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    Moving/Visiting FAQ by CTurnbull

    Updated: 09/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  Animal Crossing
                                Moving/Visiting FAQ
                               Author: Chris Turnbull
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 Christopher Turnbull
    This FAQ is yet to be updated
    This FAQ created on 27th September 2002
    For contact details please see section 10.
    1.  Disclaimer
    2.  What is visiting?
    3.  Why would you want to have a second town?
    4.  Resetting (and other miscellaneous off-topic warnings)
    5.  Moving
    6.  Getting people to move into your town.
    7.  On the train
    8.  Miscellaneous random stuff: The main theme tune
    9.  Miscellaneous random stuff: Suggested nicknames
    10. Reader input
    1.  Disclaimer
    You may copy/use the information on this FAQ, as long as I am 
    given full credit for it. This is orininal work, so I don't want people 
    ripping it off without giving me credit.
    2.  What is visiting?
    Visiting is when you visit a friend's town. To do this, get both of your 
    memory cards and put them into one Gamecube. Talk to Porter at the train 
    station, and you can visit the other town.
    If, for some reason, you can't take the save file but you can take another 
    memory card, there is the option to save your character data to another card 
    which you can then take round.
    If you have two memory cards with enough space, (a good reason to buy the 
    larger memory cards rather than the default ones,) you can also have your 
    own second town.
    3.  Why would you want to have a second town?
    There are various advantages:
    - Most likely you will find different fruits there. Each foreign fruit 
    fetches 500 bells  (verses 100 for regular fruit) at the shop. So selling 
    your fruit at another town is a great money-spinner. Or, for those who like 
    to think more in the long term, you could replace the trees in your town 
    with the foreign varieties, increasing their worth fivefold.
    - You will find more dig-spots / golden dig-spots / red rocks than you 
    normally would. (By dig-spots, I mean places where fossils are randomly buried 
    each day. Golden dig-spots contain 1000 bells, plus you can plant money trees 
    or shovel trees there. If you don't know about the red rocks, try bashing 
    rocks with a spade. If they turn red, keep it up - you'll see.)
    - Different towns have different weather. Want to go fishing, but it's sunny? 
    Want to go bug hunting, but it's rainy? Try going to the other town.
    - Nook's supplies are randomly generated. So buy having two shops, you will 
    have twice as much to choose from.
    - The same goes for other random things, like the random visits from the 
    fashion designer. (You can get about 1 days notice of things like this by 
    talking to Copper at the police station.)
    - On days where Gulliver appears, you can see him twice by going to your other 
    - One to many trading. What do I mean? Well, many FAQS like ign have passwords 
    for trading items up. However because of the way they are coded, they can only 
    by got by people living at the right town with the right name. So by naming 
    your second town by that name, or maybe the same name as a friend you know who 
    regularly gets codes, you can get a free sample. :D
    - There will be more animals in the new town. Good if you want to run around 
    doing favours for people, or you want to spy on more people's houses for ideas.
    OK, so what's the catch? Well, there are two: you can't use reset out of town, 
    and animals move from town to town.
    4.  Resetting (and other miscellaneous off-topic warnings)
    Whatever you do, NEVER touch the reset button out of your own town. Not only 
    will you lose everything you've done since you last saved, you will also lose 
    all the items, mail and money that you were carrying. (Porter sometimes warns 
    you about this before you leave.) 
    Obviously, not doing it deliberately is not much problem, but if you are wary 
    of power-cuts then I'd suggest you leave any important items behind, and if 
    you've got a lot of money on you either leave it behind in bags or consider 
    using it to pay off your debt before you leave. 
    By the way, you shouldn't walk around with a lot of money anyway, because 
    sometimes animals will sometimes con you out of it, without you having the 
    option to say no. (Or if you have the option to refuse, they will get really 
    disappointed when you say it.) The same goes for any rare item that you've 
    worked hard to get. I've lost many a mini-gyroid to a trade that there was no 
    option to say no to. (A walk around to stop this happening is to put anything 
    dear to you in envelopes, then the animals won't ask for it. Putting items in 
    envelopes also adds another ten slots to your inventory. This won't save items 
    from resets in other towns though.)
