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100K HRA FAQ by Frank D

Version: 1.22 | Updated: 08/23/2003

   __       ____      ____    __            ___   ___   ______         _      
  |_ |     | __ |    | __ |  |  |          |   | |   | |   __ |       | |     
   | |    | |  | |  | |  | |  | |  ___      | |   | |   | |  | |     | _ |    
   | |    | |  | |  | |  | |  | | |  _|     | |___| |   | |  | |    | | | |   
   | |    | |  | |  | |  | |  | |_| |       |  ___  |   | |__| |    | |_| |   
   | |    | |  | |  | |  | |  |  _ |        | |   | |   |  __ |    |  ___  |  
  _| |_   | |__| |  | |__| |  | | | |_  _   | |   | |   | |  | |  |  |   |  | 
 |_____|   |____|    |____|  |__| |___|| | |___| |___| |___|  |_||____| |____|

                                 ANIMAL CROSSING
                                  Version 1.22

100,000 Point HRA FAQ By Frank D 
0.Table of contents
2.The HRA
3.House layouts
 d.The House layouts
4.Version History
So, you want to hit that 100,000-point mark, eh? Too lazy to make a layout for
yourself? Or are you just trying to find a start? You've come to the right
place! The whole purpose is so you can find a cheap, easy way too get the Manor
and House models, or show off your own layout. If you find a layout that 
doesn't hit the 100k mark, e-mail me. Sometmes I don't check them, sometimes I 
do, usually not. Oh, yeah, and this is my first FAQ, so if it sucks, give me a 
break. Oh, and if you're looking for a complete furniture list or Feng Shui 
stuff check a different FAQ. This is getting 100k with WHAT furniture not a FAQ
ABOUT furniture.
The HRA is a bunch of morons with little or no taste who tell you your house 
sucks. Nook asks you to join after your done working for him. The HRA's only 
purpose is to let you get the House and Manor model, and to improve your town's 
rating. Keep in mind, though, it has nothing to do with getting a perfect town. 
Also, whenever you set up your house a way you think looks good, its usually 
under 20k... so forget about your own style and conform to the HRA's standards.
They also don't grade your basement, but you should know that by now.
a. Tips
HRA, as I said, is full of tastless morons, or bad programing, take your pick. 
There are a few things they grade on: series, themes, sets, and feng shui.
You're going to need the maximum first floor. So, if you have both floors make 
your second floor a dedicated theme or set, and  your for first floor the 
opposite of the second floor, then throw in some mini-sets and a T-rex skeleton 
on the left side of the room, which adds 14,000 points... kinda nice. Regal 
furniture, backyard theme, harvest series, and construction themes are the 
HRA's favorites... keep that in mind. Gulliver pieces can be added also to get 
you additional points. Thats the best I can give you. If you want more go and 
read the HRA scoring guide. This isn't really tips, its an overall 100k guide!
b. Legend
You're not going to get 100,000 HRA points without the biggest house (ok, 
sometimes you can, sue me). Therefore there will be two floor maps. The top 
floor is 6x6 and the main is 8x8 so, I've split them up accordingly. The 
basement doesn't affect HRA, so it is not included.

  _ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
A|_|_|_|_|_|_|  G|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
B|_|_|_|_|_|_|  H|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
C|_|_|_|_|_|_|  I|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
D|_|_|_|_|_|_|  J|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
E|_|_|_|_|_|_|  K|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
F|_|_|_|_|_|_|  L|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
  1 2 3 4 5 6   M|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|
                  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

I'm going to use my house's second floor layout for an example. As you read 
through the guide, this is the format all the layouts will be in. (Minus 
commentary, unless it's important)

Frank                           <Person who made the layout>
Prontera                        <Person's town>
104,808                         <Points earned from layout>
11/11/02                        <date added to FAQ>

Backyard fence  (Wall2)         <you put backyardfence on your top floor wall>
Backyard lawn   (Floor2)        <you put Backyardlawn on your top floor floor>
Hammock	        (A1,B1)         <Hammock that occupies A1 and B1>
Bird bath       (A2)            <Birdbath on A2.>
Bird house      (A3)            <Birdhouse on A3.>
Bird feeder     (A4)            <Birdfeeder on A4.>
Backyard pool   (A5,A6,B5,B6)   <This one takes up 4 squares in the corner>
Orange box      (C1)            <Orange box on C1>
Tape deck       [C1]            <Brakets signifies it sits atop something else 
                                on the same square. A tapedeck on an orange box
                                both on C1.>
Picnic table    (C3,C4,D3,D4)   <Picnic table occupies 4 squares>
Matryoshka      (C5,D5)         <A Matryoshka on C5 ad D5>
Barbecue        (C6)            <its on C6.>
Lawn chair      (D1)            <Lawnchair on D1>
Bug zapper      (D6)            <you know what this means by now>
Pagoda	        (E1)            <another gulliver Item>
Mrs. Flamingo   (E5)            <A Mrs. Flamingo is there>
Mr. Flamingo    (E6)            <Mrs. Flamingo's spouse is there>
Sprinkler       (F1)            <Sprinkler is here>
Chinese lion    (F2)            <Gulliver item>
Chinese lioness (F5)            <Gulliver item>
Biwa lute       (F6)            <A Biwa Lute is there>
(nothing)       (xx)            <Any time you dont see a square listed, nothing
                                is there, so you can walk>

So that is how this guide is going to work. It takes quite a bit of time to 
write up, but hey, now, you can read this thing and get the models, which look 
very cool, by the way and you can turn the lights inside on or off... and, well
most of you people know that already. but, for those of you who dont have it..
Read on!

c. Awards
(Need Town name, Gamer's name, and a definite score, not a +/-)

Jason (jmtl on the GameFAQs boards)




You like your mario set, dont you?

I'll figure it out later.

layouts count       -25         <25! everybody dance!>
unknown score count -04
known layout score  -21
side note count     -93
pieces of furnature -?? I'll add it when i'm not lazy, or when i'm really bored

d. The House Layouts   (sorted by date added)


Backyard fence  (Wall2)		
Backyard lawn   (Floor2)		
Hammock	        (A1,B1)		
Bird bath       (A2)		
Bird house      (A3)		
Bird feeder     (A4)		
Backyard pool   (A5,A6,B5,B6)	
Orange box      (C1)		
Tape deck       [C1]		
Picnic table    (C3,C4,D3,D4)	
Matryoshka      (C5,D5)		
Barbecue        (C6)		
Lawn chair      (D1)		
Bug zapper      (D6)		
Pagoda          (E1)		
Mrs. Flamingo   (E5)		
Mr. Flamingo    (E6)		
Sprinkler       (F1)		
Chinese lion    (F2)		
Chinese lioness (F5)		
Biwa lute       (F6)
Spooky wall     (Wall1)
Spooky floor    (Floor1)
Spooky table    (G1,G2,H1,H2)
Babybear        [G1]
Jack-in-the-box [G2]
Cube clock      [H1]
CD Player       [H2]
Jack'olanturn   (G3)
Spooky chair    (H3)
Ranch dresser   (G4,G5)		
Ranch bookcase  (G6)
Ranch hutch     (G7)
Ranch wardrobe  (G8)
T-rex tail      (I1,I2,J1,J2)
T-rex torso     (K1,K2,L1,L2)
T-rex skull     (M1,M2,N1,N2)
N logo          (I3)
Rach tea-table  (I5,I6)
Compass         [I5]
Bottled ship    [I6]
Ranch bed       (I8,J8)
G logo          (J3)
Ranch couch     (J5,J6)
Ranch armchair  (K8)
Ranch chair     (L8)
Master sword    (K3)
Koopashell      (L3)            <See below.>
Starman         (M3)            <You can only get this with a code, see
                                the universal codes FAQ>
Manekin pis     (N3;N6)         <The ";" signifies there is another of the same
                                piece of furniture, but on a different square>
Ranch table     (M7,M8,N7,N8)
Birthday cake   [M7;M8;N7;N8]   <Birthday cakes are great for those last few
                                points; they are worth 1,000 each.>

