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NES Games FAQ by IceEeveeFinale / Logan24

Version: 3.3 | Updated: 07/15/2003

Acquiring NES games for Animal Crossing
By: IceEeveeFinale and Logan24
Copyright September 2002
Version: 3.3
Latest Update on: 7/15/03





[---Table of Contents---]

1. Introduction
2. Back Story of FAQ
3. History of FAQ
4. Known NES games
  a. Common games not requiring an E-Reader
  b. Uncommon games requiring the GCN GBA link cable
  c. Uncommon games
  d. Uncommon games requiring an Action Replay
  e. Revealed! How to get the 5 rare NES games
5. How to get the 8 common games and 4 uncommon games. Also, the way to get the
5 rare NES games included!
  a. Balloon Fight
  b. Donkey Kong
  c. Excitebike
  d. Clu Clu Land
  e. Donkey Kong Jr. Math
  f. Pinball
  g. Tennis
  h. Golf
  i. Soccer
  j. DK Jr.
  k. Clu Clu Land D
  l. Donkey Kong 3
  M. Rumors based on the 5 Rares NES games
7. How to obtain Wario Woods and Baseball
  a. Introduction
  b. The Island
  c. The Tools
  d. The treasure
  e. Thank You
9. Frequently Asked Questions
10. Known error fixes, that others have discovered
11. Credits
12. Contacting us
13. Legal disclaimer


1.) [---Opening---]

IceEeveeFinales Intro-

Hello, I basically created this FAQ to stop the confusion over the NES games on
the message boards. It's becoming more and more apparent that yes one of the
reasons people are playing Animal Crossing (AC) is just to collect the NES
games. So, I've composed an FAQ, including known ways to receive NES games and
descriptions about the game. So, read down further to start getting old school
Nintendo classics.

The URL for our FAQ at IGN.com is as follows

The URL for our FAQ at Gamespot.com is as follows

Note, the link for our FAQ leads to Gamefaq.com FAQ.

The URL for our FAQ at www.neoseeker.com is as follows

The URL for my Saharahs carpet FAQ at www.neeoseeker.com is as follows

Logan24s Intro-

I'm really no FAQ writer I just felt that this info was important at the moment
and I really don't feel like constantly bumping my topics. Both Warios Woods
and baseball can be found on the island and I'm going to explain how to get
them in section 6.

IceEevees Why did I create this FAQ?

Well, the boards were being flooded with posts on how to get NES games. I
decided to create this FAQ to help the boards out and get some known credit ;)
This FAQ should help you with anything NES game related (for AC at least). I
have collected this massive database of information and put it into a simple
format and helpful FAQ.


2. [---Back Story of FAQ---]

As told by IceEevee

Well, when did this all start? It’s hard to recollect my thoughts. Well I can
give you a story of how it came to be, the merger, the news, the drama, the
numerous updates, and the making of the now only known AC NES Game FAQ. Sure I
am the original, but if it weren’t for some people this FAQ would have never

