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E-Reader FAQ by SBAllen

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 12/17/2002

Animal Crossing E-Reader FAQ
v.1.3 by Allen "Sailor Bacon" Tyner
17 December 2002



This FAQ Copyright (c)2002 Allen "Sailor Bacon" Tyner. This FAQ cannot be sold
under any circumstances, nor can it be displayed alongside ads. This FAQ cannot
be altered under any circumstances. No portions of this FAQ can be used without
the consent of Allen "Sailor Bacon" Tyner. Do not bother asking to host this
FAQ on your site because the answer will be no. This FAQ should only be found
on GameFAQs. If it is found elsewhere, it was posted without permission.

The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at: 

Revision History

v.1.3  Completed the series one Card Checklist
       Added extra information about sending codes to person on card
       Fixed some typos
v.1.2  Added a lot more series one cards to the Card Checklist
       Created an E-Reader card trading email group
v.1.1  Added more series one cards to the Card Checklist
v.1.0  Um... everything.

Table of Contents

-How to Use the E-Reader
 -Necessary Equipment
 -Put It All Together
 -Prepping the E-Reader
 -Scanning a card
-Types of Cards
 -Character Cards
 -Design Cards
 -Town Tune Cards
-Card Trading
-Card Checklist
 -Series One
-Contact Info
-Final Words

How to Use the E-Reader

-Necessary Equipment: In order to use the E-Reader, you will need all of the
 -Gamecube and Animal Crossing CD (duh...)
 -Gameboy Advance
 -Gameboy Advance to Gamecube connector
 -At least one Animal Crossing E-Reader card. ONLY Animal Crossing E-Reader
  cards work with Animal Crossing. Makes sense, right?

You should be able to get all of the above mentioned items from any gaming
store or even your local Wal-Mart or similiar store. Animal Crossing E-Reader
cards are pretty difficult to find, however. I would suggest that you try your
luck on eBay if you really want to piece together a complete set. You'll 
probably pay a lot that way, but at $3 for 5 cards (and you're going to get a
lot of repeats) you're going to be paying a lot anyways.

-Put It All Together: The next thing you need to do is connect all your goodies
together. The E-Reader slides into the Gameboy Advance cartridge slot. If you
have any of those newfangled light screens or any other GBA toys, you'll have
to remove them to use the E-Reader. If the E-Reader is properly inserted into
the GBA, the little connector on the front should fit into the hole in the
top of the GBA as well. 

Next you want to connect your GBA to your Gamecube. The connector fits into the
very top of your E-Reader. Plug the other end into the controller 2 slot of the
Gamecube and your GBA and Gamecube should be able to talk to one another. At
this point your GBA looks like some kind of freakish monster, but that's okay!

You're in business now. Just boot up your Animal Crossing game and you're good
to go.

-Prepping the E-Reader: In order to use the E-Reader, you must first prepare it
to speak with the Gamecube. To do so, turn on your GBA with the E-Reader
attached to it. On the title screen, press the A Button to bring up the main
menu. Don't be frightened by the magical talking voice! Select "Communication"
from this menu. Next, select "To Nintendo GameCube". Make sure your GBA and
your Gamecube are connected and then press the A Button. Your GBA will then
display "-Connecting-" and will wait for the proper signal from the Gamecube.

Now you want to go to any of the following locations in your Animal Crossing
game: the Post Office, the town tune bulletin board (by the Post Office), or
the Able Sister's Tailor Shop. Bring up the E-Reader menu in the location of
your choice and choose "Prep e-Reader". Ensure that your GBA is awaiting the
signal from the Gamecube and then keep pressing the A Button until your
Gamecube starts talking to your GBA. This will take a little less than a minute
to complete. After the first time, you won't need to prep the E-Reader again
until you turn off your GBA. Now it's scanning time!

