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K.K. Slider Song FAQ by Cool mario 6446

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/27/2004

##::'##::::::: ##::'##:::::::
##:'##:::::::: ##:'##::::::::
#####::::::::: #####:::::::::
##. ##:::::::: ##. ##::::::::
##:. ##::'###: ##:. ##::'###:
##::. ##: ###: ##::. ##: ###:
'##... ##: ##:::::::. ##:: ##.... ##: ##.....:: ##.... ##:
.##:::..:: ##:::::::: ##:: ##:::: ##: ##::::::: ##:::: ##:
. ######:: ##:::::::: ##:: ##:::: ##: ######::: ########::
:..... ##: ##:::::::: ##:: ##:::: ##: ##...:::: ##.. ##:::
'##::: ##: ##:::::::: ##:: ##:::: ##: ##::::::: ##::. ##::
. ######:: ########:'####: ########:: ########: ##:::. ##:
K.K. Slider Song list V 1.3
By: Cool mario 6446
Name: Steven
Town: Popstar
Hello, This is Cool mario 6446. This guide is a list of K.K. Slider songs for
The gamecube game, ANIMAL CROSSING! One of my favorite games!
I am making a list of the K.K. Slider songs because I see topics asking
about the list of K.K. Slider songs on the Animal Crossing boards.
This FAQ should only be found on Gamefaqs.com. Ok, here we go!!
You can contact me at:
E-mail: SGViper03@MSN.com
AIM: SGViper03
Version history:
.25: (11/23/02) Just started, put in Song list, put in a few weird things.
.30: (11/24/02) FAQ wasn't accepted, I guess, but I'm not giving up! Added
a lot of things!Fixed a few errors, cleared up the Mr. Resetti Time, added
more of what songs sound like, also added star rating system and ASCII Art.
.40: (11/24/02)(Later that night) Wow two updates in one day, FAQ still not
posted, but I'm not giving up! Added Full list of villagers, and a few songs
that play in thier houses, Added more people to Thank you list.
.45: (11/25/02) Still not posted, getting a little frusterated because this
faq has taken a while to make, and get information and type it all, but still
not giving up! anyway, added more reviews on songs, more of what songs animals
have in thier houses, and more people to the thank you list. Look for your name
if you have contributed!
.50: (11/26/02) I would like to thank hjjf 304 once again for help with my FAQ
he gave me a few tips on how to improve on this FAQ, so he deserves some
thanks. Anyway, I'm finally off for thanksgiving break! don't forget to collect
the harvest series! Fixed a few format errors, spaced the songs for easier
reading, added more information.
.50: (11/29/02) no update in 3 days? oh well, I havent gotten much new info,
But today is sale day!!
.50: (11/30/02) Still version .50 but getting close. Got some more songs.
.55: (12/7/02) It's saturday, and you know what time it is! K.K. Slider time!
I got another memory card, now I have 2 towns. Florida and Popstar, which means
more songs! Added reviews and added what songs people have in thier houses!
.60: (12/9/02) Added more song reviews and added more animal songs.
.70: (12/10/02) Snow is on the ground in AC!! not in real life though... here
in Florida... Anyway, Almost done! Added more of what songs villagers have in
thier houses.
.75: (12/12/02) Fixed Ascii, added more of what songs animals have in houses
.80: (12/14/02) Saturday, again... man how much do I have to do to get this
posted, anyway, got more songs, added more reviews.
.85: (12/16/02) Todays my birthday and what a great birthday present! My FAQ
was posted!! Thank you so much CJayC! Anyway, more reviews added.
.95: (12/18/02) It seems like people like this FAQ, i've gotten a lot of
E-mails. Finally finished ALL of the reviews, now I just need to work on them
to make them even better and more detailed, also added more songs in animals
1.00: (12/20/02) Actually I have no idea what version number this really is...
anyway Added more song information, Table of contents (Why didn't I have that
before?), and Top contributor section!
1.10: (12/23/02) I took a little break because I had to visit family, but now
I am back and working on this again. More information added, changed the top 3
contributor section to top 5.
1.15 (12/27/02) Happy holidays! ive been busy during christmas so I haven't had
time to update, but now I am updating. Added more songs that villagers have and
added more descriptions to songs.
1.20 (1/2/03) Happy new year... took a small break... little more then I needed
I guess... I open my e-mail box and have 27 new mails! AHHH!! maybe I didn't
need that break... added more songs that people have in thier house.
1.20 (1/3/03) Still reading and responding to mail. If you don't get a response
that means the Yahoo mail is messed up, because I keep getting Mail returned
messages. Sorry. added more songs in houses.
1.25 (2/5/03)(laziness sets in...) I've gotten really lazy... too many E-mails
but I promise to update it soon! I tell you, it's scary having over 60 E-mails
in my mailbox... thats why ive been avoiding this FAQ.
1.30 (2/15/03) Today is the day! I promise to update the FAQ today. To tell the
truth, I havent updated much in my months abscence, I deleted ALL of my mail
because there is just too much to read and respond to, so if you sent something
send it again if it wasnt posted, and please do not send the same thing over
and over, thats really annoying and wont make me respond any faster. Thanks for
1.35? (4/5/03) Again, very sorry for the lack of updates (School... blech) but
Today is another update, The Cherry Blossom Festival has started today and goes
until tuesday the 8th, so If you head down to the wishing well, you can pick
up a cherry blossom tree model, incase you are collecting them like I am, and
you will also notice while playing that there is different music... well it's
pretty much the same music, except played in a different way. I have added more
information about what songs people have in there houses, and I have added a
new section, THE FAQ's, so make sure you check those out! again, sorry for not
1.00 (11/2/03) (I'll just leave it at 1.0 because that is what CJayC has it at)
Wow... I haven't updated this in a long time... Today is my 1 year Aniversary
with this game, and I thought that I should update it finally...
1.10 (11/29/03) Added the list of songs as they appear on your screen.
(Section 4.0)
1.20 (1/17/04) (I'm moving in a week!) Added the Stereo section (6.0).
I will tell you about the types of stereos and how they are in this section.
Added more info.
1.20 (3/26/04) (Mad at GameFAQs...) I spent about an hour a few days ago
writing a review for GameFAQs, and it wasn't accepted because it said I used a
"text filler" or something... It was over a 1000 word review. Anyway, good news
is, I am back to being Level 33: Elite on the message boards, and I am
updating! I am thinking of adding ratings for the hourly music that you hear
during the day... Maybe that will come soon!
1.30 (6/12/04) Finally another update... I sat here looking at an inbox full
of E-mail about my guide, and I finally decided to update. I also appreciate
the feedback I have been getting and I'm sorry I haven't been updating much.
I have also added some more information to stereos and villagers music.
1.35 (7/27/04) Oh no! School is starting again soon, so I might as well get
another update
in... Added some information about the song K.K. Condor. I also now have a
account, so if you ever see V1P3R04, that is me!

