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    Animal Crossing FAQ by: Neo150
                                Welcome message
    Welcome to the all-purpose Animal crossing FAQ, I've designed this Faq to be 
    helpful and easy to navigate. It's useful for everybody from beginner to 
    expert of this game. Feel free to use my Faq on your web site or for anything 
    else you can think of, just please give me credit for my work. I've seperated 
    everything into many sections which cover more precise aspects of the game 
    and also given them a search code to help locate them.
    To make a search hit Ctrl+F to open the search bar then type in the code for 
    what your searching for
    Everyday living                  Search code
    1.  The Basics                     (0001)
    2.  Making a new Start             (0002)
    3.  Buying a house                 (0003)
    4.  Tom Nook's tasks               (0004)
    5.  Village points of interest     (0005)
    6.  Forming friendships            (0006)
    7.  Special Visitors               (0007)
    8.  Get rich Quick!                (0008)
    9.  Happy Room Designing           (0009)
    10. A guide To Feng Shui           (0010)
    11. Multiplayer: A growing World   (0011)
    12. Island Paradise                (0012)
    13. Calendar Events                (0013)
    14. Unexpected Events              (0014)
    Complete Catalog                 Search code
    15. Furniture Series               (0015)
    16. Theme Furniture                (0016)
    17. Furniture Sets                 (0017)
    18. Other Furniture                (0018)
    19. Wallpaper and Carpeting        (0019)
    20. Clothing                       (0020)
    21. Handheld Items                 (0021)
    22. Pads and Paper                 (0022)
    23. Fossils                        (0023)
    24. Fish                           (0024)
    25. Insects                        (0025)
    26. Gyroids                        (0026)
    27. Pearls of wisdom               (0027)
    28. Legal Stuff                    (0028)
                             1.  The Basics  (0001)
    I'll cover the controls and a few simple things in this section.
    AC Welcoming
    1. Animal crossing is a real life game in which time passes along side of us, 
    seconds, minutes and hours pass all at the same pace as with our time, the 
    time is even passing while your not playing.
    2. Even though you have the option to change the time before you play, it's 
    meant only to change the time for daylight savings time, so that means you 
    shouldn't change the time just to get a few bells since that will put a lot of 
    things out of order, such as the visitors who come to town every so often.
    The Controls
    -Start/Y buttons: Open/Close the inventory menu
    -L/R: Used to run
    -Control Stick: Move your character
                    Move the Cursor
    -C stick: Adjust the Camera view (inside houses only)
    -B button: Pick up an item
    -A button: Talk to a villager
               Enter a door
               Shake a tree
               Read a sign
               Use the item your holding
    -X button: View town map (after you are given one)
                             2. Making a new start  (0002)
    So this is your first time playing Animal Crossing? Well don't worry that's 
    what this FAQ is here to help you with. First off you'll see Totakeke or K.K. 
    Slider as he is more commonly known as in the AC world, he'll help you set the 
    rumble and voice settings for the game if you want to change them.
    First off when you start you will be on a train, the a cat named Rover (hey 
    wait a minute... I thought Rover was a dogs name!) will walk up and sit down 
    with you, he'll ask you some questions that will determine what kind of 
    eyes your character has and what gender you are and of course your name and if 
    you are the first person to use the memory card he will also ask you the name 
    of the town. But remember once you enter these they can't be changed! 
    Afterwards he will walk over to the back of the train car and make a phone 
    call, afterwards he will come back to chat some more.
    After you've answered his questions you will arrive in your new town. The 
    village is divided into acres ranging from A-F and 1-5 which has it's own 
    native fruit, a train station, post office, wishing well, tailor shop and a 
    general store.
                              3. Buying a house  (0003)
    Once you arrive in town and leave the train station a Racoon named Tom Nook 
    will run up to you saying that he received the phone call from Rover and is 
    going to help you buy a house. He will bring you to an acre with four small 
    houses and will ask you to pick one of them.
    Each house comes with an orange box, a tape deck and a college rule book to 
    use as a diary!
    House #1: The house with the red roof. It also comes with Stone Wall and 
    Slate Flooring.
    House #2: It's the Orange roofed house. It has Wood Paneling and Steel 
    House #3: It has a green roof with Shanty Wall and Birch Flooring.
    House #4: With a light green roof it comes with Concrete Wall and Charcoal 
    After you choose which house to live in you will need to pay for it, houses to 
    grow on tree you know! The price is 19,800 Bells but you only have 1,000 
    bells. So you will have to find a way to pay off the other 18,800. He will 
    have you work part-time at his store to help pay it off.
    But once you've paid him and the house is yours you will be able to put 
    furniture and other things in it. But you will have noticed that the house is 
    small, it only has a 4x4 floor space. But you will be able to expand it once 
    you pay off your debt.
    Here's a quick diagram of the expansions:
           Basic House        First Expansion         Second Expansion
          __ __ __ __       __ __ __ __ __ __        __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
         /__/__/__/__/     /__/__/__/__/__/__/      /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/
        /__/__/__/__/     /__/__/__/__/__/__/      /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/
       /__/__/__/__/     /__/__/__/__/__/__/      /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/
      /__/__/__/__/	    /__/__/__/__/__/__/      /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/
                       /__/__/__/__/__/__/      /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/
          4x4	  /__/__/__/__/__/__/      /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/
                             6x6             /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/
                         Basement                      Second Floor
                __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __	       __ __ __ __ __ __
               /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/          /__/__/__/__/__/__/
              /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/	     /__/__/__/__/__/__/
             /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/          /__/__/__/__/__/__/
            /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/          /__/__/__/__/__/__/
           /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/          /__/__/__/__/__/__/
          /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/          /__/__/__/__/__/__/
        /__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/	                   6x6
    Now, your probably wondering how to pay off that debt of yours? Well at first 
    Nook will employ you as a part time worker around the store, afterwards he we 
    let you pay off the rest of your debt at your own pace. The way to do that is 
    to bring your bells to the post office and speak with the clerk, then select 
    deposit, you will then be able to select how much you wish to pay back at 
    that time. It's pretty simple.
                           4. Tom Nook's tasks  (0004)
    After you've chosen the house you want to live in and given Nook the 1000 
    bells you had, head over to his shop, it will be located in one of the "A" 
    acres, Nook will tell you what number since the towns are randomly generated 
    when you first play. Once you get there he will have you put on a work uniform 
    and then give you your tasks one at a time.
    Task #1: The first task is easy enough, just go outside and plant some flowers 
    and saplings around the shop. You'll earn 80 bells for your gardening skills. 
    Once your done head back to Nook for your next task.
    Task #2: This really isn't much of a job, Nook just wants you to go meet 
    everyone in town. Including the Mayor who is found at the wishing well. Once 
    you've met everyone head back to Tom Nook.
    Task #3: Now you've really begun work for Nook! He'll have you go and deliver 
    some furniture to one of the animals in town. This job will earn you 230 bells 
    and a nice piece of furniture for your home.
    Task #4: For this task Nook will have you write a letter to a specific animal 
    in your town. It's not much so he won't pay much, just 130 bells.
    Task #5: You've been doing your jobs so quickly that Old Nook will need some 
    time to prepare his next delivery for you, so he'll have you go do some chores 
    for the villagers, just do a couple and then return to Nook for your next 
    Task #6: After you've completed a few chores for the villagers Nook will have 
    you deliver a carpet to one of the villagers who ordered it and is eagerly 
    awaiting it's arrival. In return for the carpet you deliver, the villager will 
    give you their old one for free, you'll also earn 580 bells for a job well done!
    Task #7: Nook will send you out to deliver a neatly wrapped axe to the same 
    animal you mailed that letter to earlier. They will talk about how letter are 
    like memories to each animal. After you've delivered the axe return to Nook 
    for your next task. This little job earns you a total of 230 bells.
    Task #8: Nook will have you write an advertisement for him on the bulletin 
    board in front of your house for, just try and write something catchy.
    After you return from posting your little message Nook will release you from 
    work and you'll now be free to do what ever you want, but you'll still have 
    to pay off the rest of your debt. To earn the bells needed to pay it off just 
    bring Nook anything you find and he'll buy it off of you, then head to the 
    post office to pay off a portion of your debt.
                        5. Village points of interest (0005)
    Each village has certain places that are essential to any village, including 
    places like the train station and wishing well!
    Train Station - Open 24 Hours: Talk with porter if you wish to travel to a 
    friends town which is inserted into slot B. When you wish to return home talk 
    with porter again and he'll organize everything for you. But traveling to 
    other villages, even on the train is a great way to make new friends. And who 
    knows, someone from the other village may even follow you home and live in 
    your town, and the same goes for when you go to visit, someone from your town 
    may move to the town you visited.
    Tom Nook's Shop - Open 9:00 am to 10:00 PM (7:00 am to 11:00 pm. Nook n' Go): 
    Tom Nook dreams of someday running a huge shop with a selection to match every 
    occasion. So the more business you offer the shop the closer he'll be to 
    realizing that dream. Either spend bells at the store or sell things to 
    Nook to help him out. the shop has four stages, from Nook's cranny to 
    Nookingtons! Remember it takes an entire day to renovate the shop and expand 
    -Nook's Cranny: this is the basic shop for every town, the selection may be 
    small but at least he has everything you need.
    -Nook n' Go: Once the combined total of bells used to buy or sell items 
    reaches 25,000 Bells Nook will close the shop for the day to remodel! The 
    store will be a little bigger with more to chose from.
    -Nookway: Nook will remodel the shop again once the total of bells reaches 
    65,000 spent. The new superstore opens the selection will be much bigger!
    -Nookington's: Tom will close his doors for remodeling one last time once his 
    transactions reach a total of 150,000 bells and somebody from another town buys 
    something from the Nookway. The crème de la crème of Nook's stores has two floors 
    with a huge selection!
    whenever you purchase clothes, carpets, wallpaper, furniture or umbrellas from 
    the store nook will give you a raffle ticket for the purchase, with every five 
    you save up you'll get one entry into his monthly drawing held at the end of each 
    month. He also has a Secret code Shipping service which allows you to send items 
    to friends in other towns by code.
    Bulletin Board - Available anytime: Every villager and visitor can write 
    something on the bulletin board located just in front of your house, it can 
    be anything from a greeting or a treasure hunt to find something buried in an 
    acre. But once you post something it's there for good. (The bulletin board can 
    only hold 15 entries then they will start being deleted starting with the 
    Police Station - Open 24 Hours: Officer Copper is always vigilant, he has a 
    keen eye for what's going on in your village, so ask him what goings-on there 
    are to learn if your town will be getting any special visitors soon. Booker 
    runs the lost and found inside the station, you can take anything you want, 
    it's really just a place to find free stuff, nobody really lost the stuff. But 
    the police station can only hold 20 items then they will start getting thrown 
    out starting with the oldest.
    Post Office - Open 24 Hours: Run by Pelly during the day and Phyllis at night, 
    the post office is where you go to make payments on your debt or to send letters 
    to people. After you've paid off all your debts to Nook you'll be able to open a 
    savings account with rewards for saving up certain amounts of bells.
    Prizes for savings
    1,000,000 Bells      Tissue
    10,000,000 Bells     Piggy Bank
    100,000,000 Bells    Mailbox
    999,999,999 Bells    Post office model
    Faraway Museum - Open 24 Hours: The faraway museum has a branch open to the 
    public in every town in animal crossing, including yours! The museum had four 
    different exhibits: Fish, Insects, Paintings, and Fossils. Donate any of those 
    you find for all to see, you'll be rewarded for your efforts as well because 
    once you complete each gallery you'll receive the museum model for your hard 
    work. Your name will also appear on a plaque next to any item you donate to 
    the museum to prove you gave it.
    *NOTE* Fossils you find in the ground must first be examined by the main 
    Faraway museum in order to donate them, to have them examined just mail the 
    fossil to the museum, if this is your first fossil, just wait until the next 
    day and the museum will send you a letter telling you to send your fossils to 
    The Dump - Pickup at 6:00 am every Monday and Thursday: Check the dump every 
    day since two new items will be deposited there for you to take. Heck you can 
    even throw some items you don't want in there for others to take. The dump can 
    only hold 16 items within it's walls, so you can't throw away a lot of junk at 
    The Melody Board - Available anytime: Your town has a melody that play 
    whenever you talk to someone or the clock bell rings. You can change it  by 
    simply pressing up or down on the control stick on the note you wish to 
    change. For ideas on different melodies check out the Town tunes FAQ at 
    Wishing Well - Available anytime: The wishing well is the heart of your 
    village, it tells you which acres need care and attention in order to make the 
    town a more beautiful place to live, and also allows you to apologise for 
    items you just can't deliver.
    Animal Island - Gameboy advance and GBA GCN link cable required: Every town 
    has an island with it's very own islander, the first person to visit the 
    island will also get to name the island. The Island has coconuts and it's 
    summer all year round, so it's a good getaway from the cold winter weather.
    Lighthouse - Available while Tortimer is on vacation: During the first couple 
    of months of the year Tortimer will take a vacation and he will ask you to 
    light the lighthouse for him every night between 6:00 and 10:00 pm for an 
    entire week. If you complete his task you will receive the lighthouse model 
    for your troubles.
    Tailor - Open 9:00 am to 2:00 am the next day: The able sisters run the tailor 
    shop where you can create some designs of your very own for the small price of 
    350 bells, with sixteen color pallets to chose from, it's all up to your 
    imagination. Those of you with a GBA GCN link cable can download the design 
    tool to your gameboy advance to create a design for free.
                             6. Forming friendships (0006)
    The animals in your town all want to get to know you, and they all have 
    feelings like you and me so it's best to be nice to them and be helpful, in 
    return they will be more likely to help you out.
    You can ask for work and earn cool stuff, like furniture, wallpaper and carpet 
    and a whole lot more. You can also Chat with them, they could share some 
    personal feelings with you, or tell you some stuff that's going on in town. 
    They may ask you questions about yourself or even offer to trade items with you.
    The animals in town all like to receive letters, face it, who doesn't. And 
    they all know the difference between a senseless note and a long letter filled 
    with sentiment, you can also attach a gift to give to them, they may even send 
    a gift in return.
    Each animal has a different personality and depending on them they may say 
    different things depending on the time of day or what mood they are in.
    Animal Moods
    -Normal: the animal will talk with you at lenght, but say something wrong and 
    their mood may change quickly!
    -Happiness: the animal will run around and whistle, they will even sound 
    happier than usual.
    -Anger: The animal will storm about with little puffs of steam coming from 
    their head, and they will refuse to speak with anybody!
    -Disappointment: the animal will have black clouds over it and will not want 
    to talk. Just leave them alone for a little while and they'll return to 
                             7. Special visitors (0007)
    Every so often you'll get a special visitor in town who only stops by for the 
    day, officer Copper will know off their arrival a few days in advance so check 
    in with him to see when they will arrive.
    Joan -- 6 am to noon every Sunday: Joan will stop by the town every Sunday 
    selling turnips to anyone who wishes to take part in the Stalk Market, she'll 
    will be selling them at a certain price and you can buy them in bunches of 10, 
    50 and 100. Staring on Monday all the way until Saturday you will then be able 
    to sell the turnips to Nook for what ever price he is buying them for, check the 
    price before you sell or you may end up losing out on the price. 
    it's basically buy low, sell high!
    Totakeke (K.K. Slider) -- 8 om to midnight every Saturday: Totakeke or K.K. 
    slider as he is known on stage has won acclaim world wide for his music, to 
    listen to his music just head over to the train station on Saturday nights. He 
    will be playing his guitar when you meet him. He'll take requests or you can just 
    let him play any song he likes. afterwards he'll give you the tape to listen to back 
    at your house.
                     Music list
    Aloha K.K.       K.K. Etude       K.K. Song
    Café K.K.        K.K. Faire       K.K. Soul
    Comrade K.K.     K.K. Folk        K.K. Steppe
    DJ K.K.          K.K. Fusion      K.K. Swing
    Go K.K. Rider!   K.K. Gumbo       K.K. Tango
    I love you       K.K. Jazz        K.K. Technopop
    Imperial K.K.    K.K. Lament      K.K. Waltz
    K.K. Aria        K.K. Love Song   K.K. Western
    K.K. Ballad      K.K. Lullaby     Lucky K.K.
    K.K. Blues       K.K. Mambo       Mr. K.K.
    K.K. Bossa       K.K. March       Only Me
    K.K. Calypso     K.K. Parade      Rockin' K.K.
    K.K. Casbah      K.K. Ragtime     Señor K.K.
    K.K. Chorale     K.K. Reggae      Soulful K.K.
    K.K. Condor      K.K. Rock        Surfin' K.K.
    K.K. Country     K.K. Safari      The K. Funk
    K.K. Cruisin'    K.K. Salsa       Two Days Ago
    K.K. D & B       K.K. Samba
    K.K. Dirge       K.K. Ska
    *NOTE* Totakeke will only play "K.K. Song", "Two Days Ago" and 
    "I Love You" if you request them. other wise he will never play them.
    Gulliver -- 6 am to midnight - random day once a week: Gulliver is a seagull 
    who has given up on the life of flying to become a sailor, but he's always 
    falling overboard. He'll wash up on shore at 6 am and will be unconscious 
    until midnight. If you mange to wake him up he will reward you with a rare 
    item that he's bought overseas.
