrupt your town to the point that your town may crash at
    random when visiting certain squares, grabbing or dropping certain items or
    having garbage characters on your town bulletin/message board.
    All too often I see many people having problems with the Action Replay and
    Animal Crossing and not getting the help they need to AVOID corrupting town(s)
    in the first place.
    2) The Action Replay Codes
    Here are the Action Replay codes that are recommended to avoid problems in your
    town. Section 3 will explain how to better use these codes to avoid town
    corruption or game freezing/locking, and resets.
    *** IMPORTANT ***
    These are the newest versions of the Animal Crossing codes from Codejunkies.com
    DO NOT use these new codes with the old codes (old meaning the codes that came
    on your Action Replay Disc) or you WILL definetly have odd behaviour and town
    corruption. USE only these new codes and do NOT activate *ANY* of the old codes,
    These codes are also ones that were posted on Codejunkies.com website and on
    other Action Replay sites. I have NOT listed all the codes here, simply because
    the codes below when used together insure that your town's wishing well will NOT
    be messed up to the point that no matter how many tree's or weed's you remove
    the wishing well will still not say your town is fine.
    *NOTE* For this new "(M)" code - what you need to do is edit the default (M)
    code, enter in the new 2 lines of code, then save it. Start up your game with no
    Animal Crossing Codes active, then save your town and quit. This will make a new
    (M) in green appear at the bottom of your list after using the Action Replay
    once or twice to play Animal Crossing.
    Never Get Resetti
    Due to the way Animal Crossing works this code is essential to avoid having
    Resetti popping up and reaming your ears out. :) After using this code for the
    first or second time, Resetti may pop up the next time you load up your town
    without the Action Replay, if he does just do what he says and or listen to him,
    then save your town.
    From that point on he should not pop up again.
    Infinite Bells
    Fills up your wallet with 999,999 bells. This code may at times cause a constant
    bell ringing sound when purchasing items or just walking into Nook's store or
    the post office. It's just a harmless side effect of this code.
    Full Bank Account - Post Office
    Fills up your bank account at the post office with 999,999,999 bells which is
    only 1 bell short from 1 billion bells. :) This code will also cause the post
    office to send you some letters with various gifts because of all the money.
    One thing to note though - you can not withdraw or deposit money from the bank
    account until you have fully upgraded your house and paid it all off. More on
    this in section 3.
    100% Full Catalog
    Your entire catalog is full at Nook's store. While not everything is purchasable
    you can at least see what everything look's like.
    All Wallpaper Costs 1 Bell
    Unlocks *ALL* wallpapers (even the rare wallpapers) with a cost of 1 bell each.
    All Carpets Costs 1 Bell
    Unlocks *ALL* Carpets (even the rare Carpets) with a cost of 1 bell each.
    All Clothes Costs 1 Bell
    Unlocks *ALL* Clothing (even the rare clothes) with a cost of 1 bell each.
    All Items Costs 1 Bell
    Unlocks *ALL* items (even rare items) with a cost of 1 bell each.
    Tons of Furniture Purchasable
    This code is fairly long to input but it's worth it due to the fact that you can
    basically purchase entire furniture sets from the catalog at any time of the
    year in the game, including seasonal sets such as Harvest, Spooky, Jingle,
    3) How to properly use the Action Replay Codes
    Here is how to properly use the Action Replay codes in Section 2 to avoid
    problems in your town with everything from random garbage/glitch items to random
    town squares resetting your game etcetera.
    .a) Paying off your house the safe way
    For paying off your house mortages and fully expanding it the best way to do it
    is to enable the Infinite Bells code and the Full Bank Account Code. Then, drop
    or bury a *LOT* of 30,000 money bags outside in front of the 4 houses, inside
    your house, etcetera. If your money bags happen to disappear due to grubby town
    citizens :) then your bags will be in the Lost and Found for a few days.
    Then save, turn off your GC, take out the Action Replay device from memory card
    slot B and reload your town without the Action Replay being active. You can now
    pay off Nook for the money he wants to upgrade your house. If you want, you can
    talk to Nook, specify that yes you want the next house upgrade and what color
    roof you want, save, adjust the time to one day ahead and repeat. It's a quicker
    way unless you absolutely don't like time warping. Eventually you will come to
    the last upgrade which is close to 800,000 bells.