100,000+ (Not sure)

Mortar Wall     (Wall2) 
Garden Path     (Floor2) 
Garden Pond     (A1,A2,B1,B2) 
Shrine Lantern  (A3;A4)  
Garden Pond     (A5,A6,B5,B6) 
Pond Lantern    (C1;C6) 
Deer Scare      (D2;D5) 
Tall Lantern    (E1;E6) 
Low Lantern     (F2;F5) 
Red Boombox     (F6) 

Modern Wall     (Wall1) 
Modern Tile     (Floor1) 
Modern Dresser  (G1) 
Modern Bed      (G2,G3) 
Modern Cabinet  (G4,G5) 
Hi-Fi Stereo    (H8,I8) 
Tokyo Tower     (I1) 
Modern Chair    (J1) 
Modern Sofa     (J4,K4) 
Modern Table    (J6,K6) 
Fishing Trophy  [J6] 
Modern Lamp     [K6] 
Red Sofa        (J8,K8) 
Pagoda          (K1) 
Modern End Table(L4) 
Bottled Ship    [L4] 
Red Armchair    (L8) 
Modern Desk     (L1,M1) 
Samurai Suit    (G7)            
Manor Model     (G8)            <You might want to switch that out XD> 
Modern Wardrobe (N1) 
Mario Trophy    (M7) 
Dracena         (M8) 
Luigi Trophy    (N7) 
Treasure Chest  (N8) 


Hyrule (accent over the e)

Tropical Vista  (Wall2) 
Lunar Landscape (Floor2) 
G Logo          (A1) 
Asteroid        (A2) 
Rocket          (A3,A4) 
Moon            (A5,A6,B5,B6) 
Spaceman Sam    (B1) 
Space Station   (C1,C2,D1,D2) 
Lunar Rover     (C3,D3) 
UFO             (C5,C6,D5,D6) 
Mouth of Truth  (E1,F1) 
Satellite       (E2,E3) 
Space Shuttle   (F2,F3) 
Lunar Lander    (E5,E6,F5,F6) 

Exotic Wall     (Wall1) 
Exotic Rug      (Floor1) 
Exotic End Table(G1) 
Mario Trophy    (G1) 
Modern Table    (G2,G3) 
Exotic Lamp     (G2) 
NESDonkeyKongjr (G3) 
Modern Table    (G4,G5) 
Tiger Bobblehead(G4) 
Maple Bonsai    (G5) 
Exotic Wardrobe (G6) 
Exotic Chest    (G7,G8) 
NES Soccer      (G7) 
Luigi Trophy    (G8) 
Yellow Baloon   (H1) 
Exotic Bench    (H2,I2) 
Treasure Chest  (H3) 
Exotic Table    (H4,H5) 
NES Wario's Wood(H4) 
Compass         (H5) 
Plum Bonsai     (H7) 
Exotic Screen   (H8,I8) 
Matryoshka      (I1,J1) 
NES Tennis      (I3) 
Exotic Bed      (I4,I5,J4,J5) 
Tulip Table     (I7) 
Bottled Ship    (I7) 
Plate Armor     (J2) 
NES Donkey Kong (J7) 
Gerbera         (J8) 
Sunflower       (K1) 
Pear Wardrobe   (K2) 
Pagoda          (K4) 
Exotic Chair    (K5) 
Exotic Bureau   (K7,L7) 
Birdcage        (K8) 
Tribal Mask     (L1) 
Pear Dresser    (L2) 
Hi-Fi Stereo    (L4,L5) 
Classic End Tabl(L8) 
Birthday Cake   (L8) 
Holly Bonsai    (M1) 
Jasmine Bonsai  (M2) 
Mugho Bonsai    (M7) 
Exotic Table    (M8,N8) 
Hawthorn Bonsai (M8) 
Samurai Suit    (N1) 
Pine Bonsai     (N2) 
Quince Bonsai   (N3) 
Ponderosa Bonsai(N5) 
Azalea Bonsai   (N6) 
Bromeliacae     (N7) 
Autumn Medal    (N8) 



cabin wall      (Wall 2)
cabin floor     (Floor 2)
cabin clock     (A1)
small drawres   (A2;A3)
cabin book case (A4,A5)
cabin bed       (A6,B6)
cabin armchair  (B1)
cabin chair     (C1)
cabin couch     (C5,C6)
low table       (D1,E1;D2,E2)
piggy bank      [E1]           <thats gonna be hard, so try something else>
baloon flight   [E2]
cabin table     (D5,D6)
donkey kong     [D5]
golf            [D6]
cabin wardrobe  (E5)
cabin armchair  (E6)
symbol          (F1,G1)
lugui trophy    (F2)
bonzi           (F5)            <I'm not sure what these are so you might
bonzi           (F6)            want to use something else>

spooky wall     (Wall 1)
spooky floor    (Floor 1)
spooky bed      (G1,H1)  
spooky vanity   (G2) 
spooky chair    (G3) 
spooky wardrobe (G4) 
spooky lamp     (G5) 
spooky clock    (G6) 
spooky dresser  (G7,G8) 
sunflower       (I1) 
mouth of truth  (I3) 
mega dingoid    (I6)  
spooky bookcase (I8) 
shogui peice    (J1) 
spooky couch    (J7,J8)  
spooky chair    (K1) 
nebloid         (K3) 
spooky table    (L1,M1,L2,M2) 
jack in the box (L1) 
baloon flight   (L2) 		
tissue 	        (M1)            <again, this is another hard one>
fishing trophy  (M2) 
mega ecoid      (L6) 
hinaningyo      (L7,M7,L8,M8) 
bonzi plant     (G3)  
jack o lantern  (G4)  
white boom box  (G6) 
draceana        (H1) 
mario trophy    (H2) 
calidius        (H3)  
pothos          (H6) 
small catus     (H7) 
draceana        (H8) 


100,000+ (eee... find out for me)
This is a first floor only

Harvest Wall    (Wall1)
Harvest Rug     (Floor1)
Harvest Clock   (G1) 
Donkey Kong 3   (G2)
Tennis          (G3) 
Golden Stereo   (G4,G5) 
Soccer          (G6) 
Harvest Lamp    (G8) 
Fishing Trophy  (H1) 
Harvest Chair   (H7)
Harvest Mirror  (H8)
Harvest Bed     (I1,J1)
Donkey Kong Jr  (I8)
Harvest Sofa    (J4,J5)
Harvest Dresser (J8,K8) 
Harvest TV      (L1)
Harvest Table   (L4,L5)
Birthday Cake   [L4]
Cornucopia      [L5] 
Market Model    (M1) 
Harvest Bureau  (M8) 
Tower of Pisa   (N1) 
Snowman         (N2)
House Model     (N3)           <replace!! REPLACE!!>
Arc De Triomphe (N6) 
Super Mushroom  (N7)           <Universal code again>
Lady Liberty    (N8) 


