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Beginners Guide by JTrost

Version: 4.4 | Updated: 11/08/2002

     ___   __   _   _       ___  ___       ___   _
    /   | |  \ | | | |     /   |/   |     /   | | |
   / /| | |   \| | | |    / /|   /| |    / /| | | |
  / / | | | |\   | | |   / / |__/ | |   / / | | | |
 / /  | | | | \  | | |  / /       | |  / /  | | | |___
/_/   |_| |_|  \_| |_| /_/        |_| /_/   |_| |_____|
 __   __   __    __   __ o  __   __
(___ |  ' (__) __)  __)  | |  ) (__|


4.4 - Nintendo updated its official Animal Crossing website, thus I must make
an update as well.  Keep these e-mails coming people.  That's the only way I
can effectively improve this guide!  I made small updates to the NES and
Secrets sections.  Hopefully a larger update will come in the next few days.

4.3 - Added NES game descriptons and updated Universal Codes.  I'm thinking
that this guide is almost complete.  It's silly, really.  This FAQ is larger
than both of the "real" FAQS on this site, yet I'm only skimming the surface of
this game.  I really don't want this guide to reach over 110k, so I think I'll
cut down on some useless and repetitive information and add new information
that could prove to be more useful.  Nonetheless, new games are coming out in
November that I will be writing guides for, and this one will be complete

4.2 - Added an FAQ question to NES FAQ.  Updated Universal Codes again.  Sooner
than later I am hoping to rearrange the Universal Codes section so there are
three or four codes going horizontally.  This will mean for less vertical
scrolling from you.  Finally, I made a few changes to the Beginner's FAQ thanks
to some e-mail questions I have received.  KEEP THE E-MAIL COMING EVERYBODY!

4.1 - Updated visitors section.  All I need now are the prices for the Spooky,
Jingle, Snowman, and Harvest furniture sets and the Visitor's section will be
complete!  I also took into account that most of you probably don't like
scrolling through these updates, so I moved most of them to the very end of the
guide into section XXII, "Previous Updates".  Finally, a small error was fixed
in the NES Game Comparrison Chart.  Keep all of your error reports coming
everyone, so far they're extremely helpful!

4.0 - HUGE UPDATE!  Updated FAQ.  Added NES, Fossils, Paintings, and Gyroids
Sections.  I believe no more sections will be added for a while now, but
massive updates are still being done every day.  Expect updated guides to be
popping up once every couple days with minor updates.

     I. Introduction
    II. On the Train
   III. Welcome to Your Town
        A. The Police Station
        B. The Wishing Well
        C. The Able Sisters
        D. The Post Office
        E. The Junk Yard
        F. Tom Nook's Shop
        G. The Museum
        H. The Dock
        I. Your Neighbors
        J. Song Board
    IV. Working at Nook's
     V. Paying off Your Debt
    VI. The Mail
   VII. Animal Island
  VIII. K.K. Slider
    IX. Visitors
     X. HRA Academy
    XI. Fishing
   XII. Bug Catching
  XIII. eReader
   XIV. NES Games
    XV. Fossils
   XVI. Painting
  XVII. Gyroids
 XVIII. Beginner's FAQ
         A. General Questions
         B. Basic Gameplay Issues
         C. Advanced Gameplay Issues
         D. NES Game Questions
         E. Accessory Questions
         F. Resources
   XIV. Secrets/Tips and Tricks
    XX. Contacting Me
   XXI. Credits
  XXII. Previous Updates

I. Introduction
Welcome to Animal Crossing, where anything is possible.  Imagine a world where
you are free to do as you wish with virtually no restrictions.  Imagine a world
with no foreseeable goal other than to continue living a peaceful, humble life.
 This world is Animal Crossing, where you control your own destiny.  A game
such as this one can seem overwhelming at its start, and to many gamers new to
Nintendo's constant innovation a guide like this is your only resource to
understanding what is to come, what to do, and how to do it.  In the next seven
sections each part of the first hour of this game is covered in great detail,
each section covering its own unique aspect of this massive game.  It is
impossible to provide a solid walkthrough for this game seeing how everything
from the layout of your town, to the items that you can buy, to the neighbors
that you have are completely random, but this guide tries its dangest to make
you comfortable with your new virtual home.

II. On the Train
Animal Crossing starts out on a train to your future town.  Here you will meet
Rover the Cat, who asks you questions about yourself and where you're going. 
This is probably one of the most important parts of the game because the way
you answer his questions have an effect on what you look like, what gender you
are, your town's name, and your name.  His questions are listed below:

I. "Excuse me, can you tell me if I have the right time?"
He then tells you the time.  If it is correct, tell him so.  Otherwise you can
change the time.

II. "Do you mind if I sit here?"
This only has an effect on what your face looks like.  He will sit down
regardless of what you say.

III. "What's your name?"
Enter your name exactly how you want it spelled.  I recommend not using special
characters because that
makes trading over the Internet more difficult.

IV & V.  You are now asked how you like your name.
If you say it's cool, he guesses you are a boy.  If you say it's cute, he
guesses you are a girl.  If he
guesses incorrectly, you have the option of correcting him.

VI. "Where are you going?"
Enter the name of your town exactly how you want it spelled.  I recommend not
using special characters because that makes trading over the Internet more

VII. "Why are you going there?"
This only has an effect on what your face looks like.

IX. "Do you have somewhere to live there?"
This only has an effect on what your face looks like.

Rover now goes to call his friend, Tom Nook, who will hook you up with a very
unstylish pad.  Rover comes back, and says a few more things.  Just about this
time the train arrives at your town.

III. Welcome to Your Town
When you get off the train you are welcomed by your new best friend, Tom Nook. 
Tom will show you four houses, each one of them identical with the exception of
the floor and wallpaper.  I like the top left house personally, but take any
house you'd like.  They all cost the same.  Once you choose your house,
give Tom the 1,000 bells in your pocket.  Unfortunately, that isn't enough to
pay off your 20,000 bell debt, so you're going to find out what it is like to
be an indentured servant in Colonial America, except you'll eventually get your
freedom :)

Nook, at this point, will also explain how your gyroid works.  If you are
sharing your town with another player or players, you can put items for sale
inside your gyroid for other players to buy.  You in return to will receive the
money that they pay for the items.  You're basically running your own shop.

There are a number of locations in your town that you should check out sometime
soon (probably after you finish section V).  These places are outlined below:

A. The Police Station
This is where you will find Copper and Booker, the two Police Dogs.  Copper
will tell you when specific events will happen in your town, so talk to him
every day!  Booker will let you browse through the town's lost and found.  You
can claim every item in the Police Station.

    I. Any Going-Ons - Copper tells you when the next town event is
   II. Anything Lost - Copper says how many lost items there are
  III. What is this? - You receive a brief description of the Police Station
   IV. I need a map (only if you do not live in the village)
    V. Cancel Event - Takes you back to the game

  I. Is this yours?
   A. Yes - You receive the item
   B. No - You don't receive the item

B. The Wishing Well
The Wishing Well is where you will find the mayor on most holidays.  Talk to
him and he will give you a valuable item.  You can also talk to the well and
ask it where you should plant/ chop down more trees in order to make your town
look the best it can.  You can also apologize for items that you cannot deliver
to an animal because he or she moved away.

   I. How are things - Tells you in what acre to plant/cut down more trees, or
      the current condition of the town
  II. Apologize - If you are unable to deliver an item, you can throw it in the
      Wishing Well
 III. What is this? - You receive a brief description of the Wishing Well

C. The Able Sisters
These sisters will let you design your own textures.  There are many texture
looming across the Internet, you just need to look for them.  If you have a GBA
and link cable, you can download the texture maker onto your GBA and take it
with you to your computer to copy textures.  You can also post your designs on
the clothes and umbrellas they have there.  If you do this then you may see one
of your animal's wearing one of your textures one day!  You can also scan an
eCard here and get a texture from your card.

D. The Post Office
There are many things to do here.  First you can connect to the eTM with your
e-Card Reader and GBA Link Cable.  You can then scan Animal Crossing eCards and
get new items.  The Post Office is also where you mail letters and pay off your
debt to Tom Nook.  Once you have your final debt paid off, you can open a bank
account here and store your excess money.

    I. Mail Letter - Mail a letter you have written
   II. (Make a) Deposit - Pay off debt or change saving account balance
  III. Save Letter - Store a letter that you want to keep for future reference
   IV. Cancel Event - Takes you back to the game

E. The Junk Yard
Every morning you will find two items here.  If you do not want them, sell them
to Nook.  You may also dump your trash that you find from fishing here. 
Garbage Pickup is on Monday and Thursday of every week.

F. Tom Nook's Shop
You will find yourself coming here every day.  Tom is the only way you can play
this game.  At his shop you can add on to your house once you have paid off
your debt, buy new stationary, tools, furniture, clothes, umbrellas, and many
other items, see the current turnip prices, trade items with other players,
sell your excess items, and view your catalog of all of the items that you have
collect (and order items from the catalog).  Tom Nook's Store has four stages:

Nook's Cranny - Initial Store
Nook 'N Go - First Upgrade
Nookway - Second Upgrade
Nookingtons - Last Upgrade

In order to get Nookington's, someone from another town must visit your town
and buy something from the Nookway.  You must also spend at least 150,000 bells
at his store.

   I. Sell - Sell an item.  Press X to select multiple items in order to save
  II. Catalog - See all of the items that you have collected so far.  You may
      order some items
 III. Other Things
      A. Turnip Prices - See how much Tom is buying turnips for
      B. Say Code - Send an item to another Animal Crossing player
      C. Hear Code - Receive an item from another Animal Crossing player
      D. Cancel Event - Go back to game
  IV. Cancel Event - Go back to game

G. The Museum
Here you can donate fish, insects, paintings, and fossils you find.  It's nice
to keep a collection of all of these things.  I am not sure what, if anything,
happens once your museum collection is complete.

   I. Donate an item - Give a fish, fossil, painting, or bug to Blathers
  II. What's This? - You receive a brief description on the Museum

H. The Dock
Hook your GBA into your GameCube and you can visit Animal Island.  See section
VIII for more details about this.

I. Your Neighbors
You may have up to 15 neighbors in your town, so it'll eventually become pretty
crowded.  Make sure you talk to them, help them out, and write them letters on
a regular basis, or they will move out!

J. Song Board
This is located outside the Post Office.  This lets you make your town theme,
which plays in different pitches whenever you talk to another character.  You
can also hook up your eCard Reader here and scan town songs.