                       Gulliver's Items and Nook's buying price
    Arc de Triomphe   2,300       Mankin Pis      1,300    Plate Armor      1,850
    Bottled Ship      840         Matriyoshka     980      Shogi Piece      1,250
    Chinese Lion      1,200       Merlion         2,300    Stone Coin       1,400
    Chinese Lioness   1,800       Mermaid Statue  1,900    Tiger Bobblehead 580
    Compass           320         Moai Statue     1,900    Tokyo Tower      1,150
    Fishing Bear      680         Mouth of thruth 1,900    Tower of Pisa    2,300
    Lady Liberty      2,300       Pagoda          1,280    Tribal Mask      1,100
    Redd -- 6 pm to 6 am - ask Copper or look for a letter: Redd or as he's better 
    know as Crazy Redd will come to town and set up a black market tent with 
    three pieces of furniture all for outrageous prices (four times that of Nook's!) 
    He will also send out mailer to everybody in town to announce his coming. But 
    make sure you know what your buying or else you may find yourself losing out 
    on a lot of bells.
                        Redd's Original Items
    Aiko Figurine        3,200    Ebony Piano       15,200    NES Console      12,000
    Amazing Painting     7,840    Exotic Bed        10,160    Pinball (NES)    12,000
    Backyard Pool        3,960    Exotic Table      9,200     Quaint Painting  7,840
    Balloon fight (NES)  12,000   Famous Painting   7,840     Ranch Chair      5,600
    Basic Painting       7,840    Flowery Painting  7,840     Ranch Dresser    10,880
    Bass                 9,600    Frog Woman Poll   5,600     Red Corner       27,200
    Black Bishop         11,200   Golf (NES)        12,000    Regal Bed        12,480
    Black Knight         11,200   Green Dresser     9,280     Regal Chair      8,400
    Black Rook           11,200   Green Wardrobe    9,200     Robo-Clock       5,600
    Blue Bed             8,400    High-End Stereo   11,000    Saddle Fence     8,720
    Blue Table           7,200    Hinaningo         10,240    Scary Painting   7,840
    Cabana Bed           8,800    Judge's Bell      7,160     Steam Roller     18,000
    Cabana Chair         6,400    Kiddie Bed        8,400     Super Toilet     7,920
    Cabin Chair          6,800    Kiddie Clock      5,920     Tanabata Palm    7,700
    Cabin Dresser        8,640    Lawn Mower        11,040    Tinpano Drum     8,400
    Clssic Vanity        10,240   Letter Cubby      9,200     Turntable        10,320
    Classic Wardrobe     10,240   Lovely Armoire    8,960     Well             10,800
    Clu Clu Land (NES)   12,000   Lovely End Table  7,200     White Bishop     11,200
    Common Painting      7,840    Lovely Stereo     7,920     White Kngiht     11,200
    Computer             7,280    Luigi Trophy      28,000    White Rook       11,200
    Dainty Painting      7,840    Modern End Table  7,600     Wide-Screen TV   8,800
    Deer Scare           7,200    Modern Wardrobe   10,240
    Dice Stereo          8,600    Moving Painting   7,840
    Wendell -- Arrives at 6 am, stays for 24 hours - Ask Copper for specific days: 
    Wendell the walrus is a famous wallpaper artist who is always hungry, you can 
    feed him anything but only fish will give you a reward, he'll paint a rare set 
    of wallpaper for you. He'll only hand out three units of it per visit, so one 
    of the four people living in town will go away empty handed.
                 Wendell's Wallpaper and Tom Nook's Purchasing Prices
    Ancient Wall      2,300 Garden Wall       1,600 Office Wall       1,750
    Backgammon Wall   1,800 Industrial Wall   1,750 Ringside Seating  2,250
    Basement Wall     1,875 Lunar Horizon     1,900 Sandlot Wall      1,700
    Blue Tarp         1,400 Meadow Vista      2,000 Tree-lined Wall   1,850
    Classroom Wall    1,500 Mortar Wall       1,750 Tropical Vista    2,300
    Desert Vista      2,250 Music Room Wall   1,600 Western Vista     1,500
    Saharah -- arrives at 6 am, stay for 24 hours - Ask Copper for specific days: 
    Saharah is a trader from a distant land who will trade you a rare and exotic 
    carpet in exchange for some bells and an old carpet of yours, however with 
    each carpet she give you the price will go up.
                  Saharah's Carpets and Tom Nook's Purchasing Prices
    Ancient Tile      2,400 Concrete Floor    1,800 Saharah's Desert   1,800
    Basement Floor    2,125 Daisy Meadow      1,800 Sand Garden        1,750
    Boxing Ring Mat   2,500 Lunar Surface     2,000 Sandlot            1,700
    Chessboard Rug    2,075 Mossy             2,000 Sidewalk           1,950
    Classroom Floor   1,500 Music Room Floor  1,800 Tropical Floor     2,050
    Closed Road       1,625 Office Flooring   1,700 Western Desert     1,700
    *NOTE* Each one of Saharah's Carpet's has a match with Wendell's Wallpapers 
    the matches will be listed later on in this FAQ
    Gracie -- Arrives 6 am, stays for 24 hours - Ask Copper for specific days: 
    Gracie is a fashion minded Giraffe with a fashionable car to boot. Here's 
    where you come in, here car is always getting dirty and she wants you to 
    clean it! If you do a good job she'll reward you with a Gracie Original 
    form the list below, if you don't do to well with the carwash you'll just 
    end up getting an every day, run of the mill shirt.
                   Gracie's Fashions and Tom Nook's Purchasing Prices
    Butterfly Shirt   1,800       Grape Shirt      1,600  Shirt Circuit     1,280
    Caterpillar Tee   1,700       Grass Shirt      1,450  Snow Shirt        1,700
    Citrus Shirt      1,600       Groovy Shirt     1,600  Splendid Shirt    1,550
    Cool Shirt        1,600       Kiwi Shirt       1,600  Strawberry Shirt  1,600
    Coral Shirt       1,550       Ladybug Shirt    1,350  Swell Shirt       1,500
    Cow Print         1,600       Lavender Robe    1,450  Tiger Print       1,600
    Crossing Print    1,550       Leopard Print    1,600  Tin Shirt         1,600
    Fiendish Shirt    1,700       Melon Shirt      1,600  Watermelon Shirt  1,600
    Giraffe Print     1,550       Orange Pinstripe 1,250  Zebra Print       1,600
    Gracie's Top      1,550       Pulse Shirt      1,500
    Katrina -- Arrives at 9 pm, stays for 24 hours - Ask Copper for specific days: 
    Katrina is a mysterious fortune telling cat who will charge 50 Bells for 
    one reading, if her reading is normal you can pay 50 Bells more for another, 
    if it's a special fortune from the list below she will not give another reading. 
    She'll also show up at your town's wishing well on New Year's Day to let you 
    draw a special lot, if it's good, you'll have incredible luck for a short 
    period of time.
                      Fortunes and their affects
    Love              Villager of the opposite sex will take a liking to you.
    Unpopular         Villagers will act coldly toward you.
    Lucky Finances    You'll Earn and find more Bells than Normal.
    Lucky Materials   It will become easier to acquire rare items.
    Unlucky           You'll fall down a lot.
    Chip -- 6 am to 6 pm every Sunday in June and November: Chip is the Chairman 
    of the fishing competition help every Sunday in June and November, just bring 
    him a small bass, a bass, or a large bass to enter, and if it's the biggest 
    one caught at the end of the day you'll win a prize.
    Jack -- 6 pm on October 31st to 1 am on November 1st: On Halloween everybody 
    in town dresses up as pumpkin-headed ghouls, one of those ghouls is actually 
    Jack the king of Halloween, and if you give him some candy he'll give you a 
    special reward. A way to tell which one is the real jack is that he won't come 
    running up to you, you have to run up to him.
    Jingle -- 8 pm on December 24th to 1 am December 25th: This black-nosed 
    reindeer will wander through town giving out gifts to any one and everyone, 
    just find him and answer his questions to receive a piece of furniture from 
    the Jingle series, to get more than one piece of furniture, get as far away 
    from him then change into a different shirt and repeat the process, but be 
    warned, if the clothes look to similar he will recognizes the trick and you 
    won't get anything.
    Snowman -- Every day from December 25th to mid-February: During the period 
    when snow is on the ground look around for a couple of snowballs, once you do 
    that, you need to roll them together to form a snowman, and if the proportions 
    a right, you'll be rewarded with a piece of furniture from the snowman series, 
    if the proportions are all wrong you will just get a lot of grief from that 
    Wisp -- Midnight to 4 am, under certain conditions: Wisp has been ordered by 
    something called the Brainless to fetch five wayward spirits from your village 
    before 4 am. He'll be invisible at first but once you enter his acre he will 
    talk with you and ask you to catch them with your bug catching net. If you do 
    manage to catch all five before 4 am and bring them to him he will reward you, 
    you'll have the choice of either him pulling all the weeds in your town, 
    repainting your roof or giving you a rare item.
    Franklin -- 3 pm to 9 pm on the fourth Thursday in November: Franklin has been 
    invited to the harvest festival by tortimer not as a guest, but as the Main 
    Course! and now he's hiding somewhere in your town. just look behind trees 
    signs and houses and you'll find him. He'll ask you to steal the utensils from 
    the festival and in return he will give you a piece of furniture from the harvest 
    series. Repeat the process until you get the full set.
                              8. Get Rich Quick (0008)
    In animal crossing there are lots of ways to make some quick Bells, just look 
    around town and you'll find them all. It's everywhere in town, like picking up 
    the sea shells on the beach.
    You can sell your junk and look around for the fruits and seashells.
    Shake the trees in search for bags of 100 bells, and if your extremely lucky 
    a bag of 10,000 bells may fall. But there is always the random beehive that 
    may fall, if so try and catch the bees that emerge and then sell them for 4,500 
    bells or high-tail it to the nearest building!
    You'll also find one shining spot in the ground every day, it contains 1,000 
    bells. Try hitting the rocks with your shovel as well since one rock will 
    turn red and spit out a bag of bells, keep hitting it to get more. You will 
    find one red rock per day.
    And finally you may find a present float by on a balloon every so often, 
    follow it until it get caught in a tree then shake it loose to see what you 
                         9. Happy Room Designing (0009)
    First in foremost the house belongs to you, what ever you put in it reflects 
    your personality. where you place it, what carpet and wallpapers you use is 
    purely up to you. Let your imagination go wild! But be aware, there  is a 
    group that watches the interior of your house. It's the Happy Room Academy, 
    (HRA) they grade your house on what kind of furniture you put in it. They 
    won't grade the basement of your house though. You can completely ignore the 
    HRA by saying no to Nook when he asks you, but you only get one chance to 
    join, and the HRA gives out prizes for a good score!
    Prizes for HRA points
    70,000 Points     House Model
    100,000 Points    Manor Model
    Scoring system for the HRA
    -Completed Furniture Series                                 48,000
    -Wallpaper and Carpet of Same Series                        10,000
    -Wallpaper or Carpet of Same Series                         4,800
    -Complete Necessities of Life (from same series)            16,000
    -Complete Necessities of Life (from different series)       4,400
    -Theme Furniture                          (# of peices x 7,000) + 15,000)
    -Wallpaper and Carpet of Same Theme                         10,000
    -Completed Furniture Set                            (# of peices x 3,000)
    Tips for getting a better score
    -always put rare stuff in your house, like the furniture that Tortimer gives 
    you on special occasions, those will give you a point boost!
    -Always try to complete a theme or series. Series belong on the first floor 
    and themes belong on the second floor.
    -the necessities of life are as follows: bed, table, chair, wardrobe, 
    -Don't mix themes or series on the first floor or the HRA will deduct 4,000 
    points for each offending object!
    -Make sure that functional furniture can still be reached and used. Ex: Make 
    sure that you can still open a dresser.
    -You'll get one point subtracted for each item left on the floor, like the 
    raffle tickets.
                          10. A guide to Feng Shui (0010)
    Feng shui is a system designed to help make your life easier. with four 
    colors. Each color represents good luck in either finding rarer items or more 
    North = Orange    Good luck in finding Money and Items
    East = Red        Good luck in finding Items
    South = Green     Good luck in finding Money and Items
    West = Yellow     Good luck in finding Money and Items
    It's always the first two spaces out from the walls that count towards the 
    feng Shui of your house.
                            Feng Shui by Floor Space
          Initial Space     First Expansion            Second Expansion
          NW,NW,NE,NE       NW,NW,N ,N ,NE,NE          NW,NW,N ,N ,N ,N ,NE,NE
          NW,NW,NE,NE       NW,NW,N ,N ,NE,NE          NW,NW,N ,N ,N ,N ,NE,NE
          SW,SW,SE,SE       W ,W        E ,E           E ,E              W ,W
          SW,SW,SE,SE       W ,W        E ,E           E ,E              W ,W 
                            SW,SW,S ,S ,SE,SE          E ,E              W ,W
                            SW,SW,S ,S ,SE,SE          E ,E              W, W
                                                       SW,SW,S ,S ,S ,S ,SE,SE
                                                       SW,SW,S ,S ,S ,S ,SE,SE
    Feng Shui Shortcut
    Some objects, just by being placed in your home, grant you good luck in 
    finding money and items. You don't need to concern yourself with their color 
    or placement. S try placing them in the corners to get double luck! The 
    following items are the Universal Feng Shui Shortcuts:
    G Logo            Tanabata Palm     Mario Trophy      Tissue
    Big Festive Tree  House Model       Samurai Suit      Angler Trophy
    Festive Tree      Manor Model       Mailbox           Autumn Medal
    Hinaningyo        Treasure Chest    Piggy Bank        Fishing Trophy
    Luigi Trophy      Dracaena          Post Model        Spring Medal
                       11. Multiplayer: A growing world (0011)
    Spending time with the animals in your town can be great, but it can get 
    lonely, so you'll need some friends to play with. Either with their own 
    memory card or playing on yours it makes for a lot of fun!
    One town, up to four players: The first player to start a new town on a 
    memory card has first dibs on one of the four houses that are vacant. Then, 
    using the same memory card up to three others players can move into the other 
    houses in the same town. Although only one player can run around town at once. 
    So you'll need to share the play time, but you'll quickly notice a steady flow 
    of fun, unpredictable changes from others' game play.
    Surprises in Store for a Multiplayer village: With multiple people playing in 
    the same town a lot of things can happen, you can all work together to make 
    the place better or you can compete to see who can donate the most to the 
    museum. You can even see who can catch the most expensive Fish or Insect. And 
    when you send a letter to an animal in your town they may show it to someone 
    else in your town, so don't go writing anything private in them!
    Your front-Door Gyroid: When you're not there... : Your personal Gyroid 
    assistant which is installed next to your house door stands in for you when 
    your not playing. You can program it to say a personalized greeting to other 
    players who come knocking. You can also store items in the gyroid that others 
    can take for free, purchasing them for a price that you determine, or you can 
    just show them off. A fun way to interact with the other players is to enter 
    their houses and see what they are collecting, find a piece of rare furniture 
    they need then sell it to them for an outrageous price. You might just make a 
    Multiple towns, multiple players: If a friend lends you a memory card that 
    contains his or her town data, you can plug it into the second slot on your 
    gamecube then hop on the train to visit their town, other towns usually have a 
    different fruit and new people, plus it's very own Shop run by Nook with a 
    different selection. And when you visit someone new may move from either town 
    to the other.
    The many advantage to town hoping: You can meet the other towns villagers or 
    even meet up with old friends who moved from your town to the one your 
    visiting. You can even bring some of the fruit from your friends town to yours 
    to plant and make fruit trees. Since Nook only pays 100 Bells for the natural fruit 
    of your town, but he'll pay 500 Bells for foreign fruit, but don't be too hasty 
    to sell them, plant them instead to make fruit trees to get a continuous cash 
    crop. You may even find some things in a friends town that you wouldn't 
    find in yours. You could even make an inter village challenge between your 
    town and your friends, like the first one to 15 villagers or the first to 
    fill the entire museum.
                             12. Island Paradise (0012)
    Every town has an Island but to reach it you need to link your Gameboy 
    Adavance with your Gamecube with the GCN GBA link cable, once you do that 
    head to the dock down at the beach and speak with the sailor. If it's the 
    first time the island has been reached then you'll be able to name it 
    whatever you want!
    What you can do on the Island
    Communal living: The vacant house on the island is for you and the other 
    players in your town, you can all add furniture to it and move it around as 
    you like. It's a fun group effort to mix and match design ideas! The houses 
    even comes with four stylish island Shirts!
    Far-Out friend: You will find one animal living in the house next to yours 
    when you first arrive. You cannot write to the animal but you can help it out 
    by giving it items it asks for or you can just simply form a friendship either 
    way it'll make your island life better.
    Design the Island flag: When you first arrive on the island you will notice a 
    white flag by the dock, you can post one of your patterns on it to customise 
    it, but so can everybody else who comes to the island. You could even have a 
    flag designing contest to see who can make the best flag, or you could just 
    post your name to let the next person know who was there last!
