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    Glitch FAQ by Astrojulie

    Version: 2.5 | Updated: 01/24/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    (c) Astrojulie 2003
    Table of Contents:
    1) News and Updates
    2) Introduction
    3) What Are Glitches?
    4) How Can I Find A Glitch?
    5) All the Glitches
        5a) No New Villagers Glitch
        5b) Villager Sessile Glitch
        5c) Gracie On Sign Glitch
        5d) Out of Season Fish Glitch
        5e) Diary Freeze Glitch
        5f) Post Office Duplication Glitch
        5g) Sleepwalking Villager Glitch
        5h) Villager Fusion Glitch
        5i) Resetti's Temper Glitch
        5j) Villager Suicide Glitch
        5k) Gyroid Earthquake Glitch
        5l) Fishing Tourney Glitch
        5m) Costume Deprivation Glitch
        5o) Rags... Or Not Glitch
        5p) Mysterious Glitch Item
        5q) Shiny Spot Glitch
        5r) Disappearing Ball Glitch
        5s) Invisible Table Glitch
        5t) Redd's Split Personality Glitch
        5u) Fishing Freeze Glitch
        5v) Pattern Switch Glitch
        5w) Shiny Spot Duplication Glitch
        5x) DUMMY Glitch
        5y) Jack Glitch
        5z) Instrument Glitch
        5aa) Shovel Barrier Glitch
        5bb) Villager Fusion Part Two
        5cc) Disappearing Nook Glitch
    6) Weird Things That AREN'T Glitches
        6a) Islands On The Mainland
        6b) Pitfalls
        6c) Disappearing Fish
        6d) Huge Island Fish
        6e) Three Level Towns
        6f) Graphic Overlap
    7) Boring Legal Stuff
    Version 1.0 11-15-03
    Started FAQ!
    Version 1.5 11-30-03
    I added some new glitches, fixed some spelling mistakes and confirmed a few
    Version 1.8 12-6-03
    Uh... I didn't really know what to put for the version number. But I only
    added a couple new glitches, so I gave it three-tenths more of a version
    thingy. Next update will be 2.0. I think. Gosh, I'm confused. And it's
    snowing buckets here! Anyway, I added a couple new glitches to the FAQ and
    some verifications. Thanks to all you people who help me out with this! I
    appreciate it.
    Version 2.0 12-16-03
    I added a couple glitches (and non-glitches), fixed others and updated some
    stuff. Yeah. By the way, today (Dec. 16) is the 230th anniversary of the
    Boston Tea Party. So go home and have a cup of coffee! Besides me. I don't
    drink coffee. Muahaha.
    Version 2.5 1-1-04
    Wow, 2004 already! Hope you had a good New Year! I added some glitches to the
    FAQ, fixed some stuff... the usual. I also updated the Graphic Overlap
    section in the Things That Aren't Really Glitches section.
    Hello, fellow ACers! This FAQ is dedicated to telling you all about the many
    glitches in Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing is not exactly the most bug-free
    game on Earth, and this guide lists many of the blips you may encounter while
    playing AC! Some glitches are cool, some are barely noticeable and some are
    just plain annoying, but nonetheless it's important to know about them, and
    it's also a lot of fun to read about them, too! So please enjoy my FAQ, and I
    hope you enjoy it!
    Glitches are blips or bugs in the game that aren't supposed to be there. For
    instance, if you were walking around town and suddenly walked through a tree,
    that would be a glitch because it was an unusual thing that was not intended
    to happen in the game. Animal Crossing has a surprisingly large amount of
    glitches, but they're usually not easily found. Also, any odd occurrences
    found by using an Action Replay does not count, for they were not intended to
    be used for the game and any side effects of using them are not associated
    with the game itself, but rather the Action Replay.
    There isn't really a sure-fire way to FIND a glitch. Most glitches are found
    by complete accident. So, the only way to really find a glitch is to just
    play Animal Crossing as you normally would.