IV. Working at Nook's
Make your way to Tom Nook's shop.  If you need help finding it, go back to the
Train Station and look at the map.  Once you're at his shop he gives you work
clothes.  Press start and grab your clothes.  Now drag them up to your
character and press A.  You are now wearing your work clothes.  Now talk to
Nook again and he'll start giving you jobs to do in order to pay off your debt.

Job I
You receive some flowers and tress to plant outside the shop.  Go outside and
stand in a square where there are not other flowers or trees.  Now go to your
item screen, highlight the item you want to plant, press A, and select "bury". 
Do this with all of the plants you have, and be creative!

Job II
You have a lot of new neighbors, so go talk to them; get to know them!  Once
you have talked to all of your neighbors AND the mayor at the wishing well, go
back to Nook.

Now you get to deliver an item to an animals in the town.  Once Tom gives you
the item, go back to the Train Station and look at the map.  Find out where
that animal lives and go deliver the item to him or her.  That's it!

Job IV
Next you need to write a letter to an animal in the town.  To do this, select
the stationary that Nook gave you, and select "write letter".  Now choose the
animal's name who you were told to write a letter to. Follow this format when
writing your letter:
"Hello (animal's name).  My name is (your name).  Please visit Tom Nook's shop
Now go to the post office and mail it.

Job V
Now you will have to deliver an axe to the animal you sent a letter to in Job
III.  This animals will show you and thank you for the letter.

Job VI
Your final job is to go to the town message board and post a message
advertising Tom's shop.  The message board is located by your house.  Read the
current messages on there, then press A to make a new one. Follow this format
when writing your message:
"Please come to Tom Nook's shop!  You will find great deals there!"

Once you have completed your sixth job, Nook will be all out of jobs for you. 
Hopefully by now you have paid off at least 500 bells of you debt, but now you
must pay off the remaining, which isn't fun without the proper tools.

V. Paying off Your Debt
Once you have completed your six jobs, it is up to you to pay off the remaining
money for your house. This is probably the trickiest debt to pay off because
you have very little resources for money.  Here are a few ways to get money,

-Shake Trees.  100 bell bags will fall out.  These add up!
-Take your fruit to Animal Island (see Section VIII).
-Do chores for the animals in your town.  This is also a great way to earn new
-Catch bugs.  This is the best way to make money aside from Animal Island when
paying off your first debt.
-Dig up fossils and sell them.  Fossils usually go for at least 1,000 bells,
and some for much more!
-If you somehow get a fishing pole before paying off your first debt, FISH!  A
few Barred Knifejaws and
 Snappers, and you'll have that debt paid off in no time.
-Dig up money in glowing spots, and bury the bag of money again.  A Money Tree
will grow with 3,00 bells
on it.
-Send letters to your animals and attach unwanted items.  They will reply
usually, and send you better

Sea Shells:
 Conch - 350
 Coral - 250
 Porceletta    - 30
 Lion’s Paw    - 40
 Sand Dollar   - 60
 Venus Comb    - 150
 Wentletrap    - 20
 White Scallop - 450

Sea Fish:
 Sea Bass        - 120
 Red Snapper     - 3,000
 Barred Knifejaw - 5,000
 Colecanth       - 15,000
 (See FISH section for more information about fish)

 Domestic Fruit - 100
 Foreign Fruit  - 500

 When paying off your initial debt, the above listed will be your main source
of income.  Please note that the Colecanth can only be found while it's

VI. The Mail
Writing letters is a very important concept in Animal Crossing.  These animals
like short letters that get
straight to the point.  Here are a few tips:

-Always use the recipients name in the letter.
-Always use your name in the letter.
-Use good words like "love", "great", "happy", and "excited".
-Use your town's name if possible.
-Don't use swear words.
-Don't use short hand (i.e. substituting "u" for "you", or "4" for "for").
-Keep it short.
-Always use proper grammar and complete sentences.
-If in doubt, type your letter in Microsoft Word and spell check it before
writing an animal.

Here is an ideal letter.  Attach a present to it and you are guaranteed a
response and maybe a present:
"Hello (animal's name).  This is (your name).  Don't you love (your town's
name).  You are my best friend! Here is a great present for you.  It is a
(present's name)."

Of course, if you wish, you could try to make your animals mad by writing them
bad letters and calling them names.  But that isn't too smart, now is it?

A     - Enter Letter
B     - Backspace
Y     - Switch Keyboard
L     - Space
R     - Change Caps (Letter Keyboard only)
Z     - Switches between QWERTY and Alphabetical Keyboards
D-Pad - Edit

When to Write
On occasions, when you ask an animal for a favor or to chat, he or she will ask
you about writing letters.  If this is ever brought up that's a subtle hint to
send this animal a letter ASAP!  Attach a present, and you'll likely get
something very cool in return!

On your birthday animals will send you presents.  It's always nice of you to
write each animal back and thank him or her.  Also one animal will wait at your
door when you first play the game on your birthday.  This animal will give you
an NES game.  Remember to write this animal as well.

It is also good to write letters randomly to animals every now and then. 
Simply tell them hi, and ask them how they're doing.  Attach a piece of paper
or domestic fruit to sweeten the deal.

VII. Animal Island
If you go to the dock with your GBA turned on and connected to your GCN, a boat
should be there.  Go talk to the guy inside it, and you will be able to access
Animal Island.  Once here you will meet your islander.  He/She will often ask
you for items.  Give those items to your islander, and he/ she will be more
willing to give you better items in return.  Here are some things you can do on
Animal Island:

Fruit Trick
Take as much fruit as you can to Animal Island.  Attach some of it to letters
if you have to.  Now drop all of it and return to the main land.  Now make your
islander eat all of the fruit, and he/ she will leave you money in return. 
Make sure you grab this money and put it somewhere where your islander will
not pick it up again.  When you return to Animal Island, you will find money
bags containing either 100 bells, 1,0000 bells, 10,000 bells, or even 30,000
bells!  You can easily make over 10,000 bells doing this.

Furniture Trick
Go to Animal Island with the following:
-Old Furniture that you don't want
-At least 3 pieces of fruit
-A Golden Shovel

Now bury all of the furniture and drop your fruit and shovel.  On your GBA,
make your islander eat the fruit and then pick up the gold shovel.  He/She will
now dig up your old items and replace them with better items (even some NES
games such as Wario's Woods and Baseball)!  This is a great way to get new

Fishing Trick
Go to Animal Island with the following:
-Golden Fishing Pole
-At least three pieces of fruit

Drop the fruit and gold fishing pole.  On your GBA make you islander eat the
fruit then pick up the fishing pole.  He/She will now fish, and get some rare
items and maybe even new NES games for you.

Animal Island is summer year-round, so feel free to plant as many fruit trees
as you want here during the winter so you have a steady supply of them.  There
is only one type of fruit that each Islander doesn't like.  You can only find
out what fruit this is by testing.

During the winter your town's trees will not grow fruit.  It is a good idea to
therefore introduce fruit to the island before winter sets in.  That way you
have a steady supply of fruit during the winter.  If you would like, you could
also introduce cocnuts (the fruit domestic to the island) to your village.  The
only practical purpose that would serve, though, is to generate money, which
isn't a bad idea at all.

VIII. K.K. Slider
Also known as Totakeke (his Japanese name), K.K. Slider is the dog that will
appear at the Train Station every Saturday night starting at 8:00 P.M.  K.K.
Slider will play songs for you, and then will give the song to you.  You can
then put it inside your stereo and listen to the song whenever you wish.  Here
is a
list of his 55 songs.

01) K.K.Chorale
02) K.K.March
03) K.K.Waltz
04) K.K.Swing
05) K.K.Jazz
06) K.K.Fusion
07) K.K.Etude
08) K.K.Lulaby
09) K.K.Aria
10) K.K.Samba
11) K.K.Bossa
12) K.K.Calypso
13) K.K.Salso
14) K.K.Mambo
15) K.K.Reggae
16) K.K.Ska
17) K.K.Tango
18) K.K.Faire
19) Aloha K.K.
20) Lucky K.K.
21) K.K.Condor
22) K.K.Steppe
23) Imperial K.K.
24) K.K.Casbah
25) K.K.Safari
26) K.K.Folk
27) K.K.Rock
28) Rockin' K.K.
29) K.K.Ragtime
30) K.K.Gumbo
31) The K Funk
32) K.K.Blues
33) Soulful K.K.
34) K.K.Soul
35) K.K.Crusin'
36) K.K.Love Song
37) K.K.Drum & Bass
38) K.K.Technopop
39) DJ K.K.
40) Only Me
41) K.K.Country
42) K.K.Surfin'
43) K.K.Ballard
44) Comrade K.K.
45) K.K.Lament
46) Go K.K. Rider!
47) K.K.Dirge
48) K.K.Western
49) Mr. K.K.
50) Café K.K. (note the accent on the "e")
51) K.K.Parade
52) Senor K.K.
53) K.K.Song
54) I Love You
55) Two Days Ago

*Note that I Love You, K.K. Song, and Two Days Ago must be requested.  K.K.
Slider will not play these songs unless you request them.

There is a way to hear as many K.K. Songs as you'd like in one night, but not
actually receive the song.  What you do is talk to K.K. Slider with every one
of your 15 inventory slots occupied.  He will play a song for you, but he will
not give it to you.  Then go talk to him again and he'll play a completely
different song.  This is a good strategy to use when you don't know what song
you want.  Talk to him until you hear a song you like, then request it after
you drop one of your inventory items.

IX. Visitors
Every three or four days, an event will occur at your town.  In order to find
out what event is happening at you town, go to Copper and ask him about
going-ons.  On the day that these vitiors arrive, talk to Copper again to find
out where they are.  Sometimes you will have two events within one day.  For
example, Crazy Redd may be in town the same day as Joan is, or Saharah may
visit on your birthday.  A brief description of each known event is below...

Crazy Redd
Redd will sell you some extremely rare items that you will not be able to find
anywhere else.  The only downside is that these items are always way
overpriced.  Make sure you bring at least 100,000 bells with you, and buy
everything he has.  You may never see any of those items again.

