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Feng Shui/HRA/Wishing Well FAQ by T. Cromis

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 05/16/2003

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Animal Crossing Feng Shui (luck), HRA score, and the Wishing Well FAQ
Version 2.0

Feng Shui section written by MateoLeviathon@aol.com

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News and updates

                  Please note change in web site and email:            
                    Check out my textures web site:  

- Fixed BIG error because you do NOT get points for themes/series on second 

- What to do if your town has been perfect for more than two weeks and you 
didn't get the golden axe.
- How to get multiple golden axes in one town.

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1.  Introduction
2.  Basic decorating
3.  How are Feng Shui, HRA score, and the Wishing Well different?
4.  Feng Shui
5.  Feng Shui items
     a.  Special items
     b.  Orange items
     c.  Green items
     d.  Yellow items
     e.  Red items
6.  HRA Introduction
7.  HRA Definitions
8.  HRA Point Scoring by Completing "groups"
9.  Other Ways of Scoring
10. Sahara, Wendall and theme floor/wallpaper
11. HRA Rewards  
12. Rumors
13. HRA Research
14. The Wishing Well
15. Acknowledgements
16. Closing and contact information
17. Legal Junk


1.  Introduction

     Animal Crossing is Nintendo's hit game where you meet and greet fellow 
residents of your personalized town.  The objective of the game is to be 
happy.  Simple, isn't it?  As you work hard to earn money and friends, you 
collect rugs, wallpaper, furniture, and many other "things" to spruce up your 
house.  Most can be bought from a certain shop, owned by Tom Nook.  Other ways 
of collecting items include helping friends, getting them from the dump, or 
even finding them by shaking trees.  This guide won't help you find items, but 
it will help design your home so that you get incredible luck!


2.  Basic decorating

     Okay, so you have an item you want in your house, now what?  Well, first 
pause the game.  To place wallpaper or flooring, simply select it from your 
inventory with the A button, and there will be a special option while in your 
house to place it.  The old wallpaper or flooring will now be in your 
inventory to do with as you please.  Before you think about selling it though, 
perhaps you should mail it to a resident to build good status with them.
     Furniture is only slightly more complicated.  To place furniture, pause 
the game and select the piece you wish to place with the A button.  Now drop 
the item, and poof!  It will pop up from a leaf to whatever it's supposed to 
be.  To move the item, walk up to it and hold the A button.  Pressing toward 
or away from the object will push or pull it.  Pressing sideways will turn the 
object in the direction you pressed.  Some objects can be used by facing the 
front of the object and tapping the A button once.  If you wish to move the 
item faster, or change items, simply walk up to the item you want to pick up 
and press the B button to put it into your inventory once more. Now you know 
how basic design works, so let's move on.


3.  How are Feng Shui, HRA score, and the Wishing Well different?

These three qualities are often confused, so I want to try to clear that up 
right off the top.

Feng Shui gives you "luck."  There is no way to determine your "luck score" 
(that I know of).  But what it WILL do is increase the amount and frequency of 
finding bells, and the frequency and "quality" of getting items.  That is, the 
items you get will be better - the animals will give you furniture more often 
and less of all that blasted stationary and outfits.  IT WORKS!

HRA points are awarded for matching items, for items from hard-to-get sources, 
and other things.  Some "lucky items" will give you HRA point bonuses.  
Supposedly, high HRA scores make your town a "preferred place to live."  Plus, 
there are two items that you get for high HRA scores (70,000 and 100,000).  
Other than that, and providing for a little friendly competition, HRA score 
doesn't seem to do anything.

The wishing well basically tells you if you have too few or too many trees in 
a specific acre, and has nothing to do with Feng Shui or the HRA.  Zippo, 

4.  Feng Shui

     Feng Shui (feng shway) is the ancient practice of using the three 
elements to bring good luck and ward off evil.  The three elements are sun, 
earth, and people (animals).  By moving furniture and using proper colors and 
styles, a Feng Shui expert is said to be able to bring a peaceful balance to a 
room or building.  In Animal Crossing, Feng Shui is scaled down a lot.
     Some items have a certain Feng Shui "colors."  These match the four 
directional colors:

   North = Orange = better luck in money and items
   South = Green  = better luck in money and items
   West  = Yellow = better luck in money (another source says money AND items)
   East  = Red    = better luck in items

(I've noticed that Feng Shui seems to help me catch fewer sea bass, but 
doesn't seem to help catching really rare fish, like the popeyed goldfish.  
This issue is debated in the posts, and it's not clear if it is true or 