    This section lists and describes many of the glitches in Animal Crossing!
    This is of course not a complete list, since not every glitch has been found,
    but if I run into a new glitch, I will add it here. Here is the format I will
    use for listing the glitches:
    Title: The title of the glitch
    Discovered By: the name of the person or people who found this glitch
    Tested: Whether or not the glitch was tested and proven by me or someone else
    Details: Details on how to find the glitch yourself and what it does
    Now, onto the glitches!!!
    Title: No New Villagers
    Discovered By: Astrojulie (me!)
    Tested: Yes
    Details: This glitch prevents new villagers from moving into a new town. You
    will need three memory cards to perform this glitch. The first memory card
    should have your town (let's call it Town A) on it and the other two should
    be free of ANY AC data.
    First, create a new town on the second memory card. Let's call this new town
    Town B. The name and whatever does not matter. THE SAME DAY that you create
    Town B, travel to it from Town A on travel data. To travel on travel data,
    put Town A in slot A and the third blank memory card in slot B. Go to the
    train station and go on a trip to the blank card. Porter will create travel
    data. On the title screen, take out the card with Town A on it and put in
    important. Never take out the blank card, because it now has your travel data
    on it! Now that you are in Town B, you can do whatever you like there. When
    you are done in Town B, return to the train station. If you talk to Porter,
    he will save your travel data again on the blank card. You will hear the
    saving music and the screen will go back to the title screen. If you want to
    go back to Town A, take out town B and put in the Town A card while leaving
    the travel data in slot B. When you are back in your town, you can take the
    travel data out of slot B! The day after you create Town B, play on Town B as
    the character there. A villager from Town A should have moved to Town B, but
    no new villagers will move into town B after him/her! This is a good way to
    keep your town small and not crowded if you want to.
    Title: Sessile Villagers
    Discovered By: Multiple people
    Tested: Yes
    Details: This glitch can't be triggered, it happens by accident. What happens
    in that a villager in your town will be rendered sessile (scientific term for
    "unable to move", don't ask). They will only be able to move in a very short
    area. What often happens is that a villager will only be able to spin around
    in one square, but it will look as if it's walking in place. I encountered
    this glitch twice with Gonzo, where he would only be able to walk between two
    trees about 5 spaces apart, but no where else, even if I tried to push him.
    As Luigi DM stated on the Gamefaqs message boards:
    "I also see the villager spin around almost everyday. Rio lives one acre
    north of the well and I always run to the well to ask how everything is. Rio
    lives in D-5 and the well is in E-5. Every time I pass through D5 there is no
    one around. When I make the screen scroll by going to E-5 Rio appears out of
    nowhere spinning in circles in D-5. Even though I'm in E-5 I can see her from
    there. Only pushing her out of the way makes her stop."
    Title: Gracie Stands On A Sign
    Discovered By: bkc65
    Tested: Yes
    At bkc65's website, he describes this glitch:
    "An interesting thing happened one day while I was working on the above
    projects. It just so happened that I had erected a sign right next to
    where a house would go if a new villager moved in. One day Gracie came
    to town, and as luck would have it she picked that location to park her
    car. Since the sign was right where she stands, she ended up standing
    on top of the sign.
    I could walk all around her, but I couldn't talk to her. She'd look
    down at me when I was in front of here, but not as I would move to the
    side/back. The only way to "fix" it was to pick up the sign. She
    dropped to the ground and then everything was normal."
    To see pictures of this glitch, go to his website:
    The pictures are the last two on the page.
    Title: Out Of Season Fish
    Discovered By: Multiple people
    Tested: Yes
    Details: Stringfish in May? Loaches in December? It's happened. Multiple
    people on the message boards have reported catching fish in the completely
    wrong seasons, and almost never catching them again in that season. An odd
    glitch indeed. I have not experienced it myself, and the reports are rare, so
    I don't really know what to put for "Tested", but if any of you have
    experienced this glitch, please email me (email in Contact Info)!
