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Weather FAQ by thekingofthisgame

Version: Final | Updated: 03/14/2004

-------------------------- Animal Crossing ------------------------------------
--------------------------- Weather FAQ ---------------------------------------
------------------ Created By:  thekingofthisgame -----------------------------

              Feel free to email me at Rry51989@yahoo.com


Hello, and thankyou for looking at my FAQ!  I created this FAQ when I
noticed how many people needed help with the different events that take place
during different times of weather.

My email is king_faq2003@yahoo.com

Version Updates:

         Date                Version                Updates

   November 12, 2003           1.7       I've reorganized the Question
                                         and Answers so it looks neater
                                         and is easier to understand. I
                                         also fixed the very few spelling
                                         errors, but please continue to
                                         email me if you see anymore.

   November 9, 2003            1.3       The day I started this FAQ.  I
                                         added most of the stuff.

   March 13, 2004              Final     I fixed most of the spelling errors;
                                         it is now complete!

Table of Contents:
1) Types of Weather
2) F.A.Q.s on Rain
3) F.A.Q.s on Snow
4) F.A.Q.s on Thunderstorms
5) F.A.Q.s on Sunny days
6) Copyright
7) Credits

1) Types of Weather

In Animal Crossing, there are four different types of weather.  These include
rain, snow, thunderstorms, and sunny days.  If someone tells you there are
hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions, then they
are either a liar, or they don't know either.  Don't feel bad, thats why I
created this FAQ!  Weather in Animal Crossing is usually pretty distinctive,
so you should have no problem telling the difference between whether it is
snowing or if it is sunny.  I have compiled a list of Frequently Asked
Questions(F.A.Q.) about weather in Animal Crossing.  I hope these answer
your questions, and if they don't, feel free to email me and ask me.  Not only
will it help you, but if it's a reasonable question, it will most likely be
posted on this FAQ!

2) F.A.Q.s on Rain

Q:  Will rain effect how quick my trees grow in town?
A:  No.  In Animal Crossing, rain has no effect on the trees or flowers in your
town.  There is also no effect on your island.

Q:  When it is raining, will I get sick if I'm not carrying an umbrella?
A:  No.  Umbrellas are virtually pointless, except for making designs on.

Q:  Will rain effect the bugs/fish that can be caught?
A:  Yes.  Depending on the time of year and hour you are playing, there are
bugs/fish that are more likely to be caught.  Some bugs/fish can only be caught
during the rain.  The list includes Coelancanths, Large Chars, and Snails
(Snails can be found on flowers).

Q:  How can I get it to stop raining?
A:  There is no way to get it to stop raining on the mainland.  You have
to wait until the day is over.  On the island, there is a way to get it to
stop raining.  Just save and reset the game, and there is a 50/50 chance that
it will still be raining on your island.

Q:  My villager said there was an (insert number here) percent chance of rain
tomorrow! Is it true?
A:  No.  Although villagers may say it, they are actually wrong.  I've come to
this conclusion after many tries at seeing if my villagers were correct.
Sometimes, even other villagers will contradict their statements.

Q:  Can it rain when there is snow on the ground?
A:  No it cannot.  When there is snow on the ground, it will automatically
always snow.

Q:  It rained on my island, but not the mainland! Is my game corrupted?
A:  No it's not.  Your island's weather can be different than your mainland's

Q:  Will the shoreline rise if it rains?
A:  No it won't.  The shoreline always stays the same, no matter what.

3) F.A.Q.s on Snow

Q:  Can I catch coelancanth during the winter?
A:  No.  You can only catch them while it's raining, and since it cannot rain
in the winter, there will never be any.

Q:  Can I catch large char during the winter?
A:  No.  As like above, since it can't rain in the winter, you will never be
able to catch the large char.

Q:  Will my character get sick if I don't where a "heavy" shirt(fleece, sweater,
ect) while it is snowing?
A:  No.  Your character in this game will never get sick.

Q:  How many times can it snow in my town per week?
Answer- The number is totally random.  Some person's town, it may not snow at
all, but for others, it could snow many days that week.

