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Hints and Tips by Cromis

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 10/03/2003

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Animal Crossing Gems of Knowledge FAQ
Version 2.1

                    Check out my textures web site:

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TEXTURE CREATION SOFTWARE (I'll make a texture for you out of any image!)



There's a lot of good information available on Animal Crossing, but it's buried
in a lot of junk.  More and more "topical FAQs" are coming out.  But there's
some good information I thought should be more available.  So my goal for this
FAQ is to mine out the gems, and present them here.  I will not cover much in
the way of basics, but provide answers to some of the common puzzlers and other
tidbits of highly useful information.

Email me at t_cromis2@yahoo.com if there is a difficult subject that you want
covered, and it's NOT already covered in the other FAQs.


This guide is not a guide to glitches, clock-resetting, and other ways of
so-called "cheating" (please don't email me that clock setting isn't cheating).



When talking to the animals, it's a good idea to have a fish, bug, shirt, and
piece of furniture in your inventory.  You may want to have a wallpaper and
floor too.  Make sure that it's all stuff you don't want, because the whole
point is to sell (or give!) them to the animals to make them happy if they ask.
 Often you get stuff back.  I always talk to them at least once before asking
if they want a favor.  Sometimes I get an item just for talking!  Also, make
sure that you have a few bells (I like to have 10,000-20,000).  But don't have
too much, because the more you have, the more they are liable to ask for!

Here's a couple of noteworthy interactions:

If an animal asks you to arm-wrestle, he won't actually arm-wrestle you, but
will give you a "quiz" and ask you how many pushups he did.  It's multiple
choice, but if you're wrong, the animal takes all the bells you are carrying.

One of the quizzes has to do with the Chinese Zodiac.  Apparently even if you
get it all correct, you still get nothing.  But here's some info anyways.  I
haven't encountered this one, but from what I've gathered, here is the critical
information you need to get it right.  The order of the zodiac is Rat, Ox,
Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat (or Sheep), Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig
(or Boar).  They also seem to ask you which animal is a pig, and the answer is
Joan.  And which animal is monkey, the answer is Porter.



On Animal Island let your islander use the golden fishing pole, you might get
Wario's Woods and Baseball (unconfirmed).

Wario's Woods with the golden shovel:
Step 1 (on Gamecube): Go to your Island and bury FURNITURE, leave some FRUIT
that it likes there (at least 3 pieces of fruit per furniture) and leave a
GOLDEN SHOVEL there. (Don't worry, you'll get it back.  I've heard that even if
the islander doesn't drop the shovel, it's there when the Kapp'n takes you
Step 2 (on Gamecube):  Transfer your Island to your GBA.
Step 3 (on GBA Island game): Bring out your Islander and feed it the FRUIT that
it LIKES until it is at its maximum happyness level. (I think once it drops
bells it's at maximum happiness.  Also, the eyes look different and the music
speeds up.  See next section for more details.)
Step 4 (on GBA Island game: Put the GOLDEN SHOVEL in your Islanders hand, have
her go to your buried FURNITURE and she will dig it up and replace it.
(note: to make the islander drop the shovel so it will eat more fruit, just
click on the islander.  After it has dropped the shovel, give it more fruit.)
Step 5: After all your buried things have been replaced transfer your Island
back on to your gamecube.
Step 6 (on Gamecube): Go dig up all the replacement furniture and collect your
new items.
Step 7: Chances are, Wario's Woods wont be one of these items, repeat steps 1-6
until you have Wario's Woods!

Note: if you bury lots of furniture, then he won't have a spot to plant flowers
and become less happy.

Have your islander use the net to catch floating presents.



This is a relatively long section, so I decided not to lump it in with the
other Island stuff...

I've collected a bunch of information off of a looong gamefaqs post on this,
and would like to get more.  Any contributors are welcome!  Please email to
what your islander's favorite fruit, and favorite items are! Please note the
difference between favorite items and "impulse buying" below.   I will update
this periodically.  If you email me about favorite fruit, please also tell me
WHY you think it's the favorite, so I can tell if you're doing it the "right"

If you're new to this, when playing Animal Crossing Island directly on the
gameboy (NOT through the gamecube), if you feed your islander its favorite
fruit, you get 30,000 bell bags!  It's hated fruit produces a little skull
cloud for a coupla seconds, and you get nothing.  Some people find that there
is a fruit that often gives 10,000 bell bags.  I am calling this a "second fav"

Turns out that the islander's favorite fruit and hated fruit are NOT random.  A
particular islander will always love and hate the same fruit.  For example,
Drift always hates apples.