    			Animal Island
    While on the island you can drop a shovel, a net and a fishing rod if you want 
    then send the data to the Gba's Animal Island where your islander can then use 
    them to help find some rare items that can only be found on the Gba. you can 
    feed it any of the fruits you've found to the islander. If they like it the 
    might drop a bag of bells! they range from 100, 1000, 10,000 and 30,000 Bells 
    depending on how much they like the fruit, but each islander also dislikes a 
    certain fruit and will make them unhappy.
    Shovel: bury an item on the Gamecube then have your islander dig it up, they 
    will take the item and replace it with another, you might get lucky and get a 
    rare item.
    Fishing Pole: Give your islander the fishing pole then lead him to a body of 
    water and have him fish, if he catches something good he'll keep it, but with 
    some fruit you can have him drop it.
    Bug Catching Net: Floating treasure will sometimes float by, to retrieve it 
    you'll need to have your islander catch it with the net. Again the same 
    applies with the fishing pole as with the net after he's caught the treasure.
    Island Natives
    Name        Species
    Flash       Bird
    June        Bear
    Plucky      Chicken
    Maelle      Duck
    Elina       Elephant
    Drift       Frog
    Yodel       Gorilla
    Annalise    Horse
    Faith       Koala
    Bud         Lion
    Flossie     Mouse
    Boomer      Penguin
    O'Hare      Rabbit
    Rowan       Tiger
    Dobie       Wolf
    Bliss       Squirrel
    Pigleg      Pig
    Ankha       Cat
                           13. Calendar Events (0013)
    Every month there are activity going on in your town in which the whole town 
    turns out to take part in. Even Tortimer will be there and he'll always give 
    you a gift to commemorate the event, so check your calendar inside your 
    journals to find out when the next activity is taking place.
    1st, New Year's Day: Kick off another great year with Animal Crossing by 
    visiting the town wishing well on January 1st. From 6 am to 11 pm. Tortimer 
    will also be at the well, offering a few sage thoughts. He'll also give you a 
    new diary so that you can record another 365 days of your personal 
    Event gift: A new diary
    2nd, Groundhog Day: While snow is still covering the ground, your animal 
    friends will converge on the wishing well to see how long much longer winter 
    will last. If the local groundhog emerges then turns tail, returning to 
    hibernation, winter will continue for weeks -- at least in legend. What the 
    real surprise is not whether winter will continue on or not, it's who will 
    emerge from the ground, since there is no local groundhog. Everyone will show 
    up at 7:00 am and the "groundhog" will emerge at exactly 8:00 am. Afterwards 
    at 9:00 am you can speak with tortimer to receive your gift for the day.
    Event gift: Flower Model
    20th or 21st, Spring Sports Fair: Officer copper helps the town spring into 
    action in mid-march with a day of vigourous activities and fun events. Show 
    up to see each spectacle. Then, sometime during one of the events, track 
    down the mayor, who will reward your interest in the spring sports fair.
    Event gift: Spring Medal
    Timetable         Time
    Gymnastics        9 AM.
    Foot Race         11 AM.
    Ball Game         1 PM.
    Tug-of-War        3 PM.
    1st, April Fools' Day: Foolishness abounds in your town on April 1st. Chat 
    with your animal friends to get earfuls of tiny tales, then head for the 
    wishing well, where Tortimer will be a fount of funny Stuff. He'll have an 
    enormous surprise for you -- especially if you're trying to hunt down all the 
    NES games.
    Event Gift: Super Tortimer
    5th to 7th, Cherry Blossom Festival: During the annual Cherry Blossom 
    Festival, you'll notice that the leaves of many of the trees in your town have 
    turned pink. Your animal friends will be gabbing about the natural phenomenon. 
    Visit the mayor at the wishing well to hear even more about the festivities and 
    receive a special gift!
    Event gift: Pink Tree Model
    22nd, Nature Day: Animal crossing isn't just about talking with friends and 
    doing jobs for villagers, it's also about communing with nature, so celebrate 
    the wild side of town life on nature day by finding Tortimer and getting a 
    gift that will remind you of the holiday all year long!
    Event gift: Tree Model
    1st, Spring Cleaning: As the seasons go by, spring cleaning will grab the 
    attention of your neighbours. Tortimer even has a symbol of domestic 
    cleanliness for you, so find him to collect the special reminder.
    Event gift: Dump Model
    2nd Sunday, Mother's Day: Your mother in animal crossing send you letters all 
    year long, so take a day to think of her. Even the Mayor is thinking of his 
    mother and he'll also give you a wonderful gift to help remember.
    Event gift: Lovely Phone
    2nd Friday, Graduation Day: As you experience life day by day in animal 
    crossing, you'll certainly learn many things. On graduation Tortimer will 
    commend you on your personal achievements and pass on a great gift!
    Event gift: Tailor Model
    3rd Sunday, Father's Day: It's father day everywhere in the animal crossing 
    world, so why not visit your town's father figure, he'll hand over a cool 
    prize if you chat with him.
    Event gift: Locomotive Model
    Every Sunday in June, Summer Fishing Tourney: Chip the beaver will host a 
    fishing tourney in June every year on Sunday, you can win a series of prizes 
    as long as you keep on beating the day's current record for largest bass 
    caught. Find tortimer on any of the days to receive a cool fishing trophy!
    Event gift: Angler Trophy
    4th, Fireworks Show: Celebrate the summer with the yearly fireworks show. Head 
    to the lake between 7 pm and 9 pm to gaze at the skyward lights. Many of the 
    villager swill be there as well as Crazy Redd (he wouldn't miss an opportunity 
    to make some quick bells now would he!) he'll be there selling pinwheels and 
    balloons, find tortimer to get some fireworks of your own.
    Event gift: Bottle Rocket
    Every day starting the 25th, Morning Aerobics: Some villagers skip summer 
    aerobics; others put pressure on you to attend. Starting July Officer Copper 
    will hold an Aerobics session every morning from 6 till 7. Nab an event card 
    from tortimer and get it stamped by him 14 times at the morning event (which 
    is held until August 31st) to earn a special prize. When your at  aerobics, 
    you can do athletic moves with the C stick.
    Aerobic moves				controls
    1. Straighten your back       C down, then C up
    2. Roll Your Arms             Rotate C stick (upper half only)
    3. Straighten your sides      upper < C, upper < C or upper > C, upper > C
    4. Twist your body            <C, <C or C>, C>
    5. Throw out your chest       down < C, down < C or down > C, down > C
    6. Rotate your body           Rotate C stick (full circle)
    7. Leap                       C^, C^
    8. Practise Deep Breathing    C down, then C up
    12th, Meteor Shower: As always the lake is the best place to view the displays 
    in the sky -- and this one's no different, but the meteors will stay in the 
    atmosphere. Observe them from 6 pm to 9 pm with your fellow villagers then locate 
    the mayor to get a gift that will remind you of this day.
    Event gift: Telescope
    21st, Founder's Day: On founder's day Tortimer will wait at the wishing well, 
    offering wise thoughts about the founding forcritters who founded animal 
    crossing life as you know it. His memento is a little peculiar, but it's one 
    you'll want if your collecting the town models.
    Event gift: Weed Model
    Every day in august, Morning Aerobics (Cont.): Officer Copper's morning 
    aerobics sessions which started in July will continue on until the end of 
    August, and if you've collected and had your event card stamped by tortimer 
    on fourteen different days then you'll be rewarded with a prize that will 
    remind you of summer aerobics all year round. and allow you to do them all 
    year round as well.
    Event gift: Aerobics Radio
    1st Monday, Labour Day: He's had his eye on your town's progress for a while 
    now, and no it's not the wishing well. But on labour day Tortimer will expound 
    upon all the work that's gone into making the town great. Find him and hear him 
    out, he'll give you an appropriate memento.
    Event gift: Shop Model
    23rd or 24th, Fall Sports Fair: If you enjoyed the Spring Sports Fair you'll 
    enjoy the Fall one as well, it has the same Timetable, but the prize Tortimer 
    gives you will be different!
    Event gift: Autumn Medal
    Timetable         Time
    Gymnastics        9 AM.
    Foot Race         11 AM.
    Ball Game         1 PM.
    Tug-of-War        3 PM.
    Date varies (check calendar), Harvest Moon: The date changes a little each 
    year so consult your personal calendar for the exact day, when said day 
    arrives head out to the lake between 6 pm and 9 pm to view the beautiful 
    Harvest Moon. The villagers will turn out for the event as well, and of 
    course so has Tortimer. If you want to own one of the biggest items in Animal 
    crossing then chat with the mayor. Your house will never be the same!
    Event gift: Moon
    Varies (check calendar), Harvest Moon (see September): Check the September 
    section for information regarding the Harvest Moon
    2nd Monday, Explorer's Day: Exploration is at the heart of animal crossing, 
    and Tortimer stands at the well to offer his sentiments. Head over to retrieve 
    a nice gift that will your wanderlust strong throughout the year.
    Event gift: Bottled Ship
    15th to 25th, Mushrooming season: Every morning from the 15th to the 25th , 
    you should wake up early because five mushrooms will sprout up at separate 
    spots throughout your village at 8 am. Roughly every 15 minutes a villager 
    will find one of them. They fetch a good price at Nook's. Chat with the 
    villagers for mushroom hunting tips.
    31st, Halloween: Halloween comes just as in the real world, so stock up on 
    candy the weeks preceding Halloween at Nook's. Halloween night is full of 
    ticks for you and treats for the other villagers. If they spot you they will 
    run after you, and if they catch you you'll have to hand over a piece of 
    candy, If you don't they'll turn your clothes to rags or change one of the 
    items in your inventory into a Jack-o' lantern or a Jack-in-the-box! But one 
    of the villagers is the real Jack, king of Halloween, if you give him some 
    candy He'll give you a piece of furniture from the spooky Set. One costumed 
    villager is also the Mayor, find him to receive another gift.
    Mayor's Event gift: Katrina's Tent
    Jack's Event gift:
    Spooky Bed        Spooky Sofa
    Spooky Bookcase   Spooky Table
    Spooky Chair      Spooky Vanity
    Spooky Clock      Spooky Wardrobe
    Spooky Dresser    Spooky Carpet
    Spooky Lamp       Spooky Wall
    Patched Shirt     Jack-O' Lantern
    Collect and protect your candy: store candy in your house until Halloween and 
    then protect it from the villagers tricks by storing them in letters as 
    presents until you need it. But be sure to take it out when you talk with the 
    real Jack or he'll play a trick on you since he'll think you have no candy!
    First Tuesday, Mayor's Day: Throughout the year Tortimer honours all the most 
    important things in your town, including himself. You'll find him at the 
    wishing well, and as a reminder of the day he'll give you the model of his 
    usual watering hole.
    Event gift: Well Model
    11th, Officer's Day: The mayor also celebrates two other major figures of 
    civic importance during November. Copper and Booker. Chat with him Tortimer on 
    Officer's Day to receive a gift that may keep you respectful of the dogs in blue 
    all year round.
    Event gift: Police Model
    4th Thursday, Harvest Festival: Turkey eating is just as much a holiday in 
    animal crossing as it is in the real world. Show up between 3 pm and 9 pm to 
    watch a tasty story unfold. There's no turkey! Talk with tortimer to receive 
    your gift. But search the town for a turkey hiding behind anything. He'll ask 
    you to steal the utensils from the festival and give them to him, in exchange 
    he'll give you a piece of furniture from the harvest set.
    Mayor's Event gift: Cornucopia
    Franklin's Event gift:
    Harvest Mirror    Harvest Bed
    Harvest Sofa      Harvest Bureau
    Harvest Table     Harvest Chair
    Harvest TV        Harvest Clock
    Harvest Rug       Harvest Dresser
    Harvest Wall      Harvest Lamp
    4th Friday, Sale day: The day after the harvest festival is sale day, which 
    makes spending your bells a must! Nook will sell grab bags with three random 
    items all for exceptionally low prices. Redd will also set up his hop with the 
    usual mix of common and rare items with the usual prices. But even the mayor is 
    market minded today and he'll give you a gift to go with it!
    Event gift: Market Model
    Every Sunday, Fall fishing Tourney: Chip holds a second tournament since the 
    summer one is so popular, it's identical to the summer fishing tourney except 
    that Totimer has a different gift for you!
    Event gift: Fishing Trophy
    1st, Snow day: The mayor gets nostalgic about the winter time and even though 
    there isn't any snow on the ground he wants to get everybody in the winter 
    mood by giving them a frosty little gift. So stop by and see him to find out 
    what it is!
    Event gift: Snowman
    23rd, Toy Day: Tortimer has a special present for everybody in town. He's just 
    trying to be nice to everybody for the holidays so go speak with him to 
    receive your gift, and the gift you get depends if your a boy or a girl.
    Event gift: boys: Miniature car, girls: Doll
    24th, Jingle comes to town: Jingle the black nosed reindeer comes to town 
    every year at 8 pm to deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls. 
    Find him and answer his questions to receive a piece of the jingle series 
    furniture. and don't worry if you miss him on the 24th just check your mail on 
    the 25th and he'll have given you something to put in your house anyway.
    Event gift:
    Jingle Bed        Jingle Shirt
    Jingle Chair      Jingle Sofa
    Jingle Clock      Jingle Table
    Jingle Dresser    Jingle Wardrobe
    Jingle Lamp       Jingle Carpet
    Jingle Piano      Jingle Wall
    Jingle Shelves
    31st, New Year's: It's been a long and happy year for you and everybody in 
    your town and everybody including the mayor want to finish the year with a 
    bang. Join the fireworks party at 11 pm to countdown the time left till the 
    new year and chat with tortimer to receive your gift. The party will continue 
    until 1 am to watch the fireworks.
    Event gift: Noise Maker
                            14. Unexpected events (0014)
    During the year so things that are not listed in the calendar may occur at 
    random, they all have meaning and have rewards for taking part in them.
    Snowman Sightings: While snow is on the ground keep a lookout for two small 
    snowballs in town. you should roll them together and create a snowman. If the 
    proportion of the two snowballs is good then you'll be rewarded with a piece 
    from the snowman series. If they aren't that good then all you'll get from the 
    snowman is a lot of cold hard grief!
    Event gift:
    Snowman Bed       Snowman Lamp
    Snowman Chair     Snowman Sofa
    Snowman Clock     Snowman Table
    Snowman Dresser   Snowman TV
    Snowman Fridge    Snowman Wardrobe
    Tortimer's Lighthouse request: During the first couple of months of the year 
    tortimer may decide to go on vacation. And he wants you to light the 
    lighthouse for him every night for a week between 6 and 10 pm, if you manage 
    to do that for him you'll get a nice reward out of it.
    Event gift: Lighthouse Model or Chocolates
    Tortimer's Bridge building gift: Once some more people move into your town 
    you'll find tortimer walking along the river banks and he'll ask you if it's 
    a good spot to build a third bridge for your town. If you don't think it's a 
    good spot wait a while for him to move to an acre you do like and tell him 
    you want it there.
    Summer camping season: Animals who live in other towns will want to get away 
    from it all during the summer months and may set up camp in your town. Chat 
    with the campers to play their games and possibly earn a cool piece of 
    camping gear.
    Event gift:
    Backpack    Lantern
    Bonfire     Mountain Bike
    Campfire    Propane Stove
    Cooler      Sleeping Bag
    Kayak       Tent Model
    Igloos on the landscape: When snow is on the ground, a citizen from your town 
    may build an igloo and move in for the day. so when it snows search the slopes 
    for any signs of an igloo. Chat with the temporary resident and you might 
    receive a special gift.
    Event gift:
    Chowder        Sleigh
    Crab Stew      Snow Bunny
    Fireplace      Snowboard
    Igloo Model    Snowy Tree Model
                             15. Furniture Series (0015)
    There are over 200 different pieces of furniture in animal crossing and most 
    fit in together in different series of furniture like the Blue series. So 
    listed below are all the series of furniture that exist in animal crossing. 
    Just look at the lists to see what pieces of a particular series your missing. 
    All prices are Nook's selling prices, for Redd's check out his price list 
    listed in the special visitors section of this guide.