     The lines or color in AC only apply to the outer *TWO* spaces of your 
room, so larger rooms need not worry about the middle area. Corners share 
colors, so your upper right corner (North East) share both orange and red.  
Here is simple diagrams of your house at various stages:

Stage 1 (first house)
| oy | oy | or | or  |
----  ----  ----  ----
| oy | oy | or | or  |
----  ----  ----  ----
| yg | yg | rg | rg  |
----  ----  ----  ----
| yg | yg | rg | rg  |
       | Door  |

Stage 2 (after one upgrade)
           |------- |------- |------ |------- |------- |------- |
           |   o    |   o    |   o   |   o    |   o    |   o    |
           |   y    |   y    |       |        |   r    |   r    |
           |------- |------- |------ |------- |------- |------- |
           |   o    |   o    |   o   |   o    |   o    |   o    |
           |   y    |   y    |       |        |   r    |   r    |
           |------- |------- |------ |------- |------- |------- |
           |        |        |       |        |        |        |
           |   y    |   y    |       |        |   r    |   r    |
           |------- |------- |------ |------- |------- |------- |
           |   y    |   y    |       |        |   r    |   r    |
           |        |        |       |        |        |        |
           |------- |------- |------ |------- |------- |------- |
           |   y    |   y    |       |        |   r    |   r    |
           |   g    |   g    |   g   |   g    |   g    |   g    |
           |------- |------- |------ |------- |------- |------- |
           |  y     |   y    |       |        |   r    |    r   |
           |  g     |   g    |   g   |   g    |   g    |    g   |
           |------- |------- |------ |------- |------- |------- |
                                 | Door  |

Stage 3 (final stage)
|  oy  |  oy  |  oy  |  o   |  o   |  or  |  or  |  or |
------ ------- ------ ----- ------ ------ ------ -----
|  oy  |  oy  |  oy  |  o   |  o   |  or  |  or  |  or |
------ ------- ------ ----- ------ ------ ------ -----
|  oy  |  oy  |      |      |      |      |  or  |  or |
------ ------- ------ ----- ------ ------ ------ -----
|   y  |   y  |      |      |      |      |   r  |  r  |
------ ------- ------ ----- ------ ------ ------ -----
|   y  |   y  |      |      |      |      |   r  |  r  |
------ ------- ------ ----- ------ ------ ------ -----
|  yg  |  yg  |      |      |      |      |  rg  |  rg |
------ ------- ------ ----- ------ ------ ------ -----
|  yg  |  yg  |  yg  |  g   |  g  |   rg  |  rg  |  rg |
------ ------- ------ ----- ------ ------ ------ -----
|  yg  |  yg  |  yg  |  g   |  g  |   rg  |  rg  |  rg |
                      |   Door   |

     As you can see, the colors cross at the corners, so it doesn't matter 
which of the two colors you put there.  The blank center doesn't matter, it's 
the walls that count.  Placing the appropriate items in their colored sections 
will bring you better luck in the game, including finding more money, and 
items.  If you find it does something else, let me know so I can test it.  I 
myself have found more money in trees this way.

As I understand it, Feng Shui works on ALL floors of your house, even the 
basement.   This is different than HRA points, which are only based  on the 
first and second floor, NOT the basement.

A good way to get lots of Feng Shui is to get Feng Shui tables, and then put 
Feng Shui on top of them, for double Feng Shui!


4.  Feng Shui items

     Some items are obvious as to which color they work with, some are not.  
Don't assume an all red items will work with Feng Shui, it might not.  That's 
why I have listed all the items that affect Feng Shui.  There are also special 
items that boot your luck no matter which side you put them on.  Place those 
items in corners for double luck!

     a.  Special items:

1.   G Logo
2.   Hinaningyo
3.   Luigi Trophy
4.   Mario Trophy
5.   Angler Trophy
6.   Fishing Trophy
7.   Spring Metal
8.   Autumn Metal
9.   Samurai Suit
10.  Tanabata Palm
11.  Treasure Chest
12.  Tissue
13.  Dracaena
14.  House Model
15.  Manor Model
16.  Post Model
17.  Mailbox
18.  Piggy bank
19.  Festive Tree
20.  Big Festive Tree

     b.  Orange items:

1.   Spooky Table
2.   Spooky Chair
3.   Spooky Bed
4.   Spooky Dresser
5.   Spooky Wardrobe
6.   Spooky Bookcase
7.   Spooky Sofa
8.   Spooky Clock
9.   Spooky Lamp
10.  Spooky Vanity
11.  Cement Mixer
12.  Oil Drum
13.  Flagman Sign
14.  Detour Sign
15.  Men At Work Sign
16.  Wet Roadway Sign
17.  Merge Sign
18.  Orange Chair
19.  Maple Bonsai
20.  Gerbera
21.  Ruby Econo-Chair
22.  Jack-o'-Lantern

     c.  Green items:

1.   Ranch Couch
2.   Ranch Armchair
3.   Green Table
4.   Green Chair
5.   Green Bed
6.   Green Dresser
7.   Green Wardrobe
8.   Green Bench
9.   Green Pantry
10.  Green Counter
11.  Green Lamp
12.  Green Desk
13.  Chalkboard
14.  Green Drum
15.  Deer Scare
16.  Bird Bath
17.  Lime Chair
18.  Froggy Chair
19.  Lily-Pad Table
20.  Tall Cactus
21.  Round Cactus
22.  Cactus
23.  Pine Bonsai
24.  Mugho Bnsai
25.  Ponderosa Bonsai
26.  Holly Bonsai
27.  Hawthorn Bonsai
28.  Maple Bonsai
29.  Jasmine Bonsai
30.  Azalea Bonzai
31.  Caladium
32.  Lady Palm
33.  Aloe
34.  Bromeliaceae
35.  Coconut Plant
36   Snake Plant
37.  Rubber Tree
38.  Pothos
39.  Fan Palm
40   Weeping Fig
41.  Corn Plant
42.  Croton
43.  Pachira
44.  Jade Econo-Chair
45.  Train Set
46.  Donkey Kong Jr Math
47.  Sleeping Bag
48.  Tree Model
49.  Weed Model
50.  Market Model

     d.  Yellow items

1.   Blue Table
2.   Exotic Lamp
3.   Classic Sofa
4.   Steamroller
5.   Sprinkler
6.   Lemon Table
7.   Melon Chair
8.   Sunflower
9.   Gold Econo-Chair
10.  Balloon Fight
11.  Tennis
12.  Tent Model
13.  Kayak
14.  Pansy Model Y.
15.  Cosmos Model Y.
16.  Tulip Model Y.

     e.  Red items:

1.   Blue Dresser
2.   Ranch Bed
3.   Lovely Dresser
4.   Lovely Lamp
5.   Cabin Bed
6.   Cabin Table
7.   Jingle Table
8.   Jingle Chair
9.   Jingle Bed
10.  Jingle Dresser
11.  Jingle Wardrobe
12.  Jingle Lamp
13.  Jingle Shelves
14.  Jingle Sofa
15.  Jingle Clock
16.  Jingle Piano
17.  Hamster Cage
18.  Traffic Cone
19.  Orange Cone
20.  Haz-Mat Barrel
21.  Iron Frame
22.  Detour Arrow
23.  Lawn Mower
24.  Barbecue
25.  Red Corner
26.  Grapefruit Table
27.  Watermelon Chair
28.  Watermelon Table
29.  Plum Bonsai
30.  Quince Bonsai
31.  Red Sofa
32.  Red Armchair
33.  Birdcage
34.  Donkey Kong
35.  Golf
36   Punchout
37.  Baseball
38.  Clu Clu Land D
39.  Donkey Kong 3
40   Donkey Kong Jr
41.  Soccer
42.  Excitebike
43.  Wario's Woods
44.  Stone Coin
45.  Lantern
46.  Tailor Model
47.  Noisemaker
48.  Fireplace
49.  Miniature Car
50.  Tulip Model R.


6.  HRA Introduction

The HRA does not have a lot of taste!  Making your house "attractive" will 
not necessarily result in a good rating!  This FAQ is intended to explain and 
explore the HRA point system.  It won't tell you how to get items, but it 
WILL tell you what points you can expect.  

I've based this on a variety of guides and posts, and VERY LITTLE verified 
experience.  The guides this is based on are known to have errors, so I have 
made an "HRA Research" section to investigate exactly what different items 
do.  If you want to help, take a look there, please!