Redd's Items     Nook's Price
Akiko figurine             3200

Amazing Painting           7840

Backyard pool              3960

ballon fight              12000

basic painting             7840

bass                       9600

Black bishop              11200

black knight              11200

black rook                11200

blue bed                   8400

cabana bed                 8800

cabana chair               6400

cabin chair                6800

cabin dresser              8640

classic vanity            10240

classic wardrobe          10240

clu clu land              12000

common painting            7840

computer                   7280

dainty painting            7840

deer scare                 7200

dice stereo                8600

ebony piano               15200

exotic bed                10160

exotic table               9200

famous painting            7840

flowery painting           7840

frog woman pole            5600

golf                      12000

green dresser              9280

green wardrobe             9200

High-end stereo           11000

hinaningyo                10240

Judges bell                7160

kiddie bed                 8400

kiddie clock               5920

lawn mower                11040

letter chubby              9200

lovely Armoire            88960

lovely end table           7200

lovely stereo              7920

luigi trophy              28000

modern end table           7600

modern wardrobe           10240

moving painting            7840

nes console               12000

pinball                   12000

quaint painting            7840

ranch chair                5600

ranch dresser             10880

red corner                27200

regal bed                 12480

robo-clock                 5600

saddle fence               8720

scary painting             7840

steam roller              18000

super toilet               7920

tanabata palm              7700

tinpano drum               8400

turntable                 10320

well                      10800

white bishop              11200

white knight              11200

white rook                11200

wide-screen t.v.           8800

This is the weird Egyptian lady who sells carpets.  She has a nice system to
rip you off too.  Make sure you bring at least 60,000 bells and five or six
common carpets with you.  She will start to randomly name off rare carpets that
you can buy.  If you do not want that carpet, then decline and talk to her
until she names a carpet you want.  Her first carpet will cost you 3,000 bells
and one common carpet.  Her second carpet will cost you 6,000 bells and one
common carpet.  Her third carpet will cost you 12,000 bells and one common
carpet.  She will keep on doubling her price until you get to 48,000 bells, but
you only have to give her one carpet each time.  Make sure you make some good
choices because you're going to be paying a lot for these carpets.

Saharah's Items    Nook's Price
Ancient Tile              2400

Basement Floor            2125

Boxing ring Mat           2500

Chessboard Rug            2075

Classroom floor           1500

closed road               1625

concrete floor            1800

Daisy meadow              1800

Lunar surface             2000

Mossy Carpet              2000

office floring            1700

Saharah's desert          1800

Sand garden               1750

sandlot                   1950

tropical Floor            2050

Western Desert            1700

Every town has its gypsy, and luckily for us Katrina is just a temporary one. 
Her readings will cost you 50 bells.  She will arrive at 9:00 P.M. and will
stay for 24 hours.  At first she will tell you something
that will be very difficult to understand, but then she will tell you what it
means.  A number of things can happen after she gives you her readings, which
are listed below.

You'll have good luck :: Shake trees or dig with the golden shovel to discover
                         countless 1,000 bell bags
You'll have bad luck  :: When you are running, you will trip and fall every now
                         and then
You'll be unpopular   :: Villagers will not like you
You'll become lucky   :: It will be easier for you to receive rare items
You'll be loved       :: Villagers of the opposite sex will become
                         spontaneously attracted to you

She will be hard to miss because she's the animal by the shiny red sports car. 
She will want you to wash her car for her in exchange for new clothes.  Once
you are ready to wash the car, you must press the A button as fast as possible.
 Ignore all pain that may come to your thumb while doing this because you need
to rapidly press that A button like there are no reprecussions.  If you do a
satisfactory job of washing her car, you'll get a common shirt.  However, if
you do a good job of washing her car, you'll get a rare shirt.  The faster you
wash her car, the better job you'll do.  You may only do this once per visit.

Gracie's Items    Nook's Price
butterfly shirt          1800

cartipillar tee          1700

citrus shirt             1600

coral shirt              1550

cow print                1600

crossing shirt           1550

fiendish shirt           1700

giraffe print            1550

gracies's print          1550

grape shirt              1600

grass shirt              1450

groovy shirt             1600

ladybug shirt            1350

lavender Robe            1450

Leopard print            1600

Melon shirt              1600

orange pinstrip          1250

pulse shirt              1500

shirt circuit            1280

snow shirt               1700

splendid shirt           1550

strawberry shirt         1600

swell shirt              1500

tiger print              1600

tin shirt                1600

watermelon shirt         1600

zebra print              1600

This guy loves his food, especially fish.  Feed him a fish, preferably one from
the ocean, and he will give you a rare wallpaper.  You may only give him one
fish per visit he makes.  If you give him an item other than a fish, he keeps
the item and gives you nothing in return, so be careful!

Wendell's Items   Nook's Price
Ancient wall              2300

Backgammon wall           1800

Basement wall             1875

Blue Tarp                 1400

classrom wall             1500

Desert Vists              2250

Garden wall               1600

Industrial wall           1750

Lunar Horizon             1900

Meadow Vista              2000

Mortar Wall               1750

Music Room Wall           1600

Office Wall               1750

Ringside seating          2250

Sandlot wall              1700

Tree-Lined Wall           1850

Tropical vista            2300

western Vista             1500

Joan sells turnips to you every Sunday so you can play the "Stalk Market". 
Much like the Stock Market, you want to buy low and sell high.  It's best to
buy 1,000 turnips at less than 100 bells per turnip.  Make sure you don't buy
too many turnips (more than 1,0000 just to be on the safe side), or the Stalk
Market will crash and you'll end up losing a lot of money.  On Monday go to Tom
Nook and select "Other Things", then select "Turnip Prices".  He will tell you
how much he is buying each turnip for.  As long as you're making a 500 bells
profit on each turnip, go ahead and sell!  If not, wait until Tuesday and see
what happens with the prices.  If the prices went up on Tuesday, then you need
to make a decision.  You can either sell, or wait until Wednesday to see if the
price goes up more.  Wednesday should be the abolsute LATEST you sell turnips
because towards the end of the week the prices always go down.  However,
on Tuesday if the prices have gone down from Monday, sell your tyurnips because
the chances of the market recovering that week are very slim.  Play the Stalk
Market with your brains, and you'll make plenty of money!

Occasionally, a bird will wash up on shore.  He will appear randomly once a
week at a random place towards the bottom of the map.  Keep on talking to him,
even if he ignores you at first, and he will eventually give you an item. 
These are rare items, and cannot be traded or bought again from Tom Nook.  They
do sell for quite a good sum of money as well!  He will be on shore from 6:00
A.M. to 12:00 A.M.  You just have to guess on what day he'll be there.

Gulliver's Items Nook's Price
Arc de Triomphe           2300

Bottled Ship               840

Chinese Lion              1200

Chinese Lioness           1800

Compass                    320

Fishing Bear               680

Lady Liberty              2300

Manekin pis               1300

Maytyoshka                 980

Merlion                   2300

Mermaid statue            1900

Mouth of Truth            1900

Pagoda                    1280

Plate Armor               1850

shogi Piece               1250

Stone Coin                1400

Tiger Bobblehead           580

Tokyo Tower               1150

Tower of Pisa             2300

Tribal Mask               1100

On Halloween, Jack will appear from 6:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M.  He will not
approach you for candy.  Instead, you must approach him.  If you do, then he
will give you a piece of Spooky Furniture.  You can continue to do this until
you have all of the pieces of the Spooky Set.

Jack's Items
Spooky Table

Spooky Chair

Spooky Bed

Spooky Dresser

Spooky Wardrobe

Spooky Bookcase

Spooky Sofa

Spooky Clock

Spooky Lamp

Spooky Vanity

From 3:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. on Thanksgiving, Franklin will appear.  He doesn't
like the fact that he's the main course at the dinner, so he asks you to bring
him a piece of silverware.  For each piece you bring him, he will give you a
piece of furniture from the Harvest Set.

Franklin's Items
Harvest Bed

Harvest Bureau

Harvest Chair

Harvest Clock

Harvest Dresser

Harvest Lamp

Harvest Mirror

Harvest Sofa

Harvest Table

Harvest TV

On Christmas Eve, Jingle will appear from 8:00 P.M. until 1:00 A.M.  Find and
talk to him and he will give you a piece of furniture from the Jingle Set.  Now
change clothes and find him again, and he'll give you a different piece of

Jingle's Items
Jingle Table

Jingle Chair

Jingle Bed

Jingle Dresser

Jingle Wardrobe

Jingle Lamp

Jingle Shelves

Jingle Sofa

Jingle Clock

Jingle Piano

From Christmas day until February 15, you'll find small snowballs around.  Roll
them on the ground for a bit and they will eventually form a snowman.  The
snowman will then give you a piece of furniture from the Snowman Set.  Keep on
doing this until you have every piece of furniture.

Snowman's Items
Snowman Table

Snowman Chair

Snowman Bed

Snowman Dresser

Snowman Wardrobe

Snowman Fridge

Snowman Lamp

Snowman Sofa

Snowman TV

Snowman Clock

Every Sunday in November and June, Chip will host a fishing contest.  In this
contest, you must catch as many basses, small basses, and large basses as
possible.  If you catch a large bass, he will give you a prize.

This ghost appears randomly in your town between the hours of 12:00 A.M. and
4:00 A.M.  You will hear a voice call you to come closer to it, and once you
come within an extremely close proximity of Wisp, he'll appear.  He will tell
you to collect five ghost sprites before 4:00 A.M., and to come back to him
when you do so.  Once you have collected all five sprites, he will offer to do
one of three tasks: paint your roof a color of your choice, pull all of the
weeds in the town, or receive an item.

Wisp is very hard to find sometimes, but as long as you are persistant you will
find him.

K.K. Slider
See Section VIII for information about K.K. Slider AKA Totakeke.

X. HRA Academy
Tom will ask you on the first day whether or not you want to join the HRA.  You
better say yes!  The HRA grades your house, depending on its neatness,
organization, and where items are placed.  The two biggest ways to increase
your point total is to have good items within a complete series.  That is
described in the two charts below.