    They will be listed like this:
    No.   Name              Size  Price Feng shui   Nook or Redd
    Blue series:
    1.    Blue Table        1     1,800 Yellow      Redd's tent
    2.    Blue Chair        1     1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Blue Bed          2     2,100 ---         Redd's tent
    4.    Blue Bureau       2     2,160 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Blue Wardrobe     1     1,920 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Blue Bench        2     1,900 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Blue Dresser      1     2,100 Red         Nook's lottery
    8.    Blue Bookcase     1     1,900 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Blue Clock        1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Blue Cabinet      1     2,400 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Blue Wall         --    1,260 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Blue Flooring     --    1,580 ---         Nook's shop
    Exotic series:
    1.    Exotic Table      2     2,300 ---         Redd's tent
    2.    Exotic Chair      1     1,400 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Exotic Bed        4     2,540 ---         Redd's tent
    4.    Exotic Bureau     2     2,400 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Exotic Wardrobe   1     2,180 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Exotic Bench      2     1,900 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Exotic Chest      2     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Exotic Lamp       1     1,800 Yellow      Nook's lottery
    9.    Exotic Screen     2     2,250 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Exotic End Table  1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Exotic Wall       --    1,420 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Exotic Rug        --    1,820 ---         Nook's shop
    Ranch series:
    1.    Ranch Table       4     1,700 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Ranch Chair       1     1,400 ---         Redd's tent
    3.    Ranch Bed         2     2,300 Red         Nook's shop
    4.    Ranch Dresser     2     2,720 ---         Redd's tent
    5.    Ranch Wardrobe    1     3,050 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Ranch Couch       2     2,400 Green       Nook's shop
    7.    Ranch Armchair    1     2,000 Green       Nook's shop
    8.    Ranch Tea Table   2     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Ranch Hutch       1     2,560 ---         Nook's lottery
    10.   Ranch Bookcase    1     2,000 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Ranch Wall        --    1,450 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Ranch Flooring    --    1,750 ---         Nook's shop
    Kiddie series:
    1.    Kiddie Table      4     2,200 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Kiddie Chair      1     1,400 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Kiddie Bed        2     2,100 ---         Redd's tent
    4.    Kiddie Dresser    2     2,150 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Kiddie Wardrobe   1     2,180 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Kiddie Clock      1     1,400 ---         Redd's tent
    7.    Kiddie Couch      2     2,200 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Kiddie Stereo     2     1,900 ---         Nook's lotery
    9.    Kiddie Bookcase   1     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Kiddie Bureau     1     2,200 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Kiddie Wall       --    1,500 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Kiddie Carpet     --    1,630 ---         Nook's shop
    Classic series:
    1.    Classic Table     1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Classic Chair     1     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Classic Bed       4     2,520 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Classic Vanity    1     2,560 ---         Redd's tent
    5.    Classic Wardrobe  1     2,560 ---         Redd's tent
    6.    Classic Hutch     2     3,360 ---         Nook's lottery
    7.    Classic Clock     1     2,180 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Classic Desk      1     2,200 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Classic Cabinet   2     2,560 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Classic Sofa      1     2,240 Yellow      Nook's shop
    11.   Classic Wall      --    2,100 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Classic Carpet    --    2,300 ---         Nook's shop
    Green series:
    1.    Green Table       4     1,700 Green       Nook's shop
    2.    Green Chair       1     1,200 Green       Nook's shop
    3.    Green Bed         2     2,160 Green       Nook's shop
    4.    Green Dresser     2     2,320 Green       Redd's tent
    5.    Green Wardrobe    1     2,300 Green       Redd's tent
    6.    Green Bench       2     1,800 Green       Nook's shop
    7.    Green Pantry      1     2,290 Green       Nook's lottery
    8.    Green Counter     2     2,400 Green       Nook's shop
    9.    Green Lamp        1     1,800 Green       Nook's shop
    10.   Green Desk        1     2,000 Green       Nook's shop
    11.   Green Wall        --    1,050 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Green Rug         --    1,540 ---         Nook's shop
    Modern series:
    1.    Modern E. Table   1     1,900 ---         Redd's tent
    2.    Modern Chair      1     1,500 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Modern Bed        2     2,320 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Modern Dresser    1     2,250 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Modern Wardrobe   1     2,560 ---         Redd's tent
    6.    Modern Lamp       1     1,400 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Modern Cabinet    2     2,580 ---         Nook's lottery
    8.    Modern Desk       2     2,480 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Modern Sofa       2     2,620 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Modern Table      2     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Modern Wall       --    1,450 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Modern Tile       --    1,540 ---         Nook's shop
    Lovely series:
    1.    Lovely End Table  1     1,800 ---         Redd's tent
    2.    Lovely Chair      1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Lovely Bed        2     2,000 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Lovely Dresser    2     2,160 Red         Nook's shop
    5.    Lovely Armoire    1     2,240 ---         Redd's tent
    6.    Lovely Lamp       1     1,600 Red         Nook's shop
    7.    Lovely Kitchen    2     2,280 ---         Nook's lottery
    8.    Lovely Armchair   1     2,000 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Lovely Vanity     1     2,200 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Lovely Table      1     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Lovely Wall       --    1,880 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Lovely Carpet     --    1,980 ---         Nook's shop
    Cabana series:
    1.    Cabana Table      2     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Cabana Chair      1     1,600 ---         Redd's tent
    3.    Cabana Bed        2     2,200 ---         Redd's tent
    4.    Cabana Dresser    1     2,400 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Cabana Wardrobe   1     2,240 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Cabana Screen     2     2,000 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Cabana Vanity     1     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Cabana Bookcase   2     2,400 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Cabana Armchair   1     1,800 ---         Nook's lottery
    10.   Cabana Lamp       1     1,700 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Cabana Wall       --    1,480 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Cabana Flooring   --    1,680 ---         Nook's shop
    Regal series:
    1.    Regal Table       2     2,540 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Regal Chair       1     2,100 ---         Redd's tent
    3.    Regal Bed         4     3,120 ---         Redd's tent
    4.    Regal Dresser     1     3,520 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Regal Armoire     1     3,820 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Regal Cupboard    1     3,360 ---         Nook's lottery
    7.    Regal Bookcase    2     3,120 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Regal Vanity      1     3,200 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Regal Sofa        2     3,100 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Regal Lamp        1     2,400 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Regal Wall        --    2,240 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Regal Carpet      --    2,850 ---         Nook's shop
    Cabin series:
    1.    Cabin Low Table   4     2,100 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Cabin Chair       1     1,700 ---         Redd's tent
    3.    Cabin Bed         2     2,400 Red         Nook's shop
    4.    Cabin Dresser     1     2,160 ---         Redd's tent
    5.    Cabin Wardrobe    1     2,480 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Cabin Clock       1     2,000 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Cabin Couch       2     2,480 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Cabin Armchair    1     2,280 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Cabin Bookcase    2     2,300 ---         Nook's lottery
    10.   Cabin Table       2     2,100 Red         Nook's shop
    11.   Cabin Wall        --    1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Cabin Rug         --    1,540 ---         Nook's shop
    Jingle series:
    1.    Jingle Table      4     ---   Red         Jingle
    2.    Jingle Chair      1     ---   Red         Jingle
    3.    Jingle Bed        2     ---   Red         Jingle
    4.    Jingle Dresser    2     ---   Red         Jingle
    5.    Jingle Wardrobe   1     ---   Red         Jingle
    6.    Jingle Lamp       1     ---   Red         Jingle
    7.    Jingle Shelves    1     ---   Red         Jingle
    8.    Jingle Sofa       2     ---   Red         Jingle
    9.    Jingle Clock      1     ---   Red         Jingle
    10.   Jingle Piano      2     ---   Red         Jingle
    11.   Jingle Wall       --    ---   ---         Jingle
    12.   Jingle Carpet     --    ---   ---         Jingle
    Spooky series:
    1.    Spooky Table      4     ---   Orange      Jack
    2.    Spooky Chair      1     ---   Orange      Jack
    3.    Spooky Bed        2     ---   Orange      Jack
    4.    Spooky Dresser    2     ---   Orange      Jack
    5.    Spooky Wardrobe   1     ---   Orange      Jack
    6.    Spooky Bookcase   1     ---   Orange      Jack
    7.    Spooky Sofa       2     ---   Orange      Jack
    8.    Spooky Clock      1     ---   Orange      Jack
    9.    Spooky Lamp       1     ---   Orange      Jack
    10.   Spooky Vanity     1     ---   Orange      Jack
    11.   Spooky Wall       --    ---   ---         Jack
    12.   Spooky Carpet     --    ---   ---         Jack
    Snowman series:
    1.    Snowman Table     4     ---   ---         Snowman
    2.    Snowman Chair     1     ---   ---         Snowman
    3.    Snowman Bed       4     ---   ---         Snowman
    4.    Snowman Dresser   1     ---   ---         Snowman
    5.    Snowman Wardrobe  1     ---   ---         Snowman
    6.    Snowman Fridge    1     ---   ---         Snowman
    7.    Snowman Lamp      1     ---   ---         Snowman
    8.    Snowman Sofa      2     ---   ---         Snowman
    9.    Snowman TV        1     ---   ---         Snowman
    10.   Snowman Clock     1     ---   ---         Snowman
    11.   Snowman Wall      --    ---   ---         Snowman
    12.   Snowman Carpet    --    ---   ---         Snowman
    Harvest series:
    1.    Harvest Bed       2     ---   ---         Franklin
    2.    Harvest Bureau    1     ---   ---         Franklin
    3.    Harvest Chair     1     ---   ---         Franklin
    4.    Harvest Clock     1     ---   ---         Franklin
    5.    Harvest Dresser   2     ---   ---         Franklin
    6.    Harvest Lamp      1     ---   ---         Franklin
    7.    Harvest Mirror    1     ---   ---         Franklin
    8.    Harvest Sofa      2     ---   ---         Franklin
    9.    Harvest Table     2     ---   ---         Franklin
    10.   Harvest TV        1     ---   ---         Franklin
    11.   Harvest Wall      --    ---   ---         Franklin
    12.   Harvest Carpet    --    ---   ---         Franklin
                          16. Theme Furniture (0016)
    Theme furniture is just like the different series but with one exception, 
    these things are not sensible or functional. They all go together in a set to 
    make your room feel like you are smack in the middle of a specific setting. 
    You can go to space with the space theme or make your house into a school 
    with the classroom theme. Choose one you like!
    Space Theme:
    1.    Lunar Lander      4     3,200 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Satellite         2     2,600 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Flying Saucer     4     2,400 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Rocket            2     2,400 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Spaceman Sam      1     2,800 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Asteroid          1     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Lunar Rover       2     2,560 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Space Station     4     2,800 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Space Shuttle     2     2,780 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Lunar Horizon     --    ---   ---         Wendell
    11.   Lunar Surface     --    ---   ---         Saharah
    Rock Garden:
    1.    Garden Stone      1     1,900 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Standing Stone    1     2,500 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Mossy Stone       1     2,160 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Leaning Stone     1     2,100 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Dark Stone        2     2,200 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Stone Couple      2     2,380 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Garden Wall       --    ---   ---         Wendell
    8.    Sand Garden       --    ---   ---         Sahahrah
    Classroom Theme:
    1.    Vaulting Horse    1     1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Cubby Hole        2     2,200 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Letter Cubby      2     2,300 ---         Redd's tent
    4.    Teacher's chair   1     1,440 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Lefty Desk        1     1,240 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Righty Desk       1     1,240 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Science Table     2     1,900 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Flip-Top Desk     1     1,320 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    School Desk       1     1,320 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Hamster Cage      1     2,290 Red         Nook's lottery
    11.   Teacher's Desk    2     1,580 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Folding Chair     1     600   ---         Nook's shop
    13.   Chalkboard        2     1,400 Green       Nook's shop
    14.   Mop               1     900   ---         Nook's shop
    15.   Classroom Wall    --    ---   ---         Wendell
    16.   Classroom Floor   --    ---   ---         Saharah
    Construction Theme:
    1.    Traffic Cone      1     800   Red         Nook's shop
    2.    Jackhammer        1     1,880 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Orange Cone       1     600   Red         Nook's shop
    4.    Cement Mixer      1     1,600 Orange      Nook's Lottery
    5.    Steamroller       2     4,500 Yellow      Redd's tent
    6.    Saw Horse         1     900   ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Jersey Barrier    1     1,050 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Manhole Cover     1     1,000 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Oil Drum          1     840   Orange      Nook's shop
    10.   Green Drum        1     800   Green       Nook's shop
    11.   Haz-Mat Barrel    1     830   Red         Nook's shop
    12.   Iron Frame        2     1,200 Red         Nook's shop
    13.   Flagman Sign      1     850   Orange      Nook's shop
    14.   Handcart          1     800   ---         Nook's shop
    15.   Detour Arrow      1     600   Red         Nook's shop
    16.   Detour Sign       1     830   Orange      Nook's shop
    17.   Men at Work Sign  1     850   Orange      Nook's shop
    18.   Speed Sign        1     870   ---         Nook's shop
    19.   Wet Roadway Sign  1     850   Orange      Nook's shop
    20.   Merge Sign        1     850   Orange      Nook's shop
    21.   Blue Tarp         --    ---   ---         Wendell
    22.   Closed Road       --    ---   ---         Saharah
    Western Theme:
    1.    Covered Wagon     2     3,800 ---         Nook's lottery
    2.    Cow Skull         1     1,020 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Desert Cactus     1     890   Green       Nook's shop
    4.    Saddle Fence      1     2,180 ---         Redd's tent
    5.    Western Fence     1     880   ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Storefront        2     3,680 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Tumbleweed        1     520   ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Wagon Wheel       1     1,230 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Watering Trough   2     1,100 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Well              1     2,700 ---         Redd's tent
    11.   Western Vista     --    ---   ---         Wendell
    12.   Western Desert    --    ---   ---         Saharah
    Chess Theme:
    1.    White Rook        1     2,800 ---         Redd's tent
    2.    Black Rook        1     2,800 ---         Redd's tent
    3.    White Queen       1     23,200---         Nook's lottery
    4.    Black Queen       1     23,200---         Nook's lottery
    5.    White Bishop      1     2,800 ---         Redd's tent
    6.    Black Bishop      1     2,800 ---         Redd's tent
    7.    White King        1     23,200---         Nook's lottery
    8.    Black King        1     23,200---         Nook's lottery
    9.    White Knight      1     2,800 ---         Redd's tent
    10.   Black Knight      1     2,800 ---         Redd's tent
    11.   White Pawn        1     1,000 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Black Pawn        1     1,000 ---         Nook's shop
    13.   Backgamon Wall    --    ---   ---         Wendell
    14.   Chessboard Rug    --    ---   ---         Saharah
    Mossy Garden Theme:
    1.    Deer Scare        1     1,800 Green       Redd's tent
    2.    Garden Pond       4     2,580 ---         Nook's lottery
    3.    Low Lantern       1     2,100 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Tall Lantern      1     1,980 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Pond Lantern      1     1,980 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Shrine Lantern    1     1,980 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Mortar Wall       --    ---   ---         Wendell
    8.    Mossy Carpet      --    ---   ---         Saharah
    Backyard Theme:
    1.    Lawn Mover        1     2,760 Red         Redd's tent
    2.    Sprinkler         1     1,640 Yellow      Nook's shop
    3.    Backyard Pool     4     990   ---         Redd's tent
    4.    Barbecue          1     1,760 Red         Nook's shop
    5.    Bird Bath         1     1,450 Green       Nook's shop
    6.    Bird Feeder       1     1,260 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Birdhouse         1     1,620 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Bug Zapper        1     1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Garden Gnome      1     3,380 ---         Nook's lottery
    10.   Hammock           2     1,320 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Lawn Chair        1     1,180 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Picnic Table      4     1,390 ---         Nook's shop
    13.   Mr. Flamingo      1     1,530 ---         Nook's shop
    14.   Mrs. Flamingo     1     1,530 ---         Nook's shop
    15.   Tiki Torch        1     870   ---         Nook's shop
    16.   Backyard Fence    --    800   ---         Nook's shop
    17.   Backyard Lawn     --    880   ---         Nook's shop
    Boxing Theme:
    1.    Judge's Bell      1     1,790 ---         Redd's tent
    2.    Weight Bench      2     3,590 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Boxing Barricade  1     1,050 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Neutral Corner    4     5,500 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Red Corner        4     6,800 Red         Redd's tent
    6.    Blue Corner       4     6,800 ---         Nook's lottery
    7.    Boxing Mat        2     1,180 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Speed Bag         1     2,990 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Sandbag           1     3,190 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Ringside Table    2     1,320 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Ringside Seating  --    ---   ---         Wendell
    12.   Boxing Ring Mat   --    ---   ---         Saharah
                            17. Furniture Sets (0017)
    Furniture sets have all the style of a theme or series, but they are much 
    smaller and cost significantly less, from floral to educational, there's 
    something to suit everyone's needs. Again all prices marked are Tom Nook's, 
    Redd's are listed in the special visitors section
    Here is how they will be classified:
    Name              Size  Price Feng Shui   Group             Nook's/Redd's
    Orange Chair      1     1,300 Orange      Citrus set        Nook's shop
    Lemon Table       1     1,500 Yellow      Citrus set        Nook's shop
    Grapefruit Table  1     1,500 Red         Citrus set        Nook's shop
    Lime Chair        1     1,300 Green       Citrus set        Nook's shop
    Froggy Chair      1     1,200 Green       Frog set          Nook's shop
    Lily-Pad Table    1     1,600 Green       Frog set          Nook's shop
    Folk Guitar       1     1,600 ---         Guitar set        Nook's shop
    Coutry Guitar     1     1,700 ---         Guitar set        Nook's shop
    Rock Guitar       1     1,800 ---         Guitar set        Nook's shop
    Papa Bear         4     2,200 ---         Teddy Bear set    Nook's shop
    Mama Bear         1     1,600 ---         Teddy Bear set    Nook's shop
    Baby Bear         1     800   ---         Teddy Bear set    Nook's shop
    Violin            1     2,200 ---         String Instrument set Nook's shop
    Bass              1     2,400 ---         String Instrument set Redd's tent
    Cello             1     1,800 ---         String Instrument set Nook's shop
    Keiko Figurine    1     800   ---         Figurine set      Nook's shop
    Yuki Figurine     1     800   ---         Figurine set      Nook's shop
    Yoko Figurine     1     800   ---         Figurine set      Nook's shop
    Aiko Figurine     1     800   ---         Figurine set      Redd's tent
    Maki Figurine     1     800   ---         Figurine set      Nook's shop
    Naomi Figurine    1     800   ---         Figurine set      Nook's shop
    Emi Figurine      1     800   ---         Figurine set      Nook's shop
    Tall Catus        1     1,700 Green       Cactus set        Nook's shop
    Round Cactus      1     1,700 Green       Cactus set        Nook's shop
    Cactus            1     1,700 Green       Cactus set        Nook's shop
    Candy Machine     1     2,200 ---         Vending Machine set     Nook's shop
    Soda Machine      1     1,700 ---         Vending Machine set     Nook's shop
    Pop Machine       1     3,250 ---         Vending Machine set     Nook'slottery
    Coffee Machine    1     2,100 ---         Vending Machine set     Nook's shop
    Office Locker     1     1,200 ---         Office set        Nook's shop
    Office Desk       2     1,600 ---         Office set        Nook's shop
    Office Chair      1     1,100 ---         Office set        Nook's shop
    Watermelon Chair  1     1,300 Red         Melon set         Nook's shop
    Melon Chair       1     1,300 Yellow      Melon set         Nook's shop
    Watermelon Table  4     1,800 Red         Melon set         Nook's shop
    Blue Vase         1     2,500 ---         Vase set          Nook's shop
    Tea Vase          1     2,400 ---         Vase set          Nook's shop
    Red Vase          1     2,450 ---         Vase set          Nook's shop
    Eagle Pole        1     1,400 ---         Totem Pole set    Nook's shop
    Raven Pole        1     1,400 ---         Totem Pole set    Nook's shop
    Eagle Pole        1     1,400 ---         Totem Pole set    Nook's shop
    Frog Woman Pole   1     1,400 ---         Totem Pole set    Redd's tent
    Conga Drum        1     1,600 ---         Drum set          Nook's shop
    Tinpano Drum      1     2,100 ---         Drum set          Redd's tent
    Djimbe Drum       1     1,900 ---         Drum set          Nook's shop
    Pine Table        4     2,280 ---         Pine Wood set     Nook's shop
    Pine Chair        1     1,800 ---         Pine Wood set     Nook's shop
    Writing Desk      2     1,900 ---         Study set         Nook's shop
    Globe             1     1,200 ---         Study set         Nook's shop
    Writing Chair     1     1,000 ---         Study set         Nook's shop
    Pine Bonsai       1     1,800 Green       Bonsai set        Nook's shop
    Mugho Bonsai      1     1,800 Green       Bonsai set        Nook's shop
    Ponderosa Bonsai  1     1,800 Green       Bonsai set        Nook's shop
    Arwing            4     25,600---         Nintendo set      Nook'slottery
    Master Sword      1     2,800 ---         Nintendo set      Nook's shop
    N Logo            1     2,400 ---         Nintendo set      Nook's shop
    G Logo            1     2,500 Special     Nintendo set      Nook's shop
    Mario Trophy      1     7,000 Special     Lucky Nintendo set   Nook'slottery
    Luigi Trophy      1     7,000 Special     Lucky Nintendo set   Redd's tent
    Pear Dresser      1     1,600 ---         Pear set          Nook's shop
    Pear Wardrobe     1     1,400 ---         Pear set          Nook's shop
    Apple Clock       1     1,200 ---         Apple set         Nook's shop
    Apple TV          1     1,600 ---         Apple set         Nook's shop
    Robo-Stereo       1     2,200 ---         Robot set         Nook'slottery
    Robo-Clock        1     1,400 ---         Robot set         Redd's tent
    Tulip Table       1     1,900 ---         Red Flower set    Nook's shop
    Tulip Chair       1     1,400 ---         Red Flower set    Nook's shop
    Daffodil Table    1     1,900 ---         Yellow Flower set Nook's shop
    Daffodil Chair    1     1,400 ---         Yellow Flower set Nook's shop
    Iris Table        1     1,900 ---         Iris Flower set   Nook's shop
    Iris Chair        1     1,400 ---         Iris Flower set   Nook's shop
                           18. Other Furniture (0018)
    Oddly enough, these have been classified without any particular theme, series 
    or set that they belong to, so collecting only a few of them won't hinder your 
    HRA score, yet, they all belong to certain groups like the paintings or 
    bonsais(don't ask, I'm as confused as you are!). So collect them to add a 
    special touch to your house! Again a prices listed are Nook's, redd's are in 
    the special visitors section.