    5.  Moving
    Well, depending on how much you like company, there's one big catch to visiting 
    another town. Each time you visit another town, after you leave, a character 
    from your town will leave and go to the new town. That's EVERY time you visit. 
    Which character it will be is chosen at random, however, some characters are 
    more prone to moving than others, plus the characters originally from your town 
    are more prone to moving away.
    You can't lose everybody in town, though. A minimum of 5 residents is required 
    for some events, so any animals left afterwards are stuck. Also, I assume the 
    population of your town must max out at some point. My current record is around 
    There are three main workarounds. Firstly, if you don't mind changing animals, 
    you can maintain balance by making the trip back with a character from the other 
    Secondly, you could never visit the second town, but do all the work with a new 
    character living there, and have them visit the first to trade stuff. This will 
    most likely fill out your first town.
    Thirdly, if you don't care and will be making trips often, you could always just 
    let yourself go down to the 5 animal minimum. You could always get some back 
    later if you're feeling lonely. 
    Other side effects of moving include rearranging the houses in your town. (Even 
    if an animal moves and then comes back.)
    6.  Getting people to move into your town.
    Over time, new residents may move to your town naturally. For this to happen, 
    you must keep your town tidy, and maintain the right number of trees in each area. 
    (To check this, talk to the wishing well, and chop down / plant trees as it 
    instructs you. To plant a tree, just bury some fruit in the ground - if you're 
    lucky, it will take root and grow.) For added pulling power, buy some seeds and go 
    around planting flowers. Usually, the new arrivals will fit in with the sorts of 
    animals you currently have in your town. 
    However, if you want new people in your town, using the second workaround above is 
    a quicker way of doing it. The only problem is that, because the people who move 
    are chosen at random, you still have little control over who joins your town.
    7.  On the train
    When you start the game - and on most trips by the monkey run train - you will 
    enter into a conversation with Rover. (Does he live on the train or something? 
    Either than or he is stalking you... I don't believe his denials...) What you say 
    to him doesn't really matter; he's just there to make the trip seem like a long 
    time. Kind of defeats the point in quick loading times though
    Occasionally though, you will meet Blanca instead, who will freak you out then ask 
    you to draw her a face. She'll then tell you what she thinks of the job you've done. 
    This just seems to be a bit of fun - it has no outcome that I am aware of. After 
    meeting her on the train, Blanca will very occasionally pop up in town wearing the 
    face you drew her, however, she is just visiting and doesn't even have much to say.
    8.  Miscellaneous random stuff: The main theme tune
    Tried changed the main theme tune? Hard to think up a good one, isn't it? So here's 
    the old one in case you muck it up and want to change back:
     E   D  C
    G  GF  B  ? C
    -  Z   Z Z -ZZ
    9.  Miscellaneous random stuff: Suggested nicknames
    Every so often, an animal lets you chose what you want it to call you. Here are a 
    few of my favourites:
    "Mighty one"
    "Ya Fool!"
    10.  Reader input
    This is the first edition, so there is no user input. But if anyone wants to tell 
    me info, then feel free. Also, I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what one 
    Earth you are supposed to do with the Pitfall?
    I'm not giving out an e-mail address (it's spammed to death I'm afraid). So 
    instead (blatant plug alert) you can leave feedback at my message board, 
    This is a new board, and so it's a bit empty - you'll have to excuse that, but it's 
    a good place to get in touch with me.
    Anyway, I hope this helps, or at least I hope this adds to the small (at time of 
    writing) collection of FAQS here.
    This is my first FAQ, so I didn't try to make a comprehensive one that covered 
    everything. And given the nature of this game, such an FAQ would be hard to make 
    without using time travel (which I refuse to do).

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