Table of Contents
1.0 The songs (Has a description of all the songs and ratings for them)
2.0 Weird things (Has a few Strange things about K.K. Slider)
3.0 Songs you can hear in animals houses (Not complete but has most of the
animals songs)
4.0 List on the AC Screen
5.0 FAQ's
6.0 Stereos
7.0 Top contributors (Has the top 5 people that have helped me the most! see
if you can make it!)
8.0 Credits (Thanks you's)
1.0: The songs
K.K. Slider (AKA Totakeke) is a Dog with a guitar that appears every saturday
night in front of the train station, at 8:00 PM. He stays until 12:00 Midnight
When he asks you if you would like to request a song, select yes. If you
don't have a request, K.K. will play a random song.
These songs should be typed in EXACTLY as they are seen here. If you don't
type them in exactly, K.K. will play a weird song, but you will have another
chance to get a song. Songs that you must request, are K.K. Song, Two Days Ago,
and I Love You. If you don't request those, K.K. Will never play those.
Also, if you would like to get more than one song and have an extra memory card
or a friend with the game, Travel to the other town and find K.K. Slider there
and you can get another song for every different town you go to!

I read something on the message boards that I never thought about... This is
from the user Raiu:

"The "K.K" stands for the last two syllables of Totakeke's name. Totakeke is
named for the sound and music programmer, Totaka Kasumi (or Tota K.K.)."

After getting so many songs, I had stopped paying attention to the credits...
Nice find Riau!

(Note: Most songs are reviewed by thier Aircheck version)

(Each song is rated with stars (*). the highest is 5 stars. Reviews with
numbers were reviewed by other people)

Aloha K.K. (*** and 1/2)
This is a pretty good song. obviously, it sounds like Hawaiian music. It's good
if you would like to make a beach house! I think this would be good for your
Island home on the Animal Island, to get there, see other FAQs.

Cafe(put an accent on the E when typing it in) K.K. (***)
This song sounds like French music... I guess... I don't think this song goes
with any sets or themes. Cliff 646 says this song is from earthbound from in
one of the stores. Ive never played Earthbound so I cant confrim this, but he
hasnt been wrong about the songs yet!

Comrade K.K. (I haven't heard this song yet, but sergeithecat gives it a 7/10)
It's aircheck version is a bit better than when K.K. Sings it. It is WAY too
silly and annoying for my taste. Sounds like a combination of a synthesizer
and the bagpipes. - Sergeithecat
Ness554 says that this is a very good song and goes nice with the Harvest

DJ K.K. (****)
Probably the best song, Its High tech sounding, and fast paced! Doesn't go
with any set or theme, but if you want to try to make your house like a club,
than I wound reccommend it!
Cliff646 says that this song is a remix of an NES game called Star Tropics 2.

And now, a review from Discord:

My new favorite song, decided to request it last night to see what it was
and I love it. Makes me want to rave all night. I have the lovely
furniture set, though my radio is in the far back corner and I gotta get
it moved so it can be heard better without standing in front of it. I have
these 4 gyroids and they sound amazing with it: Tall nebuloid, slim
nebuloud, mega quazoid, tall quazoid.

Go K.K. Rider! (****)
This is a good song, at the beginning, it sounds like a race is starting. this
is one of my favorites. It's fast paced, but sadly doesn't go with any set or
theme. Cliff 646 says this is from Mario kart for the Super NES.

I Love You (***)
As you can expect, a love song and one of K.K. Slider's secret songs, which
means you have to request it by name or it will never be played. A nice slow
song, if you would like that kind of song.

Imperial K.K. (***)
Sounds like Chinese music, good for the rock garden theme. Also goes with the
Imperial Carpet and wallpaper, if you want to make your house like a chinese

K.K. Aria (rated by Kevin Cox, 10/10) (*** by me)
Kevin just says this song is great for the Regal theme, but didn't say anything
about the music itself.

It does work for the Regal theme... but the music is slow and a little annoying

K.K. Ballad (Rated 7/10 by MrGone)
Very nice and slow, very much like the ending credits to an anime, especially
like the one in outlaw star. I guess it would be a 6 or 7 out of 10, because
everyone would not be into this sort of thing, but for those who do, they
would love it.

K.K. Blues (*** and 1/2)
Obviously a Blues song. It sounds like music you would hear in a blues bar.
This song would be good if you were making your house like a bar. It sounds
like a guitar playing the blues.

K.K. Bossa (Sergeithecat gives this song a 3/10) (*** by me)
Very boring but good for an office theme - sergithecat
I actually kinda like this song, it's a little slow, but it sounds nice, like
it would go with the Classic Series. Cliff 646 says this song is from Super
Mario Bros. for the super NES.

K.K. Calypso (rated by Lost Noodle 6/10 at first but 3/10 afterwards)
This song gets tiring quick, gyroids go ok with it.

K.K. Casbah (** and 1/2) (10/10 by hjjf 309)
The best song I've heard so far. Two words: Egyptian Music. This would be the
only choice for an "ancient" theme in my opinion. It has a nice beat and is one
of the longer songs. - hjjf 309
I think I would have to disagree on this one, in my opinion, it is kind of
annoying, but hjjf 309 has a good idea what the song sounds like.

This music sounds more Asian than Egyptian music - ForestPixie619

Review from Discord: ForestPixie619 said it sounds asian, no way. I heard it
in I think Ceasar the gorilla's house and I believe it's Indian, though it can
work as Egyptian too. I know India is asian but when you describe something as
asian you usually mean chinese or japanese, to me at least.

K.K. Chorale (** and 1/2) by me and Video_gamer_Z
A chorus sounding song. I don't like it that much because it is slow and a
little annoying. It sounds like a choir singing a church song.

This music is kinda depressing and has a very slow beat. Sounds a bit like
organ music and gets a bit annoying after a while, and doesn't really go with
any sets or themes. - Video_Gamer_Z

K.K. Condor (***)
Sounds like Indian music. People say this is one of the best songs, but in my
opinion, it's not that good. If you are getting a cabin set, this would
probably be a good song.