    This is the list format for this section:
    Number	Name		Size	Price	Feng Shui	Nook/Redd
    1.    Famous Painting   1     1,960 ---         Redd's tent
    2.    Scary Painting    1     1,960 ---         Redd's tent
    3.    Basic Painting    1     1,960 ---         Redd's tent
    4.    Moving Painting   1     1,960 ---         Redd's tent
    5.    Flowery Painting  1     1,960 ---         Redd's tent
    6.    Common Painting   1     1,960 ---         Redd's tent
    7.    Quaint Painting   1     1,960 ---         Redd's tent
    8.    Dainty Painting   1     1,960 ---         Redd's tent
    9.    Amazing Painting  1     1,960 ---         Redd's tent
    10.   Strange Painting  1     1,960 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Rare Painting     1     1,960 ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Classic Painting  1     1,960 ---         Nook's shop
    13.   Perfect Painting  1     1,960 ---         Nook's shop
    14.   Fine Painting     1     1,960 ---         Nook's shop
    15.   Worthy Painting   1     1,960 ---         Nook's shop
    House Plants:
    1.    Caladium          1     1,300 Green       Nook's shop
    2.    Lady Palm         1     1,200 Green       Nook's shop
    3.    Aloe              1     1,200 Green       Nook's shop
    4.    Bromeliaceae      1     1,300 Green       Nook's shop
    5.    Coconut Palm      1     1,200 Green       Nook's shop
    6.    Snake Plant       1     1,200 Green       Nook's shop
    7.    Dracaena          1     2,000 Special     Nook's lottery
    8.    Rubber tree       1     1,300 Green       Nook's shop
    9.    Pothos            1     1,300 Green       Nook's shop
    10.   Fan Palm          1     1,300 Green       Nook's shop
    11.   Weeping Fig       1     1,200 Green       Nook's shop
    12.   Corn Plant        1     1,300 Green       Nook's shop
    13.   Croton            1     1,300 Green       Nook's shop
    14.   Pachira           1     1,200 Green       Nook's shop
    Bonsai Trees:
    1.    Plum Bonsai       1     1,900 Red         Nook's lottery
    2.    Quince Bonsai     1     1,600 Red         Nook's shop
    3.    Azalea Bonsai     1     1,500 Green       Nook's shop
    4.    Jasmine Bonsai    1     1,700 Green       Nook's shop
    5.    Maple Bonsai      1     1,700 Orange      Nook's shop
    6.    Hawthorn Bonsai   1     1,800 Green       Nook's shop
    7.    Holly Bonsai      1     1,600 Green       Nook's shop
    Arrnaged Flowers:
    1.    Gerbera           1     780   Orange      Nook's shop
    2.    Sunflower         1     980   Yellow      Nook's shop
    3.    Daffodil          1     680   ---         Nook's shop
    Stereo Systems:
    1.    Reel-to-Reel      1     2,000 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Tape Deck         1     700   ---         Nook's shop
    3.    CD Player         1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Phonograph        1     1,840 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Turntable         1     2,580 ---         Redd's tent
    6.    Jukebox           1     3,850 ---         Nook's lottery
    7.    Red Boombox       1     1,500 Red         Nook's shop
    8.    White Boombox     1     1,500 ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Retro Stereo      2     2,160 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Gold Stereo       2     2,640 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   High-End Stereo   2     2,750 ---         Redd's tent
    12.   Hi-Fi Stereo      2     24,000---         Nook's lottery
    13.   Lovely Stereo     2     1,980 ---         Redd's tent
    14.   Dice Stereo       2     2,150 ---         Redd's tent
    1.    Alarm Clock       1     1,000 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Kitschy Clock     1     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Antique Clock     1     2,350 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Glow clock        1     1,500 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Odd Clock         1     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Red Clock         1     1,300 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Cube Clock        1     1,100 ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Owl Clock         1     1,300 ---         Nook's shop
    Musical Instruments:
    1.    Ebony Piano       4     3,800 ---         Redd's tent
    2.    Ivory Piano       4     3,500 ---         Nook's lottery
    3.    Vibraphone        2     1,900 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Harp              1     1,700 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Metronome         1     1,000 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Biwa Lute         1     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Taiko Drum        1     1,300 ---         Nook's shop
    Golf Bags:
    1.    Green Golf Bag    1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    White Golf Bag    1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Blue Golf Bag     1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    Chairs and Sofas:
    1.    Ruby Econo-Chair  1     800   Orange      Nook's shop
    2.    Rocking Chair     1     1,400 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Gold Econo-Chair  1     800   Yellow      Nook's shop
    4.    Jade Econo-Chair  1     800   Green       Nook's shop
    5.    Red Sofa          2     2,050 Red         Nook's shop
    6.    Red Armchair      1     1,800 Red         Nook's shop
    7.    Cream Sofa        2     2,000 ---         Nook's shop
    Household Items:
    1.    Radiator          1     2,380 ---         Nook's shop
    2.    Potbelly Stove    1     2,000 ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Retro TV          1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Wide-Screen TV    2     2,200 ---         Redd's tent
    5.    Toilet            1     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Super Toilet      1     1,980 ---         Redd's tent
    7.    Barrel            1     800   ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Keg               1     800   ---         Nook's shop
    9.    Refrigerator      1     1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Stove             1     1,980 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Orange Box        1     80    ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Scale             1     1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    13.   Garbage Can       1     500   ---         Nook's shop
    14.   Trash Bin         1     500   ---         Nook's shop
    15.   Fan               1     1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    16.   Bus Stop          1     820   ---         Nook's shop
    17.   Space Heater      1     1,700 ---         Nook's shop
    18.   Computer          1     1,820 ---         Redd's tent
    19.   Extinguisher      1     1,300 ---         Nook's shop
    20.   Birdcage          1     1,700 ---         Nook's shop
    21.   Glass-Top Table   2     2,200 ---         Nook's shop
    22.   Elephant Slide    2     1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    23.   Sewing Machine    2     1,350 ---         Nook's shop
    24.   Billiard Table    2     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    25.   Pineapple Bed     2     1,990 ---         Nook's shop
    26.   Table Tennis      2     1,800 ---         Nook's shop
    27.   Train Set         4     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    28.   Water Bird        1     1,400 ---         Nook's shop
    29.   Wobbelina         1     700   ---         Nook's shop
    30.   Slot Machine      1     777   ---         Nook's shop
    31.   Barber's Pole     1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop
    32.   Executive Toy     1     1,100 ---         Nook's shop
    33.   Mochi Pestle      1     1,400 ---         Nook's shop
    34.   Tea set           1     300   ---         Nook's shop
    35.   Nook's Portrait   1     480   ---         Nook's lottery
    36.   Chess table       1     2,200 ---         Nook's shop
    37.   Tanabata Palm     1     1,925 Special     Redd's tent
    38.   Hinaningyo        4     2,560 Special     Redd's tent
    39.   Samurai Suit      1     4,500 Special     Nook's lottery
    Holiday Items:
    1.    Cornucopia        1     1,880 ---         Harvest Festival
    2.    Festive Candle    1     1,600 ---         Nook's shop/Dec. 26th-31st
    3.    Festive Flag      1     680   ---         Nook's shop/Dec. 26th-31st
    4.    Big Festive Tree  1     2,480 ---         Nook's shop/Dec. 1st-24th
    5.    Festive Tree      1     1,300 ---         Nook's shop/Dec. 1st-24th
    6.    Birthday Cake     1     ---   ---         Mother sends it on Birthday
    7.    Jack-o'-Lantern   1     ---   Orange      Halloween Trick
    8.    Jack-in-the-Box   1     4,124 ---         Halloween Trick
    9.    Bottle Rocket     1     ---   ---         Fireworks Show
    Classic Nes Games:
    1.    Clu Clu Land      1     3,000 ---         ----------
    2.    Balloon Fight     1     3,000 Yellow      ----------
    3.    Donkey Kong       1     3,000 Red         ----------
    4.    Donkey Kong Jr. Math 1  3,000 Green       ----------
    5.    Pinball           1     3,000 ---         ----------
    6.    Tennis            1     3,000 Yellow      ----------
    7.    Golf              1     3,000 Red         ----------
    8.    Punchout          1     ---   Red         ----------
    9.    Baseball          1     ---   Red         ----------
    10.   Clu Clu Land D    1     ---   Red         ----------
    11.   Donkey Kong 3     1     ---   Red         ----------
    12.   Donkey Kong Jr.   1     ---   Red         ----------
    13.   Soccer            1     ---   Red         ----------
    14.   Excitebike        1     3,000 Red         ----------
    15.   Wario's Woods     1     ---   Red         ----------
    16.   NES Console       1     3,000 ---         Redd's tent
    Island Items:
    1.    Treasure Chest    1     ---   Special     Animal Island
    2.    Beach Chair       1     ---   ---         Animal Island
    3.    Beach Table       1     ---   ---         Animal Island
    4.    Surfboard         1     ---   ---         Animal Island
    5.    Wave Breaker      4     ---   ---         Animal Island
    6.    Snowcone Machine  1     ---   ---         Animal Island
    7.    Ukulele           1     ---   ---         Animal Island
    8.    Diver Dan         1     ---   ---         Animal Island
    9.    Life Ring         1     ---   ---         Animal Island
    World Icons:
    1.    Shogi Peice       1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    2.    Tribal Mask       1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    3.    Matryoshka        2     ---   ---         Gulliver
    4.    Tiger Bobblehead  1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    5.    Moai Statue       1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    6.    Pagoda            1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    7.    Fishing Bear      1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    8.    Mouth of Truth    2     ---   ---         Gulliver
    9.    Chinese Lioness   1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    10.   Chinese Lion      1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    11.   Tower of Pisa     1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    12.   Merlion           1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    13.   Manekin Pis       1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    14.   Tokyo Tower       1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    15.   Lady Liberty      1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    16.   Arc de Triomphe   1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    17.   Stone Coin        2     ---   Red         Gulliver
    18.   Mermaid Statue    2     ---   ---         Gulliver
    19.   Plate Armor       1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    20.   Compass           1     ---   ---         Gulliver
    Mementos and Models:
    1.    Bottled Ship      1     ---   ---         Explorer's Day
    2.    Chocolates        1     ---   ---         Lighthouse Lighting
    3.    Mailbox           1     ---   Special     Save 100,000,000 Bells
    4.    Piggy Bank        1     ---   Special     Save 10,000,000 Bells
    5.    Mountain Bike     2     ---   ---         Summer campers
    6.    Propane Stove     1     ---   ---         Summer campers
    7.    Sleeping Bag      2     ---   Green       Summer campers
    8.    Lovely Phone      1     ---   ---         Mother's Day
    9.    Backpack          1     ---   ---         Summer campers
    10.   Bonfire           4     ---   ---         Summer campers
    11.   Campfire          1     ---   ---         Summer campers
    12.   Tent Model        1     ---   ---         Summer campers
    13.   Cooler            1     ---   ---         Summer campers
    14.   Kayak             1     ---   Yellow      Summer campers
    15.   Lantern           1     ---   Red         Summer campers
    16.   Tissue            1     ---   Special     Save 1,000,000 Bells
    17.   Post Model        1     ---   Special     Save 999,999,999 Bells
    18.   House Model       1     ---   Special     Have 70,000 HRA Points
    19.   Manor Model       1     ---   Special     Have 100,000 HRA Points
    20.   Museum Model      2     ---   ---         Complete all museum exhibits
    21.   Lighthouse Model  1     ---   ---         Lighhouse Lighting
    22.   Grass Model       1     1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    23.   Track Model       1     1,400 ---         Nook's shop
    24.   Dirt Model        1     1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    25.   Tree Model        1     ---   Green       Nature Day
    26.   Pink Tree Model   1     ---   ---         Cherry Blossom Festival
    27.   Weed Model        1     ---   Green       Founder's Day
    28.   Shop Model        1     ---   ---         Labor Day
    29.   Well Model        1     ---   ---         Mayor's Day
    30.   Police Model      1     ---   ---         Officer's Day
    31.   Market Model      1     ---   Green       Sale Day
    32.   Katrina's Tent    1     ---   ---         Halloween
    33.   Tailor Model      1     ---   Red         Graduation Day
    34.   Dump Model        1     ---   ---         Spring Cleaning
    35.   Spring Medal      1     ---   Special     Spring Sports Fair
    36.   Autumn Medal      1     ---   Special     Fall Sports Fair
    37.   Noisemaker        1     ---   Red         New Year's Eve
    38.   Telescope         1     ---   ---         Meteor Shower
    39.   Super Tortimer    1     ---   ---         April Fools' Day
    40.   Crab Stew         1     ---   ---         Igloo resident
    41.   Fireplace         2     ---   Red         Igloo resident
    42.   Snowy Tree Model  1     ---   ---         Igloo resident
    43.   Chowder           1     ---   ---         Igloo resident
    44.   Snowboard         1     ---   ---         Igloo resident
    45.   Snow Bunny        1     ---   ---         Igloo resident
    46.   Igloo Model       1     ---   ---         Igloo resident
    47.   Sleigh            1     ---   ---         Igloo resident
    48.   Angler Trophy     1     ---   Special     Summer Fishing Tourney
    49.   Fishing Trophy    1     ---   Special     Fall Fishing Tourney
    50.   Snowman           1     ---   ---         Snow Day
    51.   Aerobics Radio    1     ---   ---         Morning Aerobics
    52.   Moon              4     ---   ---         Harvest Moon
    53.   Locomotive Model  1     ---   ---         Father's Day
    54.   Train Car Model   1     2,500 ---         Nook's shop
    55.   Station Model 1   2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    56.   Station Model 2   2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    57.   Station Model 3   2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    58.   Station Model 4   2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    59.   Station Model 5   2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    60.   Station Model 6   2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    61.   Station Model 7   2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    62.   Station Model 8   2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    63.   Station Model 9   2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    64.   Station Model 10  2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    65.   Station Model 11  2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    66.   Station Model 12  2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    67.   Station Model 13  2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    68.   Station Model 14  2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    69.   Station Model 15  2     ---   ---         "Your Hometown" Day
    70.   Cosmos Model B.   1     ---   ---         Groundhog Day
    71.   Cosmos Model Y.   1     ---   Yellow      Groundhog Day
    72.   Cosmos Model P.   1     ---   ---         Groundhog Day
    73.   Pansy Model Y.    1     ---   Yellow      Groundhog Day
    74.   Pansy Model W.    1     ---   ---         Groundhog Day
    75.   Pansy Model P.    1     ---   ---         Groundhog Day
    76.   Tulip Model Y.    1     ---   Yellow      Groundhog Day
    77.   Tulip Model R.    1     ---   Red         Groundhog Day
    78.   Tulip Model W.    1     ---   ---         Groundhog Day
    79.   Miniature Car     1     ---   Red         Toy Day
    80.   Dolly             1     ---   ---         Toy Day
    Journals and Diaries:
    1.    College Rule      1     180   ---         Already in house
    2.    School Pad        1     200   ---         Nook's shop
    3.    Organiser         1     1,260 ---         Nook's shop
    4.    Diary             1     1,450 ---         Nook's shop
    5.    Journal           1     280   ---         Nook's shop
    6.    Pink Diary        1     870   ---         Nook's shop
    7.    Captain's Log     1     980   ---         Nook's shop
    8.    Blue Diary        1     880   ---         Nook's shop
    9.    French Notebook   1     1,250 ---         Nook's shop
    10.   Scroll            1     1,200 ---         Nook's shop
    11.   Pink Plaid Pad    1     320   ---         Nook's shop
    12.   Blue Polka Pad    1     320   ---         Nook's shop
    13.   Green Plaid Pad   1     320   ---         Nook's shop
    14.   Red Polka Pad     1     320   ---         Nook's shop
    15.   Yellow Polka Pad  1     320   ---         Nook's shop
    16.   Calligraphy Pad   1     860   ---         Nook's shop
                        19. Wallpaper and Carpeting (0019)
    All Furniture needs a good set of wallpaper and carpeting to compliment them, 
    some series actually have a matching set of both. So here's a list of every 
    set of both wallpaper and carpeting.