    Title: Diary Freeze
    Discovered By: CoolMario6446
    Tested: Yes
    Details: As CoolMario6446 reported to me:
    "Go into another human's house, and go to their diary. If it is locked, keep
    pressing A to make the "This Diary is locked" screen come up. If you press A
    rapidly, the game will eventually crash, making you have to reset. From what
    I've seen so far, it won't ruin your town, or anything, it will just count as
    a reset and force you to talk to Mr. Resetti."
    As Zachnorn reported:
    "I have tested the "Diary Freeze Glitch" in Animal Crossing, and it
    works. My first character locked her diary and saved the game. My
    second one went into her house, and tried to open her diary, he pressed
    A really fast, and the game froze. I took out my 2 memory cards before
    I did this, so I have no information if this corrupts anything."
    Title: Post Office Duplication
    Discovered By: Unknown
    Tested: Yes
    Details: As Venusy stated on the message boards:
    "The Post Office Duplication (along with The Islander's Favourite Fruit
    trick) trick is quite well known, and an easy way to make money.
    Step 1. Drop all items in your house, all your bells in the PO and any
    letters you want to keep in the PO.
    Step 2. Have AC town data in Slot A and NO AC town data in memory card slot
    Step 3. Create travel data. Turn off GameCube. Swap cards around.
    Step 4. Go back in to town ignoring the items/bell message. Get used to your
    new face.
    Step 5. Take all the money out of your PO bank account. Drop it near your
    house. Get on the train. Turn off GC. Swap cards around. AC data combines
    with AC travel data giving you your face. All items dropped on ground in
    Travel data remain and all bells in the PO remain.
    Legal disclaimer: I did not discover this glitch/trick."
    The Post Office Dup. Trick is also similar to the Island Duplication Trick.
    As deathbringer2000 said (and discovered):
    "There are a few ways to do it, one requires one GBA and a GBA-GC link cable,
    the other requires 2 GBAs and a GBA-GC cable.
    1) Go to the island, carrying whatever you want to duplicate.
    2) Send the island to the GBA
    (here is where you can do one of two things, I will mark with letters a and
    3a) Reset the game, and go back to the island, any items left on the island
    will be there, and (unless the items were on the island before you started
    it) they will also be wherever you got them.
    3b) Go back to the mainland and return to the island, only use the OTHER GBA.
    4) Pick up whatever you want to duplicate (anything not picked up is GONE,
    unless it was on the island when you went there.)
    5) Go to the island using the first GBA, the items will be there."
    Title: Sleepwalking Villager
    Discovered By: Unknown (possibly Mario masta)
    Tested: Yes
    Details: As Mario masta pointed out to me:
    "When you're inside of a hungry-sleepy male's house (and he is too), keep
    talking to him until he shows you a letter from another player, and if he
    asks you what you think of it, say that you like it (it's the top choice),
    and he'll say something like 'A good letter like this makes me want to take a
    nice...long...nap....' If you were outside talking to him, he'd fall asleep,
    but because you're inside, he instead puts his head down like he's sleeping,
    but his eyes are wide open and he's walking around! If you talk to him again,
    he'll act like you woke him up! o_O
    This happened to me last night and I don't know if it happens every time or
    I have tested this myself, and it turns out that it can happen outside as
    well as inside. I got Dozer to do this three times in a row! It's quite odd.
    He showed me the same letter thrice, and then started "sleepwalking" after I
    said I liked it. When I talked to him while he was sleepwalking, he got all
    surprised and thanked me for waking him up. Odd!
    Title: Villager Fusion
    Discovered By: weasel032
    Tested: No
    Details: As weasel032 pointed out to me:
    "At an angle of an acre there were 3 trees to match the angle, kinda like
    making a square around the acre. I was screwing around I pushed Iggy, one of
    my villagers, up to the 3 trees and I kept him there by running into him, and
    when he turned to yell at me he like pushed me inside of him and I was inside
    of him with me talking to him."