ITEM(S)                         POINTS
Clothes, Fish, Insects          - 0003
Items from Tom Nook             - 0051
Items from Crazy redd           - 0412
Items from Saharah              - 0412
Items from Wendell              - 0412
Items from Guliver              - 0412
Buyable items from Tortimer     - 0412
Limited Time Items              - 0700
Gyroids                         - 0821
Items from Snowman              - 0888
Fossiles (a piece)              - 1000
E-Reader Furniture              - 1000
Special NES Games               - 1000
E-Reader NES Games              - 1000
Birthday Cake                   - 1000
Lottery Prizes                  - 1029
Items from Jack                 - 1031
After completing Museum         - 1111
Winning a fishing competition   - 1111
Non Buyable items from Tortimer - 1111
Maxing HRA Points               - 1111
Items from Island               - 1300
Baseball/Wario's Woods          - 1983

Many points are also awarded for complete rooms, as listed below:

Complete living essentials w/ different series's - 04400
Complete living essentials w/ same series        - 16000
Only wallpaper and carpet from same series       - 01000
Complete Series                                  - # of pieces x 7000 + 15000
Complete Basic Series                            - 48000
Matching wallpaper and carpet (different series) - 10000
Complete furniture from same set                 - # of pieces x 3000
Lucky of Special items                           - 777

Definitions for above charts:

Living Essentials          - Tables, Chair, Bed, and place to store items
Complete Living Essentials - 10 furniture pieces in a series
Lucky Items                - The Items listed below are lucky:
                             G Logo
			     Big Festive Tree
			     Festive Tree
			     Tanabata Palm
			     Mario Trophy
			     Luigi Trophy
			     House Model
			     Manor Model
			     Post Model
			     Treasure Chest
			     Samurai Suit
			     Piggy Bank
			     Angler Trophy
			     Fishing Trophy
			     Spring Medal
                             Autumn Medal

The HRA gives you two awards once your house receives so many points.  These
are rare items, and cannot be traded or bought again, so store them away
somehwere or even flaunt them if you like!
70,000  - House Model
100,000 - Manor Model

XI. Bug Catching
The net will be available on the first day alongside the shovel.  This net will
be very useful to you in the early stages of the game, especially before you
receive the fishing pole.  To use your bug net, go to the item screen and grab
it  Drag it up to your character and press the A button.  Now you're reading to
go bug catching!

It's extremely difficult to catch bugs when it's raining, mainly because there
is only one bug out when it is raining, the pond skater.  This is the bug that
hover in the smaller bodies of water in your village.

Now that you're sure it's not raining, we can catch some bugs.  There are two
tactics to use, depending on the type of bug that you want to catch.  If you
want to catch a flying bug (i.e. Red Dragonfly, Butterfly, Mosquito), then you
can run at them.  These bugs are slow, and will not react quickly to your

However, if you are trying to catch a land bug, such as a grasshopper, then you
need to be extremely quiet and move slowly.  If you do scare a bug, remember
that it will never travel outside the acre you found it in unless it was
resting on a flower or tree.  If that is the case, then you will lose that bug.
 If it is just aimlessly running on the ground, though, you'll be able to catch
it with just a little effort.

Some bugs can only be caught in certain places during certain times of the day
during certain times of the year.  You therefore need to make sure you catch
every bug within the allotted time, or you may not see that bug for another

INSECT                 NOOK'S PRICE           MONTHS                       TIME
Ant                              80           All year                  all day
Bagworm                         250           October-March             all day
Banded Dragonfly              4,500           July-August               8am-5pm
Bee                           4,500           All year                  all day
Bell Cricket                    430           September-October         5pm-8am
Brown Cicada                    200           July-August               8am-5pm
Cockroach                         5           March-November            all day
Common Butterfly                 80           March-October             8am-5pm
Common Dragonfly                130           May-July                  8am-5pm
Cricket                         130           September-November        5pm-8am
Darner Dragonfly                200           June-August                8am5pm
Drone Beetle                     80           July-August               all day
Dynastid Beetle               1,350           July-August               7pm-8am
Evening Cicada                  850           July-August      4am-8am  4pm-7pm
Firefly                         250           June                      7pm-4am
Flat Stag Beetle              2,000           June-August               7pm-8am
Giant Beetle                 10,000           July-August              11pm-8am
Grasshopper                     130           August-September          8am-5pm
Jewel Beetle                  3,000           July-August               8am-4pm
Ladybug                         130           March-July, October       8am-5pm
Long Locust                     200           August-November           8am-5pm
Longhorn Beetle                 200           June-Auugust              8am-5pm
Mantis                          430           August-September          8am-5pm
Migratory Locust              1,350           September-November        8am-7pm
Mole Cricket                    200           November-May              all day
Mosquito                        130           May-September            8am-11pm
Mountain Beetle               2,000           July-August               7pm-8am
Pill Bug                        250           All year                  all day
Pine Cricket                    100           September-October         5pm-8am
Pondskater                      130           June-September            8am-7pm
Purple Butterfly              2,000           June-August               8am-5pm
Red Dragonfly                    80           September-October         8am-7pm
Robust Cicada                   300           July-August               8am-5pm
Saw Stag Beetle               2,000           July-August               7pm-8am
Snail                           250           April-September           all day
Spider                          300           April-September           all day
Spotted Ladybug                 200           March-July, October       8am-5pm
Tiger Butterfly                 200           April-September           8am-5pm
Walker Cicada                   400           July-September            8am-5pm
Yelllow Butterfly                80           March-October             8am-5pm

XII. Fishing
The fishing pole will become available after the first couple days, most likely
after Nook upgrades his store for the first time.  Fishing is extremely fun and
lucrative, but can also be tedious at the same time.

Fishing requires a lot of patience and no running.  If you run whilst within a
close proximity of a fish, it will disappear.  A fish's shadow can be seen from
the surface, so when you see a fish, there are a number of things you have to
do.  First, take note of the direction of the current.  After you cast your
line, it will slowly flow in the direction the current takes it.  Second, find
a good place to stand to cast your line.  You may have to cast it multiple
times before a fish bites, so make it a good spot.  Lastly, take note of the
movement of the fish.  Some fish move around a lot, whereas others stay
relatively still.  You will have to cast your line accordingly to the three
criteras mentioned above.

Once you have decided where to cast your line, press the A button to do so. 
You no longer have any control over it, so ready your thumb on the A button and
prepare to reel that fish in.  At first the fish will nibble a little bit.  Do
not reel in your fish while it nibbles.  Wait until the bobber has sunk all of
the way under water and the rumble is going on for a prolonged period of time
before pressing the A button.  You only have to press the A button once, then
there will be a small struggle before the fish is caught.  Sometimes a fish
will not nibble, and just bite.  This is why you have to be prepared.

There are seven fish that you really want to look out for.  These fish are
worth the most money, and will really help you on your way to paying off your
debt.  They are listed below:

FISH                 NOOK'S PRICE           MONTHS                         TIME
Angelfish            3,000                  May-October                 4pm-9am
Arapaima            10,000                  July-September              4pm-9am
Arowana             10,000                  June-September     4am-9am  4pm-9am
Barbell Steed          200                  All year                    all day
Barred Knifejaw      5,000                  March-November     4am-9am  4pm-9pm
Bass                   N/A                  All year                    all day
Bitterling           1,300                  Decmber-February            all day
Blue Gill              120                  All year                    9am-4pm
Brook Trout            150                  All year                    all day
Carp                   300                  All year                    all day
Catfish                200                  May-October                 4pm-9am
Cherry Salmon        1,300                  Mar-June, Sept-Nov 4am-9am  4pm-9pm
Coelanth            15,000                  All year                    4pm-9am
Crawfish               250                  April-September             all day
Crucian Carp           120                  All year                    all day
Dace                   200                  All year                    4pm-9am
Eel                  2,000                  June-September              4pm-9am
Freshwater Goby        300                  All year                    all day
Frog                   250                  May-August                  all day
Giant Catfish        3,000                  June-August                 4pm-9am
Giant Snakehead      6,500                  June-August                 9am-4pm
Goldfish             1,300                  All year                    all day
Guppy                1,300                  April-November              9am-4pm
Jellyfish              100                  Second half of August       all day
Killifish              300                  April-August                all day
Koi                  2,000                  All year                    all day
Large Bass           3,000                  All year                    all day
Large Char          10,000                  Mar-June  Sept-Nov 4am-9am  4pm-9pm
Loach                  300                  March-May                   all day
Pale Chub              200                  All year                    9am-4pm
Piranah              6,500                  June-September     9am-4pm  9pm-4am
Pond Smelt             300                  December-February           all day
Popeyed Goldfish     1,300                  All year                    9am-4pm
Rainbow Trout          650                  Mar-June  Sept-Nov 4am-9am  4pm-9pm
Red Snapper          3,000                  All year                    4pm-9am
Salmon                 650                  September                   all day
Sea Bass               120                  August-September                N/A
Small Bass             200                  All year                    all day
Stringfish          15,000                  December-February           4pm-9am
Sweetfish            1,300                  July-September              all day

Some fish are more rare than others.  The Red Snapper and Barred Knifejaw can
be found in the sea at any time.  You just need to keep on catching fish.  You
will catch many Sea Bass in the sea, and it will eventually become extremely
annoying, but just keep at it.  The Colecanth can only be caught when it is
raining outside.  You know when you have come across one of these things
because it is signiciantly larger than the rest of the fish.  Some of the
Stream and Waterfall fish are much more rare and elusive.  Your best bet is to
just stick to the ocean.

XIII. eReader
The eReader is Nintendo's new Game Boy Advance peripheral that allows scanned
cards to be transmitted through the GBA and into the Nintendo GameCube in the
case of Animal Crossing.  In order to efficiently use the eReader, you must
have the following hardware:

eReader            - $49.99
Game Boy Advance   - $89.99 (fluctuates)
GCN/GBA Link Cable - $19.99 (First Party Cable)
TOTAL              - $160

As you see, this is not cheap by any means.  However, if you do have all of
this hardware then Animal Crossing is just that more interesting.  Included
with the eReader hardware is an Animal Crossing card.  This card, if scanned at
the eTM, will give you a copy of K.K. Ska.  However, if you do not have a link
cable, you will receive a code.  Mail this code to one of your villagers to
receive a Gold Stereo.

Any day now the first set of ereader cards will be released.  Once the cards
begin to pile up, this section will do the same.  Until then, this news article
from POCKET.IGN.COM should give you all of the information you need.

If you've been playing around with the GameCube life simulator Animal Crossing,
you should keep your eyes out for the upcoming set of cards that will enhance
your gaming further. The first set of Animal Crossing e-Reader Cards will be
shipping by the end of this month, and we've got the package artwork for the
first series of cards.

As previously reported, there will be a total of four different series of cards
throughout the retail life of Animal Crossing. The first series, due this
October, will contain a total of 66 cards, each pack containing a random
assortment of five cards. The entire first series of Animal Crossing e-Reader
cards will include 60 Character cards, four Town Tune cards, and two texture
design cards. Each pack will retail for $2.99.

The Character Cards have two passwords, one printed on the card and one in the
Dot Code. If you swipe the card when it's attached to the GameCube game, you
will receive an item immediately. Items include a variety of furniture,
clothes, etc. If you enter the password in a letter to one of your villagers,
you might receive the item as well...but this is not guaranteed. Town Tune
cards will allow you to change your town's melody to the melody encoded on the
e-Reader Dot Code strip. Design cards will import the texture embedded on the
card's Dot Code strip into the GC game.