It appears that the items islanders ask for are not random! Each islander has
his or her own "favorite items." It seems, however, that they do NOT ask for a
complete furniture set (such as all the regal furniture), although some ask for
many items from a particular set.  Also, they may ask for a RANDOM item IF IT
IS IN YOUR INVENTORY (this has been coined "impulse buying" No point in keeping
track of these, because they can be anything.  So, please, IF YOU EMAIL ME

Just to clarify:  The favorite fruit is the one that makes the islander drop
big money bags, plus music " picks up in tempo", and the islander keeps the
stupid grin on his face, with the ^^ eyes.  THERE IS A WAY TO TELL FOR SURE
WHICH IS THE FAVORITE FRUIT. When you first start playing on the GBA island, it
will take 3 of most fruit to get your first money bag. The favorite fruit makes
them happy faster and it will only take 2. If you want to tell for certain what
is the favorite fruit, try this with different fruit, but you must try it with
a different fruit EACH time you START playing on the GBA so that the islander
always starts at the same level of happiness.

Note:  A claim has been made that you can get more bells from non-favorite
fruit.  If you'd like to investigate this, take a set number of favorite fruit
(say 15) to the island.  Keep track of total bells.  Then do the same with each
kind of liked fruit.  Email me the results. If you aren't bored out of your
skull by then, feel free to do it all again! ;)

Another note: islanders often complain and give back furniture you have given
them, even if it is a favorite item.  They will often ask for it back again.  I
suggest storing stuff they give back in the island house.  Then if you carry it
with you, they will often pay you for it again, even if they haven't asked for
it recently!

What I've done is put the letter "y" behind an item for each person who
confirmed an entry (so one y means two posts said the same thing, two y's mean
three posts, and so on).  If something says YES behind it, that means I'm sure
of it (at least ten confirmations) and I don't need more confirmations. Of
course there could still be errors.  No way for me to verify better than noting
when multiple posts/emails say the same thing.  If the favorite fruit is all in
CAPS, it means that at least one person very clearly knew what they were doing.