    (His post was edited quite a bit for... grammatical mistakes, but none of the
    actual information was changed.)
    Title: Resetti's Hot Temper
    Discovered By: Midgey34
    Tested: No
    Details: This is an odd one indeed. As Midgey34 on the message boards pointed
    out to me:
    "OK, this happened to me while I was on my brother's game the other day after
    he reset and got Resetti. I kept typing things in to piss of Resetti and
    laugh at the fool. I called him a tool as a joke and the entire game reset
    and went back to the title screen and I had to log in again. Resetti was
    super pissed and then pretended to reset my game. Not sure if it's a glitch,
    but it was quite odd."
    I've never heard of Resetti resetting your game when you type things into his
    answer box (around reset 6, I think), but I might try it sometime!
    Title: Attempted Animal Suicide
    Discovered By: Multiple People
    Tested: Unknown
    Details: Okay, I might have over exaggerated the title, but this is a very
    funny glitch! It has been reported several times by different people that
    villagers or even Tortimer have been spotted standing atop the train tracks!
    If a train had come by when they were standing there, it certainly would have
    been a suicide attempt!
    Title: Gyroid-Induced Earthquake
    Discovered By: weasel032
    Tested: Yes
    Details: As weasel032 told me:
    "When you come out of your house, turn towards your gyroid and run at the
    part where he touches the house. Run in that little corner and it will make
    the screen shake slightly back and forth, kinda like a mini earth quake."
    I have tested this. It does work, but the result is very subtle.
    A similar glitch was pointed out to me by MeCarana:
    "I was before a Villager, Tom the Cat, and pushed him against his house, and
    the screen shook, like the Gyroid Earthquake glitch."
    Title: Fishing Tourney Glitch
    Discovered By: thekingofthisgame
    Tested: I Have No Idea What's Going On Here
    Details: As thekingofthisgame told me:
    "Catch a small bass, bass, or large bass that is bigger than the previous
    record holder of the day. Give it to Chip, and he will tell you that you are
    in the lead. Stand right in front of him until 6:00p.m, or when he leaves,
    and you will have automatically won!"
    Vamino emailed me saying that he had tried this out, and it hadn't worked:
    "I was reading your Glitch FAQ for Animal Crossing and came to the
    Fishing tourney glitch (5L) and noticed that it wasn't tested. Well,
    today during my fishing tourney I tested it (although it wasn't
    deliberate, I just got the game and was waiting around to see what
    happened). I stood in front of him from about 5:30pm to 6pm and at 5:58
    I still had the biggest catch at 24 Inches. I didn't leave the screen
    until it said the tourney was over and Chip was gone.
    When I went to read the notice board it said that another villager had
    won with a 25 incher. So, that glitch doesn't work (in the PAL
    Australian version, anyway). Although I would call that an extremely
    cheap move."
    BUT, anonymous197 came in with this note:
    "Also, I have tested the 'Fishing Tourney' glitch and that HAS worked.
    I had two fishing tourneys last month and only lost the 2nd one because
    I wanted 'a bigger fish'."
    So it's been reported, disproved and proven. I'm lost here... O_o
    Title: Costume Deprivation
    Discovered By: lady beth
    Tested: No.
    Details: As lady beth posted on the message boards:
    "On Halloween at around 11 pm, Tabby (the really ugly cat) was out of
    costume. There were 3 villagers in that acre and every one else around her
    was wearing their pumpkin heads. I talked to her and she just said normal
    stuff, nothing about Halloween, didn't ask for candy. I walked out of the
    acre and back in and she was in costume. I kept checking on this and got it
    to happen 3 times, but it only happened with Tabby."
    5o] RAGS... OR NOT! GLITCH
    Title: Rags... Or Not!