Places to use the E-Reader
I.   eTM Machine at the Post Office
II.  Song Board outside of Post Office
III. Able Sisters' Shop

XIV. NES Games
Basic Facts:
I. If you are the first person using a memory card, you will receive a letter
from Nintendo with a present attached.  Open that present up and there will be
a grab bag containing two NES games.

II.Common games can be traded.  Uncommon games cannot be traded.

III. Uncommon games can be dug up on Animal Island, won at Nook's lottery,
scanned via an eReader card, or found at the official Animal Crossing website

IV.Each NES game is its own console.  The blank NES is simply a decoration
piece.  It's best to store your NES games in the basement.

Game List
Common Games:
-Balloon Fight
-Donkey Kong
-Donkey Kong Jr. Math
-Clu Clu land

Rare games:
-Clu Clu Land D
-Donkey Kong Jr.
-Donkey Kong 3
-Wario's Woods
|Game Comparison Chart|                                                      |
|---------------------                                  Original Release Date|
|GAME                   GENRE              PLAYERS             (Japan)       |
|Pinball                Misc.       1                    February 2, 1984    |
|Golf                   Sports      1-2  Alternatively   May 1, 1984         |
|Balloon Fight          Action      1-2  Simultaneously  January 21, 1985    |
|Tennis                 Sports      1-2  Simultaneously   January 18, 1984   |
|Donkey Kong            Action      1-2  Alternatively   July 15, 1983       |
|Donkey Kong Jr. Math   Educational 1                    December 12, 1983   |
|Excitebike             Racing      1                    November 30, 1984   |
|Clu Clu Land           Puzzle      1-2 Simultaneously   November 22, 1984   |
|Soccer                 Sports      1-2 Simultaneously   April 9, 1985       |
|Clu Clu Land D         Puzzle      1-2  Alternatively   N/A (Need Date)     |
|Donkey Kong Jr.        Action      1-2  Alternatively   July 15, 1983       |
|Punchout!              Sports      1                    November 21, 1987   |
|Donkey Kong 3          Action      1-2  Alternatively   July 4, 1984        |
|Wario's Woods          Puzzle      1                    February 19, 1994   |
|Baseball               Sports      1-2 Simultaneously   December 7, 1983    |

Game Descriptions
Balloon Fight
Genre: Action
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Simultaneously

You control a Balloon Fighter whose hobby is to fly through the air propelled
by his arms, and supported by two giant helium balloons. Other Balloon Fighters
will try to pop your balloons to make you fall, but you must pop their first to
win. Also, beware of the fish in the water and the lightning from the clouds
that will end your ballooning session.

Also included is a Balloon Trip, where your Balloon Fighter must bob through
the skies above a vast ocean dodging the sparks and collecting bubbles and
balloons. The amount of time you survive, and the balloons you collect,
determine your score, and your ranking is shown at the top and changes as you

This game was Nintendo's answer to Joust, a popular arcade game at the time.
Balloon Fight does, however, sport one of the best soundtracks for its time.

Genre: Sports
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Simultaneously

This is a game based on the sport of Baseball. It has fairly simple controls,
but quite difficult AI. There is also a 2-Player mode for people to play as
opposing teams.

Clu Clu Land
Genre: Puzzle
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Simultaneously

This is an innovative game loosely inspired by Pac-Man (albeit very loosely).
You play as Bubbles (Gloopy in Japan), who is a little fishy creature living in
the underwater world of Clu Clu Land. The nasty Sea Urchins have buried all of
the treasure between the poles in Clu Clu Land, and to uncover the treasure,
Bubbles must cross between the poles that litter the land.

Bubbles can't change direction by herself, though. She can only change
direction by extending her arms and swinging on the poles. Additionally, she
can shoot a supersonic beam from her mouth that will stun any sea urchins in
her way, allowing her to push them into the walls of Clu Clu Land.

When you have uncovered all the treasure in an area, the pieces make up a
picture, and you go on to the next stage. As you advance further, you must deal
with increased speed, more urchins, and eventually the treasure will need to be
crossed once or twice to fully uncover it. The very late levels will re-bury
the treasure if you cross over it again - posing some near-impossible puzzles.

Clu Clu Land D
Genre: Puzzle
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Simultaneously

This game is almost identical to Clu Clu Land.  If you know of any differences
other than the start menu, please e-mail me.

Donkey Kong
Genre: Action
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Alternative

This is a port of the Arcade classic, Donkey Kong. Based on the early limited
hardware, the NES version only has three of the four stages that were in the
arcade version, missing out Stage 3 (the conveyor belts).

You control Mario who must climb to the top of a skyscraper to save his
girlfriend Pauline ("Lady" in Japan) from the clutches of the irate ape Donkey
Kong. Each of the stages is played to a different strategy that gets harder
every time you complete it.

Donkey Kong 3
Genre: Action
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Alternative

A port of the Arcade game for the Famicom and NES. Donkey Kong 3 sees you
playing as Stanley the bugman, a little guy who has to protect the flowers in a
greenhouse from the oncoming onslaught of insects using his handy can of
bugspray. The bugs are attacking thanks to Donkey Kong, who hangs in the center
of the screen. Your task is to shoot Donkey Kong up the vines and off the top
of the screen in order to clear a stage. You lose if Donkey Kong drops down
onto the ground, if you get hit by an insect, or if all your flowers are

Donkey Kong Jr.
Genre: Action/Platformer
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Alternative

A port of the Arcade classic on the Famicom and NES. You control Donkey Kong
Jr. who has to rescue his father Donkey Kong from the clutches of Mario (who
captured DK in the first Donkey Kong game). You chase Mario down through a
jungle, into a power plant and finally into Mario's castle. Donkey Kong Jr. can
climb vines to reach where he wants to be - if he holds two at once he can
climb faster, but he descends faster when only holding one. He can drop the
hanging fruit to defeat the enemies on screen.

There are four stages which can be completed by reaching the top platform where
Mario's key is. The final stage is completed by pushing the keys into all of
the locks to free DK. Complete all four stages, and you will restart the game
on a higher difficulty.

Donkey Kong Jr. Math
Genre: Edutainment
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Simultaneously

This game was developed in response to the claim that videogames were not
educational enough. With a combination of characters from Donkey Kong Jr. and
various math problems ranging from simple to quite challenging, this game was
able to show that educational games could still entice children.

There are two kinds of game to play in DKJr. Math - Calculate games, where you
need to race against an opponent to gather the numbers and math signs to reach
the number Donkey Kong is holding up. The Math Lesson game gives you sums to
work out, and you have to move up and down the vines to get the right answers.
Unfortunately the controls on this section are quite difficult to get to grips

Genre: Racing
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1

One of Shigeru Miyamoto's early NES creations (before his R&D team was opened),
Excitebike is a simple dirtbike game viewed from the side. You must complete a
certain number of laps and try and get the best time you can. You have two
buttons - Accelerate makes you move, and Boost makes you move really fast. Both
buttons increase your temperature gauge - Accelerate increases it a tiny
amount, but Boost heats up your engine very quickly. Run over the arrow
markings on the floor to return your temperature gauge to normal.

Controlling the bike when you go over dirt obstacles takes practise, and is
cleverly done. When on the top of a mound, pull back (left) to gain a boosted
jump that allows you to clear more air. While in the air you can tilt your bike
backwards and forwards so your landing will be as comfortable as possible.
Other obstacles in the ground, such as dirt traps, will decrease your speed. If
you fall off your bike, tap A to get back on faster.

Game A gives you a free run of the game tracks, which is useful for practising
your maneuvering skills. Game B sets you against other racers. Crash into the
back or side of another racer, and you will fall off your bike. Finally there
is the innovative Design mode, which gives you the opportunity to make your own
courses and race on them.

Genre: Sport
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Alternative

Golf was one of the early NES sports titles based on the sport of the same
name. The game takes into account things such as wind and slopes, and sets you
up on a series of courses ranging in difficulty in completing within par. You
use a power bar to determine the strength and accuracy of your swing, and this
is where the majority of the skill lies. This power bar has become standard in
golf videogames since.

The game sports fairly decent graphics for the time, but there is virtually no
sound at all. While this doesn't detract from the gameplay, it makes the game
seem a little bleak at times.

Genre: Pinball
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1

Pokemon Pinball's gameplay was loosely based off of Tennis's gameplay.  The
upper and lower screen each have their challenges, which offer a great amount
of fun.  This game has virtually limitless replay value, and an above average
fun factor for the time it was developed.  This is by far one of the best games
in Animal Crossing.

Genre: Sport (Boxing)
Developed by: IRD
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1

A very addictive boxing game starring Mike Tyson.  Have fun with this one
because it's a lot of fun:)

Genre: Sport (Soccer)
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Simultaneously

This is your average game of soccer.

Genre: Sport
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1-2 Simultaneously

Possibly one of the most boring NES games, Tennis offer subpar gameplay and
almost no replay value.  Matches quickly become tedious and long, and one
cannot wait for them to be over with.

Wario's Woods
Genre: Puzzle
Developed by: R&D1
Published by: Nintendo
Players: 1

Control Toad as he works his way through Wario's Woods in this addictive puzzle
game.  This game is extremely fun to start out with, but repetition sets in
fast, especially after the puzzles begin to become too difficult for you to
solve in one life.

Q: Doesn't the game come with 2 NES games as a present? Where are they?
A: To get the NES games, you must be using the included Memory Card. After the
first time you save, a letter will appear in your mailbox from Nintendo. It has
a grab bag attached to it. Select the letter and choose the present option to
carry it to your inventory. Next, open the grab bag. It will contain two
randomly selected NES games and a song.  Only the first person to use a memory
card may receive the NES game.  Subsequent players cannot receive a grab bag.

Q: How do I play NES games?
A: To play NES games, go into your house and drop them. Then press the A button
when facing the front of them to play the game.

Q: What NES games are in Animal Crossing?
A: Look at the lists above :)

Q: All of these NES games are cluttering up my house! Can I combine them to one
A: No, unfortunately each NES game is its own separate item. I think it would
have been better if they were like the stereo and songs (one stereo, the songs
can go in the stereo's library), but oh well. I suggest putting your NES games
in the basement, or making a separate section in your house dedicated to them.

Q. How do I get rare games?
A. Here you go...
Clu Clu Land D
Go to http://www.animal-crossing.com/news.jsp and click on the banner with the
flash animation until a window pops up.  Then type in your information and
you'll receive a code for D.K. Junior.