Greg (vid e 0 gamer on the GameFAQs boards)

Citrus Wall     (Wall2)
Citrus Carpet   (Floor2)
Arwing          (A1,A2,B1,B2)
Pineapple Bed   (A3,B3)
Pear Dresser    (A4)
Pear Wardrobe   (A5)
Grapefruit table(A6)
Bottled Ship    [A6]
Orange Chair    (B6)
Master Sword    (C1)
Jukebox         (C3)
Watermelon Chair(C6)
Lemon Table     (D1)
Fishing Trophy  [D1]
Watermelon Table(D5,D6,E5,E6)
Mario Trophy    [D5]
Luigi Trophy    [D6]
N Logo          [E5]
G Logo          [E6]
Lime Chair      (E1)
Toilet          (F1)
Melon Chair     (F6)
Ranch Wall      (Wall1)
Ranch Flooring  (Floor1)
Ranch Hutch     (G1)
Ranch Wardrobe  (G2)
Hi-Fi Stereo    (G3,G4)
Ranch Dresser   (G5,G6)
Big Festive Tree(G7,G8,H7,H8)
Festive Tree    (I1)
Ranch Couch     (J1,K1)
Ranch Tea Table (J3,K3)
Sunflowers      [J3]
Tea Set         [K3]
Ranch Chair     (J6)
Ranch Table     (J7,J8,K7,K8)
Cornucopia      [J7]
Tiger Bobblehead[J8]
Tissues         [K7]          <This is one of those hard ones.. replace>
Ranch Armchair  (L1)
Plate Armor     (M1)
Ranch Bed       (M7,M8)
Snowman         (N1)
Ranch Bookcase  (N8)


Neo Tokyo

Blue Tarp       (wall2)
Closed Road     (floor2)
StatueofLiberty (A1)
Blue Golf Bag   (A2)
White Golf Bag  (A3)
Fountain Model  (A4)
Green Golf Bag  (A5)
Manor Model     (A6)          <If you need this faq, you dont have that>       
Train Car Mode  (B1)
Market Model    (B3)
Katarina's Tent (B4)
Bottled Ship    (B6)
Rock Guitar     (C1)
Folk Guitar     (C3)
Howloid         (C4)
Grass Model     (C5)
Donkey Kong 3   (C6)
Country Guitar  (D1)
Reel-to-Reel    (D3)
Mini Howloid    (D4)
Wario's Woods   (D6)
White Golf Bag  (E1)
Dirt Model      (E5)
Baseball        (E6)
House Model     (F1)          <erm.... yeah.. replace>
Starman         (F5)          <universal codes FAQ anyone?>
Fishing Trophy  (F6)

Harvest Wall    (Wall1)
Harvest Rug     (Floor1)
Big Festive Tree(G1,G2,H1,H2)
Harvest Lamp    (G3)
Chinese Lioness (G4)
Chinese Lion    (G5)
Cornucopia      (G6,G7)
G-logo          (G8)
Harvest Bed     (H3,H4)
Harvest Dresser (H5,H6)
Howloid         (H8)
Mega Tootoid    (I1)
Harvest TV      (I2)
Soccer          (I7)
Mini Howloid    (I8)
Harvest Mirror  (J1)
Harvest Couch   (J2,K2)
Harvst Bureau   (J4)
Balloon Fight   (J5)
Donkey Kong JR  (J7)
Detour Arrow    (J8)
Water Bird      (K1)
NES             (K4)          
Harvest Chair   (K5,L2)
Clu Clu Land D  (K7)
Red Cone        (K8)
Harvest Clock   (L1)
Golden Stereo   (L4,L5)
Donkey Kong     (L7)
Mega Dekkoid    (L8)
DK JR Math      (M2)
Harvest Table   (M6, N6;M7,N7;N2,N3)
Clu Clu Land    (M6)
Ponderosa Bonsai(M7)
Samurai Suit    (N1)
Mugho Bonsai    (N2)
Organizer       (N3)
Pinball         (N6)
Pine Bonsai     (N7)
Master Sword    (N8)



spooky wall      (Wall2)
spooky carpet    (Floor2)
spooky dresser   (A1,A2) 
spooky sofa      (A3,A4) 
spooky lamp      (A5)
spooky wardrobe  (A6) 
spooky vanity    (C1) 
spooky table     (C3,C4,D3,D4) 
fishing trophy   [C3]
birthday cake    [C4] 
jack-in-the-box  [D3]
tiger bobblehead [D4]
spooky clock     (C6)
patched shirt    (D1)
spooky chair     (D6)
spooky lamp      (E6)
spooky bookcase  (F1)
jack-o'-lantern  (F2)
spooky bed       (F5,F6)

regal wall       (Wall1)
regal carpet     (Floor1)
regal armoire    (G1)
regal cupboard   (G2)
regal table      (G3,G4) 
miniature car    [G3] 
glow clock       [G4]
regal bookcase   (G5,G6) 
regal dresser    (G7) 
regal vanity     (G8) 
regal chair      (H8) 
regal lamp       (J1)
ivory piano      (J4,J5,K4,K5) 
gold stereo      (J8,K8) 
regal sofa       (K1,L1) 
tanabata palm    (L8) 
mega rustoid     (M1) 
mini rhythmoid   (N1)
white golf bag   (N2) 
bird feeder      (N3) 
regal lamp       (N6)
regal bed        (M7,M8,N7,N8) 


Another first floor only layout

Harvest Wall     (Wall1)
Harvest Rug      (Floor1)
Harvest Sofa     (G1, H1)
Cornucopia       (G2)
Harvest TV       (G3)
NES Balloon Fight(G4)
Harvest Clock    (G5)
Tokyo Tower      (G6)
Harvest Dresser  (G7, G8)
Harvest Bed      (I1, J1)
Harvest Lamp     (I3)
Mermaid Statue   (I4, I5)
Harvest Chair    (I6)
Manor Model      (I8)          <Get rid of it! NOW!>          
Harvest Table    (J3, K3)
Big Festive Tree (J4, J5)
Well Model       (J8)
Harvest Bureau   (K1)
Manekin Pis      (K6)
Katrina's Tent   (K8)
Harvest Vanity   (L1)
Police Model     (L8)
Red Vase         (M1)
House Model      (M8)          <you know the drill>
Draceana         (N1)
Jasmine Bonsai   (N2)
Weeping Fig      (N3)
Tall Cactus      (N6)
Robo-Stereo      (N7)
Fishing Trophy   (N8)


140,000+ (not sure, but more then 140k)

Tropical Vista   (Wall2)
Tropical Floor   (Floor2)
Hinangyo         (F1,F2,E1,E2)
DK Jr. Math      (D1)
Round Cactus     (C1)
Angler Trophy    (A2)
Luigi Trophy     (A1)
Mario Trophy     (B1)
Hi-Fi Stereo     (A3,A4)
N Logo           (B5)
G Logo           (A6)
Arwing           (F5,F6,E5,E6)
Cactus           (C6)
Tall Cactus      (D6)
Master Sword     (B6)
Golf             (C5)
Tennis           (D5)
House Model      (A5)           <BAD PAUL BAD!>