It is a really good song, in my opinion. I'd say that it sorta has that cowboy
theme, don't you? It's one of my favorites! So, Cabana and Western may be
something good for it. - ForestPixie619

This is an E-mail I recently got about this song. (7/27/04)
"Hi, Im sending you this mail, just letting you know something that I didnt
see on you FAQ, the song K.K. Condor is inspired in a song called 'El
Carnavalito'(also called 'El Humahuaqueno') a traditional song of Chile,
if you could download or have the chance to hear the song, you will know
what Im talking about...

Thanks for your attention

Estigia the Wizzrobe"

This is very interesting, thank you for your research on this song!

K.K. Country (***)
I heard this song in Kiki's house, and it doesn't really sound like country.
It sounds more like a rock song than country. Ness554 says this is a good song
for the Ranch Series. Cliff 646 says this song is from the Desert level in
Mario Kart 64. UPDATE: Actually, This song is from the track Choco Mountian from
Kart 64.

K.K. Cruisin' (rated by Hero Fly Chao 7/10) (*** and 1/2 by me)
My Basement music. It's a slow, cool sounding song, great for "chillin" to. It
doesn't work well with any theme or set in particular, and it also gets
bothersome after a while, but a decent song. - Hero fly Chao

HFC has got the right idea, I think it is pretty cool music to listen too, but
it isnt that annoying.

Basically, it's a really good song, and--as Bertha Displayed in her lovely
home-- I think it would go great with the modern theme. -ForestPixie619

K.K. D & B (****)
I think that stands for Drums and bass, but another one of my favorites. Good
with the SPACE THEME. It starts out quiet, but than gets better.

K.K. Dirge (***)
sounds like dungeon music from Zelda. Put some Freakoid gyroids with this song
if you want your house to be like a haunted house!

K.K. Etude (***)
This is a quiet sounding song, Which I think would go good with the Regal theme

K.K. Faire (****)
This song has a good beat. It is a pretty funny song, but the sound effects get
pretty annoying. It has like a banjo playing for the main instrument and has
a creaky voice, sounding thing in the backround. I think its a good song, but
it doesn't go with any sets or themes.

K.K. Folk (** and 1/2)
This song just has the same 10 notes repeating. For some reason it sounds like
egyptian music. Because it loops every 10 notes, it gets annoying fast.

K.K. Fusion (*** and 1/2)
Another good song, Put the two fizzoid gyroids (mega and mini) with this song
and it sounds like they go right with the song! It's a pretty fast song, but
doesn't go with any set or theme.

K.K. Gumbo (****)(hjjf 309 gives it an 8/10)
This song is a rock song. The first I came across, as well. It has a slow but
heavy beat of rock guitar at the start, and the goes into "deep purple style"
organs. It's upbeat and happy. It's good if you are looking for a rock song,
but doesn't go with any of the sets or themes.

I agree with hjjf. This song is pretty good. hjjf has exactly what the song
sounds like.

K.K. Jazz (***)
I like this song. It's got a medium beat, not too fast, and not too slow.
It's a good song and I recommend it to anyone who wants a song that isn't fast
or slow!

K.K. Lament (*** and 1/2)
The funny thing about this song is, that it sounds like music you would hear
in a James bond 007 movie. It sounds like quiet music like its a part when
Bond is spying on someone. Like most songs, This doesn't go with any sets or

K.K. Love Song (***)
This doesn't sound like a love song, it sounds like slow rock or lounging
music. It doesn't really go with any sets or themes. This is the song you get
in your grab bag at the beginning of your game, if you use the memory card that
the game came with.

K.K. Lullaby (**)
Just a Lullaby, great for the LOVELY SERIES, I don't like it, it's too quiet.

K.K. Mambo (rated 10/10 by legolas6288) (****)
This music makes me want to hum, Sounds like mexican music. Goes good with
Kiddie Series.

I heard this song and it does sound like mexican music. It has a pretty fast
beat and sounds great in the AIRCHECK version.

K.K. March (***)
Obviously a marching song. Sounds like music you would hear in a parade. A
pretty good song, but doesn't go with any sets or themes.
Ness554 says that this song would be good with the Kiddie Series. Maybe I
should have listened to it more...

K.K. Parade (***)
Sounds like music you would hear in a parade. For some reason, a mini
squelchoid gyroid goes with this song. It is a pretty funny song, and nice to
listen to, if you like that kind of music.

K.K. Ragtime (given 9/10 by Hero Fly Chao) (*** and 1/2 by me)
Possibly the most underrated, ragtime works good for a "Bar" or the western
theme. Lively Piano song with energy to spare, it's also my favorite to hear
K.K. sing. Only problem is, it loops too much. - Hero Fly Chao

I heard this in someones house... I thought it was really good and like HFC
said, it is probably the most underrated song.

K.K. Reggae (***)
This is a good song if you would like a beach house. Sounds like music you
would hear in places, like Jamacia

K.K. Rock (****)
Another great song, Fast paced, but loops a little to much. Its obviously
a rock song, but it doesn't reall go with any set or themes.

K.K. Safari (***)
This song sounds like something you would hear in Africa. I think this song
would go good with the EXOTIC SET.

K.K. Salsa (rated by Chaos Emerald Hunter 9/10)
Great beat, my 4th favorite, I recommend this one to a lot of people, it loops
a lot though.

K.K. Samba (***)
A weird mexican sounding song with weird sound effects in the backround and an
occasional whistle blowing. This song doesn't go with any sets or themes.

K.K. Ska (rated by Hero fly Chao 8/10) (****)
A great song. A fast, upbeat song, great for gyroids to dance to. It gets
annoying after you hear it too much, but I like it anyway.

Again, HFC has the right idea.

(updated 3/26/04) I got an interesting E-mail the other day from Adam Boyle,
and he said in it that you can get this song 2 ways: One by requesting it as
usual, or two, by using an E-reader card that came with the E-reader in the
American versions. He says the card doesn't come with European or Australian
version. He isn't sure though if the card works with the american versions,
because he has PAL, and it worked for him on it. Unfortunatly, I do not have
an E-reader, so hopefully I can get a comfirmation E-mail from someone. If you
do have an E-reader, you might want to check another FAQ to see which card he
is talking about. Anyway, Thanks Adam, and hopefully we can get a comfirmation

K.K. Song (*** and 1/2)
This song is from a game called "Mario Paint" and loops a lot. Sometimes called
The NINTENDO ANTHEM, this song would go great with the NINTENDO SET.
The funny this is, I actually like this song, even though it loops every 5
seconds. I guess its good for nostalgia.

K.K. Soul (***)
An easy listening song, a nice slow beat. This song would be good for a regal
series. Ness554 says that this song would also be good for the modern series.

K.K. Steppe (*** and 1/2)
Some people may not like this song, but I think it is a good song. It starts
out fast, but then gets slow, then fast again. It loops a lot, sadly.