    Here's this list's format:
    Name              Price       Nook/Wendell/Saharah
    Backyard Fence    800         Nook's shop
    Backyard Lawn     880         Nook's shop
    Chic Wall         1,960       Nook's shop
    Plush Carpet      2,160       Nook's shop
    Classic Wall      2,100       Nook's shop
    Classic Carpet    2,300       Nook's shop
    Parlor Wall       1,120       Nook's shop
    Checkered Tile    1,680       Nook's shop
    Stone Wall        800         Nook's shop
    Old Flooring      800         Nook's shop
    Blue-Trim Wall    1,420       Nook's shop
    Red Tile          1,680       Nook's shop
    Harvest Wall      ---         Franklin
    Harvest Rug       ---         Franklin
    Ringside Seating  ---         Wendell
    Boxing Ring Mat   ---         Saharah
    Plaster Wall      880         Nook's shop
    Birch Flooring    800         Nook's shop
    Classroom Wall    ---         Wendell
    Classroom Floor   ---         Saharah
    Lovely Wall       1,880       Nook's shop
    Lovely Carpet     1,980       Nook's shop
    Exotic Wall       1,420       Nook's shop
    Exotic Rug        1,820       Nook's shop
    Mortar Wall       ---         Wendell
    Mossy Carpet      ---         Saharah
    Gold Screen Wall  2,180       Nook's shop
    18 Mat Tatami     1,150       Nook's shop
    Tea Room Wall     1,750       Nook's shop
    8 Mat Tatami      800         Nook's shop
    Citrus Wall       1,120       Nook's shop
    Citrus Carpet     1,330       Nook's shop
    Cabin Wall        1,200       Nook's shop
    Cabin Rug         1,540       Nook's shop
    Blue Tarp         ---         Wendell
    Closed Road       ---         Saharah
    Lunar Horizon     ---         Wendell
    Lunar Surface     ---         Saharah
    Garden Wall       ---         Wendell
    Sand Garden       ---         Saharah
    Spooky Wall       ---         Jack
    Spooky Carpet     ---         Jack
    Western Vista     ---         Wendell
    Western Desert    ---         Saharah
    Green Wall        1,050       Nook's shop
    Green Rug         1,540       Nook's shop
    Blue Wall         1,260       Nook's shop
    Blue Flooring     1,580       Nook's shop
    Regal Wall        2,240       Nook's shop
    Regal Carpet      2,850       Nook's shop
    Ranch Wall        1,450       Nook's shop
    Ranch Flooring    1,750       Nook's shop
    Modern Wall       1,450       Nook's shop
    Modern Tile       1,540       Nook's shop
    Cabana Wall       1,480       Nook's shop
    Cabana Flooring   1,680       Nook's shop
    Snowman Wall      ---         Snowman
    Snowman Carpet    ---         Snowman
    Music Room Wall   ---         Wendell
    Music Room Floor  ---         Saharah
    Plaza Wall        1,960       Nook's shop
    Plaza Tile        2,180       Nook's shop
    Lattice Wall      1,780       Nook's shop
    Kitchen Tile      1,890       Nook's shop
    Ornate Wall       1,580       Nook's shop
    Ornate Rug        2,100       Nook's shop
    Modern Screen     1,150       Nook's shop
    Tatami Floor      1,340       Nook's shop
    Bamboo Wall       1,150       Nook's shop
    Bamboo Flooring   1,360       Nook's shop
    Kitchen Wall      1,120       Nook's shop
    Kitchen Flooring  1,230       Nook's shop
    Old Brick Wall    1,200       Nook's shop
    Charcoal Tile     800         Nook's shop
    Stately Wall      2,450       Nook's shop
    Stone Tile        2,750       Nook's shop
    Imperial Wall     2,660       Nook's shop
    Imperial Tile     2,980       Nook's shop
    Manor Wall        1,050       Nook's shop
    Opulent Rug       1,230       Nook's shop
    Ivy Wall          1,250       Nook's shop
    Slate Flooring    1,380       Nook's shop
    Mod Wall          1,200       Nook's shop
    Ceramic Tile      1,390       Nook's shop
    Rose Wall         2,240       Nook's shop
    Fancy Carpet      2,980       Nook's shop
    Wood Paneling     1,320       Nook's shop
    Cowhide Rug       1,540       Nook's shop
    Concrete Wall     800         Nook's shop
    Steel Flooring    1,480       Nook's shop
    Office Wall       ---         Wendell
    Office Floor      ---         Saharah
    Ancient Wall      ---         Wendell
    Ancient Tile      ---         Saharah
    Exquisite Wall    1,470       Nook's shop
    Exquisite Rug     1,960       Nook's shop
    Sandlot Wall      ---         Wendell
    Sandlot           ---         Saharah
    Jingle Wall       ---         Jingle
    Jingle Carpet     ---         Jingle
    Meadow Vista      ---         Wendell
    Daisy Meadow      ---         Saharah
    Tree-Lined Wall   ---         Wendell
    Sidewalk          ---         Saharah
    Mosaic Wall       2,100       Nook's shop
    Mosaic Tile       2,300       Nook's shop
    Arched Window     2,150       Nook's shop
    Parquet Floor     2,350       Nook's shop
    Basement Wall     ---         Wendell
    Basement Floor    ---         Saharah
    Backgamon Wall    ---         Wendell
    Chessboard Rug    ---         Saharah
    Kiddie Wall       1,500       Nook's shop
    Kiddie Carpet     1,630       Nook's shop
    Shanty Wall       800         Nook's shop
    Shanty Mat        720         Nook's shop
    Industrial Wall   ---         Wendell
    Concrete Floor    ---         Saharah
    Desert Vista      ---         Wendell
    Saharah's Desert  ---         Saharah
    Library Wall      1,680       Nook's shop
    Tartan Rug        1,820       Nook's shop
    Floral Wall       2,250       Nook's shop
    Palace Tile       3,200       Nook's shop
    Tropical Vista    ---         Wendell
    Tropical Floor    ---         Saharah
    Playrrom Wall     1,320       Nook's shop
    Playroom Rug      1,360       Nook's shop
    Kitschy Wall      1,240       Nook's shop
    Kitschy Tile      1,280       Nook' shop
    Groovy Wall       1,280       Nook's shop
    Diner Tile        1,300       Nook's shop
                                20. Clothing (0020)
    Everyone has their own style, but why let only your house show it, there are 
    over 240 different outfits to choose from you can show off your own style very 
    easily, you can even make you own patterns to use as clothes at the tailors. 
    So pick out some smooth duds and hit the town!
    Listings are as follows:
    Number      Name              Price       Who/When          Season
    1.          Flame Shirt       360         Nook              All
    2.          Paw Shirt         360         Nook              All
    3.          Wavy Pink Shirt   360         Nook              Fall
    4.          Future Shirt      390         Nook              All
    5.          Bold Check Print  360         Nook              All
    6.          Mint Gingham      330         Nook              All
    7.          Bad Plaid Shirt   420         Nook              All
    8.          Speedway Shirt    290         Nook              Summer
    9.          Folk Shirt        380         Nook              Winter
    10.         Daisy Shirt       380         Nook              Spring
    11.         Wavy Tan Shirt    360         Nook              Fall
    12.         Optical Shirt     430         Nook              All
    13.         Rugby Shirt       360         Nook              All
    14.         Sherbet Gingham   330         Nook              Fall
    15.         Yellow Tartan     430         Nook              Spring
    16.         Gelato Shirt      330         Nook              All
    17.         Work Uniform      ---         Nook              ---
    18.         Patched Shirt     ---         Halloween         Fall
    19.         Red Aloha Shirt   ---         Animal Island     All
    20.         Blue Aloha Shirt  ---         Animal Island     All
    21.         Dark Polka Shirt  350         Nook              Winter
    22.         Lite Polka Shirt  380         Nook              All
    23.         Lovely Shirt      400         Nook              Spring
    24.         Citrus Shirt      ---         Gracie            ---
    25.         Kiwi Shirt        ---         Gracie            ---
    26.         Watermelon Shirt  ---         Gracie            ---
    27.         Strawberry Shirt  ---         Gracie            ---
    28.         Grape Shirt       ---         Gracie            ---
    29.         Melon Shirt       ---         Gracie            ---
    30.         Jingle Shirt      ---         Jingle            ---
    31.         Blossom Shirt     370         Nook              Spring
    32.         Icy Shirt         390         Nook              Summer
    33.         Crewel Shirt      380         Nook              Winter
    34.         Tropical Shirt    370         Nook              Summer
    35.         Ribbon Shirt      370         Nook              Spring
    36.         Fall Plaid Shirt  370         Nook              Fall
    37.         Fiendish Shirt    ---         Gracie            ---
    38.         Chevron Shirt     320         Nook              All
    39.         Ladybug Shirt     ---         Gracie            ---
    40.         Botanical Shirt   420         Nook              Fall
    41.         Anju's Shirt      460         Nook              Fall
    42.         Kaffe's Shirt     460         Nook              Winter
    43.         Lavender Robe     ---         Gracie            ---
    44.         Blue Grid Shirt   340         Nook              Summer
    45.         Butterfly Shirt   ---         Gracie            ---
    46.         Blue Tartan       390         Nook              Summer
    47.         Gracie's Top      ---         Gracie            ---
    48.         Orange tie-Dye    380         Nook              All
    49.         Purple Tie-Dye    380         Nook              All
    50.         Green Tie-Dye     380         Nook              All
    51.         Blue Tie-Dye      380         Nook              All
    52.         Red Tie-Dye       380         Nook              All
    53.         One-Ball Shirt    340         Nook              All
    54.         Two-Ball Shirt    340         Nook              All
    55.         Three-Ball Shirt  340         Nook              All
    56.         Four-Ball Shirt   340         Nook              All
    57.         Five-Ball Shirt   340         Nook              All
    58.         Six-Ball Shirt    340         Nook              All
    59.         Seven-Ball Shirt  340         Nook              All
    60.         Eight-Ball Shirt  340         Nook              All
    61.         Nine-Ball Shirt   340         Nook              All
    62.         Arctic Camo       320         Nook              All
    63.         Jungle Camo       320         Nook              All
    64.         Desert Camo       320         Nook              All
    65.         Rally Shirt       380         Nook              All
    66.         Racer Shirt       380         Nook              All
    67.         Racer 6 Shirt     380         Nook              All
    68.         Fish Bone Shirt   340         Nook              All
    69.         Spiderweb Shirt   320         Nook              Summer
    70.         Zipper Shirt      320         Nook              All
    71.         Bubble Shirt      410         Nook              Summer
    72.         Yellow Bolero     430         Nook              All
    73.         Nebula Shirt      390         Nook              All
    74.         Neo-Classic Knit  380         Nook              Winter
    75.         Noble Shirt       380         Nook              All
    76.         Turnip Top        350         Nook              All
    77.         Oft-Seen Print    320         Nook              Spring
    78.         Ski Sweater       320         Nook              Fall
    79.         Circus Shirt      370         Nook              All
    80.         Patchwork Shirt   340         Nook              Fall
    81.         Mod Top           340         Nook              All
    82.         Hippie Shirt      360         Nook              Summer
    83.         Rickrack Shirt    360         Nook              Fall
    84.         Diner Uniform     290         Nook              Spring
    85.         Shirt Circuit     ---         Gracie            ---
    86.         U R Here Shirt    350         Nook              All
    87.         Yodel Shirt       350         Nook              All
    88.         Pulse Shirt       ---         Nook              ---
    89.         Prism Shirt       370         Nook              All
    90.         Star Shirt        370         Nook              All
    91.         Straw Shirt       360         Nook              Fall
    92.         Noodle Shirt      380         Nook              Fall
    93.         Dice Shirt        340         Nook              All
    94.         Kiddie Shirt      340         Nook              All
    95.         Frog Shirt        340         Nook              Summer
    96.         Moody Blue Shirt  123         Nook              Spring
    97.         Cloudy Shirt      320         Nook              Spring
    98.         Fortune Shirt     480         Nook              All
    99.         Skull Shirt       320         Nook              All
    100.        Desert Shirt      390         Nook              Winter
    101.        Aurora Knit       380         Nook              Winter
    102.        Winter Sweater    290         Nook              Winter
    103.        Go-Go Shirt       360         Nook              Fall
    104.        Jade Check Print  360         Nook              All
    105.        Blue Check Print  360         Nook              All
    106.        Red Grid Shirt    360         Nook              All
    107.        Flicker Shirt     360         Nook              All
    108.        Floral Knit       420         Nook              Spring
    109.        Rose Shirt        480         Nook              All
    110.        Sunset Shirt      290         Nook              All
    111.        Chain-Gang Shirt  260         Nook              All
    112.        Spring Shirt      320         Nook              Spring
    113.        Bear Shirt        390         Nook              All
    114.        MVP Shirt         370         Nook              All
    115.        Silk Bloom Shirt  480         Nook              Spring
    116.        Pop Bloom Shirt   360         Nook              All
    117.        Loud Bloom Shirt  360         Nook              Summer
    118.        Hot Spring Shirt  520         Nook              Spring
    119.        New Spring Shirt  520         Nook              Spring
    120.        Deep Blue Tee     380         Nook              All
    121.        Snowcone Shirt    420         Nook              Summer
    122.        Ugly Shirt        420         Nook              Summer
    123.        Sharp Outfit      290         Nook              Winter
    124.        Painter's Smock   360         Nook              Fall
    125.        Spade Shirt       340         Nook              All
    126.        Blossoming Shirt  390         Nook              Spring
    127.        Peachy Shirt      390         Nook              Spring
    128.        Static Shirt      360         Nook              Fall
    129.        Rainbow Shirt     777         Nook              Summer
    130.        Groovy Shirt      ---         Gracie            ---
    131.        Loud Line Shirt   370         Nook              Summer
    132.        Dazed Shirt       350         Nook              Summer
    133.        Red Bar Shirt     360         Nook              All
    134.        Blue Stripe Knit  340         Nook              Summer
    135.        Earthy Knit       390         Nook              Winter
    136.        Spunky Knit       360         Nook              Winter
    137.        Deer Shirt        380         Nook              Winter
    138.        Blue Check Print  380         Nook              All
    139.        Light Line Shirt  380         Nook              Summer
    140.        Blue Pinstripe    380         Nook              Fall
    141.        Diamond Shirt     380         Nook              All
    142.        Lime Line Shirt   380         Nook              Fall
    143.        Big Bro's Shirt   320         Nook              Fall
    144.        Green Bar Shirt   320         Nook              Summer
    145.        Yellow Bar Shirt  320         Nook              All
    146.        Monkey Shirt      380         Nook              Winter
    147.        Polar Fleece      360         Nook              All
    148.        Ancient Knit      390         Nook              Winter
    149.        Fish Knit         380         Nook              Summer
    150.        Vertigo Shirt     370         Nook              All
    151.        Misty Shirt       380         Nook              All
    152.        Stormy Shirt      380         Nook              All
    153.        Red Scale Shirt   370         Nook              Fall
    154.        Blue Scale Shirt  370         Nook              Fall
    155.        Heart Shirt       360         Nook              All
    156.        Yellow Pinstripe  360         Nook              Winter
    157.        Club Shirt        360         Nook              All
    158.        Li'l Bro's Shirt  320         Nook              Summer
    159.        Argyle Knit       460         Nook              Spring
    160.        Caveman Tunic     380         Nook              All
    161.        Cafe Shirt        420         Nook              Winter
    162.        Tiki Shirt        400         Nook              All
    163.        A Shirt           370         Nook              All
    164.        Checkered Shirt   390         Nook              All
    165.        No. 1 Shirt       250         Nook              All
    166.        No. 2 Shirt       250         Nook              All
    167.        No. 3 Shirt       250         Nook              All
    168.        No. 4 Shirt       250         Nook              All
    169.        No. 5 Shirt       250         Nook              All
    170.        No. 23 Shirt      250         Nook              All
    171.        No. 67 Shirt      250         Nook              All
    172.        BB Shirt          350         Nook              All
    173.        Beatnik Shirt     360         Nook              Spring
    174.        Moldy Shirt       50          Nook              Summer
    175.        Houndstooth Tee   350         Nook              All
    176.        Big Star Shirt    400         Nook              All
    177.        Orange Pinstripe  ---         Gracie            ---
    178.        Twinkle Shirt     480         Nook              Summer
    179.        Funky Dot Shirt   430         Nook              All