-Scanning a Card: Depending to the type of card you wish to scan (see Types of
Cards section below), go to the appropiate place and you will be prompted to
scan a card. If you look at your card you will see a bar on one side. This is
the bar that you are wanting to scan. You want to slide the card through the
E-Reader much like a credit card. Hold the card firmly and slide it through in
a fluid motion. It's easiest to slide it somewhat slowly. If you slide it too
quickly, it probably won't read correctly. Just use a nice graceful motion and
you should be okay. I always leave my GBA laying on my desk when I do this and
just slide the card through horizontally. Whatever method you choose, if you
get the card to read properly you will get your special reward, whatever that
may be. You may do this process for as many cards as you want to in any given
play session.

Types of Cards

There are three basic types of cards that you can get for use with Animal
Crossing. These are as follows.

-Character Cards: Character Cards have a picture of one of the characters in
the game on the front and some information about that character on the back.
Along with this information there is also the E-Reader bar and a code similiar
to the ones given by the game when you trade items with friends.

To use Character Cards, you first want to go to the Post Office to use the
E-Reader Transfer Machine. Make sure to prep the reader (see the How to Use the
E-Reader section above) and then choose to scan a card. Slide your card through
the E-Reader when prompted and a letter will be mailed to your home. This
letter will be from the character on the card and will have an item attached to

To get the second item, you must use the code written on the back of the card.
Write a letter to any member of your town (they don't have to be the character
pictured on the card) and write exactly the following:
(Key symbol)(return character)
(First line of code)(return character)
(Second line of code)
The code must be entered EXACTLY as it appears on the card. Be wary of letters
and numbers that look alike (ie, lower-case L and capital i). If you typed
everything in correctly, in a few days after mailing the letter you should
receive a reply written by the character on the card. This letter will have the
second item attached to it. Do NOT email me asking for the codes. Nintendo of
America very politely asks for people not to give out these codes if they
haven't bought any E-Reader cards, so I'm not giving the codes out. There are
other FAQs without morals where you can get the codes if you really want to.

To get a third item, you must use the code written on the back of the card.
This time, send it to the person pictured on the card. You should get another
different item in the mail from them.

-Design Cards: Design cards have a picture of a character wearing a unique
design on a shirt and an umbrella. To gain access to this pattern, you need to
go to the Able Sister's Tailor Shop. Talk to Mable Able and in the first set
of options choose "Other things". From there, if you have already prepped the
E-Reader (see How to Use the E-Reader section above) choose "Read card". Slide
your card through the E-Reader when prompted and you'll get the special pattern
to do with as you please.

-Town Tune Cards: These cards have a unique image of K.K. Slider on the front
and the notes for a town tune on the back. These tunes correspond to specific
K.K. Slider songs. To use these cards, go to the town tune bulletin board 
(beside the Post Office) and after reading the board, press R to bring up the
E-Reader menu. From here you can prep the E-Reader (see How to Use the E-Reader
section above) and scan a card. Once you scan the card, the town tune will
change to the tune on the back of the card. Even without an E-Reader, you can
manually type in these themes if you really want them. Do NOT email me asking
for the notes to these themes because I will ignore you.

Card Trading

Are you a few cards short of that complete set? Do you have a favourite
character and you can't seem to get his or her card from packs? Are you tired
of having all those duplicates laying around the house? Well, here's a group
for you! This is a Yahoo! Group where people I created where people can get
together and trade cards. If you want to join, just go to the URL below. More
information can be found there. Enjoy trading!


Card Checklist

Below you can find a checklist of the cards currently available for use with
the E-Reader and Animal Crossing (that I currently own). 