-It all started one day after school. The big thing was asking about all the
uncommon NES games on the board. Wario Woods and Baseball were just being
discovered and no one knew of the official website giveaways yet. I, being the
stubborn person I am, got fed up with the newbie posts about the NES games. So
I decided, what the heck I’ll make my third FAQ. This time around, since the
last two didn’t get posted, I decided to do a fairly good job of organization
and make the information precise. Well, the earliest version of the FAQ I still
have is 1.3, and let me tell you, this FAQ truly sucked. So, I began work,
working diligently too get the FAQ done and posted. Well, it turned into an
hour long project of 4 pages. After sending the FAQ I was rather happy about
the results. To my surprise though, I didn’t get accepted. So, I began work on
1.1, which I really have no information about. I don’t even know what was
updated in 1.1. Well I didn’t send that one, and instead waited for 1.2 to be
done. 1.2 improved on a lot, but it still needed something more. My idea, join
with the now famed Logan24 and get him to merge his island FAQ with my NES game
FAQ. I figured because his wasn’t being accepted yet, he would definitely want
to put his FAQ with mine. So he did! The merger created 1.3. Well with some
grammatical fixes and section updates this newest version of the FAQ seemed
Gamefaqs.com material. I was wrong, humiliated again, we weren’t accepted. I
decided that with 1.5 something new was to be added. So the journal came to be,
which is now our most popular section (probably). After 1.5 I decided something
big needed to be done with the FAQ. So plans for 1.6 took place, I knew if we
wanted to be accepted 1.6 was our route. So the huge updated
descriptions/levels/tips section came to be. Now all that was left was the
controls, 1.8 seemed so close to our shot at Gamefaqs.com. So it came to be,
1.8 seemed to be the one to finish the FAQ. Now, with a good FAQ we were sure
to get accepted. We didn’t, we were bummed, so we began to look elsewhere for
someone to host the FAQ. Our sights turned to IGN.com, we saw one FAQ which was
horrible and was on the site, so we figured if that crap gets posted then our
FAQ is definitely going to get posted. It did, we were very happy and decided
that IGN.com would be the sole resource of the FAQ. Well after 1.8 nothing big
happened till 2.1. Well, 2.1 changed the layout drastically, and I was happy
with the results. So, after that 2.2 came around with more layout changes and
more grammatical fixes. Well, after that I decided that we were going to make a
website. So I began searching for domains to have a .txt website. I don’t think
Logan was too happy about the idea, but I canned it around the release of
version 2.5. Now, 2.6 came along, this changed the Layout to its final form,
and fixed every known error in the FAQ. Well after 2.6 came along 2.7. Now 2.7
added this to section to itself. So yes this is where the back story began.
After 2.7 I decided it was time for a re-submission. So I did. The verdict? WE
GOT ACCEPTED INTO GAMEFAQS.COM! After 2.6 grueling updates to the FAQ and many
changes and new things added, we were in. Well now I said, it’s time to get in
a new version and fast! So I began work on 2.8. 2.8 basically changed the
sections around to perfection. So after 2.8 nothing happened for a bit. Then I
decided 2.9 should basically clean up the FAQ to perfect grammer. Although it
did that, it wasn’t much changed. After 2.9 a new website approached us,
www.neoseeker.com. They took interest in me and the FAQ, they want to host all
of my work. I promptly accepted thinking this is yet another way to get more
publicity. That is when the week long effort known as 3.0 came around. 3.0 was
to a few new sections and to change some information. But during the time 3.0
was being worked on a new game hit www.animal-crossing.com. Yes Clu Clu Land D
came along so we had to get that in too. Now 3.0 is the most recent version of
the FAQ and likely one of the final full-fledged updates for the FAQ. 3.2 fixed
some stuff…Im not sure what though. Although, 3.3 removed the rumors, polls,
fixed the legal disclaimer, “closed” the high scores. 3.3 was the semi-final
version of the FAQ. It will be used as a follow up to a possibly 3.5 (most
likely final) version.

As told by Logan

-I noticed that WW was in the guide under the island only items, I thought it
was a typo but I decided to check anyway. I thought if I posted a search on the
board we could cover more ground. I told everyone about tools and for like 4
days everyone started fishing, digging, and using the net on the island.
Someone tried to make the islander happy by giving him furniture that he wants.
That didn’t help nor work. Anyway Durgess finds the method that we all use
today and he says he got WW and baseball. Obviously I didn’t believe him
because I didn’t think baseball could be gotten on the island. He quickly
uploaded a picture and I rushed to the GC and kept trying. I finally got WW and
Baseball and quickly posted a FAQ on the boards. This FAQ helped many people in
their discovery for WW, Baseball, and the other Island exclusive items. But,
this soon ended. I decided to submit it as an FAQ to gamefaqs.com.
Unfortunately they didn’t accept and my post on the boards containing the FAQ
got modded for mass bumping. I figured enough people knew that if they needed
to know how to get WW and Baseball information wouldn’t be short. But then I
was approached by IceEeveeFinale to add my island FAQ with his NES game FAQ. I
promptly accepted and decided this was the only way to get the FAQ posted. That
is the end of the story, if you want the details after that (and a little
before) check IceEevees backstory.