    180.        Crossing Shirt    ---         Gracie            ---
    181.        Splendid Shirt    ---         Gracie            ---
    182.        Jagged Shirt      360         Nook              All
    183.        Denim Shirt       390         Nook              Summer
    184.        Cherry Shirt      380         Nook              All
    185.        Gumdrop Shirt     390         Nook              Spring
    186.        Barber Shirt      380         Nook              All
    187.        Concierge Shirt   350         Nook              Fall
    188.        Fresh Shirt       380         Nook              All
    189.        Far-Out Shirt     380         Nook              Fall
    190.        Dawn Shirt        380         Nook              Summer
    191.        Striking Outfit   460         Nook              Winter
    192.        Red Check Print   330         Nook              Spring
    193.        Berry Gingham     330         Nook              Spring
    194.        Lemon Gingham     330         Nook              Spring
    195.        Dragon Suit       340         Nook              Summer
    196.        G Logo Shirt      128         Nook              Summer
    197.        Tin Shirt         ---         Gracie            ---
    198.        Jester Shirt      420         Nook              Spring
    199.        Pink Tartan       420         Nook              Spring
    200.        Waffle Shirt      430         Nook              Fall
    201.        Grey Tartan       420         Nook              All
    202.        Windsock Shirt    320         Nook              Summer
    203.        Trendy Top        360         Nook              Fall
    204.        Green Ring Shirt  180         Nook              All
    205.        White Ring Shirt  180         Nook              All
    206.        Snappy Print      320         Nook              All
    207.        Chichi Print      180         Nook              All
    208.        Wave Print        380         Nook              Summer
    209.        Checkerboard Tee  340         Nook              All
    210.        Subdued Print     320         Nook              All
    211.        Airy Shirt        420         Nook              All
    212.        Coral Shirt       ---         Gracie            ---
    213.        Leather Jerkin    390         Nook              Winter
    214.        Zebra Print       ---         Gracie            ---
    215.        Tiger Print       ---         Gracie            ---
    216.        Cow Print         ---         Gracie            ---
    217.        Leopard Print     ---         Gracie            ---
    218.        Danger Shirt      340         Nook              All
    219.        Big Dot Shirt     340         Nook              All
    220.        Puzzling Shirt    320         Nook              All
    221.        Exotic Shirt      380         Nook              Winter
    222.        Houndstooth Knit  370         Nook              Winter
    223.        Uncommon Shirt    360         Nook              Winter
    224.        Dapper Shirt      350         Nook              Winter
    225.        Gaudy Shirt       330         Nook              Spring
    226.        Cozy Sweater      350         Nook              Winter
    227.        Comfy Sweater     360         Nook              Winter
    228.        Classic Top       350         Nook              Fall
    229.        Vogue Top         380         Nook              Spring
    230.        Laced Shirt       370         Nook              Winter
    231.        Natty Shirt       380         Nook              Summer
    232.        Citrus Gingham    360         Nook              Spring
    233.        Cool Shirt        ---         Gracie            ---
    234.        Dreamy Shirt      390         Nook              All
    235.        Flowery Print     400         Nook              Spring
    236.        Caterpillar Tee   ---         Gracie            ---
    237.        Shortcake Shirt   330         Nook              Winter
    238.        Whirly Shirt      350         Nook              Summer
    239.        Thunder Shirt     320         Nook              Fall
    240.        Giraffe Print     ---         Gracie            ---
    241.        Swell Shirt       ---         Gracie            ---
    242.        Toad Print        340         Nook              Winter
    243.        Grass Shirt       ---         Gracie            ---
    244.        Mosaic Shirt      350         Nook              Summer
    245.        Fetching Outfit   420         Nook              Spring
    246.        Snow Shirt        ---         Gracie            ---
    247.        Melon Gingham     330         Nook              Spring
                             21. Handheld Items (0021)
    All these items you carry around with you for others to see, like balloons, 
    pinwheels and an assortment of other items, these are mostly for fun just to 
    walk around with, yet others are used to do various activities such as fishing 
    with the fishing rod!
    Here's this sections list once again:
    Number      Name              Price       Nook's shop/Redd's booth
    1.          Gelato Umbrella   220         Nook's shop
    2.          Daffodil Parasol  480         Nook's shop
    3.          Berry Umbrella    360         Nook's shop
    4.          Orange Umbrella   320         Nook's shop
    5.          Mod Umbrella      290         Nook's shop
    6.          Petal Parasol     490         Nook's shop
    7.          Ribbon Umbrella   330         Nook's shop
    8.          Gingham Parasol   290         Nook's shop
    9.          Plaid Parasol     290         Nook's shop
    10.         Lacy Parasol      420         Nook's shop
    11.         Elegant Umbrella  380         Nook's shop
    12.         Dainty Parasol    380         Nook's shop
    13.         Classic Umbrella  340         Nook's shop
    14.         Nintendo Parasol  64          Nook's shop
    15.         Bumbershoot       420         Nook's shop
    16.         Sunny Parasol     380         Nook's shop
    17.         Batbrella         190         Nook's shop
    18.         Checked Umbrella  230         Nook's shop
    19.         Yellow Umbrella   240         Nook's shop
    20.         Leaf Umbrella     88          Nook's shop
    21.         Lotus Umbrella    480         Nook's shop
    22.         Paper Parasol     350         Nook's shop
    23.         Polka Parasol     340         Nook's shop
    24.         Sharp Umbrella    250         Nook's shop
    25.         Twig Parasol      120         Nook's shop
    26.         Noodle Parasol    490         Nook's shop
    27.         Hypno Parasol     490         Nook's shop
    28.         Pastel Parasol    380         Nook's shop
    29.         Retro Umbrella    360         Nook's shop
    30.         Icy Umbrella      480         Nook's shop
    31.         Blue Umbrella     100         Nook's shop
    32.         Flame Umbrella    290         Nook's shop
    33.         Bluebell Fan      ---         Redd's booth
    34.         Plum Fan          ---         Redd's booth
    35.         Bamboo Fan        ---         Redd's booth
    36.         Cloud Fan         ---         Redd's booth
    37.         Maple Fan         ---         Redd's booth
    38.         Fan Fan           ---         Redd's booth
    39.         Flower Fan        ---         Redd's booth
    40.         Leaf Fan          ---         Redd's booth
    41.         Yellow Pinwheel   ---         Redd's booth
    42.         Red Pinwheel      ---         Redd's booth
    43.         Tiger Pinwheel    ---         Redd's booth
    44.         Green Pinwheel    ---         Redd's booth
    45.         Pink Pinwheel     ---         Redd's booth
    46.         Striped Pinwheel  ---         Redd's booth
    47.         Flower Pinwheel   ---         Redd's booth
    48.         Fancy Pinwheel    ---         Redd's booth
    49.         Red Ballon        ---         Redd's booth
    50.         Yellow Balloon    ---         Redd's booth
    51.         Blue Balloon      ---         Redd's booth
    52.         Green Balloon     ---         Redd's booth
    53.         Purple Balloon    ---         Redd's booth
    54.         Bunny P. Balloon  ---         Redd's booth
    55.         Bunny B. Ballooon ---         Redd's booth
    56.         Bunny O. Balloon  ---         Redd's booth
    57.         Golden Net        ---         Catch all 40 insects
    58.         Golden Axe        ---         Farley the well spirit
    59.         Golden Shovel     ---         Plant a shovel in a shining spot
    60.         Golden Rod        ---         Catch all 40 fish
    61.         Net               500         Nook's shop
    62.         Axe               400         Nook's shop
    63.         Shovel            500         Nook's shop
    64.         Fishing Rod       500         Nook's shop
                           22. Pads and Paper (0022)
    What do you call a letter writer who can't move? Stationary! But seriously, 
    you won't get far in animal crossing if you don't write any letters, and you 
    need some stationary to write on don't you, so why not use some stylish paper 
    while you write. From the Airmail Paper to the Inky Paper your bound to find 
    some stationary you like, so get writing!
    of course there is a listing format as well:
    Number      Name              Price       Who
    1.          Airmail Paper     160         Nook's shop
    2.          Sparkly Paper     160         Nook's shop
    3.          Bamboo Paper      160         Nook's shop
    4.          Orange Paper      160         Nook's shop
    5.          Essay Paper       160         Nook's shop
    6.          Panda Paper       160         Nook's shop
    7.          Ranch Paper       160         Nook's shop
    8.          Steel Paper       160         Nook's shop
    9.          Blossom Paper     160         Nook's shop
    10.         Vine Paper        160         Nook's shop
    11.         Cloudy Paper      160         Nook's shop
    12.         Petal Paper       160         Nook's shop
    13.         Snowy Paper       160         Nook's shop
    14.         Rainy Day Paper   160         Nook's shop
    15.         Watermelon Paper  160         Nook's shop
    16.         Deep Sea Paper    160         Nook's shop
    17.         Starry Sky Paper  160         Nook's shop
    18.         Daisy Paper       160         Nook's shop
    19.         Bluebell Paper    160         Nook's shop
    20.         Maple Leaf Paper  160         Nook's shop
    21.         Woodcut Paper     160         Nook's shop
    22.         Octopus Paper     160         Nook's shop
    23.         Festive Paper     ---         Jingle
    24.         Skyline Paper     160         Nook's shop
    25.         Museum Paper      160         Nook's shop
    26.         Fortune Paper     ---         ---
    27.         Stageshow Paper   160         Nook's shop
    28.         Thick Paper	      160         Nook's shop
    29.         Spooky Paper      160         Nook's shop
    30.         Noodle Paper      160         Nook's shop
    31.         Neat Paper        160         Nook's shop
    32.         Horsetail Paper   160         Nook's shop
    33.         Felt Paper        160         Nook's shop
    34.         Parchement Paper  160         Nook's shop
    35.         Cool Paper        160         Nook's shop
    36.         Elegant Paper     160         Nook's shop
    37.         Lacy Paper        160         Nook's shop
    38.         Polka-Dot Paper   160         Nook's shop
    39.         Dizzy Paper       160         Nook's shop
    40.         Rainbow Paper     160         Nook's shop
    41.         Hot Neon Paper    160         Nook's shop
    42.         Cool Neon Paper   160         Nook's shop
    43.         Aloha Paper       160         Nook's shop
    44.         Ribbon Paper      160         Nook's shop
    45.         Fantasy Paper     160         Nook's shop
    46.         Woodland Paper    160         Nook's shop
    47.         Ginko Paper	      160         Nook's shop
    48.         Fireworks Paper   160         Nook's shop
    49.         Winter Paper      160         Nook's shop
    50.         Gyroid Paper      160         Nook's shop
    51.         Ivy Paper         160         Nook's shop
    52.         Wing Paper        ---         For use by HRA only
    53.         Dragon Paper      160         Nook's shop
    54.         Tile Paper        160         Nook's shop
    55.         Misty Paper       160         Nook's shop
    56.         Simple Paper      160         Nook's shop
    57.         Honeybee Paper    160         Nook's shop
    58.         Mystic Paper      160         Nook's shop
    59.         Sunset Paper      160         Nook's shop
    60.         Lattice Paper     160         Nook's shop
    61.         Dainty Paper      160         Nook's shop
    62.         Butterfly Paper   160         Nook's shop
    63.         New Year's Card   ---         Gift from Mother on New Year's
    64.         Inky Paper        160         Nook's shop
                              23. Fossils (0023)
    The Bones of many dinosaurs are hidden beneath the soil of every Animal 
    Crossing town, and your in charge of setting them free. Once you dig up the 
    fossil it will only be a hunk of rock, send a letter with the fossil attached 
    to it to the main faraway museum and they'll examine and clean it for you 
    then send it back. If you donate the fossil Blathers from the museum in your 
    town will tell you about the dinosaur it belongs to. So get digging!
    Fossil listings are as follows:
    Dinosaur Name
    Fossil Name       Nook's buying price
    Tricera Skull     5,500
    Tricera Torso     5,500
    Tricera Tail      4,500
    T-Rex Skull       6,000
    T-Rex Torso       5,500
    T-Rex Tail        5,000
    Apato Skull       5,000
    Apato Torso       4,500
    Apato Tail        4,000
    Stego Skull       5,000
    Stego Torso       4,500
    Stego Tail        4,500
    Ptera Skull       4,500
    Ptera Left Wing   4,500
    Ptera Right Wing  4,500
    Plesio Skull      4,000
    Plesio Neck       4,500
    Plesio Torso      4,500
    Mammoth Skull     3,000
    Mammoth Torso     2,500
    Amber             1,200
    Dinosaur Track    1,000
    Ammonite          1,100
    Dinosaur Egg      1,400
    Trilobite         1,300
                                 24. Fish (0024)
    You'll need to cast your line frequently if you want to catch all 40 types of 
    fish in animal crossing, you'll find each type in certain bodies of water and 
    at certain times of day and year. Those that you can catch easier are mostly 
    worth less at nook's, but the rarer ones fetch a big sum of bells for the 
    effort put into catching them. Prices listed are those that nook will pay for 
    the fish.
    Now fish listings are much different than the others, so here it is:
    Name              Price   Where          When                         Primetime
    Crucian Carp      120     River,Pond     All year/All day             Mar,Apr,Oct,Nov/ 9-4
    Dace              200     River, Pond    All year/4pm-9am             Nov-Apr/9-4
    Loach             300     River, Pond    Mar-May/All day              May/9am-4pm
    Brook Trout       150     Pond           All year/All day             Mar-June, Sept-Nov/9-4
    Catfish           200     River, Pond    May-Oct/4pm-9am              June-Sept/9pm-4am
    Bluegill          120     River, Pond    All year/9am-4pm             May-Nov
    Carp              300     River, Pond    All year/All day             Apr-June,Oct,Nov/4pm-9am
    Giant Catfish     3,000   Pond           June-Aug/4pm-9am             -----
    Small Bass        200     River, Pond    All year/All day             Mar-Nov/9am-4pm
    Koi               2,000   River, Pond    All year/All day             Dec-Apr/4pm-9am
    Pale Chub         200     River, Pond    All year/9am-4pm             AprJune,Sept.Nov
    Bass              300     River, Pond    All year/4pm-9am             May-Nov/4-9
    Barbel Steed      200     River, Pond    All year/All day             Nov-Apr/9pm-4am
    Bitterling        1,300   River, Pond    Dec-Feb/All day              4pm-9am
    Large Bass        3,000   River, Pond    All year/All day             May-Nov/4pm-9am
    Giant Snakehead   6,500   River, Pond    June-Aug/9am-4pm             July-Aug
    Salmon            650     Anywhere       Sept/All day                 -----
    Frog              250     Holding pond   May-Aug/All day              -----
    Eel               200     River, Pond    June-Sept/4pm-9am            July-Aug/9pm-4am
    Goldfish          1,300   River, Pond    All year/All day             Sept
    Killifish         300     Holding pond   Apr-Aug/All day              -----
    Freshwater Goby   300     River, Pond    All year/All day             -----
    Popeyed Goldfish  1,300   River, Pond    All year/9am-4pm             Sept
    Jellyfish         100     Ocean          2nd half of Aug/All day      -----
    Pond Smelt        300     River, Pond    Dec-Feb/All day              4am-9pm
    Guppy             1,300   River, Pond    Apr-Nov/9am-4pm              -----
    Sea Bass          120     Ocean          2nd half Aug,1st half Sept   -----
    Sweetfish         1,300   River, Pond    July-Sept/All day            July-Aug/4am-9pm
    Angelfish         3,000   River, Pond    May-Oct/4pm-9am              -----
    Red Snapper       3,000   Ocean          All year/4pm-9am             Apr-June
    Cherry Salmon     1,300   River, Pond    Mar-June,Sept-Nov/4am-9am,4pm-9pm
    Pirahna           6,500   River, Pond    June-Sept/9am-4pm, 9pm-4am
    Barred Knifejaw   5,000   Ocean          Mar-Nov/4am-9am,4pm-9pm
    Rainbow Trout     650     River, Pond    Mar-June, Sept-Nov/4-9am,4-9pm
    Arowana           10,000  River, Pond    June-Sept/4am-9am, 4pm-9pm
    Arapaima          10,000  River, Pond    July-1st half Sept/4pm-9am   -----
    Large Char        10,000  Waterfall      Mar-June,Sept-Nov/4-9am,4-9pm
    Coelacanth        15,000  Ocean(raining) All year/4pm-9am             -----
    Stringfish        15,000  River, Pond    Dec-Feb/4pm-9am              -----
    Crawfish          250     Holding Pond   Apr-1st half Sept/All day    -----
                                 25. Insects (0025)
    Insects. There's 40 of them, and you'll need to look all year long to catch 
    them all. They can be found on trees, or even in the air. So keep a net with 
    you at all times in case you see a rare one needed to finish off the 
    collection. Again, all prices listed are Nook's buying prices.