Series One:

Name: K.K. Slider
Type: Male Dog
Sign: Virgo
Profile: While his real name is Totakeke, this canine hepcat goes by the stage
name K.K. Slider. He belts out tunes and doles out music every Saturday night
at 8:00 in front of the train station.
Scan: Folk Guitar
Code: Orange Box

Name: Rover
Type: Male Cat
Sign: Aquarius
Profile: Rover is what you'd call a high-class hobo. He and his cell phone ride
the rails from town to town, which explains why he's so well connected. He's
happiest when he's sticking his nose in other people's business.
Scan: Covered Wagon
Code: Globe

Name: Porter
Type: Male Monkey
Sign: Aries
Profile: Despite being stuck at the station rain or shine, Porter always seems
to be in a chipper mood. Rumor has it that he and his brother, the train's
engineer, switch places sometimes!
Scan: Train Set
Code: Track Model

Name: Tom Nook
Type: Male Raccoon
Sign: Gemini
Profile: Tom Nook fancies himself to be quite the financial genius. He owns the
town store and dabbles in real estate. He'll cut you a deal on your first home,
but you'll owe him, and he won't let you forget it.
Scan: Tape Deck
Code: Work Uniform

Name: Tortimer
Type: Male Turtle
Sign: Capricorn
Profile: Even in turtle years, Tortimer is pretty old. However old he may be,
he's still a great mayor. He makes it to all the town events, and he loves his
main duty as mayor, handing out gifts to the villagers.
Scan: Plum Bonsai
Code: Chess Table

Name: Mr. Resetti
Type: Male Mole
Sign: Aries
Profile: Mr. Resetti's a digging machine with a nose for cheaters! With his
surly attitude and flailing pickax, he keeps villagers on the level. Under his
gruff exterior lies a family mole, dedicated to his brother Don.
Scan: Steam Roller
Code: Jackhammer

Name: Blathers
Type: Male Owl
Sign: Libra
Profile: As museum curator, this night owl fills his brain with fascinating
facts. Just be prepared for a lecture whenever you talk to him. He'd be a great
game-show contestant if he could just stay awake.
Scan: Owl Clock
Code: Ranch Dresser

Name: Sable Able
Type: Female Hedgehog
Sign: Libra
Profile: Sable is the hardworking half of the Able Sisters Tailor Shop. She may
be absorbed in her stitching, but a little effort on your part might actually
weave a heartwarming friendship.
Scan: Sunflower
Code: Sewing Machine

Name: Mabel Able
Type: Female Hedgehog
Sign: Gemini
Profile: While she hasn't inherited her sister Sable's sewing skills, Mabel 
does have a keen fashion sense, and she helps keep the Able Sister's clothing
line at the forefront of fashion.
Scan: Gerbera
Code: Ranch Wardrobe

Name: Kapp'n
Type: Male Turtle
Sign: Cancer
Profile: Even though he acts like an old man, Kapp'n is still just a young sea
turtle. He's a little rough around the edges, but he's got a good heart, and 
he'll sing a sea shanty for anyone who asks. (Even if they don't!)
Scan: Letter Cubby
Code: Flip-top Desk

Name: Bob
Type: Male Cat
Sign: Capricorn
Clothes: Blossom Shirt
Pet Phrase: pthhpth
Profile: Everyone loves Bob's laid-back attitude, in spite of is nasty habit of
spitting whenever he speaks. Ever wonder why he sleeps so late? It's because
he's up all night playing video games. Can you blame him?
Scan: Kiddie Clock
Code: G Logo

Name: Mitzi
Type: Female Cat
Sign: Libra
Clothes: Patchwork Top
Pet Phrase: mew
Profile: Mitzi is very courteous and polite for a cat. That must be why
everyone gets along with her so well. Watch out once you get her talking,
though. When she speaks her mind, you don't want to be standing too close.
Scan: Blue Bed
Code: Cabana Bookcase

Name: Punchy
Type: Male Cat
Sign: Aries
Clothes: Cherry Shirt
Pet Phrase: mrmpht
Profile: What do you call a cat who goes hog-wild without warning? Punchy! Be
wary whenever he's around. You never know when he might turn claws on you or
surprise you with a cat punch!
Scan: Blue Table
Code: Tumbleweed