3.) [---FAQ History---]

1.0-Only version out right now, I'm sure I'll add on once people figure out the
exact ways to get the island NES games and information about the E-Card games.
1.1-Some minor grammar and spelling errors fixed. I also updated how to get the
other 7 uncommon games section.
1.2-Some minor updates to the How to get the other 7 uncommon games and Rumored
ways of getting 2 out of 7 uncommon games sections.
1.3-Me and Logan24 will now be maintaining the FAQ. He agreed to add his
section on the island NES games with this whole FAQ. We will be doing more
extensive reports on games later in the future. Big updates on getting Wario
Woods and Baseball.
1.4- Soccer is being given away at www.animal-crossing.com. Note, this is the
3rd uncommon game to be known in AC
1.5- I added the section Journal. It’s pretty funny. Take a look at it.
1.6- Many descriptions added for NES games. Check it out because it's going to
make this FAQ a lot better.
1.7- Logan added Wario Woods description and DK level guide.
1.8-Added all controls. FAQ is nearing completion.
1.9-FAQ is definitely nearing completion. Added Baseball description and tips.
2.0-Minor grammatical and intro update
2.1-Layout updated, some grammatical changes and a new uncommon game has been
2.2-More layout changes, updated journal, and many un-detected grammatical
fixes. Also some wrongfully listed information fixed.
2.3-Grammatical fixes and the .txt file extension fixed (for IGNers only)
2.4-Some layout changes and very nil fixes.
2.5-Updated balloon fight controls and a new way to get NES games!
2.6-New layout, even easier to navigate through. Some fixed grammatical and
table of contents errors. Added DK Jr. tips and controls.
2.7-Added Back story of FAQ.
2.8-Added section called FAQ, also many section changes.
2.9-Fixed some grammatical errors, fixed some errors in the FAQ section. Added,
the Why did you make this FAQ in the opening.
3.0- New journal entry added, updated back story, new section the polls, new
section high scores. Version 3.0 came and it dominated!
3.1- Not really sure -_-; I forgot to add this
3.2- DK3 out, added high scores, fixed some sections, got rid of the Journal
section for the Rumors section. Erm, sorry if I don’t sound myself but I forget
(most changes were done during 3.15 which was never released)
3.3- Semi-final version of FAQ. Sorry guys, it’s got to stop sometime. Removed
rumors, polls, and removed the high scores. Fixed up some final errors and
grammatical matters. Added how to get the 5 rare NES games.

4.) [---Known NES games---]
This is a list of the known NES games available in Animal Crossing right now.
Note, some of the games are only acquirable through the E-Reader and E-Cards.

a. Common games that do not require an E-Reader-

1. Golf
2. Tennis
3. Pinball
4. Donkey Kong
5. DK Jr. Math
6. Clu Clu Land
7. Excitebike
8. Balloon Fight

b. Uncommon games requiring access to the island-

1. Wario Woods
2. Baseball

c. Uncommon games

3. Soccer
4. DK Jr.
5. Clu Clu Land D
6. Donkey Kong 3

d. Uncommon games requiring the Action Replay

8. Legend of Zelda
9. Super Mario Bros.
10. Ice Climber
11. Mario Bros


e. Revealed! How to get the 5 rare NES games

Finally, Nintendo Power spilled the news. In the upcoming May issue they reveal
how to get the 5 rare NES games. These games will be released through some
Series 4 E-cards. No one knows which card, how many NES games will be included
with the cards, or which specific games will be included. All I know is, they
are coming. Also, it may not be all 5, it may end up just being 1. But hey, one
is better then none, which is what we have been with for a while.


5.)  [---How to get the 8 common games---]

[---Table of Contents---]

CR= Crazy Redd Visit
L= Tom Nooks monthly lottery
D= Doing deeds for neighbors
M= Through Mail
B= Birthday present
T= Toy day gift
C= Christmas gift
VB= NES games villager buried
FT- Fishing tournament

a. Balloon Fight- VB CR L D M B C

b. Donkey Kong- VB CR L D M B

c. Excitebike- VB L D M

d. Clu Clu Land- VB CR L D M

e. DK Jr. Math- VB L D M FT

f. Pinball- VB CR L D M

g. Tennis- VB L D M

h. Golf- VB CR L D M FT

i. Soccer- Soccer is being given away at www.animal-crossing.com all you need
to do is give some personal info, your town name and name. And the site
generates you a code for Soccer! Now all you need to do is go to Tom Nook, and
enter the password to him. He gives it to you, almost hinting that there are
possible other uncommon games available. This is the 3rd uncommon game to be
known in the game.