Blue Wall        (Wall1)
Blue Flooring    (Floor1)
Blue Table       (G1;J4;J5;K4;K5)
Nook's Portait   [G1]
Lovely Phone     (I1)           <this is a time cheat !Mothers day!>
Blue Bookcase    (J1)
Blue Bench       (K1,L1)
Hi-Fi Stereo     (M1,N1)
Blue Clock       (N8)
Super Tortimer   (M8)           <another time cheat !April Fools!>
Excitebike       (L8)
Wide Screen TV   (J8,K8)
Clu Clu Land     (I8)
Donkey Kong      (H8)
Manor Model      (G8)           <tsk,tsk,tsk, very bad paul>
Blue Bed         (G2,H2)
Blue Dresser     (G3)
Blue Bureau      (G4,G5)
Blue Wardrobe    (G6)
Blue Cabinet     (G7)
Blue Chair       (K2;J7)
Fan              (J2)
Donkey Kong 3    (N2)
Soccer           (N3)
Bottle Rocket    [K5]           <!Fireworks show!>
Birthday Cake    [J5]
Train Car Model  (L4)
Locomotive Model (L5)           <!Fathers day!>
Aerobics Radio:  [K4]


Desert vista     (wall 2)
Sandlot          (floor 2)
Regal Table      (A1, A2)
Toy Car          [A1]
Noisemaker       [A2]
Arwing           (A3, A4, B3, B4)
Hinaningyo       (A5, A6, B5, B6
Fishing Trophy   (B1)
Regal Sofa       (C1, D1)
Regal Lamp       (C4)
Regal Armoire    (C5)
Regal Dresser    (C6)
Soccer           (D2)
Dk Jr            (D5)
Black Queen      (D6)
Mini Nebuloid    (E1)
Golf             (E2)
Clu Clu Land     (E5)
Black Pawn       (E6)
Nubuloid         (F1)
Exitebike        (F2)
Robostereo       (F5)
White Pawn       (F6)
Harvest Wall     (Wall1)
Harvest Floor    (Wall 2)
Samurai Suit     (G1)
Master Sword     (G2)
Harvest Table    (G4,G5)
Conucopia        [G3]           <sp?>
Bottled Ship     [G4]
Harvest Clock    (G5)
Harvest Mirror   (G6)
Harvest Lamp     (G7)
Dracaena         (G8)
Harvest Sofa     (H1, I1)
CD player        (H4)
Harvest Bureau   (H8)
Harvest T.V.     (I8)
Harvest Chair    (J1)
Harvest Dresser  (J8, K8)
Harvest Bed      (K1, L1)
Hawthorn Bonsai  (K3)
Pine Bonsai      (L3)
Mugho Bonsai     (L6)
Grass Model      (L7)
Dirt Model       (L8)
Mega Tipanoid    (M1)
Mini Tipanoid    (M2)
Azalea Bonsai    (M3)
maple Bonsai     (M6)
Train Car Model  (M7)
Manor Model      (M8)           <he appologized, what a nice guy..>
N logo           (N1)
Plum Bonsai      (N2)
Quince Bonsai    (N3)
Holly Bonsai     (N6)
jasmine bonsai   (N7)
House Model      (N8)           <didn't appologize for this tho BAD DOUG>


Eric (VulcanXP on GameFAQs boards)

Harvest Wall     (Wall2)
Harvest Floor    (Floor2)
Harvest Dresser  (A1,A2)
Harvest TV       (A3)
Harvest Clock    (A4)
Harvest Bureau   (A5)
Harvest Mirror   (A6)
Harvest Bed      (C1,C2)
Harvest Chair    (C3)
Harvest Table    (C5,D5)
Harvest Sofa     (C6,D6)
Harvest Lamp     [C5]
Excitebike       [D5]
Luigi Trophy     (D1)
G Logo           (E1)
Mario Trophy     (F1)
CD Player        (D2)
Balloon Fight    (E2)
Clu Clu Land     (F2)
Tabanata Palm    (F4)
Soccer           (E6)

Jingle Wall      (Wall1)
Jingle Carpet    (Floor1)
Jingle Sofa      (G1,H1)
Jingle Clock     (I1)
Jingle Shelves   (J1)
Dracaena         (J2)
Jingle Table     (G3,G4,H3,H4)
Red Boombox      [G3]
Tissue           [G4]           <These are a pain.. i told you that>
Angler Trophy    [H3]
Fishing Trophy   [H4]
Jingle Clock     (G5)
Jingle Chair     (G6)
Jingle Dresser   (G8,H8)
Dolly            (J3)
Big Festive Tree (J4,J5,K4,K5)
Bottle Rocket    (J6)           <Meteor shower>
Bottled Ship     (K6)
Jingle Wardrobe  (I8)
Jingle Bed       (J8,K8)
Festive Tree     (L8)
Jingle Piano     (M8,N8)
Red Clock        (M6)
Starman          (L6)
Aerobics Radio   (L5)
Autumn Medal     (L4)           <!Autumn sports festival!>
Spring Medal     (M3)           <!Spring sports festival!>
Shop Model       (N4)           <!What holiday was this?!>
Market Model     (M4)
Manor Model      (N3)           <Always got the models...>
House Model      (N2)           <.....why!?!?!>
N Logo           (N1)
G Logo           (M1)
Pink Tree Model  (M2)           <!cherry blossom festival!>
Master Sword     (L1)
Miniature Car    (K1)
Arwing           (K2,K3,L2,L3)



NO WALL          (Wall2)
NO FLOOR         (Floor2)
Pine Chair       (A1)
Pear Wardrobe    (A2)
Pear Dresser     (A3)
Master Sword     (A4)
Arwing           (A5, A6, B5, B6)
Daffodil Table   (C1)
Balloon Fight    [C1]
Modern Table     (C3, C4)
Golf             [C3]
G Logo           (C6)
Daffodil Chair   (D1)
Pine Table       (D3, D4, E3, E4)
Clu Clu Land     [D3]
Donkey Kong      [D4]
Apple Clock      (E1)
Tennis           [E3]
DK Jr. MATH      [E4]
Froggy Chair     (E6)
Apple TV         (F1)
Lily Pad Table   (F6)
Excitebike       [F6]

NO WALL          (Wall1)
NO FLOOR         (Floor1)
Mama Bear        (G1)
Country Guitar   (G2)
Folk Guitar      (G3)
Rock Guitar      (G4)
Djimbe Drum      (G5)
Conga Drum       (G6)
Timpano Drum     (G7)
Baby Bear        (G8)
Office Desk      (H1, I1)
Bear Pole        (I4)
Eagle Pole       (I5)
Orange Chair     (I8)
Office Chair     (J1)
Frog Woman Pole  (J3)
Papa Bear        (J4, J5, K4, K5)
Raven Pole       (J6)
Lemon Table      (J8)
Office Locker    (K1)
Candy Machine    (K3)
Pop Machine      (K6)
Grapefruit Table (K8)
Red Boom Box     [K8]
Coffee Machine   (L4)
Soda Machine     (L5)
Lime Chair       (L8)
Writing Chair    (M1)
Writing Desk     (M2, N2)
Iris Chair       (N7)
Iris Table       (N8)
Globe            [N8]


