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    Kapp'n Female Song Guide by Ryo 0hki

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 11/24/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Kapp'n Female Song Guide
    By Krystal Meree
    Version 0.9
    Last update: 24th of Nov, 2003
    I. Version History
    II. Introduction
    III. Kapp'n, The Captain
         1) General information
         2) How to find
    IV. The Songs
         1) About the Songs
         2) First Parts
         3) Spoken Parts
         4) Final Parts
    V. Frequently asked questions
    VI. Credits
    VII. Legal information
    I. Version History...
    v.09 - Another update, added a couple of spoken parts.
    v.08 - Second update, I noticed a few spelling error's, and also added a few 
    more spoken lines. Nothing major...
    v.08 - First version. Have all the songs (I think). Just need to fill in a few 
    II. Introduction...
    Welcome ye surly scum to the Kapp'n Female Song's Guide! And that's enough 
    pirate talk for now ;) Why on earth would you'd be reading this Guide? Well 
    besides having too much time on your hands (hehe, join the club ^^), you love 
    Kapp'n! And want to know ALL his little sea ditties off by heart.
    If your wondering why I bothered to create this Guide, it's simple. I noticed 
    that the few lyric guides around, had just the male versions of the Kapp'n's 
    sea shanties, which is a little unfair to say the least ;) So! I set about 
    finding all female songs we are treated too by our local ferryman, and 
    hopefully, when this guide is completed, things will be a little fairer from 
    now on. ^-^
    So! Enjoy the lyric's fer the Lassie's, and remember...
    NO CRYIN!!! :p
    III. Kapp'n, The Captain...
    1) General Information
    Other than being just another Animal in this game we call life, Kapp'n is a 
    turtle who ferries you back and forth between the mainland and Animal Island. 
    It's indicated in some of his songs, that he's had quite a shady past (See  
    KAPP'N, I'D BE), but is still seen as one of the most cutest characters 
    you'll find in the game. His interests include ferrying the odd passenger, 
    singing nonsensical poems, and eating his favorite of all foods - cucumbers.
    2) Location
    Consult your Animal crossing booklet to find out how to connect your Nintendo 
    Gamecube to your Nintendo Gameboy Advance, and you shall soon be listening to 
    one of many soothing sea shanties. After the game has loaded, run (or walk if 
    need be) down to the dock. If you have connected your Gameboy Advance properly
    , you should see Kapp'n waiting inside his boat. Simply speak to him to 
    begin your journey.
    IV. The Songs...
    1) About the Songs
    Each song themselves are comprised of 3 parts, or 'Stanza's', which are of 
    course randomly generated for each trip. The first part is comprised of 2 
    stanza's, then a spoken part and finally, the last stanza. 
    The songs differ of course, depending on the gender of your character. The 
    female song's tend to be a bit more romantic, hinting towards love etc. The 
    main difference between the male and female songs are the 1st and 
    spoken part's. The final part is the same for both.
    2) First Part Lyrics
    *** Note ***
    Stanza's between the *** are found for both female and male characters.
    Ye can't go wrong
    With me cucumber song
    Cucumbers, Cucumbers
    They make me strong
    They're the best ripe an' cold
    Long before they gets old
    They're so good, no one good
    Let them grow mold
    Here: take good note
    What moves old Kapp'n's boat
    Be an iced extra-nice
    Cucumber float.
    Honestly, though, dear mum!
    It hurts me poor tum
    To just eats cukes an beets
    That ain't so yum!
    Life on the sea
    Can at times, lonely be, when
    Just whale's an wee' snails
    Listen to me.
    But on the briny sea swells
    Me heart it beats well.
    Through sea air, I'll float
    Where me soul compels
    KAPP'N, I'D BE
    I must declare lass
    Please do not despair
    Strong I be, Safe with me
    I'll get you there.
    Now ol' Kapp'n I'd be
    I row your ferry
    In the past on me mast
    Crossbones you'd see
    It's quite a treat
    For you to hear me bleat
    Charge I don't, pay you won't
    Aren't I so sweet?
    But me heart does foretell
    That me poor shell
    Will not help this sea kelp
    Say his farewell
    OL' LADY
    Oh listen ye
    To my secret shanty
    About the mean lady
    Who hurt me
    She took me old boat
    And set her afloat
    Just because curt I was
    With the ol' goat
    Me puppy dog
    He likes to play leapfrog
    When were done having fun
    We drink eggnog
    We be silly clowns
    Who just fool around
    Me and he, pals we be
    I love that hound
    Strong the wind blows
    An' me boat, well, she goes
    But to where? I don't care!