j. DK Jr.-Was (It isn’t on the site stop e-mailing me!) being given away at
www.animal-crossing.com This is now the 4th uncommon game to be released to the
public. It’s the same deal as with Soccer. So read above for the information.

k. Clu Clu Land D- Same as Soccer and DK Jr. It was (It isn’t on the site stop
e-mailing me!) being given away at www.animal-crossing.com. This is now the 5th
uncommon game to be released.

l. Donkey Kong 3- Well, the latest NES game is upon us. Yes none other then
DK3! It is fun, fast paced, old school DK with a twist. The 6th uncommon game
to be released. It isn’t being given away anymore (It isn’t on the site stop
e-mailing me!)

m. Rumors based on getting the 5 Rare NES games- Well, you have three options
here. The first way to get these games would be to go out and buy an AR. The
next way would be if you send your memory card to a board user named “MarioXB”
he will put the games (including Punchout) on for free. Many board users have
done it so I believe that it is safe. The final method which was just rumored
is through some Series 4 E-cards. No one knows which card, how many NES games
will be included with the cards, or which specific games will be included. All
I know is, they are coming.


6.) [---Descriptions/Levels/Tips/Controls---]

You have all or maybe some of these games, but you're having trouble enjoying
them because you aren’t that great at them. Here are some helpful tips to get
you racking up the points.

Note- C will mean use the control pad to move.


1.Balloon Fight
Tips- Listed here is the basic Balloon Functions

Pink-Break easily and slow
Tan-Fast and tough to catch. They chase you!
Teal-Basically move back and forth, rather easy to break.

A fish also can eat you! So be careful. Always remember to move slowly and try
to be precise. It makes the game that much easier!A bonus game is included
where balloons fly out of tubes and you pop them.

Balloon Fight- C
A=Repeatedly push A to float up
B= Hold B to float up automatically


2.Donkey Kong- Sure your Mario and Pauline is your girlfriend. But when DK
stands in your way from getting Pauline it's going to be tough to get him to
leave her alone!

Level Walkthrough-
Level 1: First off, dodge the barrels by jumping over them. Timing is
everything on 8-bit games! Remember that. Next, make sure you time when you're
going to climb up ladders. Use the hammers! They may slow you down, but the
points you get are high and it makes trying to reach the top much simpler. 
Remember you can't jump or climb with the hammer so use it wisely. Sometimes
the barrels will fall down the ladders and sometimes the will go diagonal
across the screen. When you reach Pauline, D.K. will take her up to the next

Level 2: In this level there is a bouncing spring bouncing down the screen.
Following its pattern will help you in the end of the level. In this level,
falling from the smallest platforms will kill you, so don't rush ahead of
yourself. First jump on the elevator going up and wait there till you reach the
top. Jump off to the left and grab the umbrella, which only adds points to your
score, jump on the elevator to another platform this time going down. Wait
there until you reach the bottom. DO NOT JUMP EARLY. Follow the platforms going
up, while watching out for the bouncing spring, you until you reach the last
ladder. Wait  until the spring goes than climb to the top. Wait until another
spring goes and run to where Pauline is being
held. D.K. will take her again up to the next stage.

Level 3:  The final showdown. There are 8 switches holding up D.K.'s platform,
you have to step on all of them to beat him. Start off by running across the
first two orange switches and climbing the ladder. More and more snakes will
come after you for every switch you step on. After stepping on all of the
orange switches D.K will fall to his doom. (Actually not really, his career
didn't end until DK64) Mario and Pauline are together again. (Not for long
though, Peach and Daisy eventually take her role).

Donkey Kong- C



Tips- I'm going to tell you this, Excitebike isn't very tough too beat. Below,
although, are some tips that’ll come in handy when beating records. Use your
turbo wisely, if it gets to a very fast clicking like noise use A again. Don't
run into the back of other bikers bikes. Instead when you get just ahead of
them, pull into their lane and they should fall off their bike. Also, try to
land directly down with your bike, both wheels hitting at the same time. You’re
less prone to crashing.