    Discovered By: Multiple people
    Tested: Yes
    Details: On Halloween, I was walking around, keeping a keen eye out for any
    villagers. I see someone come running to me, and it turns out to be Baabara.
    She talks to me, and upon discovery of my candy-free pockets, gets a bit
    annoyed. Yellow sparkles surrounded me as if she was changing my clothes to
    rags, and she said, "HAH, you look FABULOUS!!", but my clothes were still the
    same! Nothing had happened to my clothes, but the next person I talked to
    successfully changed them to rags.
    I don't know what to put for "tested", because although I discovered and
    witnessed it, no one else has, so I can't say it's really been tested yet.
    Title: Mysterious Glitch Item
    Discovered By: Multiple
    Tested: Yes
    Details: I don't know MUCH about it, but some players around the Message
    Boards have been getting these weird items that can't really be described as
    an actual thing... they appear as a dead-looking fish when you drop them on
    the ground, can't be picked back up and just have weird symbols for a name in
    your inventory. As Deathwingx12 put it:
    "I've been plagued with those damned things. You are not alone. And yes I
    have an Action Replay and use, but it has happened to me before I used it.
    Guliver tends to almost always give me those damn fish along with villiagers
    burying them for a treasure hunt.
    To me those glitch (along with every other glitch item [the dummy item and
    pitfall aren't included]) are like toxic waster or explosives. Meaning that
    they need to be gotten rid of carefully.
    One thing is that once dropped from your inventory (they will look like an
    insect, fish, or any other type of inventory item) they will not be able to
    be picked up again. Nothing effects the items as well. Hit it with a shovel
    and it will make a sound of a shovel hitting cement/stone.
    It looks like a fish that kinda has a hook in its mouth and is cought (but it
    doesn't have a hook or line in its mouth, it just looks like it does) and it
    also looks like it flopped around. It does not move though. It isn't made out
    of bones or anything. It just sits there and nothing can be done about it
    unless you create a new town.
    Now there is one thing, if you all the sudden see one and it just appeared
    there, like say if a villiager has given out a treasure hunt and that is the
    item, then there is one thing you can do.
    IF that IS the case, then you can use your shovel and dig it up. It will look
    like it is just sitting there above ground, but you can dig it up. And it
    will appear in your inventory as some weird named item.
    These items can also be put into your mail, regardless if it "looks" like a
    fish or insect.
    A few ways to get rid of them:
    Have Nook take them. He should act like it was trash.
    Drop everything you have valuable and want to keep. You should just be
    carrying that item and nothing else that you don't want to get rid of (money,
    letters, items, etc.). Now go visit a town (that is if you have anther memory
    card or a friends town) and as soon as you get there or if you are impatient
    you can reset or turn off your Gamecube on the train. You will start your
    game with first, Mr. Resetti yelling at you, no eyes or mouth, and nothing in
    your inventory.
    Don't worry that doesn't effect your design (I'm pretty sure), fish or insect
    collection screens. Simply save and quit and you will get your face back.
    So again, you can get this without having or using an Action Replay, but the
    chances are low. Usually the chances are greater of your islander villager on
    your GBA to get the item and drop it making you think it was just a normal
    item, pitfall, or anything else.
    If you have the item, DO NOT drop it outside. I recommend that you get rid of
    it. It will give you the option to drop it when you are inside your house,
    but pressing the drop option will do nothing at all.
    If you get one from your islander, don't worry too much, just get rid of
    (trade) that island until you get another one you want. Even if you get the
    same island again (by trading till you get that island back again) that item
    won't be on it.
    There are other more "fun" items that can appear if you use an Action Replay,
    but that is mainly through using certain codes. One item I encountered was an
    item with dropped, resets your game. So that is a risk you take on using
    devices like the Action Replay."
    Sounds odd indeed! FatCatDanny has confirmed this glitch.