K.K. Swing (*** and 1/2) by Video_Gamer_Z
A bit slow but good music to "Chill" to. Doesn't really fit in with a set or
theme, and doesn't repeat too much.

K.K. Tango (rated 4/10 by Lost Noodle) (***)
Goes OK with the Regal theme... sorta... Goes less than well with Gyroids

I actually thought this song was good, it has a fast beat and kinda makes you
want to dance.

K.K. Technopop (*****) (Thunderbird_L16 gives it ***)
This one sounds like Techno music, and goes great with the Space theme, nice
fast paced song, and is also my REAL FAVORITE! I always have this one playing.

I think it is too repetitive, but I did find that it goes good with the Modern
Set and an "executive toy" On the table beside the CD player really goes good
with the song.

K.K. Waltz (rated by Kevin cox, 10/10)
Its got a great beat that really makes me feel like making my character dance!
- Kevin Cox

K.K. Western (***)
In the beginning, this song sounds like it would go with a haunted house, but
after the first part, the music gets faster, and it sounds like something you
would hear in a western movie.

Lucky K.K. (** and 1/2)
This song sounds like music you would hear in Ireland. hmm... coincidence...
Lucky K.K. and the luck of the Irish... maybe. pretty good song if you want
a bar theme.

It's one of my favorite songs! But I've only heard the aircheck, which sounds
really cool. I agree that it sounds like it's from Ireland, but a darn good
one! It would probably go good with some garden theme, if you know what I mean

Mr. K.K. (**)
A weird song, but goes good with a SCHOOL THEME. I'm not too sure about what
to say about this song, but its pretty slow.

This was the second song I've heard, but the 1st one that I've heard K.K.
Slider sing on Saturday night. It's one of my favorites! This would probably
go good with the lovely theme. -ForestPixie619

Only Me (rated 6/10 by spenser) (** by Me)
At the beginning it sounds like a familiar Zelda song, but then it gets bad.
It's pretty good for the modern series, but its basicially an average song.
My review: way to slow. I like fast paced music, but thats just me. You should
get this song if you like quiet and relaxing songs.

Rockin' K.K. (****)
A good song, and for some reason sounds good with the construction theme.
I hear that people say that this is an "Eathbound" song. I have never played
Earthbound, so I wouldnt know.

Senor(put a ~ over the n) K.K. (*** and 1/2)
Obviously seeing the name, you can expect this music to sound like Spanish
music, and it is. This could be a good song to dance to! This song has a
nice beat but it doesn't really go with any sets or themes.

This song would go well with the Cabana Series - JdFalcon04 (funny E-mail)

Soulful K.K. (***)
The beginning of this song sounds like the song "lean on me" It is a slow song
and is good if you want your house to have a classic or modern look.

Surfin' K.K. (****)
Obviously sounds like music you would hear in surfing videos. It has a good
beat and it would be good to go in your island house on "Animal Island". This
is one of my favorite songs!

The K. Funk (*** and 1/2)
I like this song! It's fast paced and cool to listen to. I don't think this
goes with any set or theme, but still is a cool song!

Two Days Ago (*** and 1/2)
This is a pretty nice, slow song. this one sounds like something you would
really hear on the radio!
When the song is finished, K.K. Slider will give you an AIRCHECK,
or tape of the song, that you can put in your radio. To put it in the radio,
walk up to it and select "Pop in a tune" and select your song from your
inventory. If you want to hear the song before you get the tape, fill you
inventory with 100 bell bags, then request the song. If you like it,
empty your bell bags and listen to it again to get the tape.

I always appreciate and post reviews if people write them for songs. If you
would like to be included, you can always send a review in an e-mail.
2.0 Weird things
Some people have been saying they have seen a UFO in the backround when
listining to certain songs. I haven't seen this yet, but I am trying to see
it for proof.

Another thing is: if you talk to K.K. Slider at EXACTLY 8:45 PM You can
see Mr. Resetti flying through the backround.
People have been saying it is at 8:59 that you can see him.
Next time I see K.K. Im going to try to see the UFO and Mr. Resetti.
I have confirmed this, and it is at 8:45 PM. My sister got her song at 8:45
and saw him, and I got my song after her, and I saw him at 8:50. I'm not too
sure why he is there, but it's pretty funny to see.

Sproutling2000 says that That isn't Mr. Resetti In the backround, its his
brother Don, and usually appears if you have had three or more visits from Mr.
Resetti. I honestly thought it was Mr. Resetti. I will look on Saturday.

I recently got an interesting E-mail about K.K. Sliders brother. SpyGuy101 sent
me an e-mail saying "In my town, i have a dog named bones, maybe you have heard
of him. A couple of time when I talk to him, he has talked about his "brother"
and how he travels to different towns playing songs. He did not ever mention
the name "K.K. Slider" but who else could it be?" I thought this was very
interesting, if anyone else has Bones, maybe they could talk to him, and if
Bones does talk more about his "brother" please E-mail me!

UPDATE! (6/12/04): I recently got another E-mail from Puka who said that Bones
has never said anything about a brother. He just says anything that a "hungry-
sleepy" villager would say. I think I believe this, because why would one
animal say something special, that the others of that type wouldn't say?

So now... This story should be considered false. Sorry Spyguy, unless we get
more people to confirm.
3.0 Songs you can hear in animal's houses
these are songs that you hear in animal's houses when you walk into them
Definatly not complete, but it IS a full animal list!