120,000+ (without upstairs)

Desert Vista	 (Wall2)
Saharah's Desert (Floor2)
G Logo           (A1)
N Logo           (A2)
Apple Clock      (A3)
Treasure Chest   (A4)
Watermelon Table (A5,A6,B5,B6)
Fishing Trophy   [A5]
Angler Trophy    [A6]           <!Spring fishing contest!>
Mario Trophy     [B5]           
Luigi Trophy     [B6]
Folk Guitar      (B1)
Master Sword     (B2)
Apple TV         (B3)
Melon Chair      (B4)
Country Guitar   (C1)
Pear Dresser     (C2)
Watermelon Chair (C5)
Treasure Chest   (C6)
Rock Guitar      (D1)
Pear Wardrobe    (D2)
Robo-Stereo      (D5)
Robo-Clock       (D6)
Grapefruit Table (E1)
Piggy Bank       [E2]
Orange Chair     (E2)
Tissue           [E2]           <Hard to get dontyaknow>
Arwing           (E5,E6,F5,F6)
Lemon Table      (F1)
Lime Chair       (F2)

Harvest Wall     (Wall1)
Harvest Rug      (Floor1)
Manor Model      (G1)           <As if you want to hear it again>
Big Festive Tree (G2,G3,H2,H3)
Harvest Bureau	 (G4;G8;K8;N6)
Harvest Dresser  (G5,G6;J1,J2;L8,M8)
House Model      (H1)           <...... is houldn't have to say anything>
Harvest Bed      (H7,H8;I7,I8)
Harvest Table    (K1,K2;N7,N8)
Cornucopia       [K1]
Harvest Lamp     [K2]
Harvest Chair    (J7)           <Face south wall>
Harvest Mirror   (J8)
Harvest TV       (L1)
Harvest Clock    (L2)
Harvest Sofa     (N1,N2)
Festive Tree     (N3)
Autumn Medal     [N7]           <!Autumn sports festival!>
Spring Medal     [N8]           <!Spring sports festival!>



Basement Wall    (Wall2)
Basement Floor   (Floor2)
N Logo           (A1)
Draceana         (A2)
High-End Stereo  (A3, A4)
Lady Liberty     (A5)
Luigi Trophy     (A6)
Coffee Machine   (B1)
Pine Chair       (B2)
Pop Machine      (B6)
Pine Table       (C1, C2, D1, D2)
Arwing           (C3, C4, D3, D4)
Candy Machine    (E1)
Soda Machine     (E6)
Mario Trophy     (F1)
Master Sword     (F2)
Draceana         (F5)
G Logo           (F6)

Spooky Wall      (Wall1)
Spooky Floor     (Floor1)
Spooky Bed       (G1, H1)
Spooky Wardrobe  (G2)
Spooky Vanity    (G3)
Spooky Bookcase  (G4)
Spooky Dresser   (G6, H6)
Office Chair     (G7)
Office Desk      (G8, H8)
Luigi Trophy     (G8)
Jack-o-lantern   (H4)
Spooky Chair     (H7)
College Rule     (H8)
Spooky Clock     (I1)
Office Locker    (I8)
Spooky Table     (J6, J7, K6, K7)
Spooky Sofa      (J8, K8)
Apple TV         (K1)
Jack in the box  (K6)
Angler Trophy    (K7)
Apple Clock      (L1)
Spooky Lamp      (L8)
Daffodil Chair   (M1)
Iris Chair       (M2)
Tulip Chair      (M3)
Ponderosa Bonsai (M6)
Pine Bonsai      (M7)
Mugho Bonsai     (M8)
Daffodil Table   (N1)
Mario Trophy     (N1)
Iris Table       (N2)
Tulip Table      (N3)
Cactus           (N6)
Tall Cactus      (N7)
Round Cactus     (N8)



desert vista     (Wall2) 
saharah's desert (Floor2) 
daffodil chair   (A1) 
daffodil table   (A2) 
fire flower      [A2]            <Universal code> 
orange chair     (A3) 
iris table       (A4) 
starman          [A4]            <Universal code> 
iris chair       (A5) 
?block           (A6)            <Universal code>
super mushroom   [A6]            <Universal code>
lemon table      (B1) 
mama bear        [B1] 
watermelon table (B5,B6,C5,C6) 
fishing trophy   [B6] 
melon chair      (C1) 
pear wardrobe    (C3) 
chowder          [C6] 
cannon           [D1] 
pear dresser     (D3) 
apple tv         (D5) 
grapefruit table (D6) 
birthday cake    [D6] 
papa bear        (E1,E2,F1,F2) 
apple clock      (E2) 
froggy chair     (E5) 
watermelon chair (E6) 
lime chair       (F5) 
lily pad table   (F6) 
baby bear        [F6] 

exotic wall      (Wall1) 
exotic rug       (Floor1) 
exotic bureau    (G1,H1) 
blue vase        (G3) 
red vase         (G4) 
exotic chest     (G5,G6) 
compass          [G5] 
tea vase         [G6] 
exotic screen    (G7,G8) 
baseball         (H3) 
warios woods     (H4) 
robostereo       (H6) 
roboclock        (H7) 
pagoda           (H8) 
exotic end table (I1) 
exotic lamp      [I1] 
exotic bed       (J1,J2,K1,K2) 
chinese lion     (J8;N3) 
life ring        (K3) 
samurai suit     (K4) 
exotic end table (L1) 
exotic lamp      [L1] 
exotic chair     (L6) 
exotic table     (L7,L8) 
tissue           [L7]            <If you dont know already, its hard to get>      
noisemaker       [L8] 
exotic wardrobe  (M1) 
katrinas tent    (N1) 
mario trophy     (N2) 
chinese lion     (N3;J8) 
market model     (N6) 
exotic bench     (N7,N8) 


Second layout

Desert Vista	(Wall2)
Saharah's Desert(Floor2)
Arwing          (A1,A2,B1,B2)
Master Sword    (A4)
G Logo          [F1]
N Logo          [E1]
Grapefruit Table(E1)
Lemon Table     (F1)
Lime Chair      (F2)
Orange Chair    (E2)
Watermelon Table(A5,A6,B5,B6)
Melon Chair     (B4)
Watermelon Chair(C5)
Country Guitar  (D1)
Folk Guitar     (C1)
Rock Guitar     (C6)
Pear Dresser    (C2)
Pear Wardrobe   (D2)
Daffodil Table  (F6)
Daffodil Chair  (F5)
Iris Table      (E6)
Iris Chair      (E5)
Apple Clock     (A3)
Apple TV        (B3)
Robo-Clock      (D6)
Robo-Stereo     (D5)
Mario Trophy    [B5]
Luigi Trophy    [B6]
Angler Trophy   [A6]
Fishing Trophy  [A5]
Tissue          [F6]
Piggy Bank      [E6]