Name: Ankha
Type: Female Cat
Sign: Virgo
Clothes: Red Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: me meow
Profile: Ankha's face shines with beauty and the sparkle of youth, but she
claims she was a cat in Cleopatra's court. That would make her 3,000 years old!
How many years do nine lives make?
Scan: Ivory Piano
Code: Regal Dresser

Name: Paolo
Type: Male Elephant
Sign: Taurus
Clothes: Cherry Shirt
Pet Phrase: pal
Profile: Paolo is real...pally. While he can be a little spacey, he's a pretty
good guy for a pink elephant. Although, he does have the bad habit of dozing
off at the most awkward moments. Watch out!
Scan: Hamster Cage
Code: Elephant Slide

Name: Teddy
Type: Male Bear
Sign: Libra
Clothes: Club Shirt
Pet Phrase: grooof
Profile: Teddy is obsessed with his health and fitness. He truly believes that
if everyone would just play sports, the world would be a peaceful place. That's
probably because he's never met a sore loser before.
Scan: Ebony Piano
Code: Writing Desk

Name: Portia
Type: Female Dog
Sign: Scorpio
Clothes: Polar Fleece
Pet Phrase: ruffian
Profile: It's not easy dealing with a bossy older sister, but Portia was an
only pup and never had the chance to pick on a younger brother. That doesn't
make it right. But it does explain some things.
Scan: White Knight
Code: Regal Vanity

Name: Peanut
Type: Female Chipmunk
Sign: Gemini
Clothes: Beatnik Shirt
Pet Phrase: slacker
Profile: Peanut is pretty popular with the general populace. How could anyone
not like a chipmunk? And a pink one at that! Add in her cheery attitude and the
fact that she's cute as a button, and you'll adore her, too!
Scan: Dice Stereo
Code: Stove

Name: Bliss
Type: Female Chipmunk
Sign: Cancer
Clothes: Red Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: hulaaaa
Profile: There's nothing wrong with trying to be at one with nature as long as
you can actually handle it. Unfortunately, it seems a little beyond Bliss, but
she's always been a little out there...
Scan: Cabana Chair
Code: Weeping Fig

Name: Bunnie
Type: Female Rabbit
Sign: Taurus
Clothes: Flicker Shirt
Pet Phrase: tee-hee
Profile: Mention Bunnie's name to anyone who knows her and you'll get nothing
but good vibes in return. It's amazing how far a sparkle in your eye and a
smile on your face can get you these days.
Scan: Lovely Stereo
Code: Papa Bear

Name: O'Hare
Type: Male Rabbit
Sign: Virgo
Clothes: Blue Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: amigo
Profile: When it comes to talking about himself, O'Hare is all ears. ...Meaning
he's always happy to listen to youtalk about how cool he looks. Maybe the
island sun has fried his senses, too.
Scan: Computer
Code: Gold Stereo

Name: Bill
Type: Male Duck
Sign: Aquarius
Clothes: No. 2 Shirt
Pet Phrase: quacko
Profile: If you're into football, you'll like Bill. He never stops quackin'.
He's strange that way, but he's got a lot of team spirit. Just don't call him 
quacko, or you'll never hear the end of it.
Scan: Exotic Lamp
Code: Birdcage

Name: Joey
Type: Male Duck
Sign: Capricorn
Clothes: No. 3 Shirt
Pet Phrase: bleeeeeck
Profile: Joey seems to like life in the backyard. In fact, he likes it so much,
his whole louse looks like it's outdoors. Run through the sprinkler, relax in
the hammock, then grill up some food on the BBQ!
Scan: Backyard Pool
Code: Sprinkler

Name: Maelle
Type: Female Duck
Sign: Aries
Clothes: Red Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: duckling
Profile: Maelle is one of those rare birds who can do no wrong. No matter how
bossy she may seem, you can't help but forgive her. It must be the way she
wears that flower in her hair - you can't help but adore it.
Scan: Classic Hutch
Code: Classic Sofa