Excitebike- C


4.Clu Clu Land

Tips-Listen I'm going to tell everyone the truth. I suck at this game, more so
Logan loves it but I’m not asking him to finish this section. I really can not
give you any tips except to Move in rows and constantly hit A to use the beam.
Also look for the bonus timer, it adds more time to your total time!

Clu Clu Land- C
A=Shot beam
B=Shot Beam


5.DK jr. Math

Tips- This is basically a multi-player game. Some tips for defeating your
friends though are here! Make sure if the number is high to grab any number and
race towards the multiplication sign. It's always better to have the
multiplication sign at the foot of your part of the screen. If your number is
low, the same applies for the addition symbol. Make sure you steal the numbers
crucial to you and your opponent quickly. If you playing alone to learn, well
there isn’t much to do in the game alone but to learn; and who wants to do

DK Jr. Math- C
B=Catch an answer


Tips-Well considering if you've ever played pinball this is basically the same
thing. Aim for the red holes to get to the bonus stage where you save Peach.
Try to aim for certain things; aiming is better then aimlessly hitting.

Pinball- C=Left flipper
A= Right flipper
B= Right Flipper



Tips-Pure Tennis action, In all its 8-bit glory? Not quite, tips below should
help you though. Try to hit the ball to the opposite direction of your
opponent. Say he's in the back, hit it close towards the net. If he's in the
front, hit it above his head. If he's to the left, hit it to the right. If he's
to the right hit it to the left. Try to use your eyes correctly, things go kind
of slow on easy and very fast on hard. It can get easy to miss the ball if you
don’t time right.

Tennis- C
A=Serve hard and hard shot



Tips-Golf, or is it? Sure it's a crappy made game and sure it's tough to get
used too but it can be joy when played multiplayer. First off, make sure to
choose the appropriate club for hitting the ball. Drivers for driving, sand
wedges for sand bunks, and putter for the green. Also, don't hit very hard when
putting, the putter is sensitive and it can send you right into OB or out of
the green. Try your best to line up your shot (with the white line and the
speed line.) It can get tough sometimes.

Golf- C= Up and down to choose club. Left or right to aim your shot
A=Swing club



Tips-Shoot the ball! Cross it Cross it! Oh, this game is that intense. No it
isn't, but let me tell you its very innovative. Your goal (get it goal) should
be to drive the ball up the middle and shoot the ball away from the goalie, but
of course in the goal. Make sure you pass when your playing difficulty levels 4
and 5. Passing is essential to get an open shot and a quick goal.

Soccer- C


10. Wario's Woods

Tips-If you don't have the game now, see below for details on how to get it. Do
you know how to play it though if you have it? Here's the main point, you play
as toad and you are in a forest. Toad must go through different trees and steal
Warios loot by completing lots of puzzles. On the way Wario, Birdo, and a bunch
of other baddies will try to stop you. The game is actually quite fun and it
plays like Tetris and Doctor Mario except with Toad actually in the container.

Wario Woods- C
A=Place items or enemies in a row
B=Place a single enemy or bomb


11. Baseball

Tips- Animal Crossings past time? Right, I think their past time is sending and
receiving deliveries. Anyway if you’re into this slow paced but highly
addicting game, read on for some tips. Teams D and R are the best. Y is average
and the rest suck. Make sure to spice up your pitching, go from fast to medium.
Medium to fast. And when they don’t expect it, throw a slow ball right at them
and watch them miss. Try to not hit into the air. The outfielders are rather
well. When you get an out, never throw the ball back in forth between bases,
most people steal and get away with it. Final tip, try to bunt once in a while,
it can make a difference.

Baseball (defense)
C=Choose ball thrown or choose base you throw ball too
A=Pitch or throw
B=Check the runner

C=Move batter in batter box and choose base when running bases
A=Pitching Swing or return to base
B= Steal or advance to base


12. Donkey Kong Junior

Tips- You are DK Jr. you must save your father, DK, from Mario. This innovative
game is probably my favorite NES game out for AC right now. Ok some tips to
help you out. Alright, first you want to climb 2 separate vines at a time, one
vine per hand. This lets you move quicker up vines and other climbing things.
Also, when sliding down, you want to have both hands on one vine, oddly making
you slide down faster. Don’t ever fall from a vine or anything, no matter how
low it may seem! You will lose a life and also lose your temper.