D.K. Junior
Go to http://www.animal-crossing.com/travel.jsp and click on the banner with
Pelly and Pete until a window pops up.  Then type in your information and
you'll receive a code for D.K. Junior.

Go to http://www.animal-crossing.com/play.jsp and click on the flash animation
at the top of the page until a window pops up.  Then type in your information
and you'll receive a code for Soccer.

Baseball and Wario's Woods
Go to Animal Island with ten or so pieces of furniture that you no longer use. 
Bury them with a golden shovel, then drop the shovel and leave the island. 
Have your villager (on your GBA) pick up the shovel and dig up the items. 
He/She will bury another item in its place.  Keep on doing this until he/she
buries an NES game.  You'll know an item is an NES game because the item will
be in the shape of a console rather than a leaf.

And what about the other games?
Nintendo will either post the rest of these games on its Animal Crossing
website or have them on eCards.  Remember that patience is a virtue.  Have some
and we'll all be rewarded with these great, rare games!

Q. Where can I find more information about the NES games?
A. Try the NES FAQ by IceEeveeFinale and Logan24:

XV. Fossils
Dinosaurs, like gyroids, can only be dug up.  Look for the dirt mounds in an X
shape and dig those up.  You have to mail fossils to the Faraway Museum.  To do
this, offer one of the unresearched fossils to Blathers, and he will tell you
to mail it to the museum.  You now have the museum as an option to mail letters
to.  Leave the body of the letters blank, and simply attach a fossil.  The
museum will send you back a maximum of three fossils per day.  Duplicate
fossils can be sold to Tom Nook for a good sum of money.

Display Piece     Nook's Price
Amber                     1200
Ammonite                  1100
Dinosaur Egg              1400
Dinosaur Track            1000
Trilobite                 1300

Dinosaur    Body Part    Nook's Price
Apato       Skull                5000
Apato       Tail                 4000
Apato       Torso                4500

Mammoth     Skull                3000
Mammoth     Torso                2500

Plesio      Neck                 4500
Plesio      Skull                4000
Plesio      Torso                4500

Ptera       Left Wing            4500
Ptera       Right Wing           4500
Ptera       Skull                4000

Stego       Skull                5000
Stego       Tail                 4000
Stego       Torso                4500

Tricera     Skull                5500
Tricera     Tail                 4500
Tricera     Torso                5000

T-Rex       Skull                6000
T-Rex       Tail                 5000
T-Rex       Torso                5500

XVI. Paintings
Paintings can be bought from Tom or Redd, won in Tom's monthly lottery, or be
traded.  These items are probably the most difficult to come across, so just be
patient.  You'll eventually probably want to start trading for paintings to
finish up your collection.  Duplicates should be sold to Tom Nook.

Name                 Price  Available From
Amazing Painting     1960              Tom
Basic Painting       1960              Redd
Classic Painting     1960              Tom
Common Painting      1960              Redd
Dainty Painting      1960              Redd
Famous Painting      1960              Redd
Fine Painting        1960              Tom
Flowery Painting     1960              Redd
Moving Painting      1960              Redd
Perfect Painting     1960              Tom
Quaint Painting      1960              Redd
Rare Painting        1960              Tom
Scary Painting       1960              Redd
Strange Painting     1960              Tom
Worthy Painting      1960              Tom

XVII. Gyroids
Gyroids, like fossils, can only be dug up.  Look for the dirt mounds in an X
shape and dig those up.  Each gyroid you have in your house adds 821 points to
your HRA score, plus they're fun to watch while playing music, especially
fast-paced music like K.K. Ska or K.K. Rockin.  Gyroids cannot be traded, and
do not sell for a great deal of money.  There are 35 different sets of gyroids,
each set containing two to eight different gyroids.  Try to find a set that
matches with your house :)

Gyroid                Oid-Set
Mini Alloid            Alloid
Mega Alloid            Alloid
Tall Alloid            Alloid

Mega Bovoid            Bovoid
Tall Bovoid            Bovoid

Mini Bowtoid          Bowtoid
Mega Bowtoid          Bowtoid
Bowtoid               Bowtoid
Tall Bowtoid          Bowtoid

Mini Buzzoid          Buzzoid
Mega Buzzoid          Buzzoid
Buzzoid               Buzzoid
Tall Buzzoid          Buzzoid

Mini Clankoid        Clankoid
Mega Clankoid        Clankoid
Clankoid             Clankoid
Tall Clankoid        Clankoid
Mini Croakoid        Croakoid
Mega Croakoid        Croakoid
Croakoid             Croakoid
Tall Croakoid        Croakoid

Mini Dekkoid          Dekkoid
Mega Dekkoid          Dekkoid
Dekkoid               Dekkoid

Wee Dingloid         Dingloid
Mini Dingloid        Dingloid
Mega Dingloid        Dingloid
Squat Dingloid       Dingloid
Dingloid             Dingloid
Tall Dingloid        Dingloid

Mini Dinkoid          Dinkoid
Maga Dinkoid          Dinkoid

Mini Drilloid        Drilloid
Mega Drilloid        Drilloid
Drilloid             Drilloid
Tall Droploid        Droploid

Mini Echoid            Echoid
Mega Echoid            Echoid
Tall Echoid            Echoid

Mini Fizzoid          Fizzoid
Mega Fizzoid          Fizzoid

Mini Freakoid        Freakoid
Mega Freakoid        Freakoid

Mini Gargloid        Gargloid
Gargloid             Gargloid
Tall Gargloid        Gargloid

Mini Gongoid          Gongoid
Mega Gongoid          Gongoid
Gongoid               Gongoid
Tall Gongoid          Gongoid

Mini Harmonoid      Harmonoid
Mega Harmonoid      Harmonoid
Harmonoid           Harmonoid
Tall Harmonoid      Harmonoid

Mini Howloid          Howloid
Mega Howloid          Howloid
Howloid               Howloid

Mini Lamentoid      Lamentoid
Mega Lamentoid      Lamentoid
Lamentoid           Lamentoid
Tall Lamentoid      Lamentoid

Mini Lullaboid      Lullaboid
Mega Lullaboid      Lullaboid
Lullaboid           Lullaboid
Tall Lullaboid      Lullaboid

Mini Metatoid        Metatoid
Metatoid             Metatoid

Mini Nebuloid        Nebuloid
Mega Nebuloid        Nebuloid
Squat Nebuloid       Nebuloid
Nebuloid             Nebuloid
Tall Nebuloid        Nebuloid
Slim Nebuloid        Nebuloid

Mega Oboid              Oboid
Oboid                   Oboid
Tall Oboid              Oboid

Mini Oombloid        Oombloid
Mega Oombloid        Oombloid
Oombloid             Oombloid
Tall Oombloid        Oombloid

Mega Percoloid      Percoloid
Tall Percoloid      Percoloid

Mini Plinkoid        Plinkoid
Mega Plinkoid        Plinkoid
Plinkoid             Plinkoid

Mini Poltergoid    Poltergoid
Mega Poltergoid    Poltergoid
Poltergoid         Poltergoid
Tall Poltergoid    Poltergoid

Mini Puffoid          Puffoid
Mega Puffoid          Puffoid
Tall Puffoid          Puffoid

Mini Quazoid          Quazoid
Mega Quazoid          Quazoid
Quazoid               Quazoid
Tall Quazoid          Quazoid
Slim Quazoid          Quazoid

Mini Rythmoid        Rythmoid
Rythmoid             Rythmoid

Mini Rustoid          Rustoid
Rustoid               Rustoid
Tall Rustoid          Rustoid

Mini Sproid            Sproid
Mega Sproid            Sproid
Sproid                 Sproid
Tall Sproid            Sproid

Mini Sputnoid        Sputnoid
Mega Sputnoid        Sputnoid
Sputnoid             Sputnoid
Tall Sputnoid        Sputnoid

Mini Squelchoid    Squelchoid
Mega Squelchoid    Squelchoid
Squelchoid         Squelchoid

Mini Strumboid      Strumboid
Mega Strumboid      Strumboid
Strumboid           Strumboid
Tall Strumboid      Strumboid

Mini Timpanoid      Timpanoid
Mega Timpanoid      Timpanoid
Timpanoid           Timpanoid
Tall Timpanoid      Timpanoid

Mini Tootoid          Tootoid
Mega Tootoid          Tootoid
Tootoid               Tootoid

Mini Warbloid        Warbloid
Warbloid             Warbloid
Tall Warbloid        Warbloid

XVIII. Beginner's FAQ
A. General Questions
Q: What is Animal Crossing?
A: Animal Crossing is, as Nintendo puts it, a 'communication game'. You start
in a village populated with some animals (villagers). This village is like a
small virtual community. Other people can move into your village and live with

Q: What's the point of this game then?
A: The point of this game is really up to you. If you want to make it your
mission to collect every available NES game, do that. If you want to make all
of your villagers hate you, do that. If you want to get the largest house
possible and fill it with cool furniture, go right ahead. The game doesn't
really force anything upon the player. It encourages communication with other
players, though.

Q: Is the clock in the game real-time?
A: Yes. The clock is the same as the real-life clock. There is a gradually
changing level of sunlight throughout the day, seasons will pass, and holidays
will come up.  Note that during Day Light Savings Time, you must change your
clock accordingly.

Q. What is http://www.animal-crossing.com/password.jsp?
A. This was likely the original way that Nintendo was going to give out
promotional passwords, but decided to use Flash instead.  This page remained on
the server, and probably will never serve any practical purpose.  This page has
since been removed, so there is no further need to worry about it.

B. Basic Gameplay Issues
Q. I see people trading items here. How is this possible? This game isn't
A: You go to Tom Nook, and select "Other Things".  Then you choose "Hear Code"
and Nook will ask you for the Name and Town of the person you want to trade
with. You put those in, and select an object you want to give them. Then, Nook
gives you a bunch of letters and numbers, and your friend enters them on his
game.  The game decodes the letters and numbers, and if the name and town match
the ones in the code, you get the item.  If you want a more in-depth look at
how trading works, check out Anime Enigma's FAQ on trading at
the link below:

Q: Is everyone's village different?
A: Everyone starts off with a randomly made village with a unique layout,
native fruit, and villagers. The village stays the same for all people using
the same memory card.

Q: Can more than one person live in the same town?
A: Yes, up to four people can live in the same town. When you start, you get to
choose one of four houses to live in. The remaining three can be populated by
other people (when you start the game it lets you choose which person to play
as, or to start a new character).