Name: Biff
Type: Male Hippo
Sign: Taurus
Clothes: Jagged Shirt
Pet Phrase: squirt
Profie: Biff comes across as a typical jock. True, he is a thick-headed
powerhouse who likes to call people "squirt," but once you get to know him,
you'll find that he's a NICE thick-headed powerhouse.
Scan: Green Dresser
Code: Folk Guitar

Name: Lobo
Type: Male Wolf
Sign: Scorpio
Clothes: Checkered Shirt
Pet Phrase: ah-rooooo
Profile: Just because Lobo is a gruff wolf doesn't make him a bad dog. The fact
of the matter is, his bark is much worse than his bite. And he's scared of
bugs. Don't tell him you know, though. It would be embarrassing.
Scan: Cabin Chair
Code: Globe

Name: Rasher
Type: Male Pig
Sign: Aries
Clothes: Fortune Shirt
Pet Phrase: swine
Profile: Rasher's one scary pig. It's not that he's a bad guy... He just speaks
without thinking. A lot. Sure, he's honest, but that's not always a good thing.
He's a messy eater, by the way.
Scan: Wide-Screen TV
Code: White Golf Bag

Name: Pigleg
Type: Male Pig
Sign: Leo
Clothes: Blue Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: arrrnk
Profile: Rumor has it that Pigleg used to sail the seven seas. This swarthy sea
hog sports an eyepatch that hides a dark secret... That there's nothing at all
wrong with his eyes.
Scan: Pop Machine
Code: Fan

Name: Rhoda
Type: Female Hen
Sign: Aries
Clothes: Red Tie-Dye
Pet Phrase: clucky
Profile: Rhoda feels that she is the only well-bred hen in the hen house, which
explains her snooty attitude. You'd better not comment on her flashy clothes,
or you'll really get her feathers in a ruffle.
Scan: Dice Stereo
Code: Regal Vanity
Self: Clu Clu Land

Name: Plucky
Type: Female Chicken
Sign: Libra
Clothes: Red Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: chicky poo
Profile: Plucky is the kind of chicken who KNOWS she's always right. That's why
she never listens to anything anyone tells her. After all, there's no point in
listening to someone you know is totally WRONG.
Scan: Cabin Dresser
Code: Cabin Couch

Name: Tad
Type: Male Frog
Sign: Leo
Clothes: one-ball shirt
Pet Phrase: sluuuurp
Profile: You'll never meet a more graceful athlete than Tad. Maybe it's because
he's a frog, but nobody can outjump him, that's for sure. Oddly enough no one
ever seems to recall seeing Tad working out...
Scan: Lily-pad Table
Code: Froggy Chair
Self: Clu Clu Land

Name: Drift
Type: Male Frog
Sign: Libra
Clothes: Blue Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: brah
Profile: Drift is a colorful guy who always has a smile on his face. It must be
all that tropical surf and sun that keeps this frog happy as a clam, because
nothing ever gets him down.
Scan: Coffee Machine
Code: Watering Trough

Name: Chevre
Type: Female Goat
Sign: Pisces
Clothes: Natty Shirt
Pet Phrase: la baa
Profile: Chevre takes things seriously. One look in her eyes, and you might
think she takes things a little TOO seriously. Don't let her get your goat,
though. She likes to have fun. As long as it's SERIOUS fun.
Scan: Mama Bear
Code: Papa Bear

Name: Bangle
Type: Female Tiger
Sign: Virgo
Clothes: Pop Bloom Shirt
Pet Phrase: growf
Profile: Bangle is obsessed with the latest trends. If it's not Gracie's
fashions, it's just not fashionable! She roams far and wide in search of the
hottest new look, sometimes even as far as the town dump!
Scan: Round Cactus
Code: Kitschy Clock