Harvest Wall    (Wall1)
Harvest Rug     (Floor1)
Festive Tree    (G1;G2;G3;G4;N3;N6;J3;K3;L3;J4;K4;L4;I6;J6)<too many! O.o>
Harvest Bureau  (H1;H2;H8;K8;M6)<the one at M6 face East wall>
Manor Model     (H3)            <...why....>
House Model     (H4)            <again>
Harvest Dresser (G5,G6;J1,J2;L8,M8)
Harvest Chair   (G7)            <Face south wall>
Harvest Mirror  (G8)            <Face Harvest Chair>
Harvest Bed     (I7,I8;J7,J8)
Harvest Table   (K1,K2;N7,N8)
Cornucopia      [K1]
Harvest Lamp    [K2]
Harvest TV      (L1)
Harvest Clock   (L2)
Harvest Sofa    (N1,N2)
Autuum Medal    [N7]
Spring Medal    [N8]



Sandlot Wall    (Wall2)
Block Flooring  (Floor2)        <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Flagpole        (A1)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Brick Block     (A2)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Fire Flower     (A2)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Pear Wardrobe   (A3)
Grapefruit Table(A4)
Starman         (A4)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Pear Dresser    (A5)
? Block         (A6)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Super Mushroom  (A6)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Apple TV        (C2)
Watermelon Table(C3, C4, D3, D4)
Chowder         (C3)
Noisemaker      (C4)
Melon Chair     (C5)
Koopa Shell     (C6)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Watermelon Chair(D2)
Baseball        (D3)
Tissue          (D4)
Lily-Pad Table  (D5)
Coin            (D6)
Green Pipe      (E5, E6, F5, F6)<Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Apple Clock     (F1)
Cannon          (F2)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Cannon          (F4)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>

Blue Wall       (Wall1)
Blue Flooring   (Floor1)
Blue Vase       (G1)
Blue Wardrobe   (G2)
Blue Golf Bag   (G3)
Blue Table      (G4)
Wario's Woods   (G4)
Refrigerator    (G5)
Retro Sterio    (G6, G7)
Plate Armor     (G8)
Mega Tympanoid  (H8)
Arwing          (I1, I2, J1, J2)
Mini Dinkoid    (I8)
Blue Clock      (J4)
Blue Bed        (J5, K5)
Blue Dresser    (J6)
Mini Quazoid    (J8)
Luigi Trophy    (K1)
Mario Trophy    (K4)
Mini Fizzoid    (K8)
Blue Chair      (L1)
Blue Bookcase   (L4)
Master Sword    (L5)
Blue Cabinet    (L6)
Bowtoid         (L8)
Blue Bureau     (N1, N2)
Mr. Flamingo    (N3)
Mrs. Flamingo   (N6)
Blue Bench      (N7, N8) 



Citrus wall     (Wall2)
Citrus floor    (Floor2)
Watermelon table(A1,A2,B1,B2)
Pear Dresser    (A3)
Pear Wardrobe   (A4)
Apple t.v.      (A5)
Apple clock     (A6)
Melon chair     (C1)
Tulip Table     (C6)
Watermelon chair(D1)
Lemon table     (D3)
Orange chair    (D4)
Tulip chair     (D6)
Mini Harmonoid  (E1)
Lily-Pad table  (E6)
Pineapple bed   (F1,F2)
Froggy chair    (F6)

Regal wall      (Wall1)
Regal floor     (Floor1)
Regal armoire   (G1)
Regal Cupboard  (G2)
Regal Table     (G3,G4)
Donkey Kong     [G3]
D.K. jr. Math   [G4]
Regal bookcase  (G5,G6)
Regal dresser   (G7)
Regal vanity    (G8)
Regal chair     (H8)
Super Toilet    (I1)
White pawn      (I8)
Regal lamp      (J1)
Ivory piano     (J4,J5,K4,K5)
Hi Fi Stereo    (J8,K8)
Regal Sofa      (K1,L1)
White pawn      (L8)
Regal Bed       (M7,M8,N7,N8)
Slim quazoid    (M1)
quazoid         (N1)
Tall quazoid    (N2)
Manor Model     (N3)            <Change!><thanks>
Regal lamp      (N6)



Gold Screen Wall(Wall 2)
Ornate Rug      (Floor 2)
Bass            (A1)            <Instrament>
Folk Guitar     (A2)
Cello           (A3)
Country Guitar  (A4)
Violin          (A5)
Rock Guitar     (A6)
Mario Trophy    (C1)
Luigi Trophy    (C6)
Arwing          (C3,C4,D3,D4)
Master Sword    (D1; D6)
Dracaena        (E1)
Hi-Fi Stereo    (E3, E4)
Spring Medal    (E6)
Fishing Trophy  (F1)
N Logo          (F2)
Chocolates      (F4)            <never heard of these>
G Logo          (F5)

Mushroom Mural  (Wall 1)        <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Block Flooring  (Floor 1)       <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Green Pipe      (G1,G2,H1,H2;G7,G8,H7,H8)<Universal/Nintendo Power code>
? Block         (G3;G6)         <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Brick Block     (G4;G5)         <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Coin            [G4;G5]         <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Flagpole        (I2;I7)         <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Red Sofa        (J1,K1;J8,K8)
Starman         (J4; J5)        <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Fire Flower     (K4; K5)        <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Super Mushroom  (L1; L8)        <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Cannon          (L3; L6)        <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Legend of Zelda (M1)            <I want this>
Super Mario Bros(M2)            <I want this>
Koopa Shell     (M3; M6)        <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Ice Climbers    (M7)            <I want this>
Punchout        (M8)            <I want this>


<this thing was ready when I got it from the e-mail. I love you april>

Citrus Wall     (Wall 2) 
Citrus Carpet   (Floor 2) 
Arwing          (A1,A2,B1,B2) 
Lemon Table     (A3) 
Pinball         [A3] 
Grapefruit Table(A4) 
Donkey Kong     [A4] 
Coffee Machine  (A5) 
N Logo          (A6) 
Orange Chair    (B3;B4) 
Candy Machine   (B6) 
Lemon Table     (C1) 
Tennis          [C1] 
Lime Chair      (C2) 
Orange Chair    (C5) 
Grapefruit Table(C6) 
Excitebike      [C6] 
Pop Machine     (D1) 
Soda Machine    (D6) 
Lemon Table     (E1) 
DK JR Math      [E1] 
Lime Chair      (E2;E5) 
Grapefruit Table(E6) 
Soccer          [E6] 
Master Sword    (F1) 
Mario Statue    (F2) 
Luigi Statue    (F5) 
G Logo          (F6) 

Backyard Fence  (Wall 1) 
Backyard Lawn   (Floor 1) 
Hammock         (G1,G2) 
Mrs. Flamingo   (G3;G5) 
Mr. Flamingo    (G4) 
Lawn Chair      (G6) 
Bug Zapper      (G7;H1) 
Tiki Torch      (G8) 
Picnic Table    (H7,H8,I7,I8) 
Lawn Mower      (I1) 
Sprinkler       (J1;K1;L8) 
Barbeque        (J8) 
Birdhouse       (L1) 
Backyard Pool   (M7,M8,N7,N8) 
Bird Bath       (N1) 
Bird Feeder     (N2) 
Garden Gnome    (N6)