    This listing is the same as the fish list:
    Name              Price   Where              When                   Primetime
    Common Butterfly  80      Anywhere           Mar-Oct/8am-5pm        Apr-June/8-4
    Robust Cicada     300     On trees           July-Aug/8am-5pm       8am-4pm
    Darner Dragonfly  200     Anywhere           June-Aug/8am-5pm       June
    Yellow Butterfly  80      Anywhere           Mar-Oct/8am-5pm        Apr-June/8-4
    Walker Cicada     400     On trees           July-Sept/8am-5pm      8am-4pm
    Banded Dragonfly  4,500   Anywhere           July-Aug/8am-5pm       -----
    Tiger Butterfly   200     Anywhere           Apr-Sept/8am-5pm       May-June/8-4
    Evening Cicada    850     On trees           July-Aug/4-8am,4-7pm   4pm-7pm
    Cricket           130     In grass           Sept-Nov/5pm-8am       Sept/7pm-4am
    Purple Butterfly  2,000   Anywhere           June-Aug/8am-5pm       -----
    Red Dragonfly     80      Anywhere           Sept-Oct/8am-7pm       4pm-5pm
    Grasshopper       130     In grass           Aug-Sept/8am-5pm       8am-4pm
    Brown Cicada      200     On trees           July-Aug/8am-5pm       8am-4pm
    Common Dragonfly  130     Anywhere           May-July/8am-5pm       May-June
    Pine Cricket      100     In grass           Sept-Oct/5pm-8am       7pm-4am
    Bell Cricket      430     In grass           Sept-Oct/5pm-8am       7pm-4am
    Drone Beetle      80      On trees           July-Aug/All day       4-8am,5pm-7pm
    Ant               80      Candy or turnips   All year/All day       -----
    Ladybug           130     On flowers         Mar-July,Oct/8am-5pm   Mar-May/8-4
    Longhorn Beetle   200     On trees           June-Aug/8am-5pm       -----
    Pill Bug          250     Under Rocks        All year/All day       -----
    Spotted Ladybug   200     On flowers         Mar-July,Oct/8am-5pm   Mar-May/8-4
    Jewel Beetle      3,000   On trees           July-Aug/8am-4pm       -----
    Mosquito          130     Anywhere           May-Sept/8am-11pm      July-Aug
    Mantis            430     On flowers         Aug-Oct/8am-5pm        Sept-Oct/8-4
    Dynastid Beetle   1,350   On trees           July-Aug/7pm-8am       -----
    Mole Cricket      200     Underground        Nov-May/All day        Dec-Apr
    Long Locust       200     In grass           Aug-Nov/8am-5pm        Sept/8am-4pm
    Flat Stag Beetle  2,000   On trees           June-Aug/7pm-8am       -----
    Spider            300     In trees           Apr-Sept/All day       -----
    Migratory Locust  1,350   In Grass           Sept-Nov/8am-7pm       Sept-Oct/8-4
    Saw Stag Beetle   2,000   On trees           July-Aug/7pm-8am       -----
    Snail             250     On flowers         Apr-Sept/All day       -----
    Cockroach         5       trees/flowers      Mar-Nov/All day        -----
    Mountain Beetle   2,000   On trees           July-Aug/7pm-8am       -----
    Bagworm           250     In trees           Oct-Mar/All day        -----
    Bee               4,500   In trees           All year/All day       -----
    Giant Beetle      10,000  On trees           July-Aug/11pm-8am      -----
    Firefly           250     Near Water         June/7pm-4am           7pm-11pm
    Pondskater        130     Pond,Holding Pond  June-Sept/8am-7pm      -----
                               26. Gyroids (0026)
    Gyroids, simply put are bizzare figurines that sway and dance to their own 
    beat or to the music that surronds them in the room. You'll need a shovel to 
    dig up all 127 since you dig them all out of the ground. You'll always find 
    them the first clear day after it has rained. So pick out the set you like 
    most and try to dig it up, or try and collect them all if you want!
    Listings for gyroids is identical to the fossil section:
    Name              Nook's buying price
    Mini Gargloid     828
    Gargloid          828
    Tall Gargloid     828
    Mini Echoid       828
    Mega Echoid       828
    Tall Echoid       828
    Mini Lamentoid    828
    Mega Lamentoid    828
    Lamentoid         828
    Tall Lamentoid    828
    Mini Warbloid     828
    Warbloid          828
    Tall Warbloid     828
    Mini Gongoid      828
    Mega Gongoid      828
    Gongoid           828
    Tall Gongoid      828
    Mini Metatoid     828
    Metatoid          828
    Mini Freakoid     828
    Mega Freakoid     828
    Mini Poltergoid   828
    Mega Poltergoid   828
    Poltergoid        828
    Tall Poltergoid   828
    Mini Squelchoid   828
    Mega Squelchoid   828
    Squelchoid        828
    Mini Fizzoid      828
    Mega Fizzoid      828
    Mini Strumboid    828
    Mega Strumboid    828
    Strumboid         828
    Tall Strumboid    828
    Mini Timpanoid    828
    Mega Timpanoid    828
    Timpanoid         828
    Tall Timpanoid    828
    Mega Oboid        828
    Oboid             828
    Tall Oboid        828
    Mini Dinkoid      828
    Mega Dinkoid      828
    Mini Plinkoid     828
    Mega Plinkoid     828
    Plinkoid          828
    Mini Rustoid      828
    Mega Rustoid      828
    Rustoid           828
    Mini Dekkoid      828
    Mega Dekkoid      828
    Dekkoid           828
    Mini Clankoid     828
    Mega Clankoid     828
    Clankoid          828
    Tall Clankoid     828
    Tall Droploid     828
    Mini Croakoid     828
    Mega Croakoid     828
    Croakoid          828
    Tall Croakoid     828
    Mini Buzzoid      828
    Mega Buzzoid      828
    Buzzoid           828
    Tall Buzzoid      828
    Mini Drilloid     828
    Mega Drilloid     828
    Drilloid          828
    Mini Alloid       828
    Mega Alloid       828
    Tall Alloid       828
    Mini Harmonoid    828
    Mega Harmonoid    828
    Harmonoid         828
    Tall Harmonoid    828
    Mini Tootoid      828
    Mega Tootoid      828
    Tootoid           828
    Mini Nebuloid     828
    Mega Nebuloid     828
    Squat Nebuloid    828
    Nebuloid          828
    Tall Nebuloid     828
    Slim Nebuloid     828
    Mini Puffoid      828
    Mega Puffoid      828
    Tall Puffoid      828
    Mini Sproid       828
    Mega Sproid       828
    Sproid            828
    Tall Sproid       828
    Mega Bovoid       828
    Tall Bovoid       828
    Mini Howloid      828
    Mega Howloid      828
    Howloid           828
    Mini Lullaboid    828
    Mega Lullaboid    828
    Lullaboid         828
    Tall Lullaboid    828
    Mini Rhythmoid    828
    Rhythmoid         828
    Mini Sputnoid     828
    Mega Sputnoid     828
    Sputnoid          828
    Tall Sputnoid     828
    Mini Bowtoid      828
    Mega Bowtoid      828
    Bowtoid           828
    Tall Bowtoid      828
    Wee Dingloid      828
    Mini Dingloid     828
    Mega Dingloid     828
    Squat Dingloid    828
    Dingloid          828
    Tall Dingloid     828
    Mega Percoloid    828
    Tall Percoloid    828
    Mini Oombloid     828
    Mega Oombloid     828
    Oombloid          828
    Tall Oombloid     828
    Mini Quazoid      828
    Mega Quazoid      828
    Quazoid           828
    Tall Quazoid      828
    Slim Quazoid      828
                           27. Pearls of Wisdom (0027)
    Little things often make a big difference, with a game as big as this one a 
    few little tips can reveal a lot more than you'd think. You'll find that these 
    tips can be very useful!
    Write away, Right away
    If your the type that likes a full mail box you'll have to write some letters 
    of your own. If you send a letter to a villager they might just send one back 
    in return, if you enclose a gift, even a piece of fruit, the villager may send 
    you something nice also. Villager take letter they receive with them when they 
    move to another village, so don't write anything you don't want others to see!
    Complete the Catalog
    No matter how you find an item(find it, buy it, receive it as a gift, etc.) it 
    will be added to your catalog. The catalog is stored at Tom Nook's store, and 
    you can order anything from it at any time. But once you find all the items of a 
    particular section of the catalog a star will appear next to the number of items 
    in the group, so try and find every item in the game if you can!
    Buy, Buy, Buy!
    The Special luck-bringing feng shui items are hard to find and usually 
    expensive, but well worth it! if Tom Nook has a lucky item for sale, hawk 
    whatever worldy possesions you may have to be able to purchase it. Since the 
    item will appear in your catalog when you buy it you'll then be able to pick 
    up multiple copies and make your house a gigantic warehouse of feng shui luck!
    Garden of earthly delights
    Tom Nook will pay 100 bells for your village's native fruit, but he'll pay a 
    whopping 500 bells for fruits from another village, if you get your hands on 
    some of the imported fruit don't go and sell it, bury it instead and wait for 
    it to grow into a fruit tree. When it does, take the fruit from the tree and 
    plant some more fruit saplings. Soon you'll have a full-blown fruit orchard 
    and a huge source of income. Plant the trees next to Nook's shop so you don't 
    have to go very far to make some money. Nook will never see it coming.
    When moods collide
    You'll learn pretty quickly that what you say to an animal in your town will 
    affect it's mood. If you speak to one of them often and act really nicely the 
    villager will become very happy, but if you say the wrong thing, or whack a 
    citizen with your bug catching net, the villager will become vary angry and 
    unwilling to speak. You might also see a villager do something that changes 
    another villager's mood too. If someone becomes angry or depressed, just leave 
    the acre for a while until he or she cools off.
    Never get lost again
    When you travel to a town for the first time, go and find the police station 
    and speak with officer copper, ask him for a map of the village. From then on 
    you can refer to it to figure out your way around town. Equipped with a map 
    you can make the most of even the shortest of visits.
    Cockroach: Pest or collectible?
    If you don't visit your village for a week or more, you may find that your 
    house will be infested with cockroaches. You can squash them by running over 
    them, but since you can't use your items indoors you'll have to find and catch 
    one outdoors.
    Spy before you buy
    When you spot some wallpaper or a carpet that interests you over at Nook's 
    shop, always ask him to display it for you on the walls or floor before you 
    buy it. That way, you can better imagine if it would go well with your home 
    decor. If you don't like how it looks, you can always tell Nook that your not 
    interested in buying it. He's a professional, he won't take your decision as 
    an insult.
    Don't make Nook break your thumbs
    If you manage to pay back all the money you own Tom Nook(including loans for 
    all of your housing upgrades) you will be rewarded with a statue of yourself. 
    The first player to erase their debt will get a gold statue of themselves, the 
    second player will receive a silver statue, and the third to follow suit will 
    get a bronze statue.
    Use the power of feng shui
    If you collect a matching set of furniture, you may receive the blessing of 
    lady luck! You can earn more money and items if you use feng shui when you 
    decorate your house, placing like colors in your house is important, but there 
    are many other things to consider as well.
    Do you feel lucky, punk?
    While you sort most items out by color and direction for them to have the best 
    feng shui effect, there are a few special items that increase your luck just 
    being in your home. Normally they only count towards one category, but try 
    placing it in a corner to have it give you two bonuses.
    Reset reflexes
    Whenever you reset the game without having saved your game, the local mole, 
    named Mr. Resetti will give you a fair warning about resetting your game or 
    turning it off without saving first, but even he has his limits, if you 
    continue to ignore his warnings he will eventually get so mad that he'll 
    reset the game for you! don't worry though, it's just his idea of a bad joke. 
    Nevertheless, it's better to not make him angry, so remember to save your 
    Eeek! What's that?!
    While you always want to save your game before calling it quits(after all, 
    nobody wants to meet Mr. Resetti) you want to especially careful about saving 
    your game after visiting a friend's village. If you reset the game or lose 
    power while in a different village you will lose all the money and items you 
    had with you, you'll also lose your face making you look a lot like your 
    Gyroid. So make sure to save your game after returning from a trip!
    Return to sender
    Writing all those letters is fun and easy, but sometimes you might want the 
    sender to remain a mystery. If you want to change your signature for your 
    letters, write a letter and move the cursor all the way to the bottom by 
    pressing down on the control pad. Once you reach the bottom, you'll see your 
    own name, change it to whatever you may want. But be aware that those changes 
    will still be in affect the next time you write a letter.
    A reel fish story
    You already know that your villager are very friendly, but did you know how 
    far their friendship will really go? Head down to the water and find an area 
    next to a villager then start fishing, if you manage to catch a fish the 
    nearby village will clap and cheer you for your skills.
    Hey, play the B-sides!
    K.K. Slider has a vast library of tunes at his disposal, including three very 
    special tunes that can only be requested. Ask the musical hound dog to play 
    either "K.K. Song", "I Love You" or "Two Days Ago" and he'll be surprised that 
    you know them, but no worry's he'll gladly play them for you. Making a request 
    is the only way to have him play them.
    Pete's draggin'
    Pete, the mail carrier is a busy fellow, but you can stop him for a quick chat 
    at 9am or 5pm in front of the message board to catch this postal pelican in the 
    act. He will give you some information about his social life, including putting 
    to rest the tiresome rumour that he and Pelly are an item. He and Phyllis on the 
    other hand...
    Too many teeth
    When you donate a creature to the museum, you and anybody else who visits can 
    come and see it, most of them aren't interested in visitors but the fearsome 
    piranha is an exception to that rule. Donate one and then go to view it in 
    it's tank, it'll come will swim right up to you and begin banging on the 
    glass. It's the scare of a lifetime!
    Sunshine on my shoulders hurts a lot
    Remember how your mother always said to wear sunscreen when you went to play 
    outside? well the same applies in the animal crossing world. If you spend too 
    much time on the island you'll end up with anything from a small tan, to a 
    serious burn. To avoid this carry an umbrella or a parasol with you when your 
    off the mainland.
    A visit from Resetti
    By now, you know that K.K. Slider is playing tunes every Saturday from 8 pm 
    until midnight, but you might not have known that if you speak with him at 
    8:45 you'll be able to see a special guest during the show. Just ask K.K. to 
    play any tune in his repertoire and while he is playing keep an eye out 
    because you'll see Resetti in the background for a few seconds. So don't 
    Saucy Sable
    Sable, the sewing machine-operating half of the Able sisters usually is far to 
    busy to talk with you. But if you visit often, and dish out a lot of bells 
    making some of your own designs and outrageous outfits, you'll notice her 
    start warming up to you, soon you will be having conversations like a pair of 
    old friends!
                             28. Legal Stuff (0028)
    Now for the part that everyone who has written a FAQ or guide or anything for 
    that matter hates the most, but are nevertheless required. The legalities.
    -This FAQ is Copyright of neo150, it may be used for personal reasons and 
    nothing else.
    -This FAQ can be found at the following sites:
    3.http://www.accentral.net/in.php?id=71 (ac central)
    All other sites to be found with this FAQ without my permission will be in 
    violation of my Copyright of this FAQ.
    -If you would like to host this FAQ as well please ask my permission, and you 
    must not alter add or remove any content found within this FAQ if permission 
    to host this FAQ is granted.
    -This FAQ was created with the help of the official Animal Crossing Players 
    guide from Nintendo Power. All Materials within the players guide and game are 
    copyright of Nintendo.

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