    Title: Shiny Spot Glitch
    Discovered By: Kyle3
    Tested: Yes
    Details: As Kyle3 of the message boards stated:
    "I can't believe no one has found this glitch out: One day, the shiny spot
    just happened to be right on top of a buried item. So I dig it up, and my
    character holds an invisible object and the game resets."
    Hexrapper has confirmed this:
    "You know the "SHINY SPOT GLITCH"? Well, I've done it. Not just as that
    guy said, though. I found the gold spot on a diggable item thingy, and
    when I dug it up I got a Gyroid and nothing else happened. You can
    probably re-create this glitch by burying lots of stuff around your
    town (I happened to be burrying things for a treasure hunt for my
    brother, and there were lots of those things around my town, though I
    never burried a Gyroid so chances are it wasn't one of my spots). Hope
    this helps some."
    Title: The Disappearing Ball
    Discovered By: JACKBUTTMOMMYS
    Tested: Not really
    Details: As JACKBUTTMOMMYS from the message boards put it:
    "Place a ball in front of any animals house at the front door, right between
    the fences. Wait for the animal to come home, when he walks in, the ball will
    make a noise and jiggle a bit, but once the animal has entered his house, the
    ball has disappeared, never to been seen again. Well, for that day anyway."
    But, as anonymous197 told me:
    "I have tested the "Disappearing Ball" glitch 3 times and it never happened.
    The part where it shook is right, but when the neighbor is inside, it just
    pops out."
    Title: Invisible Table Item
    Discovered By: Videogamemaster5
    Tested: Yes
    Details: As Videogamemaster5 told:
    "I have something for an "unexplained glitch" as well. In my basement, I have
    a ranch table. One day, I decided to sell everything in my basement. I
    couldn't pick up the table. I tried from every direction. No item was on it,
    either. I can move it, though. Weird part is, it isn't fully functional. I
    can only put 3 items on top of the table, but the fourth is ALWAYS empty, and
    I can't put an item on it. It is as if there was an invisible item there..."
    Title: Redd's Split Personality
    Discovered By: CLC
    Tested: Yes
    Details: As CLC of the message boards stated:
    "Here's one I call Redd's Split Personality -- first of all, I'm playing an
    accelerated game because I doubt I'll be able to play during the real holiday
    madness, so yesterday was sale day in my town. (this might be a SPOILER). So
    on sale day only, you can buy out Redd and he'll reappear with a new
    selection of merchandise. Sometimes (often, actually), when you go back to
    his tent, Redd is not standing in front of it as usual. If, instead of going
    directly into the tent, you wander around your town, you are likely to find
    Redd standing in a vacant lot in front of a signpost. If you talk to him, he
    will give you his usual long welcoming speech, then turn as if he's going
    into his tent. He'll walk up to the signpost and...disappear! As if he's
    entered the Twilight Zone. You can't follow him, but you can go back to the
    tent and go in as usual."
    This glitch was confirmed by SwordsmanX.
    Title: Fishing Freeze
    Discovered By: Unknown (Possibly Yoshiholic)
    Tested: Unknown
    Details: As Yoshiholic/Got Yoshi pointed out to me:
    "I have a glitch, I know someone has to have this happen to them. I was
    walking around on a rainy day and I saw a huge shadow and I cast and right
    when I pushed the A button to start reeling him in..... [The game] froze all
    I heard was the music that froze it was like "BUUUUUUUUUUUUUURM" the music,
    and the BUUURM noise didn't stop until I reset."
    Title: Pattern Switch
    Discovered By: Multiple people (FatCatDanny, and others)
    Tested: Yes
    Details: This was pointed out to me by multiple people, but I have chosen
    FatCatDanny's explanation, mostly because I can't find some of the others.
    But thanks to you other people (you know who you are), too! Anyway:
    "Whenever I travel to my little sister's town or she travels to mine,
    we get the visiting person's saved clothing designs and ours get
    deleted (The saved ones, not the ones you carry with you). My little
    sister and I are the first people on the character name lists in our
    respected towns and that MAY have something to do with it."