(To find out what songs are playing, walk up to thier radio and press A, it
will tell you what is playing. hopefully this will clear up some errors)
Thank you Ferahgo320 for this idea --^
Bill: K.K. Reggae (thank you Baseballstar2049)
Pate: K.K. Dirge
Mallary: K.K. Bossa (thank you Ferahgo320)
Weber: K.K. March (thank you Loki 174)
Joey: Rockin' K.K. (Thank you Flaid)
Pompom: K.K. Jazz
Freckles: K.K. Calypso (Thank you Evanbean7)
Derwin: No music, just gyroid noises
Scoot: K.K. Calpso (Thank you Dian Wei)
Deena: No music (thank you sebelle)
Nosegay: No music, just gyroid noises
Pango: K.K. Casbah (Thank you BoomChish)
Cyrano: No music, Just gyroids (Thank you Hejji)
Snooty: No music, just gyroids
Zoe: K.K. Fusion (Thank you HockeyDude)
Daisy: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Nick)
Goldie: K.K. Bossa (thank you Olympis41)
Bea: K.K. Parade (Thank you Evanbean7)
Bones: No music, just gyroids (Thank you j9pudge)
Butch: K.K. Fusion
Lucky: no music (thank you smoky progg)
Cookie: K.K. Country (Thank you Boomchish)
Maddie: K.K. Fusion
Biskit: K.K. Mambo (Thank you Ness554)
Portia: Cafe K.K. (thank you Boomchish)
Bunnie: K.K. Aria (Thank you Alex Scott)
Dotty: Aloha K.K. (Thank you Sebelle)
Genji: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Earthsun)
Claude: K.K. Lullaby (Thank you Loki 174)
Gabi: K.K. Love song (Thank you Ness554)
Coco: No music (thank you smoky progg)
Gaston: K.K. Dirge (Thank you Shynkz)
Doc: K.K. March (thank you MasterDBZ75)
Snake: No music, just Gyroids (Thank you Chocobo2989)
Savannah: K.K. Salsa (Thank you Chocobo2989)
Winnie: K.K. Bossa (Thank you Nick)
Buck: K.K. Casbah
Ed: K.K. Ballad (Thank you Evanbean7)
Cleo: K.K. Bossa (Thank you Ness554)
Peaches: Senor K.K. (The n has a ~ over it) (Thank you Lightning Bolt)
Elmer: K.K. Waltz (thank you Ferahgo320)
Stu: K.K. Lullaby (thank you Sebelle)
Chuck: K.K. Blues (Thank you calcated)
Oxford: K.K. Western (thank you Sebelle)
T-Bone: K.K. Reggae (Thank you Leebur90)
Belle: No music, just gyroids (Thank you JGPiep888)
Bessie: K.K. Salsa (thank you ForestPixie619, sorry Smoky progg, she says you
are wrong)
Petunia: K.K. Country
Patty: K.K. Calypso (thank you BoomChish)
Fang: K.K. Faire (Thank you SuppaMan)
Chief: K.K. Techno (thank you DarkKnight42291) But Loki 174 says it is DJ K.K.
I need one more person to tell me what it is. It is DJ K.K. (thank you
Lobo: K.K. Safari (Thank you Ness554)
Freya: K.K. Tango (Thank you Hero Fly Chao)
Wolfgang: K.K. Rock (thank you smoky progg)
Emerald: No music, just gyroids
Tad: No music, just gyroids (Thank you JGPiep888)
Wart JR.: No music, Just gyroids (Thank you Chocobo2989)
Cousteau: K.K. Reggae (thank you Kyguy212)
Puddles: K.K. Ballad (thank you Loki 174)
Lily: K.K. Salsa (thank you cf is best)
Jeremiah: K.K. Mambo
Huck: K.K. Jazz (thank you Loki 174)
Camofrog: K.K. Rock (thank you Marth11)
Ribbot: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Biskit_84)
Prince: K.K. Soul
Jambette: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Leebur90)
Rollo: No music (Thank you hejji)
Biff: K.K. Blues (thank you mario masta)
Bertha: K.K. Crusin' (Thank you Nick)
Bubbles: No music, Apple TV
Rocco: Lucky K.K. (thank you Sebelle!)
Lulu: no music (thank you Marth11)
Bitty: DJ K.K. (Thank you Goldeneye3600)
Kitt: K.K. chorale (thank you Ferahgo320)
Valise: K.K. Etude (Thank you Lightning Bolt)
Astrid The K. Funk (thank you Loki 174)
Marcy: Aloha K.K. (thank you mario masta)
Mathilda: K.K. Ragtime (Thanks again Radevel!)
Carrie: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Nick)
Teddy: Mr. K.K. (thank you mario masta)
Tutu: K.K. Steppe (Thank you JGPiep888)
Pinky: No music (Thank you Jack)
Grizzly: K.K. Safari (Thank you Ness554)
Chow: No music, just gyroids (Thank you BoomChish)
Dozer: No music (thank you Sebelle)
Nate: K.K. Lullaby (Thank you Nick)
Groucho: K.K. Rock (Thank you Dian Wei)
Ursula: K.K. Cafe (thank you KyGuy212)
Cheri: K.K. Samba (Thank you calcated)
Pudge: Rockin' K.K. (thank you cf is best)
Maple: K.K. Lullaby (thank you KyGuy212)
Kody: No music, Just Gyroids (Thank you Hoffy315, Lynn, and Sherlock21)
Bluebear: K.K. Jazz (Thank you Jack) (Ness554 says this is K.K. Ska, I need one
more person to tell me what this one is)
Cupcake: K.K. Waltz (Thank you Cyberistic)
Murphy: K.K. D & B (Thank you mudboy50 and Lovio for confirming)
Vladimir: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Lightning Bolt)
Poncho: No music, just gyroids
Olive: Only Me (Thank you BoomChish)
Sydney: K.K. Jazz (Thank you Jack)
Huggy: K.K. March (Thank you BoomChish)
Gonzo: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Nick)
Ozzie: Mr. K.K.
Yuka: Either Soulful K.K. or K.K. Soul (confirmation needed)
Louie: No music, Just gyroids (Thank you Jack)
Peewee: K.K. Casbah (Thank you Loki 174)
Jane: K.K. Soul (Thank you Omega DragoonX)
Cesar: K.K. Casbah (Thank you Boomchish)
Pierce: K.K. Etude (Thank you Ness554)
Amelia: K.K. Condor (Thank you Ness554)
Buzz: The K Funk (Thank you KyGuy212)
Apollo: Soulful K.K. (Thank you Ness554)
Quetzal:K.K. Western (thank you Radevel!)