Name: Rowan
Type: Male Tiger
Sign: Virgo
Clothes: Blue Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: mango
Profile: Rowan was once the coolest cat on the block, but coolness comes and
coolness goes, and now this middle-aged tiger spends his days alone on a 
deserted island, reminiscing on days gone by.
Scan: Flowery Painting
Code: Cabin Table

Name: Buck
Type: Male Horse
Sign: Aries
Clothes: Eight-Ball Shirt
Pet Phrase: pardner
Profile: Buck is a competitor through and through, which is why he hates
losing. It drives him totally nuts. You really don't want to be around him when
he loses. There's a reason people call him "Buck," you know.
Scan: Phonograph
Code: Exotic Chest

Name: Bluebear
Type: Female Bear
Sign: Cancer
Clothes: Lemon Gingham
Pet Phrase: peach
Profile: Most bears tend to get kind of sluggish and sleepy as the weather
cools, but not Bluebear. She's full of energy all year long. She may seem a bit
pushy, but that's just one of her many charms.
Scan: Blue Bed
Code: Rock Guitar

Name: June
Type: Female Bear
Sign: Gemini
Clothes: Red Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: rainbow
Profile: June is a stargazer who lives in a perpetual dreamland. Just like her
tropical island, the world inside her head is filled with flitting butterflies
and blossoming flowers.
Scan: Wide-Screen TV
Code: Daffodil Chair

Name: Cheri
Type: Female Bear
Sign: Pisces
Clothes: Yellow Bar Shirt
Pet Phrase: tralala
Profile: Cheri likes things her own way. She can even be a little pushy, but
whether it's her attitude or her expression, she's often mistaken for a boy.
But she thinks she's pretty, and that's all that matters.
Scan: Retro Stereo
Code: Bear Pole

Name: Apollo
Type: Male Eagle
Sign: Cancer
Clothes: Zipper Shirt
Pet Phrase: pah
Profile: He may look scary, and he's a bit mean when you talk to him, but
Apollo's not as bad as he seems. He's like a loud-mouthed older brother, but
even more annoying. Oh, and don't ever call him a mooch.
Scan: Hi-Fi Stereo
Self: DK Jr MATH

Name: Cube
Type: Male Penguin
Sign: Aquarius
Clothes: G Logo Shirt
Pet Phrase: d-d-dude
Profile: What you see is what you get with Cube. Some people worry about him
because he's so spacey, but he couldn't really care less. He's totally at
peace with who he is. Just don't call him a square.
Scan: Robo-Stereo
Code: Daffodil Chair

Name: Flash
Type: Male Bird
Sign: Gemini
Pet Phrase: babe
Profile: Flash dreams of an eternal summer. When he welcomes you to his island
paradise, you'll be taken in by all his smooth talk. Relaxing, swimming,
surfing... Actually, it does sound like the perfect life!
Scan: Hi-Fi Stereo
Code: Blue Bench

Name: Yodel
Type: Male Ape
Sign: Sagittarius
Clothes: Blue Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: odelay
Profile: Yodel may enjoy life on a tropical island, but his one true passion in
life is mountain climbing. He was so depressed by all the garbage people left
in the mountains that he had to leave. Please don't litter!
Scan: Weight Bench
Code: Boxing Mat

Name: Faith
Type: Female Koala
Sign: Aries
Clothes: Red Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: aloha
Profile: On Faith's island paradise, dreams take center stage. Faith is the
star, and you are all just members of the supporting cast. Trees, flowers,
waves, and everything else are all just part of the set.
Scan: Elephant Slide
Code: Executive Toy

Name: Bud
Type: Male Lion
Sign: Leo
Clothes: Blue Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: dood
Profile: Bud used to live in town. He had to move, because he was so laid-back
he made the other animals look like workaholics. He has a keen eye, though, and
he isn't afraid to speak his mind. His main interest? Surfing!
Scan: Ebony Piano
Code: Djimbe Drum