Q:  It snowed in November, but it didn't stick to the ground! Is my game
A:  No your game is not corrupt.  Although some myths say that time
traveling or using Action Replay will cause your game a lot of problems, this
is not one of them.  During the month of November, some days it may snow, and
some days it may rain.  Again, it is totally random.

Q:  The leaves on my trees haven't fallen off yet, and it's snowing! What's
A:  In Animal Crossing, the leaves on the trees will never fall off.  The
only difference is the color of the leaves.

Q:  It has been snowing a lot in my town.  Will the inches of snow appear
to increase on the ground?
A:  No.  There are no signs of how much snow has fallen.  Once there is
snow on the ground, it will always stay the same.

Q:  Will my villagers be able to tell it's snowing?
A:  Absolutely.  If you converse with them long enough, they will begin to talk
a lot about the snow.

Q:  Will the pond/river/ocean ever freeze up do to the cold/snow?
A:  No.  If the pond/river/ocean were to freeze up, then how would you be able
to go fishing?!

Q:  How long do the footprints last on the snow?
A:  3-5 seconds.  Or you could leave the acre and then return, which causes
them to disappear much sooner.

4) F.A.Q.s on Thunderstorms

Q:  Will thunderstorms occur in the spring/fall/winter?
A:  No.  Thunderstorms are only in Animal Crossing during the summer months.

Q:  How can I tell the difference between a thunderstorm and regular rain?
A:  Walk into your house.  Turn off the lights, and you should be able to see
flashes of light and hear thunder.

Q:  So my town is experiencing a thunderstorm.  What's the big deal?
A:  If your town is experiencing a thunderstorm, then be sure to visit your
town's waterfall the next day.  If you didn't time travel or cheat in any way,
then you should see a rainbow across the top!

Q:  Can I be harmed by lightning in a thunderstorm?
A:  Of course not.  No plants, animals, humans, ect. will be harmed by any
forces of nature in Animal Crossing, including lightning.

Q:  Will I receive gyroids, just like when it rains?
A:  Yes, starting the next day, gyroids will be more common, just like when
it rains.

Q:  If it's thunderstorming at the mainland, will it thunderstorm at my
A:  It's a possibility.  Some days it may thunderstorm on your mainland and
not on your island, some days it might thunderstorm on your island and not on
your mainland, and somedays it will both!  It's totally random.

Q:  What's the difference between a thunderstorm on my island and a
thunderstorm  on the mainland?
A:  The only difference is that there is no rainbow the next day, because there
is no cliff on the island.

5) F.A.Q.s on Sunny Days

Q:  On the island, can I get a tan on sunny days?
A:  Yes.  To do this just stand outside in the sun for a couple of minutes, and
you should soon have a nice tan.

Q:  Can I tan on the mainland?
A:  No.  Unlike the island, it's not hot enough to give you a tan on the

Q:  Will it stay sunny all day, even if one of my villagers said there was a
certain percent chance of rain?
A:  Yes.  It will automatically always stay sunny for 24 hours UNLESS you
time traveled that day.

Q:  It's sunny outside and it's summer, but i still can't catch a certain bug.
Why is that?
A:  Although most bugs only come out when it is sunny, there are also
certain times that bugs come out.  Make sure you are bug-hunting at the right

Q:  Even though it was sunny today and yesterday, I still found a gyroid!
What's up with that?
A:  Although gyroids are most common after a rain, sometimes you can find
them in the ground after sunny days.

Q:  If a plant trees on a sunny day, do they have a better chance to survive?
A:  No.  It is always best to plant trees in a good position (in sunlight,
not near anything, and somewhere where they won't get walked over), it being
sunny that day doesn't effect it at all.


This FAQ is copyrighted 2003, 2004 by thekingofthisgame.  This FAQ will only be
found on GameFAQs, and if you are seeing it from another website, please email
me at king_faq2003@yahoo.com and tell me about it.  This FAQ is meant to be
printed out and used for individual use only.


Version 1.7 Credits:
Thanks to BurningFox III and NXMT for creating a good format for the Questions
and Answers.

Version 1.3 Credits:
So far, since all of this information has come from me spending months of
playing time on this wonderful game, the only credit I can give is to Nintendo
for making such a great game.  They outdid themselves this time, just like
they have on countless occasions.

------------------------Thanks 4 Reading my FAQ!-------------------------------

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