One Floor 

Harvest Wall   (Wall1)
Harvest Rug    (Floor1)
Mermaid Statue (G1,H1) 
Harvest Sofa   (G3,G4) 
Harvest Sofa   (G6,G7) 
Orange Box     (G5) 
Scroll         [G5] 
Spring Medal   (G8) 
Harvest Bed    (I1,J1) 
Cornucopia     (K1) 
Harvest Mirror (L1) 
Mermaid Statue (M1,N1) 
Harvest Lamp   (N2) 
Harvest Clock  (N3) 
Harvest Chair  (L3) 
Dekkoid        (I3) 
Harvest Table  (I4,I5) 
Executive Toy  [I4] 
NES Pinball    [I5] 
Harvest Bureau (J4) 
Harvest TV     (K4) 
Harvest Table  (L4,L5) 
Clu Clu Land   [L4] 
Balloon Fight  [L5] 
Harvest Bed    (M4,M5) 
Red Snapper    (M7) 
Red Snapper    (M8) 
Red Snapper    (N7) 
Red Snapper    (N8) 
Barred Knifejaw(L7) 
Arowana        (L8) 
Radiator       (K8) 
Harvest Clock  (J8) 
Harvest Bureau (I8) 
Harvest Lamp   (H8) 
Master Sword   (I6) 
Harvest Dresser(J5,K5)



Office Wall    (Wall2)
Pine Table     (A1,A2,B1,B2)
G Logo         [A1]
N Logo         [A2]
Mama Bear      (C1)
Master Sword   (D1)
Cactus         (E1)
Tall Cactus    (F1)
Baby Bear      [B2]
Frog Woman Pole(C2)
Melon Chair    (D2)
Apple Tv       (E2)
Round Cactus   (F2)
Arwing         (A3,A4,B3,B4)
Apple Clock    (C3)
Lily Pad Table (D5)
Phonograph     [D5]
Froggie Chair  (D6)
Pine Chair     (C4)
Papa Bear      (A5,A6, B5,B6)
Raven Pole     (C5)
WatermelonTable(E5,E6, F5,F6)
Eagle Pole     (C6)
Bear Pole      (D6)
Excitebike     [E5]
Mugho Bonsai   [E6]
Donkey Kong    [F5]
Pine Bonsai    [F6]

Cabana Wall    (Wall1)
Cabana Floor   (Floor1)
Festive Tree   (G1) 
Harvest Table  (H1,I1)
Noise Maker    [H1]
Chowder        [I1]
Lady Liberty   (J1)
Cabana Lamp    (K1)
Snowboard      (L1)            <I think skiing is better, but OK>
Green Table    (M1,M2, N1, N2)
Compass        [M1]
Luigi Trophy   [N1]
Cabana Vanity  (G2)
Chinese Lioness(H2)
Cabana Screen  (I2,J2)
Harvest Clock  (K2)
Plate Armor    (L2)
Cornucopia     [M2]
Bottled Ship   [N2]
Flag Pole      (G3)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Tokyo Tower    (H3)
Matroyaska     (I3,J3)
Wide Screen Tv (K3, L3) 
Pagoda         (M3)
Snowman        (N3)
Spooky Bookcase(G4;G5)
Cabana Bookcase(H4,H5)
Brick Block    (I4)            <Universal/Nintendo Power code>
Tribal Mask    (J4)            <Where are all these cool items coming from?>
Glass Top Table(K4,L4)
Snow Bunnie    [K4]            <What set is this from? igloo?>
Clu Clu Land   [L4]
Cd Player      (M4)
Cabana Chair   (N4)
Cabana Wardrobe(I5)
Pear Dresser   (J5)
Pear Wardrobe  (K5)
Shogi Piece    (G6)
Cabana Dresser (H6)
Cabana Armchair(M6)
Lily Pad Table (N6)
DK Jr. Math    [N6]
Big FestiveTree(G7,G8, H7, H8)
Cabana Bed     (I7,J7)
Gold           [K7]            <Never knew about this>
Soccer         [L7]
Cabana Table   (M7,N7)
Crab Stew      [M7]
Dolly          [N7]
White Rook     (I8)
Fireplace      (J8,K8)
Jingle Shelves (L8)
Mermaid Statue (M8,N8)

Jason (jmtl on the GameFAQs boards)
402,271 <holy crap!>

Jingle Wall    (Wall2)
Jingle Carpet  (Floor2)
Office Desk    (A1,A2)
Blue Vase      [A1]
Red Vase       [A2]
Office Locker  (A3)
Office Chair   (A4)
Orange Chair   (A5)
Timpano Drum   (A6)
Aiko Figurine  (B1)
Yoko Figurine  (B2)
Keiko Figurine (B3)
Yuki Figurine  (B4)
Naomi Figurine (B5)
Emi Figurine   (B6)
Iris Chair     (C1)
Maki Figurine  (C2)
Pop Machine    (C3)
Soda Machine   (C4)
Raven Pole     (C5)
Djimbe Drum    (C6)
Daffodil Chair (D1)
Tulip Chair    (D2)
Candy Machine  (D3)
Coffee Machine (D4)
Frog Woman Pole(D5)
Conga Drum     (D6)
Lemon Table    (E1)
Tulip Table    (E2)
Tea Vase       [E2]
Iris Table     (E3)
Pine Bonsai    [E3]
Lime Chair     (E4)
Eagle Pole     (E5)
Mario Trophy   [E6]
Daffodil Table (F1)
Mugho Bonsai   [F1]
Froggy Chair   (F2)
Robo-stereo    (F3)
Robo-clock     (F4)
Bear Pole      (F5)
Lily-pad Table (F6)
Luigi Trophy   [F6]

Jingle Wall    (Wall1)
Jingle Carpet  (Floor1)
Emi Figurine   (G1)
Naomi Figurine (G2)
Yuki Figurine  (G3)
Keiko Figurine (G4)
Yoko Figurine  (G5)
Aiko Figurine  (G6)
Jingle Sofa    (G7,G8)
Orange Chair   (H1)
Frog Woman Pole(H2)
Eagle Pole     (H3)
Bear Pole      (H4)
Jingle Lamp    (H5)
Jingle Chair   (H6)
Jingle Dresser (H7,I7)
G Logo         [H8]
Iris Chair     (I1)
Raven Pole     (I2)
Djimbe Drum    (I3)
Pop Machine    (I4)
Soda Machine   (I5)
Conga Drum     (I6)
Jingle Shelves (I8)
Iris Table     (J1)
Red Vase       [J1]
Office Chair   (J2)
Office Locker  (J3)
Candy Machine  (J4)
Coffee Machine (J5)
Tulip Chair    (J6)
Jingle Piano   (J7,K7)
Jingle Wardrobe(J8)
Lemon Table    (K1)
N Logo         [K1]
Master Sword   (K2)
Violin         (K3)
Cello          (K4)
Bass           (K5)            <instrument>
Tulip Table    (K6)
Tea Vase       [K6]
Jingle Clock   (K8)
Maki Figurine  (L1)
Arwing         (L2,L3,M2,M3)
Daffodil Chair (L4)
Daffodil Table (L5)
Timpano Drum   (L6)
Jingle Table   (L7,L8,M7,M8)
Baseball       [L7]
Blue Vase      [L8]
Office Desk    (M1,N1)
Mario Trophy   [M1]
Cactus         (M4)
Froggy Chair   (M5)
Lily-pad Table (M6)
Mugho Bonsai   [M6]
Pine Bonsai    [M7]
Luigi Trophy   [N1]
Round Cactus   (N2)
Tall Cactus    (N3)
Robo-stereo    (N4)
Robo-clock     (N5)
Lime Chair     (N6)
Jingle Bed     (N7,N8)