    Title: Shiny Spot Duplication
    Discovered By: Multiple people
    Tested: Yes
    Details: As Suppa pointed out to me:
    "Hi there, I've found a glitch in my town, it's another shiny spot
    glitch, easy to find but kinda useless...ok, here's how to find it:
    walk around your town until you find a shiny spot, dig it to get your
    money, now go to your house and SAVE & CONTINUE, then reset, log in
    again and you will find ANOTHER shiny spot ON THE SAME PLACE AS BEFORE!
    wow! I've tried many times and it always works...at least in my game
    Here's a similar glitch reported to me by Brett Carver (bkc65):
    "Someone posted a new glitch about digging up a glowy-spot in the dock
    acre, going to/from the island, and having the glowy-spot still there.
    I've tested the glitch and verified it DOES happen."
    Title: Such a DUMMY!
    Discovered By: Multiple People
    Tested: Yes
    As Zachnorn reported in an email:
    "Sometimes, the animals in an igloo will offer an item called "DUMMY"
    (Without the quotation marks) that does nothing when put in your house.
    It has red Japanese writing on it, and it is a triangle. The corners of
    the triangle go through walls, and as far as I know, my game has not
    gone corrupt. Others have claimed their games have corrupted; others
    have had it for months with no problems. Nook will not pay anything for
    DUMMY, and the object was a testing item for Nintendo that the
    designers forgot to take out of the game."
    Title: Skydiving Jack
    Discovered By: darkthedg
    Tested: No
    Details: as darkthedg of the Gamefaqs message boards reported:
    "It was Halloween a while back, and I was looking for Jack many times. Most
    of the time I saw nothing unusual, but a couple of times I saw what
    appeared to be a glitch. Jack wasn't waiting and walking around like he
    normally does when you go into an Acre... he fell from the sky. Or so it
    seemed. He dropped down from the screen when I entered, and came running.
    It looked almost as if he was going to run at me like a villager. I don't
    remember what happened next but I think everything went back to normal, at
    least after I left the Acre and returned."
    Title: Instrument Glitch (for lack of a better name)
    Discovered By: JACKBUTTMOMMYS
    Tested: Yes
    Details: As JBM reported in an email:
    "If you drop any musical item in your house and play it, you will
    recieve a soothing melody that lasts about five seconds. However, if
    you play this musical instrument but then put it back into your
    inventory, it still plays the remaining length! In other words you can
    hear the music, but the item is gone (Inside your inventory)!"
    Title: Invisible Shovel Barrier
    Discovered By: Gamemasterfunky
    Tested: No
    Details: As gamemasterfunky said in an email:
    "If you make Pete do a special delivery (by making him mail 5 letters),
    go outside and while he is flying away hit where he started off with a
    shovel. You can't!"
    He also reported a similar glitch:
    "Find a ball (basketball, soccer ball, etc.) and hit it with your
    shovel. After you hit it, immediately press A to hit the ground. It
    will be like the ball is still there!"
    Title: Villager Fusion Returns
    Discovered By: MA Fruednt
    Tested: No
    As M.A. reported in an email:
    "When you start playing, check your map for new villagers. If you have
    one, DON'T go meet him/her.
    Go to the acre next to him/her and take out you shovel. Run into the
    acre and stand next to the door. Before the villager comes out, dig a
    hole to the south of you so you cannot be pushed away. When the
    villager comes out you will be pushed inside the villager."
    Title: Disappearing Nook
    Discovered By: Ramar
    Tested: No
    As Raman reported in an Email:
    "I was shopping in Nookington's and Tom, as usual, was following me.
    But then he got stuck on the Umbrella and disappeared. I ran round the
    shop but he had gone. After a few seconds he just reappeared. I don't
    have a digital camera and he reappeared to quickly for me to set up my
    web cam."
    Now that we've covered the glitches, it's time to move on to things that
    AREN'T glitches, but are sometimes mistaken for glitches!