7.  HRA Definitions

In Animal Crossing, "Series," "Theme," and "Set" have very specific meanings.  
Learning what these are and what items will help your HRA points!  See the 
"Item database" FAQ for what specifically goes together, but here are some 
brief definitions:

A Series is a large group of functional pieces, what you would typically 
think of as furniture.  For example, Modern, Regal, etc.  All Series have 
matching floor and wallpaper.  I will generally use "furniture" only to mean 
objects that can be used in a series, such as the phrase "Furniture Series"

A Theme is a medium to large group of "decorations."  These are generally NOT 
functional items, although there are exceptions.  Examples include classroom, 
boxing, etc.  All Themes also have matching floor and wallpaper.  I will use 
"objects" to discuss stuff that belongs to a theme.

A "Set" is a small group of decorations (sometimes furniture, like a chair 
and table), sometimes as small as two items.  Examples include apple, totem 
pole, etc.  My impression is that there are many sets without matching floor 
and wallpaper. I will use "objects" to discuss stuff that belongs to a set.

I will use "piece" to describe stuff in a more generic fashion.  That is, 
"piece" could mean furniture or objects.

The necessities of life are bed, table, chair, wardrobe, and place to put 
things (such as a dresser OR bureau; you only need to have a dresser OR a 
bureau, that is, one object that you can put things inside).

A "complete Furniture Series" is 10 matching furniture items.

I'm not going to list the items because it has already been done. (how 
tedious thank you so much people who did it!)  Here are a couple of sites:

The best item list I know of is at:
then click on items.

There's also a good one at:


8.  HRA Point Scoring by Completing "groups"

Pay close attention to the words series, theme and set!

Here's a quick summary of how to score high (thanks again to Mateo):

First, finish a theme or series, and put that in your first floor.  You 
should have doubles of a few items, and everything that is useable (chairs, 
closets) needs to be facing away from the walls (if you put them on walls) 
and able to be reached and used. Make sure you have the matching wallpaper 
and flooring

Second, get a matching wall paper and flooring in your second floor.  Then 
get a lot of sets, and complete them.  Put only completed sets into your 
second floor.  If you want to save some items for when you're done, put them 
all in the basement, or bury them and don't let anyone dig em up.  Now if 
your HRA score is STILL short (which it should be well over the mark) then I 
hope you saved the Autumn medal, moon, or anything else the mayor might have 
given out.  Since by now you should have earned the house model, that works 
too.  Put those in your first floor, on tables if possible, and try again. 
 Rare items give lots of HRA points.

My current thinking is that:

The basement is never rated. The HRA only looks at the first and second 
floors (I know this for sure).

There has been some debate on what gets rated where.  I've done some 
experimenting, and found that series and themes get points ONLY ON THE FIRST 
FLOOR.  However, I think that if you mix a completed series or theme on the 
first floor with ANYTHING, you get points deducted.  On the second floor, you 
can mix items.  

Please email me if you have EXPERIENCE to confirm any of the above!
If you have questions DON'T EMAIL ME!  I'm not being rude, it's just that the 
expert is
So ask him!!!!

Carpet and wallpaper match (without complete furniture series) 1k
Completed furniture series 48k  
Wallpaper and carpet of same series 10000
Wallpaper or carpet of same series 4800  
Complete necessities of life same series 16000
Complete necessities of life diff series 4400  
Theme objects (# of pieces x 7000) + 15000 (I think this has to be a complete 
Theme to score)
(guide says "complete series number of pieces x 7,000 + 15,000")
Wallpaper and carpet of same theme 10000
Completed object set (# of pieces x 3000)

If presenting a Theme or Series on the first floor you lose 4000 points for 
each piece that belongs to another Theme or series.  

If a piece is placed so that it is unusable you lose 800 points per piece 
that is unusable.  

Some items can only be found in Nook's lottery, making them difficult to get. 
Lottery-only just means that Nook will not sell them.  You can still get 
lucky and get them from random events such as by doing chores for an animal 
or shaking a tree.  For example, I have a friend that somehow got the hamster 
cage, not by lottery.  Here are the items that are lottery-only:


Blue Dresser 
Cabana Armchair 
Cabin Bookcase 
Classic Hutch 
Exotic Lamp 
Green Pantry 
Kiddie Stereo 
Lovely Kitchen 
Modern Cabinet 
Ranch Hutch 
Regal Cupboard 

(All holiday themed Series are available through special conditions) 


Black King 
Black Queen 
Blue (Boxing) Corner
Cement Mixer 
Covered Wagon 
Garden Gnome 
Garden Pond 
Hamster Cage 
White King 
White Queen 


9.  Other Ways of Scoring

You receive a bonus if the set of items you have is lucky.  Points are 
deducted if you place objects without leaving room for you to walk around.  