Name         Favorite            Hated             Furniture
             Fruit               Fruit
Ankha        CHERRY yy           apples YES        Regal y
the Cat                                            harp yy
                                                   ivory piano yyyy
                                                   regal dresser yy
                                                   regal vanity yyy
                                                   retro stereo yyyy
                                                   shrine lantern yyy
                                                   white king yyy
                                                   white queen yyyyy
                                                   Hawthorne Bonsai yy
                                                   Tape Deck yy
Annalise     PEARS y             oranges YES       Regal
the horse
Bliss        No info             oranges YES       Cabana yyy
the squirrel
Boomer       pears               cherries YES      Space y
the Penguin                                        Lunar Lander y
                                                   Robo Clock
                                                   Spaceman Sam y
                                                   Standing Stone
                                                   Stone Couple
Bud          cherries            peaches YES       chess board
the Lion     pears                                 Corn plant yyyy
                                                   conga drum
                                                   Djibe Drum yyyy
                                                   Ebony Piano yyyy
                                                   modern bed y
                                                   Modern Bed yyy
                                                   Reel-to-reel yyyyy
                                                   rock guitar yyyyy
                                                   strange painting yyyyy
Dobie        PEACHES             cherries YES      garden furniture
the Wolf                                           mossy stone
                                                   Red vase yy
                                                   shrine lantern
                                                   stone couple y
                                                   tape deck y
                                                   pond lantern
                                                   maybe blue wardrobe
Drift        ORANGES y           apples YES        Construction YES
the frog                                           wet road sign
                                                   men at work sign
                                                   haz-mat barrel
                                                   oil drum
                                                   orange cone
                                                   flagman sign
                                                   CD Player
                                                   leaning stone
                                                   potbelly stove
                                                   exotic screen
                                                   kiddie table
Elina        Pears yy            peaches YES       Exotic yy
the Elephant or apples? Yyyy                       birdcage yyyy
                                                   blue vase yy
                                                   exotic bed y
                                                   exotic chair y
                                                   exotic screen
                                                   exotic wardrobe yy
                                                   glass-top table yyy
                                                   exotic screen
                                                   turntable yyy
Faith        Oranges             pears YES         baby bear yyy
the Koala    Cherries                              elephant slide yyyy
                                                   executive toy yyy
                                                   jack in the box
                                                   mama bear yyy
                                                   papa bear yyy
                                                   ptera skull
                                                   red aloha shirt
                                                   red chair
                                                   Robo stereo y
                                                   starry shirt y
                                                   water bird y
                                                   Wobbelina yy
Flash        Apples              peaches YES       Blue y
the bird     AND coconuts                          beach table
                                                   Blue bed
                                                   blue bench y
                                                   blue bookcase
                                                   blue cabinet
                                                   blue chair
                                                   blue dresser
                                                   blue wardrobe y
                                                   classic bed
                                                   green chair
                                                   high-end stereo
                                                   kitchy clock
                                                   neutral corner
                                                   ranch bookcase
                                                   train set
                                                   wave breaker
Flossie      CHERRIES            oranges YES       Green
the Mouse                                          Coconut Palm
                                                   Green bench
                                                   Green Chair
                                                   Lovely kitchen
                                                   Stove y
                                                   Turntable yy
June         Peaches             pears YES         Cabana Table yy
the bear                                           Iris Chair yy
                                                   Lady Palm
                                                   Lovely Stereo
                                                   Tulip Chair y
                                                   Wide Screen TV
                                                   cabin low table
                                                   noble shirt
Maelle       Apples              oranges YES       Ranch
the duck     Peaches                               Aloe y
                                                   cabana bed yy
                                                   Classic Hutch
                                                   Classic sofa
                                                   phonograph y
                                                   ranch end table
                                                   ranch bookcase
                                                   rubber tree yy
                                                   Tanabata Palm
                                                   Vibraphone yyy
O'hare       ORANGES y           peaches YES       Regal y
the rabbit                                         computer y
                                                   gold stereo y
                                                   Regal Bookcase
                                                   Ranch Bookcase
                                                   wide screen tv
                                                   Writing Chair
                                                   Writing Desk

Pigleg       Pars                peaches YES       Blue
the pig                                            Barrel y
                                                   cube clock
                                                   Keg y
                                                   Melon Chair
                                                   melon table y
<note: pop machine and soda machine are two        pop machine
different items and he seems to want both>         soda machine yy
                                                   watermelon chair y
                                                   watermelon table y
Plucky       Apples              cherries YES      Ranch y
the chicken  ORANGES                               cabin
             peaches                               amber y
             But coconuts gives more bells         Cabin Couch
                                                   classic end table
                                                   Fan Palm
                                                   Ranch Bookcase
                                                   Ranch Hutch
Rowan        No info             pears YES         Cabana
the Tiger                                          amber
                                                   cabin bed
                                                   Cabin Clock
                                                   Cabin Couch
                                                   Cabin Low Table
                                                   Flowery Painting y
                                                   Hi-fi stereo y
                                                   Worthy Painting
Yodel        APPLES y            cherries YES      Exotic yy
the Gorilla                                        exotic end table
                                                   exotic bench
                                                   exotic bureau
                                                   azeala bonsai y
                                                   hawthorne bonsai
                                                   plum bonsai y
                                                   Pine Bonsai



Here I will put people's posts about their islanders' personalities.  Again, if
you want to contribute, I'm at t_cromis2@yahoo.com.  I got descriptions using
pictures available at http://www.animalxing.com/characters.shtml
I made an interesting observation while doing this.  Almost without exception,
the females have a flower and the males have a hat.  The only ones that don't
do this are:
Ankha - she has that Egyptian thing instead
Bud the Lion  - what's his excuse? His mane? His sunglasses?
Dobie the Wolf - he's got no excuse; he's just a non-conformist!
Drift - hard for him to wear a hat with his eyes on top of his head!

Yellow, Egyptian-style cat (will the puns in this game never end?...)
I can't stand her, she acts like a complete snob.