modern wall     (Wall2)
modern tile     (Floor2)
modern desk     (A1,B1)
modern chair    (A2)
modern cabinet  (A3,A4)
modern dresser  (A5)
modern wardrobe (A6)
lady palm       (C1)
high-end stereo (C6,D6)
modern sofa     (D1,E1)
modern table    (D2,E2)
diary           [E2]            <Most layouts don't have these. good show>
rock guitar     (D4)
metatoid        (E6)
modern end table(F1)
modern lamp     [F1]
modern bed      (F5,F6)
backyard fence  (Wall1)
backyard lawn   (Floor1)
Mrs. Flamingo   (G1)
Mr. Flamingo    (G2)
birdhouse       (G4)
bird bath       (G5)
bird feeder     (G6)
hammock         (G8,H8)
backyard pool   (H1,H2,I1,I2)
white boom box  (H3)
biwa lute       (I8)
lawn chair      (J1)
barbeque        (J5)
sprinkler       (J8)
picnic table    (K1,K2,L1,L2)
lawn mower      (K8)
garden gnome    (L5)
manor model     (M8)            <And he was so close!>
bug zapper      (N1)
tiki torch      (N3;N6)
house model     (N8)            <And here it is again. you people...>


J.J.    (jbond008 on message boards)
Orange box      (
Harvest Wall    (wall2)
Harvest Rug     (floor2)
Harvest Table   (A1, A2)
Harvest Lamp    [A1]
Cornucopia      [B1]
Harvest Chair   (B2)
Wide Screen TV  (A3, A4)
Harvest Bureau  (A5)
Harvest Mirror  (A6)
Hi-Fi Stereo    (B1, C1)       
Apple Clock     (B6)
Harvest T.V.    (C6)
Blue Golf Bag   (D1)
Harvest Clock   (D2)
Harvest Sofa    (D3, D4)
Apple T.V.      (D6)
Green Golf Bag  (E1)
Harvest Dresser (E6, F6)
White Golf Bag  (F1)
Iris Chair      (F4)
Iris table      (F5)
Kiddie Wall     (Wall1)
Kiddie  Carpet  (Floor1)
Kiddie Wardrobe (G1)
Kiddie Bureau   (G2)
Mario Trophy    (G3)
Luigi Trophy    (G4)
N Logo          (G5)
G Logo          (G6)
Hinaningyo      (G7, G8, H7, H8)
Kiddie Clock    (H1)
Katrina's Tent  (I1)
Tree Model      (I8)
Kiddie Stereo   (J1, K1)
Kiddie Table    (J3, J4, K3, K4)
Ice Climber     [J3]
Tiger Bobblehead[J4]
Donkey Kong 3   [K3]
Clu Clu Land D  [K4]
Kiddie Couch    (J8, K8)
Kiddie Chair    (K5)
Kiddie Bookcase (L1)
Master Sword    (L8)
Kiddie Dresser  (M1, N1)
Arwing          (M7, M8, N7, N8)
Kiddie Bed      (N2, N3)
House Model     (N5)            <Keeping them hidden at the end huh?>
Manor Model     (N6)            <You cant hide from me! muahahahahaha!>


Did you hit 100k? Get more? Think you can do better? 
Send me your layout! 

Send it to: beanrpg@hotmail.com 

Put "100k HRA LAYOUT" in the subject line. If you type it out like I do, I'll 
be happy. If you don't, I won't be happy, and it might not even get put in, so,
please, do it right! (I lied, i always put them in)

v1.22 08/22/03
One new layout! Comon guys! send em in! i dotn care if they top 400k or not,
Just give me some! Its been 40 days, and 40 nights. i could have become a saint
in that time. And if you have a house/manor model, you can leave it in. i like
to make fun of you guys. 

v1.21 07/13/03
Oi, you guys can be slow to pick up on things. anyway, one new layout.
Nothing record breaking but hey, layouts a layout eh? keep em comin.

On a side note, i'm going down to california to meet a guy from the internet.

v1.20 06/26/03
I got grounded. For 5 months. so I have some layouts I need to add. A lot of
them. in fact 8 of them. go check them out. the standing and stats have been 
updated. soo.... send me more layouts, and check out the new ones. I'm out.

v1.17 01/29/03
New layout already. Thats handy. Anyway i finnally have my own website, go to 
it www.calihobo.tk It doesn't have any Animal crossing.. yet... it was started
only 4 days ago and me and Andy are lazy people. check up often, we have big 
plans. I'm home sick today so the comics section should go up tonight. long
update eh?

v1.16 01/28/03
Been a while hasn't it? sorry to everyone who submited scince the 13th, i was 
kinda neglecting my E-mail. anyway, they are all up(2). enjoy. 

v1.15 01/13/03
1 new layout. the guy forgot his walls and floors. lol.

v1.14 01/09/03
Ok 2 new layouts. i'm happy, but the more the merrier! remember this is kinda
like a contest the higher your score, the cooler you look. i think.

v1.13 01/03/03
Nothing new, just some stuff on the bonzi issue. (see "contact")
NOT A SINGLE NEW LAYOUT IN 11 DAYS! COMON PEOPLE!! i know your scoreing out 
there! remember, telling me "harvest set and 10 gyroids" is NOT A LAYOUT
IT WILL NOT GET POSTED! send them in the right way! please!


v1.12 12/22/02
1 new layout.


v1.11 12/16/02
3 new layouts... rememeber if you send one, it gets put up the day I read it

v1.10 12/04/02
I just found out that my faq was put up ion game faqs. so I added 2 layouts
and fixed some bugs. wow. i'm so pumped right now. lol. i feel special.
I also can't belive i didn't put "animal crossing" in here anywhere. I'm dumb
aren't I?

v1.00 11/13/02
I got the last freaking one I needed!!! I made a FAQ in 3 days. wow.
oh, and then I found out you cant use TAB. I'm gonna kick andy in the shins for

v0.7 11/12/02
went to IGN boards and asked for layouts.. needed more then just mine ya know
after I have 4 it'll be ready to go
total layouts earned today: 2
I say earned because I'm giving out funature for them XD

v0.5 11/11/02
Decided to make a faq, because I couldn't find one for getting 100k so I made
one I have a grand total of 1 layout. could really use some layouts.
Nintendo, because they made the game
Andy, for fixing my horrid spelling and being my editor
Cloud68 and FunkyWaltDogg of the IGN boards giving me my first two 100k layouts
and to oshea for giving me the last one allowing me to submit this hunk 'o junk
And Gamefaqs for letting me use theire disclamers
The several people who told me that you can infact, break 100k on the first 
floor, Mainly with harvest set. remember if you want to tell me i'm wrong,
send a layout too. makes me happy ^^.
-Got a layout? 
-Found something wrong? 
-Tested a score? 
-Thought of an award?
-Found out what a "Bonzi" is? general consensus tells me that its probably 
 "bonsai" but, wouldn't they have put "pine" or something before it?

E-MAIL: beanrpg@hotmail.com
MSN:    beanrpg@hotmail.com
AIM:    Paratroopa74

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Sites authorized to host FAQ:
http://www.gamefaqs.com <your game FAQ source>
http://www.ign.com      <hey, they're big>
http://www.lunabean.com <go there, its cool, tell them "PT" sent you>
(C)2002 Frank D

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