Generally, if you bought an item at Tom Nook's store it will score fairly 
low. But if you received it as a prize from a special event the object will 
prove to the HRA you are serious about interior design, and you will get more 

Here's some other ways to get points:

  51  Item bought from Tom Nook
 412  Item bought from Crazy Redd
 412  Item from Sahara
 412  Item from Wendell
 412  Item from Gulliver
 412  Item from Igloo game
 412  Item from Tortimer (that can be bought)
1111  Item from Tortimer (that cannot be bought) 
1031  Item from Jack
1224  Item from Jingle
 888  Item from Snowman
 821  Gyroid dug up
1029  Tom Nook Lottery prize
 700  Limited time items (Harvest series, etc.)
   3  Clothes/Fish/Insects
   3  Your own designed clothing
 300  Fossils after appraisal
1000  Complete Fossils after appraisal
1000  Birthday cake
1111  For item received after completing Museum
1111  For item received after starting Post Office savings
1111  For item received after maxing Happy room points
1111  For item received for winning Fishing Tournament
1300  Items on Tropical (Gameboy) Island
1983  NES game acquired on Tropical (Gameboy) Island
1983  Secret NES game acquired (e-Reader card)
1000  Secret Furniture acquired (e-Reader card)
1000  Special NES games (Tennis, Donkey Kong, DK Math, Balloon Fight)
 777  Lucky or special items

A few other points:

Villagers sometimes tell you not face dolls or gyroids towards the wall 
because it gives you bad luck.  May also be true of statues. 

You can't reorder through your catalog any items you get from the "special 
visitors (Gulliver, Sahara, Wendell, Tortimer, Jingle, Jack, Franklin, 
Gracie).  You CAN reorder items you buy from Redd or get in the Nook lottery.

Don't throw out multiple items.  You get a set amount of points for a finished 
series, then extra points for every item you have in that series, even if it 
is a duplicate.

A completed T-rex on the left side of a room will up your rating by about 
14,000.  This has been confirmed.  I don't know about other fossils...


10. Sahara, Wendall and theme floor/wallpaper

The first carpet you get from Sahara will cost you 3,000 and a carpet.  After 
that, each new carpet costs another carpet and double the previous price.  You 
can't reorder Sahara carpets from Nook.  Also, if she doesn't offer the carpet 
you want, just say no and ask again.  Eventually, you'll get the one you want.

Wendall is more of a pain.  Each player gets one wallpaper per visit.  You can 
get more by using multiple players.  However, it has been reported that he 
will not give out more than three wallpapers per visit. 

Every single one of Sahara's carpets goes with one of Wendall's wallpaper (or 
is it Wendell?  I'll have to pay attention next time he shows up.  Doh). I 
mean, you can have your own tastes and mix the wallpaper, but for HRA points, 
all of Wendall's and Sahara's stock goes together correctly. Also, almost 
every correct set of matching wallpaper and floor also always goes with a 
Theme, not a series. Here's a list: (Wendall/Sahara) 

Ringside Seating / Boxing Ring Mat (Recommended with Boxing Theme) 

Classroom Wall / Classroom Floor (Recommended with Classroom Theme) 

Mortar Wall / Mossy Carpet (Recommended with Mossy Garden Theme) 

Blue Tarp / Closed Road (Recommended with Construction Theme) 

Lunar Horizon / Lunar Surface (Recommended with Space Theme) 

Garden Wall / Sand Garden (Recommended with Rock Garden Theme) 

Western Vista / Western Desert (Recommended with Western Theme) 

Music Room Wall / Music Room Floor (Not recommended with anything in 

Office Wall / Office Flooring (Not recommended with anything in particular) 

Ancient Wall / Ancient Tile (Not recommended with anything in particular) 

Sandlot Wall / Sandlot (Not recommended with anything in particular) 

Meadow Vista / Daisy Meadow (Not recommended with anything in particular) 

Tree-Lined Wall / Sidewalk (Not recommended with anything in particular) 

Basement Wall / Basement Floor (Ditto, and strangely enough can't go on the 
basement wall and floor, but goes on your main or second floor...) 

