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Letter Writing FAQ by Snoopdigger

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 09/27/2003

ANIMAL CROSSING                              
Letter Writing FAQ                    
By Snoopdigger                       
1) Version History
2) Legal Stuff
3) Introduction
4) Controls and Menus
5) Letter Writing
 5.2 Un-Sendable Items
 5.4 Writing Letters
 5.6 Mailing Letters
6) FAQ
7) Conclusion


1. Elaborate Descriptions of Controls
2. Pete Quotes
3. Mail List (IMPORTANT)

1. Version History
0.1 (10/20/02) Just barely scratching the surface of this FAQ's 
0.2 (10/21/02) Finished formatting and started experimented with letter 
0.9 (10/26/02) Making great progress. Finished sections 3-7, and got a 
working letter! I'll submit to Gamefaqs.com today!
1.0 (10/31/02) Added menus to section 4 and created a new sub-section 
for the impact of animal behavior.
1.1 (11/5/02) Fixed errors in Nintendo and confirmed a rumor false.
1.2 (11/14/02) Updated FAQ.
FINAL (1/16/03) Revisited and revised this FAQ.
2.0 (8/7/03) Completely re-doing. It's become a complete mess and I 
hate it. Must...    Complete...
2.2 (9/27/03) DIE! DIE, GUIDE! After all this I finally got around to 
cleaning it up, and I now have to destroy so much of it. But it'll be 
better when it's done.

2. Legal Stuff
This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright (c) 2002-2003 Patrick Handley. This 
FAQ/Walkthrough is only to be found on GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com). Any 
other website hosting this FAQ/Walkthrough, in part or in whole, will 
be punished to the fullest extent of the law. If you, the reader, find 
this being posted, in part or in whole, at any other website, contact 
the author immediately at patrickhandley@yahoo.com. You will be held 
under NO LIABILITY from that site(s). Should they plague you from 
upholding the law, it is your responsibility to pursue that matter 

You may e-mail me in order to post this document on your website, but I 
may not post it. Do not shadow my e-mail; if I didn't say yes the first 
time, I will not change my mind. If I, in fact, do change my mind, it 
will be me who emails you.

You may not print my FAQ/Walkthrough, edit it, or bowdlerize it, save 
for personal use. You may not, however, distribute it. If you come 
across a hard copy of this FAQ, contact me at patrickhandley@yahoo.com. 
Reaffirming, you will be held under NO LIABILITY from that person(s). 
Should they plague you from upholding the law, it is your 
responsibility to pursue that matter legally.

Oh, yeah, if you decide to steal from my FAQ, there is no limit to the 
things I will do to punish you. On that note, read on.

3. Introduction
OK. Many people will read this, so I want to make this as clear as 
possible by answering some of the more general questions. You may have 
Animal Crossing. You may not. You might be a huge fan of it. Or you 
could have just seen it ranked number two in the standards, (it's a 
much better game that Kingdom Hearts) or perhaps even clicked on it by 
accident. But I am here for you, the reader, to enjoy the guide as well 
as get some hard gaming-info for all your Animal Crossing letter 
writing needs. This is Snoopdigger, providing a guide to one of the 
trickier aspects of Animal Crossing, letter writing. Welcome to the 
world of Animal Crossing, where you live a second life in YOUR custom 
town with YOUR custom player. When the game released on September 17, I 
couldn't wait to get it. Who wouldn't! You design your house to your 
standards with furniture. You can design your own wallpaper, clothing, 
and signs. It also incorporates hidden tricks like Feng Shei and even 
has original NES games you can play. There is a special island that you 
can only access with the GBA<->GCN Link Cable. The new E-reader is 
incorporated in it too, giving you specialized designs and rare 
furniture. As well as that, your town is synchronized with your 
Gamecube's internal clock. So if it says December 25, it's CHRISTMAS! 
You can play this game for years, and you will still have more to do. 
When you get bored of your town, you can start an entire new one! Once 
again, I made this guide for the letter-writing section of Animal 
Crossing. Letters hold a high purpose in this game. Letters are the way 
of communication in Animal Crossing. There are no telephones, no e-
mail. You just send a letter to someone via post office. By making good 
letters with presents attached you will make your villagers happy and 
get cool stuff in return. I hope this teaches you about something you 
didn't know. Well, enjoy.

4. Controls and Menus
The Gamecube controller has these buttons and control stick. I figure 
since you came here to learn about letter writing, I should only put 
letter-related controls.

Main Menu
In the main menu, you can hold up to 10 letters. These are listed on 
the right side. You can store some items temporarily in these letters. 
See "Non-Sendable Items" to see what you can put in there and what not. 
You can keep old letters and newly written ones in the letterbox.

Use the analogue stick to move the cursor around and highlight an 
object. Pressing the A button will open the object's menu. Letters will 
have 6 options.

4.Bury (if standing next to a hole)
6.Grab One (if more than one)
7.Write Letter

We only need to deal with two or them, "Write Letter" and "Grab One". 
"Write Letter" will open up the writing screen. 

Letter Writing Menu
A Button-Inserts the selected letter
B Button-Delete.
X Button-Switches accents.
Y Button-Cycles through letters, punctuations, and icons..
L Button-Switches between upper and lower case
R Button-Adds a space
Z Button-Nothing               
D Pad-Moves entry cursor.
Analogue Stick-Moves on character screen.
Start Button-Finish writing. 

More elaborate descriptions pending.

5. Letter Writing
Letter writing is just a form of communication. Unfortunately, 
neighbors cannot understand what you say to them, they just spell-check 
it. The only _real_ way to use this is to send letters to your friends; 
villagers have no idea what you are saying to them.

5.2 Acquiring Stationery 
This is a pretty easy task. Tom Nook sells an infinite supply for 
cheap. You can also do favors of find it in the dump/lost & found.

5.4 Writing Letters
Coming Soon...    

5.6 Mailing Letters
The post office is where you mail your letters. If you are still in Tom 
Nook's debt, you can pay it off here, but otherwise this is the bank. 
The post office can hold five letters before they do a Special 
Delivery. There is four times during the day that they will deliver 
mail, other than a special delivery. 


If you wait at your house at one of these times, Pete will fly right in 
front of the message board. If he has no messages for anyone, he will 
fly away, but if he does he will walk up to the mailbox, put the mail 
in, and put the flag up. Then, he flies away. You can talk to him 
during this time.

*Pete Quotes Pending*

6. FAQ

Q. Why can't I send a letter to a villager in my friend's town.
A. Because the memory cards aren't connected. You would have to go to 
your friend's town to mail it.

7. Conclusion
That wraps up this FAQ/Walkthrough. I hope you liked it. This is 
Snoopdigger, signing off.

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