Name: Flossie
Type: Female Mouse
Sign: Libra
Clothes: Red Aloha Shirt
Pet Phrase: squeaker
Profile: Flossie is a real go-getter who loves to be the center of attention.
So why does she live on a deserted island? Can you think of a better way to
ensure that anyone around is paying attention to you?
Scan: Lovely Kitchen
Code: Green Table

Name: Pinky
Type: Female Bear
Sign: Virgo
Clothes: Dazed Shirt
Pet Phrase: cubbie
Profile: Pinky has a bit of an exotic flair, but being a pink panda, it suits
her just fine. She always seems willing to talk. She'll even talk your ear off
if you let her. No one ever does.
Scan: Exotic Table
Code: Red Vase
Self: DK Jr MATH

Name: Nibbles
Type: Female Chipmunk
Sign: Cancer
Clothes: Watermelon Shirt
Pet Phrase: niblet
Profile: It's funny how no matter what they say, some animals just seem to
get on your nerves. Maybe it's all in the delivery. Or maybe Nibbles just needs
to work on her people skills.
Scan: Lovely Lamp
Code: Water Bird

Name: Dotty
Type: Female Rabbit
Sign: Pisces
Clothes: Blue Check Shirt
Pet Phrase: wee one
Profile: Dotty is a talker. Most of the time, she's just talking about herself,
and there's plenty to talk about! Let's just say Dotty has "unique" ideas when
it comes to interior design.
Scan: Space Station
Code: Lunar Lander

Name: Scoot
Type: Male Duck
Sign: Gemini
Clothes: Frog Shirt
Pet Phrase: zip zoom
Profile: To put it bluntly, Scoot is an odd bird. He's convinced everyone is
out to get him, so he wears that goofy cap on his head for protection. Maybe
he's just been whacked on the head with a net one too many times.
Scan: Pop Machine
Code: Lefty Desk

Name: Boris
Type: Male Pig
Sign: Scorpio
Clothes: Kaffe's Shirt
Pet Phrase: schnort
Profile: Boris is a pig in more ways than one. First off, he snorts a lot. And
he hates to clean. The funny thing is, he hates it when things are dirty, too.
So keep things clean, or you'll be hearing about it!
Scan: Computer
Code: Train Set

Name: Goose
Type: Male Chicken
Sign: Libra
Clothes: Tropical Shirt
Pet Phrase: buh-kay
Profile: Goose is always on the go. He goes to bed early, gets up early, and he
eats, talks, and shrugs you off quickly. When he bathes, his right foot is
clean before his left one even goes in the tub. Wow! Fast!
Scan: Ranch Hutch
Code: Ranch Bed

Name: Admiral
Type: Male Bird
Sign: Aquarius
Clothes: Orange Pinstripe
Pet Phrase: aye aye
Profile: Every once in a while, you run into a guy who just likes being in a
bad mood. Admiral is just that kind of guy. He's a complainer, and whenever
he's not complaining, he's just being downright mean.
Scan: Plum Bonsai
Code: Samurai Suit

Name: Kody
Type: Male Bear
Sign: Libra
Clothes: Far-Out Shirt
Pet Phrase: okey-dokey
Profile: Kody may look like he just woke up from a long winter's hibernation,
but he's actually quite the active outdoorsman. Fishing is his forte, and he
strictly follows the catch and release philosophy.
Scan: Frog Woman Pole
Code: Raven Pole

Name: Pierce
Type: Male Bird
Sign: Capricorn
Clothes: Circus Shirt
Pet Phrase: winger
Profile: Birds of prey look like such majestic, noble beasts. Maybe that's why
Pierce has such a craving for all things regal. He treats his body like a
temple, too - he's always working out!
Scan: Moving Painting
Code: Regal Vanity

Name: Puck
Type: Male Penguin
Sign: Pisces
Clothes: BB Shirt
Pet Phrase: brrrrrrrrr
Profile: Because they can't fly, penguins have always been the laughing stock
of the bird world. Well, Puck doesn't mind, because he's quite the comedian
himself! As long as someone laughs, he doesn't care why.
Scan: Blue Dresser
Code: Blue Clock