Hornsby: Aloha K.K. (thank you mario masta)
Tank: No music, just a deerscare (Thank you Jack)
Tiara: No Music, Just gyroids (Thank you Jack)
Spike: Surfin' K.K. (thank you taurteen1988)
Paolo: K.K. March (Thank you Sanchokobe)
Ellie: K.K. Ballad (Thank you Mike and thank you Pas for confirming)
Eloise: K.K. Jazz (Thank you BoomChish)
Opal: K.K. Safari (Thank you BoomChish)
Axel: No music, just gyroids (thank you Hejji)
Dizzy: No music, just gyroids (Thank you JGPiep888)
Octavian: K.K. D & B (Thank you Crystalking52)
Rio: K.K. Samba (Thank you audioZan)
Sandy: No music, Just Gyroids (thank you sausage)
Queenie: K.K. Gumbo (Thank you ForestPixie619)
Sprocket:K.K. technopop (Thank you I am a goat)
Tybalt: No music, just gyroids (thank you BoomChish)
Rolf: Rockin K.K. (Thank you JGPiep888)
Bangle: K.K. Crusin'
Jay: K.K. Waltz (Thank you sausage)
Robin: K.K. Bossa
Twiggy: K.K. Calypso (Thank you Nick)
Admiral: two TVs and a toy train (Thank you J9Pudge)
Twirp: Go K.K. Rider! (thank you cf is best)
Ace: K.K. Parade (thank you KyGuy212)
Piper: K.K. Reggae (thank you Sebelle)
Midge: K.K. Lullaby
Anchovy: K.K. Ragtime (Thank you max300)
Otis: No music, Just gyroids (Thank you Sanchokobe and thank you Saki Kuranoe
for confirming)
Goose: K.K. Country (Thank you Ness554)
Betty: No music, just apple TV
Hector: K.K. Steppe (thank you Jomosapian) (Ness554 says this one is K.K. March
I need one more person to tell me what this is)(Hero Fly Chao says that it is
definatly K.K. March. Thank you!)
Egbert: K.K. Technopop (Thank you Khameleon and Sam)
Ava: K.K. Country (thank you mario masta)
Hank: K.K. Love Song (Thank you LT. Commander Utopia)
Leigh: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Nick)
Rhoda: No music (Thank you Jack)
Punchy: K.K. Love Song (thank you BoomChish)
Olivia: K.K. Etude (Thank you Boomchish)
Rosie: Rockin' K.K. (Thank you Jack)
Tom: No music, Just gyroids (Thank you Jack)
Kitty: K.K. Etude (Thank you Marth11)
Purrl: K.K. Swing (Thank you Sebelle)
Kiki: K.K. Country (Thank you Loki 174)
Mitzi: K.K. Swing (thank you Loki 174)
Bob: K.K. Ragtime (thank you DarkKnight42291)
Tabby: No music, just gyroids (thank you taurteen1988 and J9Pudge)
Tangy: No music, just gyroids and an apple TV (thank you Ferahgo320 and
Kabuki: K.K. Folk (thank you mario masta)
Monique: K.K. Swing (Thank you SuppaMan)
Stinky: K.K. Rock (Thank you Freez89)
Dora: Soulful K.K.
Candi: K.K. Calypson (Thank you Sam States)
Chico: K.K. Faire (thank you Dragon504)
Samson: K.K. Ballad (Thank you Hero Fly Chao)
Penny: K.K. Parade (thank you J9Pudge)
Carmen: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Hero Fly Chao)
Limberg: K.K. Folk (thank you smoky progg)
Anicotti: K.K. Aria (Thank you JGPiep888)
Rizzo: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Nick)
Stella: No music, Just Gyroids (Thank you Leebur90)
Cashmere: No music, just gyroids
Baabara: K.K. Swing (Thank you Lightning Bolt)
Woolio: K.K. Ska (Thank you Ness554)
Eunice: No music: Just gyroids, and retro TV
Vesta: K.K. Steppe (Thank you smoky progg)
Curly: K.K. Reggae
Rasher: K.K. Faire (thank you Loki 174)
Boris: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Sam States)
Cobb: No music just gyroids
Lucy: Aloha K.K. (Thank you Nick)
Hambo: Mr. K.K. (Thank you Lightning Bolt)
Hugh: K.K. Mambo (thank you Marth11)
Sue E.: K.K. Waltz (Thank you Chocobo2989)
Spork: Soulful K.K. (Thank you Nick)
Truffles: No music (Thank you goldeneye3600)
Hopper: No music (Thank you Evanbean7)
Friga: K.K. Tango (thank you CodeHunter64)
Puck: No songs, just gyroids (thank you Chibi Tell)
Gwen: Cafe K.K.
Roald: K.K. Parade (thank you mario masta)
Cube: K.K. Technopop and gyroids
Aurora: K.K. Swing (Thank you devilmaycry11)
Chevre: K.K. Chorale (thank you Sebelle)
Billy: No music (thank you DarkKnight42291)
Sven: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Sam States)
Gruff: Only me (thank you Shynkz!)
Velma: Cafe K.K. (thank you Ferahgo320)
Iggy: K.K. Folk (Thank you SuppaMan)
Rex: no music, just gyroids (Thank you JGPiep888)
Aziz: Lucky K.K. (thank you Sebelle)
Leopold: No music, just gyroids (Thank you Nick)
Blaire: K.K. Jazz
Hazel: K.K. Fusion (Thank you Sam States)
Peanut: K.K. Salsa (thank you mario masta)
Pecan: Cafe' K.K. (Thank you Jack)
Mint: K.K. Country (thank you mario masta)
Filbert: No music, Apple TV and Gyroids
Sally: No music, just gyroids and apple TV (Thank you Ness554)
Nibbles: No music, just gyroids (Thank you JGPiep888)
Static: Surfin' K.K. (thank you mario masta)
Ricky: K.K. Western
Alfonso: Imperial K.K. (thank you Boomchish)
Liz: K.K. Ballad (Thank you Ness554)
Alli: K.K. Calypso (Thank you Jofers1)
Boots: K.K. Aria (Thank you Boomchish)
If you would like to contribute to this guide, telling me what each
song sounds like, I would highly apprieciate it! See how to cuntribute, up near
the top of the guide, at my E-mail address and AIM address! Thanks for your
4.0 List of songs as they appear on the Music List
Ok... I have no idea how to make a decent chart. If anyone is good at it,
please contact me... (See top)