Backgammon Wall / Chessboard Rug (Recommended with Chess Theme But there have 
been complaints that the Chessboard Rug does not fit the size requirements of 
a normal chess board) 

Industrial Wall / Concrete Floor (Not recommended with anything in particular) 

Desert Vista / Sahara's Desert (Not recommended with anything in particular) 

Tropical Vista / Tropical Floor (Not recommended with anything in particular)


11. HRA Rewards  
70,000 points = house model  
100,000 points = manor model

Your town becomes a preferred place to live at 20,000, 40,000, 70,000 and 
finally at the maximum of 100,000 HRA points, and this makes the Wishing Well 
happy. (not sure what that means, but it's in the guide...)


12. Rumors

These are items I have come across in postings, but have not confirmed.  If a 
few people tell me that a rumor is true, I will move it out of the rumor 
section.  (Or if a few people say it's false, I will note it as a false 
rumor).  All my rumors have been confirmed or falsified at this point. Yipee.


13. HRA Research

In this section I will record the ACTUAL EXPERIENCES of players, and how it 
affected their HRA score.  I will look for trends, verification of guidebook 
information, etc., and post my analysis in this section and elsewhere in the 
FAQ as appropriate.

If you want to help with this, then instead of re-arranging your house 
constantly, just make ONE change a day, and see what it does to your points.  
Tell me what you did and what happened to your points.  Make sure you include 
all the information discussed below.  When you do major rearrangements, don't 
tell me, it's just the singular shifts that I want to know about.  Your 
basement, of course, can be a constantly-shifting trash heap like mine!  :)

O.K. here's what I'm looking for:

A.  Item
B.  Source - where did you get it (animal, Nook, Redd, lottery, etc.).  If you 
ordered it from your catalog, where did the first one come from.  If you got 
it from a friend or trade, say so, plus where did the giver get it from?
C.  Comments if you have any
D.  Action/position/floor (for example "put it on the south wall, second 
E.  Points - NOT your total points.  I just want the difference that the item 
made, so you need to keep track of your points BEFORE took action (put in an 
item, removed an item or moved an item), plus AFTER the action.  Then 
subtract.  Use a calculator if you need to.  Hah.


14. The Wishing Well

If you want a lot of animals, keep the wishing well happy!  Get the Golden 
Axe by having a "perfect" rating for 15 consecutive days!  Want to learn 
more?  There's a great FAQ on this at www.gamefaqs.com, so I've deleted out 
my comparatively meager section on this.  I'll put some cool hints here.

You can get multiple golden axes in one town.  You just have to endure an 
additional two weeks of perfectness for each golden axe.

If your town has been perfect for more than two weeks and you haven't gotten 
the golden axe, this will fix the problem.  Three people have reported that 
this works.

It does involve time traveling.  Some consider that cheating.  However, in my 
(Cromis) humble opinion, if this happens to you, it is a glitch in the game.  
And this is a work-around for the glitch, so it's not cheating (again, in my 
<Cromis> humble opinion).

Once you get your town perfect for more two weeks and still no golden axe, 
save your game.  Change the clock to one month earlier and go to your town 
(by this I mean start playing your character).  RESET.  Change the clock back 
to its regular time, endure Resetti and go to the wishing well!  Enjoy your 
super axe!

Yes, you do have to get your town perfect before you do this.

The reason that you reset is because a) the game still thinks you played a 
month earlier and b) no weeds will grow and undo your town's perfectness.


15. Acknowledgements

MateoLeviathon@aol.com for providing 99% of the Feng Shui information, as well 
as the basic decorating information.  Nintendo and Prima guides were used.

Wraith10 at acforums.megadoomer.com for most of the "HRA Point Scoring by 
Completing Groups" section

ellix_warrior at acforums.megadoomer.com for information on "lottery-only" 
items, and for the Saharah/Wendall section

puppetz for scans of guide pages (see them for yourself at:
gotta get all that on one line in your browser

joshuaman for stage1 and stage3 Feng Shui house diagrams

Mingy Jongo for multiple golden axe tip.

MechaShadow for what to do if perfect 2 weeks and no golden axe.

Nintendo and Prima guides.  Doh.


16. Closing and contact information

Just about everything I know about these subjects (and many things I don't 
really know for sure!) is in here, so it probably won't do you any good to 
email me, but you can try.  I'm at

Seriously, if you have questions DON'T EMAIL ME!  I'm not being rude, it's 

      -->  -->     MateoLeviathon@aol.com     <--  <--  

So ask him!!!!
That's on AOL, so you can IM him on the same name too.  He'll be glad to 
answer your questions.

Corrections, additions, information on items with Feng Shui powers or HRA 
bonuses, etc. etc. etc. - it's all welcome!


17. Legal Junk

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