Q: Who is (villager name) that people are talking about? I can't find him/ her!
A: You probably won't have the same villagers as someone else. There are
literally hundreds of villagers, so you will usually have a totally different
set of them in your town.

Q: I want a ________(bug catching net, axe, fishing pole, or shovel)!
A: Tom Nook won't have all of the tools all at once. Check back each day to see
what he has in stock, and eventually you'll get what you want.

Q: How will I get presents for my birthday? The game didn't ask for it.
A:Talk to the animals in your village frequently. You must select the second
option when you first talk to them.  Eventually one of them will ask you when
your birthday is.

Q: What are those glowing spots on the ground?
A: If you use your shovel to dig on one of those spots, you'll get some bells. 
See the secrets section for ways to take advantage of these glowing spots,

Q: Who is Mr. Resetti?
A: Mr. Resetti shows up when you reset the game without saving. He then
lectures you on the ethics of resetting in a game that's like real life. My
advice: don't reset just because something bad happened to you.

Q: How do I design textures?
A: To design a texture, go to the Able Sister's Shop. There, you'll have many
choices, including the option to design your own texture. You have to pay to
design it on the GCN, but if you download the design tool to the GBA (more on
that later), it's free.

Q: How do I pay off my loan to Tom Nook?
A: To pay your loan, go to the post office and talk to the bird there. Choose
the 'deposit' option and input the amount of bells you want to deposit. It also
shows how many bells remain to be paid off.

Q: What's the easiest way to earn bells?
A: Some fish and insects can sell for thousands of bells at Nook's shop. Some
seashells also go for 200-500 bells. You can also sell your extra junk to Tom
Nook or other villagers, and you can run errands for villagers.

Q: Help! It's winter and there are no fruits growing on the trees! Do I have to
   wait until Winter's over to get fruit?
A: No, you don't. What you should do is plant some fruit trees on the island
(see accessories section for more information), since it's summer all year
round there.

Q: What is the bulletin board for?
A: Information about events (like the sports fair) will be posted on the
bulletin board. there will also occasionally be times when there is a message
giving clues to finding a buried item somewhere in the village.

Q: How do I get raffle tickets?
A: You get a raffle ticket when you buy something expensive (like furniture,
clothes, or wallpaper) from Tom Nook's shop.

Q: What do I do with raffle tickets?
A: At the end of each month, Tom Nook holds a raffle. You need 5 raffle tickets
to enter once, and you have a chance at winning one of three prizes.

Q: How do I change the song that plays when I talk to villagers?
A: Go to the melody board (a board with music notes on it; mine is on the same
screen as the post office.  I'm not sure if it's the same for every village).
Stand in front of it and press A, and you'll be able to change the song.  Check
out T. Cromis's FAQ on town lyrics for dozens of different tunes that you can

Q. How do I plant fruit trees?
A. Dig a hole.  Stand in front of the hole and access your item screen.  Click
on the fruit that you want to grow on the tree and select "bury".  Make sure
you do not continouly run over this sapling, or it will die.  Also make sure
you plant it where there is plenty of sunlight.

Q. What's a pitfall?
A. Bury this item and push one of your villagers over it.  This game is simply
a practical joke.

Q. What is the respawning time of fruit?
A. Three days.

C. Advanced Gameplay Issues
Q: Why can't I catch (insert species of insect or fish here)?
A: Certain fish and insects can only be caught during some parts of the year,
and some can only be caught in certain places. For example, you can only catch
salmon in September. For a chart showing when certain
fish are available, check out Deflux's fishing FAQ:
For an insect guide, check out the one at Animal Crossing Online:

Q: What are golden tools?
A: A golden tool is simply that, a golden version of the axe, fishing pole,
shovel or bug catching net.  The Golden Axe cannot be broken, and can chop down
all trees, etc. When using the golden shovel you become more likely to dig up
better items and larger sums of money from the 'glowing spots'. These golden
tools are not tradeable.

Q: How do I get golden tools?
A: Here is how you get each golden tool:
To get the golden axe, you will need to have the village in perfect condition
for the first 2 weeks you are there. After the perfect 2 weeks are done you
will get the golden axe as a present.  Please see elumelum's "Perfect Town
Guide" for more information about keeping your town in perfect condition:

To get the golden bug net, catch one of every kind of bug.

You can earn a Golden Fishing Pole by catching at least one of each fish.

To get the Golden Shovel find a "glowing spot" and bury a normal shovel in the
hole you dig. A golden sapling will appear. After it has matured you will have
a Golden Shovel.

Q: Why can't I trade (insert item name here)?
A: Certain items cannot be traded. Here is a list of them:

Autumn Medal
Bottled Ship
Chinese Lion/Lioness*
Fishing Bear*
Golden Tools
House Model
Junk Items (Old book, tire, and can)
Lady Liberty/Statue of Liberty*
Leaning Tower of Pisa*
Manor Model
Manekin Pis*
Mermaid Statue*
Money Bags
Mouth of Truth*
P.O. Model
Piggy Bank
Plate Armor*
Rare NES games
Shogi Piece
Spring Medal
Stone Coin*
Tiger Bobblehead*
Tokyo Tower*
Tower of Pisa*
Tribal Mask*
*Gulliver Items
**New Axes can be traded, but once an axe is used it can no longer be traded.

Q. Why does my character have a sun tan?
A. If you spend an excessive amount of time on Animal Island without an
umbrella, your character will tan and sometimes burn!

Q. How do I get rid of a tan and/or burn?
A. It fades away within a day or two.  If you like your character with a tan,
make sure to visit animal island at least once a day for approximately twenty

D. NES Game Questions
Q: Doesn't the game come with 2 NES games as a present? Where are they?
A: To get the NES games, you must be using the included Memory Card. After the
first time you save, a letter will appear in your mailbox from Nintendo. It has
a grab bag attached to it. Select the letter and choose the present option to
carry it to your inventory. Next, open the grab bag. It will contain two
randomly selected NES games and a song.  Only the first person to use a memory
card may receive the NES game.  Subsequent players cannot receive a grab bag.

Q: How do I play NES games?
A: To play NES games, go into your house and drop them. Then press the A button
when facing the front of them to play the game.

Q: What NES games are in Animal Crossing?
A: The following games are in Animal Crossing:

Common Games:
Balloon Fight
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr. Math
Clu Clu land

Rare games:
Clu Clu Land D
Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong 3
Wario's Woods

Q: All of these NES games are cluttering up my house! Can I combine them to one
A: No, unfortunately each NES game is its own separate item. I think it would
have been better if they were like the stereo and songs (one stereo, the songs
can go in the stereo's library), but oh well. I suggest putting your NES games
in the basement, or making a separate section in your house dedicated to them.

E. Accessory Questions
Q: How can I download the texture-creating program to the GBA?
A: Go to the Able Sisters shop. When you talk to them, choose "other things",
and choose the option to download the program.

Q: How can I get to the island?
A: To get to the island, connect the Game Boy Advance and turn it on. Go to the
screen with the dock, and a turtle will be there. Talk to him to go to the
island. If it's your first time, you can choose a name for it.

Q: What's the point of the island?
A: Well, there's a villager there that you can talk to. There's also an empty
house that you can store items in. Coconuts grow here, and it's summer all year
round. So when it's winter in your village, you could come here to catch some
bugs or get fruit from trees. Plus, it's an easy way to make money. Just
choose to download the island to the GBA when you leave. You can give the
island villager fruits and she'll spit money out. It's also the only way to get
Wario's Woods.

Q: How do I get the floating items in the GBA island?
A: To get them, you must leave a bug catching net on the island when you leave
(on the GCN). You can then instruct the villager to pick it up. He/She will
swing at the item if he/ she gets near it.

Q: He/She grabbed the item, but he/ she kept it! How do I get it back?
A: To get the item out of the villager, just give it a fruit and it will
usually drop the item it caught. If not, try giving it the shovel and it might
bury the item.

Q: So the villager can use the shovel and the bug catching net. Anything else?
A: Yes, the villager can use the fishing rod to fish for items. Use the above
methods to get the items from it once it catches them. It can also use the axe,
but it's pointless unless you want it to randomly ruin your carefully planted

Q: I give the villager fruits, but he/ she's not giving me money!
A: The villager has a randomly selected favorite fruit and a randomly selected
hated fruit. If you feed it it's hated fruit, it will stop giving you money all

Q: What increments do the money bags come in?
A: The villager can drop 100, 1000, 10 000, and 30 000 bell bags of money.

Q: Why doesn't the villager give me large sums of money? How can I get bags of
   30,000 bells?
A: To get the larger sums of money, feed it exotic (not coconuts) fruit.

Q: How do I download NES games to the GBA?
A: When you go to play a NES game, choose 'advance play'. You'll be able to
download it to the GBA (assuming it's connected, turned on, and doesn't have
another program loaded).

Q: How do I scan Animal Crossing e-Cards?
A: Go to the post office. There is a machine there called the 'eTM'. Make sure
the e-Reader and GBA are connected properly. Walk up to it and press A. Follow
the on-screen instructions.

Q: How do I use town melodies on e-Cards?
A: Go to the melody board in your town, and select it. When you're on the
screen that lets you change the song, press the R button and follow the

F. Resources
Official Animal Crossing Site - http://www.animal-crossing.com/index.jsp

Fan Sites:
Animal Crossing Ahead - http://www.animalxing.com/
Animal Crossing Online - http://aco.e-zelda.com/
The Animal Crossing - http://www.the-animal-crossing.com/
Jeffrey Web - http://www.jeffreyweb.com/

XIX. Secrets/Tips and Tricks
Golden Objects
You have four main tools in this game: an axe, shovel, net, and fishing pole. 
There are golden versions of these items, which increase your chances of
finding better items/fish/insects in the cases of the fishing pole, shovel, and
net, and the axe chops down a tree in one swipe.  Here is how you get these
golden items.

Axe - Keep your town in perfect condition for the first two weeks.
Fishing Pole - Catch every fish.
Net - Catch every bug.
Shovel - Bury a second shovel in a glowing spot.

Universal Codes
There are a number of passwords out there that allow ANYONE to get a free item.
 There are a number of ways to receive these items, which are outlined below.

Tom Nook - Go to Nook, and select "Other Things" then "Say Code".  Now enter
the code.

Villager - Send any villager a letter.  On the first line should be the key
symbol, and the second and third lines should contain the code.  That villager
will reply a few days later with your item attached.