    That much I know.
    Clear night skies and moon-
    beams they fill up me dreams
    Like the time that sail o' mine
    Tore at the seams
    Oh! Dainty girls with
    Yer curves an' cute curls
    Yar I bet my songs set
    Yer heart's awhirl!
    I'm so smooth, an' oh-so fair
    An' quite debonair
    I'd combust if I just
    Had some more hair
    Oh, sweet young lass, please
    Don't ye think me crass
    Just because smells I does
    Like a sea bass
    Life out on the sea
    Ain't no cakewalk you see!
    There's no one but the sun
    To comfort me
    3) Spoken Part Lyrics
    "Me dear ocean treasure, ye make a sea flower bloom in my heart..."
    "Say there young lassie, ye can't swim, can ye? Neither can I...anymore..."
    "Ahoy there Moby Jane! Ye wanna stop rockin the boat? The sea's in me heart, I 
    don't want it in me pants!"
    "Yar ye look a bit burly...Care to wrestle me?"
    "Yar I've had all I can take of this....Are ye ever gonna stop cryin?"
    "Yar tell me this miss...Are ye in love?"
    "You look a touch queasy...Do I scare you me dear lass?"
    "Ye know me young starfish, you've grown into quite the pretty young lass
    lately, Have ye ever dated a turtle?"
    "Yer know somethin lass? I...I should have never stopped shavin me legs. Nar!
    That was a bad decision..."
    "Yar I'm just curious, could a lass like yerself fall fer a turtle like me?"
    "Hey ye great googly eyed fish o' the black deeps...Stop staring at me like
    that! I might just...melt..."
    "I love the wee youngsters...their so...gullible..."
    "Yar there miss you'll be gorgeous one day! Yar, I gots an eye for beauty!"
    "Tell me somethin girlie...do ye know how to make a good 4-star chilli?" 
    "Ya Lassie are you OK? You don't be hurt, do ye? No, I'm not hurt neither..." 
    4) Final Part Lyrics
    *** Note ***
    All of these final part lyrics are found for both male and female 
    While I do love me cukes 
    they sure curl me flukes
    But now please! Zucchinis 
    give me the spooks... 
    Zucchini spooks...
    Listen: Come cold or warm
    I fear no dark storm
    See I gauge life's a stage
    where I perform
    Yar! I perform...
    Hey there me old mum
    Yer boy he feels glum
    Without my lullaby
    Sleep just won't come
    It just won't come...
    A lone pebble slip slides
    beneath the cold tides
    It's movement is a hint
    where love's truth hides
    There love's truth hides...
    Be ye brave me wee fish
    Don't squeal out or squish
    Don't deter: search fer yer
    heart's fondest wish
    Find yer heart's wish...
    I'll sing me a fair rhyme
    to pass away time
    Watch me words like seabirds
    through the sky climb
    Upward they climb...
    I feel such low down shame
    me lovely dear dame...
    I'm a rat - I laughed at
    yer mum's weird name
    What a weird name...
    Me soul, onward it sails
    me belly, it ails
    I'm so glum 'cause me tum
    feels full of snails
    So full of snails...
    Me heart feels savage pangs
    from love's wicked fangs
    I think oft of the soft
    song that she sang
    That song she sang...
    V. Frequently Asked Questions...
    Q: What is the difference between the female and male versions?
    A: Simply put, the 1st and spoken parts differ from each other.
    Q: How so?
    A: Well the Kapp'n seems to sing more romantic songs to female characters.
    Q: Why?
    A: I think it's pretty obvious...right? ^-^
    Q: I've found a grammer/spelling error!
    A: Hehe, well no one is perfect ;) Feel the need to nit-pick? Contact me:
    VI. Credits...
    - My first credit goes to, of course: NINTENDO! Thankyou for Animal Crossing!
    - Second, Nintendo Australia! Thankyou for, though 1 year later, still managing
     to send the PAL version to my shores.
    - Next, Taurant - who's FAQ I used for several references.
    - And finally, to Kapp'n. For reliving my boredom of those long ferry journeys 
    VII. Legal Information...
    Ah the always boring bit. Well here it is:
    If you find any error's in the guide or perhaps just have a question, you can 
    contact me at: Minasokoni@hotmail.com.
    Sites this Guide is displayed at:
    - GameFAQs.com
    - IGN.com
    - Neoseeker.com
    Kapp'n Female Song Guide Copyright 2003 Krystal Meree. 
    All rights reserved.

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