Basic brown horse, with a yellow flower in her hair.

Red-orange Squirrel, flower in hair, yellow spiral in tail
She seems to be really into spiritual things. She talks about magical stuff and
how you have a beautiful soul.

Hefty penguin wearing an old-fashioned leather flight helmet and a parachute on
his back (but penguins can't fly...).
He is pretty cool, he says "human" a lot.

A laid-back looking, very brown (must be a deep suntan) Lion with pink
He acts like a hippie.
He's a hip surfer bum who likes to steal my furniture and give it back the next

Your basic gray Wolf.
He's kind of mysterious, like that one guy from Outlaw Star! Yeah, dress Doby
up in that uniform and you've got the perfect personality.

Thin, reddish frog.
Acts nicer than most of my townspeople.
I'm sick of being called brah. he's a lot like Michaelangelo the teenage mutant
ninja turtle.

Elephant with a big white flower on her head.

Big-nosed Koala with a yellow flower in her hair.

Blue bird with a big Panama hat.
It is a he and I'm a he, and he always asks me to dance with him the night away
with him.

Little tan-colored mouse with a blue flower in her hair.
She thinks she's cool or something.

Teddy-bearish, with a yellow and orange flower in her hair.

Yellow duckling with a big white flower in her hair.

Skinny brown rabbit (had to be a rabbit with that name!); wears a straw hat.
Acts alot like Flash. Asks you to dance.

Piratey pig with bandana (?), beard stubble and eyepatch.

Plain brown chicken with what looks like it might be a sailor's cap. Another
player says Plucky isn't wearing "Something that looks like a sailor's cap",
but she's wearing her blue feathers up in a bun (it looks vaguely polynisian). 
Also, she asks you to change her phrase every other time you talk to her, but
it was originally "Clucky".  She's also very vain and always asks you for
clothes in your inventory and gets angry when you don't give them to her.  She
takes clothes A LOT! Makes her happy, but then sad because she says she had
that shirt as a kid, but then when she tries it one, it "doesn't fit" and makes
her feel fat. Plucky is some what of a tomboy, she brags about it a lot. She is
very picky about what furniture she takes, and she often ends up giving some of
it back.

Your basic orange tiger with black stripes.  Sports a funky little hat.
This guy is weird! He always takes my clothes and struts. He asks me to dance
and gets hearts and flowers over his head a lot. He always makes me write poems
in his guest book

Yodel the Gorilla is /very/ effeminate although sometimes it seems he is just
spacey (confused and moronic) like some of the village males.  Yodel will
always request any shirts I have on me (it seems the more 'colorful', the
better for him) as well as the lovely furniture series (he went simply wild
over a lovely bed and armchair I had one me once).



The Prima Strategy Guide AND Game Informer magazine report that there are 19
Nintendo Games. Prima goes on in saying that 4 will be released via E-Reader
card. Here's a list of known games:

Balloon Fight
Clu Clu Land
Clu Clu Land D
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 3
Donkey Kong Jr
Donkey Kong Jr Math
Wario's Woods

I got this list off of Wraith10's awesome item page.  Check it out at
then click on Master Item List.

I'm only adding the following because I want people to STOP emailing me about
it. I haven't investigated it, but apparently Zelda and Super Mario Bros has
been found. See
for details. Others claim you can also get ice climbers, and punch out. Looks
like Super Mario Bros and Ice Climbers are available on E-reader cards (by
scanning only, no code):

Remember, please don't email me about this one way or another (or Ice Climbers,
either!) thanks.



There's a program that converts 32x32 images into AC textures.  I've figured
out how to use it on a most images, including photographs.

Download it at


If you want me to use the program on any images you have or find, just send
them to me.  You can even put my email on your web page with a note to that
I'll convert images for people.  Just include these instructions:
-Images need to be square or pretty close to it.  I can crop if needed.
-I can take jpg, gif, bitmap and tiff, or even a web page address
Send them to t_cromis2@yahoo.com



Trading - Save those codes!  You can use them infinitely.  After 3 times, Nook
will say that he is out of items.  Don't believe him!  Just save and quit and
go back.  The silly raccoon will forget what he told you and give you three
more.  And the code is permanent - you could use it a year later if you wanted.