I made this section because I thought it would be useful for people to see what
songs they are missing, if they want to get them all in rows... or something,
and it was also requested many times. Now I have finally gotten around to doing

Basically, they chart is layed out in an 11x5 chart (11 being horizontal, 5
being vertical) The Horizontal will be known as numbers, and Vertical will be
letters. A-1 = Very top left A-11 = Very top right, E-1 = Very Bottom left
E-11 = Very bottom right. You get the idea... I hope... (I just need a chart..)

A-1: K.K. Chorale
A-2: K.K. March
A-3: K.K. Waltz
A-4: K.K. Swing
A-5: K.K. Jazz
A-6: K.K. Fusion
A-7: K.K. Etude
A-8: K.K. Lullaby
A-9: K.K. Aria
A-10: K.K. Samba
A-11: K.K. Bossa
B-1: K.K. Calypso
B-2: K.K. Salsa
B-3: K.K. Mambo
B-4: K.K. Reggae
B-5: K.K. Ska
B-6: K.K. Tango
B-7: K.K. Faire
B-8: Aloha K.K.
B-9: Lucky K.K.
B-10: K.K. Condor
B-11: K.K. Steppe
C-1: Imperial K.K.
C-2: K.K. Casbah
C-3: K.K. Safari
C-4: K.K. Folk
C-5: K.K. Rock
C-6: Rockin' K.K.
C-7: K.K. Ragtime
C-8: K.K. Gumbo
C-9: The K. Funk
C-10: K.K. Blues
C-11: Soulful K.K.
D-1: K.K. Soul
D-2: Cruisin' K.K.
D-3: K.K. Love Song
D-4: K.K. D & B
D-5: K.K. Technopop
D-6: DJ K.K.
D-7: Only Me
D-8: K.K. Country
D-9: Surfin' K.K.
D-10: K.K. Ballad
D-11: Comrade K.K.
E-1: K.K. Lament
E-2: Go K.K. Rider!
E-3: K.K. Dirge
E-4: K.K. Western
E-5: Mr. K.K.
E-6: Cafe K.K.
E-7: K.K. Parade
E-8: Senor K.K.
E-9: K.K. Song
E-10: I Love You
E-11: Two Days Ago

And that's basically that.
5.0 FAQ's
1. What time does K.K. Slider come around?
Between 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM
2. Why haven't you been updating?
well, I have been very busy lately, doing projects for school, going on
vacation, and other things
3. Why haven't you been reading my E-mails?
I've said this before, I have way too many, I do read my E-mails, but
responding to all of them would take hours, but I promise you, I do read them.
4. If I mess up in typing a song, will I get to ask him for another one?
Yes, but you have to listen to the song over again
5. Is there anyway I can hear the song before I actually get it?
Well, in a way... you talk to him with full pockets, and type the song you
want, and after you listen to it, K.K. will tell you he can't give you the song
because of full pockets, but you will have another chance to listen to it and
get it if you want.
6. What is a pitfall?
Ok, this question wasn't actually asked, but I see it all the time on the
message boards. A pitfall is something you bury and push another villager
into so they fall in a hole, nothing special...
7. Are people really asking you these questions?
A few were asked, but a few weren't.

If you have anymore questions, please E mail me.
6.0 Stereo Section
I made this section because of a topic I saw on the message boards.
There really isn't a better or worse stereo... It's just a matter of opinion.
This is the list of all the stereo and what they look like:

1. Tape Deck: This is the first stereo you get in your house. It is Silver and
blue, with 1 speaker. The sound quality isn't that good on this one.

2. CD Player: It just looks like a regular small CD player. It is also silver
like the one above. Sound quality is decent.

3. Dice Stereo: It's a giant stereo that is white, but has some red and black
dots. The speakers look like Dice. You can only get this stereo from Redd's
tent. The sound quality is very good.

4. Red Boom Box: It's like the tape deck, except red, and it has two speakers.
It is long, but only takes up 1 square in your house and has decent sound

5. White Boom Box: The same as above, except White.

6. Turntable: A tall, brown and gold stereo with a record on top. Makes music
sound scratchy. Sound quality is Good.

7. Gold Stereo: My favorite stereo. It's Gold (wow, who would have thought?)
and has 2 large black speakers on both sides of the front panel thing. It takes
up 2 squares in your house, and the sound quality is very good.

8. Hi-Fi Stereo: Supposedly the highest quality stereo you can buy. I honestly
don't think this is true. When I tested this with a Gold Stereo, they both
sounded the same. I can't remember whether you win this in the lottery, or you
buy it from Redd, but either way, you can sell it for 6,000 bells. This has 2
golden speakers and the control panel is Black.
It takes up 2 squares in your house.

9. Jukebox: If you like Old-fashioned things, then this will be your favorite
stereo. It is tall, and looks like any jukebox you would see in an Old
fashioned resturant. The sound quality is good, and it also makes noises from
the needle scratching on the record.

10. High-End Stereo: This almost looks like the Gold stereo. It's black and has
a record like the turntable on top of the control panel. You can buy this from

11. Phonograph: It's kinda hard to explain this one, but it has a brown record
player on the bottom, and a golden horn(?) coming out the top. If you have seen
one of these before, then you will know what I'm talking about. The sound
quality is scratchy.

12. Lovely Stereo: It's Pink, has hearts on the speakers, and takes up 2
squares in your house. Sound quality is good. This item can be used with the
Lovely Series, but it isn't necessary to complete the series.

13. Reel-To-Reel: If you have ever seen TV shows where they are in a radio
station, then you will have most likely seen this. It stands at about the size
of the tape deck, and has 2 spinning red and orange reels on the front.
The sound quality is good, even for such a small stereo.

14. Retro Stereo: Can go with the Retro TV. It is Black, has 2 speakers, a
record and turntable on top, and has speaker covers that are open. Good sound

15. Robo stereo: It looks like a robot with the speakers as its arms. It has a
head that has two blue eyes, and an antenna at the top. It has a slight tint
of gold, and the speakers are blue. (Thanks to Alexander McPhail [let me know
if you want that name changed because you didn't have a name in the E-mail]
who wrote this about the stereo. I completly forgot about it because it wasn't
in the section of the players guide I was looking at for help.)

16. Kiddie stereo: (Another one I completly forgot about, sorry, my mistake!
[Thank you
Earthsun for letting me know I forgot this one]) Earthsun writes: This stereo
has OK
quality, but doesn't project the sound of the music too far.