    Every town is different, of course. But some more than others! Occasionally,
    a town will have a small island in the middle of the stream, which is
    connected to the mainland by two bridges. These are actually pretty cool, in
    my opinion. You may have one in your own town! These small islands act as
    normal land. Flowers and signboards can be put on them, and if they're large
    enough, I believe trees can grow there as well.
    6b) PITFALLS
    Ah, pitfalls. The ultimate newbie nightmare. Pitfalls are either dug up from
    the ground after a villager has buried it, but a villager can occasionally
    give it to you while they're talking to you. Pitfalls are white circles with
    a big red "!" in the middle of it. A pitfall is a sort of practical joke.
    What you do is you bury it in the ground. A small crack will appear where you
    planted it, just like a fossil. If you or a villager walks over it, you/they
    will FALL into a PIT (hence the name). If you fall in yourself, just keep
    pressing A and wiggling the control stick. You will eventually pop out. The
    pit will disappear after you get out of it. If a villager falls into a pit,
    just talk to them to get them back out.
    Sometimes, a fish in the river will swim under a bridge and will never come
    out! It's not really known if this is a glitch or not. It happens very
    regularly, to all fish, but there is no way to prevent it, or to get the fish
    back out or anything.
    We're not sure if this is a glitch either. Sometimes, while sailing to the
    Island with Kapp'n, a GIANT shadow, larger than any actual fish in the game,
    will be seen swimming in the water. It's been spotted while people have been
    on the actual island, too, but no one has been able to catch it. The bobber
    would just go over the fish and not affect it!
    As JACKBUTTMOMMYS pointed out to me in an email:
    "If you're a veteran to playing Animal Crossing, you should know by now
    that there are two levels to your towns layout. The train station is
    always on the first level, and the beach is always on the bottom. Well
    if you're lucky, your town may have three levels! This means that to
    get from the train station to the beach, you must go down two earth
    made ramps instead of one! This has happened to me in only one
    alternate town, and luckily, I kept it."
    They ARE extremely rare, too. I've had about five multiple towns in the
    past, but have only gotten a three-level town once. It's a pain in the
    neck to get around, but fun anyway.
    As Sonic Lover pointed out in an email:
    "Hi! My name is Chris, and I have a weird thing that is not a glitch.
    It's called "Your Character Cut In half!"  Here's how you do it: 1.
    Get any kind of school desk. 2: Put it in your house and face it
    sideways. 3: Try to sit on it. You will go right through the board,
    but your character will still be living! Pretty funny, eh?"
    This is more just graphic overlap, where the game designers forgot to
    separate certain things so that their pixels overlap. For instance, if
    you walk up to Gracie's car and hit it with a shovel, the shovel will
    go through the car without damaging it. There are many other instances
    of overlap in the game, so it's not really a glitch- it happens in
    nearly all games, and the outcome is often quite hilarious.
    Some humorous overlaps are:
    - Roll a snowball up to maximum size. Push it up a hill until it ALMOST
    reaches the top, then let go. The snowball will push you down the hill,
    but once you reach the edge of the acre, it won't push you into the
    other acre, but it will keep going, and for a few seconds, you will be
    INSIDE the snowball! (reported by Bobby)
    - Take any houseplant that has long leaves that stick out, and push it
    up next to the east or west wall of your house. The leaves should
    actually go THROUGH the wall and into the blackness outside of it! If
    this doesn't happen, rotate the plant a few times. Some plants that do
    this are Draecanas, Lady Palms, and Fan Palms.
    This FAQ was created by Astrojulie in November of 2003. You may NOT post this
    FAQ ANYWHERE on ANY site without MY permission! I am also not responsible if
    this FAQ turns you into a rabid glitch-hunting zombie. Nope, not my fault.
    This FAQ is for individual use ONLY and cannot be sold for personal profit or
    anything. Got me?
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