If you're doing the "money rock," it's faster to hit it with your axe, so
you'll get more bags.  Of course, unless you have the golden axe you'll break a
lot of axes this way.  You can also dig holes so that your character doesn't
get knocked around so much.

When planting a money tree, the more you plant, the more you get.  So if you
plant 30,000, you'll get back 90,000!

If bee nest falls, get out your net, but aim for the HIVE, not the bees flying
at you, and you'll catch a bee.  Another method that someone claims works: Go
around shaking trees until the familiar sound of a bees' nest appears. Pause as
quick as you can and equip your net. Unpause and run around the tree twice, in
the direction away from where the nest landed. The bees will circle twice as
well, but they will take much longer. After you've circled, just wait and swing
the net when the bees get to you.

Psychic Hotline: You will need the Lovely Phone. Once you've got it, put it in
your house and press A in front of it. The Psychic Hotline will give you hints
on specific events taking place that day.

Nook mail order:  Save and quit, then restart, and the catalog item you ordered
will be in your mailbox.  (You do NOT have to turn the cube off)

How To Look Behind Trees/Buildings
To find out if objects are buried behind trees (or buildings), instead of
cutting them down or digging randomly, bury one of your own items behind the
tree you want to look behind. Then, just dig it up. Your character will hold
the item up, and the camera will zoom in. The tree will temporarily disappear,
and you can look around for the telltale X marks. Very useful!

Talking to villagers that want to sleep:
When you want to talk to your villagers but they're sleeping outside and you're
afraid they're going to go in the house and sleep, push them away from their
house, then talk to them.  Push them slowly so they don't get mad.  It almost
always works.  Sometimes you only get one response before they go back to their
house.  To prevent this, dig holes in front of their house so they can't go in.
 Some say to walk, don't run as you approach them, because sometimes when you
run it wakes them up and they go inside.  Another approach is to push the
villager away, position yourself between the villager and its house before you
wake it up, then go in its house before it gets there.  They say some funny
stuff when you do that, and it's even been reported that they leave the lights
on and you can re-enter as much as you want! (obviously I haven't tested this

Supposedly, this is a picture of a real coelacanth:
Here's some other images from the same site.  I couldn't find where they are
identified or described, but they seem to be coelacanth:
The main page is pretty cool if you want to find out about these fish:

Changing Your Inventory Background:
1.  Take any shirt you have in your inventory and put it in the bottom-right
spot in your inventory.
2.  Grab it, then press down.  It will act like another spot is there and if
you drop the shirt, it will put the shirt's design as the background. This will
only work with shirt designs.

Don't reset while traveling.  If you reset while visiting another town,
everything you are carrying, including all letters, will be forever lost.  One
person reported that she reset after talking to Porter, but before getting on
the train, and lost everything.

Free shirts and letters at the start
This is a simple trick, but ya only got 1 chance.
1.At the start when Tom gives ya the shirt,drop it outside.
2.Repeat 6 times.
3.Do the same thing when ya get the letter.
4.Mail everyone a letter w/the shirt so they'll like ya.



My thanks to:

gamecubed23 for use of golden fishing pole on GBA island
Miyamoto Wannabe for "look behind stuff" tip
knucklesZ25, MunkMann, Merodi, malik700, Nibbyman and 66Stingray427 for talking
to sleeping villagers tips
scyth02 for originating a post on islander preferences, and to too many people
to mention that responded.  See the posts for details at:
jokey655 for first coelacanth picture link
Credit to MarshallT3 for information about possible additional NES games.
www.animalxing.com/characters.shtml for pictures of islanders
Everyone who posted islander personality information at

YOU ALL!!! Heh...



Just about everything I know about these subjects (and many things I don't
really know for sure!) is in here, so it probably won't do you any good to
email me, but you can try.  I'm at

Corrections, additions, information, etc. etc. etc. - it's all welcome!



This document Copyright 2002 T. Cromis.  If you would like to post this on your
site, send a request via email to t_cromis2@yahoo.com, and I'll be glad to let
you post it, as long as you post it entirely and unchanged.  This document
cannot to be sold, distributed, or reproduced individually or part of a package
for any purpose without my consent.  This FAQ can be used or printed by anyone
for PERSONAL use.
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