Name: Bones
Type: Male Dog
Sign: Leo
Clothes: Caveman Tunic
Pet Phrase: yip yip
Profile: Some dogs are incredible. They become rescue dogs or police dogs and
have important jobs. Other dogs can do tricks. Then there are the dogs that
just dig holes and chase cars. Guess which type Bones is...
Scan: Writing Desk
Code: Writing Chair

Name: Dora
Type: Female Mouse
Sign: Aquarius
Clothes: Sharp Outfit
Pet Phrase: squeaky
Profile: Dora loves to recycle. She even saves all the wrapping paper from 
every present she's ever gotten and reuses it on presents she's giving away. Do
you think she recycles the presents, too?
Scan: Picnic Table
Code: Sewing Machine

Name: Spike
Type: Male Rhino
Sign: Cancer
Clothes: Spiked Shirt
Pet Phrase: punk
Profile: Spike is the scariest looking dude around. His mean scowl, huge scar,
and sharp tongue scare off even the toughest streetwise city kid, but he's
actually as cuddly as a teddy bear once you get to know him.
Scan: Sandbag
Code: Iron Frame

Name: Jane
Type: Female Gorilla 
Sign: Sagittarius
Clothes: Rainbow Shirt
Pet Phrase: chimp
Profile: Some people like to read. Others like to go outside and play in the
sun. Jane, well... She likes to be noticed. By everyone, everywhere. Maybe
that's why she wears that colorful outfit of hers!
Scan: Apple TV
Code: Lovely Lamp

D01: Shine Sprite
D02: Jumpman Mario
M01: Only Me
M02: K.K. Faire
M03: DJ K.K.
M04: Mr. K.K.


Promo 001
(comes with E-Reader)
Scan: K.K. Ska
Code: (scan the card with the e-reader normally for it) Gold Stereo

Promo 002
(comes in the Nintendo Power December Issue)
Scan: NES Link Pattern

Contact Info

Do you have questions? Do you want to contribute information about a card that
I don't own yet? Do you want to know the meaning of life? Well, here's a quick
list of emails that I will NOT reply to:

-Emails asking for town tunes from the Town Tune Cards.
-Emails asking for codes from the Character Cards.
-Emails asking a question that was answered already in this FAQ.
-Emails that don't follow the guidelines in the next paragraph.

Don't fall into any of the above categories? Fantastic! If you want to reach
me, send an email my way. You MUST put the phrase "[AC]" at the beginning of
the subject line of your email to me. If you do not put [AC] at the beginning
of your email, it will be quickly and promptly deleted, even if it's a
contribution email. Speaking of contributions, if you want to send me the
info for a card I don't have, follow the format used in the checklist above.
If you don't send all of the information from the checklist, I can't do
anything with your contribution. Still with me? Great. Emails can be sent to:

Final Words

I'd like to thank the following:

-CJayC: Hosting the best website for game information and for hosting
        all of my FAQs.

-Nintendo: Putting out the most addictive game ever!

-Mom: She plays way more Animal Crossing than I do! Thanks for all the
 trades and the help with scanning and such.

-Photon Silver: Card info for Series One #009, 030, 042, 047, 059.

-YRRAB436: Card info for Series One #002, 003, 012, 014, 017, 019, 020, 021,
 025, 027, 028, 034, 035, 036, 037, 038, 040, 044, 045, 046, 050, 052, 057,
 058, 060.

-GaruruGirl: Card info for Series One #007, 011.

-Alex Rearick: Card info for Series One #010, 031.

-Ed Griffiths: Self-sent codes for Series One #029, 047.

-ignavia: Reminded me about the Gold Stereo code on the promo card.

-Myself: Typing up this FAQ and scanning WAY too many cards.

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