Those are all the stereos, but unfortunatly, Nintendo didn't make the sound
really good on them. You put them on one side of the room, and you walk to the
other, you won't be able to hear the music, even on a stereo TV. To prevent
this, so you can hear the music all over your room in the game, put the stereo
in the center of the room so you will be able to hear it all over.
7.0 Top Contributors
Choosing the place for the top 5 contributors was hard, but I Put them by the
amount of information they contributed. Thank you so much to:
1.Ness554-you did a lot! Thank you so much! Helped me with some reviews, told
me biskit, gabi, cleo, Lobo, Grizzly, Pierce, amelia, apollo, Goose, Rosie,
Woolio, Sally, and Liz's songs.
2.Boomchish- Told me Cesar, pango, Olive, Huggy, Punchy, Eloise, Opal, Patty,
Cookie, alfonso, Boots, Portia, Olivia, Tybalt,and Chow's songs!
3.hjjf 304- gave review for K.K. Casbah, and K.K. Gumbo. Helped my with my FAQ
format as well as other things, thanks again!
4.Sebelle-Told me Dotty, Rocco, Chevre, Stu, Aziz, Purrl, Oxford, Piper,
Deena and Dozer's songs!
5.Jack- Told me Bluebear louis, Tiara, Rosie, Tom, Tank, Pinky, sydney,
rhoda and pecan's songs
Thank you so much, you are all great help! Do you think you can beat them? Then
contribute a lot of information!
8.0 Credits
Special thanks to:
CJayC- Making this great site, and keeping me online for hours
Nintendo- Making this Great game, and the guide, which I got a lot of
information from
My sister- Getting more songs for me
Radevel- Told me what song plays in Quetzal and Mathilda's house
Shynkz- told my what song pays in Gruff's house and Gaston's house
Jomosapian- told me what song plays in Hector's house
Dragon504- told me what song plays in Chico's house
Sebelle- Told me Dotty, Rocco, Chevre, Stu, Aziz, Purrl, Oxford, Piper, Deena
and Dozer's songs! Great help!
Boomchish- Told me Cesar, pango, Olive, Huggy, Punchy, Eloise, Opal, Patty,
Cookie, alfonso, Boots, Portia, Olivia, Tybalt,and Chow's songs!
Marth11- told me Camofrogs, Kittys, lulus and Hugh's songs
DarkKnight42291- told me Bob, Chief, and Billy
KyGuy212- told me Ace, Buzz, Ursala, cousteau, and Maple's songs!
Loki 174- told me Peewee, Mitzi, Astrid, Puddles, Rasher, Claude, Huck, Kiki
and weber's songs
hjjf 304- gave review for K.K. Casbah, and K.K. Gumbo. Helped my with my FAQ
format as well as other things, thanks again!
Sergithecat- gave review for Comrade K.K. and K.K. Bossa
Hero Fly Chao- Gave review for K.K. Ragtime, K.K. Ska, and K.K. Crusin' and
also told me Freya, Carmen, and samson's songs, and also fixed Hector's song.
Kevin Cox- Gave review for K.K. Waltz and K.K. Aria
cf is best- told me lilys, twirps and pudges songs
MasterDBZ75- Told me Doc's song
smoky progg- Told me Bessie, coco, vesta, lucky, wolfgang, and limbergs song
Spenser- gave review for "only me"
Chaos emerald hunter- gave review for K.K. Salsa
Legolas6288- Gave review for K.K. Mambo
Lost Noodle- Gave review for K.K. Tango and K.K. Calypso
MrGone- Gave review for K.K. Ballad
I am a goat- funny name! told what song was in Sprocket's house
mario masta- told what song is in bob, teddy, ava, mint, hornsby, static,
kabuki, roald, peanut, Biff, Chico, and marcy's house
Lightning bolt- Told me Valiese, Piper, Baabara, hambo, peaches, and vladimir's
Olympis41- Told me Goldie's song.
CodeHunter64- Told me Friga's song, and Chief's real song.
SuppaMan- Told me Fang, Iggy, and Monique's songs.
Omega DragoonX- Told me Jane's song
max300- Told me Anchovies song.
Video_Gamer_Z- gave me my first E-mail about this guide and helped my with the
reviews for K.K. Chorale and K.K. Swing
Goldeneye3600- told me the song in Bitty, and Truffle's house
Evanbean7- told me bea, Freackles, hopper and ed's songs
Taurteen1988- told me spike, and tabby's songs
J9Pudge- told me Bones, admiral, Tabby, and penny's songs
Jack- Told me Bluebear louis, Tiara, Rosie, Tom, Tank, Pinky, Egbert, sydney,
rhoda and pecan's songs
Freez89- Told me Stinky's song
Thunderbird_L16- gave a good review for K.K. Technopop
Baseballstar2049- told what song was in Bill's house
Ness554- you did a lot! Thank you so much! Helped me with some reviews, told
me biskit, gabi, cleo, Lobo, Grizzly, Pierce, amelia, apollo, Goose, Rosie,
Woolio, Sally, and Liz's songs.
JGPiep888- Told me Belle, Tad, Tutu, dizzy, Rolf, Annicotti, Rex, and Nibbles
Flaid- Told me Joey's song
Chocobo2989- Told me Snakes, savannah, Wart JR and Sue E's songs
Nick- Told me leopold's, spork, twiggys, pierce, gonzo, Nate, carrie, Daisy
Lucy, Rizzo, Winnie and bertha's songs.
Devilmaycry11- told me auroras song
Chibi Tell- told me Pucks song
Khmeleon- told me egberts song
Jofers1- told me Alli's music
Sam States- told me Candi, Boris, Svens, and Hazel's song
Ferahgo320- gave me good idea for clearing up errors, told me Mallary, Elmer,
Kitt, Tangy, and Velma's songs
Alex Scott- told me Bunnies song
Cliff646- told me that DJ K.K. is a remix from an old NES game. also told me
about Cafe K.K., K.K. Country, K.K. Bossa, and Go K.K. Rider being in classic
Sproutling2000- said some more wierd things.
Crystalking52- told me octavian's song
Dian Wei- told me Groucho and Scoot's songs
Leebur90- Told me Stella, Jambette, and T bone's song
Lt. Commander Utopia- told me Hanks song
Cyberistic- told me Cupcake's song.
Hejji- told me Cyranos, Axels and rollos song
Audiozan- told me Rio's song
Spyguy101- told me about Bones' "brother" (which was later found to be false)
Calcated- told me Chuck's and Cheri's songs
ForestPixie619- told me Queenie's, and cleared up Bessie's song, and also gave
some good opinions for songs!
JdFalcon04- corrected me in the Senor K.K. song
HockeyDude- told me Zoe's song
Biskit_84- told me Ribbot's song
CLC- reminding me that K.K. Cruisin' was misspelled.
Hoffy315- told me Kody's music.
Mike- Told me Ellies music
SanchoKobe: Corrected me on Otis' and Paolo's songs and added that Tangy has an
apple TV.
Lynn: Confirmed Kody's music in his house.
Adam Boyle: Told me about the E-reader card for K.K. Ska.
Pas: Confirmed Ellie's music.
Saki Kuranoe: Confirmed Otis' music
Sausage: Told me Sandy's and Jay's music.
Riau: Told me of the origin of K.K. Slider's name.
Sam: Confirmed Egbert's song
Puka: Confirmed Bone's brother story.
Sherlock21: Confirmed Kody's music.
Discord: Added more info for the songs.
Estigia the Wizzrobe: E-mailed me and told me what the song K.K. Condor was
actually from.
Earthsun: Told me genji's song and Reminding me of the Kiddie stereo
Lovio: confirmed Murphy's song
and you- Reading this FAQ
Note: I am not responsible if you have typed a song in wrong, I have all songs
typed exactly as they are in the players guide <-- I messed that one up, didn't
Thanks for reading, and enjoy the songs!
(C) Copyright Cool mario 6446 (Steven Grant) 2004-2005

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