Donkey Kong Junior- C


13. Clu Clu Land D

Tips- Well, they finally actually made this game playable! Be gone is the hard
enemies and short timer. I still don’t like the game, but it is better. When
enemies are in a stage always shoot the beam. Make sure to go in column like
lines when going for jewels. Also, don’t go near that black hole of doom! They
named it that for a reason. If you need more tips check Clu Clu Lands section.

Note- Go to the main title and press and hold A and B buttons on controller 1
while holding down right, A, and B on controller 2. You will get 9 extra lives.

Clu Clu Land-C
A= Shoot beam


14. Donkey Kong 3


7.) [---How to obtain Wario's Woods and Baseball---]

[---Table of contents---]

a. Introduction
b. The Island
c. The Tools
d. The treasure
e. Thank You



I'm really no FAQ writer I just felt that this info was important at the moment
and I really don't feel like constantly bumping my topics. Both Warios Woods
and baseball can be found on the island and I'm going to explain how to get


B.) [---The Island---]

Okay you don't like your island and it sure as heck doesn't like you. But if
you want your prize your going to have to work together to find it. Know your
island well. On your island you have an island home/storage, a personally
designed flag, and an animal who says that she wants to be an outcast from
society for the rest of her life. Occasionally the islander will ask you for
your stuff so she can decorate her own house, which by the way starts out with
nothing in it. I don't think that by not giving her stuff affects your chances
of getting better items. The island also has coconuts which can be fed to the
islander. The Coconuts will be explained later. The coconuts grow back every 3


C.) [---The tools---]

Okay, there are 3 tools that can be used on the island. The Net, the fishing
pole, and the shovel.

The Net: Tired of catching bugs? That's okay because now you can get tired
watching your islander catch floating treasure. Every 5-7 minutes or so, a
treasure will fly by the island. The treasure will be flashing many different
things so you have to choose what you're going after and time it right. The
following items can be caught with the net: Fruit, Pitfalls, furniture,
gyroids, and trash. Watch out for the trash because it will drop your
islander's mood meter down a lot if it is caught. I don't have a golden net so
it is not confirmed if NES games can be obtained this way.


Fishing Pole: Give your islander the fishing pole, direct the islander to the
water and he/she will start fishing. The following can happen while fishing:
a.) If your islander catches a fish, his mood meter will go up one point and
he'll throw it back.
b.) If he catches an octopus his mood meter will go down one and he'll throw it
c.) If he catches trash his mood meter will drop to as low as it can get.
d.) If he gets a treasure chest, you will get a random carpet, wallpaper, or
e.) If he gets furniture and your islander is happy you will get a rare island
item. (see section 4)


The Shovel:  This is it, if you're looking for Wario's Woods or baseball this
is the best way to get it. Take as much furniture as you can from the main
land, it can be anything, and bury them all on the island. Leave your golden
shovel there too. (Yes the golden Shovel is needed.) On the game boy give your
islander lots of fruit. Make your islander so happy that his eyes pop out.
*kidding* You want your islander as happy as possible though. Once he's happy
give him the shovel and go to your buried items. The islander will dig them up
and replace them with his own gifts. If he's happy, than you will get rare
island items in return.


D.) [---The Treasure---]

If you are one of the lucky ones and have found the rare island items, than
congratulations. Here is the list of what they actually are:

Treasure Chest
Beach Chair
Beach Table
Diver Dan
Wave Breaker
Snow - cone machine
Life ring
Wario's Woods (nes)
Baseball (nes)
All of these items can only be found on the island and cannot be
traded with other people.


If you are using the net or fishing pole and your islander finds something, you
may notice that he keeps it for himself, but if you give him a little fruit he
may change his mind and give it to you.


E.) [---Thank You---]

The following people helped me in my search for the game and finding different


8.) [---How to get the final uncommon game---]

As of now, no one knows when and where Punchout will come. Don’t expect to have
it anytime soon though.


9.) [---Frequently Asked Questions---]

Q. How can I contribute?
A. Tell us information, grammatical errors, mistakes, anything that you think
will get you on this FAQ.

Q. I have something I want to contribute but where do I send the info too?
A. Logan (logan2402@aol.com) or myself (nep33bb@aol.com) If you want the
information posted faster, send it to me.