Backpack Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Barber's Pole Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Big Festive Tree Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Blue Clock Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Blue Corner Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Bonfire Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Boxing Barricade Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Boxing Mat Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Cabana Bed Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Cabana Screen Code:
Tell: Villager

Cabin Dresser Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Cello Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Classic Chair Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Classic Sofa Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Coin Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Cosmos Model 2 Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Cosmos Model 3 Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Desert Cactus:
Tell: Tom Nook

Detour Arrow Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Draceana Code:
Tell: Villager

Ebony Piano Code:
Tell: Villager

Ebony Piano Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Fan Fan Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Folding Chair Code:

Garbage Can Code:
Tell: Villager

Golden Stereo Code:
Tell: Any Villager

Green Drum Code
Tell: Tom Nook

Handcart Code:
Tell: Villager

Hand Cart Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Harp Code:
Tell: Villager

Harmonoid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Harvest Bureau Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Harvest Dresser Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Howloid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Imperial KK Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Iron Frame Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Jack-o'-Lantern Code:
Tell: Villager

Jack-o'-Lantern Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Jingle Dresser Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Jingle Table Code:
Tell:Tom Nook

Kayak Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

K.K. Condor Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

K. K. "I Love you" Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

K.K. "Only Me" Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

KK Rock Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

K.K. Steppe Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Koopa Shell Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Lawn Mower Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Lovely Kitchen Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Mega Buzziod Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Mega Lullaloid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Mega Quazoid Code:
Tell: Villager

Metatoid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Mega Drilloid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook
Mini Sproid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Mini Warbloid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Modern Desk Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Modern Lamp Code:
Tell: Villager

Neutral Corner Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Oboid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Papa Bear Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Pear Wardrobe Code:
Tell: Villager

Propane Stove Code:
Tell: Any Villager

Propane Stove Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Question Block Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Quince Bonsai Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

RockinÕ K.K. Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Ruby-Econo Chair Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Regal Lamp Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Regal Sofa Code:
Tell:Tom Nook

Retro Stereo Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Retro TV Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Sleeping Bag Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Slim Quazoid:
Tell: Tom Nook

Space Heater Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Speed Bag Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Spooky Clock Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Spooky Table Code:
Tell: Villager

Spooky Vanity Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Sprinkler Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Starman Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Strumbloid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Tall Puffoid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Tall Nebuloid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Tea Set Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Tent Model Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Wagon Wheel Code:
Tell:Tom Nook

Watermelon Table Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Warbloid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Weight Bench Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Yellow Pinwheel Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Yuki Figurine Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Squelchoid Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Pansy Model 1 Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

Chowder Code:
Tell: Tom Nook

(Thanks to BLINK7441 at http://acblink.cjb.net/ for these!)

D.K. Junior (NES Game)
Go to http://www.animal-crossing.com/news.jsp and click on the banner with the
flash animation until a window pops up.  Then type in your information and
you'll receive a code for D.K. Junior.

D.K. Junior (NES Game)
Go to http://www.animal-crossing.com/travel.jsp and click on the banner with
Pelly and Pete until a window pops up.  Then type in your information and
you'll receive a code for D.K. Junior.

Soccer (NES Game)
Go to http://www.animal-crossing.com/play.jsp and click on the flash animation
at the top of the page until a window pops up.  Then type in your information
and you'll receive a code for Soccer.

If you should be credited for these above codes (and already aren't in Section
X), e-mail me and tell me. Inside the e-mail please include the link to the
original thread that you made giving out these codes.  If everything checks
out, I will credit you for these codes.

K.K. Secrets
-The Songs "I love You", "K.K. Song", and "Two Days Ago" must be requested via
the game's keyboard.
-Talk to K.K. Slider at exactly 8:45 P.M., and you will see Mr. Resetti in the
-Talk to K.K. Slider with full pockets and you will hear a song but not receive

HRA Awards
The HRA gives you two awards once your house receives so many points.  These
are rare items, and cannot be
traded or bought again, so store them away somehwere or even flaunt them if you
70,000  - House Model
100,000 - Manor Model

Savings Account Awards
Once you pay off your final debt to Tom Nook, you can open up a savings account
at the Post Office.  Once you deposit certain amounts of money, you receive
gifts.  There are three gifts, which are listed below:
1,000,000 Bells   - Tissues
10,000,000 Bells  - Piggy Bank
100,000,000 Bells - Mail Box
999,999,999 Bells - P.O. Model

Undocumented Controls
The X button can be used to select multiple items on the item screen and the
save mail screen at the post office.  You can sell or drop many items at the
same time from the item screen or swap many items into a mail panel all at
once.  A green ring appears around each item.  Tap one of the selected items
with the A button to do something with them all.

The L and R buttons can be used to run without holding down the B button (got
this one from the fishing FAQ).  It doesn't cause you to pick up items on the
ground either.

The C stick can be used to navigate in the item screen and in menu choices
(talking to residents, etc.).  It's clumsy switching from stick to A/B button
with your thumb but useful when you're eating or something.

The B button can be used as a general 'no' answer to most, but not all, menus. 
Hitting it also speeds up the text, making faster to go through long annoying
speeches like Rover's babble on the train.

XX. Contacting Me
I receive dozens of e-mails about this guide daily.  I answer virtually all of
them, but I don't have the time to get to every single one.  In order to save
myself some time and effort, I have made this section to tell you the do's and
don't of e-mailing me about this guide.

The first thing you must do is include the words "Animal Crossing" in the
subject.  I have writen many other guides, and unless you tell me what game you
are talking about, I may not be able to answer your question.  If you are
asking a question, make sure it is not in this guide.  If I have already
answered your question in this guide, your e-mail will simply be ignored.
If you are notifying me about a mistake, please tell me what section the
mistake is in, exactly what is wrong with it, and how to fix it (save me some
time).  Mistakes apply to both the game and spelling and grammatical errors.  I
cannot run spell check through my guides because there are too many names,
places, and items that the word processor does not understand, and thus it may
take me a half hour to do that.

I do realize that I have my instant messenger name on my profile in the boards.
 Please do not IM me about game questions, compliments, or mistakes.  Please do
that for e-mail.  I have my instant messaging name on my profile so other
authors can contact me as well as people whose questions I have answered via
the boards.  I do not like to warn people, but if you bug me without any sign
of stop, I'm afraid I might do that.  I check my e-mail multiple times per day,
so there really is no reason why you cannot just e-mail me instead.

accurate.  If you have a fact that is conflicting with the ones I have, then
provide URLs with your e-mail that proves your point.  If you simply e-mail me
with a bunch of uncited material, I will have no choice but to ignore you. 
Multiple e-mails of such as fashion from you will earn you a place on my
all-exclusive block list.  I really want to share as much information with
everyone as I can, so please don't take advantage of this.

IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A REPLY TO A QUESTION, then you most likely asked me a
question that can be answered in this guide.  Remember that your browser has a
"Find" feature that you can use to quickly scan through this guide.  Use it.

My e-mail address again is NOA4EVER@HOTMAIL.COM.

XXI. Credits
-HUGE thanks to the Nintendo Database at HTTP://WWW.PLANETNINTENDO.COM/NINDB

-HUGE thanks to the Prima Guide that gave all of the HRA info.  Go buy one of
those today.  It's great!

-HUGE thanks to BLINK7441 for creating the term "Universal Codes" and creating
and maintaining a thread at the GameFAQs forum where most of the codes in this
FAQ came from

-The people who posted how to get the Golden Items on the Animal Crossing Codes
and Secrets page on GameFAQs.com.

-brfletcher for making the great FAQ at the end of this guide, and allowing me
to use it!

-EGM (egm.gamers.com) for posting the Animal Island Fruit Trick, and the
Savings Account Awards.

-Ixbalam for the undocumented controls, find out when Saharah stops doubling
her prices, correcting me about trading the axe, and finding a new Gulliver

-Cactusjack1999 for the Handcart Code.

-cla for the Jingle Dresser Code.

-ZackEshna for the K.K. Rock Code.

-shadow the great for all of the visitor's items.

-Githon for the K.K. Slider Songs.

-Pikachu 4 President for posting the fish, bug, and shell prices at the
GameFAQs forums.

-GameFAQS Game Pages for the Japanese release dates of the NES games.

-Everyone who read this guide and learned something from it.

XXII. Previous Updates
3.5 - Thanks again to BLINK7441 and his new Animal Crossing Universal Codes
website (http://acblink.cjb.net/), I have updated the Universal Codes and now
that part of the Secrets section is larger than ever.  Wisp was added to
Visitors section.  In the coming days look forward to an NES section and a HUGE
update on the Islander section.

3.0 - eCard Reader section added, FAQ and Universal Codes updated.  Please,
please, please read the FAQ before e-mailing me with a question.  I receive
several questions per day that can be answered straight from the FAQ.  Use the
"Find" feature in your browser if you're feeling impatient.  Remember that I do
not reply to e-mails whose questions are answered in here, or whose contents
are unclear.  The one kind of e-mail I am looking forward to currently are the
ones that contain Universal Codes.  I do not have the time to hunt all of these
things down myself, so if anyone out there would e-mail me Universal Codes that
I do not already have and properly cite them, I would very much appreciate it.

2.5 - I added a list of every item you can buy from the visitors.  Thanks to
shadow the great for this information!

2.3 - Thanks to an e-mail from BLINK7441, I have a completey revamped and
credited Universal Codes section.  Updated the "Contacting Me" section.  I've
been extremely budy lately, so I have had time to make any worthwhile updates,
but next weekend I'll really start finishing up this guide.

2.1 - First I'd like to thank everyone for all of the e-mails I have received. 
I really am glad this guide is helping you out.  Please check the "Contacting
Me" section (XV) for more information on e-mailing me.  In this minor update, I
have added the section just mentioned, as well as reformatted some of the text.
 Word Wrap made unneeded line blanks in many arbitrary spots, and I manually
fixed those so this guide is easier to read.  Look for two new sections to be
added within the next several days, NES Games, and E-Reader Cards.

2.0 - Added fishing and bug catching section.  Made a few changes to FAQ. 
Added a Gold Stereo to the Universal Codes.  Undocumented controls added to
section XIV.

1.6 - Added Savings Account and HRA Awards.  Added Wendell and Gulliver to the
Visitors section.  HRA
Section added.  Items that cannot be traded have been updated.

1.5 - Sections for Part II added.  K.K. Slider, Visitors sections added. 
Universal Codes were updated.
FAQ Updated.

1.0 - The initial guide is finished.  Fine tuning of its content will come
within the next several days!

Thanks for reading everyone.  I hope this guide helped you in Animal Crossing!
   | _|_   __   __    __ _|_
(__,  |_, |  ' (__) __)   |_,

MORE OF MY GUIDES: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/19570.html
Do not copy or repost this FAQ anywhere other than GameFAQS.com without my
personal permission.

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