    If you need more money at this point to pay it off, save your town, reload the
    Action Replay with the Infinite Money code, then save again, take out the Action
    Replay device, reload your town, pay off that final amount, then save and go
    ahead to the next day to see your statue in front of the train station. At this
    point you can stay on the same day or if you so desire, set it to the real date
    and time. You will still have your nice 2 story house with basement and the
    statue, but you will have to tour your town to do some weed pulling.
    .b) What can happen with time warping
    Now at this point you are probably asking yourself "Why do I have to go through
    all this to upgrade my house when I could just time warp with the codes
    active?". Well, the reason you have to do this is because again of how Animal
    Crossing works. There is a nasty glitch that happens when you have the Action
    Replay active and start time warping with Animal Crossing codes active. The
    glitch most often shows itself on the bulletin/message board in the form of what
    your town characters bury in random town squares.
    As a example we all get used to seeing our characters bury things like various
    items, furniture, you name it. It will say "So and so item or what not was
    buried in one of the blah blah acres or in this square (IE C5 or A1 as a
    example). When you start time warping with Animal Crossing codes active, the
    game chracters starts burying garbage/glitch items that will permanetly corrupt
    or glitch your town. You could see a message like "So and so has buried (garbage
    characters) in acre C5.
    What will happen is when you go to C5, Animal Crossing might reset on you the
    second you walk into C5 and show you the Nintendo title screen, therby losing
    everything you did beforehand. When this glitch happens you are permanetly
    locked out of that square. This is because the game found a garbage item it
    wasn't expecting to be buried in the first place and therby resets itself.
    You may be able to find the hole in the ground and dig up the item in C5 if the
    above glitch doesn't happen, only to have the game reset or you will end up with
    a weird looking fish item that once dropped outside can be walked over, but not
    dug up or picked up. It would stay there as a permanent outside ornament in your
    So in a nutshell, do not time warp with Action Replay codes active - stick only
    to the SAME day when using the codes, otherwise you will have a permanetly
    messed up town in various square(s).
    .c) Gullivers Glitches
    Yet another glitch happens with Gulliver when any Action Replay codes are
    active. If you happen to run across Gulliver laying down on the shore of your
    beach, DO NOT TALK TO HIM with the Action Replay active. You can of course save
    and take out the Action Replay hardware from slot b, then go back and see if he
    is still there, then wake him up.
    The reason you do not talk to him with the Action Replay code(s) active is
    because Gulliver, once you wake him up will hand you a glitch/garbage item that
    has the potential to reset your game, mess up your inventory, or appear as a
    item with no name that once dropped, will just disappear or perhaps even cause a
    reset glitch in the square you found him as well.
    4) Miscellaneous
    This is more of a question and answer section to the most common questions
    people might have when using Action Replay codes.
    Q: Help! I loaded up my game and now I see weird looking black dots on the grass
    squares when I leave my house!
    A: This is just a very minor visual glitch that happens sometimes when you load
    up your town with the Action Replay. It is only a visual glitch and will not
    affect your towns saved data in any way. If it really bugs you, then save and
    reload your game again with the Action Replay. Sometimes this glitch may even
    happen WITHOUT the Action Replay loaded.
    Q: Help! I am suddenly seeing garbage characters on some bulletin board messages
    A: Read Section 3.b for a detailed explanation of why this happens and how to
    avoid it.
    5) Acknowledgements
    * Codejunkies (also known as Datel) for creating the Action Replay in the first
    place. To this day it STILL is the ONLY device allowing for hacking/cheating
    because Interact (now Madcatz) will never, ever, get a Gameshark out anyway. :D
    * Nintendo for developing Animal Crossing in the first place.
    6) Disclaimer / Contact Info
    This FAQ is copyright 12/03 by xTheSiskox. You are allowed to use this FAQ on
    your site but I would appreciate it if you contact me beforehand so I know where
    my FAQ is ending up besides Gamefaqs.
    Animal Crossing is a trademark of Nintendo. Copyright 2001-2003 Nintendo. This
    guide is not written nor endorsed by Nintendo.
    Contact Info
    Feel free to contact me via e-mail at quarkds9@safe-mail.net if you have any
    questions about this FAQ or the Action Replay in regards to Animal Crossing.

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