Q. What is a Pitfall?
A. The dreaded pitfall question. There is a whole FAQ devoted to this thing,
but I can sum it up in about a sentence. Pitfall first off isn’t the classic
NES video game. Don’t confuse yourself with it. Pitfall is how it sounds, a Pit
and you Fall. Meaning, you bury the item and a villager can fall in it. Also,
you can too. If this happens, rapidly press A to get out.

Q. How do you open the grab bag?
A. Make sure you’re outside first of all. Next, open the present. Then open the
grab bag. It’s easy as that. Don’t throw away the grab bag because you won’t
get another one.

Q. How come it takes so long for me to get NES games?
A. NES games are among the rarest and most difficult items to find in the game.
If you wait for Nooks lottery or for Redd to come, then you should get an NES
game. Those events don’t happen much, Nooks lottery is every month, and Redd
only comes about once or twice a month. There still isn’t a guarantee that
either of them will have NES games. Wait it out, the wait is worth it.

Q. How many times do you update this FAQ a week?
A. Semi-final version of the FAQ. It won’t be updated (again) until Punchout is

Q. Can I add my FAQ with your FAQ?
A. No.

Q. Can I help with the actual updates of the FAQ?
A. No, but like I said you can contribute.

Q. Can I host your FAQ at my site?
A. Yes, if you give credit to myself and Logan it is fine. Just e-mail us
before you do anything.

Q. Do I need to give credit to you and Logan definitely?
A. Unless you want to break the copyright law then yes.

Q. Where are the links for Soccer, DK Jr., Clu Clu Land D, and DK3?
A. The Soccer link is still around, but the rest aren’t.

Q. What is an NES console?
A. An NES console is a blank NES. It is just decoration and cant hold NES games
or play NES games. It’s acquired through Redd. (contributed by MyEmall)

Q. So, Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros, and Ice Climber are in
AC. What’s the normal way to get them, without the Action Replay?
A. Well, there is one other method which many board users went with. If you
send your memory card to a board user named “MarioXB” he will put the games
(including Punchout) on for free.

Q. What in the hell is Mario Bros.?
A. Well, you know, it has the Mario and Luigi. Mario Bros.? No, alright here’s
what it really is. This is the same game packaged with all the GBA Marios
coming out. You smash up on bricks to stop spiked Koopas and then you run up to
them and kick them. It’s fun, addicting, and fast paced.

-Want to contribute a Q and A? E-mail Logan or myself with one!


10.) [-Known errors fixed in the FAQ that others have discovered---]



11. [---Credits---]

- I’ve taken countless hours of my life to write this, sue me I'm thanking
- Logan24, for wanting to merge so we can have an in-depth guide to getting the
most wanted games.
-Nintendo for truly making a "communication" game. We all hope to see other
games like this pop up.
-IGN for accepting this FAQ. Also for putting it as one of their three top new
FAQs. You guys helped get this FAQ publicly known.
- Gamefaqs.com for accepting this FAQ.
- NeoSeeker.com for taking interest in this FAQ and myself.
-Giygas199X for the updated Balloon Fight controls
-ssj4android for when villagers bury stuff they sometimes bury NES games tip
-SuperTiki32 for confirming Balloon Fight can be acquired through Crazy Redd.
-pregaming.com for taking interest in the FAQ, were glad people see us out
there :)

Logans Credits are in his section entitled “Thank You”


12.) [---Contacting us:---]



13.) [---Legal Disclaimer---]

This document can be printed for use outside of the internet. Don’t steal this
FAQ and add it to your website without mine and Logans consent. I will be sure
to have the FAQ taken down and punishment on copyright infringement. I’m harsh,
and I will not be afraid to personally flame you and make sure the FAQ is down.
I regularly check for my FAQ on search engines, if a site that shouldn’t have
the FAQ comes up with it I will have it removed! I can’t stress that enough. I
will not allow it to be published in a magazine, website, or freely distributed
without someone giving the proper credit to myself and Logan, also note you
MUST e-mail both of us before wanting to use it. Logan and I own the following
document and it is mine, Logans, GameFaqs, IGNs, Gamespots, Neoseekers, and
Pregamings sole right to give access to it.

Copyright: September 2002

An IceEeveeFinale and Logan24 FAQ

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